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AS58024 Dzinet Ltd.
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inetnum: -
netname:        RU-REDBYTES
country:        RU
org:            ORG-RBL8-RIPE
admin-c:        RBL9-RIPE
tech-c:         RBL9-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PI
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-routes:     IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
created:        2019-12-09T13:55:53Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:24Z
sponsoring-org: ORG-IL432-RIPE
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin:         AS49505
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
created:        2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
source:         RIPE

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16 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 196 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 46486/tcp, 58164/tcp, 16458/tcp, 37811/tcp, 13179/tcp, 23480/tcp, 635/tcp (RLZ DBase), 39313/tcp, 31702/tcp, 21507/tcp, 49071/tcp, 21564/tcp, 38281/tcp, 51810/tcp, 15734/tcp, 38993/tcp, 12419/tcp, 65356/tcp, 4145/tcp (VVR Control), 55709/tcp, 17141/tcp, 960/tcp, 58732/tcp, 29746/tcp, 40011/tcp, 63307/tcp, 55462/tcp, 7032/tcp, 4177/tcp (Wello P2P pubsub service), 34916/tcp, 42798/tcp, 41089/tcp, 30071/tcp, 315/tcp (DPSI), 11869/tcp, 49963/tcp, 60690/tcp, 57711/tcp, 34979/tcp, 3953/tcp (Eydeas XMLink Connect), 17839/tcp, 48392/tcp, 44768/tcp, 63750/tcp, 8267/tcp, 3277/tcp (AWG Proxy), 18223/tcp, 58450/tcp, 28791/tcp, 27760/tcp, 26234/tcp, 20224/tcp, 5492/tcp, 7245/tcp, 36082/tcp, 30196/tcp, 40600/tcp, 28166/tcp, 30261/tcp, 63776/tcp, 26500/tcp, 8367/tcp, 20587/tcp, 54647/tcp, 54105/tcp, 9126/tcp, 48617/tcp, 9677/tcp, 41196/tcp, 10251/tcp, 42773/tcp, 45974/tcp, 50944/tcp, 42942/tcp, 21340/tcp, 40368/tcp, 14425/tcp, 24966/tcp, 23192/tcp, 29/tcp (MSG ICP), 64534/tcp, 62428/tcp, 9486/tcp, 65070/tcp, 61530/tcp, 33992/tcp, 64797/tcp, 39377/tcp, 63512/tcp, 7311/tcp, 26669/tcp, 5903/tcp, 46206/tcp, 9875/tcp (Session Announcement v1), 39591/tcp, 9287/tcp (Cumulus), 30391/tcp, 20259/tcp, 22631/tcp, 18115/tcp, 12475/tcp, 18833/tcp, 39521/tcp, 29630/tcp, 62541/tcp, 46610/tcp, 39401/tcp, 17574/tcp, 10726/tcp, 50967/tcp, 13939/tcp, 31691/tcp, 21326/tcp, 22899/tcp, 33297/tcp, 48736/tcp, 56458/tcp, 12968/tcp, 14171/tcp, 49929/tcp, 41671/tcp, 19506/tcp, 35569/tcp, 2728/tcp (SQDR), 6566/tcp (SANE Control Port), 26002/tcp, 42665/tcp, 34039/tcp, 32983/tcp, 42691/tcp, 65480/tcp, 1173/tcp (D-Cinema Request-Response), 51351/tcp, 3304/tcp (OP Session Server), 2482/tcp (Oracle GIOP SSL), 46546/tcp, 17667/tcp, 65280/tcp, 63193/tcp, 61686/tcp, 6266/tcp, 56038/tcp, 21276/tcp, 39226/tcp, 64028/tcp, 55674/tcp, 34533/tcp, 29002/tcp, 7492/tcp, 65032/tcp, 60264/tcp, 34618/tcp, 26989/tcp, 3541/tcp (VoiSpeed Port), 62312/tcp, 25786/tcp, 16273/tcp, 53097/tcp, 42849/tcp, 17359/tcp, 8484/tcp, 37596/tcp, 17082/tcp, 44672/tcp, 35300/tcp, 10397/tcp, 22439/tcp, 44023/tcp, 2088/tcp (IP Busy Lamp Field), 61425/tcp, 31732/tcp, 13411/tcp, 49888/tcp, 9883/tcp, 48521/tcp, 34757/tcp, 50762/tcp, 29854/tcp, 30734/tcp, 11522/tcp, 19588/tcp, 39951/tcp, 3296/tcp (Rib License Manager), 1346/tcp (Alta Analytics License Manager), 6608/tcp, 52439/tcp, 23952/tcp, 28534/tcp, 10506/tcp, 12524/tcp, 17955/tcp, 511/tcp (PassGo), 18418/tcp, 23387/tcp, 55315/tcp, 31/tcp (MSG Authentication).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1217 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 9097/tcp, 21397/tcp, 61439/tcp, 55897/tcp, 23986/tcp, 59103/tcp, 65409/tcp, 26366/tcp, 65331/tcp, 28039/tcp, 56853/tcp, 18621/tcp, 28953/tcp, 8857/tcp, 230/tcp, 43031/tcp, 18903/tcp, 15813/tcp, 52979/tcp, 13647/tcp, 19838/tcp, 46448/tcp, 35778/tcp, 29601/tcp, 10965/tcp, 15137/tcp, 13062/tcp, 44773/tcp, 20311/tcp, 17127/tcp, 28515/tcp, 46222/tcp, 54422/tcp, 4464/tcp, 26241/tcp, 5126/tcp, 2884/tcp (Flash Msg), 19672/tcp, 24534/tcp, 13163/tcp, 47738/tcp, 41935/tcp, 20803/tcp, 772/tcp (cycleserv2), 40643/tcp, 28268/tcp, 55216/tcp, 25562/tcp, 48936/tcp, 11757/tcp, 60128/tcp, 75/tcp (any private dial out service), 29839/tcp, 40284/tcp, 63671/tcp, 22310/tcp, 48680/tcp, 63870/tcp, 9092/tcp (Xml-Ipc Server Reg), 10104/tcp (Systemwalker Desktop Patrol), 13143/tcp, 13990/tcp, 61750/tcp, 14235/tcp, 18539/tcp, 65360/tcp, 15384/tcp, 47772/tcp, 9828/tcp, 45105/tcp, 13016/tcp, 29549/tcp, 37045/tcp, 11983/tcp, 4646/tcp, 8853/tcp, 31248/tcp, 17279/tcp, 44102/tcp, 44744/tcp, 14878/tcp, 51443/tcp, 13629/tcp, 62664/tcp, 53060/tcp, 51567/tcp, 42248/tcp, 1637/tcp (ISP shared local data control), 61925/tcp, 23113/tcp, 31580/tcp, 38160/tcp, 2282/tcp (LNVALARM), 42331/tcp, 25368/tcp, 54931/tcp, 60354/tcp, 57157/tcp, 7295/tcp, 26649/tcp, 49230/tcp, 58895/tcp, 30884/tcp, 24026/tcp, 32413/tcp, 53861/tcp, 32210/tcp, 21814/tcp, 20774/tcp, 35905/tcp, 19100/tcp, 64469/tcp, 41238/tcp, 9438/tcp, 50629/tcp, 21106/tcp, 39063/tcp, 16426/tcp, 45515/tcp, 41917/tcp, 37176/tcp, 27823/tcp, 47376/tcp, 32999/tcp, 27432/tcp, 7316/tcp, 55397/tcp, 24774/tcp, 2682/tcp, 12694/tcp, 63657/tcp, 45700/tcp, 7200/tcp (FODMS FLIP), 34177/tcp, 25103/tcp, 27693/tcp, 34664/tcp, 117/tcp (UUCP Path Service), 3811/tcp (AMP), 33823/tcp, 63491/tcp, 27541/tcp, 25020/tcp, 6303/tcp, 24943/tcp, 50905/tcp, 42590/tcp, 4438/tcp, 30575/tcp, 26924/tcp, 15420/tcp, 55745/tcp, 65094/tcp, 57228/tcp, 40146/tcp, 27246/tcp, 2843/tcp (PDnet), 20985/tcp, 22527/tcp, 41498/tcp, 44353/tcp, 32925/tcp, 42681/tcp, 33980/tcp, 19094/tcp, 14261/tcp, 64688/tcp, 18562/tcp, 28746/tcp, 17195/tcp, 62971/tcp, 39177/tcp, 16880/tcp, 46621/tcp, 15303/tcp, 7470/tcp, 64457/tcp, 6300/tcp (BMC GRX), 16061/tcp, 38887/tcp, 41437/tcp, 45589/tcp, 51870/tcp, 24641/tcp, 28721/tcp, 35449/tcp, 39383/tcp, 43496/tcp, 32133/tcp, 35620/tcp, 57585/tcp, 19315/tcp (Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS), 45269/tcp, 41613/tcp, 43647/tcp, 2789/tcp (Media Agent), 52270/tcp, 18371/tcp, 2045/tcp (cdfunc), 447/tcp (DDM-Distributed File Management), 4160/tcp (Jini Discovery), 29157/tcp, 5623/tcp, 32309/tcp, 18987/tcp, 8809/tcp, 56276/tcp, 20769/tcp, 28877/tcp, 43023/tcp, 2052/tcp (clearVisn Services Port), 58490/tcp, 9652/tcp, 19565/tcp, 63561/tcp, 30613/tcp, 48791/tcp, 814/tcp, 46545/tcp, 3050/tcp (gds_db), 5160/tcp, 29342/tcp, 29385/tcp, 38603/tcp, 10135/tcp, 36350/tcp, 7659/tcp, 13674/tcp, 6006/tcp, 16577/tcp, 8845/tcp, 19594/tcp, 10198/tcp, 6341/tcp, 30044/tcp, 12919/tcp, 23666/tcp, 49541/tcp, 19219/tcp, 30843/tcp, 18461/tcp, 61799/tcp, 46093/tcp, 39790/tcp, 62334/tcp, 11161/tcp (sun cacao snmp access point), 34603/tcp, 41964/tcp, 46002/tcp, 50820/tcp, 25749/tcp, 16231/tcp, 64772/tcp, 17324/tcp, 63859/tcp, 60474/tcp, 2489/tcp (TSILB), 18456/tcp, 38813/tcp, 62494/tcp, 48029/tcp, 61517/tcp, 21751/tcp, 61708/tcp, 45618/tcp, 1035/tcp (MX-XR RPC), 53050/tcp, 9293/tcp (StorView Client), 47645/tcp, 27899/tcp, 36829/tcp, 37920/tcp, 43266/tcp, 63503/tcp, 40853/tcp, 25536/tcp, 23100/tcp, 21378/tcp, 37149/tcp, 3976/tcp (Opsware Agent), 26075/tcp, 60922/tcp, 49425/tcp, 9945/tcp, 26408/tcp, 50168/tcp, 17952/tcp, 51893/tcp, 19605/tcp, 49095/tcp, 3557/tcp (PersonalOS Comm Port), 32455/tcp, 44014/tcp, 59983/tcp, 28329/tcp, 40798/tcp, 4633/tcp, 34505/tcp, 11021/tcp, 36273/tcp, 22557/tcp, 3197/tcp (Embrace Device Protocol Server), 3774/tcp (ZICOM), 36231/tcp, 13066/tcp, 23578/tcp, 21196/tcp, 21273/tcp, 10150/tcp, 43616/tcp, 22447/tcp, 10542/tcp (MOS Low Priority Port), 26654/tcp, 5249/tcp (CA AC Lang Service), 30257/tcp, 11871/tcp, 53380/tcp, 10893/tcp, 49889/tcp, 8509/tcp, 9283/tcp (CallWaveIAM), 7569/tcp (Dell EqualLogic Host Group Management), 14398/tcp, 8640/tcp, 59016/tcp, 29546/tcp, 39977/tcp, 4715/tcp, 58974/tcp, 30962/tcp, 57676/tcp, 47353/tcp, 15003/tcp, 14164/tcp, 2917/tcp (Elvin Client), 37479/tcp, 65535/tcp, 36023/tcp, 2225/tcp (Resource Connection Initiation Protocol), 57318/tcp, 49564/tcp, 28484/tcp, 32861/tcp, 46123/tcp, 27166/tcp, 22693/tcp, 46083/tcp, 39223/tcp, 52504/tcp, 41609/tcp, 8191/tcp, 50427/tcp, 45784/tcp, 63792/tcp, 22217/tcp, 42643/tcp, 3271/tcp (CSoft Prev Port), 41289/tcp, 16192/tcp, 62778/tcp, 749/tcp (kerberos administration), 52223/tcp, 23962/tcp, 57392/tcp, 60920/tcp, 60677/tcp, 9234/tcp, 60800/tcp, 44819/tcp, 22033/tcp, 18631/tcp, 26707/tcp, 32892/tcp, 29097/tcp, 39001/tcp, 19539/tcp (FXUPTP), 37414/tcp, 15878/tcp, 14617/tcp, 5342/tcp, 49938/tcp, 35695/tcp, 45740/tcp, 9825/tcp, 6053/tcp, 57107/tcp, 18357/tcp, 29844/tcp, 23257/tcp, 56392/tcp, 45447/tcp, 45241/tcp, 26044/tcp, 11086/tcp, 23801/tcp, 61151/tcp, 25293/tcp, 43068/tcp, 7444/tcp, 33094/tcp, 26834/tcp, 46238/tcp, 33802/tcp, 23902/tcp, 42003/tcp, 27411/tcp, 34657/tcp, 40678/tcp, 1857/tcp (DataCaptor), 43615/tcp, 23047/tcp, 61784/tcp, 13907/tcp, 53127/tcp, 11923/tcp, 54046/tcp, 42338/tcp, 51300/tcp, 3065/tcp (slinterbase), 56674/tcp, 60921/tcp, 56525/tcp, 27396/tcp, 13365/tcp, 23371/tcp, 15237/tcp, 65204/tcp, 8261/tcp, 16462/tcp, 56335/tcp, 58442/tcp, 64746/tcp, 32364/tcp, 933/tcp, 16787/tcp, 50914/tcp, 15102/tcp, 22931/tcp, 3748/tcp (webData), 32942/tcp, 15856/tcp, 13108/tcp, 10826/tcp, 1020/tcp, 20107/tcp, 60666/tcp, 58113/tcp, 13872/tcp, 15225/tcp, 45766/tcp, 24594/tcp, 42222/tcp, 42431/tcp, 50990/tcp, 49926/tcp, 59145/tcp, 50139/tcp, 48867/tcp, 27667/tcp, 29432/tcp, 2609/tcp (System Monitor), 31980/tcp, 10745/tcp, 42696/tcp, 56191/tcp, 34108/tcp, 29673/tcp, 1976/tcp (TCO Reg Agent), 43262/tcp, 15212/tcp, 25383/tcp, 1002/tcp, 843/tcp, 33135/tcp, 17642/tcp, 43111/tcp, 56776/tcp, 4622/tcp, 27296/tcp, 17045/tcp, 26695/tcp, 33068/tcp, 24353/tcp, 7176/tcp, 30637/tcp, 17800/tcp, 43936/tcp, 45837/tcp, 8171/tcp, 7106/tcp, 28700/tcp, 52812/tcp, 50002/tcp, 4567/tcp (TRAM), 38786/tcp, 7154/tcp, 30893/tcp, 33429/tcp, 37311/tcp, 20990/tcp, 46000/tcp, 19384/tcp, 651/tcp (IEEE MMS), 29886/tcp, 49883/tcp, 36387/tcp, 62618/tcp, 28719/tcp, 60117/tcp, 52581/tcp, 61370/tcp, 30487/tcp, 37151/tcp, 56046/tcp, 24757/tcp, 25678/tcp, 34956/tcp, 57664/tcp, 20557/tcp, 13940/tcp, 8797/tcp, 7324/tcp, 25592/tcp, 52910/tcp, 45644/tcp, 60847/tcp, 47500/tcp, 22725/tcp, 35793/tcp, 32494/tcp, 57953/tcp, 48622/tcp, 27093/tcp, 38703/tcp, 20174/tcp, 38544/tcp, 54250/tcp, 61060/tcp, 46391/tcp, 56189/tcp, 36627/tcp, 25002/tcp (icl-twobase3), 48140/tcp, 24522/tcp, 56596/tcp, 3385/tcp (qnxnetman), 60824/tcp, 13092/tcp, 32514/tcp, 45864/tcp, 35197/tcp, 3223/tcp (DIGIVOTE (R) Vote-Server), 19603/tcp, 36541/tcp, 5995/tcp, 43771/tcp, 59209/tcp, 28057/tcp, 4546/tcp (SF License Manager (Sentinel)), 20975/tcp, 38823/tcp, 17326/tcp, 16675/tcp, 39726/tcp, 59633/tcp, 12789/tcp, 41563/tcp, 54756/tcp, 20870/tcp, 64241/tcp, 29339/tcp, 45452/tcp, 11485/tcp, 22597/tcp, 35195/tcp, 9312/tcp (Sphinx search server), 20972/tcp, 59256/tcp, 58977/tcp, 47666/tcp, 16664/tcp, 63487/tcp, 11703/tcp, 23939/tcp, 13336/tcp, 55332/tcp, 54760/tcp, 43718/tcp, 59058/tcp, 38843/tcp, 6123/tcp (Backup Express), 34455/tcp, 43824/tcp, 21111/tcp, 31494/tcp, 25124/tcp, 41101/tcp, 11299/tcp, 53625/tcp, 59517/tcp, 46988/tcp, 43430/tcp, 58953/tcp, 5340/tcp, 3401/tcp (filecast), 26329/tcp, 10304/tcp, 62094/tcp, 50363/tcp, 53096/tcp, 44707/tcp, 43833/tcp, 39275/tcp, 51820/tcp, 29532/tcp, 15277/tcp, 12756/tcp, 61262/tcp, 32006/tcp, 24894/tcp, 39757/tcp, 47571/tcp, 27172/tcp, 55820/tcp, 56889/tcp, 37073/tcp, 23803/tcp, 12659/tcp, 4713/tcp, 2305/tcp (MT ScaleServer), 23004/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 5), 38207/tcp, 25867/tcp, 21908/tcp, 61228/tcp, 21809/tcp, 50537/tcp, 20306/tcp, 5099/tcp (SentLM Srv2Srv), 33160/tcp, 55533/tcp, 22440/tcp, 62885/tcp, 34563/tcp, 35339/tcp, 17815/tcp, 3001/tcp, 18584/tcp, 46690/tcp, 36727/tcp, 55527/tcp, 57269/tcp, 26493/tcp, 31262/tcp, 50518/tcp, 17848/tcp, 15562/tcp, 56645/tcp, 19470/tcp, 41960/tcp, 16218/tcp, 61193/tcp, 48325/tcp, 16794/tcp, 27380/tcp, 55430/tcp, 11776/tcp, 14866/tcp, 32740/tcp, 57313/tcp, 22026/tcp, 61013/tcp, 39901/tcp, 15061/tcp, 38666/tcp, 4734/tcp, 45197/tcp, 1623/tcp (jaleosnd), 5717/tcp (proshare conf notify), 41457/tcp, 33382/tcp, 59553/tcp, 37854/tcp, 58447/tcp, 16413/tcp, 28295/tcp, 26923/tcp, 19305/tcp, 60446/tcp, 4822/tcp, 55759/tcp, 51127/tcp, 30513/tcp, 18173/tcp, 17885/tcp, 20391/tcp, 10319/tcp, 33997/tcp, 11567/tcp, 53883/tcp, 5467/tcp, 10128/tcp (BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON), 3580/tcp (NATI-ServiceLocator), 16642/tcp, 34653/tcp, 32147/tcp, 35713/tcp, 16240/tcp, 64021/tcp, 33486/tcp, 55230/tcp, 40069/tcp, 56964/tcp, 45588/tcp, 2522/tcp (WinDb), 25446/tcp, 26150/tcp, 45891/tcp, 16002/tcp (GoodSync Mediation Service), 51403/tcp, 29553/tcp, 39455/tcp, 55687/tcp, 22644/tcp, 37818/tcp, 26819/tcp, 20947/tcp, 9406/tcp, 64587/tcp, 4929/tcp, 9634/tcp, 55190/tcp, 40975/tcp, 32640/tcp, 44234/tcp, 36223/tcp, 63895/tcp, 42710/tcp, 1476/tcp (clvm-cfg), 30426/tcp, 44409/tcp, 26406/tcp, 43485/tcp, 31263/tcp, 28432/tcp, 28483/tcp, 46426/tcp, 49932/tcp, 28908/tcp, 25609/tcp, 31473/tcp, 37826/tcp, 27617/tcp, 44312/tcp, 12765/tcp, 43440/tcp (Cisco EnergyWise Management), 28126/tcp, 41469/tcp, 3917/tcp (AFT multiplex port), 48763/tcp, 59054/tcp, 30458/tcp, 21565/tcp, 22448/tcp, 37976/tcp, 36297/tcp, 46502/tcp, 33256/tcp, 38432/tcp, 48013/tcp, 8749/tcp, 9564/tcp, 35629/tcp, 40610/tcp, 36242/tcp, 29952/tcp, 50082/tcp, 51226/tcp, 52632/tcp, 51801/tcp, 42382/tcp, 28646/tcp, 26873/tcp, 6491/tcp, 40296/tcp, 23312/tcp, 9461/tcp, 55907/tcp, 51444/tcp, 12706/tcp, 43925/tcp, 56542/tcp, 30277/tcp, 40128/tcp, 2770/tcp (Veronica), 2741/tcp (TSB), 57777/tcp, 15872/tcp, 59433/tcp, 4865/tcp, 25188/tcp, 45987/tcp, 59189/tcp, 8982/tcp, 59753/tcp, 47138/tcp, 57000/tcp, 17731/tcp, 39852/tcp, 45752/tcp, 22721/tcp, 21605/tcp, 24620/tcp, 58324/tcp, 64934/tcp, 15751/tcp, 53185/tcp, 14125/tcp, 65448/tcp, 11160/tcp, 32071/tcp, 38676/tcp, 19585/tcp, 20718/tcp, 60208/tcp, 1167/tcp (Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol), 2546/tcp (vytalvaultbrtp), 10774/tcp, 24058/tcp, 14191/tcp, 5248/tcp (CA Access Control Web Service), 36792/tcp, 4004/tcp (pxc-roid), 63982/tcp, 11297/tcp, 56021/tcp, 45251/tcp, 32783/tcp, 59490/tcp, 36192/tcp, 41633/tcp, 59021/tcp, 29813/tcp, 38890/tcp, 6527/tcp, 12554/tcp, 37245/tcp, 59850/tcp, 59603/tcp, 15353/tcp, 55805/tcp, 33071/tcp, 34098/tcp, 33264/tcp, 10299/tcp, 33419/tcp, 61401/tcp, 55445/tcp, 51486/tcp, 20912/tcp, 16197/tcp, 27937/tcp, 17336/tcp, 42309/tcp, 46787/tcp, 45267/tcp, 3164/tcp (IMPRS), 49300/tcp, 22352/tcp, 3110/tcp (simulator control port), 17074/tcp, 56104/tcp, 25388/tcp, 27229/tcp, 65203/tcp, 38093/tcp, 30501/tcp, 5674/tcp (HyperSCSI Port), 61055/tcp, 15855/tcp, 56737/tcp, 57885/tcp, 62139/tcp, 2445/tcp (DTN1), 46554/tcp, 29465/tcp, 60336/tcp, 44712/tcp, 33227/tcp, 30343/tcp, 17035/tcp, 42050/tcp, 56486/tcp, 49686/tcp, 19817/tcp, 26763/tcp, 2717/tcp (PN REQUESTER), 8774/tcp, 28242/tcp, 34227/tcp, 14441/tcp, 27394/tcp, 41428/tcp, 53965/tcp, 26007/tcp, 15802/tcp, 34196/tcp, 8729/tcp, 34382/tcp, 47328/tcp, 5356/tcp (Microsoft Small Business), 3177/tcp (Phonex Protocol), 39991/tcp, 2033/tcp (glogger), 4808/tcp, 61682/tcp, 54060/tcp, 963/tcp, 32189/tcp, 38536/tcp, 46433/tcp, 59341/tcp, 31111/tcp, 38740/tcp, 12631/tcp, 48450/tcp, 10302/tcp, 49216/tcp, 11146/tcp, 12140/tcp, 24194/tcp, 23904/tcp, 19799/tcp, 42980/tcp, 33011/tcp, 36442/tcp, 35473/tcp, 64618/tcp, 48670/tcp, 50937/tcp, 26020/tcp, 34249/tcp (TurboNote Relay Server Default Port), 31459/tcp, 3786/tcp (VSW Upstrigger port), 34525/tcp, 42078/tcp, 40808/tcp, 35162/tcp, 30500/tcp, 27350/tcp, 27677/tcp, 44852/tcp, 5842/tcp, 21513/tcp, 44703/tcp, 19813/tcp, 46700/tcp, 33340/tcp, 23137/tcp, 11642/tcp, 40257/tcp, 41043/tcp, 18795/tcp, 7205/tcp, 27280/tcp, 6220/tcp, 48606/tcp, 49472/tcp, 33179/tcp, 25035/tcp, 7114/tcp, 39417/tcp, 23133/tcp, 3488/tcp (FS Remote Host Server), 58418/tcp, 34195/tcp, 24428/tcp, 51669/tcp, 29624/tcp, 42172/tcp, 55750/tcp, 28308/tcp, 58070/tcp, 57035/tcp, 52712/tcp, 19693/tcp, 63365/tcp, 61087/tcp, 35433/tcp, 43097/tcp, 12491/tcp, 34982/tcp, 50982/tcp, 60148/tcp, 47097/tcp, 1300/tcp (H323 Host Call Secure), 29699/tcp, 47993/tcp, 19615/tcp, 34300/tcp, 64246/tcp, 56756/tcp, 8489/tcp, 30157/tcp, 37374/tcp, 21867/tcp, 33171/tcp, 35887/tcp, 43104/tcp, 12151/tcp, 6431/tcp, 47661/tcp, 24579/tcp, 32998/tcp, 58891/tcp, 60881/tcp, 49383/tcp, 10322/tcp, 64242/tcp, 31812/tcp, 7326/tcp, 16416/tcp, 46785/tcp, 20501/tcp, 33924/tcp, 31203/tcp, 25778/tcp, 20853/tcp, 20530/tcp, 57476/tcp, 29178/tcp, 12504/tcp, 49406/tcp, 36184/tcp, 32224/tcp, 35907/tcp, 24739/tcp, 7195/tcp, 2419/tcp (Attachmate S2S), 59637/tcp, 32887/tcp, 52533/tcp, 49562/tcp, 18389/tcp, 51275/tcp, 17161/tcp, 7538/tcp, 23001/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 2), 46263/tcp, 41117/tcp, 21451/tcp, 62711/tcp, 12838/tcp, 446/tcp (DDM-Remote Relational Database Access), 38925/tcp, 56332/tcp, 64705/tcp, 48597/tcp, 19074/tcp, 36693/tcp, 27319/tcp, 4227/tcp, 50886/tcp, 53567/tcp, 46842/tcp, 5041/tcp, 24669/tcp, 29818/tcp, 34530/tcp, 50515/tcp, 19490/tcp, 2537/tcp (Upgrade Protocol), 36370/tcp, 20861/tcp, 38390/tcp, 45456/tcp, 64256/tcp, 12657/tcp, 18111/tcp, 5077/tcp, 31059/tcp, 39279/tcp, 55530/tcp, 55954/tcp, 15060/tcp, 53279/tcp, 57975/tcp, 42546/tcp, 28939/tcp, 1437/tcp (Tabula), 57668/tcp, 43237/tcp, 40868/tcp, 17806/tcp, 59079/tcp, 8535/tcp, 42458/tcp, 10716/tcp, 24195/tcp, 32029/tcp, 21883/tcp, 14589/tcp, 21270/tcp, 34617/tcp, 3554/tcp (Quest Notification Server), 38348/tcp, 57784/tcp, 64017/tcp, 40407/tcp, 11334/tcp, 14667/tcp, 18733/tcp, 26652/tcp, 13675/tcp, 4821/tcp, 34011/tcp, 41408/tcp, 27072/tcp, 21831/tcp, 59720/tcp, 39914/tcp, 45453/tcp, 19111/tcp, 50396/tcp, 35958/tcp, 5019/tcp, 31775/tcp, 9698/tcp, 23733/tcp, 60806/tcp, 11601/tcp, 8918/tcp, 12330/tcp, 33318/tcp, 2745/tcp (URBISNET), 19266/tcp, 40391/tcp, 52843/tcp, 12283/tcp, 45921/tcp, 65227/tcp, 51995/tcp, 59914/tcp, 55450/tcp, 42190/tcp, 30156/tcp, 21868/tcp, 40306/tcp, 17606/tcp, 37217/tcp, 62905/tcp, 19181/tcp, 56913/tcp, 4477/tcp, 45403/tcp, 7703/tcp, 57434/tcp, 5619/tcp, 1280/tcp (Pictrography), 44136/tcp, 21002/tcp, 37272/tcp, 34959/tcp, 30065/tcp, 10775/tcp, 55948/tcp, 26593/tcp, 46942/tcp, 58273/tcp, 38245/tcp, 6294/tcp, 45162/tcp, 39294/tcp, 31104/tcp, 17668/tcp, 49506/tcp, 24078/tcp, 5931/tcp, 45437/tcp, 23603/tcp, 4513/tcp, 19445/tcp, 51495/tcp, 17043/tcp, 13481/tcp, 62520/tcp, 39811/tcp, 15891/tcp, 8832/tcp, 2021/tcp (servexec), 354/tcp (bh611), 10794/tcp, 19828/tcp, 10461/tcp, 9715/tcp, 3928/tcp (PXE NetBoot Manager), 41094/tcp, 20284/tcp, 27615/tcp, 24571/tcp, 53088/tcp, 63153/tcp, 43982/tcp, 50110/tcp, 63786/tcp, 27368/tcp, 39633/tcp, 6593/tcp, 53432/tcp, 2727/tcp (Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent), 26839/tcp, 61593/tcp, 31860/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 56 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 59536/tcp, 34559/tcp, 44050/tcp, 30919/tcp, 2855/tcp (MSRP over TCP), 41323/tcp, 61629/tcp, 56786/tcp, 44380/tcp, 33488/tcp, 47112/tcp, 19597/tcp, 44155/tcp, 11647/tcp, 10903/tcp, 14525/tcp, 15836/tcp, 43799/tcp, 50250/tcp, 47391/tcp, 31464/tcp, 19255/tcp, 40040/tcp, 61988/tcp, 4960/tcp, 9687/tcp, 17366/tcp, 52061/tcp, 46623/tcp, 6982/tcp, 43669/tcp, 52694/tcp, 39501/tcp, 31431/tcp, 17485/tcp, 32254/tcp, 64229/tcp, 4839/tcp (Varadero-2), 12472/tcp, 9410/tcp, 4099/tcp (DPCP), 5391/tcp, 35530/tcp, 39735/tcp, 64866/tcp, 63705/tcp, 37513/tcp, 6796/tcp, 17997/tcp, 47305/tcp, 49005/tcp, 64818/tcp, 7651/tcp, 24779/tcp, 53629/tcp, 22781/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 2415 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 56828/tcp, 52667/tcp, 37236/tcp, 56340/tcp, 57940/tcp, 11989/tcp, 45863/tcp, 36149/tcp, 46486/tcp, 50016/tcp, 19436/tcp, 54487/tcp, 16846/tcp, 46194/tcp, 31353/tcp, 37348/tcp, 28953/tcp, 22072/tcp, 61005/tcp, 1309/tcp (JTAG server), 41950/tcp, 3677/tcp (RoverLog IPC), 34668/tcp, 49593/tcp, 54167/tcp, 55695/tcp, 22275/tcp, 10413/tcp, 19009/tcp, 41786/tcp, 19484/tcp, 27909/tcp, 31337/tcp, 63082/tcp, 17762/tcp, 5881/tcp, 62796/tcp, 42569/tcp, 51757/tcp, 50224/tcp, 47088/tcp, 25010/tcp, 34532/tcp, 47585/tcp, 51269/tcp, 24646/tcp, 11543/tcp, 29189/tcp, 18895/tcp, 17525/tcp, 58819/tcp, 55546/tcp, 58563/tcp, 49637/tcp, 14083/tcp, 38669/tcp, 55489/tcp, 62835/tcp, 15636/tcp, 22307/tcp, 45392/tcp, 5368/tcp, 26443/tcp, 23226/tcp, 56959/tcp, 60197/tcp, 64600/tcp, 19743/tcp, 39139/tcp, 49867/tcp, 45826/tcp, 24631/tcp, 3282/tcp (Datusorb), 29757/tcp, 38008/tcp, 9021/tcp (Pangolin Identification), 1804/tcp (ENL), 30436/tcp, 6500/tcp (BoKS Master), 12934/tcp, 38303/tcp, 43287/tcp, 41843/tcp, 16246/tcp, 49130/tcp, 52175/tcp, 14896/tcp, 7622/tcp, 62327/tcp, 21610/tcp, 22837/tcp, 53206/tcp, 9978/tcp, 8088/tcp (Radan HTTP), 25508/tcp, 10619/tcp, 48598/tcp, 30008/tcp, 14288/tcp, 3678/tcp (DataGuardianLT), 47749/tcp, 14264/tcp, 3081/tcp (TL1-LV), 18341/tcp, 1168/tcp (VChat Conference Service), 23488/tcp, 46482/tcp, 44269/tcp, 55730/tcp, 21395/tcp, 24444/tcp, 4394/tcp, 25666/tcp, 34818/tcp, 56691/tcp, 16244/tcp, 61531/tcp, 36868/tcp, 45836/tcp, 27644/tcp, 36292/tcp, 22928/tcp, 58323/tcp, 64959/tcp, 7933/tcp (Tier 2 Business Rules Manager), 14626/tcp, 27326/tcp, 21088/tcp, 18993/tcp, 27271/tcp, 18667/tcp, 24832/tcp, 65042/tcp, 44612/tcp, 14255/tcp, 48943/tcp, 61127/tcp, 43939/tcp, 11783/tcp, 64997/tcp, 64152/tcp, 11565/tcp, 51157/tcp, 57210/tcp, 23512/tcp, 50318/tcp, 52399/tcp, 16202/tcp, 45105/tcp, 23238/tcp, 8760/tcp, 49595/tcp, 18956/tcp, 52245/tcp, 5517/tcp, 62667/tcp, 52720/tcp, 58137/tcp, 7676/tcp (iMQ Broker Rendezvous), 12145/tcp, 50834/tcp, 31142/tcp, 25529/tcp, 58677/tcp, 7787/tcp (Popup Reminders Receive), 17244/tcp, 28431/tcp, 65342/tcp, 23685/tcp, 15097/tcp, 31497/tcp, 25499/tcp, 2649/tcp (VPSIPPORT), 5858/tcp, 11038/tcp, 19174/tcp, 18370/tcp, 65353/tcp, 32351/tcp, 19289/tcp, 974/tcp, 58853/tcp, 19824/tcp, 655/tcp (TINC), 50261/tcp, 39115/tcp, 46162/tcp, 52629/tcp, 55949/tcp, 53131/tcp, 9662/tcp, 51302/tcp, 52668/tcp, 35715/tcp, 1732/tcp (proxim), 25961/tcp, 54203/tcp, 47438/tcp, 14368/tcp, 15469/tcp, 53320/tcp, 24119/tcp, 19455/tcp, 14228/tcp, 40653/tcp, 51929/tcp, 6601/tcp (Microsoft Threat Management Gateway SSTP), 42217/tcp, 30094/tcp, 56248/tcp, 708/tcp, 7057/tcp, 42140/tcp, 15346/tcp, 49090/tcp, 53753/tcp, 8936/tcp, 15737/tcp, 20706/tcp, 45773/tcp, 19221/tcp, 39825/tcp, 54961/tcp, 19827/tcp, 15284/tcp, 32812/tcp, 35716/tcp, 49582/tcp, 28664/tcp, 24991/tcp, 32584/tcp, 58624/tcp, 51920/tcp, 1819/tcp (Plato License Manager), 51011/tcp, 53031/tcp, 59405/tcp, 5597/tcp (inin secure messaging), 22901/tcp, 12206/tcp, 53187/tcp, 50679/tcp, 24512/tcp, 53252/tcp, 47265/tcp, 65285/tcp, 24451/tcp, 9693/tcp, 37646/tcp, 7899/tcp, 64596/tcp, 30509/tcp, 13249/tcp, 58991/tcp, 17365/tcp, 12694/tcp, 12941/tcp, 682/tcp (XFR), 43532/tcp, 302/tcp, 54098/tcp, 11017/tcp, 60625/tcp, 16034/tcp, 14296/tcp, 44151/tcp, 13237/tcp, 37909/tcp, 25103/tcp, 4543/tcp, 1372/tcp (Fujitsu Config Protocol), 44894/tcp, 9019/tcp, 22392/tcp, 42254/tcp, 54327/tcp, 5784/tcp, 10863/tcp, 1789/tcp (hello), 11406/tcp, 47208/tcp, 6290/tcp, 46655/tcp, 8616/tcp, 23098/tcp, 42514/tcp, 62141/tcp, 3809/tcp (Java Desktop System Configuration Agent), 19880/tcp, 23472/tcp, 1443/tcp (Integrated Engineering Software), 54457/tcp, 47583/tcp, 23595/tcp, 19477/tcp, 1938/tcp (JetVWay Client Port), 59455/tcp, 6103/tcp (RETS), 20253/tcp, 27863/tcp, 38150/tcp, 49459/tcp, 18982/tcp, 54030/tcp, 40224/tcp, 5571/tcp, 8653/tcp, 2617/tcp (Clinical Context Managers), 19936/tcp, 2773/tcp (RBackup Remote Backup), 27649/tcp, 62009/tcp, 52337/tcp, 22625/tcp, 42219/tcp, 8326/tcp, 43020/tcp, 54530/tcp, 45907/tcp, 37007/tcp, 56800/tcp, 3126/tcp, 4192/tcp (Azeti Agent Service), 37964/tcp, 48534/tcp, 35804/tcp, 64337/tcp, 469/tcp (Radio Control Protocol), 3792/tcp (e-Watch Corporation SiteWatch), 48503/tcp, 7519/tcp, 28965/tcp, 60370/tcp, 12030/tcp, 30611/tcp, 37095/tcp, 58298/tcp, 31876/tcp, 55774/tcp, 28597/tcp, 53291/tcp, 8249/tcp, 32764/tcp, 53679/tcp, 43607/tcp, 11429/tcp, 16789/tcp, 23153/tcp, 2290/tcp (Sonus Logging Services), 32451/tcp, 61311/tcp, 7054/tcp, 57321/tcp, 43246/tcp, 23954/tcp, 28010/tcp, 41064/tcp, 23878/tcp, 46804/tcp, 51628/tcp, 14877/tcp, 36874/tcp, 36376/tcp, 33110/tcp, 5902/tcp, 44334/tcp, 30745/tcp, 42208/tcp, 2995/tcp (IDRS), 24088/tcp, 25122/tcp, 60559/tcp, 19207/tcp, 53843/tcp, 30129/tcp, 34887/tcp, 59793/tcp, 21118/tcp, 60772/tcp, 14447/tcp, 61911/tcp, 5196/tcp, 23256/tcp, 2198/tcp (OneHome Remote Access), 37459/tcp, 18371/tcp, 21601/tcp, 47570/tcp, 41240/tcp, 31705/tcp, 25693/tcp, 2281/tcp (LNVCONSOLE), 10383/tcp, 49301/tcp, 707/tcp (Borland DSJ), 23118/tcp, 24955/tcp, 18987/tcp, 28910/tcp, 14199/tcp, 62170/tcp, 3914/tcp (ListCREATOR Port 2), 54168/tcp, 29522/tcp, 30364/tcp, 63025/tcp, 52944/tcp, 14684/tcp, 15050/tcp, 20910/tcp, 17784/tcp, 55610/tcp, 35285/tcp, 45500/tcp, 1633/tcp (PAMMRPC), 55801/tcp, 49925/tcp, 62951/tcp, 12329/tcp, 64436/tcp, 64116/tcp, 33929/tcp, 14741/tcp, 7605/tcp, 53834/tcp, 30654/tcp, 36350/tcp, 44902/tcp, 46524/tcp, 24504/tcp, 1430/tcp (Hypercom TPDU), 38568/tcp, 5936/tcp, 62183/tcp, 7579/tcp, 29896/tcp, 39241/tcp, 22898/tcp, 18992/tcp, 19594/tcp, 36997/tcp, 32611/tcp, 5929/tcp, 14558/tcp, 2447/tcp (OpenView NNM daemon), 3953/tcp (Eydeas XMLink Connect), 31309/tcp, 27992/tcp, 65041/tcp, 22163/tcp, 47912/tcp, 37190/tcp, 14054/tcp, 32909/tcp, 45662/tcp, 3584/tcp (U-DBase Access Protocol), 57156/tcp, 24841/tcp, 20363/tcp, 9290/tcp, 53757/tcp, 46763/tcp, 3562/tcp (SDBProxy), 60328/tcp, 44430/tcp, 23008/tcp, 4264/tcp, 47188/tcp, 5790/tcp, 48933/tcp, 25280/tcp, 25140/tcp, 42903/tcp, 44138/tcp, 48975/tcp, 30428/tcp, 54999/tcp, 15192/tcp, 34928/tcp, 64629/tcp, 38624/tcp, 35302/tcp, 8808/tcp, 7319/tcp, 517/tcp (like tenex link, but across), 8536/tcp, 16231/tcp, 48810/tcp, 33261/tcp, 25774/tcp, 34985/tcp, 47175/tcp, 42294/tcp, 62172/tcp, 42676/tcp, 23681/tcp, 12085/tcp, 49647/tcp, 55049/tcp, 20301/tcp, 38521/tcp, 14513/tcp, 23838/tcp, 51092/tcp, 18349/tcp, 14528/tcp, 3363/tcp (NATI Vi Server), 13552/tcp, 44396/tcp, 45276/tcp, 524/tcp (NCP), 60510/tcp, 16596/tcp, 17920/tcp, 63880/tcp, 21065/tcp, 55658/tcp, 39822/tcp, 53043/tcp, 12194/tcp, 23528/tcp, 7719/tcp, 1058/tcp (nim), 45646/tcp, 16911/tcp, 57379/tcp, 52379/tcp, 28331/tcp, 39332/tcp, 58411/tcp, 50121/tcp, 45508/tcp, 41883/tcp, 4932/tcp, 3823/tcp (Compute Pool Conduit), 44380/tcp, 58161/tcp, 42375/tcp, 43851/tcp, 56705/tcp, 28167/tcp, 45601/tcp, 21539/tcp, 14258/tcp, 44288/tcp, 57433/tcp, 5546/tcp, 24326/tcp, 58023/tcp, 1388/tcp (Objective Solutions DataBase Cache), 22834/tcp, 41277/tcp, 64624/tcp, 38775/tcp, 6729/tcp, 49652/tcp, 26964/tcp, 9685/tcp, 27128/tcp, 8860/tcp, 22075/tcp, 62581/tcp, 57304/tcp, 32049/tcp, 23632/tcp, 50168/tcp, 24123/tcp, 1096/tcp (Common Name Resolution Protocol), 15206/tcp, 38255/tcp, 45653/tcp, 64000/tcp, 1118/tcp (SACRED), 2374/tcp (Hydra RPC), 54450/tcp, 30471/tcp, 59276/tcp, 4488/tcp (Apple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap), 46639/tcp, 31991/tcp, 29605/tcp, 24738/tcp, 23668/tcp, 47025/tcp, 53824/tcp, 49160/tcp, 30836/tcp, 42215/tcp, 51283/tcp, 1690/tcp (ng-umds), 24967/tcp, 60637/tcp, 1780/tcp (dpkeyserv), 53414/tcp, 14038/tcp, 1004/tcp, 55141/tcp, 17065/tcp, 32536/tcp, 65121/tcp, 46586/tcp, 41316/tcp, 21362/tcp, 40241/tcp, 40272/tcp, 44766/tcp, 38806/tcp, 12794/tcp, 22447/tcp, 51779/tcp, 21074/tcp, 52759/tcp, 46122/tcp, 62219/tcp, 8907/tcp, 6830/tcp, 25226/tcp, 53859/tcp, 49148/tcp, 5601/tcp (Enterprise Security Agent), 30417/tcp, 4607/tcp, 14115/tcp, 55882/tcp, 36941/tcp, 38408/tcp, 11965/tcp, 19453/tcp, 38905/tcp, 46680/tcp, 15597/tcp, 50559/tcp, 27060/tcp, 34569/tcp, 40343/tcp, 37377/tcp, 59368/tcp, 51318/tcp, 63677/tcp, 53200/tcp, 62719/tcp, 13566/tcp, 16148/tcp, 61673/tcp, 38985/tcp, 2715/tcp (HPSTGMGR2), 9342/tcp, 24747/tcp, 45055/tcp, 30891/tcp, 46739/tcp, 64832/tcp, 520/tcp (extended file name server), 36493/tcp, 18999/tcp, 64454/tcp, 4925/tcp, 41311/tcp, 61863/tcp, 15978/tcp, 31975/tcp, 2953/tcp (OVALARMSRV), 303/tcp, 45313/tcp, 50375/tcp, 21294/tcp, 10645/tcp, 38559/tcp, 61767/tcp, 54065/tcp, 14269/tcp, 41531/tcp, 31588/tcp, 28484/tcp, 29313/tcp, 40029/tcp, 28106/tcp, 58261/tcp, 26973/tcp, 61738/tcp, 49089/tcp, 22526/tcp, 18531/tcp, 59760/tcp, 27302/tcp, 30210/tcp, 65090/tcp, 45206/tcp, 16075/tcp, 15116/tcp, 48049/tcp (3GPP Cell Broadcast Service Protocol), 798/tcp, 11016/tcp, 13468/tcp, 6073/tcp (DirectPlay8), 46032/tcp, 55240/tcp, 56315/tcp, 16475/tcp, 31972/tcp, 47623/tcp, 40419/tcp, 39775/tcp, 11963/tcp, 1778/tcp (prodigy-internet), 52223/tcp, 1997/tcp (cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol), 53807/tcp, 53008/tcp, 27892/tcp, 63505/tcp, 56488/tcp, 62783/tcp, 13300/tcp, 23510/tcp, 48288/tcp, 62478/tcp, 7925/tcp, 23500/tcp, 10903/tcp, 21778/tcp, 3199/tcp (DMOD WorkSpace), 18848/tcp, 65118/tcp, 18868/tcp, 21783/tcp, 2098/tcp (Dialog Port), 54194/tcp, 9367/tcp, 34831/tcp, 50957/tcp, 15878/tcp, 42527/tcp, 40279/tcp, 17658/tcp, 18694/tcp, 14858/tcp, 62788/tcp, 43566/tcp, 55913/tcp, 56605/tcp, 57853/tcp, 1344/tcp (ICAP), 58498/tcp, 48214/tcp, 11938/tcp, 44084/tcp, 41014/tcp, 59241/tcp, 59684/tcp, 47929/tcp, 7089/tcp, 11681/tcp, 49909/tcp, 65502/tcp, 47883/tcp, 25245/tcp, 64412/tcp, 62870/tcp, 25111/tcp, 25275/tcp, 42519/tcp, 2133/tcp (ZYMED-ZPP), 33109/tcp, 18601/tcp, 29835/tcp, 60089/tcp, 59874/tcp, 41411/tcp, 42096/tcp, 49736/tcp, 9067/tcp, 44696/tcp, 19131/tcp, 49109/tcp, 57435/tcp, 19752/tcp, 54449/tcp, 3768/tcp (rblcheckd server daemon), 19738/tcp, 61085/tcp, 45287/tcp, 9989/tcp, 31357/tcp, 17617/tcp, 42003/tcp, 27411/tcp, 62937/tcp, 49948/tcp, 25329/tcp, 16289/tcp, 47232/tcp, 30119/tcp, 12097/tcp, 14691/tcp, 45242/tcp, 52186/tcp, 42958/tcp, 16981/tcp, 21322/tcp, 24680/tcp (TCC User HTTP Service), 27878/tcp, 50205/tcp, 60196/tcp, 22312/tcp, 44769/tcp, 59541/tcp, 47068/tcp, 62107/tcp, 6604/tcp, 17116/tcp, 7755/tcp, 60622/tcp, 18623/tcp, 26056/tcp, 21280/tcp, 27382/tcp, 933/tcp, 50579/tcp, 51340/tcp, 20588/tcp, 63977/tcp, 40979/tcp, 60623/tcp, 53841/tcp, 43093/tcp, 53011/tcp, 24568/tcp, 43156/tcp, 26154/tcp, 60290/tcp, 35594/tcp, 648/tcp (Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)), 24609/tcp, 29445/tcp, 59964/tcp, 3021/tcp (AGRI Server), 19220/tcp, 50618/tcp, 20638/tcp, 16629/tcp, 33403/tcp, 20264/tcp, 13384/tcp, 58970/tcp, 45099/tcp, 47658/tcp, 50539/tcp, 18595/tcp, 8512/tcp, 63057/tcp, 54260/tcp, 8432/tcp, 57888/tcp, 23396/tcp, 12406/tcp, 42061/tcp, 31344/tcp, 58597/tcp, 45918/tcp, 32997/tcp, 24254/tcp, 7763/tcp, 31553/tcp, 19592/tcp, 4109/tcp (Instantiated Zero-control Messaging), 19263/tcp, 47459/tcp, 4378/tcp (Cambridge Pixel SPx Display), 8884/tcp, 17069/tcp, 54338/tcp, 37962/tcp, 56876/tcp, 46177/tcp, 35931/tcp, 63648/tcp, 65043/tcp, 46880/tcp, 60278/tcp, 2557/tcp (nicetec-mgmt), 62193/tcp, 29175/tcp, 58967/tcp, 855/tcp, 17206/tcp, 11019/tcp, 55893/tcp, 41075/tcp, 12675/tcp, 47556/tcp, 38079/tcp, 36582/tcp, 28183/tcp, 50475/tcp, 29147/tcp, 32554/tcp, 24265/tcp, 55312/tcp, 6538/tcp, 24449/tcp, 36580/tcp, 40468/tcp, 57302/tcp, 7524/tcp, 6085/tcp (konspire2b p2p network), 53394/tcp, 17198/tcp, 11083/tcp, 227/tcp, 18414/tcp, 58395/tcp, 45425/tcp, 38262/tcp, 41809/tcp, 47379/tcp, 32979/tcp, 53618/tcp, 47996/tcp, 19402/tcp, 39867/tcp, 4728/tcp (CA Port Multiplexer), 23530/tcp, 62555/tcp, 30780/tcp, 59275/tcp, 31088/tcp, 895/tcp, 15834/tcp, 29092/tcp, 24281/tcp, 21176/tcp, 51668/tcp, 48498/tcp, 17482/tcp, 35456/tcp, 10950/tcp, 16428/tcp, 3671/tcp (e Field Control (EIBnet)), 22467/tcp, 838/tcp, 26030/tcp, 15676/tcp, 39841/tcp, 34082/tcp, 16301/tcp, 497/tcp (dantz), 64754/tcp, 10851/tcp, 28462/tcp, 18060/tcp, 34025/tcp, 28149/tcp, 57584/tcp, 35820/tcp, 7443/tcp (Oracle Application Server HTTPS), 18121/tcp, 59923/tcp, 10338/tcp, 63490/tcp, 18901/tcp, 52010/tcp, 46862/tcp, 15575/tcp, 4202/tcp, 35040/tcp, 35476/tcp, 18093/tcp, 3865/tcp (xpl automation protocol), 55938/tcp, 24253/tcp, 23359/tcp, 55268/tcp, 18550/tcp, 64339/tcp, 9279/tcp (Pegaus GPS System Control Interface), 46046/tcp, 58835/tcp, 7736/tcp, 27881/tcp, 1883/tcp (IBM MQSeries SCADA), 23112/tcp, 35505/tcp, 49717/tcp, 39518/tcp, 15972/tcp, 55165/tcp, 54839/tcp, 58242/tcp, 5164/tcp (Virtual Protocol Adapter), 20252/tcp, 40403/tcp, 26976/tcp, 10880/tcp, 46480/tcp, 17601/tcp, 45754/tcp, 9256/tcp, 48038/tcp, 1645/tcp (SightLine), 57410/tcp, 22000/tcp (SNAPenetIO), 12433/tcp, 38043/tcp, 44046/tcp, 29580/tcp, 15498/tcp, 61434/tcp, 4771/tcp, 5111/tcp (TAEP AS service), 53107/tcp, 11711/tcp, 47346/tcp, 39199/tcp, 1454/tcp (interHDL License Manager), 37156/tcp, 56051/tcp, 41740/tcp, 17326/tcp, 48351/tcp, 49673/tcp, 17328/tcp, 50888/tcp, 2518/tcp (Willy), 38063/tcp, 45652/tcp, 37693/tcp, 29859/tcp, 47242/tcp, 29339/tcp, 3603/tcp (Integrated Rcvr Control), 40504/tcp, 44276/tcp, 4961/tcp, 46151/tcp, 55568/tcp, 64544/tcp, 8076/tcp, 20329/tcp, 3173/tcp (SERVERVIEW-ICC), 4210/tcp, 54828/tcp, 6137/tcp, 52219/tcp, 31232/tcp, 14832/tcp, 10953/tcp, 6304/tcp, 26829/tcp, 45196/tcp, 7620/tcp, 51572/tcp, 7111/tcp, 51860/tcp, 2017/tcp (cypress-stat), 42015/tcp, 54473/tcp, 49568/tcp, 57789/tcp, 9580/tcp, 1110/tcp (Start web admin server), 51568/tcp, 10014/tcp, 27590/tcp, 2576/tcp (TCL Pro Debugger), 5157/tcp (Mediat Remote Object Exchange), 30133/tcp, 4627/tcp, 10101/tcp (eZmeeting), 33148/tcp, 25458/tcp, 16193/tcp, 3471/tcp (jt400-ssl), 16242/tcp, 61919/tcp, 10516/tcp, 37540/tcp, 59247/tcp, 42575/tcp, 56412/tcp, 6199/tcp, 57803/tcp, 1311/tcp (RxMon), 21385/tcp, 33217/tcp, 18420/tcp, 41130/tcp, 9777/tcp, 46620/tcp, 43430/tcp, 7036/tcp, 51022/tcp, 18089/tcp, 17318/tcp, 28007/tcp, 53061/tcp, 53096/tcp, 29707/tcp, 3028/tcp (LiebDevMgmt_DM), 24995/tcp, 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(Outlaws), 24818/tcp, 48033/tcp, 11194/tcp, 13914/tcp, 60015/tcp, 48458/tcp, 43518/tcp, 17062/tcp, 17221/tcp, 44866/tcp, 41570/tcp, 10115/tcp (NetIQ Endpoint), 945/tcp, 43344/tcp, 56154/tcp, 35362/tcp, 42393/tcp, 37880/tcp, 59152/tcp, 38526/tcp, 36945/tcp, 8207/tcp (LM SServer), 14068/tcp, 7731/tcp, 25993/tcp, 15893/tcp, 37040/tcp, 56678/tcp, 17791/tcp, 9623/tcp, 44520/tcp, 50029/tcp, 19172/tcp, 46453/tcp, 10071/tcp, 1041/tcp (AK2 Product), 21698/tcp, 64126/tcp, 51151/tcp, 23562/tcp, 10522/tcp, 42225/tcp, 32311/tcp, 40696/tcp, 4439/tcp, 2216/tcp (VTU data service), 41854/tcp, 25985/tcp, 61547/tcp, 62917/tcp, 33839/tcp, 57945/tcp, 16422/tcp, 39425/tcp, 27599/tcp, 20042/tcp, 2469/tcp (MTI-TCS-COMM), 12235/tcp, 7718/tcp, 53358/tcp, 48355/tcp, 702/tcp (IRIS over BEEP), 20847/tcp, 6150/tcp, 279/tcp, 51487/tcp, 60827/tcp, 34984/tcp, 14686/tcp, 46423/tcp, 10656/tcp, 26235/tcp, 17135/tcp, 245/tcp (LINK), 14266/tcp, 65170/tcp, 23982/tcp, 32352/tcp, 32324/tcp, 16404/tcp, 22469/tcp, 59421/tcp, 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41174/tcp, 19652/tcp, 152/tcp (Background File Transfer Program), 40183/tcp, 20984/tcp, 10151/tcp, 23937/tcp, 43537/tcp, 62560/tcp, 39871/tcp, 47955/tcp, 19173/tcp, 58586/tcp, 7235/tcp, 29925/tcp, 21127/tcp, 33620/tcp, 55391/tcp, 53293/tcp, 29878/tcp, 20722/tcp, 8094/tcp, 32217/tcp, 25806/tcp, 44027/tcp, 64488/tcp, 9471/tcp, 28112/tcp, 40270/tcp, 61866/tcp, 59367/tcp, 54082/tcp, 43626/tcp, 32618/tcp, 11415/tcp, 23534/tcp, 15885/tcp, 64718/tcp, 55516/tcp, 41485/tcp, 26737/tcp, 22722/tcp, 54096/tcp, 54253/tcp, 63642/tcp, 11027/tcp, 32820/tcp, 65168/tcp, 57007/tcp, 18875/tcp, 51254/tcp, 62732/tcp, 43624/tcp, 32248/tcp, 6718/tcp, 48711/tcp, 8783/tcp, 20153/tcp, 33078/tcp, 46669/tcp, 34708/tcp, 41095/tcp, 32667/tcp, 47134/tcp, 13877/tcp, 27473/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 81 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 12306/tcp, 28648/tcp, 38485/tcp, 48551/tcp, 43524/tcp, 25156/tcp, 1124/tcp (HP VMM Control), 49811/tcp, 39747/tcp, 61879/tcp, 55281/tcp, 21139/tcp, 31820/tcp, 53761/tcp, 34451/tcp, 7090/tcp, 14454/tcp, 61289/tcp, 32283/tcp, 9074/tcp, 6871/tcp, 57567/tcp, 54753/tcp, 41410/tcp, 1783/tcp, 13333/tcp, 42478/tcp, 45937/tcp, 64551/tcp, 11608/tcp, 46809/tcp, 45204/tcp, 28395/tcp, 28149/tcp, 23475/tcp, 1351/tcp (Digital Tool Works (MIT)), 17220/tcp, 7280/tcp (ITACTIONSERVER 1), 62283/tcp, 675/tcp (DCTP), 14279/tcp, 6139/tcp, 44439/tcp, 10294/tcp, 4384/tcp, 65496/tcp, 15687/tcp, 16320/tcp, 6936/tcp (XenSource Management Service), 46551/tcp, 50358/tcp, 33773/tcp, 5038/tcp, 14540/tcp, 31875/tcp, 36521/tcp, 55823/tcp, 45464/tcp, 51782/tcp, 322/tcp (RTSPS), 1737/tcp (ultimad), 5842/tcp, 12628/tcp, 4674/tcp (AppIQ Agent Management), 38294/tcp, 29482/tcp, 63582/tcp, 7326/tcp, 23134/tcp, 46842/tcp, 37257/tcp, 26652/tcp, 4819/tcp, 21681/tcp, 5284/tcp, 17606/tcp, 4663/tcp (Note It! Message Service), 43188/tcp (REACHOUT), 21558/tcp, 50966/tcp, 7640/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 552 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 7344/tcp, 60986/tcp, 34120/tcp, 63492/tcp, 65453/tcp, 37206/tcp, 47639/tcp, 49940/tcp, 55695/tcp, 15585/tcp, 29501/tcp, 11140/tcp, 42321/tcp, 28236/tcp, 38669/tcp, 22433/tcp, 24745/tcp, 56147/tcp, 53893/tcp, 31575/tcp, 33600/tcp, 45691/tcp, 9337/tcp, 18746/tcp, 47197/tcp, 55618/tcp, 28028/tcp, 7678/tcp, 48305/tcp, 35113/tcp, 64006/tcp, 29219/tcp, 61378/tcp, 64963/tcp, 41222/tcp, 17524/tcp, 17843/tcp, 16869/tcp, 11928/tcp, 36069/tcp, 48193/tcp, 2450/tcp (netadmin), 7643/tcp, 58417/tcp, 59883/tcp, 51314/tcp, 60351/tcp, 121/tcp (Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call), 54517/tcp, 1343/tcp (re101), 28115/tcp, 36409/tcp, 42103/tcp, 22180/tcp, 64979/tcp, 39945/tcp, 27218/tcp, 47155/tcp, 50959/tcp, 28892/tcp, 16897/tcp, 26988/tcp, 58683/tcp, 7032/tcp, 31619/tcp, 64897/tcp, 43165/tcp, 40049/tcp, 62642/tcp, 14882/tcp, 48543/tcp, 41064/tcp, 22301/tcp, 64349/tcp, 7647/tcp, 54399/tcp, 26596/tcp, 5056/tcp (Intecom Pointspan 1), 48869/tcp, 29157/tcp, 30233/tcp, 60836/tcp, 17303/tcp, 7074/tcp, 17912/tcp, 44361/tcp, 48178/tcp, 13452/tcp, 56746/tcp, 39891/tcp, 45679/tcp, 23505/tcp, 35468/tcp, 21975/tcp, 32943/tcp, 25557/tcp, 42667/tcp, 17178/tcp, 56981/tcp, 12987/tcp, 8274/tcp, 46647/tcp, 60337/tcp, 57279/tcp, 52705/tcp, 43321/tcp, 18807/tcp, 17670/tcp, 14996/tcp, 21922/tcp, 51383/tcp, 37881/tcp, 9685/tcp, 46893/tcp, 35267/tcp, 28661/tcp, 21132/tcp, 57110/tcp, 26525/tcp, 55583/tcp, 47744/tcp, 61156/tcp, 61168/tcp, 6481/tcp (Service Tags), 37128/tcp, 157/tcp (KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol), 40021/tcp, 34070/tcp, 49148/tcp, 5803/tcp, 22397/tcp, 48205/tcp, 6470/tcp, 53981/tcp, 60883/tcp, 11695/tcp, 5407/tcp (Foresyte-Clear), 8404/tcp (SuperVault Cloud), 22951/tcp (Telerate Information Platform WAN), 32607/tcp, 30574/tcp, 30087/tcp, 17520/tcp, 59258/tcp, 41351/tcp, 5916/tcp, 21259/tcp, 10410/tcp, 26289/tcp, 43848/tcp, 49564/tcp, 28311/tcp, 16766/tcp, 45805/tcp, 34403/tcp, 64239/tcp, 55883/tcp, 28617/tcp, 65417/tcp, 6370/tcp (MetaEdit+ Server Administration), 837/tcp, 54079/tcp, 21563/tcp, 58124/tcp, 11158/tcp, 50512/tcp, 40529/tcp, 59738/tcp, 45025/tcp, 50522/tcp, 27347/tcp, 12610/tcp, 14883/tcp, 48297/tcp, 38535/tcp, 24000/tcp (med-ltp), 19131/tcp, 41368/tcp, 55444/tcp, 45627/tcp, 57645/tcp, 3511/tcp (WebMail/2), 62061/tcp, 60403/tcp, 60298/tcp, 20618/tcp, 43749/tcp, 60622/tcp, 38735/tcp, 3302/tcp (MCS Fastmail), 42789/tcp, 9984/tcp, 53904/tcp, 6488/tcp (Service Registry Default JMX Domain), 26180/tcp, 14131/tcp, 62236/tcp, 22560/tcp, 15057/tcp, 22979/tcp, 31707/tcp, 63134/tcp, 63674/tcp, 49197/tcp, 60172/tcp, 29987/tcp, 26211/tcp, 20342/tcp, 36580/tcp, 55263/tcp, 35714/tcp, 16489/tcp, 45082/tcp, 12979/tcp, 24152/tcp, 22791/tcp, 35547/tcp, 58340/tcp, 23922/tcp, 3671/tcp (e Field Control (EIBnet)), 16301/tcp, 29944/tcp, 26093/tcp, 36374/tcp, 55655/tcp, 32467/tcp, 29239/tcp, 14177/tcp, 34507/tcp, 10170/tcp, 13727/tcp, 31960/tcp, 14265/tcp, 18103/tcp, 20060/tcp, 9508/tcp, 17838/tcp, 8516/tcp, 54749/tcp, 14666/tcp, 7158/tcp, 33080/tcp, 44298/tcp, 41173/tcp, 36600/tcp, 48907/tcp, 36078/tcp, 47702/tcp, 46905/tcp, 57145/tcp, 56716/tcp, 22580/tcp, 24826/tcp, 40969/tcp, 25458/tcp, 51634/tcp, 59558/tcp, 50282/tcp, 31464/tcp, 18886/tcp, 59255/tcp, 51562/tcp, 52927/tcp, 28836/tcp, 28298/tcp, 46261/tcp, 48024/tcp, 13623/tcp, 9979/tcp, 19361/tcp, 64752/tcp, 16133/tcp, 55790/tcp, 61676/tcp, 61346/tcp, 12617/tcp, 46203/tcp, 47547/tcp, 47764/tcp, 41021/tcp, 20631/tcp, 6426/tcp, 33871/tcp, 18455/tcp, 57010/tcp, 33480/tcp, 35237/tcp, 26099/tcp, 40767/tcp, 31845/tcp, 35156/tcp, 49191/tcp, 64835/tcp, 13639/tcp, 58614/tcp, 35933/tcp, 44747/tcp, 36692/tcp, 55485/tcp, 35092/tcp, 3729/tcp (Fireking Audit Port), 17426/tcp, 28155/tcp, 4296/tcp, 34636/tcp, 42753/tcp, 30577/tcp, 27646/tcp, 50974/tcp, 19931/tcp, 20391/tcp, 55152/tcp, 28036/tcp, 63221/tcp, 56999/tcp, 57001/tcp, 49530/tcp, 35042/tcp, 33873/tcp, 6107/tcp (ETC Control), 1188/tcp (HP Web Admin), 35936/tcp, 49551/tcp, 55732/tcp, 17845/tcp, 34003/tcp, 62865/tcp, 9835/tcp, 24308/tcp, 45062/tcp, 34250/tcp, 47364/tcp, 65073/tcp, 30052/tcp, 28130/tcp, 47573/tcp, 46434/tcp, 14579/tcp, 61063/tcp, 6330/tcp, 59444/tcp, 6842/tcp (Netmo HTTP), 48787/tcp, 14720/tcp, 17687/tcp, 13087/tcp, 6491/tcp, 38314/tcp, 39598/tcp, 43986/tcp, 56542/tcp, 44000/tcp, 36755/tcp, 9170/tcp, 33621/tcp, 49146/tcp, 5958/tcp, 33138/tcp, 7133/tcp, 26719/tcp, 32647/tcp, 38106/tcp, 28934/tcp, 34157/tcp, 4453/tcp (NSS Alert Manager), 57040/tcp, 31108/tcp, 56515/tcp, 48782/tcp, 15586/tcp, 9729/tcp, 21000/tcp (IRTrans Control), 36339/tcp, 27784/tcp, 47350/tcp, 2612/tcp (Qpasa Agent), 52555/tcp, 35122/tcp, 52822/tcp, 14230/tcp, 40898/tcp, 7668/tcp, 29461/tcp, 8399/tcp, 33293/tcp, 63498/tcp, 31534/tcp, 23507/tcp, 12344/tcp, 6010/tcp, 30190/tcp, 9434/tcp, 24010/tcp, 14065/tcp, 44710/tcp, 25728/tcp, 10476/tcp, 53726/tcp, 40334/tcp, 39813/tcp, 45546/tcp, 53250/tcp, 1917/tcp (nOAgent), 38533/tcp, 62843/tcp, 37738/tcp, 62202/tcp, 60381/tcp, 62331/tcp, 15702/tcp, 13173/tcp, 48152/tcp, 59117/tcp, 43522/tcp, 51581/tcp, 41517/tcp, 7964/tcp, 47725/tcp, 29714/tcp, 11241/tcp, 20739/tcp, 18423/tcp, 18241/tcp (Check Point RTM), 23968/tcp, 17669/tcp, 24923/tcp, 17091/tcp, 20435/tcp, 13408/tcp, 16662/tcp, 38077/tcp, 6054/tcp, 10732/tcp, 57453/tcp, 51781/tcp, 33179/tcp, 37455/tcp, 35290/tcp, 35215/tcp, 51638/tcp, 11715/tcp, 59181/tcp, 3812/tcp (netO WOL Server), 17171/tcp, 30198/tcp, 31186/tcp, 56157/tcp, 56507/tcp, 26475/tcp, 20216/tcp, 7162/tcp (CA Storage Manager), 59697/tcp, 52352/tcp, 54077/tcp, 1483/tcp (AFS License Manager), 31168/tcp, 13395/tcp, 40478/tcp, 54348/tcp, 18552/tcp, 41432/tcp, 30247/tcp, 40261/tcp, 46263/tcp, 23980/tcp, 8182/tcp (VMware Fault Domain Manager), 57620/tcp, 17997/tcp, 56660/tcp, 22016/tcp, 31982/tcp, 37349/tcp, 19950/tcp, 43689/tcp, 63342/tcp, 18457/tcp, 19949/tcp, 55107/tcp, 45781/tcp, 13517/tcp, 23452/tcp, 31796/tcp, 51885/tcp, 33104/tcp, 54012/tcp, 61281/tcp, 13688/tcp, 13701/tcp, 22107/tcp, 34447/tcp, 46345/tcp, 8535/tcp, 33974/tcp, 25514/tcp, 786/tcp, 20817/tcp, 60652/tcp, 46956/tcp, 8518/tcp, 21986/tcp, 11580/tcp, 63849/tcp, 10084/tcp, 54466/tcp, 60404/tcp, 5135/tcp (ERP-Scale), 5212/tcp, 7105/tcp, 2220/tcp (NetIQ End2End), 64912/tcp, 40072/tcp, 40314/tcp, 49285/tcp, 8039/tcp, 32789/tcp, 32318/tcp, 15870/tcp, 64725/tcp, 60485/tcp, 20708/tcp, 12885/tcp, 36900/tcp, 4451/tcp (CTI System Msg), 38417/tcp, 64575/tcp, 23724/tcp, 56308/tcp, 48337/tcp, 8166/tcp, 59353/tcp, 21650/tcp, 54179/tcp, 12262/tcp, 49231/tcp, 17668/tcp, 2010/tcp (search), 3721/tcp (Xsync), 48225/tcp, 44706/tcp, 51875/tcp, 45475/tcp, 15172/tcp, 33625/tcp, 56435/tcp, 45445/tcp, 55738/tcp, 28112/tcp, 24382/tcp, 56830/tcp, 35299/tcp, 14200/tcp, 7423/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 529 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 28506/tcp, 44785/tcp, 30480/tcp, 18188/tcp, 56866/tcp, 54679/tcp, 10920/tcp, 54020/tcp, 2852/tcp (bears-01), 32770/tcp (Filenet NCH), 9944/tcp, 65438/tcp, 10479/tcp, 2972/tcp (PMSM Webrctl), 62835/tcp, 39979/tcp, 52484/tcp, 22126/tcp, 15829/tcp, 22393/tcp, 19672/tcp, 56669/tcp, 36907/tcp, 51966/tcp, 42890/tcp, 8503/tcp, 834/tcp, 33985/tcp, 62550/tcp, 23567/tcp, 38353/tcp, 51810/tcp, 39451/tcp, 5247/tcp, 34987/tcp, 53286/tcp, 63167/tcp, 58756/tcp, 37072/tcp, 30004/tcp, 61843/tcp, 7956/tcp, 52863/tcp, 24760/tcp, 46527/tcp, 32212/tcp, 10358/tcp, 30390/tcp, 59917/tcp, 16816/tcp, 22453/tcp, 3612/tcp (HP Data Protector), 9417/tcp, 54113/tcp, 53369/tcp, 38423/tcp, 12155/tcp, 36135/tcp, 61349/tcp, 24213/tcp, 24716/tcp, 44151/tcp, 30972/tcp, 47359/tcp, 46110/tcp, 14644/tcp, 37026/tcp, 19399/tcp, 33582/tcp, 37702/tcp, 18005/tcp, 19248/tcp, 18360/tcp, 59732/tcp, 35593/tcp, 14981/tcp, 50349/tcp, 33633/tcp, 18867/tcp, 40821/tcp, 23735/tcp, 59972/tcp, 39687/tcp, 429/tcp (OCS_AMU), 30541/tcp, 41188/tcp, 61854/tcp, 2013/tcp (raid-am), 40292/tcp, 9550/tcp, 22419/tcp, 16614/tcp, 31495/tcp, 12033/tcp, 18023/tcp, 27752/tcp, 64547/tcp, 28497/tcp, 17580/tcp, 15072/tcp, 4855/tcp, 32309/tcp, 9826/tcp, 53364/tcp, 9903/tcp, 48099/tcp, 16378/tcp, 48222/tcp, 55047/tcp, 5265/tcp (3Com Network Jack Port 2), 4014/tcp (TAICLOCK), 47997/tcp, 53658/tcp, 14429/tcp, 31571/tcp, 37154/tcp, 2411/tcp (Netwave AP Management), 20162/tcp, 64231/tcp, 57804/tcp, 48876/tcp, 25647/tcp, 46950/tcp, 37028/tcp, 62494/tcp, 33932/tcp, 31916/tcp, 57781/tcp, 58451/tcp, 37338/tcp, 38630/tcp, 32722/tcp, 41028/tcp, 12537/tcp, 9095/tcp, 45653/tcp, 10853/tcp, 40914/tcp, 26189/tcp, 49648/tcp, 55891/tcp, 57839/tcp, 32737/tcp, 52831/tcp, 55531/tcp, 46571/tcp, 5345/tcp, 15228/tcp, 23759/tcp, 37643/tcp, 17696/tcp, 6967/tcp, 63581/tcp, 23267/tcp, 30437/tcp, 3008/tcp (Midnight Technologies), 44663/tcp, 7086/tcp, 52172/tcp, 63856/tcp, 6580/tcp (Parsec Masterserver), 39915/tcp, 1219/tcp (AeroFlight-Ret), 15558/tcp, 16973/tcp, 36905/tcp, 14082/tcp, 6003/tcp, 2118/tcp (MENTASERVER), 31610/tcp, 60261/tcp, 45016/tcp, 49315/tcp, 31605/tcp, 7175/tcp, 29180/tcp, 9284/tcp (VERITAS Information Serve), 13958/tcp, 43290/tcp, 25097/tcp, 37411/tcp, 38623/tcp, 6337/tcp, 12681/tcp, 19865/tcp, 30139/tcp, 56611/tcp, 47520/tcp, 17457/tcp, 15677/tcp, 119/tcp (Network News Transfer Protocol), 47970/tcp, 60812/tcp, 51876/tcp, 52345/tcp, 46693/tcp, 498/tcp (siam), 57884/tcp, 20765/tcp, 25060/tcp, 54991/tcp, 15169/tcp, 26381/tcp, 30592/tcp, 54271/tcp, 22799/tcp, 20144/tcp, 42827/tcp, 58266/tcp, 11447/tcp, 61559/tcp, 13116/tcp, 17411/tcp, 31323/tcp, 50751/tcp, 33861/tcp, 40591/tcp, 17609/tcp, 61586/tcp, 2024/tcp (xinuexpansion4), 38197/tcp, 33258/tcp, 40772/tcp, 58515/tcp, 57806/tcp, 9689/tcp, 41204/tcp, 57094/tcp, 21562/tcp, 59277/tcp, 28873/tcp, 20353/tcp, 38257/tcp, 22852/tcp, 22176/tcp, 1883/tcp (IBM MQSeries SCADA), 38299/tcp, 28451/tcp, 31905/tcp, 51488/tcp, 46705/tcp, 61323/tcp, 7875/tcp, 58427/tcp, 45009/tcp, 53053/tcp, 29261/tcp, 54137/tcp, 18172/tcp, 29859/tcp, 58167/tcp, 26163/tcp, 17467/tcp, 5747/tcp (Wildbits Tunatic), 25241/tcp, 44167/tcp, 1965/tcp (Tivoli NPM), 12042/tcp, 14776/tcp, 6375/tcp, 11299/tcp, 45523/tcp, 48613/tcp, 53229/tcp, 38433/tcp, 50363/tcp, 57081/tcp, 11202/tcp, 12975/tcp, 3600/tcp (text relay-answer), 13556/tcp, 13465/tcp, 38207/tcp, 40636/tcp, 31105/tcp, 47713/tcp, 9970/tcp, 30727/tcp, 20439/tcp, 33311/tcp, 41805/tcp, 24408/tcp, 5202/tcp (TARGUS GetData 2), 57275/tcp, 21948/tcp, 35150/tcp, 26370/tcp, 6583/tcp (JOA Jewel Suite), 7439/tcp, 57375/tcp, 17848/tcp, 65145/tcp, 24272/tcp, 53487/tcp, 33377/tcp, 4898/tcp, 15758/tcp, 30898/tcp, 7977/tcp, 59553/tcp, 20896/tcp, 53502/tcp, 7179/tcp, 20976/tcp, 24295/tcp, 28778/tcp, 17655/tcp, 2288/tcp (NETML), 43657/tcp, 37359/tcp, 44937/tcp, 49056/tcp, 42886/tcp, 161/tcp (SNMP), 27169/tcp, 32552/tcp, 8369/tcp, 37284/tcp, 6254/tcp, 13274/tcp, 61090/tcp, 19721/tcp, 22895/tcp, 23094/tcp, 59952/tcp, 32149/tcp, 40930/tcp, 18996/tcp, 28059/tcp, 28834/tcp, 30086/tcp, 12727/tcp, 9949/tcp, 56243/tcp, 45278/tcp, 17780/tcp, 25841/tcp, 62576/tcp, 20461/tcp, 60576/tcp, 21189/tcp, 29810/tcp, 57000/tcp, 15660/tcp (Backup Express Restore Server), 11376/tcp, 43859/tcp, 45924/tcp, 48301/tcp, 43576/tcp, 10158/tcp, 34727/tcp, 1972/tcp (Cache), 41171/tcp, 18970/tcp, 35978/tcp, 36192/tcp, 53106/tcp, 19492/tcp, 6626/tcp (WAGO Service and Update), 35436/tcp, 64780/tcp, 29738/tcp, 6445/tcp (Grid Engine Execution Service), 3269/tcp (Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL), 53543/tcp, 17746/tcp, 36908/tcp, 29409/tcp, 39251/tcp, 59260/tcp, 47964/tcp, 22645/tcp, 48456/tcp, 54045/tcp, 18863/tcp, 19488/tcp, 56316/tcp, 49589/tcp, 1874/tcp (Fjswapsnp), 17766/tcp, 2805/tcp (WTA WSP-S), 57123/tcp, 35670/tcp, 22283/tcp, 10238/tcp, 32226/tcp, 11247/tcp, 47419/tcp, 10687/tcp, 24531/tcp, 51625/tcp, 37079/tcp, 21845/tcp (webphone), 14438/tcp, 260/tcp (Openport), 15664/tcp, 10521/tcp, 60047/tcp, 9399/tcp, 60682/tcp, 6258/tcp, 41754/tcp, 44722/tcp, 6170/tcp, 56406/tcp, 46437/tcp, 118/tcp (SQL Services), 18147/tcp, 25139/tcp, 56447/tcp, 7492/tcp, 24307/tcp, 52129/tcp, 7804/tcp, 40991/tcp, 2713/tcp (Raven Trinity Broker Service), 1304/tcp (Boomerang), 4062/tcp (Ice Location Service (SSL)), 2742/tcp (TSB2), 12749/tcp, 34137/tcp, 30876/tcp, 42500/tcp, 15824/tcp, 53456/tcp, 15154/tcp, 1801/tcp (Microsoft Message Que), 29017/tcp, 44924/tcp, 36765/tcp, 63066/tcp, 59100/tcp, 62012/tcp, 32549/tcp, 35723/tcp, 13433/tcp, 52657/tcp, 37417/tcp, 39666/tcp, 44291/tcp, 26046/tcp, 1191/tcp (General Parallel File System), 48690/tcp, 46761/tcp, 46195/tcp, 25283/tcp, 58722/tcp, 26326/tcp, 43448/tcp, 31314/tcp, 21520/tcp, 42927/tcp, 10484/tcp, 14202/tcp, 10317/tcp, 18794/tcp, 65445/tcp, 53260/tcp, 64298/tcp, 13453/tcp, 48095/tcp, 38015/tcp, 20847/tcp, 2248/tcp (User Management Service), 37901/tcp, 18968/tcp, 25640/tcp, 20687/tcp, 14150/tcp (Veritas Cluster Server Command Server), 58292/tcp, 7714/tcp, 62912/tcp, 7943/tcp, 46081/tcp, 34491/tcp, 45793/tcp, 50619/tcp, 50635/tcp, 5960/tcp, 6427/tcp, 57344/tcp, 47483/tcp, 23597/tcp, 10889/tcp, 48764/tcp, 20410/tcp, 3610/tcp (ECHONET), 47901/tcp, 51289/tcp, 19559/tcp, 17421/tcp, 29937/tcp, 8786/tcp (Message Client), 7990/tcp, 57083/tcp, 63627/tcp, 13425/tcp, 37490/tcp, 32891/tcp, 59509/tcp, 38263/tcp, 30333/tcp, 16936/tcp, 60534/tcp, 38361/tcp, 221/tcp (Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth), 59547/tcp, 9286/tcp, 4931/tcp, 10724/tcp, 6105/tcp (Prima Server), 11960/tcp, 23795/tcp, 13155/tcp, 47233/tcp, 20431/tcp, 7542/tcp (Saratoga Transfer Protocol), 29697/tcp, 16372/tcp, 34762/tcp, 7448/tcp, 5697/tcp, 50297/tcp, 44844/tcp, 45536/tcp, 43203/tcp, 38311/tcp, 24600/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 217 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 32837/tcp, 45750/tcp, 26631/tcp, 23729/tcp, 53381/tcp, 29253/tcp, 26616/tcp, 17377/tcp, 9869/tcp, 2376/tcp, 36104/tcp, 62355/tcp, 20147/tcp, 13990/tcp, 34620/tcp, 44165/tcp, 33905/tcp, 63174/tcp, 2123/tcp (GTP-Control Plane (3GPP)), 11433/tcp, 44213/tcp, 25146/tcp, 624/tcp (Crypto Admin), 27609/tcp, 64552/tcp, 4154/tcp (atlinks device discovery), 5854/tcp, 14736/tcp, 17930/tcp, 8326/tcp, 35700/tcp, 40185/tcp, 22578/tcp, 24198/tcp, 33339/tcp, 33014/tcp, 25552/tcp, 12678/tcp, 9773/tcp, 29262/tcp, 32741/tcp, 45463/tcp, 11578/tcp, 46750/tcp, 40775/tcp, 36459/tcp, 35142/tcp, 33776/tcp, 51023/tcp, 31358/tcp, 14346/tcp, 23656/tcp, 62273/tcp, 60219/tcp, 10073/tcp, 17638/tcp, 9485/tcp, 21294/tcp, 59204/tcp, 59095/tcp, 110/tcp (Post Office Protocol - Version 3), 32623/tcp, 46743/tcp, 2098/tcp (Dialog Port), 24262/tcp, 2653/tcp (Sonus), 53484/tcp, 55787/tcp, 10117/tcp (NetIQ IQCResource Managament Svc), 19724/tcp, 30402/tcp, 50428/tcp, 53889/tcp, 54271/tcp, 34557/tcp, 38697/tcp, 17251/tcp, 19198/tcp, 43303/tcp, 17371/tcp, 24152/tcp, 55915/tcp, 45709/tcp, 25592/tcp, 22709/tcp, 2618/tcp (Priority E-Com), 59871/tcp, 16753/tcp, 13196/tcp, 53128/tcp, 11268/tcp, 12574/tcp, 37540/tcp, 19308/tcp, 45598/tcp, 48991/tcp, 10169/tcp, 14194/tcp, 39040/tcp, 45338/tcp, 54910/tcp, 7851/tcp, 18802/tcp, 29993/tcp, 60935/tcp, 38112/tcp, 17610/tcp, 29249/tcp, 50414/tcp, 63315/tcp, 10848/tcp, 3872/tcp (OEM Agent), 50309/tcp, 31734/tcp, 45451/tcp, 26333/tcp, 15598/tcp, 33260/tcp, 27281/tcp, 28834/tcp, 34386/tcp, 63035/tcp, 11902/tcp, 34216/tcp, 4569/tcp (Inter-Asterisk eXchange), 60894/tcp, 65269/tcp, 8002/tcp (Teradata ORDBMS), 21978/tcp, 54481/tcp, 45830/tcp, 27406/tcp, 44000/tcp, 32070/tcp, 56025/tcp, 9493/tcp, 28078/tcp, 45617/tcp, 58959/tcp, 53236/tcp, 13130/tcp, 31597/tcp, 64098/tcp, 47710/tcp, 40020/tcp, 57900/tcp, 10187/tcp, 30342/tcp, 35882/tcp, 55053/tcp, 5443/tcp (Pearson HTTPS), 3690/tcp (Subversion), 37800/tcp, 29216/tcp, 42871/tcp, 37616/tcp, 9240/tcp, 6915/tcp, 8504/tcp, 14174/tcp, 59932/tcp, 12487/tcp, 2008/tcp (conf), 15760/tcp, 30620/tcp, 24095/tcp, 15901/tcp, 26320/tcp, 15791/tcp, 31911/tcp, 45138/tcp, 52558/tcp, 39173/tcp, 5579/tcp (FleetDisplay Tracking Service), 54924/tcp, 22874/tcp, 1806/tcp (Musiconline), 36985/tcp, 25079/tcp, 2541/tcp (LonWorks2), 57494/tcp, 53805/tcp, 10314/tcp, 42923/tcp, 11149/tcp, 14266/tcp, 50515/tcp, 39266/tcp, 48771/tcp, 880/tcp, 11340/tcp, 29428/tcp, 61977/tcp, 56218/tcp, 51048/tcp, 44961/tcp, 40614/tcp, 596/tcp (SMSD), 23934/tcp, 36682/tcp, 49968/tcp, 35497/tcp, 34283/tcp, 30057/tcp, 49128/tcp, 12157/tcp, 43519/tcp, 22050/tcp, 55088/tcp, 17416/tcp, 6315/tcp (Sensor Control Unit Protocol), 46343/tcp, 34551/tcp, 48175/tcp, 33030/tcp, 36513/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 821 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 23583/tcp, 50119/tcp, 27185/tcp, 31562/tcp, 34324/tcp, 50269/tcp, 45189/tcp, 59479/tcp, 19912/tcp, 16458/tcp, 644/tcp (dwr), 35778/tcp, 64063/tcp, 22669/tcp, 9654/tcp, 49317/tcp, 24819/tcp, 18828/tcp, 3531/tcp (Joltid), 17945/tcp, 18428/tcp, 18068/tcp, 16765/tcp, 4385/tcp, 13141/tcp, 39130/tcp, 8750/tcp, 36868/tcp, 27644/tcp, 26282/tcp, 64959/tcp, 27326/tcp, 45677/tcp, 55817/tcp, 25963/tcp, 14424/tcp, 8739/tcp, 34995/tcp, 20943/tcp, 64997/tcp, 17717/tcp, 19611/tcp, 4953/tcp (Synchronization Arbiter), 24776/tcp, 19174/tcp, 39533/tcp, 38903/tcp, 29365/tcp, 9866/tcp, 65434/tcp, 31957/tcp, 32289/tcp, 1756/tcp (capfast-lmd), 40103/tcp, 22579/tcp, 53776/tcp, 37493/tcp, 62838/tcp, 5425/tcp (Beyond Remote Command Channel), 61513/tcp, 31429/tcp, 65001/tcp, 34933/tcp, 50378/tcp, 5545/tcp, 36461/tcp, 51199/tcp, 6904/tcp, 61349/tcp, 4447/tcp (N1-RMGMT), 59888/tcp, 26407/tcp, 55664/tcp, 34592/tcp, 13188/tcp, 33829/tcp, 48239/tcp, 56259/tcp, 21547/tcp, 4729/tcp, 42514/tcp, 43955/tcp, 42775/tcp, 62800/tcp, 2417/tcp (Composit Server), 65205/tcp, 35570/tcp, 24733/tcp, 6847/tcp, 32566/tcp, 27246/tcp, 38000/tcp, 60863/tcp, 51997/tcp, 35593/tcp, 26617/tcp, 56614/tcp, 18867/tcp, 10085/tcp, 51472/tcp, 45941/tcp, 3126/tcp, 17664/tcp, 19913/tcp, 36539/tcp, 11293/tcp, 11998/tcp, 10665/tcp, 13359/tcp, 49576/tcp, 22611/tcp, 48083/tcp, 2996/tcp (vsixml), 49492/tcp, 12017/tcp, 38543/tcp, 4692/tcp (Conspiracy messaging), 5968/tcp (mppolicy-v5), 60772/tcp, 9289/tcp, 25751/tcp, 8146/tcp, 50865/tcp, 7203/tcp, 64163/tcp, 28752/tcp, 44976/tcp, 56578/tcp, 38880/tcp, 8205/tcp (LM Instmgr), 34930/tcp, 48830/tcp, 58609/tcp, 7937/tcp, 46015/tcp, 62599/tcp, 30654/tcp, 31891/tcp, 5573/tcp (SAS Domain Management Messaging Protocol), 3833/tcp (AIPN LS Authentication), 36879/tcp, 35514/tcp, 28429/tcp, 56786/tcp, 43482/tcp, 41501/tcp, 58407/tcp, 8123/tcp, 9712/tcp, 6104/tcp (DBDB), 41823/tcp, 60079/tcp, 58144/tcp, 26546/tcp, 21005/tcp, 459/tcp (ampr-rcmd), 6457/tcp, 42119/tcp, 7877/tcp, 47255/tcp, 42138/tcp, 562/tcp (chcmd), 64093/tcp, 8082/tcp (Utilistor (Client)), 53652/tcp, 1102/tcp (ADOBE SERVER 1), 53891/tcp, 37986/tcp, 5357/tcp (Web Services for Devices), 17688/tcp, 11420/tcp, 21539/tcp, 15518/tcp, 24326/tcp, 18597/tcp, 54286/tcp, 52706/tcp, 44094/tcp, 18474/tcp, 42136/tcp, 17576/tcp, 13522/tcp, 30310/tcp, 40916/tcp, 49295/tcp, 25300/tcp, 10286/tcp, 29148/tcp, 18264/tcp, 15278/tcp, 57019/tcp, 30118/tcp, 53414/tcp, 13721/tcp (BPDBM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)), 62429/tcp, 12134/tcp, 27760/tcp, 36873/tcp, 25623/tcp, 56163/tcp, 46781/tcp, 34896/tcp, 14635/tcp, 29433/tcp, 28412/tcp, 6470/tcp, 2075/tcp (Newlix ServerWare Engine), 12846/tcp, 9283/tcp (CallWaveIAM), 62588/tcp, 56935/tcp, 45783/tcp, 5732/tcp, 19217/tcp, 37334/tcp, 31725/tcp, 53366/tcp, 25801/tcp, 2225/tcp (Resource Connection Initiation Protocol), 48254/tcp, 5210/tcp, 40029/tcp, 47787/tcp, 14141/tcp (VCS Application), 58312/tcp, 7967/tcp (Supercell), 52906/tcp, 32307/tcp, 25202/tcp, 63136/tcp, 18459/tcp, 32118/tcp, 5377/tcp, 63310/tcp, 64669/tcp, 34519/tcp, 6435/tcp, 11139/tcp, 63001/tcp, 14155/tcp, 35332/tcp, 64661/tcp, 26627/tcp, 28222/tcp, 32079/tcp, 56473/tcp, 33246/tcp, 43634/tcp, 48297/tcp, 40892/tcp, 12681/tcp, 9067/tcp, 43901/tcp, 59544/tcp, 63828/tcp, 51203/tcp, 46013/tcp, 61802/tcp, 57764/tcp, 64985/tcp, 25288/tcp, 37017/tcp, 39025/tcp, 12297/tcp, 23296/tcp, 4209/tcp, 56543/tcp, 19138/tcp, 49200/tcp, 53569/tcp, 16780/tcp, 29344/tcp, 5845/tcp, 53422/tcp, 119/tcp (Network News Transfer Protocol), 29030/tcp, 5301/tcp (HA cluster general services), 28356/tcp, 32719/tcp, 41486/tcp, 47949/tcp, 57672/tcp, 50415/tcp, 13333/tcp, 37740/tcp, 53145/tcp, 56155/tcp, 40107/tcp, 27239/tcp, 13182/tcp, 8050/tcp, 15197/tcp, 54029/tcp, 60311/tcp, 6043/tcp, 23156/tcp, 14944/tcp, 8429/tcp, 33394/tcp, 9890/tcp, 24225/tcp, 46401/tcp, 7246/tcp, 51703/tcp, 49048/tcp, 38571/tcp, 36720/tcp, 62801/tcp, 17198/tcp, 33429/tcp, 18902/tcp, 60484/tcp, 42924/tcp, 24124/tcp, 8365/tcp, 29164/tcp, 40208/tcp, 28947/tcp, 12907/tcp, 14240/tcp, 32713/tcp, 4440/tcp, 19285/tcp, 64839/tcp, 38226/tcp, 43935/tcp, 8805/tcp, 44006/tcp, 39858/tcp, 53280/tcp, 30023/tcp, 18811/tcp, 20580/tcp, 63719/tcp, 61060/tcp, 49598/tcp, 46391/tcp, 34066/tcp, 13605/tcp, 37615/tcp, 5179/tcp, 28385/tcp, 194/tcp (Internet Relay Chat Protocol), 49269/tcp, 11491/tcp, 40578/tcp, 30781/tcp, 11263/tcp, 8076/tcp, 59184/tcp, 14832/tcp, 3310/tcp (Dyna Access), 11850/tcp, 36061/tcp, 49899/tcp, 54755/tcp, 10014/tcp, 49868/tcp, 33992/tcp, 15294/tcp, 9787/tcp, 62066/tcp, 41725/tcp, 6114/tcp (WRspice IPC Service), 46620/tcp, 42052/tcp, 44884/tcp, 2655/tcp (UNIX Nt Glue), 64043/tcp, 61381/tcp, 38119/tcp, 8219/tcp, 31021/tcp, 42939/tcp, 49008/tcp, 13162/tcp, 48365/tcp, 12366/tcp, 23563/tcp, 49135/tcp, 36746/tcp, 16693/tcp, 34151/tcp, 10303/tcp, 25526/tcp, 23996/tcp, 25500/tcp, 54143/tcp, 36625/tcp, 23629/tcp, 9638/tcp, 64946/tcp, 30483/tcp, 3309/tcp (TNS ADV), 10815/tcp, 19107/tcp, 5905/tcp, 48554/tcp, 36398/tcp, 38362/tcp, 41573/tcp, 42378/tcp, 28328/tcp, 64766/tcp, 39678/tcp, 60962/tcp, 38256/tcp, 63507/tcp, 41960/tcp, 43605/tcp, 1243/tcp (SerialGateway), 17566/tcp, 15663/tcp, 36674/tcp, 3961/tcp (ProAxess Server), 22789/tcp, 51134/tcp, 5680/tcp (Auriga Router Service), 8542/tcp, 16387/tcp, 30724/tcp, 39168/tcp, 6355/tcp (PMCS applications), 10062/tcp, 59041/tcp, 33702/tcp, 36568/tcp, 54258/tcp, 24106/tcp, 12779/tcp, 11216/tcp, 11011/tcp, 20614/tcp, 62863/tcp, 6974/tcp, 40573/tcp, 57445/tcp, 44754/tcp, 52902/tcp, 43375/tcp, 44694/tcp, 39896/tcp, 51914/tcp, 60568/tcp, 20196/tcp, 59612/tcp, 11240/tcp, 26819/tcp, 20947/tcp, 54722/tcp, 31769/tcp, 11848/tcp, 4965/tcp, 48693/tcp, 47766/tcp, 55990/tcp, 12511/tcp, 12193/tcp, 4920/tcp, 38189/tcp, 13635/tcp, 51716/tcp, 21465/tcp, 64878/tcp, 10795/tcp, 21032/tcp, 64977/tcp, 13564/tcp, 54655/tcp, 25381/tcp, 16966/tcp, 20087/tcp, 54325/tcp, 32242/tcp, 19728/tcp, 20672/tcp, 58924/tcp, 23323/tcp, 24780/tcp, 45568/tcp, 26749/tcp, 20132/tcp, 16708/tcp, 29431/tcp, 26565/tcp, 27719/tcp, 48462/tcp, 57820/tcp, 48898/tcp, 40724/tcp, 35847/tcp, 30923/tcp, 1693/tcp (rrirtr), 46329/tcp, 45664/tcp, 13369/tcp, 6927/tcp, 38593/tcp, 64014/tcp, 27687/tcp, 9314/tcp, 616/tcp (SCO System Administration Server), 32011/tcp, 36316/tcp, 15648/tcp, 30585/tcp, 39925/tcp, 13537/tcp, 30395/tcp, 31595/tcp, 49264/tcp, 49543/tcp, 32512/tcp, 15531/tcp, 55740/tcp, 18007/tcp, 57522/tcp, 18606/tcp, 59926/tcp, 1809/tcp (Oracle-VP1), 24058/tcp, 4954/tcp, 30183/tcp, 45498/tcp, 51827/tcp, 35978/tcp, 33775/tcp, 38086/tcp, 37249/tcp, 1169/tcp (TRIPWIRE), 21142/tcp, 62829/tcp, 12854/tcp, 39488/tcp, 36190/tcp, 51379/tcp, 49174/tcp, 27031/tcp, 64843/tcp, 26396/tcp, 52512/tcp, 36908/tcp, 22652/tcp, 17224/tcp, 56358/tcp, 24461/tcp, 46060/tcp, 58020/tcp, 34488/tcp, 12137/tcp, 23540/tcp, 10472/tcp, 32356/tcp, 43785/tcp, 42114/tcp, 32876/tcp, 19785/tcp, 15778/tcp, 25449/tcp, 60703/tcp, 44847/tcp, 27952/tcp, 56083/tcp, 52530/tcp, 54128/tcp, 51217/tcp, 64713/tcp, 16486/tcp, 31346/tcp, 19589/tcp, 36115/tcp, 8030/tcp, 59796/tcp, 3649/tcp (Nishioka Miyuki Msg Protocol), 24509/tcp, 20298/tcp, 56037/tcp, 52109/tcp, 49571/tcp, 28532/tcp, 27141/tcp, 54088/tcp, 47110/tcp, 5224/tcp (HP Virtual Machine Console Operations), 18162/tcp, 63171/tcp, 60493/tcp, 12447/tcp, 60562/tcp, 52460/tcp, 24167/tcp, 48525/tcp, 47858/tcp, 7985/tcp, 57648/tcp, 1737/tcp (ultimad), 17831/tcp, 29267/tcp, 65450/tcp, 10396/tcp, 38959/tcp, 13349/tcp, 8725/tcp, 18742/tcp, 60816/tcp, 8695/tcp, 44628/tcp, 3803/tcp (SoniqSync), 30609/tcp, 41221/tcp, 17021/tcp, 15074/tcp, 51753/tcp, 33280/tcp, 30381/tcp, 1434/tcp (Microsoft-SQL-Monitor), 30539/tcp, 18133/tcp, 28388/tcp, 38128/tcp, 49260/tcp, 27323/tcp, 42078/tcp, 20851/tcp, 22257/tcp, 49344/tcp, 38681/tcp, 49297/tcp, 49999/tcp, 57200/tcp, 9879/tcp, 30263/tcp, 5746/tcp (fcopys-server), 44329/tcp, 25754/tcp, 10525/tcp, 10552/tcp, 7920/tcp, 6897/tcp, 49060/tcp, 44607/tcp, 40325/tcp, 25712/tcp, 23592/tcp, 40092/tcp, 56374/tcp, 13799/tcp, 54629/tcp, 12633/tcp, 15410/tcp, 21013/tcp, 946/tcp, 9552/tcp, 39326/tcp, 47347/tcp, 24515/tcp, 51309/tcp, 20764/tcp, 64516/tcp, 39507/tcp, 53172/tcp, 36732/tcp, 51540/tcp, 52210/tcp, 23655/tcp, 39608/tcp, 14788/tcp, 27709/tcp, 31527/tcp, 13944/tcp, 62015/tcp, 5987/tcp (WBEM RMI), 28797/tcp, 37894/tcp, 34982/tcp, 39163/tcp, 44539/tcp, 11/tcp (Active Users), 51676/tcp, 40449/tcp, 5158/tcp, 9641/tcp, 19372/tcp, 61568/tcp, 33972/tcp, 30361/tcp, 40232/tcp, 13262/tcp, 42345/tcp, 33423/tcp, 49732/tcp, 868/tcp, 29785/tcp, 14297/tcp, 59561/tcp, 48286/tcp, 41217/tcp, 39082/tcp, 35842/tcp, 30247/tcp, 5418/tcp (MCNTP), 33787/tcp, 42523/tcp, 25397/tcp, 38899/tcp, 53471/tcp, 64876/tcp, 53449/tcp, 2071/tcp (Axon Control Protocol), 18180/tcp, 11568/tcp, 2836/tcp (catalyst), 35453/tcp, 32269/tcp, 46696/tcp, 19202/tcp, 9381/tcp, 39479/tcp, 23498/tcp, 8217/tcp, 55375/tcp, 20983/tcp, 41903/tcp, 10329/tcp, 2929/tcp (AMX-WEBADMIN), 56627/tcp, 45259/tcp, 7665/tcp, 45999/tcp, 3992/tcp (BindView-DirectoryServer), 7943/tcp, 53933/tcp, 58617/tcp, 1742/tcp (3Com-nsd), 20704/tcp, 15953/tcp, 18995/tcp, 40043/tcp, 12746/tcp, 63604/tcp, 50530/tcp, 41896/tcp, 39898/tcp, 34617/tcp, 30559/tcp, 41654/tcp, 16263/tcp, 11101/tcp, 27199/tcp, 40668/tcp, 47066/tcp, 5112/tcp (PeerMe Msg Cmd Service), 6161/tcp (PATROL Internet Srv Mgr), 28835/tcp, 37966/tcp, 61584/tcp, 39149/tcp, 51895/tcp, 44998/tcp, 54933/tcp, 47031/tcp, 9156/tcp, 42066/tcp, 63892/tcp, 19183/tcp, 7181/tcp, 10508/tcp, 43800/tcp, 49052/tcp, 53815/tcp, 24802/tcp, 14894/tcp, 55108/tcp, 65227/tcp, 11748/tcp, 64996/tcp, 39527/tcp, 8908/tcp, 38085/tcp, 1346/tcp (Alta Analytics License Manager), 50977/tcp, 2804/tcp (March Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products), 46652/tcp, 23014/tcp, 56313/tcp, 47675/tcp, 7193/tcp, 57054/tcp, 38284/tcp, 46980/tcp, 38836/tcp, 13155/tcp, 62562/tcp, 63452/tcp, 29569/tcp, 53994/tcp, 7528/tcp, 50926/tcp, 27966/tcp, 11860/tcp, 29878/tcp, 40516/tcp, 52891/tcp, 36033/tcp, 262/tcp (Arcisdms), 43570/tcp, 64473/tcp, 46299/tcp, 44480/tcp, 38438/tcp, 57007/tcp, 15560/tcp, 13133/tcp, 48800/tcp, 1214/tcp (KAZAA), 20153/tcp, 27368/tcp, 59837/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 409 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 61693/tcp, 54487/tcp, 53547/tcp, 21726/tcp, 48941/tcp, 56731/tcp, 34744/tcp, 24481/tcp, 36051/tcp, 23828/tcp, 40494/tcp, 1396/tcp (DVL Active Mail), 15770/tcp, 32348/tcp, 55843/tcp, 53220/tcp, 51942/tcp, 24534/tcp, 20605/tcp, 30652/tcp, 14288/tcp, 57510/tcp, 5406/tcp (Systemics Sox), 34026/tcp, 43359/tcp, 43052/tcp, 59389/tcp, 16819/tcp, 5195/tcp, 4461/tcp, 3204/tcp (Network Watcher DB Access), 48684/tcp, 43306/tcp, 46428/tcp, 47205/tcp, 34466/tcp, 45021/tcp, 27143/tcp, 58313/tcp, 21853/tcp, 25125/tcp, 3612/tcp (HP Data Protector), 24940/tcp, 24451/tcp, 29727/tcp, 56619/tcp, 39366/tcp, 40228/tcp, 54323/tcp, 18821/tcp, 56139/tcp, 14340/tcp, 32588/tcp, 27521/tcp, 30360/tcp, 4036/tcp (WAP Push OTA-HTTP secure), 37460/tcp, 16037/tcp, 40227/tcp, 58692/tcp, 25872/tcp, 4275/tcp, 2001/tcp (dc), 22164/tcp, 5878/tcp, 24542/tcp, 54829/tcp, 39992/tcp, 28637/tcp, 1186/tcp (MySQL Cluster Manager), 5193/tcp (AmericaOnline3), 30963/tcp, 49764/tcp, 48930/tcp, 34634/tcp, 10332/tcp, 29923/tcp, 14796/tcp, 42802/tcp, 41704/tcp, 26193/tcp, 25717/tcp, 43394/tcp, 59080/tcp, 23838/tcp, 17807/tcp, 13199/tcp, 32199/tcp, 19024/tcp, 55058/tcp, 64065/tcp, 7606/tcp, 14719/tcp, 14670/tcp, 16661/tcp, 13048/tcp, 41551/tcp, 47616/tcp, 49942/tcp, 52471/tcp, 48087/tcp, 50734/tcp, 49454/tcp, 54944/tcp, 63640/tcp, 50559/tcp, 54436/tcp, 34171/tcp, 26194/tcp, 37368/tcp, 15652/tcp, 43604/tcp, 4560/tcp, 17520/tcp, 10645/tcp, 29631/tcp, 37681/tcp, 42428/tcp, 1446/tcp (Optical Research Associates License Manager), 56488/tcp, 10179/tcp, 42790/tcp, 2808/tcp (J-LAN-P), 35233/tcp, 64518/tcp, 33554/tcp, 39001/tcp, 49157/tcp, 1034/tcp (ActiveSync Notifications), 34538/tcp, 59874/tcp, 33657/tcp, 15768/tcp, 3965/tcp (Avanti IP to NCPE API), 26955/tcp, 32993/tcp, 34827/tcp, 23436/tcp, 33908/tcp, 10020/tcp, 20677/tcp, 19385/tcp, 53578/tcp, 48428/tcp, 25598/tcp, 15723/tcp, 17125/tcp, 63502/tcp, 13246/tcp, 20969/tcp, 52016/tcp, 17162/tcp, 34199/tcp, 25029/tcp, 8083/tcp (Utilistor (Server)), 48824/tcp, 65302/tcp, 18050/tcp, 44978/tcp, 38703/tcp, 8199/tcp (VVR DATA), 4417/tcp, 14160/tcp, 46813/tcp, 32378/tcp, 36845/tcp, 33372/tcp, 54158/tcp, 51191/tcp, 12547/tcp, 14560/tcp, 35244/tcp, 48/tcp (Digital Audit Daemon), 28075/tcp, 10953/tcp, 46462/tcp, 32437/tcp, 54760/tcp, 56379/tcp, 28966/tcp, 10612/tcp, 55955/tcp, 30134/tcp, 56953/tcp, 63877/tcp, 48507/tcp, 25236/tcp, 60176/tcp, 64691/tcp, 40616/tcp, 44224/tcp, 2251/tcp (Distributed Framework Port), 20043/tcp, 9135/tcp, 65163/tcp, 26624/tcp, 26844/tcp, 61655/tcp, 33152/tcp, 60635/tcp, 5251/tcp (CA eTrust VM Service), 47231/tcp, 52156/tcp, 45806/tcp, 4104/tcp (Braille protocol), 21383/tcp, 32790/tcp, 13511/tcp, 38545/tcp, 42854/tcp, 9938/tcp, 34197/tcp, 33608/tcp, 30659/tcp, 7449/tcp, 38964/tcp, 57052/tcp, 8436/tcp, 33970/tcp, 22947/tcp, 50216/tcp, 45672/tcp, 39954/tcp, 2570/tcp (HS Port), 24752/tcp, 33631/tcp, 2627/tcp (Moshe Beeri), 61796/tcp, 53939/tcp, 41713/tcp, 56142/tcp, 29593/tcp, 16701/tcp, 34417/tcp, 47909/tcp, 50565/tcp, 60590/tcp, 58203/tcp, 698/tcp (OLSR), 35553/tcp, 11484/tcp, 59741/tcp, 12926/tcp, 50320/tcp, 30069/tcp, 35711/tcp, 12816/tcp, 55544/tcp, 55242/tcp, 56461/tcp, 62373/tcp, 3261/tcp (winShadow), 60995/tcp, 17181/tcp, 19927/tcp, 55699/tcp, 63533/tcp, 21359/tcp, 14688/tcp, 1800/tcp (ANSYS-License manager), 39202/tcp, 47037/tcp, 50800/tcp, 33503/tcp, 58626/tcp, 37096/tcp, 54049/tcp, 28309/tcp, 39122/tcp, 5874/tcp, 48986/tcp, 9752/tcp, 13041/tcp, 7759/tcp, 30667/tcp, 27418/tcp, 26110/tcp, 25117/tcp, 17315/tcp, 7544/tcp (FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer), 13593/tcp, 17775/tcp, 1719/tcp (h323gatestat), 31635/tcp, 10434/tcp, 32613/tcp, 32562/tcp, 2004/tcp (mailbox), 43065/tcp, 13284/tcp, 30819/tcp, 33591/tcp, 33856/tcp, 51064/tcp, 6752/tcp, 63265/tcp, 51069/tcp, 40000/tcp (SafetyNET p), 18211/tcp, 24958/tcp, 23904/tcp, 47463/tcp, 19466/tcp, 52328/tcp, 20725/tcp, 55674/tcp, 48171/tcp, 23591/tcp, 62501/tcp, 20215/tcp, 27525/tcp, 4015/tcp (Talarian Mcast), 27461/tcp, 44494/tcp, 42766/tcp, 44917/tcp, 6861/tcp, 28153/tcp, 35290/tcp, 36857/tcp, 46775/tcp, 44140/tcp, 6526/tcp, 51836/tcp, 12294/tcp, 38686/tcp, 16715/tcp, 3370/tcp, 44705/tcp, 23235/tcp, 50019/tcp, 36948/tcp, 38301/tcp, 26212/tcp, 9448/tcp, 47752/tcp, 33697/tcp, 43396/tcp, 12973/tcp, 37629/tcp, 25204/tcp, 14244/tcp, 26251/tcp, 40405/tcp, 20226/tcp, 65158/tcp, 45909/tcp, 54746/tcp, 44799/tcp, 34947/tcp, 22454/tcp, 16617/tcp, 42551/tcp, 57873/tcp, 2020/tcp (xinupageserver), 14354/tcp, 4152/tcp (iDigTech Multiplex), 57931/tcp, 15324/tcp, 59976/tcp, 55420/tcp, 57114/tcp, 61299/tcp, 38512/tcp, 55874/tcp, 2857/tcp (SimCtIP), 50737/tcp, 43725/tcp, 9812/tcp, 5871/tcp, 43107/tcp, 51143/tcp, 49452/tcp, 51702/tcp, 548/tcp (AFP over TCP), 17486/tcp, 58600/tcp, 21264/tcp, 26253/tcp, 29705/tcp, 25569/tcp, 47332/tcp, 25090/tcp, 6094/tcp, 46117/tcp, 51901/tcp, 12459/tcp, 52298/tcp, 39298/tcp, 40051/tcp, 34789/tcp, 54707/tcp, 8903/tcp, 47274/tcp, 37002/tcp, 48421/tcp, 55959/tcp, 4541/tcp, 39256/tcp, 1955/tcp (ABR-Secure Data (diskbridge)), 14792/tcp, 50051/tcp, 9893/tcp, 19497/tcp, 275/tcp, 1065/tcp (SYSCOMLAN), 31693/tcp, 33531/tcp, 60632/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 528 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 6804/tcp, 65453/tcp, 54885/tcp, 21454/tcp, 60202/tcp, 15599/tcp, 56612/tcp, 56482/tcp, 62835/tcp, 29719/tcp, 39596/tcp, 24575/tcp, 31041/tcp, 6731/tcp, 29808/tcp, 56761/tcp, 31214/tcp, 48137/tcp, 62981/tcp, 20943/tcp, 12520/tcp, 62378/tcp, 2260/tcp (APC 2260), 32271/tcp, 65342/tcp, 38369/tcp, 1933/tcp (IBM LM MT Agent), 61551/tcp, 30730/tcp, 22618/tcp, 64338/tcp, 17148/tcp, 39050/tcp, 25805/tcp, 63699/tcp, 7433/tcp, 62408/tcp, 64988/tcp, 795/tcp, 65262/tcp, 2851/tcp (webemshttp), 14280/tcp, 51835/tcp, 59740/tcp, 63632/tcp, 3686/tcp (Trivial Network Management), 6603/tcp, 58537/tcp, 39945/tcp, 36412/tcp, 2617/tcp (Clinical Context Managers), 4177/tcp (Wello P2P pubsub service), 50068/tcp, 4662/tcp (OrbitNet Message Service), 43908/tcp, 13577/tcp, 62087/tcp, 226/tcp, 13354/tcp, 52733/tcp, 61556/tcp, 64481/tcp, 60559/tcp, 31987/tcp, 51478/tcp, 59526/tcp, 64136/tcp, 4370/tcp (ELPRO V2 Protocol Tunnel), 11659/tcp, 32687/tcp, 24605/tcp, 10383/tcp, 6126/tcp, 94/tcp (Tivoli Object Dispatcher), 63561/tcp, 1424/tcp (Hybrid Encryption Protocol), 13489/tcp, 23791/tcp, 22634/tcp, 34028/tcp, 63831/tcp, 57320/tcp, 59726/tcp, 46557/tcp, 65104/tcp, 4935/tcp, 56753/tcp, 2986/tcp (STONEFALLS), 34633/tcp, 6203/tcp, 26378/tcp, 5281/tcp (Undo License Manager), 56693/tcp, 36723/tcp, 17748/tcp, 5584/tcp (BeInSync-Web), 63916/tcp, 33025/tcp, 58091/tcp, 6047/tcp, 24667/tcp, 60599/tcp, 64851/tcp, 9432/tcp, 23437/tcp, 43413/tcp, 19816/tcp, 54904/tcp, 62129/tcp, 63327/tcp, 12086/tcp, 63997/tcp, 2435/tcp (OptiLogic), 60518/tcp, 23337/tcp, 59229/tcp, 38272/tcp, 64961/tcp, 9317/tcp, 9363/tcp, 55877/tcp, 64685/tcp, 4711/tcp, 55620/tcp, 19151/tcp, 61032/tcp, 61260/tcp, 27205/tcp, 53200/tcp, 51005/tcp, 10133/tcp, 41586/tcp, 6154/tcp, 58682/tcp, 36419/tcp, 6871/tcp, 58277/tcp, 35446/tcp, 8959/tcp, 64662/tcp, 14453/tcp, 11016/tcp, 62116/tcp, 63443/tcp, 41032/tcp, 38199/tcp, 31849/tcp, 41186/tcp, 37080/tcp, 2582/tcp (ARGIS DS), 33532/tcp, 5151/tcp (ESRI SDE Instance), 1121/tcp (Datalode RMPP), 1272/tcp (CSPMLockMgr), 40564/tcp, 15045/tcp, 44440/tcp, 30454/tcp, 33236/tcp, 59042/tcp, 9799/tcp, 57825/tcp, 63083/tcp, 34485/tcp, 59218/tcp, 3018/tcp (Service Registry), 5/tcp (Remote Job Entry), 63708/tcp, 1783/tcp, 64989/tcp, 64483/tcp, 4723/tcp, 35747/tcp, 61040/tcp, 55320/tcp, 64024/tcp, 39291/tcp, 44816/tcp, 23418/tcp, 60372/tcp, 62153/tcp, 26524/tcp, 12904/tcp, 22407/tcp, 10875/tcp, 4267/tcp, 63294/tcp, 5708/tcp, 64472/tcp, 25351/tcp, 1125/tcp (HP VMM Agent), 64491/tcp, 61994/tcp, 2663/tcp (BinTec-TAPI), 61567/tcp, 42900/tcp, 18432/tcp, 37177/tcp, 58485/tcp, 1030/tcp (BBN IAD), 40383/tcp, 19285/tcp, 59215/tcp, 29519/tcp, 3516/tcp (Smartcard Port), 18121/tcp, 9026/tcp (Secure Web Access - 4), 20316/tcp, 60002/tcp, 45373/tcp, 46935/tcp, 59912/tcp, 7736/tcp, 59518/tcp, 64831/tcp, 2654/tcp (Corel VNC Admin), 61423/tcp, 194/tcp (Internet Relay Chat Protocol), 22000/tcp (SNAPenetIO), 58907/tcp, 36123/tcp, 338/tcp, 63366/tcp, 60242/tcp, 65256/tcp, 19169/tcp, 1138/tcp (encrypted admin requests), 53600/tcp, 53114/tcp, 51663/tcp, 11835/tcp, 2381/tcp (Compaq HTTPS), 33987/tcp, 1122/tcp (availant-mgr), 51144/tcp, 62497/tcp, 33895/tcp, 64493/tcp, 20696/tcp, 62072/tcp, 33960/tcp, 38523/tcp, 9153/tcp, 2174/tcp (MS Firewall Intra Array), 683/tcp (CORBA IIOP), 5984/tcp (CouchDB), 57290/tcp, 2179/tcp (Microsoft RDP for virtual machines), 61467/tcp, 45603/tcp, 59921/tcp, 33601/tcp, 36290/tcp, 8787/tcp (Message Server), 31195/tcp, 54836/tcp, 38050/tcp, 45338/tcp, 12777/tcp, 4166/tcp (Joost Peer to Peer Protocol), 39591/tcp, 1662/tcp (netview-aix-2), 7765/tcp, 56901/tcp, 24359/tcp, 24294/tcp, 64835/tcp, 63507/tcp, 62826/tcp, 4750/tcp (Simple Service Auto Discovery), 55430/tcp, 56466/tcp, 1441/tcp (Cadis License Management), 3351/tcp (Btrieve port), 26970/tcp, 63043/tcp, 64365/tcp, 60583/tcp, 16471/tcp, 46054/tcp, 13758/tcp, 60256/tcp, 3451/tcp (ASAM Services), 55377/tcp, 41605/tcp, 61572/tcp, 27440/tcp, 7076/tcp, 3963/tcp (Teran Hybrid Routing Protocol), 55152/tcp, 9549/tcp, 63048/tcp, 6084/tcp (Peer to Peer Infrastructure Protocol), 1268/tcp (PROPEL-MSGSYS), 48611/tcp, 10428/tcp, 56987/tcp, 8283/tcp, 2194/tcp, 17574/tcp, 31022/tcp, 28432/tcp, 5027/tcp (Storix I/O daemon (stat)), 22015/tcp, 64707/tcp, 24267/tcp, 5669/tcp, 50379/tcp, 35950/tcp, 40110/tcp, 34006/tcp, 572/tcp (sonar), 39407/tcp, 57820/tcp, 1963/tcp (WebMachine), 5232/tcp, 63962/tcp, 60556/tcp, 64219/tcp, 2759/tcp (APOLLO GMS), 21227/tcp, 34079/tcp, 11394/tcp, 33003/tcp, 419/tcp (Ariel 1), 61505/tcp, 3313/tcp (Unify Object Broker), 5865/tcp, 35325/tcp, 58134/tcp, 45930/tcp, 50260/tcp, 10367/tcp, 54709/tcp, 50532/tcp, 9010/tcp (Secure Data Replicator Protocol), 61678/tcp, 64310/tcp, 5051/tcp (ITA Agent), 49841/tcp, 49721/tcp, 60472/tcp, 6196/tcp, 3190/tcp (ConServR Proxy), 7384/tcp, 60072/tcp, 64447/tcp, 4939/tcp, 39026/tcp, 63316/tcp, 62889/tcp, 35390/tcp, 64165/tcp, 18385/tcp, 64764/tcp, 21791/tcp, 1059/tcp (nimreg), 2429/tcp (FT-ROLE), 58791/tcp, 60213/tcp, 64351/tcp, 22283/tcp, 1305/tcp (pe-mike), 37515/tcp, 28554/tcp, 4500/tcp (IPsec NAT-Traversal), 59099/tcp, 4601/tcp (Piranha2), 57158/tcp, 2243/tcp (Magicom Protocol), 1545/tcp (vistium-share), 31630/tcp, 61759/tcp, 3690/tcp (Subversion), 57650/tcp, 8463/tcp, 53082/tcp, 61294/tcp, 46433/tcp, 58880/tcp, 37131/tcp, 2481/tcp (Oracle GIOP), 55788/tcp, 46568/tcp, 5789/tcp, 57131/tcp, 45330/tcp, 22257/tcp, 28473/tcp, 39537/tcp, 5401/tcp (Excerpt Search Secure), 60445/tcp, 58869/tcp, 1459/tcp (Proshare Notebook Application), 3840/tcp (www.FlirtMitMir.de), 64132/tcp, 552/tcp (DeviceShare), 9456/tcp, 4827/tcp (HTCP), 2121/tcp (SCIENTIA-SSDB), 32314/tcp, 2278/tcp (Simple Stacked Sequences Database), 17747/tcp, 1283/tcp (Product Information), 56796/tcp, 3731/tcp (Service Manager), 3370/tcp, 1456/tcp (DCA), 60834/tcp, 24648/tcp, 57350/tcp, 63851/tcp, 20945/tcp, 16645/tcp, 58104/tcp, 20216/tcp, 51590/tcp, 63412/tcp, 40402/tcp, 37634/tcp, 1738/tcp (GameGen1), 868/tcp, 1360/tcp (MIMER), 58026/tcp, 59434/tcp, 58353/tcp, 2991/tcp (WKSTN-MON), 55797/tcp, 12024/tcp, 20758/tcp, 52662/tcp, 37712/tcp, 59637/tcp, 9137/tcp, 3182/tcp (BMC Patrol Rendezvous), 4962/tcp, 51808/tcp, 61002/tcp, 2071/tcp (Axon Control Protocol), 46854/tcp, 1078/tcp (Avocent Proxy Protocol), 60107/tcp, 56558/tcp, 57747/tcp, 6864/tcp, 4297/tcp, 1349/tcp (Registration Network Protocol), 52709/tcp, 5132/tcp, 4082/tcp (Lorica outside facing), 60402/tcp, 59069/tcp, 42094/tcp, 30511/tcp, 9591/tcp, 23249/tcp, 59421/tcp, 60918/tcp, 23945/tcp, 19712/tcp, 37650/tcp, 6819/tcp, 63351/tcp, 27105/tcp, 26489/tcp (EXOnet), 54012/tcp, 57671/tcp, 6207/tcp, 64/tcp (Communications Integrator (CI)), 24207/tcp, 48109/tcp, 37707/tcp, 56569/tcp, 2633/tcp (InterIntelli), 28818/tcp, 3874/tcp (SixXS Configuration), 8610/tcp (Canon MFNP Service), 1706/tcp (jetform), 33901/tcp, 57920/tcp, 16844/tcp, 64664/tcp, 65156/tcp, 19512/tcp, 62097/tcp, 31352/tcp, 24975/tcp, 64637/tcp, 7887/tcp (Universal Broker), 54301/tcp, 54906/tcp, 59799/tcp, 26162/tcp, 2740/tcp (Alarm), 42908/tcp, 4451/tcp (CTI System Msg), 24813/tcp, 32168/tcp, 42451/tcp, 24368/tcp, 7868/tcp, 61801/tcp, 52909/tcp, 62751/tcp, 2010/tcp (search), 62175/tcp, 8361/tcp, 62562/tcp, 3721/tcp (Xsync), 57166/tcp, 58696/tcp, 11328/tcp, 57179/tcp, 304/tcp, 52355/tcp, 295/tcp, 64538/tcp, 56222/tcp, 64823/tcp, 6449/tcp, 11781/tcp, 39899/tcp, 33030/tcp, 34414/tcp, 2237/tcp (Optech Port1 License Manager).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 5304 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 50315/tcp, 63320/tcp, 19534/tcp, 18213/tcp, 11539/tcp, 46170/tcp, 28230/tcp, 53565/tcp, 22602/tcp, 62196/tcp, 12158/tcp, 51936/tcp, 6251/tcp (TL1 Raw Over SSL/TLS), 37768/tcp, 11301/tcp, 14588/tcp, 2697/tcp (Oce SNMP Trap Port), 51718/tcp, 23729/tcp, 14015/tcp, 6057/tcp, 37734/tcp, 65075/tcp, 16829/tcp, 31625/tcp, 57572/tcp, 51790/tcp, 39329/tcp, 21511/tcp, 62597/tcp, 26366/tcp, 34120/tcp, 65331/tcp, 28103/tcp, 59002/tcp, 19239/tcp, 1006/tcp, 42089/tcp, 57325/tcp, 25348/tcp, 35020/tcp, 64883/tcp, 7914/tcp, 63996/tcp, 23551/tcp, 31579/tcp, 29387/tcp, 17948/tcp, 42532/tcp, 27327/tcp, 61005/tcp, 26232/tcp, 32425/tcp, 28235/tcp, 28822/tcp, 58214/tcp, 31841/tcp, 32771/tcp (FileNET RMI), 14423/tcp, 16858/tcp, 62151/tcp, 20891/tcp, 1905/tcp (Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol), 32022/tcp, 47325/tcp, 49940/tcp, 32852/tcp, 63428/tcp, 60826/tcp, 50324/tcp, 31033/tcp, 61751/tcp, 59891/tcp, 65329/tcp, 55695/tcp, 22475/tcp, 49914/tcp, 17723/tcp, 357/tcp (bhevent), 44730/tcp, 35823/tcp, 25713/tcp, 26743/tcp, 55432/tcp, 56731/tcp, 47372/tcp, 56877/tcp, 22937/tcp, 9609/tcp, 56680/tcp, 60520/tcp, 3005/tcp (Genius License Manager), 1152/tcp (Winpopup LAN Messenger), 22926/tcp, 1513/tcp (Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc), 62337/tcp, 17905/tcp, 50224/tcp, 41159/tcp, 24672/tcp, 8235/tcp, 26013/tcp, 24032/tcp, 58620/tcp, 21818/tcp, 25010/tcp, 62223/tcp, 63626/tcp, 52701/tcp, 65291/tcp, 27724/tcp, 30619/tcp, 33825/tcp, 65064/tcp, 59818/tcp, 29189/tcp, 1863/tcp (MSNP), 59210/tcp, 27927/tcp, 61606/tcp, 59175/tcp, 55585/tcp, 3589/tcp (isomair), 1440/tcp (Eicon Service Location Protocol), 41360/tcp, 58219/tcp, 60876/tcp, 65053/tcp, 39975/tcp, 19653/tcp, 45192/tcp, 17797/tcp, 41959/tcp, 22875/tcp, 387/tcp (Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.), 43143/tcp, 9371/tcp, 15636/tcp, 24133/tcp, 22637/tcp, 36847/tcp, 32779/tcp, 36547/tcp, 41414/tcp, 63058/tcp, 56147/tcp, 32114/tcp, 9517/tcp, 65487/tcp, 2159/tcp (GDB Remote Debug Port), 55103/tcp, 986/tcp, 7270/tcp, 36942/tcp, 60610/tcp, 14971/tcp, 372/tcp (ListProcessor), 58856/tcp, 60802/tcp, 8634/tcp, 64010/tcp, 63139/tcp, 5711/tcp, 56470/tcp, 64057/tcp, 56397/tcp, 18828/tcp, 3282/tcp (Datusorb), 10336/tcp, 49168/tcp, 27732/tcp, 29757/tcp, 59694/tcp, 64451/tcp, 55128/tcp, 59993/tcp, 19339/tcp, 56642/tcp, 63617/tcp, 22126/tcp, 15829/tcp, 46313/tcp, 3831/tcp (Docsvault Application Service), 2598/tcp (Citrix MA Client), 33395/tcp, 2370/tcp (L3-HBMon), 6576/tcp, 65022/tcp, 13385/tcp, 55520/tcp, 14872/tcp, 176/tcp (GENRAD-MUX), 23091/tcp, 2559/tcp (LSTP), 55096/tcp, 60230/tcp, 23599/tcp, 19259/tcp, 21507/tcp, 16375/tcp, 21162/tcp, 53993/tcp, 11168/tcp, 62316/tcp, 19201/tcp, 15428/tcp, 52887/tcp, 27175/tcp, 34779/tcp, 14880/tcp, 33095/tcp, 19742/tcp, 22837/tcp, 53206/tcp, 22518/tcp, 8088/tcp (Radan HTTP), 2005/tcp (berknet), 23145/tcp, 57762/tcp, 4876/tcp, 60106/tcp, 1195/tcp (RSF-1 clustering), 25732/tcp, 29149/tcp, 28527/tcp, 18824/tcp, 1851/tcp (ctcd), 50625/tcp, 53636/tcp, 15509/tcp, 50433/tcp, 28324/tcp, 4356/tcp (QSNet Assistant), 1172/tcp (DNA Protocol), 55458/tcp, 7697/tcp (KLIO communications), 55925/tcp, 26943/tcp, 42698/tcp, 19626/tcp, 6450/tcp, 62861/tcp, 62516/tcp, 61177/tcp, 186/tcp (KIS Protocol), 57462/tcp, 61279/tcp, 62915/tcp, 42863/tcp, 32528/tcp, 61578/tcp, 15526/tcp, 59138/tcp, 16020/tcp (Filemaker Java Web Publishing Core), 58323/tcp, 58569/tcp, 28065/tcp, 28495/tcp, 39434/tcp, 61461/tcp, 7860/tcp, 55250/tcp, 5043/tcp (ShopWorX Administration), 17594/tcp, 51576/tcp, 62434/tcp, 55011/tcp, 31917/tcp, 53281/tcp, 17936/tcp, 51124/tcp, 6343/tcp (sFlow traffic monitoring), 1470/tcp (Universal Analytics), 63439/tcp, 59448/tcp, 16036/tcp, 28711/tcp, 1594/tcp (sixtrak), 1932/tcp (CTT Broker), 23745/tcp, 61961/tcp, 22310/tcp, 38007/tcp, 58315/tcp, 25375/tcp, 58584/tcp, 38027/tcp, 61897/tcp, 62845/tcp, 65459/tcp, 30565/tcp, 21191/tcp, 33460/tcp, 65216/tcp, 37023/tcp, 65503/tcp, 5062/tcp (Localisation access), 51652/tcp, 35812/tcp, 1117/tcp (ARDUS Multicast Transfer), 30841/tcp, 47902/tcp, 62643/tcp, 26724/tcp, 26219/tcp, 61669/tcp, 35588/tcp, 62245/tcp, 62550/tcp, 54340/tcp, 61297/tcp, 29395/tcp, 33436/tcp, 32363/tcp, 50849/tcp, 33039/tcp, 18150/tcp, 25708/tcp, 14253/tcp, 35058/tcp, 54256/tcp, 17167/tcp, 22922/tcp, 27043/tcp, 36607/tcp, 34852/tcp, 46327/tcp, 25367/tcp, 62939/tcp, 52562/tcp, 57153/tcp, 58100/tcp, 34958/tcp, 3489/tcp (DTP/DIA), 54640/tcp, 60174/tcp, 58137/tcp, 63826/tcp, 30946/tcp, 61987/tcp, 2254/tcp (Seismic P.O.C. Port), 47572/tcp, 52855/tcp, 44220/tcp, 61594/tcp, 22991/tcp, 31279/tcp, 61723/tcp, 64004/tcp, 36761/tcp, 24448/tcp, 14025/tcp, 59838/tcp, 65264/tcp, 58241/tcp, 21607/tcp, 61769/tcp, 4646/tcp, 29081/tcp, 26993/tcp, 22188/tcp, 50687/tcp, 17312/tcp, 28541/tcp, 4203/tcp, 59592/tcp, 62047/tcp, 29100/tcp, 61440/tcp, 2708/tcp (Banyan-Net), 28189/tcp, 6730/tcp, 25816/tcp, 48722/tcp, 19289/tcp, 52163/tcp, 55030/tcp, 56581/tcp, 53738/tcp, 63543/tcp, 61049/tcp, 12796/tcp, 63896/tcp, 55247/tcp, 29219/tcp, 6125/tcp, 58853/tcp, 63939/tcp, 54190/tcp, 11974/tcp, 2043/tcp (isis-bcast), 57489/tcp, 14415/tcp, 4689/tcp (Altova DatabaseCentral), 63334/tcp, 47205/tcp, 48749/tcp, 49695/tcp, 49984/tcp, 55949/tcp, 32774/tcp (FileNET Rules Engine), 2300/tcp (CVMMON), 4285/tcp, 64811/tcp, 57691/tcp, 59166/tcp, 63489/tcp, 6630/tcp, 63163/tcp, 43489/tcp, 24917/tcp, 1756/tcp (capfast-lmd), 57436/tcp, 26508/tcp, 21373/tcp, 56812/tcp, 27643/tcp, 53582/tcp, 52668/tcp, 5273/tcp, 332/tcp, 35715/tcp, 58483/tcp, 1732/tcp (proxim), 39415/tcp, 62758/tcp, 21491/tcp, 3293/tcp (fg-fps), 47438/tcp, 27092/tcp, 11041/tcp, 34609/tcp, 47054/tcp, 18720/tcp, 57053/tcp, 30022/tcp, 4889/tcp, 27659/tcp, 41666/tcp, 714/tcp (IRIS over XPCS), 64678/tcp, 20999/tcp (At Hand MMP), 24678/tcp (Turbopower Proactivate), 34244/tcp, 58960/tcp, 60705/tcp, 17386/tcp, 31438/tcp, 30884/tcp, 65529/tcp, 3977/tcp (Opsware Manager), 55547/tcp, 60448/tcp, 55197/tcp, 46967/tcp, 43826/tcp, 35342/tcp, 47148/tcp, 4195/tcp, 21815/tcp, 56216/tcp, 47989/tcp, 61513/tcp, 26432/tcp, 65356/tcp, 21853/tcp, 47113/tcp, 1663/tcp (netview-aix-3), 3262/tcp (NECP), 27278/tcp, 11176/tcp, 29508/tcp, 36531/tcp, 37061/tcp, 65367/tcp, 35185/tcp, 44199/tcp, 11793/tcp, 5884/tcp, 13152/tcp, 45243/tcp, 5606/tcp, 62593/tcp, 15555/tcp (Cisco Stateful NAT), 2362/tcp (digiman), 15737/tcp, 9090/tcp (WebSM), 4521/tcp, 14225/tcp, 65153/tcp, 19923/tcp, 63453/tcp, 42843/tcp, 54148/tcp, 52625/tcp, 36069/tcp, 62297/tcp, 17704/tcp, 58701/tcp, 57006/tcp, 35458/tcp, 24997/tcp, 24871/tcp, 64289/tcp, 45515/tcp, 17713/tcp, 46308/tcp, 58392/tcp, 35104/tcp, 33074/tcp, 56501/tcp, 31095/tcp, 27108/tcp, 22453/tcp, 24940/tcp, 25094/tcp, 53252/tcp, 34901/tcp, 61905/tcp, 21461/tcp, 20534/tcp, 60010/tcp, 57952/tcp, 27616/tcp, 24029/tcp, 31425/tcp, 24378/tcp, 45910/tcp, 56309/tcp, 31103/tcp, 960/tcp, 45799/tcp, 54120/tcp, 30203/tcp, 63964/tcp, 53225/tcp, 53710/tcp, 37646/tcp, 29727/tcp, 278/tcp, 9757/tcp, 36461/tcp, 30149/tcp, 53014/tcp, 63188/tcp, 54409/tcp, 35320/tcp, 52633/tcp, 57135/tcp, 21626/tcp, 16074/tcp, 32782/tcp, 25540/tcp, 629/tcp (3Com AMP3), 34782/tcp, 57516/tcp, 4854/tcp, 4308/tcp (CompX-LockView), 63599/tcp, 59655/tcp, 60603/tcp, 121/tcp (Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call), 17490/tcp, 21822/tcp, 30579/tcp, 63213/tcp, 54502/tcp, 61458/tcp, 2319/tcp (InfoLibria), 52810/tcp, 26732/tcp, 37842/tcp, 60885/tcp, 32890/tcp, 53655/tcp, 5116/tcp, 682/tcp (XFR), 57088/tcp, 56723/tcp, 42970/tcp, 52462/tcp, 28227/tcp, 43532/tcp, 26992/tcp, 58627/tcp, 28654/tcp, 54098/tcp, 33763/tcp, 55433/tcp, 10390/tcp, 24213/tcp, 43245/tcp, 14180/tcp, 20845/tcp, 13315/tcp, 3883/tcp (VR Peripheral Network), 27789/tcp, 22180/tcp, 18747/tcp, 3708/tcp (Sun App Svr - Naming), 38819/tcp, 50615/tcp, 63307/tcp, 26513/tcp, 59864/tcp, 20572/tcp, 24529/tcp, 4543/tcp, 24329/tcp, 12303/tcp, 14744/tcp, 61716/tcp, 1051/tcp (Optima VNET), 56724/tcp, 35558/tcp, 56408/tcp, 60001/tcp, 33682/tcp, 30960/tcp, 1505/tcp (Funk Software, Inc.), 56054/tcp, 20061/tcp, 41578/tcp, 3811/tcp (AMP), 6545/tcp, 20126/tcp, 24797/tcp, 61787/tcp, 63491/tcp, 36550/tcp, 1310/tcp (Husky), 1789/tcp (hello), 64105/tcp, 55023/tcp, 37274/tcp, 2156/tcp (Talari Reliable Protocol), 6303/tcp, 5353/tcp (Multicast DNS), 3421/tcp (Bull Apprise portmapper), 52928/tcp, 50570/tcp, 31914/tcp, 52998/tcp, 11916/tcp, 54801/tcp, 59083/tcp, 31087/tcp, 60212/tcp, 28892/tcp, 30189/tcp, 63843/tcp, 45683/tcp, 63469/tcp, 33060/tcp, 30671/tcp, 63756/tcp, 1517/tcp (Virtual Places Audio control), 10160/tcp (QB Database Server), 19880/tcp, 29914/tcp, 58672/tcp, 23472/tcp, 15098/tcp, 59764/tcp, 26632/tcp, 49430/tcp, 25635/tcp, 65361/tcp, 1443/tcp (Integrated Engineering Software), 30760/tcp, 12104/tcp, 65519/tcp, 20772/tcp, 58899/tcp, 27754/tcp, 63991/tcp, 33617/tcp, 38227/tcp, 3710/tcp (PortGate Authentication), 63190/tcp, 2072/tcp (GlobeCast mSync), 62093/tcp, 21277/tcp, 2183/tcp (Code Green configuration), 58683/tcp, 59455/tcp, 57908/tcp, 55423/tcp, 56697/tcp, 31765/tcp (GameSmith Port), 55539/tcp, 14426/tcp, 17374/tcp, 43599/tcp, 62486/tcp, 64775/tcp, 63790/tcp, 60863/tcp, 54877/tcp, 61923/tcp, 59261/tcp, 61224/tcp, 19442/tcp, 7032/tcp, 46937/tcp, 29662/tcp, 19535/tcp, 58872/tcp, 61713/tcp, 24532/tcp, 16429/tcp, 26675/tcp, 52337/tcp, 57446/tcp, 65103/tcp, 53382/tcp, 64856/tcp, 61967/tcp, 33633/tcp, 2648/tcp (Upsnotifyprot), 57334/tcp, 23772/tcp, 22739/tcp, 5822/tcp, 44353/tcp, 32925/tcp, 29254/tcp, 12277/tcp, 40010/tcp, 14261/tcp, 21875/tcp, 3570/tcp (MCC Web Server Port), 54367/tcp, 28746/tcp, 49848/tcp, 54697/tcp, 40821/tcp, 32328/tcp, 3017/tcp (Event Listener), 63923/tcp, 9563/tcp, 14834/tcp, 52541/tcp, 58918/tcp, 29487/tcp, 5008/tcp (Synapsis EDGE), 37007/tcp, 41824/tcp, 56043/tcp, 9422/tcp, 24978/tcp, 33439/tcp, 22457/tcp, 26005/tcp, 18570/tcp, 47878/tcp, 63707/tcp, 61840/tcp, 35969/tcp, 28662/tcp, 62340/tcp, 40510/tcp, 36189/tcp, 2786/tcp (aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database), 23026/tcp, 6799/tcp, 30611/tcp, 62642/tcp, 47864/tcp, 62507/tcp, 17913/tcp, 28340/tcp, 64658/tcp, 3256/tcp (Compaq RPM Agent Port), 62086/tcp, 58001/tcp, 12441/tcp, 58910/tcp, 61670/tcp, 61315/tcp, 24113/tcp, 59534/tcp, 2812/tcp (atmtcp), 8935/tcp, 22110/tcp, 64482/tcp, 37942/tcp, 21675/tcp, 23153/tcp, 2013/tcp (raid-am), 60394/tcp, 48191/tcp, 63638/tcp, 60867/tcp, 65366/tcp, 60112/tcp, 52416/tcp, 50896/tcp, 14882/tcp, 60094/tcp, 24886/tcp, 1398/tcp (Video Active Mail), 45945/tcp, 7535/tcp, 59329/tcp, 31495/tcp, 12022/tcp, 22215/tcp, 35158/tcp, 65530/tcp, 23564/tcp, 64272/tcp, 4392/tcp (American Printware RXServer Protocol), 52160/tcp, 58146/tcp, 51870/tcp, 25859/tcp, 59003/tcp, 63416/tcp, 15461/tcp, 30162/tcp, 1075/tcp (RDRMSHC), 61213/tcp, 4273/tcp, 32736/tcp, 21764/tcp, 21391/tcp, 58344/tcp, 55576/tcp, 55997/tcp, 19128/tcp, 21145/tcp, 10663/tcp, 55878/tcp, 20883/tcp, 59120/tcp, 34623/tcp, 486/tcp (avian), 21199/tcp, 65319/tcp, 62043/tcp, 20961/tcp, 61333/tcp, 5613/tcp, 40541/tcp, 57944/tcp, 5968/tcp (mppolicy-v5), 43169/tcp, 27119/tcp, 22822/tcp, 52146/tcp, 62970/tcp, 19207/tcp, 54849/tcp, 37415/tcp, 26705/tcp, 20624/tcp, 5392/tcp, 54611/tcp, 1124/tcp (HP VMM Control), 9267/tcp, 54482/tcp, 9289/tcp, 25751/tcp, 60950/tcp, 4875/tcp, 42186/tcp, 26097/tcp, 56350/tcp, 60687/tcp, 544/tcp (krcmd), 60364/tcp, 40860/tcp, 12020/tcp, 18159/tcp, 33655/tcp, 23918/tcp, 17450/tcp, 1159/tcp (Oracle OMS), 199/tcp (SMUX), 31963/tcp, 2002/tcp (globe), 59857/tcp, 58973/tcp, 33536/tcp, 5815/tcp, 22053/tcp, 35096/tcp, 41240/tcp, 63509/tcp, 61731/tcp, 54628/tcp, 29733/tcp, 5023/tcp (Htuil Server for PLD2), 62296/tcp, 39413/tcp, 60502/tcp, 63397/tcp, 6026/tcp, 50387/tcp, 56185/tcp, 58790/tcp, 19277/tcp, 55440/tcp, 33363/tcp, 729/tcp (IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client), 59371/tcp, 38134/tcp, 10701/tcp, 21756/tcp, 63861/tcp, 34920/tcp, 15736/tcp, 21407/tcp, 7595/tcp, 2502/tcp (Kentrox Protocol), 4323/tcp (TRIM ICE Service), 40621/tcp, 58253/tcp, 871/tcp, 55701/tcp, 2221/tcp (Rockwell CSP1), 61340/tcp, 54859/tcp, 57354/tcp, 242/tcp (Direct), 7030/tcp (ObjectPlanet probe), 61879/tcp, 11666/tcp, 61887/tcp, 62170/tcp, 2262/tcp (CoMotion Backup Server), 27324/tcp, 26640/tcp, 53364/tcp, 15076/tcp, 32668/tcp, 57623/tcp, 60183/tcp, 9652/tcp, 35047/tcp, 63961/tcp, 33585/tcp, 33344/tcp, 63025/tcp, 54666/tcp, 65183/tcp, 38880/tcp, 64794/tcp, 32498/tcp, 44216/tcp, 65202/tcp, 12958/tcp, 20915/tcp, 29086/tcp, 55609/tcp, 44919/tcp, 28111/tcp, 63318/tcp, 52945/tcp, 58609/tcp, 45883/tcp, 53855/tcp, 55801/tcp, 63243/tcp, 40840/tcp, 18323/tcp, 38656/tcp, 57545/tcp, 62212/tcp, 19143/tcp, 62954/tcp, 12212/tcp, 53244/tcp, 13014/tcp, 27165/tcp, 20085/tcp, 61524/tcp, 25067/tcp, 62155/tcp, 64332/tcp, 60459/tcp, 51725/tcp, 45372/tcp, 25394/tcp, 20937/tcp, 54758/tcp, 43442/tcp, 35861/tcp, 1578/tcp (Jacobus License Manager), 51071/tcp, 59068/tcp, 56041/tcp, 9986/tcp, 24507/tcp, 18059/tcp, 32741/tcp, 60164/tcp, 58371/tcp, 52292/tcp, 23391/tcp, 55090/tcp, 856/tcp, 2124/tcp (ELATELINK), 39891/tcp, 16055/tcp, 3236/tcp (appareNet Test Server), 22202/tcp, 18231/tcp, 3343/tcp (MS Cluster Net), 2293/tcp (Network Platform Debug Manager), 19707/tcp, 17743/tcp, 3540/tcp (PNRP User Port), 64515/tcp, 37588/tcp, 46594/tcp, 19069/tcp, 580/tcp (SNTP HEARTBEAT), 35439/tcp, 8687/tcp, 1267/tcp (eTrust Policy Compliance), 19607/tcp, 21434/tcp, 7103/tcp, 24051/tcp, 15026/tcp, 57918/tcp, 64921/tcp, 22234/tcp, 32909/tcp, 58345/tcp, 1455/tcp (ESL License Manager), 64556/tcp, 58407/tcp, 33230/tcp, 621/tcp (ESCP), 57100/tcp, 13388/tcp, 61296/tcp, 45484/tcp, 51681/tcp, 55493/tcp, 18296/tcp, 40513/tcp, 26386/tcp, 878/tcp, 53355/tcp, 18977/tcp, 20245/tcp, 65147/tcp, 23167/tcp, 6034/tcp, 52872/tcp, 36028/tcp, 47882/tcp, 28722/tcp, 26546/tcp, 144/tcp (Universal Management Architecture), 31176/tcp, 32587/tcp, 459/tcp (ampr-rcmd), 33855/tcp, 3770/tcp (Cinderella Collaboration), 40775/tcp, 51649/tcp, 55995/tcp, 52070/tcp, 35507/tcp, 64629/tcp, 65495/tcp, 551/tcp (cybercash), 39102/tcp, 56228/tcp, 62791/tcp, 8973/tcp, 30530/tcp, 5522/tcp, 12760/tcp, 61379/tcp, 18031/tcp, 3597/tcp (A14 (AN-to-SC/MM)), 26035/tcp, 15691/tcp, 3124/tcp (Beacon Port), 59548/tcp, 57171/tcp, 53692/tcp, 15983/tcp, 12293/tcp, 15455/tcp, 2151/tcp (DOCENT), 4702/tcp (NetXMS Server Synchronization), 25237/tcp, 9436/tcp, 52556/tcp, 45284/tcp, 34239/tcp, 58254/tcp, 37715/tcp, 34985/tcp, 55804/tcp, 15602/tcp, 5565/tcp, 62069/tcp, 11954/tcp, 5119/tcp, 64991/tcp, 1729/tcp, 63762/tcp, 2489/tcp (TSILB), 37934/tcp, 59080/tcp, 1694/tcp (rrimwm), 12085/tcp, 60033/tcp, 59391/tcp, 6884/tcp, 43838/tcp, 59507/tcp, 13788/tcp, 60253/tcp, 49792/tcp, 55049/tcp, 33201/tcp, 25535/tcp, 4189/tcp (Path Computation Element Communication Protocol), 15653/tcp, 60656/tcp, 64777/tcp, 16164/tcp, 63865/tcp, 45070/tcp, 57708/tcp, 22348/tcp, 11785/tcp, 28100/tcp, 51271/tcp, 24332/tcp, 15249/tcp, 35082/tcp, 57707/tcp, 7138/tcp, 60510/tcp, 454/tcp (ContentServer), 57815/tcp, 56032/tcp, 33047/tcp, 1102/tcp (ADOBE SERVER 1), 63880/tcp, 36404/tcp, 58802/tcp, 54974/tcp, 61604/tcp, 18509/tcp, 19380/tcp, 30322/tcp, 22529/tcp, 29711/tcp, 57781/tcp, 61198/tcp, 57279/tcp, 31179/tcp, 12276/tcp, 61509/tcp, 60075/tcp, 36578/tcp, 13122/tcp, 20369/tcp, 56/tcp (XNS Authentication), 4950/tcp (Sybase Server Monitor), 52762/tcp, 16801/tcp, 28089/tcp, 17017/tcp, 3909/tcp (SurfControl CPA), 57515/tcp, 57074/tcp, 64065/tcp, 33574/tcp, 64776/tcp, 29268/tcp, 31795/tcp, 11420/tcp, 3320/tcp (Office Link 2000), 58290/tcp, 53527/tcp, 44903/tcp, 63465/tcp, 17055/tcp, 11366/tcp, 59607/tcp, 28273/tcp, 15518/tcp, 1415/tcp (DBStar), 32722/tcp, 40394/tcp, 2113/tcp (HSL StoRM), 37727/tcp, 63269/tcp, 21080/tcp, 19515/tcp, 52564/tcp, 5373/tcp, 51979/tcp, 14136/tcp, 19708/tcp, 51763/tcp, 64624/tcp, 4594/tcp (IAS-Session (ANRI-ANRI)), 30527/tcp, 60999/tcp, 39457/tcp, 1018/tcp, 4329/tcp, 62013/tcp, 36631/tcp, 13760/tcp, 14826/tcp, 62899/tcp, 51373/tcp, 63072/tcp, 41478/tcp, 59348/tcp, 63308/tcp, 38496/tcp, 58426/tcp, 64645/tcp, 62581/tcp, 62529/tcp, 33093/tcp, 23231/tcp, 40237/tcp, 18659/tcp, 2379/tcp, 61850/tcp, 16556/tcp, 22138/tcp, 50168/tcp, 45527/tcp, 13169/tcp, 16839/tcp, 26113/tcp, 15055/tcp, 14949/tcp, 56223/tcp, 53865/tcp, 45653/tcp, 21972/tcp, 18907/tcp, 23375/tcp, 6751/tcp, 16620/tcp, 20550/tcp, 60380/tcp, 58150/tcp, 41013/tcp, 46372/tcp, 60237/tcp, 21037/tcp, 31538/tcp, 54574/tcp, 56195/tcp, 19643/tcp, 59276/tcp, 26189/tcp, 34766/tcp, 32455/tcp, 63478/tcp, 20358/tcp, 18669/tcp, 1859/tcp (Gamma Fetcher Server), 7522/tcp, 51070/tcp, 54947/tcp, 2932/tcp (INCP), 2572/tcp (IBP), 7922/tcp, 15887/tcp, 60371/tcp, 35777/tcp, 39184/tcp, 2535/tcp (MADCAP), 57125/tcp, 8095/tcp, 433/tcp (NNSP), 32516/tcp, 26273/tcp, 24967/tcp, 51611/tcp, 60499/tcp, 16755/tcp, 60313/tcp, 60637/tcp, 23656/tcp, 55078/tcp, 37385/tcp, 63181/tcp, 63142/tcp, 41278/tcp, 62088/tcp, 35298/tcp, 1399/tcp (Cadkey License Manager), 22557/tcp, 46634/tcp, 34796/tcp, 50296/tcp, 10463/tcp, 24561/tcp, 13604/tcp, 16260/tcp, 18223/tcp, 40756/tcp, 33033/tcp, 28543/tcp, 35980/tcp, 34504/tcp, 40241/tcp, 2659/tcp (SNS Query), 294/tcp, 63361/tcp, 1370/tcp (Unix Shell to GlobalView), 404/tcp (nced), 18869/tcp, 14609/tcp, 44904/tcp, 63121/tcp, 4289/tcp, 51344/tcp, 12550/tcp, 27221/tcp, 21196/tcp, 2813/tcp (llm-pass), 58499/tcp, 59394/tcp, 63524/tcp, 55531/tcp, 38285/tcp, 15936/tcp, 40622/tcp, 54509/tcp, 19888/tcp, 56770/tcp, 28435/tcp, 52955/tcp, 63546/tcp, 26654/tcp, 5249/tcp (CA AC Lang Service), 33076/tcp, 41585/tcp, 65307/tcp, 20599/tcp, 1387/tcp (Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM), 44692/tcp, 58372/tcp, 2919/tcp (roboER), 59783/tcp, 26278/tcp, 26275/tcp, 10611/tcp, 14982/tcp, 25554/tcp, 15437/tcp, 40530/tcp, 25409/tcp, 22510/tcp, 56368/tcp, 6972/tcp, 36299/tcp, 16602/tcp, 57862/tcp, 26835/tcp, 7514/tcp, 5200/tcp (TARGUS GetData), 49942/tcp, 2276/tcp (iBridge Management), 48346/tcp, 45962/tcp, 59165/tcp, 6995/tcp, 46673/tcp, 46817/tcp, 11931/tcp, 60756/tcp, 52471/tcp, 61169/tcp, 33282/tcp, 35323/tcp, 34474/tcp, 10103/tcp (eZrelay), 63824/tcp, 57181/tcp, 2866/tcp (iwlistener), 8971/tcp, 34896/tcp, 18013/tcp, 11024/tcp, 27181/tcp, 14115/tcp, 38456/tcp, 50246/tcp, 9208/tcp (rjcdb vCard), 57357/tcp, 31984/tcp, 22429/tcp, 53529/tcp, 58715/tcp, 62342/tcp, 5015/tcp (FileMaker, Inc. - Web publishing), 29495/tcp, 39656/tcp, 63099/tcp, 53038/tcp, 54790/tcp, 887/tcp (ICL coNETion server info), 23053/tcp, 13135/tcp, 24337/tcp, 64512/tcp, 36596/tcp, 45768/tcp, 55257/tcp, 460/tcp (skronk), 56242/tcp, 22218/tcp, 6438/tcp, 6470/tcp, 53779/tcp, 52287/tcp, 53147/tcp, 13569/tcp, 63985/tcp, 54136/tcp, 40503/tcp, 65347/tcp, 1364/tcp (Network DataMover Server), 64442/tcp, 35367/tcp, 8844/tcp, 62108/tcp, 13485/tcp, 58354/tcp, 721/tcp, 33468/tcp, 38200/tcp, 33490/tcp, 29449/tcp, 56935/tcp, 25916/tcp, 8546/tcp, 21430/tcp, 58980/tcp, 17158/tcp, 16925/tcp, 21645/tcp, 30657/tcp, 13541/tcp, 35531/tcp, 59075/tcp, 8944/tcp, 40648/tcp, 16456/tcp, 10055/tcp (Quantapoint FLEXlm Licensing Service), 48489/tcp, 39000/tcp, 5800/tcp, 50815/tcp, 55020/tcp, 58334/tcp, 5407/tcp (Foresyte-Clear), 54997/tcp, 3927/tcp (ScsTsr), 62770/tcp, 60706/tcp, 5686/tcp, 8625/tcp, 57865/tcp, 33244/tcp, 22183/tcp, 40849/tcp, 21599/tcp, 33647/tcp, 23664/tcp, 40278/tcp, 61031/tcp, 35628/tcp, 42477/tcp, 61023/tcp, 59285/tcp, 26456/tcp, 12868/tcp, 59667/tcp, 1397/tcp (Audio Active Mail), 3886/tcp (NEI management port), 2205/tcp (Java Presentation Server), 65314/tcp, 56331/tcp, 65421/tcp, 54025/tcp, 24578/tcp, 53540/tcp, 65237/tcp, 62991/tcp, 10436/tcp, 51863/tcp, 65510/tcp, 64840/tcp, 19651/tcp, 34439/tcp, 32398/tcp, 58080/tcp, 55185/tcp, 60548/tcp, 17740/tcp, 16464/tcp, 3254/tcp (PDA System), 57227/tcp, 49681/tcp, 30087/tcp, 47353/tcp, 5492/tcp, 21546/tcp, 54793/tcp, 62518/tcp, 22853/tcp, 410/tcp (DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol), 39718/tcp, 46389/tcp, 62916/tcp, 58245/tcp, 932/tcp, 43032/tcp, 44738/tcp, 59356/tcp, 7749/tcp, 6989/tcp, 62150/tcp, 26289/tcp, 671/tcp (VACDSM-APP), 60415/tcp, 38618/tcp, 33887/tcp, 35393/tcp, 39649/tcp, 60387/tcp, 49254/tcp, 659/tcp, 35866/tcp, 23199/tcp, 60150/tcp, 36915/tcp, 3446/tcp (3Com FAX RPC port), 30441/tcp, 5592/tcp, 34236/tcp, 3224/tcp (AES Discovery Port), 64801/tcp, 16917/tcp, 63796/tcp, 34877/tcp, 62221/tcp, 4603/tcp (Men & Mice Upgrade Agent), 31587/tcp, 31568/tcp, 25224/tcp, 31806/tcp, 7245/tcp, 57293/tcp, 22702/tcp, 25954/tcp, 57980/tcp, 58261/tcp, 4295/tcp, 13798/tcp, 60413/tcp, 32482/tcp, 61772/tcp, 31703/tcp, 28178/tcp, 261/tcp (IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL), 3604/tcp (BMC JMX Port), 22556/tcp, 24586/tcp, 24091/tcp, 2428/tcp (One Way Trip Time), 26908/tcp, 18531/tcp, 8008/tcp (HTTP Alternate), 61159/tcp, 13069/tcp, 6949/tcp, 19597/tcp, 5173/tcp, 49484/tcp, 2519/tcp (globmsgsvc), 56634/tcp, 1978/tcp (UniSQL), 31887/tcp, 6742/tcp, 19358/tcp, 57687/tcp, 56726/tcp, 879/tcp, 56854/tcp, 63792/tcp, 126/tcp (NXEdit), 65486/tcp, 6180/tcp, 29273/tcp, 13123/tcp, 32103/tcp, 20926/tcp, 1772/tcp (EssWeb Gateway), 32038/tcp, 64976/tcp, 61851/tcp, 50133/tcp, 61853/tcp, 13231/tcp, 11266/tcp, 28086/tcp, 22575/tcp, 50440/tcp, 64184/tcp, 5932/tcp, 56315/tcp, 17429/tcp, 12723/tcp, 22613/tcp, 5505/tcp (Checkout Database), 37142/tcp, 45794/tcp, 56504/tcp, 16420/tcp, 16063/tcp, 36224/tcp, 62778/tcp, 1982/tcp (Evidentiary Timestamp), 12677/tcp, 34904/tcp, 60891/tcp, 4238/tcp, 58653/tcp, 57690/tcp, 56861/tcp, 53473/tcp, 62488/tcp, 44155/tcp, 33133/tcp, 25943/tcp, 30154/tcp, 17577/tcp, 28773/tcp, 63435/tcp, 59246/tcp, 56934/tcp, 15880/tcp, 34539/tcp, 22910/tcp, 64622/tcp, 37829/tcp, 53671/tcp, 34220/tcp, 7422/tcp, 54866/tcp, 21045/tcp, 5203/tcp (TARGUS GetData 3), 40529/tcp, 23645/tcp, 41979/tcp, 64591/tcp, 54785/tcp, 59738/tcp, 38756/tcp, 21283/tcp, 53690/tcp, 2808/tcp (J-LAN-P), 57261/tcp, 14498/tcp, 26746/tcp, 32660/tcp, 29181/tcp, 19989/tcp, 53913/tcp, 65123/tcp, 57039/tcp, 21783/tcp, 58283/tcp, 62416/tcp, 1359/tcp (FTSRV), 29908/tcp, 63607/tcp, 18905/tcp, 64518/tcp, 3994/tcp, 50957/tcp, 24862/tcp, 62823/tcp, 21153/tcp, 62351/tcp, 33598/tcp, 30468/tcp, 64382/tcp, 17090/tcp, 34377/tcp, 55722/tcp, 65192/tcp, 25835/tcp, 2389/tcp (OpenView Session Mgr), 62788/tcp, 3046/tcp (di-ase), 48675/tcp, 21245/tcp, 9825/tcp, 25097/tcp, 58072/tcp, 2448/tcp (hpppsvr), 4327/tcp (Jaxer Web Protocol), 62808/tcp, 1344/tcp (ICAP), 4454/tcp (NSS Agent Manager), 49657/tcp, 64661/tcp, 65210/tcp, 18332/tcp, 3408/tcp (BES Api Port), 32747/tcp, 22207/tcp, 36423/tcp, 65076/tcp, 59684/tcp, 36112/tcp, 8019/tcp (QB DB Dynamic Port), 25105/tcp, 20408/tcp, 65502/tcp, 36658/tcp, 9919/tcp, 8900/tcp (JMB-CDS 1), 58800/tcp, 59887/tcp, 40841/tcp (CSCP), 16239/tcp, 5627/tcp (Node Initiated Network Association Forma), 19086/tcp, 62870/tcp, 2068/tcp (Avocent AuthSrv Protocol), 30292/tcp, 59745/tcp, 62553/tcp, 56188/tcp, 571/tcp (udemon), 29222/tcp, 2936/tcp (OTPatch), 23126/tcp, 28408/tcp, 30387/tcp, 61341/tcp, 63891/tcp, 759/tcp (con), 45707/tcp, 106/tcp (3COM-TSMUX), 10874/tcp, 15836/tcp, 18040/tcp, 18515/tcp, 13725/tcp, 28186/tcp, 61909/tcp, 63556/tcp, 4251/tcp, 859/tcp, 29865/tcp, 39872/tcp, 63499/tcp, 61085/tcp, 65521/tcp, 4596/tcp (IAS-Neighbor (ANRI-ANRI)), 25435/tcp, 9017/tcp, 47916/tcp, 52699/tcp, 1016/tcp, 57909/tcp, 56831/tcp, 44469/tcp, 64535/tcp, 58663/tcp, 23491/tcp, 25589/tcp, 15372/tcp, 28643/tcp, 56969/tcp, 58888/tcp, 1194/tcp (OpenVPN), 31844/tcp, 52209/tcp, 14661/tcp, 14809/tcp, 14871/tcp, 43615/tcp, 56239/tcp, 15645/tcp, 54812/tcp, 48073/tcp, 52963/tcp, 55031/tcp, 13907/tcp, 9736/tcp, 55439/tcp, 33163/tcp, 57823/tcp, 64929/tcp, 58926/tcp, 54046/tcp, 57764/tcp, 48570/tcp, 49100/tcp, 26213/tcp, 5561/tcp, 63758/tcp, 5724/tcp (Operations Manager - SDK Service), 3065/tcp (slinterbase), 45972/tcp, 4869/tcp (Photon Relay Debug), 51733/tcp, 64665/tcp, 2954/tcp (OVALARMSRV-CMD), 27800/tcp, 53081/tcp, 42724/tcp, 14634/tcp, 10930/tcp, 41167/tcp, 57991/tcp, 48857/tcp, 55196/tcp, 56804/tcp, 20819/tcp, 60267/tcp, 59136/tcp, 35617/tcp, 60921/tcp, 62025/tcp, 4076/tcp (Seraph DCS), 2155/tcp (Bridge Protocol), 57523/tcp, 33241/tcp, 64714/tcp, 18177/tcp, 4262/tcp, 31555/tcp, 37969/tcp, 22872/tcp, 30917/tcp, 18404/tcp, 57864/tcp, 1037/tcp (AMS), 31952/tcp, 51241/tcp, 22672/tcp, 35442/tcp, 10419/tcp, 60622/tcp, 18623/tcp, 41894/tcp, 58442/tcp, 64056/tcp, 55936/tcp, 53798/tcp, 5367/tcp, 54225/tcp, 15491/tcp, 17440/tcp, 6376/tcp, 60959/tcp, 421/tcp (Ariel 2), 5138/tcp, 42848/tcp, 28305/tcp, 64583/tcp, 47646/tcp, 27797/tcp, 54360/tcp, 60623/tcp, 62542/tcp, 56351/tcp, 30103/tcp, 64500/tcp, 17309/tcp, 41129/tcp, 57343/tcp, 15345/tcp (XPilot Contact Port), 52006/tcp, 62859/tcp, 32284/tcp, 7206/tcp, 64299/tcp, 30638/tcp, 36455/tcp, 8387/tcp, 19599/tcp, 61359/tcp, 28649/tcp, 567/tcp (banyan-rpc), 53374/tcp, 53683/tcp, 39640/tcp, 63842/tcp, 59156/tcp, 55698/tcp, 598/tcp (SCO Web Server Manager 3), 3405/tcp (Nokia Announcement ch 1), 52336/tcp, 29930/tcp, 59502/tcp, 64508/tcp, 60812/tcp, 51311/tcp, 28013/tcp, 61501/tcp, 1294/tcp (CMMdriver), 22975/tcp, 64657/tcp, 20453/tcp, 59964/tcp, 1990/tcp (cisco STUN Priority 1 port), 86/tcp (Micro Focus Cobol), 53181/tcp, 28503/tcp, 33195/tcp, 45889/tcp, 57907/tcp, 27981/tcp, 32930/tcp, 61962/tcp, 63067/tcp, 59111/tcp, 19826/tcp, 17982/tcp, 6046/tcp, 17248/tcp, 54403/tcp, 57880/tcp, 23305/tcp, 18393/tcp, 23550/tcp, 62271/tcp, 1368/tcp (ScreenCast), 4896/tcp, 36466/tcp, 57672/tcp, 63178/tcp, 59674/tcp, 62236/tcp, 54102/tcp, 8495/tcp, 48885/tcp, 13923/tcp, 21734/tcp, 63965/tcp, 34952/tcp, 29527/tcp, 51990/tcp, 58875/tcp, 31073/tcp, 4901/tcp (FileLocator Remote Search Agent), 26381/tcp, 22656/tcp, 57888/tcp, 9225/tcp, 59088/tcp, 4136/tcp (Classic Line Database Server Request), 34444/tcp, 26681/tcp, 20680/tcp, 55736/tcp, 2486/tcp (Net Objects2), 17532/tcp, 23445/tcp, 17639/tcp, 29841/tcp, 14406/tcp, 64181/tcp, 13728/tcp, 54505/tcp, 58976/tcp, 46310/tcp, 59145/tcp, 27065/tcp, 57268/tcp, 26848/tcp, 60886/tcp, 61194/tcp, 32917/tcp, 35371/tcp, 2232/tcp (IVS Video default), 4378/tcp (Cambridge Pixel SPx Display), 56293/tcp, 30406/tcp, 15744/tcp, 51657/tcp, 61022/tcp, 56980/tcp, 36215/tcp, 11001/tcp (Metasys), 8314/tcp, 24729/tcp, 40056/tcp, 57669/tcp, 21445/tcp, 21953/tcp, 63570/tcp, 29411/tcp, 34401/tcp, 60172/tcp, 38777/tcp, 5427/tcp (SCO-PEER-TTA), 28876/tcp, 21561/tcp, 21403/tcp, 34763/tcp, 14671/tcp, 55077/tcp, 34801/tcp, 1828/tcp (itm-mcell-u), 11447/tcp, 18032/tcp, 31419/tcp, 2532/tcp (OVTOPMD), 1781/tcp (answersoft-lm), 52825/tcp, 61559/tcp, 3373/tcp (Lavenir License Manager), 9890/tcp, 40302/tcp, 31368/tcp, 61442/tcp, 65054/tcp, 54620/tcp, 31749/tcp, 5221/tcp (3eTI Extensible Management Protocol for OAMP), 16056/tcp, 58077/tcp, 54712/tcp, 63182/tcp, 22356/tcp, 65466/tcp, 29208/tcp, 61488/tcp, 11314/tcp, 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18959/tcp, 4435/tcp, 21508/tcp, 65134/tcp, 35963/tcp, 59922/tcp, 36626/tcp, 57150/tcp, 35147/tcp, 37615/tcp, 61221/tcp, 61178/tcp, 29346/tcp, 39253/tcp, 63097/tcp, 60464/tcp, 61041/tcp, 384/tcp (A Remote Network Server System), 59875/tcp, 60333/tcp, 20291/tcp, 49794/tcp, 65047/tcp, 62266/tcp, 54839/tcp, 8479/tcp, 56596/tcp, 54940/tcp, 28451/tcp, 20112/tcp, 31373/tcp, 14425/tcp, 60602/tcp, 63601/tcp, 56816/tcp, 61240/tcp, 10249/tcp, 40556/tcp, 17601/tcp, 64753/tcp, 17447/tcp, 37396/tcp, 34479/tcp, 52763/tcp, 60860/tcp, 13/tcp (Daytime (RFC 867)), 54463/tcp, 57361/tcp, 18442/tcp, 62526/tcp, 59245/tcp, 56235/tcp, 25997/tcp, 21184/tcp, 62681/tcp, 46789/tcp, 39218/tcp, 6146/tcp (Lone Wolf Systems License Manager), 19569/tcp, 64280/tcp, 57272/tcp, 30092/tcp, 9217/tcp (FSC Communication Port), 61864/tcp, 55522/tcp, 63872/tcp, 42024/tcp, 12531/tcp, 10847/tcp, 4475/tcp, 49921/tcp, 59483/tcp, 60566/tcp, 58427/tcp, 58628/tcp, 11795/tcp, 4070/tcp (Trivial IP Encryption (TrIPE)), 38915/tcp, 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61974/tcp, 6114/tcp (WRspice IPC Service), 22353/tcp, 25113/tcp, 20964/tcp, 48822/tcp, 28000/tcp (NX License Manager), 57852/tcp, 3493/tcp (Network UPS Tools), 57281/tcp, 22049/tcp, 5340/tcp, 56953/tcp, 18205/tcp, 11309/tcp, 65074/tcp, 14522/tcp, 42052/tcp, 22921/tcp, 58039/tcp, 58545/tcp, 17978/tcp, 21269/tcp, 42008/tcp, 22256/tcp, 5458/tcp, 25091/tcp, 54804/tcp, 33968/tcp, 54163/tcp, 1313/tcp (BMC_PATROLDB), 53428/tcp, 35466/tcp, 33641/tcp, 56132/tcp, 12495/tcp, 39394/tcp, 26643/tcp, 1799/tcp (NETRISK), 22794/tcp, 5665/tcp, 4330/tcp, 40487/tcp, 32417/tcp, 2289/tcp (Lookup dict server), 17847/tcp, 24186/tcp, 2655/tcp (UNIX Nt Glue), 20004/tcp, 54821/tcp, 57308/tcp, 62162/tcp, 16775/tcp, 52425/tcp, 37512/tcp, 62109/tcp, 60358/tcp, 4200/tcp (-4299  VRML Multi User Systems), 55528/tcp, 57526/tcp, 29230/tcp, 42351/tcp, 56478/tcp, 38637/tcp, 14290/tcp, 29773/tcp, 21053/tcp, 34336/tcp, 6276/tcp, 21042/tcp, 32918/tcp, 21649/tcp, 29373/tcp, 2140/tcp (IAS-REG), 55212/tcp, 29311/tcp, 17512/tcp, 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27819/tcp, 28292/tcp, 60322/tcp, 19353/tcp, 42286/tcp, 37558/tcp, 62281/tcp, 38710/tcp, 32533/tcp, 37664/tcp, 6768/tcp (BMC PERFORM MGRD), 19178/tcp, 27624/tcp, 42378/tcp, 3513/tcp (Adaptec Remote Protocol), 8568/tcp, 49570/tcp, 16383/tcp, 64210/tcp, 63262/tcp, 2470/tcp (taskman port), 43527/tcp, 54586/tcp, 59038/tcp, 1286/tcp (netuitive), 21807/tcp, 53649/tcp, 60558/tcp, 64082/tcp, 8042/tcp (FireScope Agent), 49495/tcp, 39437/tcp, 62820/tcp, 62697/tcp, 805/tcp, 20837/tcp, 18813/tcp, 5962/tcp, 34974/tcp, 54390/tcp, 54909/tcp, 15709/tcp, 36388/tcp, 55316/tcp, 61033/tcp, 23667/tcp, 28208/tcp, 2380/tcp, 65130/tcp, 28538/tcp, 47213/tcp, 47240/tcp, 19861/tcp, 5786/tcp, 19504/tcp, 58939/tcp, 15672/tcp, 24697/tcp, 18378/tcp, 65084/tcp, 19223/tcp, 6238/tcp, 18239/tcp, 62504/tcp, 756/tcp, 1086/tcp (CPL Scrambler Logging), 60331/tcp, 1243/tcp (SerialGateway), 26751/tcp, 53936/tcp, 64316/tcp, 1562/tcp (pconnectmgr), 11712/tcp, 19953/tcp, 64584/tcp, 17275/tcp, 26697/tcp, 17183/tcp, 12031/tcp, 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16601/tcp, 38434/tcp, 6399/tcp, 65073/tcp, 49550/tcp, 26810/tcp, 64348/tcp, 44062/tcp, 49000/tcp, 38260/tcp, 33147/tcp, 16510/tcp, 57185/tcp, 23921/tcp, 20873/tcp, 60839/tcp, 33785/tcp, 12593/tcp, 55301/tcp, 35363/tcp, 23210/tcp, 20942/tcp, 202/tcp (AppleTalk Name Binding), 58307/tcp, 25959/tcp, 5054/tcp (RLM administrative interface), 31690/tcp, 54085/tcp, 27151/tcp, 63910/tcp, 21083/tcp, 1418/tcp (Timbuktu Service 2 Port), 20688/tcp, 58747/tcp, 57890/tcp, 54993/tcp, 27543/tcp, 25905/tcp, 64269/tcp, 2774/tcp (RBackup Remote Backup), 26094/tcp, 41113/tcp, 43662/tcp, 27424/tcp, 37696/tcp, 41712/tcp, 62323/tcp, 24424/tcp, 26478/tcp, 4900/tcp (HyperFileSQL Client/Server Database Engine), 47351/tcp, 59901/tcp, 22983/tcp, 57872/tcp, 27681/tcp, 724/tcp, 30195/tcp, 26781/tcp, 60659/tcp, 23771/tcp, 40229/tcp, 11300/tcp, 31549/tcp, 16333/tcp, 25102/tcp, 34317/tcp, 5654/tcp, 4746/tcp, 1716/tcp (xmsg), 64238/tcp, 39156/tcp, 53603/tcp, 1489/tcp (dmdocbroker), 59940/tcp, 55322/tcp, 36480/tcp, 37053/tcp, 62920/tcp, 62961/tcp, 8460/tcp, 63956/tcp, 21326/tcp, 36242/tcp, 53476/tcp, 5289/tcp, 61137/tcp, 59007/tcp, 949/tcp, 53392/tcp, 32268/tcp, 53727/tcp, 1482/tcp (Miteksys License Manager), 57973/tcp, 29600/tcp, 64081/tcp, 19435/tcp, 39556/tcp, 31622/tcp, 44113/tcp, 51441/tcp, 19704/tcp, 29227/tcp, 63846/tcp, 3064/tcp (Remote Port Redirector), 46143/tcp, 65512/tcp, 57126/tcp, 38629/tcp, 35850/tcp, 64138/tcp, 58436/tcp, 2943/tcp (TTNRepository), 3464/tcp (EDM MGR Sync), 63061/tcp, 14523/tcp, 29703/tcp, 2521/tcp (Adaptec Manager), 38588/tcp, 64501/tcp, 21775/tcp, 33498/tcp, 60512/tcp, 56450/tcp, 38599/tcp, 18409/tcp, 64492/tcp, 26873/tcp, 15087/tcp, 33374/tcp, 1144/tcp (Fusion Script), 28254/tcp, 13633/tcp, 34450/tcp, 56461/tcp, 57819/tcp, 58244/tcp, 5030/tcp (SurfPass), 21964/tcp, 14134/tcp, 35847/tcp, 62926/tcp, 8652/tcp, 48367/tcp, 18458/tcp, 64603/tcp, 2299/tcp (PC Telecommute), 64435/tcp, 46215/tcp, 42278/tcp, 20461/tcp, 22056/tcp, 33644/tcp, 18012/tcp, 56579/tcp, 15418/tcp, 36934/tcp, 22668/tcp, 61660/tcp, 55939/tcp, 32644/tcp, 30260/tcp (Kingdoms Online (CraigAvenue)), 32987/tcp, 34909/tcp, 60995/tcp, 15414/tcp, 62369/tcp, 36334/tcp, 2770/tcp (Veronica), 57315/tcp, 34282/tcp, 38469/tcp, 14936/tcp (hde-lcesrvr-1), 23932/tcp, 55411/tcp, 16425/tcp, 15872/tcp, 24132/tcp, 55303/tcp, 58583/tcp, 60479/tcp, 25024/tcp, 60003/tcp, 64476/tcp, 34320/tcp, 57990/tcp, 54958/tcp, 58361/tcp, 31771/tcp, 64828/tcp, 38310/tcp, 11676/tcp, 27500/tcp, 36136/tcp, 52959/tcp, 27613/tcp, 55731/tcp, 55225/tcp, 63228/tcp, 34774/tcp, 3566/tcp (Quest Data Hub), 56535/tcp, 27189/tcp, 23253/tcp, 64827/tcp, 13596/tcp, 36016/tcp, 56739/tcp, 18547/tcp, 3291/tcp (S A Holditch & Associates - LM), 26259/tcp, 27743/tcp, 53267/tcp, 310/tcp (bhmds), 19834/tcp, 23705/tcp, 65093/tcp, 54109/tcp, 27773/tcp, 51149/tcp, 55888/tcp, 50397/tcp, 56489/tcp, 18897/tcp, 54276/tcp, 8925/tcp, 62347/tcp, 36634/tcp, 1868/tcp (VizibleBrowser), 59355/tcp, 8624/tcp, 29051/tcp, 63227/tcp, 10457/tcp, 19253/tcp, 8533/tcp, 17040/tcp, 56158/tcp, 65276/tcp, 61494/tcp, 7930/tcp, 31000/tcp, 164/tcp (CMIP/TCP Agent), 60085/tcp, 51670/tcp, 59790/tcp, 5115/tcp (Symantec Autobuild Service), 10063/tcp, 63271/tcp, 50023/tcp, 65448/tcp, 53675/tcp, 39942/tcp, 53118/tcp, 15874/tcp, 22410/tcp, 49603/tcp, 2821/tcp (VERITAS Authentication Service), 19585/tcp, 54668/tcp, 18923/tcp, 56415/tcp, 26805/tcp, 38969/tcp, 21415/tcp, 12460/tcp, 3400/tcp (CSMS2), 56405/tcp, 34893/tcp, 54832/tcp, 61029/tcp, 3331/tcp (MCS Messaging), 58346/tcp, 2297/tcp (D2K DataMover 1), 4135/tcp (Classic Line Database Server Attach), 35712/tcp, 33809/tcp, 1302/tcp (CI3-Software-2), 62852/tcp, 45845/tcp, 55987/tcp, 63400/tcp, 32914/tcp, 60248/tcp, 53327/tcp, 27673/tcp, 48581/tcp, 10019/tcp, 24083/tcp, 63470/tcp, 16402/tcp, 63982/tcp, 63359/tcp, 60220/tcp, 60748/tcp, 42435/tcp, 168/tcp (RSVD), 16559/tcp, 29014/tcp, 30798/tcp, 24905/tcp, 60850/tcp, 35412/tcp, 14688/tcp, 58684/tcp, 5242/tcp, 52835/tcp, 39880/tcp, 913/tcp (APEX endpoint-relay service), 42228/tcp, 33193/tcp, 61096/tcp, 11700/tcp, 30706/tcp, 30814/tcp, 25767/tcp, 39202/tcp, 35915/tcp, 62943/tcp, 62980/tcp, 35569/tcp, 129/tcp (Password Generator Protocol), 55223/tcp, 1829/tcp (Optika eMedia), 4020/tcp (TRAP Port), 50906/tcp, 9390/tcp (OpenVAS Transfer Protocol), 14298/tcp, 6650/tcp, 24013/tcp, 52368/tcp, 29849/tcp, 7968/tcp, 55505/tcp, 63161/tcp, 32303/tcp, 9519/tcp, 29138/tcp, 1775/tcp, 53064/tcp, 61661/tcp, 58445/tcp, 5419/tcp (DJ-ICE), 3785/tcp (BFD Echo Protocol), 56161/tcp, 49573/tcp, 28316/tcp, 55276/tcp, 65294/tcp, 29489/tcp, 4219/tcp, 63935/tcp, 26786/tcp, 29535/tcp, 56620/tcp, 56923/tcp, 55040/tcp, 64965/tcp, 58055/tcp, 46491/tcp, 14988/tcp, 56027/tcp, 10459/tcp, 9752/tcp, 6445/tcp (Grid Engine Execution Service), 57698/tcp, 49139/tcp, 62918/tcp, 20327/tcp, 713/tcp (IRIS over XPC), 48010/tcp, 62712/tcp, 56670/tcp, 20799/tcp, 60476/tcp, 35144/tcp, 56897/tcp, 63592/tcp, 57243/tcp, 47394/tcp, 1680/tcp (microcom-sbp), 7710/tcp, 5335/tcp, 55663/tcp, 2128/tcp (Net Steward Control), 632/tcp (bmpp), 18469/tcp, 7445/tcp, 42490/tcp, 57553/tcp, 57580/tcp, 60547/tcp, 37345/tcp, 46042/tcp, 38926/tcp, 49997/tcp, 58201/tcp, 58965/tcp, 28070/tcp, 61779/tcp, 27962/tcp, 14077/tcp, 55540/tcp, 57712/tcp, 7017/tcp, 16994/tcp (Intel(R) AMT Redirection/TCP), 7168/tcp, 64891/tcp, 18185/tcp (OPSEC OMI), 3439/tcp (HRI Interface Port), 15574/tcp, 56115/tcp, 35631/tcp, 55285/tcp, 12741/tcp, 34493/tcp, 61986/tcp, 35293/tcp, 61732/tcp, 23778/tcp, 50268/tcp, 65480/tcp, 62715/tcp, 60968/tcp, 53574/tcp, 35754/tcp, 60877/tcp, 51976/tcp, 5096/tcp, 20523/tcp, 22064/tcp, 34060/tcp, 6484/tcp (Service Registry Default JMS Domain), 1921/tcp (NoAdmin), 55977/tcp, 31544/tcp, 34793/tcp, 25548/tcp, 25116/tcp, 59811/tcp, 5788/tcp, 34655/tcp, 62034/tcp, 32276/tcp, 25386/tcp, 30584/tcp, 55496/tcp, 19734/tcp, 50377/tcp, 28670/tcp, 55339/tcp, 26808/tcp, 18678/tcp, 17950/tcp, 2070/tcp (AH and ESP Encapsulated in UDP packet), 25263/tcp, 3110/tcp (simulator control port), 50241/tcp, 30438/tcp, 29111/tcp, 17074/tcp, 52660/tcp, 62824/tcp, 56258/tcp, 58656/tcp, 276/tcp, 34298/tcp, 10628/tcp, 63837/tcp, 18350/tcp, 49030/tcp, 4242/tcp, 10228/tcp, 24902/tcp, 2424/tcp (KOFAX-SVR), 57946/tcp, 46380/tcp, 45727/tcp, 37919/tcp, 63658/tcp, 7216/tcp, 54894/tcp, 1005/tcp, 2501/tcp (Resource Tracking system client), 11949/tcp, 37442/tcp, 50027/tcp, 35286/tcp, 35882/tcp, 3462/tcp (EDM STD Notify), 63873/tcp, 63034/tcp, 32411/tcp, 31465/tcp, 30411/tcp, 59556/tcp, 59555/tcp, 3020/tcp (CIFS), 19696/tcp, 34155/tcp, 2662/tcp (BinTec-CAPI), 19789/tcp, 47448/tcp, 52225/tcp, 8916/tcp, 64257/tcp, 55708/tcp, 57718/tcp, 49724/tcp, 65340/tcp, 18382/tcp, 12850/tcp, 52436/tcp, 40141/tcp, 9313/tcp, 1151/tcp (Unizensus Login Server), 4211/tcp, 61832/tcp, 61383/tcp, 17356/tcp, 65061/tcp, 38696/tcp, 57634/tcp, 19488/tcp, 19216/tcp, 34747/tcp, 3759/tcp (Exapt License Manager), 14895/tcp, 57836/tcp, 62942/tcp, 13861/tcp, 56316/tcp, 18997/tcp, 1597/tcp (orbplus-iiop), 27154/tcp, 30343/tcp, 44807/tcp, 15764/tcp, 52689/tcp, 56217/tcp, 13233/tcp, 61951/tcp, 59164/tcp, 57192/tcp, 64462/tcp, 63196/tcp, 48716/tcp, 38491/tcp, 23618/tcp, 62032/tcp, 16045/tcp, 59193/tcp, 19593/tcp, 29065/tcp, 60567/tcp, 6816/tcp, 52728/tcp, 47618/tcp, 2873/tcp, 56452/tcp, 57123/tcp, 11222/tcp, 27994/tcp, 65253/tcp, 19589/tcp, 36201/tcp, 59321/tcp, 55822/tcp, 32214/tcp, 3620/tcp (EPSON Projector Control Port), 63145/tcp, 34255/tcp, 32928/tcp, 25118/tcp, 63127/tcp, 48459/tcp, 21299/tcp, 55150/tcp, 13588/tcp, 60456/tcp, 59796/tcp, 33663/tcp, 63166/tcp, 27516/tcp, 1913/tcp (armadp), 37992/tcp, 51517/tcp, 8771/tcp, 53410/tcp, 28854/tcp, 63992/tcp, 61456/tcp, 64975/tcp, 9713/tcp, 64648/tcp, 20426/tcp, 1613/tcp (NetBill Key Repository), 56688/tcp, 32226/tcp, 10747/tcp, 60158/tcp, 31295/tcp, 62608/tcp, 62653/tcp, 39107/tcp, 26562/tcp, 17048/tcp, 852/tcp, 5146/tcp (Social Alarm Service), 22261/tcp, 63908/tcp, 23478/tcp, 33066/tcp, 23132/tcp, 17667/tcp, 43362/tcp, 3810/tcp (WLAN AS server), 4162/tcp (OMS Topology), 63726/tcp, 49619/tcp, 53920/tcp, 49830/tcp, 35317/tcp, 61058/tcp, 41367/tcp, 59567/tcp, 56297/tcp, 14463/tcp, 649/tcp (Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet), 23099/tcp, 9211/tcp (OMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure), 32044/tcp, 62632/tcp, 16399/tcp, 2062/tcp (ICG SWP Port), 64865/tcp, 61126/tcp, 132/tcp (cisco SYSMAINT), 61021/tcp, 24159/tcp, 60376/tcp, 53025/tcp, 48751/tcp, 30070/tcp, 22456/tcp, 894/tcp, 13952/tcp, 54766/tcp, 47784/tcp, 59465/tcp, 53744/tcp, 1013/tcp, 7145/tcp, 18942/tcp, 27608/tcp, 2685/tcp (mpnjsocl), 23651/tcp, 4078/tcp (Coordinated Security Service Protocol), 5900/tcp (Remote Framebuffer), 12995/tcp, 54854/tcp, 45702/tcp, 1616/tcp (NetBill Product Server), 60258/tcp, 60493/tcp, 57735/tcp, 62524/tcp, 61215/tcp, 58982/tcp, 65010/tcp, 3381/tcp (Geneous), 35028/tcp, 5515/tcp, 13058/tcp, 43648/tcp, 56106/tcp, 43320/tcp, 54485/tcp, 24545/tcp, 60866/tcp, 51046/tcp, 35596/tcp, 16339/tcp, 55076/tcp, 15182/tcp, 11220/tcp, 56899/tcp, 54447/tcp, 1409/tcp (Here License Manager), 12477/tcp, 6595/tcp, 19689/tcp, 30011/tcp, 18728/tcp, 24205/tcp, 58507/tcp, 16983/tcp, 50160/tcp, 43508/tcp, 58099/tcp, 2981/tcp (MYLXAMPORT), 2326/tcp (IDCP), 27697/tcp, 20318/tcp, 23191/tcp, 61682/tcp, 53606/tcp, 27297/tcp, 9813/tcp, 62075/tcp, 28246/tcp, 63691/tcp, 963/tcp, 21337/tcp, 5108/tcp, 64027/tcp, 54843/tcp, 21126/tcp, 42694/tcp, 52460/tcp, 32574/tcp, 24167/tcp, 50240/tcp, 54985/tcp, 52168/tcp, 61659/tcp, 29687/tcp, 14771/tcp, 60693/tcp, 9754/tcp, 6915/tcp, 28454/tcp, 42216/tcp, 65472/tcp, 705/tcp (AgentX), 29041/tcp, 30749/tcp, 48821/tcp, 63807/tcp, 62896/tcp, 29622/tcp, 44624/tcp, 59721/tcp, 6776/tcp, 12631/tcp, 23394/tcp, 4194/tcp, 19081/tcp, 13844/tcp, 54202/tcp, 59020/tcp, 4719/tcp, 62888/tcp, 59137/tcp, 25989/tcp, 10917/tcp, 56022/tcp, 50000/tcp, 7907/tcp, 64708/tcp, 65185/tcp, 30871/tcp, 17229/tcp, 23202/tcp, 58473/tcp, 12132/tcp, 65450/tcp, 50832/tcp, 2500/tcp (Resource Tracking system server), 39226/tcp, 17967/tcp, 19815/tcp, 7543/tcp (atul server), 58350/tcp, 1221/tcp (SweetWARE Apps), 26327/tcp, 57072/tcp, 38302/tcp, 51873/tcp, 54704/tcp, 61823/tcp, 47294/tcp, 52095/tcp, 61816/tcp, 45419/tcp, 64273/tcp, 18742/tcp, 62205/tcp, 58780/tcp, 20188/tcp, 53537/tcp, 63202/tcp, 23802/tcp, 16864/tcp, 29714/tcp, 62652/tcp, 36899/tcp, 56074/tcp, 62893/tcp, 10027/tcp, 10036/tcp, 18186/tcp (Occupational Health SC), 16574/tcp, 22967/tcp, 260/tcp (Openport), 351/tcp (bhoetty (added 5/21/97)), 21380/tcp, 56312/tcp, 12487/tcp, 36442/tcp, 18889/tcp, 2413/tcp (orion-rmi-reg), 56653/tcp, 64453/tcp, 18220/tcp, 58337/tcp, 58196/tcp, 48516/tcp, 54577/tcp, 513/tcp (remote login a la telnet;), 3089/tcp (ParaTek Agent Linking), 15107/tcp, 16329/tcp, 4570/tcp, 61114/tcp, 102/tcp (ISO-TSAP Class 0), 40102/tcp, 26302/tcp, 32025/tcp, 35858/tcp, 9763/tcp, 48084/tcp, 36385/tcp, 6584/tcp, 60049/tcp, 63845/tcp, 7049/tcp, 58704/tcp, 8122/tcp (Apollo Admin Port), 59474/tcp, 57418/tcp, 563/tcp (nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)), 28443/tcp, 3166/tcp (Quest Spotlight Out-Of-Process Collector), 9818/tcp, 28446/tcp, 65268/tcp, 57511/tcp, 34785/tcp, 65293/tcp, 21591/tcp, 38364/tcp, 971/tcp, 32325/tcp, 60682/tcp, 22886/tcp, 57506/tcp, 31330/tcp, 22710/tcp, 4581/tcp, 17674/tcp, 32041/tcp, 59338/tcp, 53701/tcp, 56651/tcp, 27808/tcp, 48608/tcp, 56270/tcp, 17663/tcp, 41375/tcp, 57599/tcp, 18174/tcp, 3537/tcp (Remote NI-VISA port), 62010/tcp, 45829/tcp, 55796/tcp, 33921/tcp, 61777/tcp, 29441/tcp, 625/tcp (DEC DLM), 60276/tcp, 60983/tcp, 29027/tcp, 55282/tcp, 16391/tcp, 52444/tcp, 62805/tcp, 21727/tcp, 21664/tcp, 11003/tcp, 53041/tcp, 64967/tcp, 53782/tcp, 53525/tcp, 40548/tcp, 59549/tcp, 61295/tcp, 57200/tcp, 16160/tcp, 27708/tcp, 27443/tcp, 15007/tcp, 57817/tcp, 5319/tcp, 16064/tcp, 32414/tcp, 6646/tcp, 59803/tcp, 2328/tcp (Netrix SFTM), 22561/tcp, 58883/tcp, 64156/tcp, 32698/tcp, 29473/tcp, 63761/tcp, 29184/tcp, 59456/tcp, 61926/tcp, 16166/tcp, 43016/tcp, 27005/tcp, 51288/tcp, 20077/tcp, 21077/tcp, 14142/tcp (IceWall Cert Protocol), 16107/tcp, 8843/tcp, 56058/tcp, 38580/tcp, 13815/tcp, 30806/tcp, 15634/tcp, 12079/tcp, 59401/tcp, 31035/tcp, 15818/tcp, 32833/tcp, 40522/tcp, 40210/tcp, 24432/tcp, 30987/tcp, 64291/tcp, 21481/tcp, 33306/tcp, 39983/tcp, 58501/tcp, 1743/tcp (Cinema Graphics License Manager), 27530/tcp, 11847/tcp, 30965/tcp, 23891/tcp, 63783/tcp, 23137/tcp, 63854/tcp, 9246/tcp, 29214/tcp, 62747/tcp, 62508/tcp, 6007/tcp, 3763/tcp (XO Wave Control Port), 53874/tcp, 60275/tcp, 62397/tcp, 60552/tcp, 1556/tcp (VERITAS Private Branch Exchange), 20872/tcp, 57674/tcp, 59675/tcp, 2862/tcp (TTG Protocol), 31341/tcp, 28476/tcp, 57023/tcp, 5640/tcp, 25270/tcp, 30773/tcp, 7529/tcp, 63550/tcp, 20827/tcp, 30930/tcp, 48321/tcp, 26729/tcp, 31941/tcp, 22753/tcp, 24732/tcp, 31744/tcp, 64172/tcp, 60140/tcp, 14772/tcp, 32160/tcp, 28319/tcp, 11655/tcp, 55777/tcp, 65000/tcp, 30784/tcp, 16637/tcp, 2524/tcp (Optiwave License Management), 43042/tcp, 21200/tcp, 15901/tcp, 24343/tcp, 57834/tcp, 26281/tcp, 59264/tcp, 58784/tcp, 56166/tcp, 61924/tcp, 23259/tcp, 61597/tcp, 24724/tcp, 65193/tcp, 35074/tcp, 10455/tcp, 22980/tcp, 3903/tcp (CharsetMGR), 58064/tcp, 39326/tcp, 12485/tcp, 10301/tcp, 27140/tcp, 9281/tcp (SofaWare transport port 1), 16666/tcp, 2713/tcp (Raven Trinity Broker Service), 35290/tcp, 19526/tcp, 57388/tcp, 65040/tcp, 53748/tcp, 36304/tcp, 3547/tcp (Symantec SIM), 65088/tcp, 12977/tcp, 56663/tcp, 4968/tcp, 58418/tcp, 34195/tcp, 34241/tcp, 57306/tcp, 740/tcp, 613/tcp (HMMP Operation), 64411/tcp, 10901/tcp, 37188/tcp, 54486/tcp, 28754/tcp, 2840/tcp (l3-exprt), 1697/tcp (rrisat), 3558/tcp (MCP user port), 30876/tcp, 58619/tcp, 55750/tcp, 2601/tcp (discp client), 12258/tcp, 23807/tcp, 53003/tcp, 15025/tcp, 19580/tcp, 568/tcp (microsoft shuttle), 14888/tcp, 3258/tcp (Ivecon Server Port), 5484/tcp, 1944/tcp (close-combat), 33774/tcp, 845/tcp, 9343/tcp (MpIdcMgr), 28389/tcp, 61112/tcp, 40310/tcp, 11622/tcp, 4631/tcp, 7335/tcp, 61143/tcp, 17052/tcp, 15791/tcp, 34390/tcp, 58096/tcp, 56896/tcp, 61087/tcp, 39745/tcp, 64993/tcp, 35252/tcp, 52364/tcp, 60229/tcp, 17821/tcp, 15328/tcp, 62121/tcp, 56993/tcp, 35433/tcp, 16272/tcp, 63143/tcp, 4704/tcp (Assuria Insider), 26040/tcp, 62015/tcp, 54787/tcp, 59482/tcp, 3559/tcp (CCTV control port), 45256/tcp, 28797/tcp, 42040/tcp, 35831/tcp, 9636/tcp, 24110/tcp, 15082/tcp, 21056/tcp, 34412/tcp, 48437/tcp, 40455/tcp, 42562/tcp, 22121/tcp, 60347/tcp, 19551/tcp, 18505/tcp, 59747/tcp, 63244/tcp, 36004/tcp, 54193/tcp, 21680/tcp, 4270/tcp, 46946/tcp, 9809/tcp, 62551/tcp, 31188/tcp, 57160/tcp, 17194/tcp, 34358/tcp, 60148/tcp, 63937/tcp, 56071/tcp, 59102/tcp, 5127/tcp, 35693/tcp, 11/tcp (Active Users), 54152/tcp, 7441/tcp, 24129/tcp, 56236/tcp, 58491/tcp, 55386/tcp, 64564/tcp, 63999/tcp, 30906/tcp, 64318/tcp, 32198/tcp, 113/tcp (Authentication Service), 63199/tcp, 7290/tcp, 45981/tcp, 16409/tcp, 53498/tcp, 6614/tcp, 19616/tcp, 7354/tcp, 19005/tcp, 57097/tcp, 60494/tcp, 30157/tcp, 529/tcp (IRC-SERV), 54347/tcp, 62235/tcp, 63716/tcp, 39118/tcp, 4108/tcp (ACCEL), 36777/tcp, 12606/tcp, 2897/tcp (Citrix RTMP), 21272/tcp, 15545/tcp, 58165/tcp, 15682/tcp, 61314/tcp, 63618/tcp, 15928/tcp, 448/tcp (DDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets), 35939/tcp, 58035/tcp, 32760/tcp, 15109/tcp, 2959/tcp (RMOPAGT), 61413/tcp, 38672/tcp, 59958/tcp, 62078/tcp, 26662/tcp, 39575/tcp, 4992/tcp, 1870/tcp (SunSCALAR DNS Service), 29108/tcp, 3543/tcp (qftest Lookup Port), 53712/tcp, 35723/tcp, 53344/tcp, 61512/tcp, 2978/tcp (TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS), 37418/tcp, 38553/tcp, 60475/tcp, 7733/tcp, 50370/tcp, 59123/tcp, 38718/tcp, 1017/tcp, 59575/tcp, 62243/tcp, 62033/tcp, 59691/tcp, 27481/tcp, 53801/tcp, 31168/tcp, 52657/tcp, 17804/tcp, 27392/tcp, 28819/tcp, 52868/tcp, 3970/tcp (LANrev Agent), 63246/tcp, 57346/tcp, 61337/tcp, 35900/tcp, 58792/tcp, 34674/tcp, 63519/tcp, 40375/tcp, 5239/tcp, 26237/tcp, 59839/tcp, 23964/tcp, 20242/tcp, 39586/tcp, 64100/tcp, 32014/tcp, 61545/tcp, 60160/tcp, 6092/tcp, 56924/tcp, 16317/tcp, 61950/tcp, 21902/tcp, 2705/tcp (SDS Admin), 41170/tcp, 58419/tcp, 1191/tcp (General Parallel File System), 31833/tcp, 59148/tcp, 24475/tcp, 17012/tcp, 1916/tcp (Persoft Persona), 7079/tcp, 22388/tcp, 58209/tcp, 6757/tcp, 1175/tcp (Dossier Server), 29446/tcp, 38918/tcp, 20853/tcp, 23183/tcp, 35071/tcp, 18943/tcp, 33717/tcp, 31611/tcp, 50851/tcp, 39967/tcp, 10757/tcp, 5535/tcp, 3481/tcp (CleanerLive remote ctrl), 6868/tcp (Acctopus Command Channel), 62996/tcp, 62062/tcp, 46198/tcp, 13325/tcp, 2640/tcp (Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager), 31898/tcp, 9075/tcp, 18961/tcp, 41952/tcp, 18242/tcp, 65161/tcp, 2018/tcp (terminaldb), 38814/tcp, 52007/tcp, 14244/tcp, 60149/tcp, 32141/tcp, 25494/tcp, 52138/tcp, 3624/tcp (Distributed Upgrade Port), 22249/tcp, 41432/tcp, 5312/tcp (Permabit Client-Server), 7195/tcp, 975/tcp, 55123/tcp, 22964/tcp, 63291/tcp, 2419/tcp (Attachmate S2S), 37315/tcp, 21057/tcp, 58722/tcp, 55147/tcp, 15017/tcp, 5192/tcp (AmericaOnline2), 21872/tcp, 63563/tcp, 51772/tcp, 56093/tcp, 31873/tcp, 55182/tcp, 57988/tcp, 47202/tcp, 54820/tcp, 20226/tcp, 52533/tcp, 2548/tcp (vytalvaultpipe), 36985/tcp, 58330/tcp, 38807/tcp, 26140/tcp, 27219/tcp, 26859/tcp, 56541/tcp, 2108/tcp (Comcam), 63020/tcp, 22956/tcp, 32341/tcp, 38145/tcp, 39829/tcp, 38477/tcp, 23175/tcp, 60180/tcp, 31314/tcp, 53663/tcp, 60967/tcp, 1989/tcp (MHSnet system), 6423/tcp, 46472/tcp, 8260/tcp, 643/tcp (SANity), 6553/tcp, 323/tcp, 28038/tcp, 23980/tcp, 42171/tcp, 29554/tcp, 57998/tcp, 56055/tcp, 60676/tcp, 49738/tcp, 30922/tcp, 18232/tcp, 9473/tcp, 17131/tcp, 37/tcp (Time), 14379/tcp, 34047/tcp, 17351/tcp, 31160/tcp, 57780/tcp, 1928/tcp (Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr), 4794/tcp, 43988/tcp, 48730/tcp, 55793/tcp, 6554/tcp, 51365/tcp, 58480/tcp, 7191/tcp, 988/tcp, 38480/tcp, 48324/tcp, 37880/tcp, 64705/tcp, 62496/tcp, 61158/tcp, 39599/tcp, 1835/tcp (ARDUS Multicast), 12750/tcp, 864/tcp, 38526/tcp, 63600/tcp, 8207/tcp (LM SServer), 19074/tcp, 30622/tcp, 50292/tcp, 54675/tcp, 56996/tcp, 18574/tcp, 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status), 58646/tcp, 13068/tcp, 32801/tcp (Multiple Listing Service Network), 13177/tcp, 53210/tcp, 65449/tcp, 25662/tcp, 15945/tcp, 52346/tcp, 31079/tcp, 58972/tcp, 30927/tcp, 53809/tcp, 26235/tcp, 22929/tcp, 57299/tcp, 27070/tcp, 6557/tcp, 10565/tcp, 51492/tcp, 17401/tcp, 42079/tcp, 64818/tcp, 17866/tcp, 63942/tcp, 27689/tcp, 52898/tcp, 10490/tcp, 11920/tcp, 59957/tcp, 15999/tcp (ProGrammar Enterprise), 7259/tcp, 51215/tcp, 35182/tcp, 25640/tcp, 53247/tcp, 50284/tcp, 28914/tcp, 28735/tcp, 35177/tcp, 38826/tcp, 24340/tcp, 29195/tcp, 18777/tcp, 27162/tcp, 65177/tcp, 65102/tcp, 32576/tcp, 22845/tcp, 43542/tcp, 58328/tcp, 47526/tcp, 61231/tcp, 8633/tcp, 51284/tcp, 33325/tcp, 30460/tcp, 48883/tcp, 25221/tcp, 62635/tcp, 23452/tcp, 43885/tcp, 24356/tcp, 34385/tcp, 45856/tcp, 37834/tcp, 58718/tcp, 12141/tcp, 16974/tcp, 57415/tcp, 36823/tcp, 30384/tcp, 60440/tcp, 62716/tcp, 59050/tcp, 33831/tcp, 27827/tcp, 15126/tcp, 17640/tcp, 62242/tcp, 1367/tcp (DCS), 62028/tcp, 64169/tcp, 52745/tcp, 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Serv.), 33690/tcp, 1808/tcp (Oracle-VP2), 5261/tcp, 61113/tcp, 46918/tcp, 33925/tcp, 7908/tcp, 8022/tcp (oa-system), 21915/tcp, 39683/tcp, 57273/tcp, 57807/tcp, 2945/tcp (H248 Binary), 22507/tcp, 2766/tcp (Compaq SCP), 3805/tcp (ThorGuard Server Port), 64888/tcp, 63283/tcp, 53536/tcp, 63972/tcp, 63840/tcp, 35282/tcp, 31627/tcp, 60193/tcp, 58826/tcp, 30703/tcp, 61075/tcp, 31717/tcp, 60175/tcp, 61610/tcp, 61940/tcp, 55871/tcp, 51844/tcp, 45292/tcp, 21215/tcp, 9498/tcp, 52754/tcp, 61688/tcp, 36093/tcp, 47808/tcp (Building Automation and Control Networks), 33687/tcp, 37761/tcp, 14925/tcp, 12877/tcp, 59419/tcp, 63151/tcp, 30262/tcp, 55959/tcp, 35669/tcp, 43923/tcp, 58484/tcp, 51495/tcp, 50552/tcp, 56404/tcp, 41797/tcp, 6657/tcp, 37001/tcp, 25781/tcp, 62670/tcp, 28154/tcp, 31728/tcp, 27127/tcp, 32306/tcp, 12404/tcp, 39837/tcp, 60593/tcp, 152/tcp (Background File Transfer Program), 57592/tcp, 3416/tcp (AirMobile IS Command Port), 31682/tcp, 64638/tcp, 9117/tcp, 4557/tcp, 7487/tcp, 16575/tcp, 54744/tcp, 3890/tcp (Niche Data Server Connect), 61562/tcp, 58928/tcp, 44258/tcp, 20804/tcp, 15891/tcp, 61533/tcp, 59614/tcp, 1986/tcp (cisco license management), 17271/tcp, 60021/tcp, 21369/tcp, 59201/tcp, 28676/tcp, 58737/tcp, 42359/tcp, 47473/tcp, 17716/tcp, 57615/tcp, 37745/tcp, 57058/tcp, 18258/tcp, 36524/tcp, 5130/tcp, 47875/tcp, 22403/tcp, 11860/tcp, 28219/tcp, 26516/tcp, 2520/tcp (Pervasive Listener), 61204/tcp, 60776/tcp, 13187/tcp, 62763/tcp, 15441/tcp, 18677/tcp, 15290/tcp, 55678/tcp, 54967/tcp, 49635/tcp, 64488/tcp, 51390/tcp, 10936/tcp, 31349/tcp, 23833/tcp, 43835/tcp, 4250/tcp, 65165/tcp, 63753/tcp, 59039/tcp, 10006/tcp, 16093/tcp, 64718/tcp, 48405/tcp, 37062/tcp, 64473/tcp, 41094/tcp, 34231/tcp, 63071/tcp, 33679/tcp, 58763/tcp, 26059/tcp, 58890/tcp, 35404/tcp, 21069/tcp, 62732/tcp, 30738/tcp, 28673/tcp, 17582/tcp, 61196/tcp, 359/tcp (Network Security Risk Management Protocol), 48378/tcp, 55495/tcp, 38845/tcp, 33176/tcp, 63153/tcp, 44497/tcp, 20153/tcp, 8422/tcp, 25286/tcp, 59980/tcp, 26486/tcp (EXOline-TCP), 5547/tcp, 32206/tcp, 60632/tcp, 8833/tcp, 16847/tcp, 64288/tcp, 31790/tcp, 26558/tcp, 19061/tcp, 32879/tcp, 53317/tcp, 6906/tcp, 59837/tcp, 36453/tcp, 13877/tcp, 35947/tcp, 13153/tcp.
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Port scan from IP: detected by psad.


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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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