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AS58024 Dzinet Ltd.
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inetnum: -
netname:        RU-REDBYTES
country:        RU
org:            ORG-RBL8-RIPE
admin-c:        RBL9-RIPE
tech-c:         RBL9-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PI
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-routes:     IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
created:        2019-12-09T13:55:53Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:24Z
sponsoring-org: ORG-IL432-RIPE
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin:         AS49505
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
created:        2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
source:         RIPE

% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.98 (HEREFORD)

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14 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 30 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 29015/tcp, 29692/tcp, 25364/tcp, 42764/tcp, 38547/tcp, 1772/tcp (EssWeb Gateway), 6544/tcp (LDS Dump Service), 8849/tcp, 47342/tcp, 34222/tcp, 32023/tcp, 14753/tcp, 36570/tcp, 35038/tcp, 33169/tcp, 21691/tcp, 36336/tcp, 28126/tcp, 24827/tcp, 16708/tcp, 26323/tcp, 6915/tcp, 62218/tcp, 48460/tcp, 18879/tcp, 30168/tcp, 49257/tcp, 2766/tcp (Compaq SCP), 26645/tcp, 32393/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 282 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 16821/tcp, 25305/tcp, 27589/tcp, 19743/tcp, 48448/tcp, 39104/tcp, 10971/tcp, 27642/tcp, 3728/tcp (Ericsson Web on Air), 15463/tcp, 4304/tcp (One-Wire Filesystem Server), 38440/tcp, 6206/tcp, 18603/tcp, 37435/tcp, 19923/tcp, 10060/tcp, 55924/tcp, 54120/tcp, 41761/tcp, 32890/tcp, 63391/tcp, 24092/tcp, 23035/tcp, 28277/tcp, 8044/tcp (FireScope Management Interface), 20166/tcp, 2485/tcp (Net Objects1), 62486/tcp, 8733/tcp (iBus), 36538/tcp, 53903/tcp, 21396/tcp, 23087/tcp, 8643/tcp, 7687/tcp, 19547/tcp, 51783/tcp, 57164/tcp, 9792/tcp, 19143/tcp, 38312/tcp, 41059/tcp, 39166/tcp, 56944/tcp, 6922/tcp, 55179/tcp, 3668/tcp (Dell Remote Management), 2538/tcp (vnwk-prapi), 50189/tcp, 7184/tcp, 5754/tcp, 23316/tcp, 44282/tcp, 1018/tcp, 9685/tcp, 39850/tcp, 16839/tcp, 21972/tcp, 64968/tcp, 2535/tcp (MADCAP), 41789/tcp, 19668/tcp, 7505/tcp, 26451/tcp, 62230/tcp, 56933/tcp, 45771/tcp, 28221/tcp, 43644/tcp, 43484/tcp, 10415/tcp, 15633/tcp, 48047/tcp, 15112/tcp, 33315/tcp, 35866/tcp, 34206/tcp, 25943/tcp, 16024/tcp, 7359/tcp, 27595/tcp, 62309/tcp, 39306/tcp, 6474/tcp, 9919/tcp, 40876/tcp, 8367/tcp, 41774/tcp, 64568/tcp, 47010/tcp, 3813/tcp (Rhapsody Interface Protocol), 46402/tcp, 31852/tcp, 37160/tcp, 29030/tcp, 50428/tcp, 53294/tcp, 42222/tcp, 38195/tcp, 4136/tcp (Classic Line Database Server Request), 5834/tcp, 13728/tcp, 9415/tcp, 51680/tcp, 44690/tcp, 6727/tcp, 6538/tcp, 63285/tcp, 18666/tcp, 28016/tcp, 25497/tcp, 497/tcp (dantz), 23150/tcp, 33127/tcp, 32330/tcp, 63455/tcp, 34066/tcp, 59155/tcp, 50422/tcp, 26052/tcp, 22361/tcp, 34853/tcp, 44357/tcp, 53053/tcp, 52874/tcp, 64241/tcp, 7503/tcp, 16521/tcp, 30283/tcp, 12997/tcp, 58122/tcp, 9880/tcp, 2381/tcp (Compaq HTTPS), 61587/tcp, 7403/tcp, 55528/tcp, 48585/tcp, 9979/tcp, 9153/tcp, 61020/tcp, 3083/tcp (TL1-TELNET), 35869/tcp, 1892/tcp (ChildKey Control), 13960/tcp, 19223/tcp, 26501/tcp, 4313/tcp (PERRLA User Services), 38550/tcp, 37359/tcp, 49886/tcp, 44404/tcp, 5369/tcp, 13571/tcp, 1484/tcp (Confluent License Manager), 15777/tcp, 38419/tcp, 4377/tcp (Cambridge Pixel SPx Server), 9600/tcp (MICROMUSE-NCPW), 11088/tcp, 9221/tcp, 62890/tcp, 40751/tcp, 43485/tcp, 52072/tcp, 56424/tcp, 23644/tcp, 37826/tcp, 11242/tcp, 53769/tcp, 39244/tcp, 54031/tcp, 10134/tcp, 24598/tcp, 5110/tcp, 36005/tcp, 29451/tcp, 20562/tcp, 25740/tcp, 4418/tcp, 15130/tcp, 55169/tcp, 40515/tcp, 35336/tcp, 45612/tcp, 63232/tcp, 16017/tcp, 4425/tcp (NetROCKEY6 SMART Plus Service), 40817/tcp, 51709/tcp, 64607/tcp, 3849/tcp (SPACEWAY DNS Preload), 4669/tcp (E-Port Data Service), 46795/tcp, 4233/tcp, 26928/tcp, 25796/tcp, 18382/tcp, 31171/tcp, 13233/tcp, 1545/tcp (vistium-share), 28507/tcp, 15218/tcp, 43700/tcp, 33590/tcp, 49291/tcp, 52167/tcp, 16729/tcp, 45330/tcp, 57418/tcp, 39362/tcp, 45122/tcp, 32346/tcp, 60914/tcp, 5401/tcp (Excerpt Search Secure), 47198/tcp, 62686/tcp, 29567/tcp, 3459/tcp (TIP Integral), 7920/tcp, 23547/tcp, 19894/tcp, 4069/tcp (Minger Email Address Validation Service), 37039/tcp, 13420/tcp, 9107/tcp (AstergateFax Control Service), 14746/tcp, 47246/tcp, 9343/tcp (MpIdcMgr), 21519/tcp, 13321/tcp, 3860/tcp (Server/Application State Protocol (SASP)), 41045/tcp, 57738/tcp, 24324/tcp, 37596/tcp, 39803/tcp, 40405/tcp, 59637/tcp, 26841/tcp, 38889/tcp, 34047/tcp, 17300/tcp, 54432/tcp, 11007/tcp, 43964/tcp, 28866/tcp, 59585/tcp, 22970/tcp, 54969/tcp, 52708/tcp, 55874/tcp, 41237/tcp, 64031/tcp, 22519/tcp, 46186/tcp, 7559/tcp, 40314/tcp, 26308/tcp, 20062/tcp, 37977/tcp, 24471/tcp, 60934/tcp, 20625/tcp, 64768/tcp, 9334/tcp, 15282/tcp, 14490/tcp, 47371/tcp, 53766/tcp, 49558/tcp, 34932/tcp, 12268/tcp, 6458/tcp, 1843/tcp (netopia-vo5), 19878/tcp, 25025/tcp, 59821/tcp, 6252/tcp (TL1 over SSH), 25668/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1159 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 27466/tcp, 45750/tcp, 21397/tcp, 41867/tcp, 51333/tcp, 30225/tcp, 27533/tcp, 29545/tcp, 63159/tcp, 10920/tcp, 31007/tcp, 16861/tcp, 19528/tcp, 17119/tcp, 10065/tcp, 17723/tcp, 50655/tcp, 31996/tcp, 62578/tcp, 62796/tcp, 7255/tcp, 50866/tcp, 46448/tcp, 56684/tcp, 1863/tcp (MSNP), 20508/tcp, 63058/tcp, 49222/tcp, 15156/tcp, 10690/tcp, 40392/tcp, 57138/tcp, 5951/tcp, 13028/tcp, 2005/tcp (berknet), 11005/tcp, 25230/tcp, 33519/tcp, 58812/tcp, 8705/tcp, 41434/tcp, 19392/tcp, 22462/tcp, 35000/tcp, 42001/tcp, 45677/tcp, 45429/tcp, 55817/tcp, 21639/tcp, 42837/tcp, 36681/tcp, 58504/tcp, 32374/tcp, 25367/tcp, 62362/tcp, 45272/tcp, 47327/tcp, 60653/tcp, 5517/tcp, 25074/tcp, 23347/tcp, 8170/tcp, 31780/tcp, 46503/tcp, 7081/tcp, 5233/tcp, 40501/tcp, 60070/tcp, 47126/tcp, 46428/tcp, 53762/tcp, 37085/tcp, 50043/tcp, 10452/tcp, 5282/tcp (Marimba Transmitter Port), 58156/tcp, 26508/tcp, 39137/tcp, 61374/tcp, 44931/tcp, 47054/tcp, 29066/tcp, 52132/tcp, 64806/tcp, 55197/tcp, 51253/tcp, 53325/tcp, 45424/tcp, 52230/tcp, 30810/tcp, 38485/tcp, 18612/tcp, 10849/tcp, 26156/tcp, 47590/tcp, 44213/tcp, 23400/tcp (Novar Data), 15990/tcp, 49828/tcp, 44851/tcp, 19419/tcp, 47868/tcp, 30300/tcp, 64117/tcp, 15746/tcp, 5220/tcp, 58463/tcp, 42014/tcp, 3069/tcp (ls3), 57286/tcp, 49677/tcp, 64833/tcp, 44471/tcp, 36338/tcp, 54165/tcp, 820/tcp, 12694/tcp, 63213/tcp, 64830/tcp, 38224/tcp, 55374/tcp, 64032/tcp, 60892/tcp, 21720/tcp, 833/tcp (NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP), 36040/tcp, 33326/tcp, 56829/tcp, 64979/tcp, 38204/tcp, 31686/tcp, 28892/tcp, 17022/tcp, 16757/tcp, 53589/tcp, 29517/tcp, 18055/tcp, 26924/tcp, 63991/tcp, 30634/tcp, 39120/tcp, 25735/tcp, 36126/tcp, 29405/tcp, 30791/tcp, 16102/tcp, 61739/tcp, 33177/tcp, 7401/tcp (RTPS Data-Distribution User-Traffic), 35306/tcp, 4177/tcp (Wello P2P pubsub service), 45411/tcp, 31489/tcp, 12277/tcp, 47358/tcp, 40185/tcp, 41191/tcp, 52034/tcp, 57294/tcp, 62340/tcp, 39477/tcp, 4221/tcp, 48494/tcp, 10050/tcp (Zabbix Agent), 34163/tcp, 32807/tcp, 26657/tcp, 31574/tcp, 33248/tcp, 62383/tcp, 10125/tcp, 8204/tcp (LM Perfworks), 15214/tcp, 27712/tcp, 23938/tcp, 62376/tcp, 12561/tcp, 8350/tcp, 8607/tcp, 4583/tcp, 58790/tcp, 15359/tcp, 4328/tcp (Jaxer Manager Command Protocol), 2221/tcp (Rockwell CSP1), 61340/tcp, 2674/tcp (ewnn), 34420/tcp, 466/tcp (digital-vrc), 32172/tcp, 18610/tcp, 17405/tcp, 36574/tcp, 12329/tcp, 59500/tcp, 55577/tcp, 46086/tcp, 16998/tcp, 1906/tcp (TPortMapperReq), 9161/tcp (apani2), 58212/tcp, 49555/tcp, 7659/tcp, 56347/tcp, 3507/tcp (Nesh Broker Port), 10059/tcp, 51071/tcp, 43729/tcp, 30536/tcp, 48178/tcp, 35758/tcp, 14563/tcp, 64016/tcp, 31309/tcp, 27992/tcp, 57918/tcp, 48755/tcp, 31989/tcp, 61481/tcp, 53355/tcp, 58855/tcp, 8619/tcp, 59251/tcp, 32738/tcp, 48218/tcp, 54817/tcp, 44138/tcp, 48666/tcp, 64785/tcp, 29507/tcp, 24618/tcp, 2451/tcp (netchat), 2498/tcp (ODN-CasTraq), 19670/tcp, 65214/tcp, 27400/tcp, 65133/tcp, 3124/tcp (Beacon Port), 13091/tcp, 61520/tcp, 35142/tcp, 11181/tcp, 50050/tcp, 60135/tcp, 24050/tcp, 18456/tcp, 6884/tcp, 46950/tcp, 37028/tcp, 56457/tcp, 11443/tcp, 11113/tcp, 62964/tcp, 21896/tcp, 9401/tcp (Samsung Twain for Network Client), 7372/tcp, 8023/tcp, 31229/tcp, 5605/tcp (A4-SDUNode), 32788/tcp, 13122/tcp, 10568/tcp, 30869/tcp, 48215/tcp, 7272/tcp (WatchMe Monitoring 7272), 11566/tcp, 64108/tcp, 58091/tcp, 58772/tcp, 16436/tcp, 401/tcp (Uninterruptible Power Supply), 7340/tcp, 10468/tcp, 50678/tcp, 1257/tcp (Shockwave 2), 28273/tcp, 13304/tcp, 54235/tcp, 23719/tcp, 23624/tcp, 25573/tcp, 43853/tcp, 36259/tcp, 36417/tcp, 11596/tcp, 33488/tcp, 21137/tcp, 57304/tcp, 39691/tcp, 7070/tcp (ARCP), 48323/tcp, 33433/tcp, 22942/tcp, 7525/tcp, 34032/tcp, 46940/tcp, 37568/tcp, 65050/tcp, 16695/tcp, 62749/tcp, 65523/tcp, 3985/tcp (MAPPER TCP/IP server), 7424/tcp, 50296/tcp, 41466/tcp, 27315/tcp, 33463/tcp, 12626/tcp, 2755/tcp (Express Pay), 33105/tcp, 53642/tcp, 25352/tcp, 43513/tcp, 40106/tcp, 46403/tcp, 60132/tcp, 14739/tcp, 61912/tcp, 42914/tcp, 60118/tcp, 6728/tcp, 52194/tcp, 50734/tcp, 65347/tcp, 21730/tcp, 20929/tcp, 13566/tcp, 50922/tcp, 52603/tcp, 32674/tcp, 1664/tcp (netview-aix-4), 59471/tcp, 2120/tcp (Quick Eagle Networks CP), 13899/tcp, 26456/tcp, 39427/tcp, 3214/tcp (JMQ Daemon Port 1), 14442/tcp, 20875/tcp, 50707/tcp, 59582/tcp, 12108/tcp, 29949/tcp, 61588/tcp, 46466/tcp, 25455/tcp, 10439/tcp, 9435/tcp, 39223/tcp, 50427/tcp, 63195/tcp, 24091/tcp, 3292/tcp (Cart O Rama), 7967/tcp (Supercell), 39717/tcp, 64459/tcp, 63792/tcp, 2118/tcp (MENTASERVER), 20923/tcp, 13353/tcp, 51635/tcp, 17429/tcp, 3271/tcp (CSoft Prev Port), 2928/tcp (REDSTONE-CPSS), 48656/tcp, 62116/tcp, 25419/tcp, 11298/tcp, 42790/tcp, 17739/tcp, 23052/tcp, 9234/tcp, 4074/tcp (Cequint City ID UI trigger), 11417/tcp, 627/tcp (PassGo Tivoli), 46409/tcp, 46427/tcp, 57005/tcp, 18067/tcp, 13906/tcp, 58188/tcp, 64518/tcp, 41122/tcp, 8849/tcp, 33693/tcp, 28937/tcp, 6635/tcp, 4327/tcp (Jaxer Web Protocol), 37845/tcp, 56601/tcp, 24197/tcp, 21232/tcp, 64984/tcp, 18197/tcp, 13240/tcp, 63466/tcp, 34562/tcp, 5918/tcp, 15103/tcp, 25435/tcp, 45627/tcp, 14099/tcp, 22010/tcp, 59291/tcp, 48075/tcp, 3348/tcp (Pangolin Laser), 13072/tcp, 36170/tcp, 16981/tcp, 11059/tcp, 24680/tcp (TCC User HTTP Service), 47279/tcp, 27222/tcp, 37902/tcp, 34174/tcp, 56029/tcp, 60165/tcp, 26610/tcp, 13535/tcp, 685/tcp (MDC Port Mapper), 43694/tcp, 1807/tcp (Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol), 34827/tcp, 39791/tcp, 41486/tcp, 1294/tcp (CMMdriver), 57884/tcp, 7843/tcp, 32300/tcp, 21549/tcp, 27638/tcp, 41956/tcp, 4967/tcp, 60531/tcp, 40107/tcp, 25422/tcp, 62315/tcp, 50242/tcp, 32917/tcp, 23843/tcp, 12261/tcp, 23011/tcp, 8314/tcp, 31823/tcp, 48625/tcp, 34529/tcp, 39204/tcp, 980/tcp, 44324/tcp, 40920/tcp, 45152/tcp, 45837/tcp, 29006/tcp, 37244/tcp, 28700/tcp, 8202/tcp, 35714/tcp, 10829/tcp, 7031/tcp, 6347/tcp (gnutella-rtr), 19384/tcp, 16125/tcp, 44935/tcp, 45425/tcp, 44524/tcp, 46855/tcp, 3613/tcp (Alaris Device Discovery), 21172/tcp, 64392/tcp, 57096/tcp, 42937/tcp, 37177/tcp, 10765/tcp, 3052/tcp (APC 3052), 60605/tcp, 58351/tcp, 19621/tcp, 35880/tcp, 5696/tcp, 25365/tcp, 52202/tcp, 63490/tcp, 30712/tcp, 23680/tcp, 22593/tcp, 7279/tcp (Citrix Licensing), 35910/tcp, 54957/tcp, 21168/tcp, 52097/tcp, 2618/tcp (Priority E-Com), 28524/tcp, 64157/tcp, 23205/tcp, 33067/tcp, 14975/tcp, 38299/tcp, 41845/tcp, 6406/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 29151/tcp, 23708/tcp, 30614/tcp, 36569/tcp, 19893/tcp, 35220/tcp, 57361/tcp, 8627/tcp, 34205/tcp, 10966/tcp, 20711/tcp, 24269/tcp, 10669/tcp, 36229/tcp, 13196/tcp, 19661/tcp, 58038/tcp, 4539/tcp, 24748/tcp, 51370/tcp, 58852/tcp, 39927/tcp, 52719/tcp, 9557/tcp, 16225/tcp, 3243/tcp (Timelot Port), 6591/tcp, 41378/tcp, 60810/tcp, 52663/tcp, 1110/tcp (Start web admin server), 26716/tcp, 6597/tcp, 15391/tcp, 8218/tcp, 59314/tcp, 14039/tcp, 34184/tcp, 30874/tcp, 9346/tcp (C Tech Licensing), 46490/tcp, 34354/tcp, 20964/tcp, 19130/tcp, 43723/tcp, 30581/tcp, 20541/tcp, 42584/tcp, 25469/tcp, 18618/tcp, 10488/tcp, 54233/tcp, 38433/tcp, 12495/tcp, 41313/tcp, 46193/tcp, 17512/tcp, 15350/tcp, 64670/tcp, 62948/tcp, 8219/tcp, 44800/tcp, 12217/tcp, 57454/tcp, 37388/tcp, 53621/tcp, 28530/tcp, 35906/tcp, 19890/tcp, 33524/tcp, 63172/tcp, 24306/tcp, 47764/tcp, 37343/tcp, 63233/tcp, 47713/tcp, 47607/tcp, 9860/tcp, 25995/tcp, 14485/tcp, 15066/tcp, 52901/tcp, 25493/tcp, 32523/tcp, 58332/tcp, 18202/tcp, 42047/tcp, 43214/tcp, 34511/tcp, 40626/tcp, 55535/tcp, 3153/tcp (S8Cargo Client Port), 35166/tcp, 4225/tcp, 24322/tcp, 36094/tcp, 44177/tcp, 62820/tcp, 36832/tcp, 58606/tcp, 50185/tcp, 64503/tcp, 17134/tcp, 55087/tcp, 65057/tcp, 16218/tcp, 27002/tcp, 64265/tcp, 43572/tcp, 52748/tcp, 33603/tcp, 58192/tcp, 18066/tcp, 45944/tcp, 9785/tcp, 39084/tcp, 4128/tcp (NuFW decision delegation protocol), 474/tcp (tn-tl-w1), 59812/tcp, 25431/tcp, 4540/tcp, 48347/tcp, 51238/tcp, 7947/tcp, 258/tcp, 15326/tcp, 26792/tcp, 13618/tcp, 33659/tcp, 585/tcp, 19036/tcp, 2514/tcp (Facsys NTP), 4384/tcp, 15899/tcp, 36458/tcp, 17792/tcp, 29970/tcp, 34166/tcp, 48806/tcp, 30827/tcp, 50511/tcp, 40715/tcp, 47877/tcp, 15432/tcp, 53340/tcp, 45000/tcp, 50333/tcp, 55195/tcp, 16586/tcp, 23516/tcp, 7904/tcp, 8565/tcp, 58217/tcp, 42010/tcp, 31884/tcp, 6504/tcp, 64430/tcp, 11215/tcp, 53564/tcp, 62554/tcp, 55145/tcp, 16832/tcp, 26867/tcp, 44694/tcp, 41294/tcp, 17754/tcp (Encap. ZigBee Packets), 38864/tcp, 10129/tcp (BMC General Manager Server), 5365/tcp, 4223/tcp, 7266/tcp, 64802/tcp, 1967/tcp (SNS Quote), 45731/tcp, 61312/tcp, 57336/tcp, 6997/tcp (Mobility XE Protocol), 52289/tcp, 25406/tcp, 8976/tcp, 38209/tcp, 55662/tcp, 26526/tcp, 47608/tcp, 51939/tcp, 55990/tcp, 63895/tcp, 31398/tcp, 8415/tcp, 36024/tcp, 41182/tcp, 62149/tcp, 48484/tcp, 49084/tcp, 56214/tcp, 58981/tcp, 61455/tcp, 4836/tcp, 58833/tcp, 4754/tcp, 33090/tcp, 24027/tcp, 324/tcp, 35647/tcp, 9318/tcp (PKIX TimeStamp over TLS), 4815/tcp, 26068/tcp, 27776/tcp, 54027/tcp, 27410/tcp, 14260/tcp, 24209/tcp, 13504/tcp, 37696/tcp, 54905/tcp, 63914/tcp, 15288/tcp, 45568/tcp, 2203/tcp (b2 Runtime Protocol), 32769/tcp (Filenet RPC), 19727/tcp, 53718/tcp, 14183/tcp, 54496/tcp, 53476/tcp, 8002/tcp (Teradata ORDBMS), 18762/tcp, 39407/tcp, 44009/tcp, 18084/tcp, 50717/tcp, 60512/tcp, 56414/tcp, 17463/tcp, 31363/tcp, 61893/tcp, 34153/tcp, 31299/tcp, 17854/tcp, 3093/tcp (Jiiva RapidMQ Center), 9170/tcp, 27582/tcp, 52404/tcp, 47493/tcp, 8904/tcp, 29951/tcp, 60210/tcp, 12476/tcp, 22721/tcp, 3601/tcp (Visinet Gui), 41985/tcp, 44635/tcp, 55621/tcp, 12587/tcp, 21939/tcp, 62738/tcp, 5038/tcp, 50260/tcp, 53327/tcp, 30353/tcp, 4034/tcp (Ubiquinox Daemon), 15542/tcp, 62943/tcp, 64151/tcp, 45696/tcp, 28881/tcp, 6527/tcp, 60081/tcp, 27811/tcp, 36330/tcp, 17471/tcp, 3798/tcp (Minilock), 6081/tcp, 6587/tcp, 46582/tcp, 62244/tcp, 43801/tcp, 10938/tcp, 55663/tcp, 40882/tcp, 27031/tcp, 10420/tcp, 26939/tcp, 25354/tcp, 28419/tcp, 13510/tcp, 5331/tcp, 42344/tcp, 5014/tcp, 13916/tcp, 22166/tcp, 58063/tcp, 30074/tcp, 45146/tcp, 6789/tcp (SMC-HTTPS), 43510/tcp, 56718/tcp, 44222/tcp, 40316/tcp, 49477/tcp, 27250/tcp, 65203/tcp, 43785/tcp, 27477/tcp, 10631/tcp, 7218/tcp, 7846/tcp (APC 7846), 11018/tcp, 32477/tcp, 40141/tcp, 63729/tcp, 16949/tcp, 9120/tcp, 21306/tcp, 28998/tcp, 815/tcp, 34306/tcp, 55213/tcp, 28399/tcp, 44807/tcp, 19501/tcp, 32091/tcp, 20907/tcp, 57367/tcp, 15668/tcp, 55928/tcp, 39545/tcp, 4786/tcp (Smart Install Service), 1784/tcp (Finle License Manager), 47632/tcp, 50970/tcp, 15062/tcp, 47296/tcp, 53410/tcp, 14165/tcp, 31295/tcp, 12044/tcp, 55084/tcp, 65280/tcp, 16399/tcp, 26458/tcp, 64684/tcp, 31559/tcp, 37800/tcp, 26882/tcp, 53744/tcp, 16265/tcp, 38014/tcp, 13524/tcp, 39991/tcp, 13127/tcp, 16339/tcp, 32873/tcp, 44364/tcp, 20991/tcp, 12451/tcp, 9394/tcp, 771/tcp (rtip), 3247/tcp (DVT DATA LINK), 24127/tcp, 65472/tcp, 41314/tcp, 44944/tcp, 47496/tcp, 35395/tcp, 47899/tcp, 31443/tcp, 4616/tcp, 7543/tcp (atul server), 35898/tcp, 33368/tcp, 61754/tcp, 17694/tcp, 48043/tcp, 14109/tcp, 18186/tcp (Occupational Health SC), 22992/tcp, 48959/tcp, 57195/tcp, 9084/tcp (IBM AURORA Performance Visualizer), 20058/tcp, 35814/tcp, 11312/tcp, 1176/tcp (Indigo Home Server), 48259/tcp, 38537/tcp, 9637/tcp, 6646/tcp, 30554/tcp, 6607/tcp, 29678/tcp, 20077/tcp, 39113/tcp, 50118/tcp, 3233/tcp (WhiskerControl main port), 12628/tcp, 51328/tcp, 20707/tcp, 7072/tcp, 58268/tcp, 11642/tcp, 18795/tcp, 48213/tcp, 62256/tcp, 47743/tcp, 15911/tcp, 54322/tcp, 6472/tcp, 29415/tcp, 47698/tcp, 10832/tcp, 59126/tcp, 63938/tcp, 46928/tcp, 44923/tcp, 29734/tcp, 59248/tcp, 7766/tcp, 51743/tcp, 59644/tcp, 22299/tcp, 23866/tcp, 53172/tcp, 54717/tcp, 10952/tcp, 61468/tcp, 31787/tcp, 44236/tcp, 47826/tcp, 50460/tcp, 23879/tcp, 19542/tcp, 13944/tcp, 2391/tcp (3COM Net Management), 25115/tcp, 52224/tcp, 56507/tcp, 14597/tcp, 28864/tcp, 29868/tcp, 58491/tcp, 52290/tcp, 24740/tcp, 9338/tcp, 29017/tcp, 37207/tcp, 22409/tcp, 39350/tcp, 40067/tcp, 62884/tcp, 11367/tcp (ATM UHAS), 2616/tcp (appswitch-emp), 54317/tcp, 6882/tcp, 60865/tcp, 64129/tcp, 5577/tcp, 29292/tcp, 43953/tcp, 31200/tcp, 32636/tcp (DMExpress), 22747/tcp, 23964/tcp, 53466/tcp, 29289/tcp, 28988/tcp, 14297/tcp, 20360/tcp, 24475/tcp, 7041/tcp, 34014/tcp, 57130/tcp, 53112/tcp, 41952/tcp, 34221/tcp, 52844/tcp, 32907/tcp, 63291/tcp, 31736/tcp, 28501/tcp, 65158/tcp, 60324/tcp, 64011/tcp, 12489/tcp, 21961/tcp, 42927/tcp, 27555/tcp, 27480/tcp, 7416/tcp, 60015/tcp, 273/tcp, 587/tcp (Submission), 46992/tcp, 37905/tcp, 8827/tcp, 60053/tcp, 7807/tcp, 14068/tcp, 38196/tcp, 54196/tcp, 6864/tcp, 11359/tcp, 22398/tcp, 51342/tcp, 55437/tcp, 41172/tcp, 47551/tcp, 40900/tcp, 38100/tcp, 3508/tcp (Interaction Web), 58477/tcp, 13619/tcp, 3512/tcp (Aztec Distribution Port), 26563/tcp, 64212/tcp, 23859/tcp, 35704/tcp, 11318/tcp, 28874/tcp, 26314/tcp, 10959/tcp, 23057/tcp, 1367/tcp (DCS), 43128/tcp, 182/tcp (Unisys Audit SITP), 7045/tcp, 48438/tcp, 1903/tcp (Local Link Name Resolution), 13869/tcp, 44868/tcp, 5486/tcp, 41907/tcp, 46963/tcp, 57855/tcp, 19160/tcp, 2837/tcp (Repliweb), 50339/tcp, 25040/tcp, 63482/tcp, 2792/tcp (f5-globalsite), 49986/tcp, 35662/tcp, 64838/tcp, 9666/tcp, 2267/tcp (OntoBroker), 32894/tcp, 33889/tcp, 24038/tcp, 27874/tcp, 42639/tcp, 34471/tcp, 24411/tcp, 35271/tcp, 46579/tcp, 59472/tcp, 56485/tcp, 52686/tcp, 30442/tcp, 54500/tcp, 15642/tcp, 36609/tcp, 28345/tcp, 59720/tcp, 3703/tcp (Adobe Server 3), 39682/tcp, 60522/tcp, 34584/tcp, 42588/tcp, 6578/tcp, 22225/tcp, 24012/tcp, 20565/tcp, 47416/tcp, 1629/tcp (LonTalk urgent), 9765/tcp, 63467/tcp, 17709/tcp, 24689/tcp, 51090/tcp, 58362/tcp, 52653/tcp, 42582/tcp, 17399/tcp, 6051/tcp, 54555/tcp, 29922/tcp, 20455/tcp, 10225/tcp, 32017/tcp, 17118/tcp, 52493/tcp, 17678/tcp, 61353/tcp, 8543/tcp, 8908/tcp, 47624/tcp (Direct Play Server), 64343/tcp, 65211/tcp, 38513/tcp, 41006/tcp, 17462/tcp, 51896/tcp, 36640/tcp, 14892/tcp, 36091/tcp, 59449/tcp, 43057/tcp, 12348/tcp, 45136/tcp, 57537/tcp, 2406/tcp (JediServer), 58009/tcp, 4555/tcp (RSIP Port), 24823/tcp, 7752/tcp, 10206/tcp, 57786/tcp, 9976/tcp, 28499/tcp, 46070/tcp, 28793/tcp, 3088/tcp (eXtensible Data Transfer Protocol), 31096/tcp, 12895/tcp, 56603/tcp, 7234/tcp, 51171/tcp, 29398/tcp, 42968/tcp, 4190/tcp (ManageSieve Protocol), 52602/tcp, 15804/tcp, 10151/tcp, 23937/tcp, 8086/tcp (Distributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port), 30015/tcp, 9865/tcp, 64478/tcp, 31046/tcp, 49490/tcp, 2240/tcp (RECIPe), 15885/tcp, 13575/tcp, 44262/tcp, 27647/tcp, 33404/tcp, 367/tcp (MortgageWare), 40996/tcp, 18447/tcp, 39958/tcp, 36503/tcp, 60222/tcp, 51678/tcp, 6931/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 60 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 40436/tcp, 26770/tcp, 56761/tcp, 57147/tcp, 10574/tcp, 61084/tcp, 64963/tcp, 10423/tcp, 16010/tcp, 36412/tcp, 9975/tcp, 60872/tcp, 51010/tcp, 46750/tcp, 50769/tcp, 65324/tcp, 13565/tcp, 15056/tcp, 61256/tcp, 15440/tcp, 54195/tcp, 50640/tcp, 38079/tcp, 55972/tcp, 63474/tcp, 31698/tcp, 53667/tcp, 25086/tcp, 13818/tcp (DSMCC Config), 44674/tcp, 39295/tcp, 1643/tcp (isis-ambc), 43595/tcp, 14778/tcp, 60668/tcp, 15287/tcp, 22653/tcp, 14106/tcp, 51768/tcp, 29856/tcp, 13173/tcp, 14650/tcp, 60049/tcp, 62411/tcp, 63747/tcp, 39311/tcp, 55055/tcp, 39203/tcp, 26578/tcp, 63372/tcp, 43533/tcp, 2469/tcp (MTI-TCS-COMM), 36965/tcp, 8589/tcp, 63963/tcp, 52451/tcp, 56763/tcp, 60188/tcp, 38863/tcp, 1141/tcp (User Message Service).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 2449 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 19897/tcp, 47972/tcp, 27466/tcp, 44785/tcp, 43250/tcp, 26413/tcp, 36903/tcp, 14197/tcp, 62123/tcp, 37734/tcp, 65075/tcp, 16829/tcp, 13202/tcp, 50176/tcp, 51265/tcp, 65409/tcp, 6975/tcp, 28170/tcp, 56624/tcp, 8943/tcp, 6873/tcp, 20841/tcp, 51188/tcp, 29721/tcp, 55984/tcp, 37407/tcp, 20776/tcp, 60826/tcp, 49001/tcp, 36924/tcp, 9944/tcp, 14110/tcp, 27581/tcp, 12197/tcp, 29698/tcp, 59480/tcp, 10413/tcp, 41491/tcp, 20654/tcp, 42474/tcp, 56680/tcp, 42153/tcp, 31554/tcp, 10680/tcp, 22926/tcp, 42569/tcp, 52162/tcp, 35498/tcp, 26284/tcp, 14752/tcp, 36411/tcp, 25010/tcp, 27996/tcp, 19509/tcp, 36118/tcp, 56612/tcp, 55552/tcp, 48097/tcp, 45465/tcp, 43760/tcp, 3851/tcp (SpectraTalk Port), 11481/tcp, 28624/tcp, 61828/tcp, 2163/tcp (Navisphere Secure), 5719/tcp (DPM Agent Coordinator), 51748/tcp, 9517/tcp, 32129/tcp, 48927/tcp, 13380/tcp, 28404/tcp, 36101/tcp, 39892/tcp, 55305/tcp, 25588/tcp, 42357/tcp, 6016/tcp, 15156/tcp, 34935/tcp, 12934/tcp, 6748/tcp, 51942/tcp, 26771/tcp, 26888/tcp, 13290/tcp, 62316/tcp, 51792/tcp, 62327/tcp, 54255/tcp, 39681/tcp (TurboNote Default Port), 32486/tcp, 19595/tcp, 14476/tcp, 48627/tcp, 62360/tcp, 41935/tcp, 10624/tcp, 61460/tcp, 49221/tcp, 35959/tcp, 39036/tcp, 29221/tcp, 30934/tcp, 61697/tcp, 34973/tcp, 40569/tcp, 289/tcp, 17508/tcp, 55011/tcp, 40615/tcp, 47514/tcp, 50519/tcp, 60497/tcp, 31601/tcp, 21058/tcp, 20877/tcp, 21212/tcp, 30206/tcp, 38916/tcp, 27601/tcp, 39903/tcp, 9788/tcp, 35588/tcp, 53245/tcp, 36854/tcp, 21679/tcp, 2787/tcp (piccolo - Cornerstone Software), 31505/tcp, 48819/tcp, 18150/tcp, 50318/tcp, 5402/tcp (OmniCast MFTP), 16159/tcp, 8664/tcp, 21177/tcp, 58284/tcp, 34958/tcp, 37045/tcp, 21186/tcp, 39078/tcp, 12145/tcp, 60214/tcp, 1293/tcp (PKT-KRB-IPSec), 65264/tcp, 4646/tcp, 8853/tcp, 19395/tcp, 21929/tcp, 60368/tcp, 45078/tcp, 17278/tcp, 19960/tcp, 64923/tcp, 16805/tcp, 2708/tcp (Banyan-Net), 59942/tcp, 8738/tcp, 57935/tcp, 9511/tcp, 47740/tcp, 27829/tcp, 61569/tcp, 29468/tcp, 60070/tcp, 38324/tcp, 31334/tcp, 18966/tcp, 42248/tcp, 64338/tcp, 32813/tcp, 9866/tcp, 35654/tcp, 36529/tcp, 26532/tcp, 40111/tcp, 65434/tcp, 16533/tcp, 20950/tcp, 37720/tcp, 12383/tcp, 57310/tcp, 55748/tcp, 4156/tcp (STAT Results), 58483/tcp, 36533/tcp, 40348/tcp, 11041/tcp, 1958/tcp (CA Administration Daemon), 37234/tcp, 49028/tcp, 53110/tcp, 38087/tcp, 21640/tcp, 12698/tcp, 23991/tcp, 16547/tcp, 52651/tcp, 21814/tcp, 52426/tcp, 22088/tcp, 7940/tcp, 39616/tcp, 4345/tcp (Macro 4 Network AS), 11809/tcp, 19100/tcp, 15346/tcp, 19232/tcp, 22070/tcp, 28360/tcp, 4780/tcp, 62935/tcp, 4284/tcp, 32212/tcp, 10358/tcp, 62735/tcp, 13579/tcp, 59578/tcp, 56809/tcp, 31723/tcp, 32218/tcp, 43463/tcp, 28821/tcp, 27235/tcp, 23273/tcp, 2372/tcp (LanMessenger), 42014/tcp, 4605/tcp, 47118/tcp, 15367/tcp, 9693/tcp, 16226/tcp, 25823/tcp, 27633/tcp, 3321/tcp (VNSSTR), 3390/tcp (Distributed Service Coordinator), 19460/tcp, 3395/tcp (Dyna License Manager (Elam)), 27155/tcp, 140/tcp (EMFIS Data Service), 38420/tcp, 54113/tcp, 23328/tcp, 44197/tcp, 34040/tcp, 54811/tcp, 59985/tcp, 37603/tcp, 54180/tcp, 31202/tcp, 60292/tcp, 30579/tcp, 12941/tcp, 59040/tcp, 59524/tcp, 33538/tcp, 60711/tcp, 1343/tcp (re101), 5116/tcp, 44897/tcp, 53922/tcp, 14211/tcp, 12859/tcp, 24846/tcp, 19033/tcp, 3883/tcp (VR Peripheral Network), 65068/tcp, 15090/tcp, 12921/tcp, 19729/tcp, 13237/tcp, 31518/tcp, 63307/tcp, 4154/tcp (atlinks device discovery), 238/tcp, 44589/tcp, 45246/tcp, 59060/tcp, 40582/tcp, 7685/tcp, 30960/tcp, 42647/tcp, 3096/tcp (Active Print Server Port), 56023/tcp, 21164/tcp, 56912/tcp, 54546/tcp, 36031/tcp, 62321/tcp, 33578/tcp, 26214/tcp, 32145/tcp, 64549/tcp, 53376/tcp, 17022/tcp, 40749/tcp, 57359/tcp, 17041/tcp, 6162/tcp (PATROL Collector), 43691/tcp, 10070/tcp, 30629/tcp, 58462/tcp, 19038/tcp, 4416/tcp, 32662/tcp, 44920/tcp, 13640/tcp, 42805/tcp, 44366/tcp, 37581/tcp, 58683/tcp, 61409/tcp, 50553/tcp, 30683/tcp, 62057/tcp, 33007/tcp, 42796/tcp, 19324/tcp, 7513/tcp, 42219/tcp, 49833/tcp, 19494/tcp, 54960/tcp, 60086/tcp, 46003/tcp, 11665/tcp, 47011/tcp, 35190/tcp, 43020/tcp, 40826/tcp, 64055/tcp, 40788/tcp, 24978/tcp, 28441/tcp, 42754/tcp, 51884/tcp, 5223/tcp (HP Virtual Machine Group Management), 42697/tcp, 46328/tcp, 23493/tcp, 47440/tcp, 63707/tcp, 49826/tcp, 3345/tcp (Influence), 57643/tcp, 23026/tcp, 36649/tcp, 10665/tcp, 39181/tcp, 61453/tcp, 12364/tcp, 62267/tcp, 10561/tcp, 30541/tcp, 60401/tcp, 55944/tcp, 12781/tcp, 53076/tcp, 50999/tcp, 12508/tcp, 57627/tcp, 38709/tcp, 30888/tcp, 20200/tcp, 33435/tcp, 15467/tcp, 51691/tcp, 42756/tcp, 20570/tcp, 7039/tcp, 1379/tcp (Integrity Solutions), 60489/tcp, 8268/tcp, 24072/tcp, 13950/tcp, 2910/tcp (TDAccess), 5638/tcp, 25096/tcp, 54611/tcp, 60017/tcp, 46891/tcp, 18559/tcp, 43481/tcp, 10105/tcp, 29126/tcp, 64913/tcp, 5133/tcp (Policy Commander), 37459/tcp, 18445/tcp, 9833/tcp, 22228/tcp, 6548/tcp (APC 6548), 59278/tcp, 34348/tcp, 40099/tcp, 41893/tcp, 30326/tcp, 57981/tcp, 59160/tcp, 45710/tcp, 51532/tcp, 17101/tcp, 48973/tcp, 16307/tcp, 24690/tcp, 2052/tcp (clearVisn Services Port), 35081/tcp, 41430/tcp, 39992/tcp, 7795/tcp, 57623/tcp, 63248/tcp, 23858/tcp, 53784/tcp, 39179/tcp, 62883/tcp, 8657/tcp, 26897/tcp, 55821/tcp, 52945/tcp, 17420/tcp, 3263/tcp (E-Color Enterprise Imager), 40291/tcp, 56382/tcp, 49580/tcp, 56672/tcp, 60690/tcp, 62599/tcp, 26787/tcp, 26646/tcp, 53244/tcp, 4342/tcp (LISP-CONS Control), 41521/tcp, 58073/tcp, 54982/tcp, 3845/tcp (V-ONE Single Port Proxy), 46043/tcp, 2512/tcp (Citrix IMA), 31205/tcp, 9986/tcp, 26264/tcp, 6907/tcp, 34980/tcp (EtherCAT Port), 48178/tcp, 2124/tcp (ELATELINK), 2403/tcp (TaskMaster 2000 Web), 60542/tcp, 17572/tcp, 41200/tcp, 21323/tcp, 21781/tcp, 47995/tcp, 43696/tcp, 37792/tcp, 47938/tcp, 27801/tcp, 9062/tcp, 61527/tcp, 8993/tcp, 57644/tcp, 39287/tcp, 28733/tcp, 12752/tcp, 51845/tcp, 27225/tcp, 21846/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services), 12065/tcp, 54817/tcp, 61799/tcp, 16499/tcp, 19530/tcp, 50761/tcp, 12376/tcp, 56944/tcp, 38947/tcp, 54539/tcp, 64804/tcp, 19938/tcp, 31936/tcp, 42764/tcp, 9402/tcp (Samsung PC2FAX for Network Server), 60498/tcp, 16876/tcp, 20031/tcp, 60833/tcp, 50812/tcp, 24453/tcp, 31025/tcp, 62734/tcp, 13665/tcp, 20241/tcp, 62907/tcp, 44550/tcp, 35833/tcp, 20234/tcp, 55179/tcp, 51348/tcp, 44726/tcp, 8663/tcp, 46024/tcp, 48876/tcp, 17755/tcp (ZigBee IP Transport Service), 5281/tcp (Undo License Manager), 22355/tcp, 61947/tcp, 50076/tcp, 49792/tcp, 11992/tcp, 13175/tcp, 991/tcp (Netnews Administration System), 17685/tcp, 4455/tcp (PR Chat User), 60031/tcp, 18189/tcp, 291/tcp, 20731/tcp, 39822/tcp, 8063/tcp, 2580/tcp (Tributary), 53050/tcp, 16911/tcp, 19024/tcp, 5512/tcp, 60749/tcp, 21428/tcp, 41995/tcp, 46828/tcp, 8933/tcp, 45573/tcp, 34472/tcp, 42371/tcp, 37338/tcp, 57090/tcp, 7420/tcp, 11347/tcp, 24667/tcp, 16954/tcp, 56215/tcp, 25848/tcp, 8343/tcp, 48725/tcp, 34451/tcp, 18731/tcp, 33050/tcp, 65339/tcp, 40707/tcp, 63197/tcp, 23100/tcp, 34630/tcp, 64624/tcp, 8396/tcp, 16667/tcp, 11278/tcp, 30878/tcp, 25683/tcp, 18564/tcp, 14826/tcp, 41478/tcp, 42888/tcp, 56807/tcp, 43455/tcp, 20644/tcp, 7099/tcp (lazy-ptop), 11596/tcp, 18193/tcp, 6194/tcp, 29427/tcp, 40351/tcp, 41718/tcp, 29528/tcp, 48323/tcp, 20922/tcp, 19605/tcp, 53774/tcp, 40914/tcp, 49095/tcp, 46372/tcp, 10717/tcp, 57068/tcp, 789/tcp, 10789/tcp, 59325/tcp, 55855/tcp, 37457/tcp, 51557/tcp, 53623/tcp, 37042/tcp, 62906/tcp, 12456/tcp, 53878/tcp, 2385/tcp (SD-DATA), 3643/tcp (AudioJuggler), 43613/tcp, 60521/tcp, 59238/tcp, 25328/tcp, 62547/tcp, 52059/tcp, 3754/tcp (TimesTen Broker Port), 32982/tcp, 47789/tcp, 18107/tcp, 5831/tcp, 52105/tcp, 60518/tcp, 34598/tcp, 38021/tcp, 12550/tcp, 31243/tcp, 38806/tcp, 42285/tcp, 18047/tcp, 44602/tcp, 1387/tcp (Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM), 11569/tcp, 32024/tcp, 54476/tcp, 34070/tcp, 17825/tcp, 25623/tcp, 11871/tcp, 22109/tcp, 40965/tcp, 32205/tcp, 28641/tcp, 35117/tcp, 24365/tcp, 23225/tcp, 2031/tcp (mobrien-chat), 37643/tcp, 43862/tcp, 10893/tcp, 63929/tcp, 8994/tcp, 41031/tcp, 39568/tcp, 20440/tcp, 32754/tcp, 31070/tcp, 51908/tcp, 21440/tcp, 18020/tcp, 34736/tcp, 24366/tcp, 39378/tcp, 18965/tcp, 431/tcp (UTMPCD), 12177/tcp, 51431/tcp, 65338/tcp, 53200/tcp, 16148/tcp, 51759/tcp, 47030/tcp, 37933/tcp, 15785/tcp, 49645/tcp, 17126/tcp, 12824/tcp, 10272/tcp, 5067/tcp (Authentx Service), 9342/tcp, 37303/tcp, 10300/tcp, 33445/tcp, 24464/tcp, 12466/tcp, 30891/tcp, 49723/tcp, 65421/tcp, 13327/tcp, 60064/tcp, 10436/tcp, 10483/tcp, 23327/tcp, 63922/tcp, 44954/tcp, 60548/tcp, 16464/tcp, 25463/tcp, 39771/tcp, 410/tcp (DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol), 41261/tcp, 4721/tcp, 5916/tcp, 54175/tcp, 30188/tcp, 35393/tcp, 10592/tcp, 29631/tcp, 8313/tcp, 3045/tcp (ResponseNet), 34877/tcp, 28484/tcp, 25224/tcp, 19571/tcp, 3267/tcp (IBM Dial Out), 26064/tcp, 4295/tcp, 10064/tcp, 24458/tcp, 35801/tcp, 61738/tcp, 34206/tcp, 60979/tcp, 33613/tcp, 49484/tcp, 11257/tcp, 48241/tcp, 3060/tcp (interserver), 33069/tcp, 27674/tcp, 50551/tcp, 30735/tcp, 28635/tcp, 2118/tcp (MENTASERVER), 4246/tcp, 22482/tcp, 11971/tcp, 7480/tcp, 57376/tcp, 11266/tcp, 42772/tcp, 55503/tcp, 26672/tcp, 62778/tcp, 48108/tcp, 2577/tcp (Scriptics Lsrvr), 51231/tcp, 40706/tcp, 12689/tcp, 56861/tcp, 13908/tcp, 19801/tcp, 42466/tcp, 41925/tcp, 38330/tcp, 38952/tcp, 37326/tcp, 37609/tcp, 61956/tcp, 25532/tcp, 58004/tcp, 31411/tcp, 19970/tcp, 37363/tcp, 1453/tcp (Genie License Manager), 3199/tcp (DMOD WorkSpace), 15136/tcp, 34375/tcp, 28004/tcp, 10124/tcp, 18631/tcp, 4045/tcp (Network Paging Protocol), 25416/tcp, 33554/tcp, 43414/tcp, 12799/tcp, 21153/tcp, 61730/tcp, 8452/tcp, 62788/tcp, 5841/tcp, 61712/tcp, 40743/tcp, 38048/tcp, 31024/tcp, 18479/tcp, 25578/tcp, 42876/tcp, 3122/tcp (MTI VTR Emulator port), 57078/tcp, 37750/tcp, 27964/tcp, 6455/tcp (SKIP Certificate Receive), 44558/tcp, 42847/tcp, 18578/tcp, 52131/tcp, 65162/tcp, 15266/tcp, 16669/tcp, 23107/tcp, 32370/tcp, 19972/tcp, 38591/tcp, 21424/tcp, 859/tcp, 5527/tcp, 56311/tcp, 23902/tcp, 9017/tcp, 49225/tcp, 54647/tcp, 25637/tcp, 7783/tcp, 7355/tcp, 27941/tcp, 6968/tcp, 59291/tcp, 5661/tcp, 18451/tcp, 45557/tcp, 17904/tcp, 30835/tcp, 4976/tcp, 23443/tcp, 20114/tcp, 8724/tcp, 60848/tcp, 11047/tcp, 57864/tcp, 1037/tcp (AMS), 2142/tcp (TDM OVER IP), 32563/tcp, 56434/tcp, 53624/tcp, 57763/tcp, 50218/tcp, 37426/tcp, 10419/tcp, 11527/tcp, 64750/tcp, 55476/tcp, 12811/tcp, 10817/tcp, 37528/tcp, 29848/tcp, 31159/tcp, 54995/tcp, 13630/tcp, 29278/tcp, 36624/tcp, 8031/tcp, 19933/tcp, 29344/tcp, 12175/tcp, 62867/tcp, 50579/tcp, 39014/tcp, 49983/tcp, 41244/tcp, 36654/tcp, 54146/tcp, 16072/tcp, 4212/tcp, 44281/tcp, 35607/tcp, 20411/tcp, 41472/tcp, 34819/tcp, 30638/tcp, 64989/tcp, 19599/tcp, 28649/tcp, 35765/tcp, 47141/tcp, 1670/tcp (netview-aix-10), 53683/tcp, 58601/tcp, 39263/tcp, 33542/tcp, 43240/tcp, 37352/tcp, 60574/tcp, 3332/tcp (MCS Mail Server), 13900/tcp, 44622/tcp, 36472/tcp, 20274/tcp, 41627/tcp, 62236/tcp, 18343/tcp, 23727/tcp, 44245/tcp, 63116/tcp, 40903/tcp, 63057/tcp, 55661/tcp, 59232/tcp, 13182/tcp, 12715/tcp, 61450/tcp, 41196/tcp, 13728/tcp, 42272/tcp, 21703/tcp, 4109/tcp (Instantiated Zero-control Messaging), 49617/tcp, 5728/tcp (Dist. I/O Comm. Service Data and Control), 32862/tcp, 47781/tcp, 24059/tcp, 2536/tcp (btpp2audctr1), 34108/tcp, 27833/tcp, 10013/tcp, 43262/tcp, 51599/tcp, 15155/tcp, 17039/tcp, 4785/tcp, 28052/tcp, 33265/tcp, 2557/tcp (nicetec-mgmt), 28205/tcp, 3373/tcp (Lavenir License Manager), 25611/tcp, 33132/tcp, 42862/tcp, 5324/tcp, 57814/tcp, 45501/tcp, 30754/tcp, 58186/tcp, 3347/tcp (Phoenix RPC), 34552/tcp, 29979/tcp, 31919/tcp, 20894/tcp, 58453/tcp, 53258/tcp, 10252/tcp (Apollo Relay Port), 8341/tcp, 17125/tcp, 29054/tcp, 28857/tcp, 51255/tcp, 52788/tcp, 23723/tcp, 15715/tcp, 19384/tcp, 25459/tcp, 40923/tcp, 42924/tcp, 53183/tcp, 8254/tcp, 62618/tcp, 48436/tcp, 28719/tcp, 57525/tcp, 18432/tcp, 17855/tcp, 7946/tcp, 37378/tcp, 8194/tcp (Bloomberg data API), 42937/tcp, 31088/tcp, 35544/tcp, 46733/tcp, 61694/tcp, 1119/tcp (Battle.net Chat/Game Protocol), 36549/tcp, 25622/tcp, 14359/tcp, 46884/tcp, 9147/tcp, 54559/tcp, 35391/tcp, 28609/tcp, 8708/tcp, 63552/tcp, 8797/tcp, 34186/tcp, 22250/tcp, 36860/tcp, 38453/tcp, 65023/tcp, 39150/tcp, 38226/tcp, 8628/tcp, 8152/tcp, 22725/tcp, 51509/tcp, 35819/tcp, 55318/tcp, 15501/tcp, 8176/tcp, 33813/tcp, 28080/tcp, 21602/tcp, 20316/tcp, 2477/tcp (SecurSight Certificate Valifation Service), 13934/tcp, 20220/tcp, 31267/tcp, 43831/tcp, 2344/tcp (fcmsys), 31955/tcp, 54039/tcp, 1914/tcp (Elm-Momentum), 63094/tcp, 27074/tcp, 12260/tcp, 7951/tcp, 64069/tcp, 4435/tcp, 44545/tcp, 21484/tcp, 40204/tcp, 43503/tcp, 20407/tcp, 5156/tcp (Russian Online Game), 16570/tcp, 9416/tcp, 24938/tcp, 35370/tcp, 56596/tcp, 62904/tcp, 36706/tcp, 29771/tcp, 55594/tcp, 61222/tcp, 26856/tcp, 26052/tcp, 12439/tcp, 59673/tcp, 13716/tcp, 36788/tcp, 19569/tcp, 3112/tcp (KDE System Guard), 24185/tcp, 61319/tcp, 23067/tcp, 58628/tcp, 3561/tcp (BMC-OneKey), 38716/tcp, 368/tcp (QbikGDP), 11303/tcp, 36506/tcp, 12577/tcp, 28271/tcp, 50054/tcp, 49718/tcp, 15255/tcp, 2028/tcp (submitserver), 48246/tcp, 35937/tcp, 29861/tcp, 11485/tcp, 35244/tcp, 35581/tcp, 51586/tcp, 9312/tcp (Sphinx search server), 29523/tcp, 43922/tcp, 34871/tcp, 63422/tcp, 60770/tcp, 20329/tcp, 4210/tcp, 2820/tcp (UniVision), 9557/tcp, 25241/tcp, 30982/tcp, 39155/tcp, 8992/tcp, 20504/tcp, 62277/tcp, 47391/tcp, 25939/tcp, 2017/tcp (cypress-stat), 59122/tcp, 13336/tcp, 52640/tcp, 21614/tcp, 49568/tcp, 1088/tcp (CPL Scrambler Alarm Log), 8316/tcp, 54536/tcp, 20109/tcp, 23465/tcp, 2844/tcp (BPCP POLL), 11268/tcp, 8905/tcp, 45525/tcp, 27529/tcp, 59364/tcp, 15422/tcp, 45208/tcp, 49868/tcp, 38944/tcp, 8956/tcp, 11815/tcp, 59558/tcp, 40169/tcp, 54792/tcp, 51630/tcp, 57934/tcp, 56815/tcp, 40064/tcp, 24006/tcp (med-net-svc), 28833/tcp, 47257/tcp, 9777/tcp, 30942/tcp, 4407/tcp (Network Access Control Agent), 62406/tcp, 37201/tcp, 22338/tcp, 3493/tcp (Network UPS Tools), 30590/tcp, 38773/tcp, 12013/tcp (Vipera Messaging Service over SSL Communication), 56953/tcp, 17540/tcp, 19523/tcp, 23024/tcp, 42008/tcp, 18886/tcp, 54163/tcp, 21954/tcp, 57015/tcp, 54821/tcp, 44858/tcp, 12084/tcp, 39275/tcp, 44645/tcp, 18145/tcp, 36949/tcp, 3533/tcp (Raven Remote Management Data), 2707/tcp (EMCSYMAPIPORT), 60176/tcp, 10563/tcp, 19926/tcp, 29881/tcp, 13623/tcp, 52738/tcp, 39081/tcp, 7311/tcp, 59619/tcp, 41511/tcp, 54462/tcp, 26877/tcp, 29512/tcp, 33708/tcp, 28105/tcp, 49008/tcp, 50996/tcp, 48365/tcp, 7938/tcp, 53621/tcp, 42699/tcp, 19370/tcp, 41709/tcp, 4140/tcp (Cedros Fraud Detection System), 32443/tcp, 13968/tcp, 39893/tcp, 5410/tcp (Salient User Manager), 27259/tcp, 7013/tcp (Microtalon Discovery), 10098/tcp, 5984/tcp (CouchDB), 53363/tcp, 10007/tcp (MVS Capacity), 34672/tcp, 16693/tcp, 33152/tcp, 52849/tcp, 61885/tcp, 24742/tcp, 5403/tcp (HPOMS-CI-LSTN), 49998/tcp, 37421/tcp, 16835/tcp, 13057/tcp, 45125/tcp, 1730/tcp (roketz), 53385/tcp, 42408/tcp, 8481/tcp, 39215/tcp, 57715/tcp, 8615/tcp, 62746/tcp, 1200/tcp (SCOL), 42986/tcp, 1104/tcp (XRL), 42372/tcp, 11876/tcp (X2E Xoraya Multichannel protocol), 13110/tcp, 14433/tcp, 6120/tcp, 32215/tcp, 44913/tcp, 26099/tcp, 7080/tcp (EmpowerID Communication), 55923/tcp, 38465/tcp, 5202/tcp (TARGUS GetData 2), 18284/tcp, 20/tcp (File Transfer [Default Data]), 37018/tcp, 53434/tcp, 55828/tcp, 23085/tcp, 44075/tcp, 1662/tcp (netview-aix-2), 32397/tcp, 39295/tcp, 45743/tcp, 12301/tcp, 10738/tcp, 7765/tcp, 55398/tcp, 37034/tcp, 8040/tcp (Ampify Messaging Protocol), 33461/tcp, 56625/tcp, 42121/tcp, 38350/tcp, 53489/tcp, 8042/tcp (FireScope Agent), 45966/tcp (SSRServerMgr), 38468/tcp, 44374/tcp, 10649/tcp, 25164/tcp, 38107/tcp, 59114/tcp, 21169/tcp, 25165/tcp, 61033/tcp, 23667/tcp, 53552/tcp, 20336/tcp, 3196/tcp (Network Control Unit), 31902/tcp, 13071/tcp, 42644/tcp, 2993/tcp (VERITAS VIS1), 55758/tcp, 26501/tcp, 8940/tcp, 15021/tcp, 21122/tcp, 3053/tcp (dsom-server), 23747/tcp, 12273/tcp, 15663/tcp, 41462/tcp, 22876/tcp, 36088/tcp, 6958/tcp, 11735/tcp, 12117/tcp, 43220/tcp, 4148/tcp (HHB Handheld Client), 10597/tcp, 40409/tcp, 32312/tcp, 60412/tcp, 3702/tcp (Web Service Discovery), 23672/tcp, 21877/tcp, 2264/tcp (Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 1), 26318/tcp, 41460/tcp, 56474/tcp, 62113/tcp, 25925/tcp, 7947/tcp, 258/tcp, 26514/tcp, 30890/tcp, 48265/tcp, 32476/tcp, 34018/tcp, 41596/tcp, 59894/tcp, 45343/tcp, 49574/tcp, 9052/tcp, 35214/tcp, 18011/tcp, 4296/tcp, 45318/tcp, 19305/tcp, 55975/tcp, 49936/tcp, 7179/tcp, 7371/tcp, 28289/tcp, 41811/tcp, 46196/tcp, 1076/tcp (DAB STI-C), 39185/tcp, 28778/tcp, 50216/tcp, 63207/tcp, 12494/tcp, 18173/tcp, 10319/tcp, 44937/tcp, 2315/tcp (Precise Sft.), 56135/tcp, 30208/tcp, 19982/tcp, 36932/tcp, 51684/tcp, 13287/tcp, 24556/tcp, 20173/tcp, 40034/tcp, 15520/tcp, 22976/tcp, 36775/tcp, 35165/tcp, 18048/tcp, 29614/tcp, 34476/tcp, 46220/tcp, 46074/tcp, 13012/tcp, 24869/tcp, 46272/tcp, 7613/tcp, 51857/tcp, 36742/tcp, 3645/tcp (Cyc), 9816/tcp, 6205/tcp, 17871/tcp, 31084/tcp, 4705/tcp, 14133/tcp, 51951/tcp, 5298/tcp (XMPP Link-Local Messaging), 52740/tcp, 7050/tcp, 10475/tcp, 22432/tcp, 5873/tcp, 49659/tcp, 11879/tcp, 60915/tcp, 11465/tcp, 15342/tcp, 45982/tcp, 59415/tcp, 4217/tcp, 32648/tcp, 39010/tcp, 52171/tcp, 47568/tcp, 34111/tcp, 25446/tcp, 9221/tcp, 48176/tcp, 53939/tcp, 41639/tcp, 26757/tcp, 32650/tcp, 17212/tcp, 20190/tcp, 20137/tcp, 15378/tcp, 10615/tcp, 41458/tcp, 26819/tcp, 41284/tcp, 35401/tcp, 25145/tcp, 21864/tcp, 42784/tcp, 55734/tcp, 29986/tcp, 8976/tcp, 4946/tcp, 8066/tcp, 63666/tcp, 7876/tcp, 54181/tcp, 20637/tcp, 28249/tcp, 2676/tcp (SIMSLink), 20236/tcp, 36372/tcp, 42173/tcp, 17094/tcp, 13878/tcp, 21314/tcp, 63822/tcp, 61093/tcp, 13079/tcp, 8696/tcp, 63165/tcp, 59317/tcp, 18473/tcp, 35411/tcp, 808/tcp, 30702/tcp, 25808/tcp, 14815/tcp, 7526/tcp, 43232/tcp, 38566/tcp, 28483/tcp, 10750/tcp, 21850/tcp, 50967/tcp, 48164/tcp, 13515/tcp, 24887/tcp, 30197/tcp, 29691/tcp, 40373/tcp, 40456/tcp, 19029/tcp, 65073/tcp, 39552/tcp, 46668/tcp, 28285/tcp, 44062/tcp, 698/tcp (OLSR), 31691/tcp, 49000/tcp, 57185/tcp, 43440/tcp (Cisco EnergyWise Management), 23086/tcp, 23031/tcp, 19529/tcp, 11732/tcp, 25878/tcp, 25959/tcp, 49051/tcp, 21083/tcp, 5954/tcp, 8307/tcp, 57496/tcp, 41398/tcp, 18841/tcp, 45491/tcp, 40048/tcp, 2339/tcp (3Com WebView), 34771/tcp, 21743/tcp, 40379/tcp, 47176/tcp, 21588/tcp, 39935/tcp, 43022/tcp, 36704/tcp, 46885/tcp, 13248/tcp, 1716/tcp (xmsg), 11523/tcp, 49305/tcp, 34483/tcp, 43724/tcp, 62423/tcp, 32517/tcp, 11939/tcp, 7051/tcp, 37461/tcp, 61259/tcp, 56428/tcp, 22945/tcp, 25543/tcp, 42068/tcp, 43544/tcp, 35850/tcp, 572/tcp (sonar), 743/tcp, 37749/tcp, 28085/tcp, 28737/tcp, 65246/tcp, 2286/tcp (NAS-Metering), 56409/tcp, 64501/tcp, 29715/tcp, 45422/tcp, 11822/tcp, 25894/tcp, 29169/tcp, 62983/tcp, 56461/tcp, 53254/tcp, 29343/tcp, 30651/tcp, 47577/tcp, 17463/tcp, 18236/tcp, 21654/tcp, 8292/tcp (Bloomberg professional), 21843/tcp, 61808/tcp, 38744/tcp, 56579/tcp, 36207/tcp, 40620/tcp, 48840/tcp, 17246/tcp, 3180/tcp (Millicent Broker Server), 12203/tcp, 36755/tcp, 24132/tcp, 2998/tcp (Real Secure), 11125/tcp, 4418/tcp, 44386/tcp, 10353/tcp, 21497/tcp, 40411/tcp, 29143/tcp, 16760/tcp, 7824/tcp, 10199/tcp, 8700/tcp, 24821/tcp, 61103/tcp, 27405/tcp, 40571/tcp, 8624/tcp, 11376/tcp, 36938/tcp, 21092/tcp, 3047/tcp (Fast Security HL Server), 20857/tcp, 29688/tcp, 32756/tcp, 51670/tcp, 7107/tcp, 14727/tcp, 10039/tcp, 40219/tcp, 28405/tcp, 12863/tcp, 55621/tcp, 10976/tcp, 47754/tcp, 39187/tcp, 54607/tcp, 21939/tcp, 28168/tcp, 54668/tcp, 49929/tcp, 6551/tcp (Software Update Manager), 1167/tcp (Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol), 43198/tcp, 14191/tcp, 20254/tcp, 13544/tcp, 62627/tcp, 11297/tcp, 168/tcp (RSVD), 36173/tcp, 28220/tcp, 3525/tcp (EIS Server port), 46778/tcp, 38136/tcp, 6747/tcp, 19750/tcp, 20547/tcp, 39106/tcp, 34007/tcp, 518/tcp (ntalk), 48698/tcp, 1541/tcp (rds2), 36622/tcp, 48401/tcp, 30853/tcp, 29448/tcp, 43829/tcp, 39515/tcp, 60228/tcp, 34147/tcp, 16371/tcp, 47163/tcp, 56923/tcp, 32826/tcp, 41055/tcp, 17072/tcp, 57900/tcp, 48010/tcp, 65200/tcp, 41591/tcp, 17286/tcp, 44058/tcp, 35144/tcp, 18263/tcp, 36521/tcp, 39282/tcp, 7258/tcp, 38030/tcp, 62244/tcp, 27658/tcp, 22193/tcp, 31750/tcp, 60823/tcp, 26239/tcp, 16092/tcp, 11243/tcp, 7960/tcp, 8211/tcp, 30053/tcp, 21848/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution), 306/tcp, 3793/tcp (DataCore Software), 50481/tcp, 39351/tcp, 11221/tcp, 59207/tcp, 44770/tcp, 14178/tcp, 44657/tcp, 41415/tcp, 51244/tcp, 9767/tcp, 3041/tcp (di-traceware), 45031/tcp, 54907/tcp, 44463/tcp, 22166/tcp, 50/tcp (Remote Mail Checking Protocol), 7837/tcp, 35754/tcp, 37322/tcp, 38076/tcp, 16603/tcp, 42264/tcp, 53806/tcp, 33471/tcp, 3350/tcp (FINDVIATV), 30840/tcp, 23869/tcp, 54351/tcp, 13909/tcp, 14273/tcp, 38690/tcp, 33415/tcp, 28804/tcp, 31117/tcp, 9729/tcp, 1173/tcp (D-Cinema Request-Response), 48102/tcp, 22755/tcp, 62390/tcp, 37077/tcp, 14227/tcp, 14660/tcp, 38834/tcp, 35478/tcp, 63594/tcp, 45201/tcp, 63374/tcp, 10472/tcp, 19678/tcp, 16740/tcp, 30172/tcp, 55681/tcp, 46021/tcp, 15706/tcp, 32471/tcp, 42459/tcp, 22713/tcp, 27487/tcp, 38421/tcp, 42369/tcp, 55001/tcp, 28114/tcp, 34215/tcp, 59974/tcp, 63685/tcp, 61842/tcp, 41523/tcp, 28402/tcp, 3759/tcp (Exapt License Manager), 57113/tcp, 13861/tcp, 12837/tcp, 33660/tcp, 44153/tcp, 17766/tcp, 24492/tcp, 9034/tcp, 44089/tcp, 983/tcp, 8573/tcp, 43114/tcp, 56890/tcp, 24984/tcp, 9383/tcp, 51741/tcp, 50274/tcp, 5487/tcp, 39382/tcp, 28101/tcp, 51139/tcp, 7717/tcp, 46734/tcp, 28854/tcp, 21420/tcp, 15763/tcp, 35927/tcp, 25728/tcp, 10443/tcp, 4162/tcp (OMS Topology), 52109/tcp, 47307/tcp, 27920/tcp, 62540/tcp, 46254/tcp, 55680/tcp, 59065/tcp, 25861/tcp, 65457/tcp, 20333/tcp, 2825/tcp, 38724/tcp, 61753/tcp, 1355/tcp (Intuitive Edge), 47419/tcp, 43329/tcp, 8317/tcp, 57743/tcp, 47328/tcp, 3084/tcp (ITM-MCCS), 37010/tcp, 47846/tcp, 58710/tcp, 29650/tcp, 10374/tcp, 52036/tcp, 54396/tcp, 9896/tcp, 810/tcp (FCP), 59645/tcp, 3726/tcp (Xyratex Array Manager), 32806/tcp, 11054/tcp, 49633/tcp, 62018/tcp, 24437/tcp, 43508/tcp, 11538/tcp, 64248/tcp, 3926/tcp (WINPort), 9891/tcp, 56286/tcp, 61814/tcp, 6618/tcp, 56095/tcp, 59852/tcp, 1546/tcp (abbaccuray), 36371/tcp, 966/tcp, 43148/tcp, 24076/tcp, 57949/tcp, 22617/tcp, 65472/tcp, 17589/tcp, 29041/tcp, 34454/tcp, 19722/tcp, 48821/tcp, 53044/tcp, 39984/tcp, 6776/tcp, 40791/tcp, 62888/tcp, 4340/tcp (Gaia Connector Protocol), 62934/tcp, 46628/tcp, 23836/tcp, 21824/tcp, 29485/tcp, 18780/tcp, 58966/tcp, 23628/tcp, 23748/tcp, 50832/tcp, 42401/tcp, 55910/tcp, 26886/tcp, 10193/tcp, 17225/tcp, 600/tcp (Sun IPC server), 60856/tcp, 12168/tcp (CA Web Access Service), 39626/tcp, 34421/tcp, 30821/tcp, 28461/tcp, 7094/tcp, 49910/tcp, 14650/tcp, 49559/tcp, 8351/tcp (Server Find), 25049/tcp, 24759/tcp, 26224/tcp, 41504/tcp, 38297/tcp, 36442/tcp, 43543/tcp, 1111/tcp (LM Social Server), 13358/tcp, 35473/tcp, 46788/tcp, 7784/tcp, 50873/tcp, 40023/tcp, 6803/tcp, 17203/tcp, 40733/tcp, 563/tcp (nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)), 28339/tcp, 22812/tcp, 28388/tcp, 44714/tcp, 50613/tcp, 3090/tcp (Senforce Session Services), 59475/tcp, 19844/tcp, 88/tcp (Kerberos), 4444/tcp (NV Video default), 46632/tcp, 56082/tcp, 63004/tcp, 61447/tcp, 61818/tcp, 21664/tcp, 24882/tcp, 3990/tcp (BindView-IS), 7194/tcp, 15078/tcp, 21574/tcp, 13025/tcp, 43055/tcp, 15007/tcp, 57085/tcp, 4019/tcp (Talarian Mcast), 29473/tcp, 30956/tcp, 12702/tcp, 27828/tcp, 2913/tcp (Booster Ware), 45100/tcp, 9566/tcp, 61894/tcp, 21668/tcp, 46700/tcp, 12628/tcp, 27865/tcp, 12984/tcp, 24919/tcp, 12232/tcp, 40139/tcp, 39617/tcp, 33876/tcp, 44570/tcp, 27086/tcp, 11847/tcp, 3231/tcp (VidiGo communication (previous was: Delta Solutions Direct)), 8328/tcp, 53139/tcp, 2333/tcp (SNAPP), 59675/tcp, 40640/tcp, 43337/tcp, 28476/tcp, 28153/tcp, 19791/tcp, 58243/tcp, 27277/tcp, 50279/tcp, 6389/tcp (clariion-evr01), 29139/tcp, 48606/tcp, 7769/tcp, 30264/tcp, 61523/tcp, 42271/tcp, 48482/tcp, 21050/tcp, 21013/tcp, 50592/tcp, 34396/tcp, 21401/tcp, 59537/tcp, 57770/tcp, 219/tcp (Unisys ARPs), 23259/tcp, 29734/tcp, 8356/tcp, 9501/tcp, 16039/tcp, 21160/tcp, 11556/tcp, 52515/tcp, 61725/tcp, 64516/tcp, 30444/tcp, 64313/tcp, 57950/tcp, 52013/tcp, 9414/tcp, 48247/tcp, 3370/tcp, 43609/tcp, 41271/tcp, 22798/tcp, 15704/tcp, 23117/tcp, 845/tcp, 64022/tcp, 51540/tcp, 52210/tcp, 63102/tcp, 63032/tcp, 2771/tcp (Vergence CM), 58341/tcp, 22662/tcp, 48717/tcp, 23879/tcp, 23707/tcp, 36505/tcp, 63287/tcp, 57731/tcp, 16837/tcp, 55613/tcp, 31851/tcp, 46748/tcp, 9849/tcp, 49622/tcp, 35586/tcp, 31186/tcp, 30722/tcp, 56436/tcp, 26112/tcp, 19633/tcp, 43054/tcp, 39123/tcp, 63249/tcp, 33525/tcp, 34777/tcp, 24042/tcp, 58264/tcp, 24142/tcp, 10810/tcp, 61568/tcp, 24929/tcp, 54347/tcp, 6699/tcp, 2616/tcp (appswitch-emp), 53299/tcp, 49364/tcp, 36906/tcp, 48639/tcp, 25960/tcp, 40574/tcp, 28927/tcp, 12871/tcp, 1749/tcp (aspen-services), 57724/tcp, 13458/tcp, 60565/tcp, 353/tcp (NDSAUTH), 1908/tcp (Dawn), 3543/tcp (qftest Lookup Port), 20105/tcp, 50587/tcp, 5581/tcp (T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 1), 38553/tcp, 37399/tcp, 59691/tcp, 15269/tcp, 62591/tcp, 56730/tcp, 41912/tcp, 54335/tcp, 42921/tcp, 2265/tcp (Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 2), 27612/tcp, 57892/tcp, 11065/tcp, 20743/tcp, 64242/tcp, 42661/tcp, 61545/tcp, 43421/tcp, 31812/tcp, 13194/tcp, 29491/tcp, 41045/tcp, 42508/tcp (Computer Associates network discovery protocol), 38464/tcp, 15221/tcp, 53302/tcp, 33991/tcp, 6271/tcp, 53908/tcp, 38103/tcp, 40118/tcp, 28882/tcp, 30382/tcp, 14035/tcp, 20758/tcp, 39967/tcp, 40753/tcp, 20138/tcp, 3481/tcp (CleanerLive remote ctrl), 8405/tcp (SuperVault Backup), 36591/tcp, 15956/tcp, 52753/tcp, 9075/tcp, 6764/tcp, 32598/tcp, 62136/tcp, 19561/tcp, 19078/tcp, 11304/tcp, 11048/tcp, 10219/tcp, 58588/tcp, 41969/tcp, 39082/tcp, 3138/tcp (rtnt-2 data packets), 22357/tcp, 20506/tcp, 2611/tcp (LIONHEAD), 30187/tcp, 53205/tcp, 53955/tcp, 27815/tcp, 11528/tcp, 16868/tcp, 23529/tcp, 21451/tcp, 36751/tcp, 21422/tcp, 42102/tcp, 40420/tcp, 63275/tcp, 39725/tcp, 24540/tcp, 60700/tcp, 52385/tcp, 44866/tcp, 11469/tcp, 42874/tcp, 33756/tcp, 14202/tcp, 11207/tcp, 11416/tcp, 26220/tcp, 35952/tcp, 15732/tcp, 65018/tcp, 54831/tcp, 53673/tcp, 53805/tcp, 41526/tcp, 56207/tcp, 15336/tcp, 46119/tcp, 5775/tcp, 41699/tcp, 56371/tcp, 63200/tcp, 6099/tcp (RAXA Management), 52726/tcp, 57099/tcp, 30936/tcp, 256/tcp (RAP), 10843/tcp, 3015/tcp (NATI DSTP), 36085/tcp, 7953/tcp, 21979/tcp, 59962/tcp, 39191/tcp, 27599/tcp, 11004/tcp, 54401/tcp, 42536/tcp, 17296/tcp, 58646/tcp, 50074/tcp, 1486/tcp (nms_topo_serv), 6150/tcp, 2634/tcp (PK Electronics), 14350/tcp, 31848/tcp, 61227/tcp, 3185/tcp (SuSE Meta PPPD), 2929/tcp (AMX-WEBADMIN), 21906/tcp, 13608/tcp, 51492/tcp, 32223/tcp, 20437/tcp, 41245/tcp, 31115/tcp, 36802/tcp, 2026/tcp (scrabble), 27332/tcp, 12990/tcp, 27180/tcp, 14150/tcp (Veritas Cluster Server Command Server), 13572/tcp, 24340/tcp, 22439/tcp, 25480/tcp, 3992/tcp (BindView-DirectoryServer), 26713/tcp, 61255/tcp, 11434/tcp, 37240/tcp, 24352/tcp, 13363/tcp, 19712/tcp, 64680/tcp, 14005/tcp, 19714/tcp, 43353/tcp, 494/tcp (POV-Ray), 54110/tcp, 55967/tcp, 47822/tcp, 13807/tcp, 13599/tcp, 12612/tcp, 6490/tcp, 42263/tcp, 44073/tcp, 18736/tcp, 5691/tcp, 33350/tcp, 25361/tcp, 44581/tcp, 44868/tcp, 56346/tcp, 37330/tcp, 45906/tcp, 40066/tcp, 8241/tcp, 41907/tcp, 28724/tcp, 43153/tcp, 24137/tcp, 7109/tcp, 24207/tcp, 37799/tcp, 64179/tcp, 21776/tcp, 56419/tcp, 42787/tcp, 44402/tcp, 39604/tcp, 11940/tcp, 33042/tcp, 22524/tcp, 33108/tcp, 25677/tcp, 10547/tcp, 14500/tcp, 11256/tcp, 40315/tcp, 7410/tcp (Ionix Network Monitor), 27562/tcp, 61540/tcp, 50251/tcp, 30006/tcp, 65489/tcp, 21616/tcp, 28575/tcp, 32503/tcp, 9003/tcp, 41957/tcp, 46499/tcp, 8518/tcp, 50738/tcp, 51747/tcp, 32093/tcp, 52885/tcp, 14994/tcp, 4911/tcp, 1584/tcp (tn-tl-fd2), 3554/tcp (Quest Notification Server), 27874/tcp, 17824/tcp, 1085/tcp (Web Objects), 40240/tcp, 42639/tcp, 5871/tcp, 43259/tcp, 53389/tcp, 44367/tcp, 36445/tcp, 10084/tcp, 27021/tcp, 61365/tcp, 63635/tcp, 35271/tcp, 4122/tcp (Fiber Patrol Alarm Service), 1288/tcp (NavBuddy), 18125/tcp, 11452/tcp, 61145/tcp, 15047/tcp, 60392/tcp, 60948/tcp, 21985/tcp, 57213/tcp, 8895/tcp, 36609/tcp, 33742/tcp, 52600/tcp, 17603/tcp, 24431/tcp, 64990/tcp, 9377/tcp, 6661/tcp, 54446/tcp, 8947/tcp, 1155/tcp (Network File Access), 5348/tcp, 7838/tcp, 5123/tcp, 30595/tcp, 37631/tcp, 47416/tcp, 55201/tcp, 57503/tcp, 53634/tcp, 21604/tcp, 35986/tcp, 51323/tcp, 40812/tcp, 59711/tcp, 54906/tcp, 50664/tcp, 26356/tcp, 19518/tcp, 12330/tcp, 40748/tcp, 13180/tcp, 51869/tcp, 3139/tcp (Incognito Rendez-Vous), 38/tcp (Route Access Protocol), 29179/tcp, 8599/tcp, 54240/tcp, 8975/tcp, 3529/tcp (JBoss IIOP/SSL), 63627/tcp, 40376/tcp, 15870/tcp, 32259/tcp, 1361/tcp (LinX), 40002/tcp, 39873/tcp, 42895/tcp, 64042/tcp, 48817/tcp, 40575/tcp, 13932/tcp, 11506/tcp, 1552/tcp (pciarray), 44834/tcp, 4081/tcp (Lorica inside facing (SSL)), 62769/tcp, 46931/tcp, 64760/tcp, 43553/tcp, 61304/tcp, 40192/tcp, 9507/tcp, 35364/tcp, 6937/tcp, 21044/tcp, 16912/tcp, 23003/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 4), 63885/tcp, 5165/tcp (ife_1corp), 62020/tcp, 4026/tcp (Graphical Debug Server), 50169/tcp, 23044/tcp, 24857/tcp, 49411/tcp, 26694/tcp, 14829/tcp, 23121/tcp, 13614/tcp, 41782/tcp, 20099/tcp, 40697/tcp, 2508/tcp (JDataStore), 59878/tcp, 23362/tcp, 46652/tcp, 59847/tcp, 29319/tcp, 33858/tcp, 37230/tcp, 10816/tcp, 13104/tcp, 54606/tcp, 7868/tcp, 30130/tcp, 39702/tcp, 42147/tcp, 61100/tcp, 48549/tcp, 9597/tcp (PD Administration), 12568/tcp, 23930/tcp, 27922/tcp, 12981/tcp, 21808/tcp, 48826/tcp, 30117/tcp, 16786/tcp, 49974/tcp, 4637/tcp, 41272/tcp, 38245/tcp, 3854/tcp (Stryker Comm Port), 7908/tcp, 38284/tcp, 61164/tcp, 30626/tcp, 11576/tcp, 26379/tcp, 48911/tcp, 41266/tcp, 18178/tcp, 56842/tcp, 37761/tcp, 58326/tcp, 46160/tcp, 42127/tcp, 20382/tcp, 50985/tcp, 6458/tcp, 11051/tcp, 5702/tcp, 28087/tcp, 62702/tcp, 59344/tcp, 3106/tcp (Cardbox HTTP), 9042/tcp, 9202/tcp (WAP secure connectionless session service), 16575/tcp, 34942/tcp, 52468/tcp, 30370/tcp, 5615/tcp, 46508/tcp, 23974/tcp, 18088/tcp, 25971/tcp, 47955/tcp, 62640/tcp, 47924/tcp, 14679/tcp, 64478/tcp, 46326/tcp, 6324/tcp, 43241/tcp, 49991/tcp, 13530/tcp, 13054/tcp, 25218/tcp, 5533/tcp, 56795/tcp, 41661/tcp, 8382/tcp, 54082/tcp, 41050/tcp, 19299/tcp, 2718/tcp (PN REQUESTER 2), 43056/tcp, 31599/tcp, 10461/tcp, 40372/tcp, 46343/tcp, 10494/tcp, 1065/tcp (SYSCOMLAN), 45047/tcp, 38438/tcp, 37703/tcp, 22052/tcp, 5174/tcp, 51254/tcp, 50466/tcp, 10861/tcp, 53180/tcp, 1330/tcp (StreetPerfect), 9112/tcp, 7276/tcp (OMA Internal Location Protocol), 64288/tcp, 21550/tcp, 9305/tcp, 1511/tcp (3l-l1), 50265/tcp, 2247/tcp (Antidote Deployment Manager Service), 61593/tcp, 13243/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 36 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 4382/tcp, 2067/tcp (Data Link Switch Write Port Number), 33482/tcp, 9193/tcp, 38313/tcp, 41325/tcp, 34171/tcp, 10048/tcp, 62120/tcp, 60792/tcp, 4252/tcp, 60311/tcp, 9058/tcp, 50944/tcp, 54767/tcp, 9963/tcp, 43619/tcp, 60109/tcp, 12514/tcp, 33012/tcp, 21130/tcp, 13984/tcp, 64230/tcp, 8135/tcp, 60284/tcp, 12554/tcp, 63863/tcp, 59424/tcp, 4906/tcp, 35831/tcp, 25876/tcp, 53260/tcp, 10068/tcp, 61941/tcp, 60678/tcp, 511/tcp (PassGo).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 514 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 3670/tcp (SMILE TCP/UDP Interface), 33057/tcp, 51718/tcp, 61693/tcp, 25290/tcp, 52723/tcp, 32319/tcp, 65453/tcp, 28953/tcp, 48616/tcp, 32425/tcp, 24528/tcp, 63634/tcp, 43594/tcp, 62558/tcp, 38274/tcp, 42321/tcp, 49859/tcp, 1319/tcp (AMX-ICSP), 6748/tcp, 44204/tcp, 35830/tcp, 55675/tcp, 15366/tcp, 23913/tcp, 30934/tcp, 38267/tcp, 57168/tcp, 23752/tcp, 29135/tcp, 4431/tcp (adWISE Pipe), 38369/tcp, 53393/tcp, 53738/tcp, 24587/tcp, 58435/tcp, 22242/tcp, 38895/tcp, 37626/tcp, 32413/tcp, 29424/tcp, 41584/tcp, 25303/tcp, 51106/tcp, 35972/tcp, 3454/tcp (Apple Remote Access Protocol), 27041/tcp, 23469/tcp, 32968/tcp, 42404/tcp, 42014/tcp, 53056/tcp, 35690/tcp, 32360/tcp, 13286/tcp, 37238/tcp, 42504/tcp, 16334/tcp, 63728/tcp, 28892/tcp, 56010/tcp, 10487/tcp, 18005/tcp, 12788/tcp, 30089/tcp, 28837/tcp, 25318/tcp, 62229/tcp, 5571/tcp, 46059/tcp, 17849/tcp, 23508/tcp, 22543/tcp, 29487/tcp, 3527/tcp (VERITAS Backup Exec Server), 23106/tcp, 48544/tcp, 38071/tcp, 32736/tcp, 16806/tcp, 45360/tcp, 62303/tcp, 18987/tcp, 21179/tcp, 65485/tcp, 19917/tcp, 28457/tcp, 19148/tcp, 21655/tcp, 43766/tcp, 29755/tcp, 45662/tcp, 12138/tcp, 5790/tcp, 26464/tcp, 7411/tcp, 30530/tcp, 50812/tcp, 18940/tcp, 3752/tcp (Vigil-IP RemoteAgent), 24908/tcp, 48779/tcp, 46405/tcp, 54072/tcp, 11089/tcp, 15512/tcp, 40632/tcp, 19065/tcp, 34630/tcp, 40784/tcp, 44585/tcp, 19550/tcp, 5003/tcp (FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport), 18636/tcp, 50730/tcp, 61168/tcp, 65258/tcp, 25317/tcp, 50432/tcp, 60219/tcp, 22510/tcp, 57181/tcp, 2416/tcp (RMT Server), 46576/tcp, 19151/tcp, 21716/tcp, 62719/tcp, 52139/tcp, 38489/tcp, 56331/tcp, 65421/tcp, 26287/tcp, 14048/tcp, 41586/tcp, 32270/tcp, 57427/tcp, 4367/tcp, 17837/tcp, 54677/tcp, 59816/tcp, 62380/tcp, 45671/tcp, 45066/tcp, 20669/tcp, 22033/tcp, 29320/tcp, 5622/tcp, 36112/tcp, 61116/tcp, 63098/tcp, 43623/tcp, 48850/tcp, 29324/tcp, 55868/tcp, 933/tcp, 61632/tcp, 33993/tcp, 47046/tcp, 38188/tcp, 36773/tcp, 3535/tcp (MS-LA), 43981/tcp, 30449/tcp, 41648/tcp, 46357/tcp, 1416/tcp (Novell LU6.2), 42272/tcp, 5728/tcp (Dist. I/O Comm. Service Data and Control), 36006/tcp, 65043/tcp, 4785/tcp, 62157/tcp, 31419/tcp, 17045/tcp, 26335/tcp, 65132/tcp, 53409/tcp, 10454/tcp, 2375/tcp, 52016/tcp, 16090/tcp, 52098/tcp, 27747/tcp, 32814/tcp, 59215/tcp, 20974/tcp, 60074/tcp, 49533/tcp, 6064/tcp (NDL-AHP-SVC), 15501/tcp, 62398/tcp, 15563/tcp, 42021/tcp, 60775/tcp, 54339/tcp, 21340/tcp, 29683/tcp, 21244/tcp, 30456/tcp, 45214/tcp, 483/tcp (ulpnet), 12342/tcp, 54184/tcp, 34687/tcp, 9007/tcp, 18171/tcp, 33010/tcp, 48966/tcp, 3229/tcp (Global CD Port), 9085/tcp (IBM Remote System Console), 34768/tcp, 9312/tcp (Sphinx search server), 39927/tcp, 14179/tcp, 23299/tcp, 5739/tcp, 64739/tcp, 239/tcp, 27090/tcp, 43341/tcp, 12323/tcp, 54233/tcp, 645/tcp (PSSC), 3281/tcp (SYSOPT), 13542/tcp, 4215/tcp, 25236/tcp, 54092/tcp, 40629/tcp, 47282/tcp, 61020/tcp, 58547/tcp, 34672/tcp, 51578/tcp, 41354/tcp, 33871/tcp, 49962/tcp, 25648/tcp, 28292/tcp, 36736/tcp, 17734/tcp, 2604/tcp (NSC CCS), 29556/tcp, 60933/tcp, 20122/tcp, 49849/tcp, 43415/tcp, 22373/tcp, 14446/tcp, 34707/tcp, 58192/tcp, 5541/tcp, 15099/tcp, 34033/tcp, 30765/tcp, 57612/tcp, 1423/tcp (Essbase Arbor Software), 38930/tcp, 10335/tcp, 50263/tcp, 2288/tcp (NETML), 23608/tcp, 34960/tcp, 29352/tcp, 48228/tcp, 61860/tcp, 25956/tcp, 18312/tcp, 50137/tcp, 39010/tcp, 8579/tcp, 49376/tcp, 55687/tcp, 1962/tcp (BIAP-MP), 61329/tcp, 41500/tcp, 9051/tcp (Fusion-io Central Manager Service), 52760/tcp, 53051/tcp, 27621/tcp, 64977/tcp, 16433/tcp, 28930/tcp, 12858/tcp, 23283/tcp, 28625/tcp, 56910/tcp, 51698/tcp, 23771/tcp, 7275/tcp (OMA UserPlane Location), 19727/tcp, 36043/tcp, 10658/tcp, 9867/tcp, 4907/tcp, 27719/tcp, 31092/tcp, 14680/tcp, 42142/tcp, 46128/tcp, 21721/tcp, 18458/tcp, 3633/tcp (Wyrnix AIS port), 12467/tcp, 3593/tcp (BP Model Debugger), 39672/tcp, 11976/tcp, 64034/tcp, 35883/tcp, 50875/tcp, 2998/tcp (Real Secure), 57701/tcp, 61103/tcp, 19834/tcp, 52768/tcp, 55169/tcp, 63373/tcp, 1130/tcp (CAC App Service Protocol), 35325/tcp, 32715/tcp, 48301/tcp, 45514/tcp, 44577/tcp, 8901/tcp (JMB-CDS 2), 46778/tcp, 4867/tcp (Unify Debugger), 56319/tcp, 61742/tcp, 21723/tcp, 9670/tcp, 13272/tcp, 5335/tcp, 9852/tcp, 57580/tcp, 32256/tcp, 4939/tcp, 22996/tcp, 35489/tcp, 47119/tcp, 24418/tcp, 5718/tcp (DPM Communication Server), 16977/tcp, 34073/tcp, 5125/tcp, 3076/tcp (Orbix 2000 Config), 31821/tcp, 29968/tcp, 36894/tcp, 7717/tcp, 20298/tcp, 5856/tcp, 23478/tcp, 2181/tcp (eforward), 31119/tcp, 8729/tcp, 58512/tcp, 3165/tcp (Newgenpay Engine Service), 24205/tcp, 61366/tcp, 50574/tcp, 13173/tcp, 28282/tcp, 31302/tcp, 26706/tcp, 53818/tcp, 46991/tcp, 61826/tcp, 7232/tcp, 44166/tcp, 53842/tcp, 23793/tcp, 30337/tcp, 15459/tcp, 25108/tcp, 29201/tcp, 61189/tcp, 28742/tcp, 31307/tcp, 32929/tcp, 4062/tcp (Ice Location Service (SSL)), 21472/tcp, 2840/tcp (l3-exprt), 18929/tcp, 48433/tcp, 23948/tcp, 29515/tcp, 55068/tcp, 64879/tcp, 57616/tcp, 15082/tcp, 2436/tcp (TOP/X), 53492/tcp, 43427/tcp, 52931/tcp, 4582/tcp, 64196/tcp, 30157/tcp, 42059/tcp, 353/tcp (NDSAUTH), 2830/tcp (silkp2), 50587/tcp, 50370/tcp, 56970/tcp, 28644/tcp, 44887/tcp, 57738/tcp, 47886/tcp, 20501/tcp, 48396/tcp, 33845/tcp, 2018/tcp (terminaldb), 53072/tcp, 34850/tcp, 37315/tcp, 23552/tcp, 9270/tcp, 20226/tcp, 40427/tcp, 45479/tcp, 9504/tcp, 4436/tcp, 55861/tcp, 48458/tcp, 31160/tcp, 1774/tcp (global-dtserv), 32577/tcp, 47977/tcp, 9465/tcp, 15314/tcp, 35769/tcp, 20039/tcp, 42543/tcp, 10397/tcp, 16022/tcp, 45370/tcp, 5441/tcp, 56851/tcp, 10283/tcp, 2929/tcp (AMX-WEBADMIN), 48313/tcp, 26809/tcp, 6190/tcp, 25640/tcp, 44782/tcp, 26785/tcp, 32449/tcp, 8293/tcp (Hiperscan Identification Service), 55251/tcp, 50289/tcp, 30116/tcp, 59746/tcp, 63482/tcp, 61540/tcp, 56009/tcp, 35472/tcp, 65344/tcp, 35662/tcp, 18289/tcp, 61185/tcp, 56375/tcp, 19313/tcp, 52769/tcp, 47508/tcp, 14667/tcp, 36445/tcp, 5838/tcp, 59360/tcp, 56266/tcp, 49165/tcp, 44517/tcp, 64655/tcp, 44686/tcp, 34283/tcp, 58191/tcp, 59319/tcp, 48044/tcp, 50928/tcp, 39864/tcp, 19994/tcp, 35364/tcp, 24912/tcp, 764/tcp (omserv), 47340/tcp, 11459/tcp, 17264/tcp, 14549/tcp, 16498/tcp, 42316/tcp, 54599/tcp, 8507/tcp, 43923/tcp, 13966/tcp, 46508/tcp, 62640/tcp, 28610/tcp, 11342/tcp, 1721/tcp (caicci), 2520/tcp (Pervasive Listener), 28789/tcp, 56222/tcp, 49635/tcp, 45354/tcp, 61778/tcp, 3928/tcp (PXE NetBoot Manager), 10702/tcp, 38451/tcp, 63653/tcp, 43624/tcp, 16138/tcp, 6210/tcp, 13113/tcp, 35874/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 338 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 28297/tcp, 60202/tcp, 49914/tcp, 51494/tcp, 12325/tcp, 4271/tcp, 30616/tcp, 51946/tcp, 42934/tcp, 26771/tcp, 62327/tcp, 43137/tcp, 54053/tcp, 54125/tcp, 2012/tcp (ttyinfo), 30946/tcp, 50834/tcp, 33860/tcp, 35487/tcp, 41708/tcp, 61794/tcp, 20589/tcp, 1756/tcp (capfast-lmd), 2855/tcp (MSRP over TCP), 43882/tcp, 38872/tcp, 50650/tcp, 17173/tcp, 53056/tcp, 30255/tcp, 16934/tcp, 52713/tcp, 32047/tcp, 44803/tcp, 28290/tcp, 24778/tcp, 36409/tcp, 61758/tcp, 36040/tcp, 32445/tcp, 61252/tcp, 24361/tcp, 12063/tcp, 56010/tcp, 1605/tcp (Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)), 38932/tcp, 63991/tcp, 38695/tcp, 44553/tcp (REALbasic Remote Debug), 64775/tcp, 63451/tcp, 623/tcp (DMTF out-of-band web services management protocol), 22054/tcp, 46435/tcp, 63771/tcp, 16643/tcp, 2069/tcp (HTTP Event Port), 50896/tcp, 58017/tcp, 15525/tcp, 5968/tcp (mppolicy-v5), 61320/tcp, 53163/tcp, 31051/tcp, 40621/tcp, 37630/tcp, 22757/tcp, 985/tcp, 48877/tcp, 56753/tcp, 18977/tcp, 7144/tcp, 11079/tcp, 38851/tcp, 584/tcp (Key Server), 8439/tcp, 61580/tcp, 34178/tcp, 43454/tcp, 57960/tcp, 2833/tcp (glishd), 14038/tcp, 62547/tcp, 45068/tcp, 59203/tcp, 62946/tcp, 43342/tcp, 63640/tcp, 43958/tcp, 21430/tcp, 10055/tcp (Quantapoint FLEXlm Licensing Service), 26048/tcp, 35534/tcp, 17396/tcp, 428/tcp (OCS_CMU), 59027/tcp, 30719/tcp, 8781/tcp, 47787/tcp, 27857/tcp, 23835/tcp, 17010/tcp, 17633/tcp, 19566/tcp, 40776/tcp, 55647/tcp, 38330/tcp, 62395/tcp, 14662/tcp, 26963/tcp, 51780/tcp, 51767/tcp, 60580/tcp, 42839/tcp, 13706/tcp, 49106/tcp, 876/tcp, 29193/tcp, 6546/tcp, 60196/tcp, 35617/tcp, 62238/tcp, 62840/tcp, 54995/tcp, 41129/tcp, 1368/tcp (ScreenCast), 47467/tcp, 50190/tcp, 56531/tcp, 43233/tcp, 27494/tcp, 49220/tcp, 17045/tcp, 50470/tcp, 53183/tcp, 7652/tcp, 10308/tcp, 35784/tcp, 49371/tcp, 17369/tcp, 35910/tcp, 50425/tcp, 16900/tcp (Newbay Mobile Client Update Service), 15765/tcp, 15864/tcp, 41418/tcp, 43105/tcp, 54359/tcp, 45864/tcp, 36361/tcp, 36999/tcp, 20700/tcp, 31365/tcp, 28141/tcp, 36162/tcp, 40168/tcp, 50491/tcp, 13158/tcp, 37126/tcp, 21755/tcp, 1311/tcp (RxMon), 48431/tcp, 46988/tcp, 18709/tcp, 14343/tcp, 60382/tcp, 23200/tcp, 47823/tcp, 20102/tcp, 13791/tcp, 48894/tcp, 26167/tcp, 6120/tcp, 49199/tcp, 33461/tcp, 54390/tcp, 10034/tcp, 37422/tcp, 45336/tcp, 59872/tcp, 57313/tcp, 60363/tcp, 40201/tcp, 20695/tcp, 41256/tcp, 26538/tcp, 47771/tcp, 45717/tcp, 46147/tcp, 36759/tcp, 16457/tcp, 58218/tcp, 40715/tcp, 50346/tcp, 25421/tcp, 26016/tcp, 47270/tcp, 26704/tcp, 48937/tcp, 57912/tcp, 43656/tcp, 54522/tcp, 44893/tcp, 52802/tcp, 18261/tcp, 43232/tcp, 6806/tcp, 39711/tcp, 31473/tcp, 62323/tcp, 4080/tcp (Lorica inside facing), 54683/tcp, 30525/tcp, 4100/tcp (IGo Incognito Data Port), 4260/tcp, 57819/tcp, 12172/tcp (HiveP), 16760/tcp, 1130/tcp (CAC App Service Protocol), 33413/tcp, 31284/tcp, 8523/tcp, 35749/tcp, 42538/tcp, 63904/tcp, 21541/tcp, 17646/tcp, 25545/tcp, 52191/tcp, 48628/tcp, 23206/tcp, 6246/tcp, 9852/tcp, 46169/tcp, 48623/tcp, 30231/tcp, 51244/tcp, 49827/tcp, 6004/tcp, 21033/tcp, 45634/tcp, 829/tcp (PKIX-3 CA/RA), 24811/tcp, 36894/tcp, 23386/tcp, 11630/tcp, 57158/tcp, 31582/tcp, 37564/tcp, 62524/tcp, 15742/tcp, 5712/tcp, 31467/tcp, 41496/tcp, 31128/tcp, 13723/tcp, 44722/tcp, 48674/tcp, 23895/tcp, 6743/tcp, 23793/tcp, 3459/tcp (TIP Integral), 15447/tcp, 6007/tcp, 845/tcp, 26682/tcp, 18201/tcp, 11616/tcp, 43367/tcp, 37686/tcp, 15545/tcp, 4574/tcp, 43104/tcp, 43953/tcp, 26978/tcp, 43157/tcp, 54010/tcp, 27731/tcp, 25871/tcp, 12625/tcp, 15612/tcp, 38213/tcp, 43762/tcp, 10317/tcp, 39450/tcp, 18574/tcp, 3971/tcp (LANrev Server), 824/tcp, 40404/tcp, 16422/tcp, 41001/tcp, 17584/tcp, 54401/tcp, 15850/tcp, 1672/tcp (netview-aix-12), 45259/tcp, 63324/tcp, 3828/tcp (Netadmin Systems Event Handler), 11434/tcp, 41263/tcp, 48048/tcp, 58795/tcp, 33889/tcp, 61824/tcp, 59492/tcp, 50372/tcp, 42801/tcp, 62607/tcp, 44237/tcp, 35112/tcp, 63371/tcp, 61997/tcp, 56413/tcp, 36876/tcp, 1873/tcp (Fjmpjps), 15122/tcp, 11506/tcp, 614/tcp (SSLshell), 34063/tcp, 34864/tcp, 59133/tcp, 17304/tcp, 26551/tcp, 37576/tcp, 51385/tcp, 5332/tcp, 52527/tcp, 13854/tcp, 37761/tcp, 10997/tcp, 23064/tcp, 20367/tcp, 37466/tcp, 50138/tcp, 53509/tcp, 47924/tcp, 52428/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 651 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 25484/tcp, 45585/tcp, 58355/tcp, 39810/tcp, 53800/tcp, 51843/tcp, 7097/tcp, 60727/tcp, 14708/tcp, 35825/tcp, 14728/tcp, 13062/tcp, 15767/tcp, 1022/tcp (RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*)    [RFC4727]), 36585/tcp, 30286/tcp, 12724/tcp, 29757/tcp, 46661/tcp, 49130/tcp, 22459/tcp, 27202/tcp, 53055/tcp, 50882/tcp, 52469/tcp, 1273/tcp (EMC-Gateway), 35959/tcp, 44750/tcp, 22873/tcp, 48680/tcp, 48493/tcp, 8018/tcp, 43371/tcp, 47056/tcp, 54264/tcp, 413/tcp (Storage Management Services Protocol), 27643/tcp, 22094/tcp, 44530/tcp, 48696/tcp, 4345/tcp (Macro 4 Network AS), 38485/tcp, 18612/tcp, 65367/tcp, 62435/tcp, 49050/tcp, 12598/tcp, 49860/tcp, 6610/tcp, 15199/tcp, 3395/tcp (Dyna License Manager (Elam)), 8988/tcp, 46094/tcp, 17067/tcp, 47094/tcp, 46283/tcp, 64389/tcp, 15628/tcp, 56394/tcp, 6159/tcp (EFB Application Control Interface), 5889/tcp, 12534/tcp, 31087/tcp, 42308/tcp, 4438/tcp, 3901/tcp (NIM Service Handler), 22938/tcp, 65217/tcp, 29464/tcp, 48147/tcp, 24521/tcp, 60952/tcp, 2534/tcp (Combox Web Access), 26750/tcp, 61967/tcp, 13138/tcp, 4424/tcp, 54960/tcp, 40941/tcp, 30518/tcp, 62103/tcp, 47878/tcp, 16061/tcp, 32807/tcp, 7054/tcp, 44001/tcp, 60094/tcp, 51423/tcp, 53084/tcp, 34887/tcp, 59793/tcp, 11564/tcp, 38326/tcp, 62376/tcp, 17774/tcp, 45718/tcp, 59306/tcp, 35429/tcp, 52389/tcp, 18323/tcp, 52022/tcp, 7533/tcp, 43563/tcp, 48930/tcp, 39125/tcp, 36390/tcp, 47543/tcp, 32187/tcp, 29989/tcp, 32815/tcp, 29594/tcp, 42802/tcp, 16481/tcp, 17862/tcp, 48666/tcp, 19938/tcp, 60077/tcp, 25749/tcp, 16231/tcp, 61973/tcp, 55974/tcp, 24908/tcp, 11785/tcp, 59984/tcp, 31313/tcp, 5152/tcp (ESRI SDE Instance Discovery), 7819/tcp, 45798/tcp, 4608/tcp, 18474/tcp, 23437/tcp, 33243/tcp, 63308/tcp, 21016/tcp, 11198/tcp, 9646/tcp, 39835/tcp, 9316/tcp, 20372/tcp, 30082/tcp, 55991/tcp, 60313/tcp, 50476/tcp, 46586/tcp, 3215/tcp (JMQ Daemon Port 2), 63817/tcp, 15376/tcp, 2922/tcp (CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer), 45274/tcp, 48813/tcp, 41466/tcp, 42859/tcp, 9056/tcp, 441/tcp (decvms-sysmgt), 41443/tcp, 27705/tcp, 23331/tcp, 7066/tcp, 30657/tcp, 21370/tcp, 4088/tcp (Noah Printing Service Protocol), 64375/tcp, 59285/tcp, 63045/tcp, 3875/tcp (PNBSCADA), 51690/tcp, 20875/tcp, 39771/tcp, 7110/tcp, 45648/tcp, 17002/tcp, 46743/tcp, 29242/tcp, 5229/tcp, 13069/tcp, 62184/tcp, 26417/tcp, 13353/tcp, 57549/tcp, 37649/tcp, 28773/tcp, 41992/tcp, 36482/tcp, 23992/tcp, 2098/tcp (Dialog Port), 30389/tcp, 678/tcp (GNU Generation Foundation NCP), 35699/tcp, 15675/tcp, 58957/tcp, 43727/tcp, 41736/tcp, 22220/tcp, 38591/tcp, 45287/tcp, 7494/tcp, 33038/tcp, 27411/tcp, 11248/tcp, 61389/tcp, 4869/tcp (Photon Relay Debug), 4777/tcp, 53569/tcp, 54195/tcp, 19007/tcp, 1331/tcp (intersan), 54414/tcp, 46358/tcp, 5825/tcp, 19826/tcp, 22347/tcp (WibuKey Standard WkLan), 22560/tcp, 7820/tcp, 48993/tcp, 60906/tcp, 56572/tcp, 2110/tcp (UMSP), 61194/tcp, 62153/tcp, 15197/tcp, 54867/tcp, 60311/tcp, 55927/tcp, 37278/tcp, 34763/tcp, 64472/tcp, 47303/tcp, 28569/tcp, 48103/tcp, 14620/tcp, 11200/tcp, 29807/tcp, 49845/tcp, 4994/tcp, 55972/tcp, 58721/tcp, 64062/tcp, 62008/tcp, 28354/tcp, 16945/tcp, 37526/tcp, 24867/tcp, 21488/tcp, 25608/tcp, 27447/tcp, 49324/tcp, 19942/tcp, 50915/tcp, 19209/tcp, 9897/tcp, 57287/tcp, 56204/tcp, 11684/tcp, 30614/tcp, 48983/tcp, 27045/tcp, 45407/tcp, 2073/tcp (DataReel Database Socket), 53282/tcp, 52598/tcp, 54137/tcp, 36193/tcp, 36229/tcp, 60660/tcp, 47099/tcp, 59501/tcp, 25533/tcp, 39155/tcp, 37785/tcp, 51860/tcp, 29985/tcp, 9580/tcp, 12722/tcp, 8905/tcp, 13308/tcp, 25458/tcp, 60194/tcp, 20660/tcp, 47277/tcp, 22654/tcp, 29257/tcp, 33968/tcp, 43249/tcp, 42882/tcp, 44682/tcp, 4759/tcp, 49010/tcp, 33432/tcp, 46535/tcp, 32504/tcp, 14488/tcp, 9135/tcp, 52897/tcp, 449/tcp (AS Server Mapper), 16318/tcp, 12911/tcp, 61070/tcp, 43384/tcp, 6410/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 35646/tcp, 31023/tcp, 47904/tcp, 30414/tcp, 24367/tcp, 20038/tcp, 54836/tcp, 58332/tcp, 31813/tcp, 6670/tcp (Vocaltec Global Online Directory), 43/tcp (Who Is), 7765/tcp, 9631/tcp (Peovica Collector), 12710/tcp, 8040/tcp (Ampify Messaging Protocol), 49849/tcp, 34413/tcp, 17354/tcp, 40370/tcp, 16793/tcp, 19861/tcp, 58287/tcp, 65435/tcp, 61406/tcp, 23269/tcp, 63456/tcp, 15663/tcp, 7388/tcp, 27639/tcp, 20953/tcp, 4421/tcp, 51503/tcp, 14603/tcp, 48059/tcp, 47020/tcp, 6133/tcp (New Boundary Tech WOL), 2514/tcp (Facsys NTP), 6573/tcp, 42202/tcp, 64303/tcp, 12109/tcp (RETS over SSL), 45605/tcp, 33150/tcp, 45881/tcp, 2570/tcp (HS Port), 39018/tcp, 37618/tcp, 23339/tcp, 40069/tcp, 23741/tcp, 54288/tcp, 24005/tcp (med-ci), 24948/tcp, 18812/tcp, 14639/tcp, 43369/tcp, 3030/tcp (Arepa Cas), 36846/tcp, 9783/tcp, 10230/tcp, 15482/tcp, 65526/tcp, 24315/tcp, 46610/tcp, 29977/tcp, 46656/tcp, 20759/tcp, 58981/tcp, 58390/tcp, 46426/tcp, 16931/tcp, 47389/tcp, 54605/tcp, 59239/tcp, 64973/tcp, 5954/tcp, 57890/tcp, 41398/tcp, 12962/tcp, 48932/tcp, 52913/tcp, 16963/tcp, 8723/tcp, 59744/tcp, 46128/tcp, 41640/tcp, 56414/tcp, 35847/tcp, 38060/tcp, 55393/tcp, 7201/tcp (DLIP), 30277/tcp, 1135/tcp (OmniVision Communication Service), 40018/tcp, 64659/tcp, 55306/tcp, 36559/tcp, 38392/tcp, 38498/tcp, 14353/tcp, 39925/tcp, 43942/tcp, 63015/tcp, 4465/tcp, 3115/tcp (MCTET Master), 40674/tcp, 37636/tcp, 54607/tcp, 21224/tcp, 24047/tcp, 2173/tcp (MS Firewall Replication), 60618/tcp, 28220/tcp, 56091/tcp, 8520/tcp, 64310/tcp, 52994/tcp, 51930/tcp, 35870/tcp, 43717/tcp, 40662/tcp, 33264/tcp, 15788/tcp, 12427/tcp, 13538/tcp, 50517/tcp, 22515/tcp, 43431/tcp, 14216/tcp, 10575/tcp, 18224/tcp, 30840/tcp, 59398/tcp, 4320/tcp (FDT Remote Categorization Protocol), 17290/tcp, 17431/tcp, 62824/tcp, 32876/tcp, 17689/tcp, 54855/tcp, 21486/tcp, 7343/tcp, 26328/tcp, 19296/tcp, 41161/tcp, 52689/tcp, 63276/tcp, 11605/tcp, 8792/tcp, 50853/tcp, 28633/tcp, 26231/tcp, 12472/tcp, 19478/tcp, 5494/tcp, 3690/tcp (Subversion), 13952/tcp, 34810/tcp, 11531/tcp, 3165/tcp (Newgenpay Engine Service), 53677/tcp, 61814/tcp, 64489/tcp, 6981/tcp, 1546/tcp (abbaccuray), 4719/tcp, 14212/tcp, 47222/tcp, 48510/tcp, 6038/tcp, 18016/tcp, 7642/tcp, 53198/tcp, 14943/tcp, 58337/tcp, 16688/tcp, 35239/tcp, 40843/tcp (CSCCFIREWALL), 7049/tcp, 44634/tcp, 57568/tcp, 29021/tcp, 57102/tcp, 331/tcp, 42120/tcp, 59735/tcp, 10525/tcp, 10261/tcp, 7395/tcp (winqedit), 11497/tcp, 39460/tcp, 4697/tcp, 7529/tcp, 552/tcp (DeviceShare), 15743/tcp, 18250/tcp, 61927/tcp, 15405/tcp, 32166/tcp, 10301/tcp, 35310/tcp, 56939/tcp, 23631/tcp, 39722/tcp, 41010/tcp, 2742/tcp (TSB2), 52635/tcp, 55043/tcp, 155/tcp (NETSC), 33508/tcp, 56454/tcp, 23179/tcp, 25173/tcp, 5768/tcp (OpenMail CMTS Server), 24801/tcp, 58762/tcp, 7242/tcp, 4590/tcp (RID over HTTP/TLS), 38705/tcp, 25779/tcp, 62243/tcp, 61101/tcp, 34542/tcp, 57886/tcp, 34588/tcp, 52789/tcp, 20360/tcp, 39303/tcp, 27036/tcp, 54417/tcp, 47948/tcp, 58822/tcp, 6157/tcp, 24818/tcp, 59066/tcp, 42927/tcp, 21788/tcp, 34047/tcp, 48829/tcp, 9490/tcp, 54441/tcp, 61180/tcp, 13285/tcp, 64040/tcp, 29462/tcp, 52363/tcp, 8215/tcp, 2337/tcp (ideesrv), 64154/tcp, 51151/tcp, 15245/tcp, 45552/tcp, 26373/tcp, 11701/tcp, 47576/tcp, 36703/tcp, 54364/tcp, 33811/tcp, 40861/tcp, 34050/tcp, 42125/tcp, 12829/tcp, 22493/tcp, 42366/tcp, 44063/tcp, 50395/tcp, 28802/tcp, 22831/tcp, 65374/tcp, 43728/tcp, 26713/tcp, 46335/tcp, 41834/tcp, 51428/tcp, 30109/tcp, 10779/tcp, 42095/tcp, 37799/tcp, 19441/tcp, 50506/tcp, 55082/tcp, 51442/tcp, 57022/tcp, 15043/tcp, 55157/tcp, 33214/tcp, 52412/tcp, 32882/tcp, 1584/tcp (tn-tl-fd2), 54400/tcp, 65427/tcp, 62493/tcp, 50272/tcp, 36451/tcp, 16410/tcp, 9377/tcp, 51787/tcp, 59711/tcp, 12416/tcp, 56615/tcp, 55405/tcp, 55829/tcp, 46052/tcp, 61388/tcp, 18700/tcp, 14159/tcp, 59451/tcp, 501/tcp (STMF), 61036/tcp, 19613/tcp, 57036/tcp, 64386/tcp, 36782/tcp, 63226/tcp, 58305/tcp, 15401/tcp, 31360/tcp, 65412/tcp, 2406/tcp (JediServer), 46942/tcp, 64139/tcp, 62084/tcp, 31477/tcp, 55739/tcp, 36754/tcp, 41063/tcp, 7234/tcp, 31728/tcp, 38333/tcp, 24544/tcp, 4534/tcp, 33367/tcp, 36950/tcp, 34762/tcp, 48918/tcp, 5523/tcp, 61630/tcp, 45701/tcp, 35299/tcp, 54107/tcp, 20814/tcp, 19105/tcp, 39420/tcp, 18825/tcp, 7239/tcp, 40361/tcp, 28210/tcp, 56721/tcp, 18120/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 405 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 49434/tcp, 40105/tcp, 11631/tcp, 32238/tcp, 13150/tcp, 48097/tcp, 20955/tcp, 37604/tcp, 8779/tcp, 5368/tcp, 1396/tcp (DVL Active Mail), 18428/tcp, 6733/tcp, 40553/tcp, 41737/tcp, 50182/tcp, 51647/tcp, 15016/tcp, 41877/tcp, 42894/tcp, 55840/tcp, 43304/tcp, 5183/tcp, 1678/tcp (prolink), 43939/tcp, 24878/tcp, 13740/tcp, 1627/tcp (T.128 Gateway), 61855/tcp, 48391/tcp, 4365/tcp, 62419/tcp, 35444/tcp, 55247/tcp, 19821/tcp, 18720/tcp, 42097/tcp, 20268/tcp, 36531/tcp, 5606/tcp, 13347/tcp, 51011/tcp, 33074/tcp, 48610/tcp, 48366/tcp, 2319/tcp (InfoLibria), 20288/tcp, 48563/tcp, 52998/tcp, 20143/tcp, 26564/tcp, 35771/tcp, 55539/tcp, 37410/tcp, 58251/tcp, 30940/tcp, 30031/tcp, 38875/tcp, 24487/tcp, 27483/tcp, 44066/tcp, 56616/tcp, 62190/tcp, 58001/tcp, 60761/tcp, 53157/tcp, 20559/tcp, 23954/tcp, 10689/tcp, 12986/tcp, 29597/tcp, 25249/tcp, 27567/tcp, 33339/tcp, 30166/tcp, 24627/tcp, 26541/tcp, 21230/tcp, 63961/tcp, 62002/tcp, 48026/tcp, 51725/tcp, 62071/tcp, 56746/tcp, 48368/tcp, 54472/tcp, 40307/tcp, 60498/tcp, 11332/tcp, 33370/tcp, 56385/tcp, 1624/tcp (udp-sr-port), 23041/tcp, 63503/tcp, 47224/tcp, 32049/tcp, 31991/tcp, 49662/tcp, 60521/tcp, 6481/tcp (Service Tags), 22080/tcp, 30473/tcp, 50432/tcp, 6502/tcp (BoKS Servm), 36872/tcp, 28448/tcp, 52941/tcp, 48002/tcp (Nimbus Hub), 56792/tcp, 671/tcp (VACDSM-APP), 29712/tcp, 45600/tcp, 3060/tcp (interserver), 53901/tcp, 46756/tcp, 54714/tcp, 6544/tcp (LDS Dump Service), 62823/tcp, 62309/tcp, 56605/tcp, 55548/tcp, 10799/tcp, 8443/tcp (PCsync HTTPS), 21351/tcp, 64263/tcp, 7783/tcp, 30835/tcp, 3349/tcp (Chevin Services), 58818/tcp, 50281/tcp, 24568/tcp, 4723/tcp, 64374/tcp, 62332/tcp, 15456/tcp, 55002/tcp, 39713/tcp, 37684/tcp, 45290/tcp, 51909/tcp, 13291/tcp, 62298/tcp, 6124/tcp (Phlexible Network Backup Service), 49520/tcp, 31207/tcp, 12652/tcp, 37954/tcp, 48912/tcp, 39865/tcp, 20272/tcp, 15730/tcp, 40737/tcp, 25592/tcp, 6625/tcp (DataScaler control), 56732/tcp, 39670/tcp, 24522/tcp, 1733/tcp (SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission), 21078/tcp, 60090/tcp, 13716/tcp, 9217/tcp (FSC Communication Port), 63872/tcp, 32666/tcp, 53107/tcp, 22171/tcp, 8981/tcp, 25479/tcp, 53322/tcp, 25487/tcp, 35195/tcp, 62026/tcp, 5050/tcp (multimedia conference control tool), 24235/tcp, 50913/tcp, 1197/tcp (Carrius Remote Access), 20109/tcp, 6095/tcp, 25458/tcp, 8218/tcp, 42739/tcp, 34840/tcp, 33389/tcp, 37327/tcp, 41947/tcp, 56520/tcp, 12084/tcp, 51820/tcp, 39381/tcp, 58299/tcp, 63789/tcp, 54805/tcp, 16531/tcp, 61532/tcp, 30644/tcp, 32397/tcp, 19311/tcp, 8437/tcp, 39678/tcp, 34342/tcp, 23755/tcp, 11553/tcp, 38785/tcp, 4800/tcp (Icona Instant Messenging System), 19870/tcp, 10274/tcp, 55113/tcp, 29328/tcp, 63711/tcp, 45368/tcp, 20896/tcp, 13250/tcp, 8476/tcp, 27536/tcp, 20767/tcp, 25336/tcp, 60234/tcp, 52740/tcp, 22011/tcp, 20699/tcp, 26033/tcp, 60668/tcp, 14373/tcp, 56566/tcp, 55472/tcp, 41500/tcp, 61889/tcp, 63284/tcp, 27293/tcp, 58015/tcp, 64330/tcp, 18141/tcp, 61902/tcp, 7716/tcp, 44113/tcp, 2283/tcp (LNVSTATUS), 12440/tcp, 39870/tcp, 50929/tcp, 60153/tcp, 29780/tcp, 26875/tcp, 17156/tcp, 49603/tcp, 28786/tcp, 51850/tcp, 55668/tcp, 29299/tcp, 31758/tcp, 5877/tcp, 64702/tcp, 7300/tcp (-7359   The Swiss Exchange), 24211/tcp, 12854/tcp, 23128/tcp, 22237/tcp, 2689/tcp (FastLynx), 43536/tcp, 693/tcp (almanid Connection Endpoint), 24450/tcp, 48237/tcp, 18989/tcp, 15059/tcp, 1830/tcp (Oracle Net8 CMan Admin), 16991/tcp (INTEL-RCI-MP), 61936/tcp, 8892/tcp (Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product), 62139/tcp, 49589/tcp, 2029/tcp (Hot Standby Router Protocol IPv6), 44109/tcp, 39127/tcp, 12398/tcp, 16390/tcp, 38503/tcp, 14382/tcp, 53877/tcp, 54643/tcp, 33944/tcp, 63274/tcp, 894/tcp, 26007/tcp, 56887/tcp, 55838/tcp, 47105/tcp, 61607/tcp, 18582/tcp, 260/tcp (Openport), 58704/tcp, 24230/tcp, 5805/tcp, 23591/tcp, 10856/tcp, 42394/tcp, 4919/tcp, 37105/tcp, 59590/tcp, 62046/tcp, 25139/tcp, 34113/tcp, 47005/tcp, 5044/tcp (LXI Event Service), 30312/tcp, 17649/tcp, 48745/tcp, 47086/tcp, 1314/tcp (Photoscript Distributed Printing System), 35226/tcp, 17811/tcp, 18443/tcp, 12251/tcp, 30913/tcp, 8689/tcp, 61793/tcp, 6328/tcp, 7825/tcp, 51590/tcp, 26896/tcp, 10694/tcp, 29984/tcp, 15910/tcp, 40431/tcp, 42566/tcp, 55556/tcp, 4258/tcp, 55448/tcp, 6271/tcp, 53426/tcp, 46542/tcp, 51650/tcp, 45495/tcp, 38135/tcp, 57639/tcp, 30937/tcp, 60124/tcp, 62873/tcp, 55770/tcp, 11359/tcp, 7140/tcp, 10074/tcp, 23372/tcp, 39191/tcp, 10360/tcp, 23614/tcp, 55626/tcp, 16944/tcp, 33899/tcp, 27746/tcp, 3982/tcp (ESRI Image Server), 33661/tcp, 487/tcp (saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer), 31732/tcp, 45776/tcp, 30752/tcp, 61184/tcp, 63770/tcp, 64013/tcp, 11597/tcp, 10723/tcp, 31808/tcp, 54933/tcp, 10804/tcp, 4259/tcp, 53832/tcp, 49064/tcp, 52770/tcp, 48564/tcp, 43099/tcp, 36432/tcp, 46816/tcp, 24298/tcp, 35138/tcp, 16137/tcp, 64343/tcp, 24813/tcp, 15505/tcp, 8426/tcp, 9100/tcp (Printer PDL Data Stream), 41340/tcp, 7594/tcp, 46663/tcp, 50146/tcp, 61170/tcp, 12981/tcp, 46903/tcp, 57475/tcp, 3805/tcp (ThorGuard Server Port), 39663/tcp, 42475/tcp, 5729/tcp (Openmail User Agent Layer), 20968/tcp, 59969/tcp, 27023/tcp, 30015/tcp, 44128/tcp, 32248/tcp, 47681/tcp, 10296/tcp, 20089/tcp, 5330/tcp, 1511/tcp (3l-l1), 13985/tcp, 24600/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.


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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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