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AS58024 Dzinet Ltd.
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inetnum: -
netname:        RU-REDBYTES
country:        RU
org:            ORG-RBL8-RIPE
admin-c:        RBL9-RIPE
tech-c:         RBL9-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PI
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-routes:     IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
created:        2019-12-09T13:55:53Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:24Z
sponsoring-org: ORG-IL432-RIPE
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin:         AS49505
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
created:        2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
source:         RIPE

% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.98 (ANGUS)

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14 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 45 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 63996/tcp, 53858/tcp, 8681/tcp, 53702/tcp, 57451/tcp, 44656/tcp, 56420/tcp, 30575/tcp, 53591/tcp, 63392/tcp, 64514/tcp, 41886/tcp, 34280/tcp, 65486/tcp, 36828/tcp, 26960/tcp, 31998/tcp, 32031/tcp, 5781/tcp (3PAR Event Reporting Service), 53699/tcp, 33641/tcp, 34034/tcp, 25947/tcp, 54076/tcp, 17460/tcp, 32804/tcp, 53907/tcp, 55823/tcp, 28563/tcp, 48106/tcp, 4686/tcp (Manina Service Protocol), 11165/tcp (sun cacao web service access point), 18938/tcp, 59598/tcp, 31954/tcp, 42631/tcp, 43651/tcp, 55107/tcp, 13608/tcp, 54226/tcp, 5940/tcp, 21270/tcp, 43970/tcp, 40218/tcp, 53553/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 279 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 42769/tcp, 52254/tcp, 60680/tcp, 4463/tcp, 63384/tcp, 24062/tcp, 1319/tcp (AMX-ICSP), 15755/tcp, 3831/tcp (Docsvault Application Service), 44599/tcp, 6466/tcp, 2395/tcp (LAN900 Remote), 33600/tcp, 36831/tcp, 61129/tcp, 15150/tcp, 4804/tcp, 41162/tcp, 33941/tcp, 27080/tcp, 28312/tcp, 55748/tcp, 58170/tcp, 34609/tcp, 30094/tcp, 34391/tcp, 29076/tcp, 36543/tcp, 45123/tcp, 30047/tcp, 8968/tcp, 36618/tcp, 23619/tcp, 20619/tcp, 19142/tcp, 6373/tcp, 31644/tcp, 65235/tcp, 11153/tcp, 61286/tcp, 64204/tcp, 53745/tcp, 38543/tcp, 11736/tcp, 60907/tcp, 64794/tcp, 36709/tcp, 2255/tcp (VRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol), 64652/tcp, 52658/tcp, 35468/tcp, 64716/tcp, 14310/tcp, 31571/tcp, 16493/tcp, 27969/tcp, 24647/tcp, 46518/tcp, 64785/tcp, 11594/tcp, 7077/tcp, 22279/tcp, 31906/tcp, 50361/tcp, 44315/tcp, 54494/tcp, 6072/tcp (DIAGNOSE-PROC), 13978/tcp, 20668/tcp, 65444/tcp, 12351/tcp, 5200/tcp (TARGUS GetData), 23422/tcp, 65096/tcp, 14164/tcp, 64239/tcp, 5241/tcp, 25045/tcp, 56488/tcp, 34220/tcp, 10124/tcp, 23107/tcp, 28408/tcp, 11914/tcp, 3768/tcp (rblcheckd server daemon), 4292/tcp, 12452/tcp, 48574/tcp, 57763/tcp, 4996/tcp, 50699/tcp, 64024/tcp, 63924/tcp, 23445/tcp, 24254/tcp, 55304/tcp, 25511/tcp, 47451/tcp, 38081/tcp, 45117/tcp, 12652/tcp, 19120/tcp, 14960/tcp, 6503/tcp (BoKS Clntd), 11110/tcp, 14502/tcp, 44264/tcp, 21168/tcp, 57212/tcp, 56596/tcp, 6468/tcp, 60090/tcp, 5111/tcp (TAEP AS service), 33269/tcp, 6952/tcp, 62741/tcp, 64312/tcp, 28744/tcp, 25698/tcp, 11850/tcp, 11837/tcp, 49353/tcp, 65247/tcp, 47534/tcp, 891/tcp, 33627/tcp, 43346/tcp, 51998/tcp, 14036/tcp, 40732/tcp, 28069/tcp, 57661/tcp, 29190/tcp, 20839/tcp, 9512/tcp, 28383/tcp, 20038/tcp, 25648/tcp, 32670/tcp, 8838/tcp, 17734/tcp, 4166/tcp (Joost Peer to Peer Protocol), 29969/tcp, 64111/tcp, 43415/tcp, 39779/tcp, 62826/tcp, 14358/tcp, 25012/tcp, 18702/tcp, 3702/tcp (Web Service Discovery), 41840/tcp, 60583/tcp, 57709/tcp, 65327/tcp, 11626/tcp, 60787/tcp, 64404/tcp, 64719/tcp, 9682/tcp, 37820/tcp, 64140/tcp, 51537/tcp, 48124/tcp, 51857/tcp, 13571/tcp, 38001/tcp, 46191/tcp, 37372/tcp, 13156/tcp, 1911/tcp (Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol), 48960/tcp, 2087/tcp (ELI - Event Logging Integration), 52431/tcp, 49759/tcp, 35008/tcp, 41712/tcp, 5046/tcp, 16437/tcp, 62766/tcp, 56675/tcp, 58518/tcp, 2882/tcp (NDTP), 45205/tcp, 2544/tcp (Management Daemon Refresh), 17246/tcp, 29318/tcp, 43408/tcp, 10653/tcp, 42442/tcp, 30215/tcp, 26062/tcp, 20641/tcp, 38136/tcp, 54257/tcp, 26141/tcp, 49139/tcp, 3827/tcp (Netadmin Systems MPI service), 6522/tcp, 11741/tcp, 54669/tcp, 57712/tcp, 61396/tcp, 45271/tcp, 38286/tcp, 37538/tcp, 38696/tcp, 15341/tcp, 36201/tcp, 60851/tcp, 14843/tcp, 14165/tcp, 64676/tcp, 29390/tcp, 19631/tcp, 54202/tcp, 50362/tcp, 41710/tcp, 45764/tcp, 56039/tcp, 53285/tcp, 9937/tcp, 56784/tcp, 16414/tcp, 3993/tcp (BindView-Agent), 37455/tcp, 12066/tcp, 26295/tcp, 29624/tcp, 44918/tcp, 2771/tcp (Vergence CM), 35613/tcp, 11/tcp (Active Users), 47706/tcp, 40067/tcp, 6463/tcp, 65436/tcp, 63829/tcp, 36352/tcp, 49271/tcp, 24739/tcp, 42704/tcp, 28808/tcp, 64863/tcp, 56332/tcp, 2836/tcp (catalyst), 21761/tcp, 10517/tcp, 12856/tcp, 64536/tcp, 22162/tcp, 63836/tcp, 63482/tcp, 9883/tcp, 54942/tcp, 38033/tcp, 3881/tcp (Data Acquisition and Control), 3059/tcp (qsoft), 28871/tcp, 1952/tcp (mpnjsc), 40812/tcp, 59711/tcp, 61939/tcp, 36537/tcp, 32632/tcp, 9992/tcp (OnLive-1), 16076/tcp, 18292/tcp, 5444/tcp, 14780/tcp, 57475/tcp, 23649/tcp, 56404/tcp, 35641/tcp, 22375/tcp, 41661/tcp, 48485/tcp, 7802/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1093 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 24693/tcp, 47972/tcp, 63460/tcp, 44785/tcp, 19189/tcp, 39810/tcp, 6251/tcp (TL1 Raw Over SSL/TLS), 14509/tcp, 55387/tcp, 55389/tcp, 53481/tcp, 40305/tcp, 13745/tcp, 4577/tcp, 54900/tcp, 10964/tcp, 59268/tcp, 58335/tcp, 62782/tcp, 44389/tcp, 8538/tcp, 1814/tcp (TDP Suite), 251/tcp, 31933/tcp, 52241/tcp, 1993/tcp (cisco SNMP TCP port), 41902/tcp, 38885/tcp, 1152/tcp (Winpopup LAN Messenger), 25010/tcp, 7729/tcp, 60876/tcp, 27342/tcp, 31120/tcp, 32621/tcp, 42395/tcp, 1822/tcp (es-elmd), 32251/tcp, 9384/tcp, 718/tcp, 55128/tcp, 46556/tcp, 27284/tcp, 40520/tcp, 58529/tcp, 26771/tcp, 35148/tcp, 53019/tcp, 34495/tcp, 29910/tcp, 63755/tcp, 53636/tcp, 32100/tcp, 11091/tcp, 25666/tcp, 48101/tcp, 40129/tcp, 65139/tcp, 34818/tcp, 1273/tcp (EMC-Gateway), 30399/tcp, 32427/tcp, 19043/tcp, 47921/tcp, 46772/tcp, 63870/tcp, 42174/tcp, 20979/tcp, 43640/tcp, 32974/tcp, 37898/tcp, 4461/tcp, 44915/tcp, 32864/tcp, 28028/tcp, 21177/tcp, 48719/tcp, 61147/tcp, 37790/tcp, 28431/tcp, 62572/tcp, 65289/tcp, 26360/tcp, 52014/tcp, 39533/tcp, 22413/tcp, 4981/tcp, 38912/tcp, 15661/tcp, 47126/tcp, 46428/tcp, 37746/tcp, 64227/tcp, 49905/tcp, 30101/tcp, 56679/tcp, 59166/tcp, 393/tcp (Meta5), 9807/tcp, 9329/tcp, 45283/tcp, 47438/tcp, 38687/tcp, 37234/tcp, 35738/tcp, 21640/tcp, 40653/tcp, 51929/tcp, 20352/tcp, 25452/tcp, 6163/tcp (Precision Scribe Cnx Port), 43879/tcp, 38485/tcp, 15346/tcp, 62435/tcp, 44900/tcp, 18603/tcp, 65251/tcp, 38352/tcp, 64089/tcp, 31646/tcp, 55347/tcp, 35104/tcp, 5220/tcp, 25538/tcp, 57348/tcp, 38083/tcp, 1425/tcp (Zion Software License Manager), 56757/tcp, 30509/tcp, 7413/tcp, 30477/tcp, 21989/tcp, 52188/tcp, 19768/tcp, 54580/tcp, 10046/tcp, 56184/tcp, 17730/tcp, 26783/tcp, 36040/tcp, 49219/tcp, 1372/tcp (Fujitsu Config Protocol), 9793/tcp, 49047/tcp, 10498/tcp, 34059/tcp, 62080/tcp, 23035/tcp, 1202/tcp (caiccipc), 45550/tcp, 1789/tcp (hello), 62592/tcp, 19591/tcp, 24502/tcp, 35773/tcp, 34564/tcp, 12788/tcp, 9710/tcp, 5346/tcp, 33065/tcp, 3710/tcp (PortGate Authentication), 41505/tcp, 10334/tcp, 11665/tcp, 44066/tcp, 51060/tcp, 49311/tcp, 7470/tcp, 28965/tcp, 1853/tcp (VIDS-AVTP), 60094/tcp, 7530/tcp, 55781/tcp, 52646/tcp, 62375/tcp, 25249/tcp, 60559/tcp, 48856/tcp, 31447/tcp, 36355/tcp, 5952/tcp, 45992/tcp, 43647/tcp, 1531/tcp (rap-listen), 18127/tcp, 49382/tcp, 31486/tcp, 42251/tcp, 36244/tcp, 34115/tcp, 62571/tcp, 13271/tcp, 57623/tcp, 63248/tcp, 21230/tcp, 9040/tcp, 16234/tcp, 57377/tcp, 17634/tcp, 22851/tcp, 11112/tcp (DICOM), 35131/tcp, 17912/tcp, 44243/tcp, 53464/tcp, 64957/tcp, 55981/tcp, 53402/tcp, 52312/tcp, 59068/tcp, 9540/tcp, 27730/tcp, 51907/tcp, 35899/tcp, 39637/tcp, 11454/tcp, 39449/tcp, 27992/tcp, 7103/tcp, 58082/tcp, 10791/tcp, 13594/tcp, 20245/tcp, 19675/tcp, 5358/tcp (WS for Devices Secured), 9024/tcp (Secure Web Access - 2), 39748/tcp, 6203/tcp, 50267/tcp, 46754/tcp, 30767/tcp, 42486/tcp, 8272/tcp, 6291/tcp, 39816/tcp, 48779/tcp, 58865/tcp, 57781/tcp, 51099/tcp, 53050/tcp, 1058/tcp (nim), 45077/tcp, 26534/tcp, 65126/tcp, 54703/tcp, 63465/tcp, 28954/tcp, 26471/tcp, 52773/tcp, 49418/tcp, 32522/tcp, 26408/tcp, 57546/tcp, 21132/tcp, 32116/tcp, 39652/tcp, 58150/tcp, 28562/tcp, 30082/tcp, 57068/tcp, 3061/tcp (cautcpd), 55855/tcp, 64887/tcp, 30118/tcp, 53824/tcp, 55991/tcp, 36653/tcp, 57573/tcp, 55814/tcp, 61804/tcp, 18390/tcp, 42944/tcp, 49871/tcp, 31243/tcp, 5101/tcp (Talarian_TCP), 33822/tcp, 63911/tcp, 25623/tcp, 23920/tcp, 26549/tcp, 19655/tcp, 54261/tcp, 6541/tcp, 29185/tcp, 12059/tcp, 18355/tcp, 13569/tcp, 41744/tcp, 721/tcp, 49204/tcp, 8482/tcp, 53367/tcp, 44802/tcp, 52414/tcp, 46298/tcp, 11490/tcp, 14707/tcp, 44149/tcp, 8124/tcp, 34583/tcp, 410/tcp (DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol), 36620/tcp, 19887/tcp, 6989/tcp, 43941/tcp, 54227/tcp, 40755/tcp, 19343/tcp, 44418/tcp, 32482/tcp, 464/tcp (kpasswd), 27857/tcp, 34211/tcp, 24586/tcp, 2428/tcp (One Way Trip Time), 58207/tcp, 49484/tcp, 52906/tcp, 56172/tcp, 62380/tcp, 25202/tcp, 54439/tcp, 25302/tcp, 5505/tcp (Checkout Database), 54945/tcp, 31605/tcp, 39963/tcp, 51658/tcp, 13300/tcp, 4478/tcp, 38952/tcp, 36293/tcp, 54026/tcp, 27898/tcp, 32703/tcp, 1277/tcp (mqs), 51376/tcp, 65229/tcp, 57567/tcp, 2582/tcp (ARGIS DS), 9367/tcp, 5244/tcp, 6753/tcp, 62351/tcp, 32884/tcp, 25438/tcp, 7298/tcp, 5802/tcp, 7089/tcp, 48088/tcp, 52131/tcp, 59874/tcp, 65277/tcp, 53080/tcp, 50641/tcp, 21732/tcp, 14873/tcp, 61755/tcp, 55031/tcp, 49734/tcp, 45242/tcp, 60403/tcp, 59943/tcp, 60298/tcp, 48702/tcp, 16512/tcp, 11047/tcp, 8376/tcp (Cruise ENUM), 65518/tcp, 4209/tcp, 51911/tcp, 62120/tcp, 99/tcp (Metagram Relay), 933/tcp, 4530/tcp, 49983/tcp, 50348/tcp, 53276/tcp, 19080/tcp, 16072/tcp, 13546/tcp, 41587/tcp, 26455/tcp, 6488/tcp (Service Registry Default JMX Domain), 41046/tcp, 14543/tcp, 64508/tcp, 24468/tcp, 48617/tcp, 13872/tcp, 51013/tcp, 6771/tcp (PolyServe https), 16338/tcp, 53052/tcp, 40518/tcp, 46815/tcp, 9709/tcp, 50543/tcp, 8432/tcp, 23418/tcp, 25503/tcp, 35371/tcp, 65007/tcp, 8555/tcp (SYMAX D-FENCE), 47969/tcp, 31378/tcp, 17446/tcp, 8161/tcp (Patrol SNMP), 56117/tcp, 56120/tcp, 31645/tcp, 11602/tcp, 60066/tcp, 9887/tcp, 21683/tcp, 14370/tcp, 26290/tcp, 29147/tcp, 54529/tcp, 56917/tcp, 14573/tcp, 17800/tcp, 49958/tcp, 6467/tcp, 29109/tcp, 61391/tcp, 56825/tcp, 40468/tcp, 60949/tcp, 13246/tcp, 35815/tcp, 22152/tcp, 17140/tcp, 2024/tcp (xinuexpansion4), 50004/tcp, 38197/tcp, 27395/tcp, 40188/tcp, 47950/tcp, 43538/tcp, 46432/tcp, 3573/tcp (Advantage Group UPS Suite), 3613/tcp (Alaris Device Discovery), 28041/tcp, 36489/tcp, 7557/tcp, 12889/tcp, 49880/tcp, 12241/tcp, 58340/tcp, 18131/tcp, 21155/tcp, 16428/tcp, 26954/tcp, 48961/tcp, 18723/tcp, 33981/tcp, 48529/tcp, 38410/tcp, 30817/tcp, 31423/tcp, 7599/tcp, 42385/tcp, 1689/tcp (firefox), 57710/tcp, 31509/tcp, 45574/tcp, 43831/tcp, 38412/tcp, 43887/tcp, 65134/tcp, 30512/tcp, 14160/tcp, 42668/tcp, 55599/tcp, 1839/tcp (netopia-vo1), 40368/tcp, 15811/tcp, 5164/tcp (Virtual Protocol Adapter), 28451/tcp, 35409/tcp, 32537/tcp, 17601/tcp, 28385/tcp, 52429/tcp, 48404/tcp, 28631/tcp, 42266/tcp, 17502/tcp, 23067/tcp, 22470/tcp, 22171/tcp, 25797/tcp, 33735/tcp, 779/tcp, 11303/tcp, 33010/tcp, 65250/tcp, 22303/tcp, 43217/tcp, 52296/tcp, 47702/tcp, 35244/tcp, 42348/tcp, 11654/tcp, 16362/tcp, 59217/tcp, 14377/tcp, 28381/tcp, 16895/tcp, 50630/tcp, 14656/tcp, 32649/tcp, 24826/tcp, 9601/tcp, 166/tcp (Sirius Systems), 1657/tcp (fujitsu-mmpdc), 25843/tcp, 62876/tcp, 41120/tcp, 59558/tcp, 54738/tcp, 57934/tcp, 22236/tcp, 19792/tcp, 55983/tcp, 45567/tcp, 2141/tcp (IAS-ADMIND), 22338/tcp, 13573/tcp, 32691/tcp, 30581/tcp, 63112/tcp, 2361/tcp (TL1), 33895/tcp, 49572/tcp, 57081/tcp, 43828/tcp, 65242/tcp, 12084/tcp, 8572/tcp, 2054/tcp (Weblogin Port), 45540/tcp, 58794/tcp, 287/tcp (K-BLOCK), 12355/tcp, 9979/tcp, 9116/tcp, 37250/tcp, 266/tcp (SCSI on ST), 65299/tcp, 57898/tcp, 61676/tcp, 19412/tcp (HP-SESSMON), 46852/tcp, 26624/tcp, 5070/tcp (VersaTrans Server Agent Service), 10007/tcp (MVS Capacity), 43514/tcp, 42603/tcp, 25867/tcp, 19461/tcp, 13330/tcp, 15135/tcp, 36146/tcp, 24367/tcp, 21412/tcp, 59410/tcp, 33871/tcp, 31442/tcp, 12638/tcp, 4481/tcp, 40990/tcp, 35115/tcp, 43571/tcp, 35305/tcp, 28652/tcp, 55051/tcp, 27770/tcp, 62281/tcp, 55283/tcp, 45755/tcp, 18598/tcp, 42721/tcp, 18584/tcp, 52415/tcp, 12301/tcp, 50419/tcp, 8537/tcp, 39678/tcp, 18090/tcp, 14284/tcp, 19272/tcp, 64265/tcp, 63723/tcp, 33377/tcp, 11776/tcp, 35378/tcp, 13211/tcp, 53646/tcp, 47890/tcp, 61232/tcp, 21390/tcp, 53143/tcp, 5610/tcp, 28801/tcp, 32717/tcp, 46125/tcp, 64539/tcp, 58554/tcp, 23598/tcp, 56499/tcp, 46572/tcp, 37314/tcp, 35744/tcp, 1076/tcp (DAB STI-C), 58018/tcp, 45850/tcp, 2288/tcp (NETML), 18699/tcp, 64621/tcp, 31552/tcp, 31751/tcp, 24636/tcp, 33397/tcp, 4111/tcp (Xgrid), 9031/tcp, 29671/tcp, 33044/tcp, 63353/tcp, 59819/tcp, 37757/tcp, 51422/tcp, 59381/tcp, 32679/tcp, 370/tcp (codaauth2), 5873/tcp, 55449/tcp, 10811/tcp, 17020/tcp, 59727/tcp, 6683/tcp, 9680/tcp, 49789/tcp, 64570/tcp, 60739/tcp, 11240/tcp, 50876/tcp, 5538/tcp, 8976/tcp, 24721/tcp, 3306/tcp (MySQL), 504/tcp (citadel), 18056/tcp, 40004/tcp, 42170/tcp, 33263/tcp, 61093/tcp, 39401/tcp, 11067/tcp, 14580/tcp, 42085/tcp, 23435/tcp, 25974/tcp, 61519/tcp, 19944/tcp, 18227/tcp, 5278/tcp, 16505/tcp, 30052/tcp, 17301/tcp, 65382/tcp, 37895/tcp, 13000/tcp, 23676/tcp, 21916/tcp, 56610/tcp, 59444/tcp, 41096/tcp, 6074/tcp (Microsoft Max), 63523/tcp, 32595/tcp, 52134/tcp, 2041/tcp (interbase), 45438/tcp, 17289/tcp, 54483/tcp, 50964/tcp, 17120/tcp, 50510/tcp, 32846/tcp, 30573/tcp, 1521/tcp (nCube License Manager), 58244/tcp, 45998/tcp, 12766/tcp, 13238/tcp, 24317/tcp, 13739/tcp, 37054/tcp, 11284/tcp, 55939/tcp, 19346/tcp, 35683/tcp, 55555/tcp, 38979/tcp, 1322/tcp (Novation), 62384/tcp, 64595/tcp, 3093/tcp (Jiiva RapidMQ Center), 9314/tcp, 36136/tcp, 52959/tcp, 41802/tcp, 28364/tcp, 58754/tcp, 65093/tcp, 53141/tcp, 6017/tcp, 50069/tcp, 7107/tcp, 11160/tcp, 13980/tcp, 8887/tcp, 42515/tcp, 45687/tcp, 27726/tcp, 62671/tcp, 1816/tcp (HARP), 30311/tcp, 61760/tcp, 36173/tcp, 59995/tcp, 37101/tcp, 35242/tcp, 3572/tcp (Registration Server Port), 33257/tcp, 31944/tcp, 37420/tcp, 28979/tcp, 48419/tcp, 19449/tcp, 24836/tcp, 31966/tcp, 45277/tcp, 58208/tcp, 31832/tcp, 15334/tcp, 51039/tcp, 53040/tcp, 12974/tcp, 60009/tcp, 46292/tcp, 44257/tcp, 64589/tcp, 21848/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution), 58944/tcp, 44770/tcp, 45840/tcp, 46649/tcp, 63959/tcp, 37401/tcp, 35686/tcp, 4242/tcp, 26225/tcp, 19678/tcp, 29351/tcp, 50027/tcp, 33305/tcp, 21891/tcp, 21475/tcp, 61199/tcp, 19197/tcp, 47268/tcp, 2505/tcp (PowerPlay Control), 57352/tcp, 10095/tcp, 28571/tcp, 63420/tcp, 55666/tcp, 56423/tcp, 33782/tcp, 4786/tcp (Smart Install Service), 52483/tcp, 32613/tcp, 20522/tcp, 47632/tcp, 62289/tcp, 56057/tcp, 25831/tcp, 7758/tcp, 17037/tcp, 34075/tcp, 33168/tcp, 43362/tcp, 10958/tcp, 53820/tcp, 35752/tcp, 2243/tcp (Magicom Protocol), 34291/tcp, 53025/tcp, 13239/tcp, 2825/tcp, 40980/tcp, 36683/tcp, 28347/tcp, 47846/tcp, 33977/tcp, 17322/tcp, 38901/tcp, 52859/tcp, 37616/tcp, 32237/tcp, 34671/tcp, 37944/tcp, 23123/tcp, 34276/tcp, 63593/tcp, 5440/tcp, 43452/tcp, 24498/tcp, 5108/tcp, 23379/tcp, 23115/tcp, 2826/tcp (slc systemlog), 31264/tcp, 12913/tcp, 32542/tcp, 48591/tcp, 47222/tcp, 9068/tcp, 2864/tcp (main 5001 cmd), 49201/tcp, 20071/tcp, 26146/tcp, 3166/tcp (Quest Spotlight Out-Of-Process Collector), 16956/tcp, 50047/tcp, 25296/tcp, 29441/tcp, 43587/tcp, 7796/tcp, 33112/tcp, 55167/tcp, 29626/tcp, 14717/tcp, 51/tcp (IMP Logical Address Maintenance), 33229/tcp, 29559/tcp, 46248/tcp, 30956/tcp, 32082/tcp, 44852/tcp, 63720/tcp, 45442/tcp, 53179/tcp, 26712/tcp, 61922/tcp, 63900/tcp, 51260/tcp, 2939/tcp (SM-PAS-2), 1389/tcp (Document Manager), 40325/tcp, 1556/tcp (VERITAS Private Branch Exchange), 55826/tcp, 3626/tcp (bvControl Daemon), 55543/tcp, 46473/tcp, 29002/tcp, 43118/tcp, 49626/tcp, 63393/tcp, 33179/tcp, 26281/tcp, 10832/tcp, 10069/tcp, 46981/tcp, 1692/tcp (sstsys-lm), 47638/tcp, 33049/tcp, 30349/tcp, 50739/tcp, 22811/tcp, 19580/tcp, 5484/tcp, 45524/tcp, 5520/tcp, 17894/tcp, 46493/tcp, 40815/tcp, 33034/tcp, 56574/tcp, 10486/tcp, 39917/tcp, 47422/tcp, 32655/tcp, 22122/tcp, 39923/tcp, 155/tcp (NETSC), 14632/tcp, 26212/tcp, 60054/tcp, 23179/tcp, 8704/tcp, 21942/tcp, 60734/tcp, 53182/tcp, 51881/tcp, 47304/tcp, 52066/tcp, 47564/tcp, 35845/tcp, 9738/tcp, 50889/tcp, 53338/tcp, 28973/tcp, 30704/tcp, 22736/tcp, 23417/tcp, 46234/tcp, 41912/tcp, 55467/tcp, 19191/tcp (OPSEC UAA), 58792/tcp, 64180/tcp, 58026/tcp, 38519/tcp, 14297/tcp, 32475/tcp, 14742/tcp, 57476/tcp, 38878/tcp, 57249/tcp, 52007/tcp, 45847/tcp, 22874/tcp, 18262/tcp (GV NetConfig Service), 20593/tcp, 38527/tcp, 47734/tcp, 7434/tcp, 53955/tcp, 27815/tcp, 43746/tcp, 40480/tcp, 49268/tcp, 42289/tcp, 29163/tcp, 173/tcp (Xyplex), 10819/tcp, 34423/tcp, 37600/tcp, 40572/tcp, 49705/tcp, 7731/tcp, 28697/tcp, 33817/tcp, 52532/tcp, 15893/tcp, 38557/tcp, 31855/tcp, 17088/tcp, 48302/tcp, 55513/tcp, 59671/tcp, 24282/tcp, 47551/tcp, 40721/tcp, 53505/tcp, 12732/tcp, 53698/tcp, 29660/tcp, 54306/tcp, 45400/tcp, 42079/tcp, 8325/tcp, 15850/tcp, 22005/tcp (Opto Host Port 5), 27051/tcp, 33192/tcp, 50329/tcp, 23945/tcp, 1642/tcp (isis-am), 19321/tcp, 54145/tcp, 14704/tcp, 13599/tcp, 6393/tcp, 55530/tcp, 49714/tcp, 45216/tcp, 45906/tcp, 56666/tcp, 43352/tcp, 22716/tcp, 62677/tcp, 34446/tcp, 61184/tcp, 11595/tcp, 29296/tcp, 27614/tcp, 47668/tcp, 17085/tcp, 48521/tcp, 49076/tcp, 32093/tcp, 21986/tcp, 47401/tcp, 40857/tcp, 32502/tcp, 4174/tcp, 63547/tcp, 26265/tcp, 34016/tcp, 27153/tcp, 27384/tcp, 12570/tcp, 46749/tcp, 64927/tcp, 4031/tcp (UUCP over SSL), 9377/tcp, 28416/tcp, 4097/tcp (Patrol View), 11851/tcp, 3707/tcp (Real-Time Event Secure Port), 50728/tcp, 54244/tcp, 50829/tcp, 28116/tcp, 29244/tcp, 35292/tcp, 49064/tcp, 61431/tcp, 7637/tcp, 43365/tcp, 22177/tcp, 37483/tcp, 8880/tcp (CDDBP), 25090/tcp, 12726/tcp, 7428/tcp (OpenView DM Log Agent Manager), 42733/tcp, 28247/tcp, 52091/tcp, 6471/tcp (LVision License Manager), 13548/tcp, 21151/tcp, 28977/tcp, 33131/tcp, 45220/tcp, 1238/tcp (hacl-qs), 10816/tcp, 17533/tcp, 14396/tcp, 51791/tcp, 5471/tcp, 54090/tcp, 64336/tcp, 63577/tcp, 23401/tcp (Novar Alarm), 37993/tcp, 6458/tcp, 64788/tcp, 49643/tcp, 42446/tcp, 23136/tcp, 31682/tcp, 7746/tcp, 30975/tcp, 26470/tcp, 17716/tcp, 7075/tcp, 21662/tcp, 11188/tcp, 2520/tcp (Pervasive Listener), 45476/tcp, 56222/tcp, 38750/tcp, 3937/tcp (DVB Service Discovery), 10385/tcp, 26737/tcp, 44443/tcp, 36564/tcp, 42581/tcp, 42786/tcp, 41005/tcp, 21550/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 62 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 21275/tcp, 21595/tcp, 14752/tcp, 20627/tcp, 52243/tcp, 17684/tcp, 15748/tcp, 53482/tcp, 11218/tcp, 22054/tcp, 1379/tcp (Integrity Solutions), 7053/tcp, 20223/tcp, 30836/tcp, 19010/tcp, 29641/tcp, 31034/tcp, 64622/tcp, 44085/tcp, 29013/tcp, 53798/tcp, 20482/tcp, 19483/tcp, 48735/tcp, 54718/tcp, 24559/tcp, 54182/tcp, 48111/tcp, 35375/tcp, 17387/tcp, 21222/tcp, 633/tcp (Service Status update (Sterling Software)), 53839/tcp, 9213/tcp (ServerStart RemoteControl [August 2005]), 10725/tcp, 50835/tcp, 44446/tcp, 30548/tcp, 30673/tcp, 47558/tcp, 60312/tcp, 19327/tcp, 19987/tcp, 57292/tcp, 21359/tcp, 37124/tcp, 47000/tcp (Message Bus), 13190/tcp, 58511/tcp, 48070/tcp, 25922/tcp, 25728/tcp, 34382/tcp, 36935/tcp, 5217/tcp, 55873/tcp, 10764/tcp, 53015/tcp, 58600/tcp, 47416/tcp, 59663/tcp, 13527/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 2665 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 2848/tcp (AMT-BLC-PORT), 53485/tcp, 24156/tcp, 26580/tcp, 65336/tcp, 44460/tcp, 43699/tcp, 18980/tcp, 14938/tcp, 6381/tcp, 29083/tcp, 54252/tcp, 33225/tcp, 7686/tcp, 37734/tcp, 48903/tcp, 18257/tcp, 10559/tcp, 54074/tcp, 52948/tcp, 14239/tcp, 44864/tcp, 39276/tcp, 55387/tcp, 28039/tcp, 41528/tcp, 30324/tcp, 38415/tcp, 42089/tcp, 59413/tcp, 39731/tcp, 33651/tcp, 61005/tcp, 10735/tcp, 17061/tcp, 50269/tcp, 51528/tcp, 2852/tcp (bears-01), 28235/tcp, 63463/tcp, 55984/tcp, 15637/tcp, 25401/tcp, 3685/tcp (DS Expert Agent), 64736/tcp, 1097/tcp (Sun Cluster Manager), 19009/tcp, 25713/tcp, 22570/tcp, 53090/tcp, 21595/tcp, 31996/tcp, 17707/tcp, 62337/tcp, 19003/tcp, 15065/tcp, 33285/tcp, 42321/tcp, 40594/tcp, 30957/tcp, 41387/tcp, 11543/tcp, 44966/tcp, 24652/tcp, 1863/tcp (MSNP), 24473/tcp, 10972/tcp, 58522/tcp, 65390/tcp, 60197/tcp, 56244/tcp, 44654/tcp, 24765/tcp, 28515/tcp, 1223/tcp (TrulyGlobal Protocol), 45012/tcp, 43126/tcp, 4679/tcp (MGE UPS Supervision), 52484/tcp, 46697/tcp, 41366/tcp, 28525/tcp, 62167/tcp, 48972/tcp, 51647/tcp, 22825/tcp, 49189/tcp, 53993/tcp, 46425/tcp, 18556/tcp, 49945/tcp, 32060/tcp, 52042/tcp, 60106/tcp, 40459/tcp, 32486/tcp, 50598/tcp, 22814/tcp, 1329/tcp (netdb-export), 4167/tcp (DeskDirect Global Network), 58386/tcp, 6785/tcp (DGPF Individual Exchange), 52997/tcp, 10971/tcp, 12219/tcp, 4978/tcp, 64342/tcp, 33154/tcp, 57048/tcp, 59121/tcp, 9238/tcp, 55173/tcp, 6547/tcp (APC 6547), 39036/tcp, 53372/tcp, 60128/tcp, 20760/tcp, 45104/tcp, 45509/tcp, 59725/tcp, 1470/tcp (Universal Analytics), 45363/tcp, 3728/tcp (Ericsson Web on Air), 38316/tcp, 63671/tcp, 49188/tcp, 63802/tcp, 9442/tcp, 21639/tcp, 1991/tcp (cisco STUN Priority 2 port), 19469/tcp, 10104/tcp (Systemwalker Desktop Patrol), 48943/tcp, 21400/tcp, 24878/tcp, 13990/tcp, 52488/tcp, 14235/tcp, 4199/tcp (EIMS ADMIN), 14345/tcp, 62743/tcp, 17717/tcp, 54208/tcp, 43550/tcp, 45105/tcp, 14085/tcp, 53349/tcp, 45414/tcp, 48058/tcp, 17355/tcp, 19113/tcp, 32473/tcp, 43761/tcp, 32271/tcp, 2224/tcp (Easy Flexible Internet/Multiplayer Games), 59552/tcp, 26227/tcp, 37790/tcp, 55388/tcp, 59751/tcp, 34910/tcp, 22306/tcp, 40889/tcp, 18370/tcp, 37759/tcp, 47117/tcp, 58625/tcp, 61558/tcp, 3358/tcp (Mp Sys Rmsvr), 15661/tcp, 47126/tcp, 6456/tcp, 46428/tcp, 52629/tcp, 36063/tcp, 31143/tcp, 61794/tcp, 17148/tcp, 36771/tcp, 53599/tcp, 40111/tcp, 43807/tcp, 14572/tcp, 44165/tcp, 50486/tcp, 37720/tcp, 24410/tcp, 57154/tcp, 22513/tcp, 41071/tcp, 51858/tcp, 15111/tcp, 44283/tcp, 59197/tcp, 28513/tcp, 29066/tcp, 64576/tcp, 14086/tcp, 64942/tcp, 59615/tcp, 23686/tcp, 40527/tcp, 35905/tcp, 42140/tcp, 31312/tcp, 48506/tcp, 18603/tcp, 13273/tcp, 44303/tcp, 38162/tcp, 24990/tcp, 61167/tcp, 10060/tcp, 17704/tcp, 30234/tcp, 57863/tcp, 64289/tcp, 59779/tcp, 37748/tcp, 2450/tcp (netadmin), 60729/tcp, 34933/tcp, 53405/tcp, 50378/tcp, 5808/tcp, 49990/tcp, 32968/tcp, 3870/tcp (hp OVSAM HostAgent Disco), 9443/tcp (WSO2 Tungsten HTTPS), 15367/tcp, 8/tcp, 27094/tcp, 63964/tcp, 3395/tcp (Dyna License Manager (Elam)), 36461/tcp, 21443/tcp, 25233/tcp, 52976/tcp, 26671/tcp, 46627/tcp, 12255/tcp, 800/tcp (mdbs_daemon), 31202/tcp, 41470/tcp, 30579/tcp, 63213/tcp, 432/tcp (IASD), 30359/tcp, 24017/tcp, 40228/tcp, 26638/tcp, 46865/tcp, 1343/tcp (re101), 12735/tcp, 42970/tcp, 28227/tcp, 10046/tcp, 38611/tcp, 54247/tcp, 36409/tcp, 24716/tcp, 7124/tcp, 18080/tcp, 61407/tcp, 29625/tcp, 3883/tcp (VR Peripheral Network), 8617/tcp, 61758/tcp, 28438/tcp, 50306/tcp, 49808/tcp, 26513/tcp, 35417/tcp, 36483/tcp, 12983/tcp, 3808/tcp (Sun App Svr-IIOPClntAuth), 62737/tcp, 56694/tcp, 20154/tcp, 58816/tcp, 44401/tcp, 5784/tcp, 26191/tcp, 25364/tcp, 1202/tcp (caiccipc), 18003/tcp, 11406/tcp, 45172/tcp, 9440/tcp, 37375/tcp, 2678/tcp (Gadget Gate 2 Way), 51204/tcp, 56879/tcp, 46526/tcp, 53342/tcp, 3127/tcp (CTX Bridge Port), 1979/tcp (UniSQL Java), 54142/tcp, 65357/tcp, 5999/tcp (CVSup), 65217/tcp, 57571/tcp, 24750/tcp, 26924/tcp, 16210/tcp, 11096/tcp, 4775/tcp, 42201/tcp, 4086/tcp, 42028/tcp, 49280/tcp, 58408/tcp, 51343/tcp, 43131/tcp, 43697/tcp, 4201/tcp, 27351/tcp, 25962/tcp, 20116/tcp, 35306/tcp, 6086/tcp (PDTP P2P), 65403/tcp, 22527/tcp, 42819/tcp, 41839/tcp, 41077/tcp, 47011/tcp, 37537/tcp, 43020/tcp, 22796/tcp, 40826/tcp, 58557/tcp, 56388/tcp, 40788/tcp, 4002/tcp (pxc-spvr-ft), 62103/tcp, 29572/tcp, 3248/tcp (PROCOS LM), 35804/tcp, 6362/tcp, 62090/tcp, 20844/tcp, 2165/tcp (X-Bone API), 3345/tcp (Influence), 19558/tcp, 4852/tcp, 45626/tcp, 15837/tcp, 15894/tcp, 742/tcp (Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.), 26352/tcp, 32764/tcp, 59855/tcp, 7056/tcp, 52416/tcp, 24044/tcp, 26228/tcp, 3918/tcp (PacketCableMultimediaCOPS), 22564/tcp, 41064/tcp, 20864/tcp, 52671/tcp, 36874/tcp, 20483/tcp, 25859/tcp, 13898/tcp, 25918/tcp, 43406/tcp, 6832/tcp, 50006/tcp, 8802/tcp, 57108/tcp, 19814/tcp, 7039/tcp, 34808/tcp, 60042/tcp, 3455/tcp (RSVP Port), 2695/tcp (VSPREAD), 62154/tcp, 40541/tcp, 57944/tcp, 4938/tcp, 62970/tcp, 31322/tcp, 10236/tcp, 42557/tcp, 42186/tcp, 43709/tcp, 2789/tcp (Media Agent), 61163/tcp, 22112/tcp, 60364/tcp, 5362/tcp (Microsoft Windows Server WSD2 Service), 3431/tcp (Active License Server Port), 64163/tcp, 1159/tcp (Oracle OMS), 199/tcp (SMUX), 56356/tcp, 58789/tcp, 49429/tcp, 5023/tcp (Htuil Server for PLD2), 42893/tcp, 45436/tcp, 45718/tcp, 14289/tcp, 20191/tcp, 4008/tcp (NetCheque accounting), 42467/tcp, 49301/tcp, 27375/tcp, 4323/tcp (TRIM ICE Service), 40621/tcp, 35521/tcp, 51209/tcp, 60644/tcp, 25376/tcp, 43023/tcp, 9695/tcp (Content Centric Networking), 39330/tcp, 27330/tcp, 35625/tcp, 15174/tcp, 55697/tcp, 60037/tcp, 36183/tcp, 49557/tcp, 26319/tcp, 1882/tcp (CA eTrust Common Services), 38051/tcp, 7552/tcp, 55610/tcp, 54667/tcp, 40840/tcp, 55243/tcp, 54341/tcp, 13582/tcp, 21767/tcp, 31777/tcp, 7605/tcp, 1043/tcp (BOINC Client Control), 16378/tcp, 6947/tcp, 64957/tcp, 16424/tcp, 388/tcp (Unidata LDM), 61524/tcp, 52922/tcp, 7659/tcp, 42407/tcp, 31891/tcp, 17291/tcp, 62071/tcp, 5573/tcp (SAS Domain Management Messaging Protocol), 52520/tcp, 18992/tcp, 908/tcp, 58469/tcp, 14323/tcp, 43850/tcp, 43185/tcp, 65104/tcp, 60592/tcp, 2189/tcp, 24841/tcp, 39262/tcp, 62100/tcp, 21040/tcp, 59826/tcp, 6531/tcp, 38884/tcp, 40639/tcp, 7033/tcp, 5106/tcp, 27783/tcp, 62688/tcp, 50223/tcp, 459/tcp (ampr-rcmd), 1994/tcp (cisco serial tunnel port), 9402/tcp (Samsung PC2FAX for Network Server), 61223/tcp, 15980/tcp, 53596/tcp, 46002/tcp, 50820/tcp, 25557/tcp, 63074/tcp, 6701/tcp (KTI/ICAD Nameserver), 6119/tcp, 7576/tcp, 62907/tcp, 52161/tcp, 51502/tcp, 11181/tcp, 19570/tcp, 22571/tcp, 19121/tcp, 5281/tcp (Undo License Manager), 11079/tcp, 20006/tcp, 3668/tcp (Dell Remote Management), 36722/tcp, 53170/tcp, 28962/tcp, 45321/tcp, 50575/tcp, 11113/tcp, 45396/tcp, 17066/tcp, 22348/tcp, 11061/tcp, 55854/tcp, 15249/tcp, 2791/tcp (MT Port Registrator), 26476/tcp, 63880/tcp, 5306/tcp (Sun MC Group), 6637/tcp, 43010/tcp, 2580/tcp (Tributary), 45618/tcp, 31179/tcp, 38124/tcp, 37986/tcp, 4537/tcp (WSS Security Service), 51940/tcp, 4950/tcp (Sybase Server Monitor), 25981/tcp, 18573/tcp, 41995/tcp, 55062/tcp, 59652/tcp, 8068/tcp, 60728/tcp, 54421/tcp, 25895/tcp, 13106/tcp, 57090/tcp, 11347/tcp, 37025/tcp, 27721/tcp, 47059/tcp, 42779/tcp, 1400/tcp (Cadkey Tablet Daemon), 45566/tcp, 2782/tcp (everydayrc), 62110/tcp, 20053/tcp, 18727/tcp, 53546/tcp, 7819/tcp, 57579/tcp, 19314/tcp, 63197/tcp, 34630/tcp, 63571/tcp, 21378/tcp, 61829/tcp, 13507/tcp, 24992/tcp, 15070/tcp, 37689/tcp, 25155/tcp, 18808/tcp, 8820/tcp, 57960/tcp, 12113/tcp, 45134/tcp, 35734/tcp, 59348/tcp, 3404/tcp, 1040/tcp (Netarx Netcare), 31280/tcp, 24190/tcp, 35685/tcp, 53508/tcp, 50239/tcp, 17957/tcp, 2023/tcp (xinuexpansion3), 26338/tcp, 40914/tcp, 57512/tcp, 15826/tcp, 43211/tcp, 43011/tcp, 54371/tcp, 30529/tcp, 51559/tcp, 44270/tcp, 46940/tcp, 26189/tcp, 29148/tcp, 46228/tcp, 24593/tcp, 5371/tcp, 334/tcp, 62714/tcp, 12456/tcp, 57713/tcp, 57003/tcp, 30910/tcp, 24591/tcp, 44982/tcp, 43207/tcp, 12880/tcp, 3754/tcp (TimesTen Broker Port), 47789/tcp, 822/tcp, 19780/tcp, 15376/tcp, 60771/tcp, 2758/tcp (APOLLO Status), 6808/tcp, 21362/tcp, 61608/tcp, 57725/tcp, 29345/tcp, 38852/tcp, 61108/tcp, 11192/tcp, 59203/tcp, 26103/tcp, 27315/tcp, 12075/tcp, 1163/tcp (SmartDialer Data Protocol), 1145/tcp (X9 iCue Show Control), 61088/tcp, 14982/tcp, 49812/tcp, 27914/tcp, 18306/tcp, 52751/tcp, 37429/tcp, 46817/tcp, 17189/tcp, 28641/tcp, 25756/tcp, 52455/tcp, 44668/tcp, 63597/tcp, 58988/tcp, 28477/tcp, 2686/tcp (mpnjsomg), 31034/tcp, 10994/tcp, 19655/tcp, 48872/tcp, 31339/tcp, 61322/tcp, 8810/tcp, 12618/tcp, 48788/tcp, 14272/tcp, 2868/tcp (NPEP Messaging), 17691/tcp, 19453/tcp, 29997/tcp, 2517/tcp (H.323 Annex E call signaling transport), 46680/tcp, 13569/tcp, 61260/tcp, 27060/tcp, 4708/tcp, 24034/tcp, 62624/tcp, 58354/tcp, 45406/tcp, 41836/tcp, 43644/tcp, 27205/tcp, 11695/tcp, 5800/tcp, 32032/tcp, 39227/tcp, 58334/tcp, 34419/tcp, 60706/tcp, 26234/tcp, 65174/tcp, 41376/tcp, 9273/tcp, 18353/tcp, 44078/tcp, 39977/tcp, 3077/tcp (Orbix 2000 Locator SSL), 58116/tcp, 54230/tcp, 24640/tcp, 52465/tcp, 12868/tcp, 3008/tcp (Midnight Technologies), 65314/tcp, 34647/tcp, 15633/tcp, 46474/tcp, 1514/tcp (Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc), 3875/tcp (PNBSCADA), 48870/tcp, 39135/tcp, 20434/tcp, 40273/tcp, 61689/tcp, 53033/tcp, 29846/tcp, 43411/tcp, 20875/tcp, 23824/tcp, 16862/tcp, 26009/tcp, 50150/tcp, 15978/tcp, 9375/tcp, 45580/tcp, 11106/tcp (SGI LK Licensing service), 16582/tcp, 12565/tcp, 29949/tcp, 12641/tcp, 26822/tcp, 59279/tcp, 33887/tcp, 5438/tcp, 26209/tcp, 2731/tcp (Fyre Messanger), 10592/tcp, 30441/tcp, 2983/tcp (NETPLAN), 62221/tcp, 21112/tcp, 59816/tcp, 34662/tcp, 11307/tcp, 14789/tcp, 56762/tcp, 39659/tcp, 14143/tcp, 35450/tcp, 51775/tcp, 57687/tcp, 31484/tcp, 27727/tcp, 44621/tcp, 9114/tcp, 16075/tcp, 12371/tcp, 37099/tcp, 30735/tcp, 60798/tcp, 20923/tcp, 54363/tcp, 1838/tcp (TALNET), 9175/tcp, 60525/tcp, 11266/tcp, 57549/tcp, 36058/tcp, 44544/tcp, 915/tcp, 62400/tcp, 55647/tcp, 14459/tcp, 61448/tcp, 65259/tcp, 39775/tcp, 17608/tcp, 42619/tcp, 3097/tcp, 52055/tcp, 321/tcp (PIP), 3596/tcp (Illusion Wireless MMOG), 34072/tcp, 62802/tcp, 57398/tcp, 42770/tcp, 11647/tcp, 35767/tcp, 6284/tcp, 57765/tcp, 15194/tcp, 49379/tcp, 5657/tcp, 15600/tcp, 30271/tcp, 20371/tcp, 20669/tcp, 41606/tcp, 34313/tcp, 2776/tcp (Ridgeway Systems & Software), 11679/tcp, 19701/tcp, 25986/tcp, 25638/tcp, 58394/tcp, 6880/tcp, 4319/tcp, 8220/tcp, 32892/tcp, 34076/tcp, 27606/tcp, 28976/tcp, 42708/tcp, 35789/tcp, 50522/tcp, 54757/tcp, 30468/tcp, 24472/tcp, 24260/tcp, 39928/tcp, 35809/tcp, 19679/tcp, 63625/tcp, 62808/tcp, 21360/tcp, 54054/tcp, 36423/tcp, 35080/tcp, 47136/tcp, 60177/tcp, 28926/tcp, 24500/tcp, 45946/tcp, 9919/tcp, 37123/tcp, 40841/tcp (CSCP), 48426/tcp, 62045/tcp, 42839/tcp, 56247/tcp, 11625/tcp, 17764/tcp, 18964/tcp, 38591/tcp, 11828/tcp, 18339/tcp, 60982/tcp, 56744/tcp, 10285/tcp, 50220/tcp, 16807/tcp, 44085/tcp, 5527/tcp, 58493/tcp, 43370/tcp, 57972/tcp, 57032/tcp, 4588/tcp, 43227/tcp, 35909/tcp, 12822/tcp, 13418/tcp, 21996/tcp, 12391/tcp, 51047/tcp, 61802/tcp, 51202/tcp, 1727/tcp (winddx), 43166/tcp, 58920/tcp, 30835/tcp, 42073/tcp, 55746/tcp, 3641/tcp (Netplay Port 2), 42338/tcp, 64985/tcp, 48361/tcp, 48702/tcp, 56442/tcp, 57776/tcp, 57864/tcp, 65518/tcp, 7590/tcp, 11527/tcp, 37332/tcp, 45109/tcp, 59653/tcp, 35515/tcp, 32484/tcp, 58442/tcp, 30658/tcp, 6376/tcp, 19933/tcp, 62128/tcp, 52327/tcp, 5845/tcp, 43694/tcp, 3033/tcp (PDB), 60623/tcp, 5946/tcp, 62379/tcp, 32039/tcp, 36828/tcp, 62822/tcp, 42042/tcp, 16438/tcp, 5301/tcp (HA cluster general services), 149/tcp (AED 512 Emulation Service), 32942/tcp, 46676/tcp, 25372/tcp, 52056/tcp, 31478/tcp, 30402/tcp, 31219/tcp, 40016/tcp, 11275/tcp, 60233/tcp, 60390/tcp, 5888/tcp, 45766/tcp, 14162/tcp, 42240/tcp, 57880/tcp, 45161/tcp, 64225/tcp, 56302/tcp, 39801/tcp, 41249/tcp, 45695/tcp, 11943/tcp, 42386/tcp, 37740/tcp, 27299/tcp, 4967/tcp, 4933/tcp, 42648/tcp, 59844/tcp, 47894/tcp, 20680/tcp, 6480/tcp (Service Registry Default HTTP Domain), 42193/tcp, 60134/tcp, 8717/tcp, 58597/tcp, 23445/tcp, 31371/tcp, 14224/tcp, 12073/tcp, 18883/tcp, 56878/tcp, 53622/tcp, 29432/tcp, 22442/tcp, 50468/tcp, 16348/tcp, 55170/tcp, 17435/tcp, 55304/tcp, 30586/tcp, 6043/tcp, 12436/tcp, 17798/tcp, 4267/tcp, 53408/tcp, 38452/tcp, 10013/tcp, 9697/tcp, 59495/tcp, 48965/tcp, 36401/tcp, 2557/tcp (nicetec-mgmt), 33135/tcp, 54928/tcp, 64472/tcp, 12146/tcp, 18251/tcp, 18979/tcp, 63564/tcp, 13090/tcp, 64491/tcp, 13254/tcp, 26695/tcp, 58186/tcp, 24353/tcp, 17397/tcp, 57425/tcp, 35203/tcp, 36740/tcp, 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Data Resource Manager), 63089/tcp, 61253/tcp, 13013/tcp, 25725/tcp, 45885/tcp, 20564/tcp, 7279/tcp (Citrix Licensing), 16634/tcp, 47336/tcp, 25546/tcp, 19322/tcp, 1946/tcp (tekpls), 842/tcp, 2783/tcp (AISES), 28758/tcp, 18893/tcp, 8199/tcp (VVR DATA), 22002/tcp (Opto Host Port 2), 40517/tcp, 60671/tcp, 18550/tcp, 24183/tcp, 20430/tcp, 12260/tcp, 44042/tcp, 39214/tcp, 38487/tcp, 5156/tcp (Russian Online Game), 31054/tcp, 42176/tcp, 26517/tcp, 26510/tcp, 20321/tcp, 3524/tcp (ECM Server port), 32626/tcp, 61271/tcp, 44318/tcp, 42629/tcp, 20112/tcp, 22582/tcp, 54100/tcp, 17624/tcp, 10746/tcp, 37732/tcp, 55768/tcp, 27045/tcp, 35448/tcp, 16149/tcp, 13800/tcp, 18442/tcp, 54571/tcp, 35229/tcp, 8627/tcp, 26331/tcp, 54184/tcp, 11491/tcp, 45730/tcp, 9571/tcp, 4272/tcp, 3680/tcp (NPDS Tracker), 51378/tcp, 40252/tcp, 17344/tcp, 36337/tcp, 48553/tcp, 47346/tcp, 38716/tcp, 49916/tcp, 13862/tcp, 13785/tcp (NetBackup Database), 62124/tcp, 34990/tcp, 17326/tcp, 48907/tcp, 12577/tcp, 52601/tcp, 34361/tcp, 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(Xic IPC Service), 33099/tcp, 57257/tcp, 59603/tcp, 41331/tcp, 15189/tcp, 51989/tcp, 56897/tcp, 39995/tcp, 54268/tcp, 45682/tcp, 34689/tcp, 27814/tcp, 12399/tcp, 39044/tcp, 16439/tcp, 12529/tcp, 44616/tcp, 58028/tcp, 26239/tcp, 47023/tcp, 42669/tcp, 25440/tcp, 47100/tcp, 30517/tcp, 26361/tcp, 5496/tcp, 18185/tcp (OPSEC OMI), 13288/tcp, 20912/tcp, 40628/tcp, 41415/tcp, 14735/tcp, 26931/tcp, 31607/tcp, 44463/tcp, 45391/tcp, 35413/tcp, 61720/tcp, 17573/tcp, 16603/tcp, 55903/tcp, 30074/tcp, 60005/tcp, 52157/tcp, 25976/tcp, 34793/tcp, 17176/tcp, 62570/tcp, 14070/tcp, 47964/tcp, 43438/tcp, 1008/tcp, 3449/tcp (HotU Chat), 40972/tcp, 44348/tcp, 24301/tcp, 44600/tcp, 54448/tcp, 25263/tcp, 46640/tcp, 64363/tcp, 56104/tcp, 64165/tcp, 31756/tcp, 44416/tcp, 21697/tcp, 42299/tcp, 63021/tcp, 3101/tcp (HP PolicyXpert PIB Server), 3362/tcp (DJ ILM), 615/tcp (Internet Configuration Manager), 3157/tcp (CCC Listener Port), 64933/tcp, 17902/tcp, 28579/tcp, 8334/tcp, 59754/tcp, 29830/tcp, 8368/tcp, 45139/tcp, 39343/tcp, 37637/tcp, 31863/tcp, 55603/tcp, 31834/tcp, 36778/tcp, 25800/tcp, 25604/tcp, 22196/tcp, 19027/tcp, 15049/tcp, 28741/tcp, 53452/tcp, 52621/tcp, 60336/tcp, 21306/tcp, 11435/tcp, 2022/tcp (down), 52689/tcp, 20135/tcp, 424/tcp (IBM Operations Planning and Control Track), 12344/tcp, 48716/tcp, 56035/tcp, 28571/tcp, 44055/tcp, 55053/tcp, 53681/tcp, 46914/tcp, 2295/tcp (Advant License Manager), 25784/tcp, 59321/tcp, 15913/tcp, 40682/tcp, 48070/tcp, 38229/tcp, 7488/tcp, 5443/tcp (Pearson HTTPS), 25900/tcp (TASP Network Comm), 27516/tcp, 14382/tcp, 28784/tcp, 62552/tcp, 42997/tcp, 22258/tcp, 3679/tcp (Newton Dock), 50722/tcp, 31253/tcp, 12942/tcp, 50853/tcp, 4132/tcp (NUTS Daemon), 11164/tcp (sun cacao command-streaming access point), 56133/tcp, 7018/tcp, 26562/tcp, 12492/tcp, 33066/tcp, 14713/tcp, 23099/tcp, 21968/tcp, 30813/tcp, 38975/tcp, 55066/tcp, 6489/tcp (Service Registry Default Admin Domain), 132/tcp (cisco SYSMAINT), 22659/tcp, 54122/tcp, 47041/tcp, 40408/tcp, 39386/tcp, 1258/tcp (Open Network Library), 13752/tcp, 3716/tcp (WV CSP SMS CIR Channel), 32322/tcp, 31119/tcp, 22907/tcp, 1779/tcp (pharmasoft), 48006/tcp, 36683/tcp, 28347/tcp, 32913/tcp, 25576/tcp (Sauter Dongle), 3084/tcp (ITM-MCCS), 58512/tcp, 59262/tcp, 15769/tcp, 1116/tcp (ARDUS Control), 41421/tcp, 54172/tcp, 34671/tcp, 52883/tcp, 33832/tcp, 47601/tcp, 26977/tcp, 15556/tcp, 60562/tcp, 30011/tcp, 11196/tcp, 54636/tcp, 51345/tcp, 16746/tcp, 61837/tcp, 5108/tcp, 15613/tcp, 52490/tcp, 47324/tcp, 2217/tcp (GoToDevice Device Management), 62059/tcp, 57632/tcp, 53934/tcp, 29687/tcp, 34371/tcp, 13371/tcp, 15012/tcp, 33202/tcp, 4099/tcp (DPCP), 30125/tcp, 31612/tcp, 29622/tcp, 40453/tcp, 5267/tcp, 40239/tcp, 34626/tcp, 12913/tcp, 49670/tcp, 24996/tcp, 47503/tcp, 48591/tcp, 43668/tcp, 22946/tcp, 24639/tcp, 2500/tcp (Resource Tracking system server), 48964/tcp, 61310/tcp, 36810/tcp, 59072/tcp, 53669/tcp, 6775/tcp, 52095/tcp, 600/tcp (Sun IPC server), 26479/tcp, 17218/tcp, 60816/tcp, 5553/tcp (SGI Eventmond Port), 20188/tcp, 20257/tcp, 62549/tcp, 18016/tcp, 60514/tcp, 58923/tcp, 41221/tcp, 62893/tcp, 9243/tcp, 26283/tcp, 32354/tcp, 58337/tcp, 18543/tcp, 2675/tcp (TTC ETAP), 61114/tcp, 13167/tcp, 45374/tcp, 18644/tcp, 26305/tcp, 13379/tcp, 60047/tcp, 14614/tcp, 33280/tcp, 11956/tcp, 64416/tcp, 18133/tcp, 22101/tcp, 22545/tcp, 55753/tcp, 7815/tcp, 59030/tcp, 50937/tcp, 64744/tcp, 54570/tcp, 46632/tcp, 26689/tcp, 2404/tcp (IEC 60870-5-104 process control over IP), 38649/tcp, 63793/tcp, 53427/tcp, 54890/tcp, 18241/tcp (Check Point RTM), 18516/tcp, 44253/tcp, 43937/tcp, 30336/tcp, 14576/tcp, 33504/tcp, 62301/tcp, 37805/tcp, 51063/tcp, 41933/tcp, 53960/tcp, 33229/tcp, 10136/tcp, 35159/tcp, 32050/tcp, 19909/tcp, 12490/tcp, 33592/tcp, 61536/tcp, 6797/tcp, 48409/tcp, 48654/tcp, 20212/tcp, 61934/tcp, 45100/tcp, 59687/tcp, 1740/tcp (encore), 12079/tcp, 33340/tcp, 53179/tcp, 42650/tcp, 11768/tcp, 19695/tcp, 29567/tcp, 37271/tcp, 49609/tcp, 4390/tcp (Physical Access Control), 32539/tcp, 39510/tcp, 61526/tcp, 18377/tcp, 30339/tcp, 24535/tcp, 577/tcp (vnas), 42521/tcp, 9569/tcp, 25139/tcp, 13637/tcp, 56447/tcp, 43294/tcp, 3087/tcp (Asoki SMA), 20103/tcp, 15989/tcp, 55889/tcp, 58675/tcp, 27280/tcp, 40038/tcp, 62256/tcp, 3048/tcp (Sierra Net PC Trader), 51659/tcp, 46870/tcp, 47506/tcp, 50471/tcp, 15410/tcp, 59605/tcp, 17757/tcp, 51894/tcp, 13972/tcp, 60102/tcp, 28468/tcp, 55942/tcp, 6377/tcp, 21401/tcp, 58784/tcp, 26324/tcp, 54427/tcp, 58456/tcp, 1377/tcp (Cichlid License Manager), 32407/tcp, 16500/tcp, 42730/tcp, 43050/tcp, 39888/tcp, 58171/tcp, 48745/tcp, 16666/tcp, 19526/tcp, 57388/tcp, 3488/tcp (FS Remote Host Server), 8859/tcp, 54639/tcp, 37475/tcp (science + computing's Venus Administration Port), 27532/tcp, 58418/tcp, 51743/tcp, 61725/tcp, 62014/tcp, 6769/tcp (ADInstruments GxP Server), 45052/tcp, 43145/tcp, 26545/tcp, 45454/tcp, 54796/tcp, 20074/tcp, 52192/tcp, 46394/tcp, 3814/tcp (netO DCS), 44977/tcp, 26569/tcp, 14128/tcp, 52364/tcp, 1274/tcp (t1distproc), 11066/tcp, 13355/tcp, 12251/tcp, 57731/tcp, 8666/tcp, 29038/tcp, 41345/tcp, 51111/tcp, 53155/tcp, 43395/tcp, 17652/tcp, 14076/tcp, 58929/tcp, 38939/tcp, 45211/tcp, 26579/tcp, 28173/tcp, 2566/tcp (pcs-pcw), 30913/tcp, 48519/tcp, 33587/tcp, 7026/tcp, 60148/tcp, 28553/tcp, 11698/tcp, 43581/tcp, 47097/tcp, 14632/tcp, 11100/tcp, 38441/tcp, 37552/tcp, 2528/tcp (NCR CCL), 29880/tcp, 53498/tcp, 26717/tcp, 39932/tcp, 60758/tcp, 18176/tcp, 16822/tcp, 62884/tcp, 2616/tcp (appswitch-emp), 33996/tcp, 25812/tcp, 25276/tcp, 39750/tcp, 48969/tcp, 41916/tcp, 21623/tcp, 25960/tcp, 41098/tcp, 3969/tcp (Landmark Messages), 35231/tcp, 58035/tcp, 46917/tcp, 26824/tcp, 35105/tcp, 36026/tcp, 48875/tcp, 27641/tcp, 42345/tcp, 22667/tcp, 12190/tcp, 30623/tcp, 57509/tcp, 29481/tcp, 51971/tcp, 11661/tcp, 37417/tcp, 37718/tcp, 25204/tcp, 58962/tcp, 10659/tcp, 26978/tcp, 11682/tcp, 39666/tcp, 59890/tcp, 26296/tcp, 5239/tcp, 18738/tcp, 64242/tcp, 23464/tcp, 51129/tcp, 21504/tcp, 36637/tcp, 4258/tcp, 24232/tcp, 37076/tcp, 27928/tcp, 48770/tcp, 35153/tcp, 42674/tcp, 30194/tcp, 3071/tcp (ContinuStor Manager Port), 7214/tcp, 62067/tcp, 38103/tcp, 17733/tcp, 20615/tcp, 53426/tcp, 13427/tcp, 26932/tcp, 13373/tcp, 58636/tcp, 21026/tcp, 57130/tcp, 43492/tcp, 8570/tcp, 9128/tcp, 31332/tcp, 2269/tcp (MIKEY), 2419/tcp (Attachmate S2S), 25952/tcp, 39803/tcp, 53237/tcp, 36081/tcp, 13581/tcp, 3638/tcp (EHP Backup Protocol), 45495/tcp, 1806/tcp (Musiconline), 36985/tcp, 45560/tcp, 20780/tcp, 26326/tcp, 27367/tcp, 62514/tcp, 7220/tcp, 20270/tcp, 47812/tcp, 42523/tcp, 52572/tcp, 24818/tcp, 18622/tcp, 11528/tcp, 64899/tcp, 11504/tcp, 38650/tcp, 46079/tcp, 41154/tcp, 7386/tcp, 39986/tcp, 27480/tcp, 41416/tcp, 5864/tcp, 43518/tcp, 39645/tcp, 55800/tcp, 22077/tcp, 36926/tcp, 54989/tcp, 17351/tcp, 1928/tcp (Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr), 44899/tcp, 63868/tcp, 10115/tcp (NetIQ Endpoint), 38133/tcp, 60924/tcp, 63925/tcp, 836/tcp, 41796/tcp, 28701/tcp, 44672/tcp, 65345/tcp, 21797/tcp, 9172/tcp, 46630/tcp, 4733/tcp (RES Orchestration Catalog Services), 50654/tcp, 47686/tcp, 36280/tcp, 34565/tcp, 50029/tcp, 34894/tcp, 34198/tcp, 12571/tcp, 25255/tcp, 45228/tcp, 11944/tcp, 52239/tcp, 11084/tcp, 38557/tcp, 4606/tcp, 64335/tcp, 3550/tcp (Secure SMPP), 7520/tcp, 8406/tcp, 50795/tcp, 51999/tcp, 49152/tcp, 41475/tcp, 59671/tcp, 25360/tcp, 23487/tcp, 40978/tcp, 39425/tcp, 24427/tcp, 541/tcp (uucp-rlogin), 4571/tcp, 31546/tcp, 48355/tcp, 45990/tcp, 13177/tcp, 39475/tcp, 54661/tcp, 25662/tcp, 35181/tcp, 18155/tcp, 10947/tcp, 12590/tcp, 52346/tcp, 17458/tcp, 2929/tcp (AMX-WEBADMIN), 59775/tcp, 45304/tcp, 4995/tcp, 31310/tcp, 48381/tcp, 5393/tcp, 20295/tcp, 40900/tcp, 20014/tcp (OpenDeploy Listener), 10490/tcp, 28889/tcp, 21889/tcp, 32559/tcp, 46073/tcp, 2437/tcp (UniControl), 65374/tcp, 47415/tcp, 37265/tcp, 37887/tcp, 19712/tcp, 18822/tcp, 28874/tcp, 13632/tcp, 16974/tcp, 57415/tcp, 64077/tcp, 14050/tcp, 33182/tcp, 61624/tcp, 44872/tcp, 62028/tcp, 21308/tcp, 15976/tcp, 23421/tcp, 32836/tcp, 54104/tcp, 63351/tcp, 5338/tcp, 48397/tcp, 46678/tcp, 15565/tcp, 29963/tcp, 58145/tcp, 37562/tcp, 57651/tcp, 44478/tcp, 31430/tcp, 44511/tcp, 7929/tcp, 42870/tcp, 23381/tcp, 22716/tcp, 11641/tcp, 15516/tcp, 54600/tcp, 28691/tcp, 63222/tcp, 5919/tcp, 53269/tcp, 39604/tcp, 33042/tcp, 44752/tcp, 40868/tcp, 59622/tcp, 8551/tcp, 11780/tcp, 53361/tcp, 8535/tcp, 45780/tcp, 54263/tcp, 63770/tcp, 32866/tcp, 21643/tcp, 2049/tcp (Network File System - Sun Microsystems), 43578/tcp, 37943/tcp, 20469/tcp, 22133/tcp, 51708/tcp, 64321/tcp, 6793/tcp, 34081/tcp, 2267/tcp (OntoBroker), 61650/tcp, 32150/tcp, 58845/tcp, 30430/tcp, 29353/tcp, 60652/tcp, 8841/tcp, 47137/tcp, 46956/tcp, 48369/tcp, 36871/tcp, 25923/tcp, 14994/tcp, 34617/tcp, 24569/tcp, 57717/tcp, 9418/tcp (git pack transfer service), 21093/tcp, 49122/tcp, 44983/tcp, 10838/tcp, 8985/tcp, 52769/tcp, 41910/tcp, 10723/tcp, 2046/tcp (sdfunc), 24610/tcp, 63894/tcp, 11174/tcp (OEM cacao rmi registry access point), 19512/tcp, 45128/tcp, 63070/tcp, 60948/tcp, 51211/tcp, 2213/tcp (Kali), 23326/tcp, 43719/tcp, 36017/tcp, 4819/tcp, 4821/tcp, 44008/tcp, 62085/tcp, 63180/tcp, 1244/tcp (isbconference1), 39853/tcp, 49482/tcp, 41832/tcp, 32831/tcp, 24478/tcp, 62607/tcp, 36008/tcp, 58600/tcp, 29943/tcp, 28650/tcp, 7838/tcp, 28823/tcp, 57503/tcp, 43877/tcp, 40335/tcp, 60806/tcp, 49546/tcp, 63027/tcp, 9731/tcp, 56615/tcp, 26253/tcp, 17534/tcp, 28455/tcp, 10293/tcp, 51519/tcp, 31816/tcp, 43800/tcp, 41492/tcp, 45890/tcp, 59529/tcp, 63459/tcp, 60453/tcp, 21471/tcp, 26554/tcp, 46757/tcp, 44061/tcp, 31230/tcp, 6833/tcp, 20647/tcp, 7830/tcp, 11506/tcp, 65227/tcp, 2103/tcp (Zephyr serv-hm connection), 49752/tcp, 35665/tcp, 24417/tcp, 28159/tcp, 35364/tcp, 36724/tcp, 59150/tcp, 5165/tcp (ife_1corp), 4451/tcp (CTI System Msg), 13398/tcp, 20163/tcp, 60900/tcp, 13584/tcp, 2226/tcp (Digital Instinct DRM), 52661/tcp, 27415/tcp, 64886/tcp, 32940/tcp, 58305/tcp, 30991/tcp, 18374/tcp, 52866/tcp, 31880/tcp, 11932/tcp, 51095/tcp, 44136/tcp, 40398/tcp, 26021/tcp, 49499/tcp, 556/tcp (rfs server), 22458/tcp, 2564/tcp (HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet), 37272/tcp, 48804/tcp, 6471/tcp (LVision License Manager), 60377/tcp, 2458/tcp (griffin), 14114/tcp, 5835/tcp, 50327/tcp, 59449/tcp, 37230/tcp, 3319/tcp (SDT License Manager), 13104/tcp, 54606/tcp, 55715/tcp, 39900/tcp, 17464/tcp, 493/tcp (Transport Independent Convergence for FNA), 33593/tcp, 4832/tcp, 61054/tcp, 763/tcp (cycleserv), 19374/tcp, 45011/tcp, 49427/tcp, 42880/tcp, 46080/tcp, 46867/tcp, 48478/tcp, 30714/tcp, 3935/tcp (SDP Port Mapper Protocol), 48004/tcp, 42329/tcp, 51385/tcp, 15603/tcp, 52149/tcp, 45252/tcp, 57339/tcp, 39129/tcp, 49787/tcp, 55739/tcp, 44406/tcp, 9834/tcp, 21242/tcp, 26036/tcp, 44110/tcp, 51201/tcp, 21009/tcp, 47452/tcp, 52630/tcp, 15365/tcp, 51171/tcp, 25972/tcp, 4871/tcp (Wired), 49915/tcp, 38333/tcp, 53963/tcp, 53754/tcp, 47885/tcp, 58069/tcp, 9202/tcp (WAP secure connectionless session service), 1048/tcp (Sun's NEO Object Request Broker), 8416/tcp (eSpeech Session Protocol), 50331/tcp, 21798/tcp, 46508/tcp, 286/tcp (FXP Communication), 55524/tcp, 50692/tcp, 58586/tcp, 41158/tcp, 61652/tcp, 63017/tcp, 64252/tcp, 52767/tcp, 54967/tcp, 9916/tcp, 28112/tcp, 38750/tcp, 17231/tcp, 50596/tcp, 19828/tcp, 41050/tcp, 14545/tcp, 10908/tcp, 31861/tcp, 34231/tcp, 44480/tcp, 20284/tcp, 1855/tcp (Fiorano RtrSvc), 55254/tcp, 26316/tcp, 16138/tcp, 55495/tcp, 53319/tcp, 48711/tcp, 57816/tcp, 7239/tcp, 47865/tcp, 35590/tcp, 5547/tcp, 51232/tcp, 3322/tcp (-3325  Active Networks), 43667/tcp, 34711/tcp, 27256/tcp, 43252/tcp, 61593/tcp, 25668/tcp, 56299/tcp, 24906/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 46 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 6928/tcp, 59268/tcp, 20627/tcp, 48927/tcp, 24847/tcp, 11431/tcp, 10987/tcp, 57842/tcp, 42186/tcp, 11666/tcp, 61954/tcp, 64627/tcp, 15761/tcp, 57541/tcp, 13026/tcp, 15208/tcp, 35581/tcp, 57760/tcp, 12495/tcp, 64752/tcp, 59375/tcp, 7772/tcp, 156/tcp (SQL Service), 16287/tcp, 7293/tcp, 4710/tcp, 42006/tcp, 21207/tcp, 3166/tcp (Quest Spotlight Out-Of-Process Collector), 48674/tcp, 44219/tcp, 23295/tcp, 52473/tcp, 52572/tcp, 15457/tcp, 40039/tcp, 64259/tcp, 42787/tcp, 11256/tcp, 16314/tcp, 53483/tcp, 40313/tcp, 40117/tcp, 12249/tcp, 41801/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 504 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 57860/tcp, 47481/tcp, 49772/tcp, 57237/tcp, 14465/tcp, 62796/tcp, 45061/tcp, 33048/tcp, 14752/tcp, 44499/tcp, 15412/tcp, 29494/tcp, 37774/tcp, 5368/tcp, 57824/tcp, 45494/tcp, 20017/tcp, 25929/tcp, 21958/tcp, 58768/tcp, 58403/tcp, 63425/tcp, 37866/tcp, 50598/tcp, 23944/tcp, 7697/tcp (KLIO communications), 38006/tcp, 41746/tcp, 35996/tcp, 62882/tcp, 36728/tcp, 33599/tcp, 42850/tcp, 38258/tcp, 974/tcp, 64007/tcp, 54475/tcp, 22295/tcp, 38993/tcp, 45387/tcp, 24026/tcp, 8693/tcp, 6163/tcp (Precision Scribe Cnx Port), 50632/tcp, 11559/tcp, 38212/tcp, 5981/tcp, 35005/tcp, 1936/tcp (JetCmeServer Server Port), 36069/tcp, 21035/tcp, 37748/tcp, 49348/tcp, 22809/tcp, 7764/tcp, 15304/tcp, 30035/tcp, 19852/tcp, 30832/tcp, 24403/tcp, 5116/tcp, 44129/tcp, 46012/tcp, 8617/tcp, 13247/tcp, 19545/tcp, 28195/tcp, 61248/tcp, 6598/tcp, 9422/tcp, 42798/tcp, 53101/tcp, 40607/tcp, 36676/tcp, 62371/tcp, 31631/tcp, 32764/tcp, 2069/tcp (HTTP Event Port), 24198/tcp, 1127/tcp (KWDB Remote Communication), 38071/tcp, 4041/tcp (Rocketeer-Houston), 38577/tcp, 27253/tcp, 37563/tcp, 4317/tcp, 15396/tcp, 33014/tcp, 31692/tcp, 39601/tcp, 58095/tcp, 28686/tcp, 36886/tcp, 52015/tcp, 79/tcp (Finger), 19118/tcp, 38153/tcp, 34634/tcp, 27698/tcp, 34678/tcp, 46287/tcp, 52257/tcp, 13264/tcp, 52774/tcp, 41459/tcp, 31292/tcp, 24567/tcp, 52012/tcp, 34985/tcp, 50050/tcp, 34612/tcp, 45469/tcp, 16759/tcp, 57647/tcp, 33982/tcp, 4608/tcp, 6194/tcp, 3676/tcp (VisualAge Pacbase server), 26338/tcp, 54371/tcp, 14810/tcp, 3985/tcp (MAPPER TCP/IP server), 18917/tcp, 9898/tcp (MonkeyCom), 26066/tcp, 3277/tcp (AWG Proxy), 15330/tcp, 36630/tcp, 21284/tcp, 34784/tcp, 34087/tcp, 31129/tcp, 42494/tcp, 33468/tcp, 19257/tcp, 12868/tcp, 13327/tcp, 24785/tcp, 26009/tcp, 13653/tcp, 18207/tcp, 62518/tcp, 56850/tcp, 57431/tcp, 54227/tcp, 40596/tcp, 30106/tcp, 8253/tcp, 7245/tcp, 57702/tcp, 54714/tcp, 9481/tcp, 26499/tcp, 31218/tcp, 62802/tcp, 38952/tcp, 8600/tcp (Surveillance Data), 60030/tcp, 1532/tcp (miroconnect), 12991/tcp, 36423/tcp, 23801/tcp, 21469/tcp, 18900/tcp, 19200/tcp, 46677/tcp, 43731/tcp, 25667/tcp, 55581/tcp, 62379/tcp, 30638/tcp, 12755/tcp, 49866/tcp, 19772/tcp, 25185/tcp, 17248/tcp, 25060/tcp, 23274/tcp, 34156/tcp, 57411/tcp, 11006/tcp, 31707/tcp, 30404/tcp, 35218/tcp, 33031/tcp, 4198/tcp, 6331/tcp, 17009/tcp, 19190/tcp, 27655/tcp, 58081/tcp, 51255/tcp, 65428/tcp, 33100/tcp, 8104/tcp, 45425/tcp, 57136/tcp, 61601/tcp, 51262/tcp, 62589/tcp, 13528/tcp, 1332/tcp (PCIA RXP-B), 11854/tcp, 31008/tcp, 54826/tcp, 23479/tcp, 41845/tcp, 17447/tcp, 1645/tcp (SightLine), 56235/tcp, 26149/tcp, 14974/tcp, 40578/tcp, 19879/tcp, 26120/tcp, 48292/tcp, 4456/tcp (PR Chat Server), 45196/tcp, 62638/tcp, 26597/tcp, 50773/tcp, 9388/tcp (D2D Data Transfer Service), 239/tcp, 51256/tcp, 1757/tcp (cnhrp), 60766/tcp, 55785/tcp, 41197/tcp, 13413/tcp, 29230/tcp, 40858/tcp, 17207/tcp, 2456/tcp (altav-remmgt), 64593/tcp, 38338/tcp, 38029/tcp, 23404/tcp, 45613/tcp, 11078/tcp, 14391/tcp, 9195/tcp, 47587/tcp, 48365/tcp, 8186/tcp, 46511/tcp, 22309/tcp, 19461/tcp, 60963/tcp, 35049/tcp, 62513/tcp, 4886/tcp, 6198/tcp, 43571/tcp, 8392/tcp, 12918/tcp, 38360/tcp, 50317/tcp, 54063/tcp, 26493/tcp, 38107/tcp, 57759/tcp, 29062/tcp, 37652/tcp, 65112/tcp, 15061/tcp, 18820/tcp, 33608/tcp, 3961/tcp (ProAxess Server), 50300/tcp, 6448/tcp, 55459/tcp, 10505/tcp, 40256/tcp, 6102/tcp (SynchroNet-upd), 55851/tcp, 56134/tcp, 53883/tcp, 39370/tcp, 4111/tcp (Xgrid), 39318/tcp, 22857/tcp, 13012/tcp, 30563/tcp, 3642/tcp (Juxml Replication port), 16749/tcp, 161/tcp (SNMP), 39355/tcp, 25150/tcp, 62554/tcp, 21059/tcp, 61130/tcp, 49346/tcp, 10328/tcp, 54622/tcp, 39447/tcp, 31503/tcp, 9739/tcp, 24462/tcp, 33263/tcp, 60480/tcp, 9835/tcp, 42993/tcp, 43135/tcp, 6098/tcp, 18062/tcp, 57587/tcp, 2774/tcp (RBackup Remote Backup), 1010/tcp (surf), 6841/tcp (Netmo Default), 81/tcp, 56633/tcp, 31839/tcp, 36180/tcp, 3036/tcp (Hagel DUMP), 34356/tcp, 3510/tcp (XSS Port), 39314/tcp, 51236/tcp, 55766/tcp, 45102/tcp, 13118/tcp, 55319/tcp, 32279/tcp, 20670/tcp (Track), 5705/tcp, 13707/tcp, 51850/tcp, 60646/tcp, 6236/tcp, 16491/tcp, 2834/tcp (EVTP), 32783/tcp, 4020/tcp (TRAP Port), 3798/tcp (Minilock), 26786/tcp, 5595/tcp, 41717/tcp, 7759/tcp, 26931/tcp, 18913/tcp, 2471/tcp (SeaODBC), 10218/tcp, 33015/tcp, 24463/tcp, 52555/tcp, 51765/tcp, 53452/tcp, 56316/tcp, 31910/tcp, 33818/tcp, 58511/tcp, 53616/tcp, 28784/tcp, 16467/tcp, 23673/tcp, 21968/tcp, 48789/tcp, 59465/tcp, 37762/tcp, 10374/tcp, 25448/tcp, 58495/tcp, 25587/tcp, 50055/tcp, 54700/tcp, 52144/tcp, 5128/tcp, 44798/tcp, 20879/tcp, 6758/tcp, 18835/tcp, 14057/tcp, 2301/tcp (Compaq HTTP), 38664/tcp, 40109/tcp, 37218/tcp, 53346/tcp, 55692/tcp, 34482/tcp, 44607/tcp, 2939/tcp (SM-PAS-2), 2862/tcp (TTG Protocol), 60012/tcp, 51235/tcp, 30264/tcp, 21757/tcp, 10832/tcp, 37513/tcp, 48971/tcp, 54350/tcp, 4157/tcp (STAT Scanner Control), 12790/tcp, 59765/tcp, 55965/tcp, 29815/tcp, 8711/tcp, 46306/tcp, 7290/tcp, 43545/tcp, 63618/tcp, 6463/tcp, 8486/tcp, 53344/tcp, 1824/tcp (metrics-pas), 7108/tcp, 62420/tcp, 21158/tcp, 58209/tcp, 17733/tcp, 15323/tcp, 9270/tcp, 25148/tcp, 20217/tcp, 9688/tcp, 36301/tcp, 51808/tcp, 1797/tcp (UMA), 17300/tcp, 23134/tcp, 36369/tcp, 25347/tcp, 37592/tcp, 10535/tcp, 62775/tcp, 1844/tcp (DirecPC-DLL), 14950/tcp, 55107/tcp, 40337/tcp, 28914/tcp, 39274/tcp, 26195/tcp, 57415/tcp, 58617/tcp, 6295/tcp, 57295/tcp, 56483/tcp, 53103/tcp, 62897/tcp, 14902/tcp, 40025/tcp, 32822/tcp, 7656/tcp, 47137/tcp, 54557/tcp, 55293/tcp, 25339/tcp, 39937/tcp, 44962/tcp, 37501/tcp, 36682/tcp, 24720/tcp, 50398/tcp, 25994/tcp, 45802/tcp, 20528/tcp, 48110/tcp, 26253/tcp, 28464/tcp, 37977/tcp, 54240/tcp, 10038/tcp, 6658/tcp, 2354/tcp (psprserver), 9722/tcp, 63867/tcp, 23003/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 4), 16228/tcp, 15916/tcp, 32519/tcp, 14957/tcp, 12701/tcp, 18374/tcp, 16459/tcp, 25599/tcp, 38767/tcp, 55333/tcp, 10715/tcp, 32849/tcp, 26831/tcp, 15688/tcp, 9405/tcp, 39294/tcp, 63283/tcp, 17668/tcp, 24078/tcp, 31477/tcp, 957/tcp, 45035/tcp, 23603/tcp, 27974/tcp, 54844/tcp, 29203/tcp, 42315/tcp, 23481/tcp, 25025/tcp, 24382/tcp, 50466/tcp, 52816/tcp, 10627/tcp, 30127/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 273 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 56845/tcp, 36903/tcp, 25401/tcp, 18903/tcp, 30374/tcp, 52127/tcp, 48296/tcp, 4928/tcp, 30616/tcp, 17127/tcp, 25519/tcp, 46430/tcp, 64173/tcp, 4298/tcp, 5043/tcp (ShopWorX Administration), 44173/tcp, 29350/tcp, 9260/tcp, 37067/tcp, 3204/tcp (Network Watcher DB Access), 6342/tcp, 49781/tcp, 22013/tcp, 39321/tcp, 58525/tcp, 13956/tcp, 18096/tcp, 9154/tcp, 62180/tcp, 10054/tcp, 17781/tcp, 12971/tcp, 39737/tcp, 55929/tcp, 55894/tcp, 51926/tcp, 53900/tcp, 59060/tcp, 40085/tcp, 13847/tcp, 28445/tcp, 60203/tcp, 42805/tcp, 46826/tcp, 60898/tcp, 65124/tcp, 22228/tcp, 34372/tcp, 48791/tcp, 55837/tcp, 55801/tcp, 36930/tcp, 24841/tcp, 14920/tcp, 18607/tcp, 5985/tcp (WBEM WS-Management HTTP), 40854/tcp, 29974/tcp, 21897/tcp, 37934/tcp, 61947/tcp, 60253/tcp, 26983/tcp, 7606/tcp, 40237/tcp, 38255/tcp, 19438/tcp, 37530/tcp, 17623/tcp, 28310/tcp, 25328/tcp, 48601/tcp, 13066/tcp, 46896/tcp, 54476/tcp, 19498/tcp, 47722/tcp, 17478/tcp, 19453/tcp, 7315/tcp, 13472/tcp, 7727/tcp (Trident Systems Data), 15095/tcp, 62992/tcp, 20383/tcp, 659/tcp, 25954/tcp, 36904/tcp, 8452/tcp, 56605/tcp, 21874/tcp, 29265/tcp, 23983/tcp, 25119/tcp, 43172/tcp, 64714/tcp, 18177/tcp, 48850/tcp, 23390/tcp, 5554/tcp (SGI ESP HTTP), 41814/tcp, 50618/tcp, 39021/tcp, 6432/tcp (PgBouncer), 54915/tcp, 5404/tcp (HPOMS-DPS-LSTN), 32934/tcp, 65209/tcp, 13170/tcp, 43420/tcp, 63182/tcp, 26494/tcp, 36720/tcp, 29006/tcp, 8510/tcp, 8365/tcp, 28041/tcp, 50711/tcp, 3671/tcp (e Field Control (EIBnet)), 18723/tcp, 1656/tcp (dec-mbadmin-h), 48622/tcp, 11333/tcp, 20598/tcp, 17003/tcp, 9196/tcp, 37003/tcp, 24976/tcp, 46253/tcp, 14236/tcp, 37035/tcp, 52296/tcp, 58167/tcp, 18199/tcp, 53736/tcp, 14672/tcp, 65234/tcp, 50491/tcp, 55435/tcp, 42959/tcp, 44495/tcp, 18278/tcp, 36615/tcp, 56026/tcp, 56476/tcp, 25033/tcp, 51447/tcp, 29069/tcp, 59731/tcp, 25509/tcp, 46999/tcp (MediaBox Server), 29260/tcp, 31614/tcp, 32463/tcp, 12081/tcp, 20921/tcp, 29323/tcp, 14593/tcp, 35151/tcp, 28723/tcp, 55454/tcp, 56999/tcp, 31655/tcp, 23308/tcp, 61312/tcp, 53113/tcp, 27574/tcp, 63458/tcp, 16190/tcp, 4256/tcp, 16030/tcp, 28908/tcp, 24465/tcp (Tonido Domain Server), 12858/tcp, 22994/tcp, 26478/tcp, 53440/tcp, 61665/tcp, 25182/tcp, 57126/tcp, 50510/tcp, 1026/tcp (Calendar Access Protocol), 14583/tcp, 57349/tcp, 61361/tcp, 28696/tcp, 11988/tcp, 22410/tcp, 8016/tcp, 8978/tcp, 52474/tcp, 32827/tcp, 61661/tcp, 35/tcp (any private printer server), 51486/tcp, 51768/tcp, 48738/tcp, 38822/tcp, 52875/tcp, 2612/tcp (Qpasa Agent), 424/tcp (IBM Operations Planning and Control Track), 145/tcp (UAAC Protocol), 62989/tcp, 12220/tcp, 34289/tcp, 48132/tcp, 18342/tcp, 23734/tcp, 26142/tcp, 62404/tcp, 771/tcp (rtip), 39677/tcp, 22232/tcp, 11792/tcp, 27030/tcp, 34303/tcp, 36899/tcp, 43418/tcp, 53771/tcp, 39738/tcp, 3357/tcp (Adtech Test IP), 33588/tcp, 61219/tcp, 46076/tcp, 27038/tcp, 1722/tcp (HKS License Manager), 16298/tcp, 54154/tcp, 14790/tcp, 13355/tcp, 52687/tcp, 32556/tcp, 2392/tcp (Tactical Auth), 12871/tcp, 14539/tcp, 56126/tcp, 53791/tcp, 3932/tcp (Dynamic Site System), 42393/tcp, 59870/tcp, 16617/tcp, 30523/tcp, 45370/tcp, 3789/tcp (RemoteDeploy Administration Port [July 2003]), 47862/tcp, 54226/tcp, 48557/tcp, 25514/tcp, 34201/tcp, 33889/tcp, 15941/tcp, 58574/tcp, 4632/tcp, 61515/tcp, 2661/tcp (OLHOST), 31976/tcp, 24692/tcp, 16742/tcp, 11932/tcp, 14892/tcp, 12866/tcp, 55860/tcp, 50858/tcp, 37200/tcp, 53255/tcp, 38127/tcp, 45035/tcp, 37602/tcp, 59868/tcp, 367/tcp (MortgageWare), 51152/tcp, 56438/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 746 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 12158/tcp, 3846/tcp (Astare Network PCP), 56866/tcp, 59002/tcp, 58412/tcp, 8943/tcp, 51601/tcp, 38989/tcp, 55657/tcp, 47958/tcp, 45181/tcp, 53858/tcp, 46697/tcp, 48448/tcp, 46645/tcp, 54422/tcp, 26165/tcp, 17373/tcp, 63156/tcp, 4385/tcp, 44269/tcp, 215/tcp (Insignia Solutions), 25666/tcp, 2131/tcp (Avantageb2b), 28065/tcp, 30610/tcp, 27271/tcp, 48018/tcp, 47651/tcp, 4740/tcp (ipfix protocol over TLS), 9941/tcp, 37595/tcp, 3556/tcp (Sky Transport Protocol), 11444/tcp, 23940/tcp, 4726/tcp, 44744/tcp, 65353/tcp, 28811/tcp, 64963/tcp, 30346/tcp, 43803/tcp, 9158/tcp, 53804/tcp, 43489/tcp, 48578/tcp, 2855/tcp (MSRP over TCP), 42035/tcp, 27092/tcp, 18114/tcp, 37625/tcp, 43501/tcp, 25603/tcp, 49266/tcp, 41584/tcp, 9438/tcp, 63661/tcp, 5969/tcp (mppolicy-mgr), 36515/tcp, 40793/tcp, 37176/tcp, 21913/tcp, 8576/tcp, 2851/tcp (webemshttp), 31425/tcp, 54580/tcp, 31082/tcp, 42304/tcp, 7438/tcp, 43310/tcp, 10498/tcp, 37026/tcp, 31686/tcp, 24502/tcp, 5237/tcp (m-net discovery), 43580/tcp, 6350/tcp (App Discovery and Access Protocol), 6847/tcp, 30791/tcp, 60863/tcp, 1431/tcp (Reverse Gossip Transport), 25331/tcp, 60357/tcp, 23901/tcp, 46516/tcp, 8584/tcp, 62090/tcp, 11935/tcp, 37095/tcp, 14144/tcp, 60761/tcp, 8980/tcp, 3444/tcp (Denali Server), 10024/tcp, 15694/tcp, 27472/tcp, 8410/tcp, 14381/tcp, 50793/tcp, 53211/tcp, 59895/tcp, 15322/tcp, 28752/tcp, 28910/tcp, 19067/tcp, 62894/tcp, 35429/tcp, 60037/tcp, 466/tcp (digital-vrc), 806/tcp, 24184/tcp, 60926/tcp, 54977/tcp, 37705/tcp, 24507/tcp, 58062/tcp, 24363/tcp, 21323/tcp, 47938/tcp, 50406/tcp, 42232/tcp, 7240/tcp, 47882/tcp, 51263/tcp, 52395/tcp, 15528/tcp, 56810/tcp, 45281/tcp, 31439/tcp, 19121/tcp, 48526/tcp, 53146/tcp, 6561/tcp, 24443/tcp, 25187/tcp, 37366/tcp, 52762/tcp, 2602/tcp (discp server), 4621/tcp, 33574/tcp, 58290/tcp, 42375/tcp, 60189/tcp, 24570/tcp, 62110/tcp, 13512/tcp, 9432/tcp, 65393/tcp, 51373/tcp, 18874/tcp, 31133/tcp, 42809/tcp, 54055/tcp, 64726/tcp, 62356/tcp, 46856/tcp, 41885/tcp, 14161/tcp, 42215/tcp, 51983/tcp, 47120/tcp, 9056/tcp, 40838/tcp, 10833/tcp, 38658/tcp, 42723/tcp, 8810/tcp, 47662/tcp, 53981/tcp, 12244/tcp, 21195/tcp, 55120/tcp, 44290/tcp, 20194/tcp, 39095/tcp, 46072/tcp, 19717/tcp, 17833/tcp, 22951/tcp (Telerate Information Platform WAN), 34643/tcp, 38068/tcp, 53817/tcp, 39771/tcp, 27844/tcp, 59204/tcp, 19848/tcp, 61328/tcp, 29902/tcp, 31587/tcp, 40803/tcp, 11203/tcp, 55089/tcp, 26198/tcp, 18531/tcp, 27360/tcp, 33069/tcp, 61081/tcp, 26417/tcp, 60525/tcp, 60981/tcp, 799/tcp, 21159/tcp, 28989/tcp, 46431/tcp, 25068/tcp, 4829/tcp, 46989/tcp, 13958/tcp, 35619/tcp, 7653/tcp, 50885/tcp, 21085/tcp, 42096/tcp, 56744/tcp, 22311/tcp, 7547/tcp (DSL Forum CWMP), 52560/tcp, 48958/tcp, 19200/tcp, 45507/tcp, 44180/tcp, 6460/tcp, 58229/tcp, 54647/tcp, 40694/tcp, 41151/tcp, 59291/tcp, 38439/tcp, 15752/tcp, 42958/tcp, 49100/tcp, 46041/tcp, 34485/tcp, 6604/tcp, 31567/tcp, 33493/tcp, 18054/tcp, 64750/tcp, 26576/tcp, 184/tcp (OCServer), 7909/tcp, 39014/tcp, 3302/tcp (MCS Fastmail), 13546/tcp, 16752/tcp, 32039/tcp, 17832/tcp, 29928/tcp, 64153/tcp, 18635/tcp (Reliable Datagram Service over IP), 39395/tcp, 23882/tcp, 10546/tcp, 57884/tcp, 18908/tcp, 35993/tcp, 29527/tcp, 57091/tcp, 10195/tcp, 9225/tcp, 38318/tcp, 11187/tcp, 62315/tcp, 56994/tcp, 53077/tcp, 42595/tcp, 14605/tcp, 60438/tcp, 14189/tcp, 25611/tcp, 51401/tcp, 33583/tcp, 42621/tcp, 38938/tcp, 65188/tcp, 64656/tcp, 63572/tcp, 52281/tcp, 61504/tcp, 25177/tcp, 30479/tcp, 53638/tcp, 30780/tcp, 65354/tcp, 25513/tcp, 48465/tcp, 36477/tcp, 6708/tcp, 16898/tcp, 17931/tcp, 50086/tcp, 31969/tcp, 13471/tcp, 60847/tcp, 57667/tcp, 42385/tcp, 26405/tcp, 3043/tcp (Broadcast Routing Protocol), 16000/tcp (Administration Server Access), 6943/tcp, 34400/tcp, 40076/tcp, 41373/tcp, 19401/tcp, 3773/tcp (ctdhercules), 13605/tcp, 44681/tcp, 9508/tcp, 21725/tcp, 28411/tcp, 20321/tcp, 22673/tcp, 15375/tcp, 63928/tcp, 47810/tcp, 46646/tcp, 52763/tcp, 35197/tcp, 48299/tcp, 4520/tcp, 58628/tcp, 1454/tcp (interHDL License Manager), 11349/tcp, 64520/tcp, 9768/tcp, 10528/tcp, 63998/tcp, 45811/tcp, 40369/tcp, 16364/tcp, 40969/tcp, 51634/tcp, 55265/tcp, 23777/tcp, 64893/tcp, 41785/tcp, 37474/tcp, 23984/tcp, 30134/tcp, 30942/tcp, 5340/tcp, 192/tcp (OSU Network Monitoring System), 52173/tcp, 18070/tcp, 34523/tcp, 47735/tcp, 12444/tcp, 64271/tcp, 42029/tcp, 48794/tcp, 39582/tcp, 38688/tcp, 52925/tcp, 45905/tcp, 61676/tcp, 32443/tcp, 59119/tcp, 45010/tcp, 52849/tcp, 29685/tcp, 40498/tcp, 37421/tcp, 23051/tcp, 55385/tcp, 54143/tcp, 42449/tcp, 5099/tcp (SentLM Srv2Srv), 13368/tcp, 11876/tcp (X2E Xoraya Multichannel protocol), 57010/tcp, 58519/tcp, 8587/tcp, 56001/tcp, 35942/tcp, 34511/tcp, 18015/tcp, 18099/tcp, 34989/tcp, 9888/tcp (CYBORG Systems), 61139/tcp, 65119/tcp, 8037/tcp, 25642/tcp, 45366/tcp, 43361/tcp, 47140/tcp, 43515/tcp, 63411/tcp, 47610/tcp, 33169/tcp, 2016/tcp (bootserver), 23672/tcp, 65091/tcp, 10911/tcp, 11182/tcp, 8353/tcp, 33382/tcp, 37314/tcp, 55591/tcp, 44871/tcp, 33762/tcp, 36972/tcp, 60639/tcp, 59107/tcp, 44446/tcp, 53518/tcp, 11987/tcp, 19910/tcp, 38973/tcp, 26424/tcp, 56135/tcp, 55116/tcp, 33442/tcp, 37450/tcp, 7484/tcp, 25473/tcp, 57485/tcp, 61783/tcp, 48113/tcp, 4472/tcp, 25150/tcp, 40069/tcp, 3422/tcp (Remote USB System Port), 31877/tcp, 20402/tcp, 60668/tcp, 29630/tcp, 40875/tcp, 40481/tcp, 42413/tcp, 20637/tcp, 504/tcp (citadel), 29658/tcp, 42483/tcp, 8300/tcp (Transport Management Interface), 20324/tcp, 49740/tcp, 46877/tcp, 18473/tcp, 37392/tcp, 51587/tcp, 41230/tcp, 38762/tcp, 43073/tcp, 14962/tcp, 17301/tcp, 59920/tcp, 56920/tcp, 19682/tcp, 46025/tcp, 33458/tcp, 1100/tcp (MCTP), 21641/tcp, 16963/tcp, 1482/tcp (Miteksys License Manager), 22158/tcp, 10862/tcp, 63061/tcp, 1963/tcp (WebMachine), 58867/tcp, 29893/tcp, 33238/tcp, 57746/tcp, 44031/tcp, 41743/tcp, 42765/tcp, 43388/tcp, 54525/tcp, 4418/tcp, 55766/tcp, 13053/tcp, 14148/tcp, 34333/tcp, 45859/tcp, 55646/tcp, 32840/tcp, 42307/tcp, 2965/tcp (BULLANT RAP), 38208/tcp, 1669/tcp (netview-aix-9), 59525/tcp, 37486/tcp, 39013/tcp, 20417/tcp, 14053/tcp, 48938/tcp, 28934/tcp, 10922/tcp, 58570/tcp, 25310/tcp, 26903/tcp, 6644/tcp, 20863/tcp, 59995/tcp, 32783/tcp, 33193/tcp, 49426/tcp, 25767/tcp, 53404/tcp, 32191/tcp, 21860/tcp, 17471/tcp, 38921/tcp, 40216/tcp, 59603/tcp, 58302/tcp, 4937/tcp, 16025/tcp, 42490/tcp, 37345/tcp, 43336/tcp, 55194/tcp, 8881/tcp, 30290/tcp, 59207/tcp, 34800/tcp, 15574/tcp, 23778/tcp, 35627/tcp, 45114/tcp, 63270/tcp, 1491/tcp, 39235/tcp, 7660/tcp, 36430/tcp, 6195/tcp, 52660/tcp, 31131/tcp, 42129/tcp, 46569/tcp, 615/tcp (Internet Configuration Manager), 45418/tcp, 33146/tcp, 37019/tcp, 5658/tcp, 34288/tcp, 51848/tcp, 46189/tcp, 55164/tcp, 8164/tcp, 44159/tcp, 13233/tcp, 56028/tcp, 31253/tcp, 24980/tcp, 10443/tcp, 16738/tcp, 16733/tcp, 29044/tcp, 18508/tcp, 10325/tcp, 32696/tcp, 32468/tcp, 30499/tcp, 49633/tcp, 6287/tcp, 15702/tcp, 40761/tcp, 60767/tcp, 12357/tcp, 59929/tcp, 9838/tcp, 46628/tcp, 10214/tcp, 39523/tcp, 51958/tcp, 61310/tcp, 36475/tcp, 38302/tcp, 41424/tcp, 49559/tcp, 11382/tcp, 12720/tcp, 64618/tcp, 26302/tcp, 13167/tcp, 36385/tcp, 5582/tcp (T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 3), 44722/tcp, 48273/tcp, 60276/tcp, 55749/tcp, 35702/tcp, 65150/tcp, 33226/tcp, 17114/tcp, 45888/tcp, 52002/tcp, 63060/tcp, 55034/tcp, 11675/tcp, 65020/tcp, 6472/tcp, 16585/tcp, 51216/tcp, 16295/tcp, 18587/tcp, 58889/tcp, 45736/tcp, 15096/tcp, 31297/tcp, 37231/tcp, 39745/tcp, 30954/tcp, 36948/tcp, 62312/tcp, 45630/tcp, 65138/tcp, 16534/tcp, 63827/tcp, 52074/tcp, 7016/tcp, 8630/tcp, 24001/tcp (med-fsp-rx), 38249/tcp, 17680/tcp, 46205/tcp, 63829/tcp, 42345/tcp, 55667/tcp, 44793/tcp, 3466/tcp (WORKFLOW), 34674/tcp, 21762/tcp, 50159/tcp, 48770/tcp, 24840/tcp, 3779/tcp (Cognima Replication), 14742/tcp, 54924/tcp, 30467/tcp, 29616/tcp, 58551/tcp, 18830/tcp, 9639/tcp, 53323/tcp, 27793/tcp, 64940/tcp, 35955/tcp, 44839/tcp, 24379/tcp, 32054/tcp, 52939/tcp, 62206/tcp, 40572/tcp, 53433/tcp, 50714/tcp, 59152/tcp, 2836/tcp (catalyst), 19172/tcp, 57403/tcp, 14306/tcp, 52920/tcp, 32278/tcp, 48566/tcp, 3550/tcp (Secure SMPP), 6581/tcp (Parsec Peer-to-Peer), 61547/tcp, 57716/tcp, 13941/tcp, 50877/tcp, 50886/tcp, 41172/tcp, 1256/tcp (de-server), 10283/tcp, 23614/tcp, 31738/tcp, 41806/tcp, 17561/tcp, 35182/tcp, 36494/tcp, 13366/tcp, 26710/tcp, 40807/tcp, 15060/tcp, 48009/tcp, 22512/tcp, 36359/tcp, 30153/tcp, 8242/tcp, 48517/tcp, 6153/tcp, 8535/tcp, 50350/tcp, 14003/tcp, 27310/tcp, 52885/tcp, 58725/tcp, 19175/tcp, 23558/tcp, 7105/tcp, 6005/tcp, 64655/tcp, 1952/tcp (mpnjsc), 14806/tcp, 26520/tcp, 19183/tcp, 51869/tcp, 58191/tcp, 8975/tcp, 31816/tcp, 28433/tcp, 24471/tcp, 31928/tcp, 47014/tcp, 64760/tcp, 65350/tcp, 8471/tcp (PIM over Reliable Transport), 36038/tcp, 29477/tcp, 22781/tcp, 2564/tcp (HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet), 6471/tcp (LVision License Manager), 33387/tcp, 21558/tcp, 14114/tcp, 1935/tcp (Macromedia Flash Communications Server MX), 2623/tcp (LMDP), 40460/tcp, 10467/tcp, 2037/tcp (APplus Application Server), 61548/tcp, 9976/tcp, 8085/tcp, 35282/tcp, 14687/tcp, 229/tcp, 31782/tcp, 47808/tcp (Building Automation and Control Networks), 48225/tcp, 11583/tcp, 59183/tcp, 12933/tcp, 27729/tcp, 25971/tcp, 2706/tcp (NCD Mirroring), 6529/tcp, 27587/tcp, 8450/tcp (npmp), 20648/tcp, 47692/tcp, 58428/tcp, 32497/tcp, 24755/tcp, 56647/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 424 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 17262/tcp, 9593/tcp (LANDesk Management Agent (cba8)), 13115/tcp, 995/tcp (pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)), 55148/tcp, 38274/tcp, 32899/tcp, 11624/tcp, 57917/tcp, 55252/tcp, 12365/tcp, 35160/tcp, 19259/tcp, 63496/tcp, 17151/tcp, 37117/tcp, 52367/tcp, 49512/tcp, 36104/tcp, 40797/tcp, 14626/tcp, 17732/tcp, 63140/tcp, 11421/tcp, 17749/tcp, 23180/tcp, 2012/tcp (ttyinfo), 1520/tcp (atm zip office), 3489/tcp (DTP/DIA), 58241/tcp, 57137/tcp, 7701/tcp, 13010/tcp, 21646/tcp, 25256/tcp, 48749/tcp, 59788/tcp, 38687/tcp, 40653/tcp, 34745/tcp, 2341/tcp (XIO Status), 43180/tcp, 2246/tcp (PacketCable MTA Addr Map), 54759/tcp, 23750/tcp, 8636/tcp, 57677/tcp, 14821/tcp, 3299/tcp (pdrncs), 3409/tcp (NetworkLens Event Port), 55462/tcp, 26803/tcp, 37460/tcp, 41077/tcp, 23438/tcp, 34037/tcp, 47130/tcp, 33407/tcp, 49342/tcp, 12748/tcp, 5509/tcp, 8770/tcp (Digital Photo Access Protocol), 53156/tcp, 34256/tcp, 53843/tcp, 31298/tcp, 58014/tcp, 30002/tcp (Pago Services 2), 35844/tcp, 23880/tcp, 53420/tcp, 24369/tcp, 27565/tcp, 45762/tcp, 7167/tcp (CA SRM Agent), 24051/tcp, 58345/tcp, 63461/tcp, 39262/tcp, 58836/tcp, 45645/tcp, 4039/tcp (Fazzt Administration), 62930/tcp, 33371/tcp, 53692/tcp, 12293/tcp, 44534/tcp, 65108/tcp, 27485/tcp, 54048/tcp, 41441/tcp, 14831/tcp, 42779/tcp, 14865/tcp, 9898/tcp (MonkeyCom), 10040/tcp, 3619/tcp (AAIR-Network 2), 32383/tcp, 2160/tcp (APC 2160), 3277/tcp (AWG Proxy), 37843/tcp, 35036/tcp, 23023/tcp, 56770/tcp, 25226/tcp, 19013/tcp, 48843/tcp, 2050/tcp (Avaya EMB Config Port), 53240/tcp, 59368/tcp, 1325/tcp (DX-Instrument), 18014/tcp, 48710/tcp, 43032/tcp, 7009/tcp (remote cache manager service), 32482/tcp, 6430/tcp, 63335/tcp, 36105/tcp, 58376/tcp, 19767/tcp, 16669/tcp, 48919/tcp, 57682/tcp, 51813/tcp, 64985/tcp, 52102/tcp, 19154/tcp, 60623/tcp, 7160/tcp, 20040/tcp, 61962/tcp, 49422/tcp, 6969/tcp (acmsoda), 59145/tcp, 9726/tcp, 59377/tcp, 28941/tcp, 62192/tcp, 11752/tcp, 51338/tcp, 33084/tcp, 28710/tcp, 51886/tcp, 57797/tcp, 63659/tcp, 51758/tcp, 11811/tcp, 43303/tcp, 18829/tcp, 58808/tcp, 34501/tcp, 7247/tcp, 36243/tcp, 45006/tcp, 63853/tcp, 27447/tcp, 17929/tcp, 2307/tcp (pehelp), 42713/tcp, 8176/tcp, 42852/tcp, 54767/tcp, 41418/tcp, 12439/tcp, 32777/tcp (FileNet BPM CORBA), 19245/tcp, 38049/tcp, 30373/tcp, 25198/tcp, 3229/tcp (Global CD Port), 6696/tcp, 59290/tcp, 2223/tcp (Rockwell CSP2), 1887/tcp (FileX Listening Port), 64479/tcp, 44250/tcp, 16447/tcp, 32868/tcp, 21313/tcp, 3910/tcp (Printer Request Port), 56060/tcp, 51568/tcp, 62876/tcp, 29359/tcp, 14941/tcp, 46075/tcp, 41219/tcp, 19493/tcp, 38670/tcp, 42584/tcp, 14522/tcp, 6811/tcp, 37505/tcp, 13831/tcp, 42603/tcp, 65110/tcp, 47544/tcp, 25645/tcp, 40864/tcp, 22820/tcp, 6805/tcp, 55640/tcp, 56841/tcp, 61532/tcp, 16290/tcp, 3605/tcp (ComCam IO Port), 36530/tcp, 41509/tcp, 26953/tcp, 14446/tcp, 6602/tcp (Windows WSS Communication Framework), 11291/tcp, 22160/tcp, 17280/tcp, 20934/tcp, 52884/tcp, 2526/tcp (EMA License Manager), 19525/tcp, 35913/tcp, 26318/tcp, 14674/tcp, 9477/tcp, 64621/tcp, 20683/tcp, 2347/tcp (Game Announcement and Location), 44404/tcp, 9475/tcp, 19955/tcp, 17001/tcp, 30918/tcp, 26967/tcp, 35368/tcp, 35381/tcp, 22244/tcp, 46990/tcp, 32572/tcp, 63646/tcp, 2592/tcp, 23509/tcp, 36223/tcp, 23466/tcp, 36002/tcp, 24446/tcp, 6134/tcp, 58441/tcp, 16652/tcp, 44247/tcp, 19728/tcp, 22255/tcp, 54905/tcp, 59901/tcp, 50558/tcp, 57124/tcp, 7341/tcp, 29343/tcp, 3593/tcp (BP Model Debugger), 52413/tcp, 35683/tcp, 12207/tcp, 5762/tcp, 64659/tcp, 30024/tcp, 8092/tcp, 4061/tcp (Ice Location Service (TCP)), 21487/tcp, 7293/tcp, 7570/tcp (Aries Kfinder), 26058/tcp, 32000/tcp, 37608/tcp, 48686/tcp, 62244/tcp, 632/tcp (bmpp), 39849/tcp, 4635/tcp, 18810/tcp, 8828/tcp, 6429/tcp, 42065/tcp, 15049/tcp, 29710/tcp, 26763/tcp, 20364/tcp, 59473/tcp, 52441/tcp, 36895/tcp, 18463/tcp (AC Cluster), 43362/tcp, 61058/tcp, 7923/tcp, 5213/tcp, 52523/tcp, 14293/tcp, 35591/tcp, 15556/tcp, 43452/tcp, 34309/tcp, 996/tcp (vsinet), 35898/tcp, 41465/tcp, 62652/tcp, 21606/tcp, 26369/tcp, 54695/tcp, 13332/tcp, 27228/tcp, 17060/tcp, 30500/tcp, 32335/tcp, 15818/tcp, 6897/tcp, 55692/tcp, 8328/tcp, 6861/tcp, 59010/tcp, 45065/tcp, 24644/tcp, 39722/tcp, 30519/tcp, 893/tcp, 37185/tcp, 14623/tcp, 2242/tcp (Folio Remote Server), 62121/tcp, 61264/tcp, 36251/tcp, 45575/tcp, 52585/tcp, 9393/tcp, 40067/tcp, 11367/tcp (ATM UHAS), 3880/tcp (IGRS), 39575/tcp, 32998/tcp, 64236/tcp, 3442/tcp (OC Connect Server), 48333/tcp, 44291/tcp, 34567/tcp (dhanalakshmi.org EDI Service), 36352/tcp, 47886/tcp, 24489/tcp, 8488/tcp, 51485/tcp, 39334/tcp, 65286/tcp, 2548/tcp (vytalvaultpipe), 49562/tcp, 43836/tcp, 37846/tcp, 15699/tcp, 15457/tcp, 15310/tcp, 47742/tcp, 40009/tcp, 29364/tcp, 27980/tcp, 39799/tcp, 38389/tcp, 15945/tcp, 2818/tcp (rmlnk), 43202/tcp, 22102/tcp, 23982/tcp, 22151/tcp, 9118/tcp, 31783/tcp, 3684/tcp (FAXstfX), 29281/tcp, 1785/tcp (Wind River Systems License Manager), 6732/tcp, 23149/tcp, 41237/tcp, 24300/tcp, 54600/tcp, 29840/tcp, 45851/tcp, 59836/tcp, 55166/tcp, 65344/tcp, 6244/tcp (JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 4), 16635/tcp, 15638/tcp, 40935/tcp, 35264/tcp, 4229/tcp, 55682/tcp, 12728/tcp, 65431/tcp, 61131/tcp, 36976/tcp, 30156/tcp, 8543/tcp, 2076/tcp (Newlix JSPConfig), 57488/tcp, 20794/tcp, 21739/tcp, 58478/tcp, 30274/tcp, 39465/tcp, 11960/tcp, 60457/tcp, 41592/tcp, 63919/tcp, 24624/tcp, 32165/tcp, 45381/tcp, 7098/tcp, 4758/tcp, 15804/tcp, 7578/tcp, 41661/tcp, 6309/tcp, 21300/tcp, 33679/tcp, 16241/tcp, 43460/tcp, 8422/tcp, 59980/tcp, 16728/tcp, 51678/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.


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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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