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Last update: 2020-09-05

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AS58024 Dzinet Ltd.
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inetnum: -
netname:        RU-REDBYTES
country:        RU
org:            ORG-RBL8-RIPE
admin-c:        RBL9-RIPE
tech-c:         RBL9-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PI
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-routes:     IPADDRESS-RU
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
created:        2019-12-09T13:55:53Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:24Z
sponsoring-org: ORG-IL432-RIPE
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin:         AS49505
mnt-by:         IPADDRESS-RU
created:        2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
last-modified:  2019-12-16T06:18:27Z
source:         RIPE

% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.98 (HEREFORD)

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15 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 62 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 59693/tcp, 18722/tcp, 41786/tcp, 48733/tcp, 37012/tcp, 19520/tcp, 530/tcp (rpc), 33812/tcp, 26765/tcp, 46744/tcp, 19485/tcp, 17173/tcp, 49105/tcp, 40319/tcp, 9161/tcp (apani2), 43394/tcp, 56032/tcp, 45566/tcp, 39001/tcp, 61059/tcp, 56957/tcp, 5439/tcp, 44472/tcp, 43593/tcp, 18927/tcp, 39204/tcp, 2055/tcp (Iliad-Odyssey Protocol), 22143/tcp, 33715/tcp, 6716/tcp, 5157/tcp (Mediat Remote Object Exchange), 54354/tcp, 15588/tcp, 45968/tcp, 41438/tcp, 30727/tcp, 26501/tcp, 19747/tcp, 1010/tcp (surf), 7293/tcp, 14152/tcp, 19428/tcp, 3355/tcp (Ordinox Dbase), 25425/tcp, 39351/tcp, 14178/tcp, 19678/tcp, 29213/tcp, 44338/tcp, 26210/tcp, 22965/tcp, 52712/tcp, 16690/tcp, 6757/tcp, 64938/tcp, 44872/tcp, 4645/tcp, 37863/tcp, 25544/tcp, 55315/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 10 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 35764/tcp, 31254/tcp, 6619/tcp (ODETTE-FTP over TLS/SSL), 35856/tcp, 7737/tcp, 37728/tcp, 33130/tcp, 8339/tcp, 31341/tcp, 51747/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 176 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 51333/tcp, 21511/tcp, 52956/tcp, 17717/tcp, 52809/tcp, 47091/tcp, 64910/tcp, 52840/tcp, 59666/tcp, 35053/tcp, 5273/tcp, 57154/tcp, 41990/tcp, 1425/tcp (Zion Software License Manager), 45298/tcp, 51479/tcp, 982/tcp, 26655/tcp, 40821/tcp, 5575/tcp (Oracle Access Protocol), 1709/tcp (centra), 36194/tcp, 6305/tcp, 15793/tcp, 43815/tcp, 34549/tcp, 12390/tcp, 42371/tcp, 47189/tcp, 12050/tcp, 55918/tcp, 32116/tcp, 54740/tcp, 63170/tcp, 27201/tcp, 21332/tcp, 12177/tcp, 58778/tcp, 41289/tcp, 22221/tcp, 30393/tcp, 2078/tcp (IBM Total Productivity Center Server), 28976/tcp, 55074/tcp, 10235/tcp, 8160/tcp (Patrol), 40340/tcp, 45707/tcp, 36764/tcp, 44733/tcp, 52554/tcp, 20765/tcp, 59088/tcp, 4115/tcp (CDS Transfer Agent), 48428/tcp, 14403/tcp, 29798/tcp, 27208/tcp, 48713/tcp, 45936/tcp, 937/tcp, 63576/tcp, 52307/tcp, 1645/tcp (SightLine), 24269/tcp, 4446/tcp (N1-FWP), 36933/tcp, 3384/tcp (Cluster Management Services), 3675/tcp (CallTrax Data Port), 21882/tcp, 46692/tcp, 44359/tcp, 17553/tcp, 29783/tcp, 52226/tcp, 20631/tcp, 63063/tcp, 45131/tcp, 19139/tcp, 50606/tcp, 5552/tcp, 8009/tcp, 15672/tcp, 24697/tcp, 25703/tcp, 45808/tcp, 34150/tcp, 13096/tcp, 11763/tcp, 36469/tcp, 48228/tcp, 44734/tcp, 44044/tcp, 29162/tcp, 38784/tcp, 17419/tcp, 44409/tcp, 65159/tcp, 4815/tcp, 1981/tcp (p2pQ), 25017/tcp, 64695/tcp, 1150/tcp (Blaze File Server), 23033/tcp, 41135/tcp, 51944/tcp, 54525/tcp, 50572/tcp, 45987/tcp, 50353/tcp, 29220/tcp, 56577/tcp, 49264/tcp, 8147/tcp, 59226/tcp, 36954/tcp, 26454/tcp, 41073/tcp, 57119/tcp, 34215/tcp, 64972/tcp, 62725/tcp, 45142/tcp, 14184/tcp, 64297/tcp, 38102/tcp, 55097/tcp, 46628/tcp, 24746/tcp, 26689/tcp, 50797/tcp, 24020/tcp, 58265/tcp, 9282/tcp (SofaWare transport port 2), 39113/tcp, 12232/tcp, 30337/tcp, 52907/tcp, 11526/tcp, 13060/tcp, 24327/tcp, 53142/tcp, 33996/tcp, 39303/tcp, 64011/tcp, 2636/tcp (Solve), 65316/tcp, 35212/tcp, 1041/tcp (AK2 Product), 55513/tcp, 54364/tcp, 13220/tcp, 36085/tcp, 58102/tcp, 3301/tcp, 58477/tcp, 58458/tcp, 28204/tcp, 46745/tcp, 26710/tcp, 47015/tcp, 44868/tcp, 31126/tcp, 53846/tcp, 54428/tcp, 48263/tcp, 21722/tcp, 27868/tcp, 56494/tcp, 58655/tcp, 34425/tcp, 11803/tcp, 41589/tcp, 1960/tcp (Merit DAC NASmanager), 43056/tcp, 51254/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1191 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 32157/tcp, 45585/tcp, 35522/tcp, 27943/tcp, 39628/tcp, 19941/tcp, 14239/tcp, 51843/tcp, 65331/tcp, 62102/tcp, 34058/tcp, 38415/tcp, 55389/tcp, 39905/tcp, 48838/tcp, 31340/tcp, 3575/tcp (Coalsere CCM Port), 48542/tcp, 38779/tcp, 17412/tcp, 53090/tcp, 32233/tcp, 6320/tcp (Double-Take Replication Service), 26284/tcp, 26013/tcp, 64325/tcp, 65390/tcp, 56982/tcp, 24688/tcp, 22920/tcp, 14411/tcp, 55128/tcp, 2370/tcp (L3-HBMon), 58598/tcp, 14022/tcp, 53850/tcp, 1301/tcp (CI3-Software-1), 50405/tcp, 63848/tcp, 15527/tcp, 45067/tcp, 58403/tcp, 51738/tcp, 58945/tcp, 40358/tcp, 24486/tcp, 64480/tcp, 6669/tcp, 32337/tcp, 57510/tcp, 53636/tcp, 23488/tcp, 15643/tcp, 9292/tcp (ArmTech Daemon), 24444/tcp, 61531/tcp, 42239/tcp, 40830/tcp, 55250/tcp, 62683/tcp, 3728/tcp (Ericsson Web on Air), 40353/tcp, 23000/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 1), 41746/tcp, 48680/tcp, 15018/tcp, 21564/tcp, 37023/tcp, 48943/tcp, 10620/tcp, 19310/tcp, 8032/tcp (ProEd), 41165/tcp, 50385/tcp, 39647/tcp, 28512/tcp, 32797/tcp, 45158/tcp, 60174/tcp, 43871/tcp, 4369/tcp (Erlang Port Mapper Daemon), 23321/tcp, 55368/tcp, 46559/tcp, 35113/tcp, 12306/tcp, 39324/tcp, 51589/tcp, 2708/tcp (Banyan-Net), 8825/tcp, 39533/tcp, 28642/tcp, 27572/tcp, 20279/tcp, 52340/tcp, 31163/tcp, 58435/tcp, 34169/tcp, 56267/tcp, 22280/tcp, 51302/tcp, 1490/tcp (insitu-conf), 25890/tcp, 25350/tcp, 51556/tcp, 49613/tcp, 27300/tcp, 48067/tcp, 29066/tcp, 18737/tcp, 31438/tcp, 25603/tcp, 55197/tcp, 20093/tcp, 4551/tcp (MIH Services), 44163/tcp, 56692/tcp, 9327/tcp, 45559/tcp, 15148/tcp, 12180/tcp, 8936/tcp, 45530/tcp, 54961/tcp, 30323/tcp, 32812/tcp, 39768/tcp, 9581/tcp, 34176/tcp, 37176/tcp, 18958/tcp, 40634/tcp, 17564/tcp, 28162/tcp, 14813/tcp, 42328/tcp, 18366/tcp, 21715/tcp, 8197/tcp, 18143/tcp, 41642/tcp, 38204/tcp, 13008/tcp, 33823/tcp, 21547/tcp, 4843/tcp (OPC UA TCP Protocol over TLS/SSL), 62198/tcp, 8208/tcp (LM Webwatcher), 65361/tcp, 11825/tcp, 37015/tcp, 54567/tcp, 14408/tcp, 26693/tcp, 61598/tcp, 53614/tcp, 32566/tcp, 54877/tcp, 34916/tcp, 29675/tcp, 22625/tcp, 38858/tcp, 32838/tcp, 22293/tcp, 21094/tcp, 15335/tcp, 56717/tcp, 38972/tcp, 30611/tcp, 61268/tcp, 57236/tcp, 2013/tcp (raid-am), 50155/tcp, 45212/tcp, 41303/tcp, 56835/tcp, 49934/tcp, 21205/tcp, 22114/tcp, 6397/tcp, 51547/tcp, 1923/tcp (SPICE), 19108/tcp, 49492/tcp, 9239/tcp, 47334/tcp, 5167/tcp (SCTE104 Connection), 47847/tcp, 44449/tcp, 50749/tcp, 17736/tcp, 46890/tcp, 64008/tcp, 41076/tcp, 17054/tcp, 26621/tcp, 17635/tcp, 3878/tcp (FotoG CAD interface), 11276/tcp, 47684/tcp, 288/tcp, 23118/tcp, 13271/tcp, 43264/tcp, 9652/tcp, 41397/tcp, 36183/tcp, 39179/tcp, 56598/tcp, 26897/tcp, 13489/tcp, 26820/tcp, 2937/tcp (PNACONSULT-LM), 43753/tcp, 47201/tcp, 15658/tcp, 61313/tcp, 4067/tcp (Information Distribution Protocol), 21363/tcp, 79/tcp (Finger), 8377/tcp (Cruise SWROUTE), 55291/tcp, 27266/tcp, 21501/tcp, 11857/tcp, 36390/tcp, 36174/tcp, 13886/tcp, 40384/tcp, 38730/tcp, 12825/tcp, 15068/tcp, 46348/tcp, 33230/tcp, 45484/tcp, 20245/tcp, 41704/tcp, 28066/tcp, 8953/tcp, 39102/tcp, 39140/tcp, 13703/tcp, 13665/tcp, 27805/tcp, 61931/tcp, 28420/tcp, 11181/tcp, 31029/tcp, 45284/tcp, 3622/tcp (FF LAN Redundancy Port), 14641/tcp, 23416/tcp, 57471/tcp, 11443/tcp, 53794/tcp, 19170/tcp, 15249/tcp, 30322/tcp, 60749/tcp, 40863/tcp, 18654/tcp, 39332/tcp, 8933/tcp, 50983/tcp, 13448/tcp, 57280/tcp, 37205/tcp, 21539/tcp, 18878/tcp, 31152/tcp, 56871/tcp, 49634/tcp, 16762/tcp, 56735/tcp, 37569/tcp, 20644/tcp, 3404/tcp, 48594/tcp, 47454/tcp, 49735/tcp, 16556/tcp, 16103/tcp, 56223/tcp, 63852/tcp, 45653/tcp, 9574/tcp, 20185/tcp, 14270/tcp, 28329/tcp, 55187/tcp, 56433/tcp, 57894/tcp, 30267/tcp, 20571/tcp, 12179/tcp, 1004/tcp, 11396/tcp, 63361/tcp, 52831/tcp, 43671/tcp, 15936/tcp, 10003/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 1420/tcp (Timbuktu Service 4 Port), 9363/tcp, 36299/tcp, 16602/tcp, 43316/tcp, 64685/tcp, 37879/tcp, 27213/tcp, 13390/tcp, 38905/tcp, 13986/tcp, 61260/tcp, 62523/tcp, 20194/tcp, 51624/tcp, 45371/tcp, 5351/tcp (NAT Port Mapping Protocol), 25916/tcp, 17126/tcp, 61405/tcp, 5524/tcp, 57063/tcp, 20379/tcp, 4049/tcp (Wide Area File Services), 64860/tcp, 63045/tcp, 61345/tcp, 10346/tcp, 26440/tcp, 24019/tcp, 17234/tcp (Integrius Secure Tunnel Protocol), 37891/tcp, 1265/tcp (DSSIAPI), 37479/tcp, 6296/tcp, 45405/tcp, 5970/tcp, 11307/tcp, 58276/tcp, 48706/tcp, 31703/tcp, 34403/tcp, 25515/tcp, 53901/tcp, 37899/tcp, 45784/tcp, 47555/tcp, 26417/tcp, 55240/tcp, 12671/tcp, 7481/tcp, 13084/tcp, 63505/tcp, 41168/tcp, 58912/tcp, 44786/tcp, 25532/tcp, 53201/tcp, 20669/tcp, 63039/tcp, 58047/tcp, 20029/tcp, 27723/tcp, 55582/tcp, 29181/tcp, 63001/tcp, 50522/tcp, 63776/tcp, 42284/tcp, 21063/tcp, 64382/tcp, 23336/tcp, 43566/tcp, 11726/tcp, 56605/tcp, 6020/tcp, 38414/tcp, 20787/tcp, 59684/tcp, 47883/tcp, 95/tcp (SUPDUP), 18197/tcp, 1943/tcp (Beeyond Media), 20709/tcp, 23746/tcp, 4504/tcp, 26242/tcp, 39744/tcp, 47009/tcp, 19752/tcp, 61092/tcp, 6090/tcp, 27404/tcp, 59919/tcp, 31496/tcp, 56967/tcp, 56239/tcp, 50852/tcp, 10153/tcp, 4266/tcp, 23946/tcp, 40779/tcp, 16153/tcp, 16820/tcp, 26887/tcp, 30026/tcp, 35216/tcp, 56975/tcp, 40486/tcp, 56781/tcp, 17191/tcp, 19599/tcp, 12839/tcp, 62585/tcp, 53294/tcp, 19220/tcp, 12892/tcp, 54731/tcp, 61385/tcp, 33028/tcp, 11826/tcp, 13182/tcp, 25682/tcp, 34279/tcp, 23806/tcp, 22288/tcp, 31707/tcp, 35371/tcp, 53622/tcp, 10745/tcp, 11563/tcp, 51067/tcp, 37229/tcp, 15155/tcp, 2810/tcp (Active Net Steward), 10641/tcp, 980/tcp, 57905/tcp, 40283/tcp, 33505/tcp, 63573/tcp, 23541/tcp, 51703/tcp, 52715/tcp, 41250/tcp, 49958/tcp, 63285/tcp, 33061/tcp, 49777/tcp, 43229/tcp, 60484/tcp, 32979/tcp, 33928/tcp, 38948/tcp, 34622/tcp, 59275/tcp, 22743/tcp, 50881/tcp, 58239/tcp, 26484/tcp, 2042/tcp (isis), 23029/tcp, 37267/tcp, 44980/tcp, 11878/tcp, 48098/tcp, 3080/tcp (stm_pproc), 26439/tcp, 1332/tcp (PCIA RXP-B), 24302/tcp, 1499/tcp (Federico Heinz Consultora), 55813/tcp, 52880/tcp, 44271/tcp, 6044/tcp, 40884/tcp, 35262/tcp, 48584/tcp, 32492/tcp, 58648/tcp, 8165/tcp, 33813/tcp, 21598/tcp, 50036/tcp, 50125/tcp, 14706/tcp, 53406/tcp, 31960/tcp, 696/tcp (RUSHD), 59333/tcp, 10923/tcp, 20430/tcp, 18811/tcp, 35963/tcp, 43136/tcp, 46066/tcp, 27260/tcp, 53519/tcp, 3386/tcp (GPRS Data), 39486/tcp, 34238/tcp, 49334/tcp, 39134/tcp, 26182/tcp, 59105/tcp, 10556/tcp, 30830/tcp, 46476/tcp, 19245/tcp, 58259/tcp, 31661/tcp, 21043/tcp, 59496/tcp, 49513/tcp, 55042/tcp, 31909/tcp, 3916/tcp (WysDM Controller), 51019/tcp, 64413/tcp, 48661/tcp, 31287/tcp, 5386/tcp, 34207/tcp, 24235/tcp, 14014/tcp, 31220/tcp, 48111/tcp, 16447/tcp, 48316/tcp, 46945/tcp, 919/tcp, 55570/tcp, 34996/tcp, 36673/tcp, 29410/tcp, 4944/tcp, 61948/tcp, 41607/tcp, 54593/tcp, 60629/tcp, 50825/tcp, 3241/tcp (SysOrb Monitoring Server), 11049/tcp, 11705/tcp, 64170/tcp, 4141/tcp (Workflow Server), 27223/tcp, 20964/tcp, 21350/tcp, 62455/tcp, 9103/tcp (Bacula Storage Daemon), 58623/tcp, 39041/tcp, 37473/tcp, 64550/tcp, 53428/tcp, 44249/tcp, 60655/tcp, 57636/tcp, 10280/tcp, 36264/tcp, 42559/tcp, 54822/tcp, 65223/tcp, 50676/tcp, 52738/tcp, 15747/tcp, 19961/tcp, 56206/tcp, 54462/tcp, 16133/tcp, 9296/tcp, 9153/tcp, 32443/tcp, 48513/tcp, 59320/tcp, 38207/tcp, 10850/tcp, 14738/tcp, 26844/tcp, 54916/tcp, 24629/tcp, 54739/tcp, 14553/tcp, 12514/tcp, 10756/tcp, 62145/tcp, 42736/tcp, 18033/tcp, 55110/tcp, 32215/tcp, 12309/tcp, 27770/tcp, 31480/tcp, 5503/tcp (fcp-srvr-inst2), 26370/tcp, 42090/tcp, 34269/tcp, 23442/tcp, 37034/tcp, 38968/tcp, 47518/tcp, 5219/tcp, 34974/tcp, 18090/tcp, 49191/tcp, 8789/tcp, 52531/tcp, 13071/tcp, 27803/tcp, 58939/tcp, 61406/tcp, 7127/tcp, 60331/tcp, 1243/tcp (SerialGateway), 27252/tcp, 14786/tcp, 5271/tcp (/tdp   StageSoft CueLink messaging), 7790/tcp, 16794/tcp, 63723/tcp, 20661/tcp, 52748/tcp, 46679/tcp, 17395/tcp, 19870/tcp, 5198/tcp, 9785/tcp, 61414/tcp, 41385/tcp, 52747/tcp, 48886/tcp, 48924/tcp, 62113/tcp, 53158/tcp, 57052/tcp, 10578/tcp, 17999/tcp, 53436/tcp, 49357/tcp, 32728/tcp, 2624/tcp (Aria), 31173/tcp, 46188/tcp, 30534/tcp, 2946/tcp (FJSVmpor), 45361/tcp, 38897/tcp, 23856/tcp, 30633/tcp, 37359/tcp, 31643/tcp, 1661/tcp (netview-aix-1), 61552/tcp, 48310/tcp, 55152/tcp, 10579/tcp, 7153/tcp, 54207/tcp, 52108/tcp, 25336/tcp, 24752/tcp, 64795/tcp, 43883/tcp, 59819/tcp, 8565/tcp, 3645/tcp (Cyc), 7978/tcp, 1885/tcp (Veritas Trap Server), 30958/tcp, 35361/tcp, 50062/tcp, 19993/tcp, 16563/tcp, 54288/tcp, 9680/tcp, 37036/tcp, 37372/tcp, 55067/tcp, 39455/tcp, 4685/tcp (Autopac Protocol), 60352/tcp, 16484/tcp, 901/tcp (SMPNAMERES), 14922/tcp, 35217/tcp, 31769/tcp, 49256/tcp, 38625/tcp, 36636/tcp, 56118/tcp, 55483/tcp, 49953/tcp, 58189/tcp, 7321/tcp, 32603/tcp, 7615/tcp, 37807/tcp, 62742/tcp, 39711/tcp, 44580/tcp, 5278/tcp, 21768/tcp, 12765/tcp, 35230/tcp, 56145/tcp, 25878/tcp, 40692/tcp, 60071/tcp, 8372/tcp, 24209/tcp, 54302/tcp, 42672/tcp, 6378/tcp, 6288/tcp, 1850/tcp (GSI), 34216/tcp, 20672/tcp, 64936/tcp, 40617/tcp, 26063/tcp, 41146/tcp, 65021/tcp, 53472/tcp, 56407/tcp, 43658/tcp, 2126/tcp (PktCable-COPS), 57452/tcp, 4999/tcp (HyperFileSQL Client/Server Database Engine Manager), 62423/tcp, 63238/tcp, 17586/tcp, 16082/tcp, 48985/tcp, 10365/tcp, 31092/tcp, 36725/tcp, 52821/tcp, 9046/tcp, 35279/tcp, 60014/tcp, 62369/tcp, 1135/tcp (OmniVision Communication Service), 23040/tcp, 30003/tcp, 71/tcp (Remote Job Service), 54955/tcp, 23373/tcp, 50358/tcp, 46716/tcp, 2759/tcp (APOLLO GMS), 9657/tcp, 24821/tcp, 31223/tcp, 55169/tcp, 13837/tcp, 7792/tcp, 11747/tcp, 51871/tcp, 3047/tcp (Fast Security HL Server), 15446/tcp, 49809/tcp, 28523/tcp, 114/tcp, 34750/tcp, 45126/tcp, 48978/tcp, 36581/tcp, 62816/tcp, 42628/tcp, 7944/tcp, 42688/tcp, 4580/tcp, 24905/tcp, 19506/tcp, 50759/tcp, 19165/tcp, 55223/tcp, 64607/tcp, 55478/tcp, 9670/tcp, 26426/tcp, 56081/tcp, 64310/tcp, 52857/tcp, 33362/tcp, 28916/tcp, 6566/tcp (SANE Control Port), 26014/tcp, 53397/tcp, 52191/tcp, 49746/tcp, 62712/tcp, 35535/tcp, 51268/tcp, 39849/tcp, 21983/tcp, 3326/tcp (SFTU), 11243/tcp, 13209/tcp, 34370/tcp, 35631/tcp, 38788/tcp, 43438/tcp, 21392/tcp, 20645/tcp, 55339/tcp, 10218/tcp, 6308/tcp, 12998/tcp, 14709/tcp, 8648/tcp, 64767/tcp, 23163/tcp, 10812/tcp, 2962/tcp (IPH-POLICY-CLI), 27945/tcp, 16740/tcp, 57478/tcp, 45418/tcp, 21110/tcp, 19789/tcp, 17698/tcp, 42981/tcp, 44468/tcp, 37049/tcp, 11244/tcp, 42497/tcp, 62850/tcp, 44221/tcp, 37469/tcp, 39496/tcp, 46337/tcp, 18351/tcp, 20907/tcp, 63808/tcp, 11222/tcp, 60111/tcp, 14030/tcp, 30783/tcp, 12935/tcp, 35178/tcp, 25429/tcp, 51517/tcp, 42997/tcp, 23132/tcp, 25471/tcp, 53920/tcp, 10139/tcp, 18006/tcp, 41144/tcp, 46051/tcp, 20790/tcp, 24159/tcp, 48751/tcp, 47210/tcp, 45546/tcp, 27887/tcp, 5213/tcp, 38901/tcp, 5339/tcp, 37616/tcp, 45578/tcp, 51064/tcp, 14247/tcp, 9891/tcp, 45599/tcp, 47249/tcp, 55771/tcp, 10118/tcp, 57632/tcp, 44506/tcp, 60492/tcp, 28196/tcp, 7907/tcp, 47674/tcp, 51873/tcp, 5629/tcp (Symantec Storage Foundation for Database), 18273/tcp, 25371/tcp, 47121/tcp, 61849/tcp, 16195/tcp, 12487/tcp, 43543/tcp, 22992/tcp, 61111/tcp, 6917/tcp, 35858/tcp, 19340/tcp, 13794/tcp, 17674/tcp, 48014/tcp, 49260/tcp, 29321/tcp, 33588/tcp, 32511/tcp, 52876/tcp, 61826/tcp, 49297/tcp, 17827/tcp, 12647/tcp, 331/tcp, 17856/tcp, 51593/tcp, 50295/tcp, 40139/tcp, 1459/tcp (Proshare Notebook Application), 39983/tcp, 63774/tcp, 54130/tcp, 6007/tcp, 21924/tcp, 55889/tcp, 5640/tcp, 552/tcp (DeviceShare), 2639/tcp (AMInet), 6682/tcp, 28742/tcp, 31216/tcp, 14772/tcp, 53133/tcp, 35359/tcp, 40533/tcp, 55942/tcp, 25259/tcp, 54468/tcp, 24927/tcp, 43676/tcp, 9077/tcp, 25196/tcp, 30519/tcp, 37115/tcp, 56512/tcp, 38942/tcp, 21863/tcp, 34772/tcp, 20505/tcp, 16893/tcp, 31922/tcp, 22773/tcp, 56507/tcp, 15971/tcp, 33455/tcp, 34962/tcp (PROFInet RT Unicast), 42781/tcp, 35136/tcp, 3133/tcp (Prism Deploy User Port), 40067/tcp, 58165/tcp, 40574/tcp, 43612/tcp, 30863/tcp, 50508/tcp, 21741/tcp, 61394/tcp, 12296/tcp, 15693/tcp, 17488/tcp, 2978/tcp (TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS), 28973/tcp, 56894/tcp, 58607/tcp, 57509/tcp, 21644/tcp, 63246/tcp, 5239/tcp, 33991/tcp, 7588/tcp (Sun License Manager), 48770/tcp, 51665/tcp, 7041/tcp, 40753/tcp, 55824/tcp, 46542/tcp, 57607/tcp, 15956/tcp, 23710/tcp, 39148/tcp, 58580/tcp, 10587/tcp, 14017/tcp, 40665/tcp, 4868/tcp (Photon Relay), 15832/tcp, 25724/tcp, 57491/tcp, 40988/tcp, 1836/tcp (ste-smsc), 25397/tcp, 31048/tcp, 6553/tcp, 56827/tcp, 8306/tcp, 31967/tcp, 6723/tcp, 36926/tcp, 8827/tcp, 1928/tcp (Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr), 15581/tcp, 43988/tcp, 945/tcp, 24946/tcp, 36693/tcp, 14352/tcp, 6183/tcp, 29845/tcp, 6664/tcp, 49045/tcp, 16651/tcp, 44399/tcp, 6227/tcp, 17727/tcp, 21544/tcp, 24097/tcp, 42543/tcp, 28330/tcp, 2956/tcp (OVRIMOSDBMAN), 14317/tcp, 924/tcp, 42016/tcp, 24669/tcp, 33451/tcp, 17184/tcp, 25720/tcp, 38244/tcp, 45991/tcp, 56627/tcp, 39539/tcp, 26332/tcp, 27309/tcp, 21938/tcp, 13763/tcp, 54279/tcp, 34845/tcp, 41742/tcp, 43353/tcp, 60648/tcp, 17640/tcp, 5413/tcp (WWIOTALK), 36770/tcp, 23421/tcp, 7379/tcp, 35023/tcp, 55530/tcp, 31182/tcp, 9737/tcp, 18094/tcp, 16851/tcp, 17921/tcp, 28939/tcp, 7929/tcp, 4107/tcp (JDL Accounting LAN Service), 42860/tcp, 62897/tcp, 7493/tcp, 13555/tcp, 19001/tcp, 56218/tcp, 39080/tcp, 30759/tcp, 25988/tcp, 29171/tcp, 62880/tcp, 20464/tcp, 45929/tcp, 58735/tcp, 33393/tcp, 47633/tcp, 5773/tcp, 30430/tcp, 29353/tcp, 41140/tcp, 13462/tcp, 54478/tcp, 38348/tcp, 5143/tcp, 50359/tcp, 51776/tcp, 51906/tcp, 38556/tcp, 50894/tcp, 45596/tcp, 58999/tcp, 36633/tcp, 19291/tcp, 4914/tcp (Bones Remote Control), 61017/tcp, 49895/tcp, 33784/tcp, 47082/tcp, 3857/tcp (Trap Port), 52600/tcp, 27384/tcp, 30768/tcp, 29854/tcp, 33864/tcp, 56306/tcp, 61515/tcp, 64541/tcp, 57529/tcp, 22622/tcp, 47588/tcp, 48141/tcp, 63370/tcp, 52196/tcp, 59345/tcp, 55849/tcp, 20231/tcp, 3250/tcp (HMS hicp port), 47475/tcp, 53480/tcp, 26914/tcp, 22062/tcp, 17958/tcp, 8302/tcp, 1736/tcp (street-stream), 4477/tcp, 19054/tcp, 20794/tcp, 39397/tcp, 24296/tcp, 56180/tcp, 9249/tcp, 23864/tcp, 7231/tcp, 65346/tcp, 25599/tcp, 34959/tcp, 61709/tcp, 11459/tcp, 37203/tcp, 30947/tcp, 6678/tcp, 61395/tcp, 23353/tcp, 60304/tcp, 9412/tcp, 41251/tcp, 59916/tcp, 24936/tcp, 43434/tcp, 21977/tcp, 55517/tcp, 43511/tcp, 42693/tcp, 18178/tcp, 8882/tcp, 6921/tcp, 53963/tcp, 28820/tcp, 45381/tcp, 10151/tcp, 20334/tcp, 47955/tcp, 5978/tcp, 37561/tcp, 60614/tcp, 61104/tcp, 52507/tcp, 6048/tcp, 25282/tcp, 20722/tcp, 911/tcp (xact-backup), 64158/tcp, 11808/tcp, 36287/tcp, 45112/tcp, 28148/tcp, 25272/tcp, 62846/tcp, 63071/tcp, 11894/tcp, 27570/tcp, 29470/tcp, 42786/tcp, 16138/tcp, 44837/tcp, 55960/tcp, 61734/tcp, 40552/tcp, 45378/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 57 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 59835/tcp, 42153/tcp, 6163/tcp (Precision Scribe Cnx Port), 22596/tcp, 60091/tcp, 32973/tcp, 40928/tcp, 53376/tcp, 2346/tcp (Game Connection Port), 13787/tcp, 62954/tcp, 63465/tcp, 42130/tcp, 8765/tcp (Ultraseek HTTP), 7680/tcp (Pando Media Public Distribution), 61169/tcp, 65237/tcp, 61772/tcp, 6337/tcp, 57435/tcp, 54456/tcp, 65521/tcp, 10323/tcp, 22223/tcp, 28261/tcp, 51338/tcp, 12143/tcp, 48452/tcp, 16225/tcp, 9157/tcp, 6805/tcp, 36858/tcp, 5610/tcp, 2778/tcp (Gwen-Sonya), 31165/tcp, 1268/tcp (PROPEL-MSGSYS), 11283/tcp, 10175/tcp, 44500/tcp, 23055/tcp, 63475/tcp, 54268/tcp, 22755/tcp, 41136/tcp, 61591/tcp, 40207/tcp, 24996/tcp, 63879/tcp, 62988/tcp, 53701/tcp, 42962/tcp, 26373/tcp, 40944/tcp, 56009/tcp, 35235/tcp, 3738/tcp (versaTalk Server Port), 33549/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 2109 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 5395/tcp, 55628/tcp, 53949/tcp, 55427/tcp, 31974/tcp, 18934/tcp, 39810/tcp, 12969/tcp, 2720/tcp (wkars), 26413/tcp, 55897/tcp, 14509/tcp, 27533/tcp, 11981/tcp, 12523/tcp, 54679/tcp, 62343/tcp, 19288/tcp, 18537/tcp, 48582/tcp, 910/tcp (Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK)), 55148/tcp, 51637/tcp, 50763/tcp, 20521/tcp, 40741/tcp, 22147/tcp, 27989/tcp, 251/tcp, 58092/tcp, 5881/tcp, 31554/tcp, 40442/tcp, 26284/tcp, 35696/tcp, 19694/tcp, 17844/tcp, 32955/tcp, 9870/tcp, 12545/tcp, 55005/tcp, 52342/tcp, 50936/tcp, 23216/tcp, 56686/tcp, 24473/tcp, 33319/tcp, 56087/tcp, 41975/tcp, 61625/tcp, 22669/tcp, 9076/tcp, 49317/tcp, 44041/tcp, 48145/tcp, 26443/tcp, 19743/tcp, 58049/tcp, 34812/tcp, 59954/tcp, 4598/tcp (A16 (AN-AN)), 14411/tcp, 45826/tcp, 22149/tcp, 45942/tcp, 33529/tcp, 58571/tcp, 49222/tcp, 54429/tcp, 27284/tcp, 54549/tcp, 1230/tcp (Periscope), 62374/tcp, 35775/tcp, 6500/tcp (BoKS Master), 53993/tcp, 52175/tcp, 31041/tcp, 36286/tcp, 19026/tcp, 58673/tcp, 32060/tcp, 58690/tcp, 4507/tcp, 64480/tcp, 28527/tcp, 18824/tcp, 3134/tcp (Extensible Code Protocol), 36519/tcp, 49512/tcp, 23944/tcp, 56833/tcp, 4371/tcp (LAN2CAN Control), 4978/tcp, 3958/tcp (MQEnterprise Agent), 52846/tcp, 15207/tcp, 36145/tcp, 63023/tcp, 40569/tcp, 13981/tcp, 13335/tcp, 40165/tcp, 27271/tcp, 43702/tcp, 33903/tcp, 5183/tcp, 19043/tcp, 38007/tcp, 23780/tcp, 48040/tcp, 9248/tcp, 36721/tcp, 11950/tcp, 57162/tcp, 50053/tcp, 1117/tcp (ARDUS Multicast Transfer), 65429/tcp, 5329/tcp, 23512/tcp, 31992/tcp, 16616/tcp, 12520/tcp, 9499/tcp, 23752/tcp, 17480/tcp, 55601/tcp, 32271/tcp, 30259/tcp, 36728/tcp, 58621/tcp, 57680/tcp, 50437/tcp, 8170/tcp, 4431/tcp (adWISE Pipe), 7692/tcp, 6342/tcp, 52222/tcp, 9203/tcp (WAP secure session service), 56537/tcp, 62272/tcp, 54610/tcp, 5933/tcp, 26845/tcp, 33821/tcp, 28642/tcp, 24266/tcp, 28536/tcp, 11488/tcp, 53060/tcp, 7696/tcp, 12556/tcp, 39881/tcp, 5563/tcp, 65055/tcp, 64338/tcp, 36821/tcp, 64007/tcp, 61794/tcp, 53599/tcp, 37308/tcp, 8021/tcp (Intuit Entitlement Client), 60441/tcp, 64369/tcp, 22295/tcp, 26506/tcp, 44343/tcp, 2883/tcp (NDNP), 19783/tcp, 57673/tcp, 4156/tcp (STAT Results), 44283/tcp, 30713/tcp, 27897/tcp, 37830/tcp, 41420/tcp, 44407/tcp, 16726/tcp, 60013/tcp, 40211/tcp, 48696/tcp, 42617/tcp, 9089/tcp (IBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted), 53195/tcp, 25335/tcp, 30848/tcp, 22749/tcp, 47373/tcp, 10685/tcp, 13381/tcp, 23237/tcp, 16722/tcp, 60597/tcp, 13152/tcp, 40865/tcp, 58697/tcp, 62837/tcp, 39825/tcp, 35893/tcp, 64089/tcp, 51531/tcp, 9759/tcp, 6106/tcp (MPS Server), 42872/tcp, 45515/tcp, 27823/tcp, 23116/tcp, 35104/tcp, 46452/tcp, 27108/tcp, 14374/tcp, 65328/tcp, 47839/tcp, 39569/tcp, 50668/tcp, 22596/tcp, 10241/tcp, 35994/tcp, 11816/tcp, 278/tcp, 58749/tcp, 30832/tcp, 36064/tcp, 36338/tcp, 30477/tcp, 21927/tcp, 2236/tcp (Nani), 30838/tcp, 6941/tcp, 57557/tcp, 28343/tcp, 177/tcp (X Display Manager Control Protocol), 62522/tcp, 6289/tcp, 30047/tcp, 43245/tcp, 26418/tcp, 44946/tcp, 56829/tcp, 50418/tcp, 25601/tcp, 51687/tcp, 14760/tcp, 36618/tcp, 26753/tcp, 56984/tcp, 18633/tcp, 49047/tcp, 4119/tcp (Assuria Log Manager), 61857/tcp, 36790/tcp, 8143/tcp, 13188/tcp, 61288/tcp, 3096/tcp (Active Print Server Port), 21164/tcp, 21466/tcp, 38396/tcp, 17753/tcp, 63491/tcp, 27541/tcp, 18960/tcp, 37274/tcp, 44933/tcp, 30711/tcp, 43428/tcp, 42775/tcp, 9653/tcp, 51970/tcp, 53222/tcp, 19472/tcp, 52081/tcp, 63991/tcp, 38315/tcp, 25318/tcp, 19316/tcp, 61409/tcp, 6847/tcp, 48147/tcp, 29405/tcp, 32566/tcp, 8653/tcp, 30905/tcp, 55133/tcp, 26776/tcp, 7032/tcp, 8706/tcp, 22404/tcp, 20116/tcp, 14059/tcp, 36694/tcp, 23458/tcp, 26750/tcp, 26625/tcp, 57641/tcp, 32838/tcp, 12693/tcp, 29634/tcp, 40185/tcp, 38104/tcp, 38268/tcp, 46406/tcp, 12832/tcp, 51411/tcp, 45308/tcp, 50049/tcp, 3527/tcp (VERITAS Backup Exec Server), 48534/tcp, 40457/tcp, 64660/tcp, 7470/tcp, 36539/tcp, 22542/tcp, 703/tcp, 25156/tcp, 18291/tcp, 62963/tcp, 12030/tcp, 37095/tcp, 1555/tcp (livelan), 3256/tcp (Compaq RPM Agent Port), 30315/tcp, 10561/tcp, 64482/tcp, 6300/tcp (BMC GRX), 51334/tcp, 52942/tcp, 12182/tcp, 7535/tcp, 23564/tcp, 59274/tcp, 8206/tcp (LM Dta), 59003/tcp, 47659/tcp, 26105/tcp, 5514/tcp, 1628/tcp (LonTalk normal), 44334/tcp, 7705/tcp, 64376/tcp, 60559/tcp, 64547/tcp, 15754/tcp, 35620/tcp, 6698/tcp, 92/tcp (Network Printing Protocol), 24130/tcp, 34887/tcp, 57593/tcp, 53211/tcp, 23255/tcp, 61737/tcp, 39296/tcp, 30708/tcp, 28450/tcp, 5910/tcp (Context Management), 32950/tcp, 24866/tcp, 28752/tcp, 46887/tcp, 63861/tcp, 4328/tcp (Jaxer Manager Command Protocol), 62213/tcp, 12999/tcp, 60907/tcp, 25376/tcp, 59306/tcp, 41858/tcp, 11666/tcp, 41564/tcp, 2262/tcp (CoMotion Backup Server), 3161/tcp (DOC1 License Manager), 39330/tcp, 10279/tcp, 35429/tcp, 12881/tcp, 62883/tcp, 33344/tcp, 30307/tcp, 435/tcp (MobilIP-MN), 38698/tcp, 63641/tcp, 5923/tcp, 16237/tcp, 12329/tcp, 38640/tcp, 60690/tcp, 10974/tcp, 6947/tcp, 53244/tcp, 37340/tcp, 41184/tcp, 56347/tcp, 14575/tcp, 79/tcp (Finger), 35481/tcp, 18078/tcp, 30226/tcp, 34634/tcp, 22202/tcp, 57017/tcp, 35439/tcp, 52904/tcp, 2189/tcp, 45662/tcp, 30506/tcp, 42232/tcp, 55025/tcp, 48588/tcp, 23008/tcp, 61481/tcp, 40513/tcp, 18921/tcp, 60713/tcp, 48933/tcp, 29775/tcp, 34704/tcp, 21534/tcp, 34253/tcp, 41623/tcp, 39694/tcp, 23152/tcp, 9210/tcp (OMA Mobile Location Protocol), 1994/tcp (cisco serial tunnel port), 12376/tcp, 31421/tcp, 28083/tcp, 9402/tcp (Samsung PC2FAX for Network Server), 15980/tcp, 51141/tcp, 2504/tcp (WLBS), 60833/tcp, 19226/tcp, 59548/tcp, 9820/tcp, 53692/tcp, 19991/tcp, 51955/tcp, 36715/tcp, 30320/tcp, 30767/tcp, 63545/tcp, 60474/tcp, 48526/tcp, 7610/tcp, 11908/tcp, 12987/tcp, 7372/tcp, 21065/tcp, 32788/tcp, 55050/tcp, 19788/tcp, 18509/tcp, 44034/tcp, 17032/tcp, 30869/tcp, 5083/tcp (Qpur File Protocol), 18401/tcp, 63584/tcp, 20240/tcp, 12229/tcp, 3861/tcp (winShadow Host Discovery), 5152/tcp (ESRI SDE Instance Discovery), 38894/tcp, 33979/tcp, 18682/tcp, 5570/tcp, 59487/tcp, 51739/tcp, 1400/tcp (Cadkey Tablet Daemon), 61044/tcp, 18701/tcp, 18657/tcp, 33539/tcp, 36140/tcp, 52505/tcp, 49885/tcp, 47563/tcp, 38873/tcp, 22081/tcp, 4030/tcp (Accell/JSP Daemon Port), 59723/tcp, 45497/tcp, 48086/tcp, 28496/tcp, 13768/tcp, 13708/tcp, 19995/tcp, 25610/tcp, 30555/tcp, 25144/tcp, 13270/tcp, 30205/tcp, 10688/tcp, 50239/tcp, 25212/tcp, 48385/tcp, 27733/tcp, 55279/tcp, 32261/tcp, 26189/tcp, 53284/tcp, 7522/tcp, 63327/tcp, 16661/tcp, 47025/tcp, 38454/tcp, 12717/tcp, 47512/tcp, 38416/tcp, 60637/tcp, 23656/tcp, 14748/tcp, 5866/tcp, 53086/tcp, 35298/tcp, 45274/tcp, 47087/tcp, 232/tcp, 26132/tcp, 34504/tcp, 56874/tcp, 53887/tcp, 44904/tcp, 30416/tcp, 38021/tcp, 33463/tcp, 33510/tcp, 15936/tcp, 18139/tcp, 51912/tcp, 18161/tcp, 63911/tcp, 5473/tcp, 40458/tcp, 12851/tcp, 32935/tcp, 63818/tcp, 16896/tcp, 34896/tcp, 35211/tcp, 37879/tcp, 39062/tcp, 61620/tcp, 31804/tcp, 8411/tcp, 65515/tcp, 24366/tcp, 12375/tcp, 49454/tcp, 13986/tcp, 978/tcp, 18965/tcp, 29690/tcp, 44048/tcp, 44880/tcp, 15113/tcp, 64073/tcp, 8360/tcp, 63952/tcp, 5732/tcp, 20413/tcp, 50578/tcp, 2120/tcp (Quick Eagle Networks CP), 45821/tcp, 19217/tcp, 21805/tcp, 33647/tcp, 47720/tcp, 15652/tcp, 11982/tcp, 64537/tcp, 30891/tcp, 55866/tcp, 1988/tcp (cisco RSRB Priority 2 port), 55245/tcp, 3008/tcp (Midnight Technologies), 5590/tcp, 16903/tcp, 8474/tcp (AquaMinds NoteShare), 23957/tcp, 50707/tcp, 15112/tcp, 36679/tcp, 63917/tcp, 44979/tcp, 39718/tcp, 5916/tcp, 24187/tcp, 49087/tcp, 29949/tcp, 56850/tcp, 26209/tcp, 48027/tcp, 17287/tcp, 49704/tcp, 14450/tcp, 1598/tcp (picknfs), 46362/tcp, 4796/tcp, 56762/tcp, 41609/tcp, 60388/tcp, 29906/tcp, 42179/tcp, 44671/tcp, 19358/tcp, 27302/tcp, 807/tcp, 65135/tcp, 56961/tcp, 46507/tcp, 11395/tcp, 9753/tcp (rasadv), 54439/tcp, 45016/tcp, 57518/tcp, 63073/tcp, 43788/tcp, 29778/tcp, 25457/tcp, 64532/tcp, 16420/tcp, 49522/tcp, 15373/tcp, 1982/tcp (Evidentiary Timestamp), 58459/tcp, 12189/tcp, 18459/tcp, 36300/tcp, 64066/tcp, 18354/tcp, 63325/tcp, 42770/tcp, 37609/tcp, 11158/tcp, 30766/tcp, 53201/tcp, 57098/tcp, 44771/tcp, 48362/tcp, 1877/tcp (hp-webqosdb), 53913/tcp, 57039/tcp, 9847/tcp, 37297/tcp, 43566/tcp, 47111/tcp, 56926/tcp, 2448/tcp (hpppsvr), 44226/tcp, 10907/tcp, 42876/tcp, 7436/tcp, 42343/tcp, 36112/tcp, 5664/tcp, 29820/tcp, 10173/tcp, 28124/tcp, 6428/tcp, 47918/tcp, 57413/tcp, 25275/tcp, 60089/tcp, 17764/tcp, 11134/tcp, 14206/tcp, 38591/tcp, 51764/tcp, 29217/tcp, 61149/tcp, 2345/tcp (dbm), 876/tcp, 53199/tcp, 21826/tcp, 44332/tcp, 12421/tcp, 57909/tcp, 49225/tcp, 44875/tcp, 21842/tcp, 12676/tcp, 36055/tcp, 51813/tcp, 1727/tcp (winddx), 30119/tcp, 55031/tcp, 13827/tcp, 11923/tcp, 46933/tcp, 17418/tcp, 53036/tcp, 47279/tcp, 20653/tcp, 59218/tcp, 18200/tcp, 35617/tcp, 62665/tcp, 17406/tcp, 25664/tcp, 37902/tcp, 34381/tcp, 19575/tcp, 23471/tcp, 23960/tcp, 56029/tcp, 15339/tcp, 58903/tcp, 42928/tcp, 35992/tcp, 62867/tcp, 62128/tcp, 14140/tcp, 44956/tcp, 38341/tcp, 62542/tcp, 64103/tcp, 40486/tcp, 60560/tcp, 22931/tcp, 44503/tcp, 51841/tcp, 62328/tcp, 35257/tcp, 43480/tcp, 29125/tcp, 18368/tcp, 51311/tcp, 29445/tcp, 28013/tcp, 13975/tcp, 55137/tcp, 20274/tcp, 22752/tcp, 56594/tcp, 13384/tcp, 23265/tcp, 20243/tcp, 48885/tcp, 25856/tcp, 60879/tcp, 22060/tcp, 55706/tcp, 11826/tcp, 14921/tcp, 38195/tcp, 4933/tcp, 56492/tcp, 47467/tcp, 34156/tcp, 1347/tcp (multi media conferencing), 62557/tcp, 1021/tcp (RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*)    [RFC4727]), 20677/tcp, 63752/tcp, 31553/tcp, 14605/tcp, 57536/tcp, 28479/tcp, 56516/tcp, 51909/tcp, 18305/tcp, 19639/tcp, 36228/tcp, 3373/tcp (Lavenir License Manager), 28672/tcp, 4556/tcp (DTN Bundle TCP CL Protocol), 52084/tcp, 61442/tcp, 10660/tcp, 65279/tcp, 16187/tcp, 39204/tcp, 16056/tcp, 1125/tcp (HP VMM Agent), 51401/tcp, 2387/tcp (VSAM Redirector), 11314/tcp, 11019/tcp, 48979/tcp, 16336/tcp, 25746/tcp, 50444/tcp, 36740/tcp, 47116/tcp, 24484/tcp, 11200/tcp, 18740/tcp, 5617/tcp, 60949/tcp, 16489/tcp, 61471/tcp, 19761/tcp, 54056/tcp, 25697/tcp, 59611/tcp, 47950/tcp, 55557/tcp, 14217/tcp, 1630/tcp (Oracle Net8 Cman), 47996/tcp, 6506/tcp (BoKS Admin Public Port), 24101/tcp, 46411/tcp, 15202/tcp, 35318/tcp, 63133/tcp, 49020/tcp, 40012/tcp, 15730/tcp, 46868/tcp, 34122/tcp, 59710/tcp, 18558/tcp, 56425/tcp, 36549/tcp, 8876/tcp, 50086/tcp, 35127/tcp, 33673/tcp, 25608/tcp, 29599/tcp, 61990/tcp, 31393/tcp, 15079/tcp, 54769/tcp, 45936/tcp, 28244/tcp, 48961/tcp, 33127/tcp, 51412/tcp, 30817/tcp, 29994/tcp, 489/tcp (nest-protocol), 36000/tcp, 18121/tcp, 51061/tcp, 44264/tcp, 58413/tcp, 59665/tcp, 43844/tcp, 24219/tcp, 10564/tcp, 25725/tcp, 33813/tcp, 4133/tcp (NUTS Bootp Server), 34670/tcp, 15618/tcp, 12682/tcp, 52097/tcp, 4102/tcp (Braille protocol), 6215/tcp, 29884/tcp, 55268/tcp, 22987/tcp, 21745/tcp, 24592/tcp, 16354/tcp, 58835/tcp, 29827/tcp, 63455/tcp, 32031/tcp, 14001/tcp (SUA), 48131/tcp, 22189/tcp, 6837/tcp, 36462/tcp, 24938/tcp, 8158/tcp, 44318/tcp, 1072/tcp (CARDAX), 52307/tcp, 19893/tcp, 6468/tcp, 1705/tcp (slingshot), 40395/tcp, 23979/tcp, 22361/tcp, 33744/tcp, 45635/tcp, 42024/tcp, 24971/tcp, 61323/tcp, 46023/tcp, 59508/tcp, 10835/tcp, 1636/tcp (ISP shared public data control), 25031/tcp, 36337/tcp, 30083/tcp, 26957/tcp, 7711/tcp, 33269/tcp, 64783/tcp, 40390/tcp, 2824/tcp (CQG Net/LAN 1), 9936/tcp, 3433/tcp (Altaworks Service Management Platform), 64640/tcp, 52258/tcp, 4539/tcp, 29421/tcp, 23413/tcp, 55461/tcp, 53128/tcp, 47933/tcp, 29797/tcp, 64413/tcp, 3912/tcp (Global Maintech Stars), 52219/tcp, 54690/tcp, 34207/tcp, 35296/tcp, 62268/tcp, 37785/tcp, 50913/tcp, 42015/tcp, 51245/tcp, 15409/tcp, 54806/tcp, 21313/tcp, 23465/tcp, 38508/tcp, 11464/tcp, 26468/tcp, 56060/tcp, 9433/tcp, 4627/tcp, 25843/tcp, 10101/tcp (eZmeeting), 41607/tcp, 41406/tcp, 36333/tcp, 32597/tcp, 33992/tcp, 61919/tcp, 37038/tcp, 51639/tcp, 27985/tcp, 62058/tcp, 34691/tcp, 47171/tcp, 55785/tcp, 57928/tcp, 11309/tcp, 19523/tcp, 49863/tcp, 5458/tcp, 54480/tcp, 14192/tcp, 62357/tcp, 18252/tcp, 20004/tcp, 54821/tcp, 60269/tcp, 52319/tcp, 34336/tcp, 24756/tcp, 43182/tcp, 21649/tcp, 49069/tcp, 42559/tcp, 44359/tcp, 36949/tcp, 20477/tcp, 25899/tcp, 52936/tcp, 1101/tcp (PT2-DISCOVER), 32343/tcp, 25980/tcp, 57974/tcp, 8966/tcp, 38191/tcp, 34029/tcp, 63789/tcp, 7475/tcp, 29548/tcp, 37250/tcp, 42939/tcp, 4757/tcp, 35001/tcp, 60414/tcp, 46588/tcp, 53790/tcp, 13649/tcp, 57132/tcp, 19890/tcp, 12659/tcp, 22153/tcp, 50341/tcp, 58971/tcp, 18748/tcp, 7013/tcp (Microtalon Discovery), 57290/tcp, 528/tcp (Customer IXChange), 4058/tcp (Kingfisher protocol), 53371/tcp, 5260/tcp, 57604/tcp, 29685/tcp, 24306/tcp, 21930/tcp, 29783/tcp, 57555/tcp, 17783/tcp, 13791/tcp, 62566/tcp, 36146/tcp, 47151/tcp, 25526/tcp, 61971/tcp, 60575/tcp, 37946/tcp, 15066/tcp, 667/tcp (campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies), 20439/tcp, 32670/tcp, 60255/tcp, 10248/tcp, 46062/tcp, 27442/tcp (Job controller service), 58370/tcp, 26082/tcp, 35482/tcp, 9673/tcp, 17734/tcp, 34332/tcp, 1686/tcp (cvmon), 24974/tcp, 35150/tcp, 43291/tcp, 61174/tcp, 34587/tcp, 2470/tcp (taskman port), 45872/tcp, 13591/tcp, 21293/tcp, 55527/tcp, 9287/tcp (Cumulus), 31603/tcp, 36388/tcp, 15569/tcp, 32035/tcp, 37554/tcp, 60929/tcp, 62504/tcp, 942/tcp, 60331/tcp, 26751/tcp, 59334/tcp, 53115/tcp, 20199/tcp, 4750/tcp (Simple Service Auto Discovery), 28262/tcp, 15862/tcp, 34570/tcp, 18533/tcp, 52748/tcp, 43457/tcp, 23258/tcp, 14231/tcp, 28990/tcp, 14157/tcp, 41862/tcp, 6673/tcp (vision_elmd), 37752/tcp, 65039/tcp, 14603/tcp, 11449/tcp, 39338/tcp, 51474/tcp, 41320/tcp, 19617/tcp, 25527/tcp, 13198/tcp, 23348/tcp, 41105/tcp, 39671/tcp, 46895/tcp, 34898/tcp, 56775/tcp, 59624/tcp, 59956/tcp, 4314/tcp, 24552/tcp, 60912/tcp, 56499/tcp, 34018/tcp, 32463/tcp, 26589/tcp, 16580/tcp, 44871/tcp, 4296/tcp, 24131/tcp, 3451/tcp (ASAM Services), 52980/tcp, 16136/tcp, 20976/tcp, 4550/tcp (Perman I Interbase Server), 58058/tcp, 31609/tcp, 6573/tcp, 4822/tcp, 59252/tcp, 59267/tcp, 29725/tcp, 62285/tcp, 24040/tcp, 61487/tcp, 36932/tcp, 34013/tcp, 10720/tcp, 65496/tcp, 47900/tcp, 47021/tcp, 23426/tcp, 52082/tcp, 53837/tcp, 36775/tcp, 65499/tcp, 8440/tcp, 65386/tcp, 43883/tcp, 8494/tcp, 31249/tcp, 40245/tcp, 50614/tcp, 48124/tcp, 10298/tcp, 41769/tcp, 61921/tcp, 30051/tcp, 51627/tcp, 62786/tcp, 51951/tcp, 15777/tcp, 25572/tcp, 18345/tcp, 13903/tcp, 64430/tcp, 29165/tcp, 46593/tcp, 43832/tcp, 44694/tcp, 61870/tcp, 22417/tcp, 29621/tcp, 53964/tcp, 12604/tcp, 40606/tcp, 30522/tcp, 56946/tcp, 20389/tcp, 28549/tcp, 52996/tcp, 57148/tcp, 37818/tcp, 20271/tcp, 24456/tcp, 1962/tcp (BIAP-MP), 21271/tcp, 27237/tcp, 41499/tcp, 26872/tcp, 42784/tcp, 63029/tcp, 30466/tcp, 32686/tcp, 46229/tcp, 42534/tcp, 4847/tcp (Web Fresh Communication), 550/tcp (new-who), 49164/tcp, 57838/tcp, 35517/tcp, 4256/tcp, 2464/tcp (DirecPC SI), 30702/tcp, 25808/tcp, 23718/tcp, 32819/tcp, 55369/tcp, 51587/tcp, 54002/tcp, 39795/tcp, 40635/tcp, 37317/tcp, 19868/tcp, 663/tcp (PureNoise), 10255/tcp, 46555/tcp, 49684/tcp, 25088/tcp, 48913/tcp, 7257/tcp, 29691/tcp, 15689/tcp, 47389/tcp, 40880/tcp, 24267/tcp, 46799/tcp, 16966/tcp, 28285/tcp, 38260/tcp, 12457/tcp, 27100/tcp, 27490/tcp, 34891/tcp, 27103/tcp, 24885/tcp, 18286/tcp, 40692/tcp, 26480/tcp, 26823/tcp, 14006/tcp, 17307/tcp, 53833/tcp, 57587/tcp, 6145/tcp (StatSci License Manager - 2), 509/tcp (snare), 18190/tcp, 11082/tcp, 63348/tcp, 21423/tcp, 64261/tcp, 724/tcp, 42349/tcp, 38432/tcp, 2077/tcp (Old Tivoli Storage Manager), 24530/tcp, 60747/tcp, 35484/tcp, 59940/tcp, 6623/tcp (Kerberos V5 Telnet), 58592/tcp, 3929/tcp (AMS Port), 858/tcp, 43724/tcp, 56633/tcp, 11177/tcp, 43221/tcp, 57973/tcp, 29600/tcp, 7806/tcp, 765/tcp (webster), 50203/tcp, 11518/tcp, 13216/tcp (Black Crow Software application logging), 2283/tcp (LNVSTATUS), 57089/tcp, 46128/tcp, 23883/tcp, 41355/tcp, 13482/tcp, 29169/tcp, 15389/tcp, 34876/tcp, 27856/tcp, 37143/tcp, 55554/tcp, 11479/tcp, 38755/tcp, 48367/tcp, 47214/tcp, 18458/tcp, 38532/tcp, 64435/tcp, 44939/tcp, 55045/tcp, 52593/tcp, 15418/tcp, 62965/tcp, 55094/tcp, 21795/tcp, 10536/tcp, 33295/tcp, 37917/tcp, 56839/tcp, 33704/tcp, 21206/tcp, 23373/tcp, 26293/tcp, 15789/tcp, 10820/tcp, 60479/tcp, 60003/tcp, 46257/tcp, 47529/tcp, 18638/tcp, 64595/tcp, 50358/tcp, 33649/tcp, 30041/tcp, 213/tcp (IPX), 26634/tcp, 22296/tcp, 45987/tcp, 19784/tcp, 41802/tcp, 34624/tcp, 57000/tcp, 47758/tcp, 25065/tcp, 32066/tcp, 43393/tcp, 19114/tcp, 38511/tcp, 40550/tcp, 7506/tcp, 26719/tcp, 3601/tcp (Visinet Gui), 61653/tcp, 63330/tcp, 2965/tcp (BULLANT RAP), 5925/tcp, 29382/tcp, 15446/tcp, 58324/tcp, 19447/tcp, 26740/tcp, 33450/tcp, 32756/tcp, 33447/tcp, 25612/tcp, 37636/tcp, 53118/tcp, 42377/tcp, 32222/tcp, 15425/tcp, 23751/tcp, 46709/tcp, 54607/tcp, 33927/tcp, 28934/tcp, 43494/tcp, 46047/tcp, 22427/tcp, 43692/tcp, 24049/tcp, 6644/tcp, 50821/tcp, 63394/tcp, 53404/tcp, 14633/tcp, 45753/tcp, 19132/tcp, 9528/tcp, 57602/tcp, 9390/tcp (OpenVAS Transfer Protocol), 16214/tcp, 32705/tcp, 32000/tcp, 20546/tcp, 26454/tcp, 60595/tcp, 21142/tcp, 61661/tcp, 5455/tcp (APC 5455), 28316/tcp, 10462/tcp, 29764/tcp, 26022/tcp, 10583/tcp, 12010/tcp (ElevateDB Server), 37245/tcp, 31441/tcp, 20084/tcp, 49390/tcp, 62729/tcp, 44516/tcp, 23524/tcp, 228/tcp, 56897/tcp, 12509/tcp, 27896/tcp, 8508/tcp, 13835/tcp, 27672/tcp, 13480/tcp, 26205/tcp, 30290/tcp, 22552/tcp, 61781/tcp, 23609/tcp, 10157/tcp, 28415/tcp, 14077/tcp, 14178/tcp, 12964/tcp, 31401/tcp, 21071/tcp, 4339/tcp, 60832/tcp, 46978/tcp, 45840/tcp, 61986/tcp, 35718/tcp, 60968/tcp, 21015/tcp, 4165/tcp (ArcLink over Ethernet), 43030/tcp, 37322/tcp, 17128/tcp, 34793/tcp, 5788/tcp, 6956/tcp, 28804/tcp, 62889/tcp, 26124/tcp, 50523/tcp, 8036/tcp, 1961/tcp (BTS APPSERVER), 53416/tcp, 44169/tcp, 19002/tcp, 52875/tcp, 60515/tcp, 27250/tcp, 50158/tcp, 7544/tcp (FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer), 33240/tcp, 40604/tcp, 47994/tcp, 36375/tcp, 48456/tcp, 17313/tcp, 53756/tcp, 23569/tcp, 12557/tcp, 37538/tcp, 8345/tcp, 34048/tcp, 47448/tcp, 60723/tcp, 35970/tcp, 46324/tcp, 53684/tcp, 22396/tcp, 57885/tcp, 63685/tcp, 965/tcp, 17356/tcp, 54064/tcp, 2383/tcp (Microsoft OLAP), 36490/tcp, 57675/tcp, 48107/tcp, 8399/tcp, 56083/tcp, 41082/tcp, 8889/tcp (Desktop Data TCP 1), 14980/tcp, 32091/tcp, 44153/tcp, 24246/tcp, 33275/tcp, 64462/tcp, 16884/tcp, 63656/tcp, 48120/tcp, 13523/tcp, 47237/tcp, 38283/tcp, 19589/tcp, 40782/tcp, 33557/tcp, 11689/tcp, 54971/tcp, 41622/tcp, 43912/tcp, 50064/tcp, 896/tcp, 35178/tcp, 37676/tcp, 20798/tcp, 56057/tcp, 49423/tcp, 23560/tcp, 2/tcp (Management Utility), 26684/tcp, 28554/tcp, 39483/tcp, 7979/tcp (Micromuse-ncps), 33066/tcp, 60973/tcp, 57274/tcp, 9044/tcp, 40334/tcp, 28507/tcp, 1817/tcp (RKB-OSCS), 33944/tcp, 53965/tcp, 3690/tcp (Subversion), 32347/tcp, 37800/tcp, 52837/tcp, 34041/tcp, 2825/tcp, 34196/tcp, 36353/tcp, 45979/tcp, 18271/tcp, 52676/tcp, 20460/tcp, 51867/tcp, 26210/tcp, 24545/tcp, 64628/tcp, 35596/tcp, 21576/tcp, 14646/tcp, 23814/tcp, 64068/tcp, 18728/tcp, 57296/tcp, 34276/tcp, 6618/tcp, 47276/tcp, 18021/tcp, 29020/tcp, 47324/tcp, 30037/tcp, 5712/tcp, 34717/tcp, 32183/tcp, 64951/tcp, 57632/tcp, 24969/tcp, 4654/tcp, 34575/tcp, 19722/tcp, 33664/tcp, 46451/tcp, 23262/tcp, 54318/tcp, 7964/tcp, 45985/tcp, 64368/tcp, 60936/tcp, 4487/tcp (Protocol for Remote Execution over TCP), 60954/tcp, 8144/tcp, 1918/tcp (IBM Tivole Directory Service - NDS), 54710/tcp, 18186/tcp (Occupational Health SC), 12463/tcp, 35473/tcp, 46568/tcp, 48069/tcp, 54577/tcp, 16329/tcp, 31040/tcp, 34665/tcp, 63897/tcp, 531/tcp (chat), 35239/tcp, 7049/tcp, 44325/tcp, 23457/tcp (Aequus Service Mgmt), 32772/tcp (FileNET Process Analyzer), 53021/tcp, 3587/tcp (Peer to Peer Grouping), 34533/tcp, 63772/tcp, 55741/tcp, 48259/tcp, 11483/tcp, 58108/tcp, 36147/tcp, 16160/tcp, 34321/tcp, 14717/tcp, 52652/tcp, 4964/tcp, 13350/tcp, 29304/tcp, 25633/tcp, 18779/tcp, 51288/tcp, 28458/tcp, 60398/tcp, 11497/tcp, 25691/tcp, 28082/tcp, 24919/tcp, 31012/tcp, 48356/tcp, 13799/tcp, 39798/tcp, 552/tcp (DeviceShare), 53388/tcp, 10512/tcp, 14932/tcp, 27662/tcp, 38484/tcp, 22753/tcp, 2811/tcp (GSI FTP), 41567/tcp, 63811/tcp, 60063/tcp, 48417/tcp, 54322/tcp, 19625/tcp, 11628/tcp, 9912/tcp, 9107/tcp (AstergateFax Control Service), 30350/tcp, 21666/tcp, 59264/tcp, 61924/tcp, 36436/tcp, 19754/tcp, 29734/tcp, 26365/tcp, 53748/tcp, 55887/tcp, 24949/tcp, 40759/tcp, 46157/tcp, 2742/tcp (TSB2), 47246/tcp, 52116/tcp, 2840/tcp (l3-exprt), 27807/tcp, 32013/tcp, 38358/tcp, 33760/tcp, 16180/tcp, 17005/tcp, 14219/tcp, 45454/tcp, 15704/tcp, 34594/tcp, 27751/tcp, 42522/tcp, 61468/tcp, 28546/tcp, 57396/tcp, 216/tcp (Computer Associates Int'l License Server), 21342/tcp, 16322/tcp, 49679/tcp, 25238/tcp, 34880/tcp, 65087/tcp, 10213/tcp, 44328/tcp, 35633/tcp, 26040/tcp, 59758/tcp, 35613/tcp, 60084/tcp, 1426/tcp (Satellite-data Acquisition System 1), 53456/tcp, 41116/tcp, 33196/tcp, 13324/tcp, 28367/tcp, 50273/tcp, 15442/tcp, 33455/tcp, 35100/tcp, 48061/tcp, 28667/tcp, 2392/tcp (Tactical Auth), 776/tcp (wpages), 17683/tcp, 6558/tcp (xdsxdm), 32957/tcp, 33518/tcp, 23909/tcp, 39998/tcp, 62227/tcp, 44010/tcp, 15928/tcp, 34094/tcp, 17100/tcp, 53311/tcp, 30018/tcp, 21320/tcp, 59697/tcp, 43104/tcp, 11455/tcp, 35748/tcp, 46723/tcp, 55677/tcp, 31434/tcp, 8000/tcp (iRDMI), 2195/tcp, 62033/tcp, 48970/tcp, 9819/tcp, 33421/tcp, 133/tcp (Statistics Service), 42419/tcp, 13838/tcp, 33886/tcp, 35881/tcp, 47286/tcp, 57892/tcp, 53302/tcp, 3058/tcp (videobeans), 12541/tcp, 10086/tcp, 61428/tcp, 56509/tcp, 31203/tcp, 3071/tcp (ContinuStor Manager Port), 39847/tcp, 4613/tcp, 40599/tcp, 50802/tcp, 29758/tcp, 40970/tcp, 41690/tcp, 54924/tcp, 34405/tcp, 60737/tcp, 7041/tcp, 50851/tcp, 39303/tcp, 10693/tcp, 17157/tcp, 64931/tcp, 26849/tcp, 19871/tcp, 34914/tcp, 31898/tcp, 57249/tcp, 52662/tcp, 54028/tcp, 36042/tcp, 30280/tcp, 36213/tcp, 21393/tcp, 63291/tcp, 22282/tcp, 5192/tcp (AmericaOnline2), 59023/tcp, 13581/tcp, 37706/tcp, 60218/tcp, 20593/tcp, 7810/tcp (Riverbed WAN Optimization Protocol), 33234/tcp, 43448/tcp, 53955/tcp, 59249/tcp, 10422/tcp, 51059/tcp, 60427/tcp, 38135/tcp, 56827/tcp, 57639/tcp, 28131/tcp, 3014/tcp (Broker Service), 15807/tcp, 37346/tcp, 35212/tcp, 57233/tcp, 43518/tcp, 16179/tcp, 37112/tcp, 22077/tcp, 28808/tcp, 47509/tcp, 54852/tcp, 55562/tcp, 12312/tcp, 10317/tcp, 2201/tcp (Advanced Training System Program), 34965/tcp, 60124/tcp, 21797/tcp, 62873/tcp, 64040/tcp, 37393/tcp, 9623/tcp, 6864/tcp, 29457/tcp, 7619/tcp, 4430/tcp (REAL SQL Server), 52920/tcp, 31380/tcp, 4232/tcp, 3720/tcp (UF Astro. Instr. Services), 5775/tcp, 63254/tcp, 8301/tcp (Amberon PPC/PPS), 16651/tcp, 57716/tcp, 45384/tcp, 54364/tcp, 49152/tcp, 64260/tcp, 53567/tcp, 37813/tcp, 3737/tcp (XPanel Daemon), 25404/tcp, 38922/tcp, 63449/tcp, 45990/tcp, 63775/tcp, 38037/tcp, 9742/tcp, 35181/tcp, 11149/tcp, 44992/tcp, 59775/tcp, 25711/tcp, 51740/tcp, 29680/tcp, 56627/tcp, 38067/tcp, 52495/tcp, 61106/tcp, 31115/tcp, 36370/tcp, 45008/tcp, 26563/tcp, 61255/tcp, 19046/tcp, 13517/tcp, 8633/tcp, 13313/tcp, 36678/tcp, 65154/tcp, 19988/tcp, 62716/tcp, 54110/tcp, 46464/tcp, 62242/tcp, 19319/tcp, 51696/tcp, 53538/tcp, 34506/tcp, 62561/tcp, 65180/tcp, 25356/tcp, 1785/tcp (Wind River Systems License Manager), 5559/tcp, 19367/tcp, 31668/tcp, 4972/tcp, 44478/tcp, 40883/tcp, 43825/tcp, 4347/tcp (LAN Surveyor), 60878/tcp, 64201/tcp, 58886/tcp, 1842/tcp (netopia-vo4), 45450/tcp, 48834/tcp, 54329/tcp, 11157/tcp, 22524/tcp, 33108/tcp, 18814/tcp, 20384/tcp, 193/tcp (Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol), 12284/tcp, 603/tcp (IDXP), 6688/tcp (CleverView for TCP/IP Message Service), 32373/tcp, 18392/tcp, 42640/tcp, 25514/tcp, 35662/tcp, 60586/tcp, 20157/tcp, 22680/tcp, 33842/tcp, 28575/tcp, 63493/tcp, 49234/tcp, 38520/tcp, 8841/tcp, 46956/tcp, 65411/tcp, 20119/tcp, 21986/tcp, 17613/tcp, 33731/tcp, 1353/tcp (Relief Consulting), 28894/tcp, 27874/tcp, 5837/tcp, 40745/tcp, 54557/tcp, 7560/tcp (Sniffer Command Protocol), 51906/tcp, 64581/tcp, 25467/tcp, 37520/tcp, 27097/tcp, 45301/tcp, 579/tcp (decbsrv), 14534/tcp, 48430/tcp, 30476/tcp, 46388/tcp, 26416/tcp, 35549/tcp, 25346/tcp, 9002/tcp (DynamID authentication), 26460/tcp, 30442/tcp, 60948/tcp, 34757/tcp, 34411/tcp, 15925/tcp, 30768/tcp, 51702/tcp, 9613/tcp, 32367/tcp, 36084/tcp, 34836/tcp, 47031/tcp, 46617/tcp, 17486/tcp, 60200/tcp, 12347/tcp, 26756/tcp, 48522/tcp, 50010/tcp, 38798/tcp, 63091/tcp, 26529/tcp, 64176/tcp, 3945/tcp (EMCADS Server Port), 17709/tcp, 9779/tcp, 8117/tcp, 20528/tcp, 46849/tcp, 2089/tcp (Security Encapsulation Protocol - SEP), 15724/tcp, 30427/tcp, 3375/tcp (VSNM Agent), 49395/tcp, 60453/tcp, 5284/tcp, 9028/tcp, 30970/tcp, 60309/tcp, 21268/tcp, 47774/tcp, 62950/tcp, 36838/tcp, 62634/tcp, 58660/tcp, 65524/tcp, 40961/tcp, 408/tcp (Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.), 58539/tcp, 50452/tcp, 50940/tcp, 43553/tcp, 22062/tcp, 37577/tcp, 26741/tcp, 48523/tcp, 61250/tcp, 3743/tcp (IP Control Systems Ltd.), 16076/tcp, 16611/tcp, 24857/tcp, 42430/tcp, 61847/tcp, 63288/tcp, 56387/tcp, 51896/tcp, 62728/tcp, 52919/tcp, 12860/tcp, 52439/tcp, 30550/tcp, 34959/tcp, 58510/tcp, 37576/tcp, 63080/tcp, 29312/tcp, 24853/tcp, 53439/tcp, 17533/tcp, 28582/tcp, 28659/tcp, 25560/tcp, 35604/tcp, 54336/tcp, 24435/tcp, 20855/tcp, 17075/tcp, 6294/tcp, 7752/tcp, 38605/tcp, 30714/tcp, 63713/tcp, 62751/tcp, 4005/tcp (pxc-pin), 54837/tcp, 25260/tcp, 6795/tcp, 60763/tcp, 40917/tcp, 20951/tcp, 34179/tcp, 5382/tcp, 7006/tcp (error interpretation service), 52754/tcp, 49943/tcp, 41981/tcp, 47947/tcp, 4513/tcp, 45619/tcp, 58326/tcp, 5729/tcp (Openmail User Agent Layer), 11328/tcp, 46833/tcp, 25942/tcp, 43923/tcp, 15716/tcp, 50552/tcp, 29990/tcp, 47329/tcp, 64798/tcp, 7237/tcp, 48480/tcp, 52649/tcp, 60545/tcp, 54914/tcp, 20804/tcp, 15891/tcp, 1141/tcp (User Message Service), 28076/tcp, 60021/tcp, 18991/tcp, 6529/tcp, 37561/tcp, 57615/tcp, 19004/tcp, 52507/tcp, 40073/tcp, 25726/tcp, 21127/tcp, 50943/tcp, 52836/tcp, 2240/tcp (RECIPe), 58088/tcp, 18589/tcp, 28789/tcp, 25218/tcp, 54819/tcp, 61866/tcp, 34734/tcp, 2178/tcp (Peer Services for BITS), 8163/tcp, 55315/tcp, 9939/tcp, 61778/tcp, 15325/tcp, 16678/tcp, 275/tcp, 31870/tcp, 15918/tcp, 18875/tcp, 45347/tcp, 44680/tcp, 13133/tcp, 41005/tcp, 7120/tcp, 53088/tcp, 52154/tcp, 13049/tcp, 31790/tcp, 40552/tcp, 50796/tcp, 1107/tcp (ISOIPSIGPORT-2), 13210/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 613 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 9023/tcp (Secure Web Access - 1), 27965/tcp, 1741/tcp (cisco-net-mgmt), 14156/tcp, 30362/tcp, 29698/tcp, 47821/tcp, 52956/tcp, 51737/tcp, 56684/tcp, 13179/tcp, 41677/tcp, 31977/tcp, 15636/tcp, 56982/tcp, 29719/tcp, 29040/tcp, 39904/tcp, 47892/tcp, 18828/tcp, 29757/tcp, 52484/tcp, 63617/tcp, 7690/tcp, 1230/tcp (Periscope), 176/tcp (GENRAD-MUX), 63848/tcp, 10311/tcp, 14489/tcp, 19626/tcp, 50516/tcp, 8740/tcp, 10372/tcp, 5977/tcp, 16020/tcp (Filemaker Java Web Publishing Core), 8196/tcp, 63870/tcp, 23193/tcp, 31743/tcp, 28179/tcp, 51276/tcp, 2254/tcp (Seismic P.O.C. Port), 15734/tcp, 34461/tcp, 33821/tcp, 28607/tcp, 43803/tcp, 15171/tcp, 49062/tcp, 51302/tcp, 29066/tcp, 714/tcp (IRIS over XPCS), 25687/tcp, 27545/tcp, 42652/tcp, 26838/tcp, 13478/tcp, 56606/tcp, 39569/tcp, 29727/tcp, 29645/tcp, 28241/tcp, 17518/tcp, 44640/tcp, 1372/tcp (Fujitsu Config Protocol), 22586/tcp, 21164/tcp, 58278/tcp, 25020/tcp, 56036/tcp, 14697/tcp, 29194/tcp, 21025/tcp, 2417/tcp (Composit Server), 38789/tcp, 58847/tcp, 26744/tcp, 41821/tcp, 3017/tcp (Event Listener), 13174/tcp, 57055/tcp, 8354/tcp, 39561/tcp, 3248/tcp (PROCOS LM), 58258/tcp, 4852/tcp, 40342/tcp, 10050/tcp (Zabbix Agent), 20483/tcp, 65419/tcp, 48934/tcp, 37971/tcp, 11659/tcp, 22036/tcp, 61173/tcp, 9695/tcp (Content Centric Networking), 25889/tcp, 24956/tcp, 53173/tcp, 61263/tcp, 9684/tcp, 48335/tcp, 7336/tcp, 8459/tcp, 35120/tcp, 63344/tcp, 59108/tcp, 28074/tcp, 21655/tcp, 33301/tcp, 37383/tcp, 17557/tcp, 9705/tcp, 56529/tcp, 9038/tcp, 54200/tcp, 30504/tcp, 30243/tcp, 57468/tcp, 40144/tcp, 55854/tcp, 62530/tcp, 54004/tcp, 3044/tcp (EndPoint Protocol), 41905/tcp, 46930/tcp, 36156/tcp, 15844/tcp, 19940/tcp, 61792/tcp, 13512/tcp, 38998/tcp, 63603/tcp, 37149/tcp, 47224/tcp, 28396/tcp, 30555/tcp, 64000/tcp, 14457/tcp, 9521/tcp, 44601/tcp, 45341/tcp, 11199/tcp, 16755/tcp, 51341/tcp, 2922/tcp (CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer), 25931/tcp, 25344/tcp, 38806/tcp, 49812/tcp, 35117/tcp, 45649/tcp, 37951/tcp, 49786/tcp, 55492/tcp, 2517/tcp (H.323 Annex E call signaling transport), 23888/tcp, 39009/tcp, 15113/tcp, 58980/tcp, 36294/tcp, 50909/tcp, 38817/tcp, 58974/tcp, 56285/tcp, 7273/tcp (OMA Roaming Location), 8474/tcp (AquaMinds NoteShare), 40349/tcp, 56850/tcp, 57028/tcp, 36245/tcp, 40819/tcp, 3292/tcp (Cart O Rama), 47825/tcp, 63136/tcp, 25715/tcp, 33853/tcp, 53690/tcp, 1277/tcp (mqs), 25052/tcp, 42221/tcp, 64276/tcp, 15675/tcp, 21941/tcp, 20380/tcp, 20787/tcp, 60177/tcp, 42847/tcp, 23124/tcp, 62329/tcp, 20442/tcp, 43227/tcp, 14873/tcp, 15019/tcp, 21996/tcp, 18916/tcp, 43160/tcp, 20568/tcp, 57991/tcp, 28203/tcp, 57219/tcp, 46951/tcp, 63054/tcp, 27207/tcp, 2948/tcp (WAP PUSH), 41602/tcp, 16072/tcp, 36828/tcp, 34537/tcp, 791/tcp, 28875/tcp, 64848/tcp, 41860/tcp, 52860/tcp, 34347/tcp, 18122/tcp, 42700/tcp, 15225/tcp, 53778/tcp, 19762/tcp, 20086/tcp, 23489/tcp, 41778/tcp, 56400/tcp, 52554/tcp, 63057/tcp, 38837/tcp, 25055/tcp, 24699/tcp, 18044/tcp, 13460/tcp, 17270/tcp, 55304/tcp, 52674/tcp, 25984/tcp, 45342/tcp, 53648/tcp, 38459/tcp, 14594/tcp, 63217/tcp, 62651/tcp, 8365/tcp, 61644/tcp, 31868/tcp, 59275/tcp, 2261/tcp (CoMotion Master Server), 42977/tcp, 22201/tcp, 50369/tcp, 58012/tcp, 29300/tcp, 30403/tcp, 52880/tcp, 59794/tcp, 39292/tcp, 28129/tcp, 21548/tcp, 3111/tcp (Web Synchronous Services), 64339/tcp, 40796/tcp, 21244/tcp, 44152/tcp, 42024/tcp, 12224/tcp, 70/tcp (Gopher), 17362/tcp, 34480/tcp, 38190/tcp, 49350/tcp, 11104/tcp (NetApp Intercluster Management), 47099/tcp, 61803/tcp, 639/tcp (MSDP), 1685/tcp (n2nremote), 3936/tcp (Mailprox), 20258/tcp, 5973/tcp, 6123/tcp (Backup Express), 42813/tcp, 57467/tcp, 34184/tcp, 37246/tcp, 40064/tcp, 33718/tcp, 22338/tcp, 57281/tcp, 20541/tcp, 3869/tcp (hp OVSAM MgmtServer Disco), 37566/tcp, 63369/tcp, 54804/tcp, 17341/tcp, 32967/tcp, 60655/tcp, 50360/tcp, 47936/tcp, 21066/tcp, 43833/tcp, 16535/tcp, 11844/tcp, 51301/tcp, 2305/tcp (MT ScaleServer), 30953/tcp, 28777/tcp, 10089/tcp, 13044/tcp, 15823/tcp, 27167/tcp, 9910/tcp, 63258/tcp, 14102/tcp, 9631/tcp (Peovica Collector), 12183/tcp, 19272/tcp, 39261/tcp, 49289/tcp, 25330/tcp, 4421/tcp, 56203/tcp, 13631/tcp, 28498/tcp, 65091/tcp, 1650/tcp (nkdn), 269/tcp (MANET Protocols), 27666/tcp, 34018/tcp, 41390/tcp, 29933/tcp, 60256/tcp, 61572/tcp, 40193/tcp, 25264/tcp, 52071/tcp, 39151/tcp, 20527/tcp, 57298/tcp, 45681/tcp, 52819/tcp, 58217/tcp, 59187/tcp, 30674/tcp, 16169/tcp, 58659/tcp, 60915/tcp, 31192/tcp, 15342/tcp, 60675/tcp, 38684/tcp, 41500/tcp, 21180/tcp, 17023/tcp, 57372/tcp, 61856/tcp, 4655/tcp, 38762/tcp, 8583/tcp, 24887/tcp, 60784/tcp, 7780/tcp, 44870/tcp, 26060/tcp, 14816/tcp, 22653/tcp, 65497/tcp, 50459/tcp, 13991/tcp, 22983/tcp, 6135/tcp, 32595/tcp, 33739/tcp, 48057/tcp, 28257/tcp, 32532/tcp, 31092/tcp, 9457/tcp, 9244/tcp, 10999/tcp, 38755/tcp, 7490/tcp, 11475/tcp, 21920/tcp, 57175/tcp, 33704/tcp, 55411/tcp, 58583/tcp, 24028/tcp, 55766/tcp, 21497/tcp, 24136/tcp, 310/tcp (bhmds), 31114/tcp, 51332/tcp, 56782/tcp, 24549/tcp, 45617/tcp, 25804/tcp, 11652/tcp, 23822/tcp, 28220/tcp, 50637/tcp, 6690/tcp, 60573/tcp, 23367/tcp, 56044/tcp, 10741/tcp, 65471/tcp, 19676/tcp, 25199/tcp, 49545/tcp, 53907/tcp, 16115/tcp, 36981/tcp, 59293/tcp, 15550/tcp, 39936/tcp, 20429/tcp, 10157/tcp, 17937/tcp, 17321/tcp, 9767/tcp, 45146/tcp, 6484/tcp (Service Registry Default JMS Domain), 22818/tcp, 34541/tcp, 55383/tcp, 41259/tcp, 64257/tcp, 2429/tcp (FT-ROLE), 65340/tcp, 17689/tcp, 36554/tcp, 51956/tcp, 5694/tcp, 3179/tcp (H2GF W.2m Handover prot.), 42046/tcp, 42823/tcp, 21034/tcp, 53616/tcp, 25919/tcp, 5813/tcp (ICMPD), 64474/tcp, 43873/tcp, 48144/tcp, 7012/tcp (Talon Engine), 56133/tcp, 32958/tcp, 23674/tcp, 8371/tcp, 7145/tcp, 56848/tcp, 27608/tcp, 29701/tcp, 16474/tcp, 319/tcp (PTP Event), 48591/tcp, 49291/tcp, 2599/tcp (Snap Discovery), 20276/tcp, 35898/tcp, 3287/tcp (DIRECTVDATA), 40345/tcp, 29812/tcp, 44813/tcp, 59030/tcp, 18423/tcp, 16810/tcp, 38664/tcp, 58475/tcp, 27228/tcp, 65034/tcp, 18377/tcp, 31391/tcp, 34701/tcp, 6639/tcp, 59823/tcp, 7492/tcp, 49439/tcp, 44619/tcp, 13972/tcp, 14307/tcp, 20313/tcp, 1377/tcp (Cichlid License Manager), 63938/tcp, 24189/tcp, 34195/tcp, 63362/tcp, 17926/tcp, 30198/tcp, 49302/tcp, 46946/tcp, 46926/tcp, 19681/tcp, 7354/tcp, 22023/tcp, 57323/tcp, 12208/tcp, 65436/tcp, 59575/tcp, 43216/tcp, 15695/tcp, 25084/tcp, 44444/tcp, 48127/tcp, 4286/tcp, 36511/tcp, 34685/tcp, 4280/tcp, 37781/tcp, 49283/tcp, 53955/tcp, 52572/tcp, 53795/tcp, 54989/tcp, 63925/tcp, 22913/tcp, 61582/tcp, 58461/tcp, 37302/tcp, 29935/tcp, 36400/tcp, 6984/tcp, 59283/tcp, 4571/tcp, 7718/tcp, 41906/tcp, 31848/tcp, 39028/tcp, 21731/tcp, 27006/tcp, 41783/tcp, 65374/tcp, 18777/tcp, 36678/tcp, 38560/tcp, 17587/tcp, 33350/tcp, 33104/tcp, 8241/tcp, 5361/tcp (Secure Protocol for Windows SideShow), 40312/tcp, 21776/tcp, 63639/tcp, 53272/tcp, 44961/tcp, 37619/tcp, 13045/tcp, 46731/tcp, 50316/tcp, 23332/tcp, 634/tcp (ginad), 43744/tcp, 16554/tcp, 27199/tcp, 50211/tcp, 44342/tcp, 50561/tcp, 24431/tcp, 49214/tcp, 11290/tcp, 60188/tcp, 21303/tcp, 16013/tcp, 13043/tcp, 35483/tcp, 53815/tcp, 13992/tcp, 45248/tcp, 10225/tcp, 64699/tcp, 14828/tcp, 32017/tcp, 61354/tcp, 37889/tcp, 32235/tcp, 27415/tcp, 15505/tcp, 49767/tcp, 38522/tcp, 60674/tcp, 2458/tcp (griffin), 40460/tcp, 20218/tcp, 34846/tcp, 19618/tcp, 49248/tcp, 22995/tcp, 46520/tcp, 53536/tcp, 57339/tcp, 14890/tcp, 41083/tcp, 52449/tcp, 47808/tcp (Building Automation and Control Networks), 55174/tcp, 38382/tcp, 49552/tcp, 11365/tcp, 26641/tcp, 28820/tcp, 30975/tcp, 35677/tcp, 25971/tcp, 22403/tcp, 8545/tcp, 44391/tcp, 1009/tcp, 24973/tcp, 33730/tcp, 2237/tcp (Optech Port1 License Manager), 47736/tcp, 7802/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 575 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 44615/tcp, 29022/tcp, 3092/tcp, 30324/tcp, 11368/tcp, 65329/tcp, 12197/tcp, 38859/tcp, 29608/tcp, 42934/tcp, 26673/tcp, 43126/tcp, 45858/tcp, 1654/tcp (stargatealerts), 39513/tcp, 23015/tcp, 50902/tcp, 59937/tcp, 53372/tcp, 26573/tcp, 21638/tcp, 35538/tcp, 4117/tcp (Hillr Connection Manager), 21138/tcp, 54685/tcp, 39284/tcp, 50093/tcp, 51107/tcp, 50232/tcp, 48148/tcp, 39560/tcp, 57845/tcp, 38860/tcp, 63896/tcp, 48121/tcp, 65055/tcp, 9329/tcp, 29521/tcp, 42100/tcp, 64525/tcp, 6601/tcp (Microsoft Threat Management Gateway SSTP), 8693/tcp, 21310/tcp, 27782/tcp (ARS VISTA Application), 61300/tcp, 15737/tcp, 10060/tcp, 8862/tcp, 9617/tcp (eRunbook Server), 23273/tcp, 30597/tcp, 32510/tcp, 121/tcp (Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call), 43722/tcp, 41470/tcp, 16567/tcp, 62007/tcp, 26783/tcp, 11137/tcp, 29564/tcp, 12061/tcp, 39431/tcp, 41241/tcp, 24750/tcp, 13742/tcp, 4943/tcp, 5390/tcp, 44474/tcp, 58251/tcp, 5650/tcp, 23246/tcp, 14079/tcp, 26655/tcp, 20116/tcp, 65309/tcp, 52889/tcp, 62004/tcp, 20090/tcp, 61286/tcp, 1711/tcp (pptconference), 14845/tcp, 52160/tcp, 30868/tcp, 34628/tcp, 1153/tcp (ANSI C12.22 Port), 50037/tcp, 58014/tcp, 38576/tcp, 8458/tcp, 544/tcp (krcmd), 50201/tcp, 13890/tcp, 32385/tcp, 20309/tcp, 3492/tcp (TVDUM Tray Port), 11666/tcp, 16004/tcp, 8348/tcp, 34275/tcp, 53767/tcp, 22059/tcp, 26635/tcp, 23743/tcp, 1161/tcp (Health Polling), 44614/tcp, 3562/tcp (SDBProxy), 64200/tcp, 4164/tcp (Silver Peak Communication Protocol), 27225/tcp, 39694/tcp, 144/tcp (Universal Management Architecture), 22808/tcp, 51719/tcp, 48810/tcp, 7571/tcp, 12680/tcp, 35086/tcp, 8048/tcp, 59080/tcp, 8063/tcp, 58451/tcp, 9796/tcp, 64108/tcp, 24565/tcp, 48900/tcp, 44094/tcp, 46139/tcp, 27112/tcp, 25300/tcp, 64609/tcp, 31359/tcp, 50568/tcp, 30325/tcp, 62230/tcp, 51866/tcp, 50025/tcp, 44304/tcp, 40530/tcp, 26549/tcp, 24918/tcp, 28459/tcp, 2891/tcp (CINEGRFX-ELMD License Manager), 12846/tcp, 13565/tcp, 61596/tcp, 63741/tcp, 4527/tcp, 65535/tcp, 8252/tcp, 59289/tcp, 48280/tcp, 27939/tcp, 51477/tcp, 46362/tcp, 12769/tcp, 30553/tcp, 64459/tcp, 50245/tcp, 50133/tcp, 58357/tcp, 35525/tcp, 11834/tcp, 25457/tcp, 24333/tcp, 52411/tcp, 46616/tcp, 6710/tcp, 14081/tcp, 58394/tcp, 14201/tcp, 59866/tcp, 14584/tcp, 16910/tcp, 64873/tcp, 8160/tcp (Patrol), 22207/tcp, 50128/tcp, 5009/tcp (Microsoft Windows Filesystem), 4509/tcp, 64849/tcp, 19865/tcp, 50771/tcp, 3142/tcp (RDC WH EOS), 43121/tcp, 16289/tcp, 57566/tcp, 17904/tcp, 61214/tcp, 59089/tcp, 16648/tcp, 58360/tcp, 52552/tcp, 40446/tcp, 60026/tcp, 14510/tcp, 47546/tcp, 29125/tcp, 33174/tcp, 58524/tcp, 498/tcp (siam), 36416/tcp, 2893/tcp (VSECONNECTOR), 22223/tcp, 8050/tcp, 45800/tcp, 63570/tcp, 29411/tcp, 15212/tcp, 1828/tcp (itm-mcell-u), 59708/tcp, 57773/tcp, 20946/tcp, 39204/tcp, 35322/tcp, 39826/tcp, 59698/tcp, 61636/tcp, 7106/tcp, 62582/tcp, 57314/tcp, 61601/tcp, 15129/tcp, 28267/tcp, 46733/tcp, 19312/tcp, 21155/tcp, 22173/tcp, 61506/tcp, 49533/tcp, 23313/tcp, 14204/tcp, 48529/tcp, 51412/tcp, 54059/tcp, 51025/tcp, 52010/tcp, 37248/tcp, 54957/tcp, 4133/tcp (NUTS Bootp Server), 53406/tcp, 39639/tcp, 18685/tcp, 24433/tcp, 39670/tcp, 41998/tcp, 63810/tcp, 19603/tcp, 18947/tcp, 59483/tcp, 24170/tcp, 45449/tcp, 18184/tcp (OPSEC LEA), 63765/tcp, 64901/tcp, 47505/tcp, 52035/tcp, 31384/tcp, 14137/tcp, 43193/tcp, 12842/tcp, 44858/tcp, 7911/tcp, 55816/tcp, 12756/tcp, 23961/tcp, 26644/tcp, 17265/tcp, 26877/tcp, 30645/tcp, 21098/tcp, 28707/tcp, 25837/tcp, 52187/tcp, 45622/tcp, 11953/tcp, 57555/tcp, 37654/tcp (Unisys ClearPath ePortal), 4641/tcp, 20577/tcp, 22959/tcp, 64509/tcp, 55791/tcp, 60916/tcp, 27339/tcp, 62513/tcp, 9673/tcp, 42007/tcp, 55784/tcp, 32412/tcp, 29077/tcp, 55702/tcp, 53417/tcp, 38468/tcp, 1758/tcp (tftp-mcast), 53552/tcp, 37554/tcp, 21987/tcp, 65057/tcp, 62500/tcp, 62253/tcp, 57524/tcp, 5541/tcp, 11463/tcp, 30100/tcp, 58925/tcp, 45522/tcp, 16457/tcp, 26577/tcp, 7179/tcp, 59107/tcp, 18173/tcp, 28108/tcp, 44286/tcp, 21307/tcp, 19982/tcp, 19407/tcp, 45636/tcp, 60673/tcp, 43588/tcp, 38907/tcp, 35713/tcp, 21691/tcp, 31403/tcp, 65086/tcp, 54005/tcp, 11028/tcp, 48093/tcp, 34340/tcp, 45731/tcp, 61858/tcp, 52710/tcp, 15378/tcp, 17210/tcp, 52361/tcp, 23104/tcp, 31258/tcp, 55673/tcp, 63165/tcp, 63126/tcp, 42055/tcp, 48164/tcp, 64977/tcp, 60418/tcp, 18721/tcp, 22688/tcp, 22802/tcp, 53377/tcp, 60071/tcp, 44247/tcp, 54730/tcp, 7364/tcp, 1100/tcp (MCTP), 36704/tcp, 58467/tcp, 4569/tcp (Inter-Asterisk eXchange), 32517/tcp, 24016/tcp, 8582/tcp, 45438/tcp, 32268/tcp, 36813/tcp, 33247/tcp, 14905/tcp, 32174/tcp, 3510/tcp (XSS Port), 10609/tcp, 51094/tcp, 11246/tcp, 8544/tcp, 37653/tcp, 49471/tcp, 40411/tcp, 3566/tcp (Quest Data Hub), 14506/tcp, 11927/tcp, 59124/tcp, 48842/tcp, 64215/tcp, 24964/tcp, 14125/tcp, 48938/tcp, 2459/tcp (Community), 2567/tcp (Cisco Line Protocol), 3664/tcp (UPS Engine Port), 7693/tcp, 36792/tcp, 21359/tcp, 62603/tcp, 38086/tcp, 61162/tcp, 49563/tcp, 1129/tcp (SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS), 51312/tcp, 15189/tcp, 1478/tcp (ms-sna-base), 306/tcp, 20441/tcp, 693/tcp (almanid Connection Endpoint), 44463/tcp, 19787/tcp, 5634/tcp (SF Message Service), 37770/tcp, 44348/tcp, 21523/tcp, 62284/tcp, 6327/tcp, 54212/tcp, 28336/tcp, 36393/tcp, 43063/tcp, 42134/tcp, 31454/tcp, 25996/tcp, 19271/tcp, 12304/tcp, 58824/tcp, 23490/tcp, 61718/tcp, 16313/tcp, 22456/tcp, 30236/tcp, 22907/tcp, 10325/tcp, 61107/tcp, 39593/tcp, 45578/tcp, 53937/tcp, 6950/tcp, 29400/tcp, 44070/tcp, 49282/tcp, 36772/tcp, 8271/tcp, 59137/tcp, 3722/tcp (Xserve RAID), 40731/tcp, 34303/tcp, 1918/tcp (IBM Tivole Directory Service - NDS), 25990/tcp, 55597/tcp, 41149/tcp, 59346/tcp, 7684/tcp, 2433/tcp (codasrv-se), 50047/tcp, 46061/tcp, 61752/tcp, 61219/tcp, 49902/tcp, 25691/tcp, 9190/tcp, 51513/tcp, 40524/tcp, 205/tcp (AppleTalk Unused), 56925/tcp, 24055/tcp, 26277/tcp, 25342/tcp, 14947/tcp, 11526/tcp, 50321/tcp, 5625/tcp, 46919/tcp, 21252/tcp, 61979/tcp, 45029/tcp, 30199/tcp, 61264/tcp, 48460/tcp, 56234/tcp, 51298/tcp, 13826/tcp, 43278/tcp, 57363/tcp, 7616/tcp, 63539/tcp, 43396/tcp, 27736/tcp, 30742/tcp, 50971/tcp, 26837/tcp, 64278/tcp, 30718/tcp, 40665/tcp, 1595/tcp (radio), 39803/tcp, 1813/tcp (RADIUS Accounting), 28501/tcp, 60768/tcp, 7489/tcp, 20270/tcp, 39829/tcp, 34379/tcp (P-Net on IP remote), 48033/tcp, 53630/tcp, 43366/tcp, 54386/tcp, 14901/tcp, 55703/tcp, 60124/tcp, 9164/tcp (apani5), 54831/tcp, 594/tcp (TPIP), 56513/tcp, 46671/tcp, 313/tcp (Magenta Logic), 45965/tcp, 28802/tcp, 37755/tcp, 29391/tcp, 30460/tcp, 57241/tcp, 61624/tcp, 8184/tcp (Remote iTach Connection), 13807/tcp, 18030/tcp, 16647/tcp, 44309/tcp, 64728/tcp, 22316/tcp, 19441/tcp, 63378/tcp, 32373/tcp, 64352/tcp, 36947/tcp, 20157/tcp, 48769/tcp, 60247/tcp, 64496/tcp, 62773/tcp, 55293/tcp, 28327/tcp, 58610/tcp, 13751/tcp, 61145/tcp, 16412/tcp, 22835/tcp, 49123/tcp, 61941/tcp, 34679/tcp, 21589/tcp, 22124/tcp, 39143/tcp, 36008/tcp, 62401/tcp, 60806/tcp, 22943/tcp, 62905/tcp, 42733/tcp, 25776/tcp, 30489/tcp, 11474/tcp, 52866/tcp, 62728/tcp, 41617/tcp, 48549/tcp, 28840/tcp, 63114/tcp, 21097/tcp, 605/tcp (SOAP over BEEP), 56573/tcp, 46833/tcp, 38449/tcp, 25069/tcp, 57592/tcp, 36488/tcp, 57104/tcp, 63753/tcp, 36164/tcp, 27212/tcp, 50126/tcp, 53931/tcp, 13736/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 158 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 10920/tcp, 22072/tcp, 31912/tcp, 56684/tcp, 56686/tcp, 56588/tcp, 61012/tcp, 3526/tcp (starQuiz Port), 1117/tcp (ARDUS Multicast Transfer), 42992/tcp, 6314/tcp, 28528/tcp, 64217/tcp, 2832/tcp (silkp4), 64226/tcp, 60428/tcp, 62517/tcp, 2485/tcp (Net Objects1), 37336/tcp, 18129/tcp, 24915/tcp, 25859/tcp, 63832/tcp, 24956/tcp, 46752/tcp, 11678/tcp, 57978/tcp, 24290/tcp, 42119/tcp, 7077/tcp, 16164/tcp, 33047/tcp, 56227/tcp, 10717/tcp, 13604/tcp, 10073/tcp, 59702/tcp, 42132/tcp, 65421/tcp, 3876/tcp (DirectoryLockdown Agent), 25789/tcp, 48241/tcp, 9114/tcp, 5604/tcp (A3-SDUNode), 9447/tcp, 14470/tcp, 20411/tcp, 49825/tcp, 64673/tcp, 13804/tcp, 24977/tcp, 9726/tcp, 54484/tcp, 52050/tcp, 2663/tcp (BinTec-TAPI), 48802/tcp, 28700/tcp, 5446/tcp, 33101/tcp, 65107/tcp, 49450/tcp, 53266/tcp, 38412/tcp, 21745/tcp, 3897/tcp (Simple Distributed Objects over SSH), 44434/tcp, 24242/tcp (fileSphere), 16675/tcp, 34629/tcp, 1796/tcp (Vocaltec Server Administration), 60803/tcp, 59632/tcp, 12802/tcp, 62693/tcp, 7539/tcp, 25951/tcp, 45522/tcp, 65391/tcp, 28888/tcp, 12925/tcp, 7076/tcp, 64621/tcp, 7153/tcp, 60675/tcp, 9634/tcp, 5715/tcp (proshare conf data), 7419/tcp, 32769/tcp (Filenet RPC), 19327/tcp, 32701/tcp, 8901/tcp (JMB-CDS 2), 12458/tcp, 62475/tcp, 43611/tcp, 14178/tcp, 52193/tcp, 35489/tcp, 41940/tcp, 52225/tcp, 51407/tcp, 63726/tcp, 65455/tcp, 19124/tcp, 24194/tcp, 14943/tcp, 11241/tcp, 60682/tcp, 19866/tcp, 31764/tcp, 5401/tcp (Excerpt Search Secure), 24923/tcp, 5253/tcp (Kohler Power Device Protocol), 14349/tcp, 7205/tcp, 59264/tcp, 49451/tcp, 64533/tcp, 12485/tcp, 29734/tcp, 58637/tcp, 56157/tcp, 11/tcp (Active Users), 61314/tcp, 53680/tcp, 6297/tcp, 31500/tcp, 4286/tcp, 2743/tcp (murx), 16887/tcp, 25724/tcp, 56607/tcp, 9734/tcp, 52726/tcp, 61105/tcp, 34849/tcp, 43920/tcp, 24352/tcp, 26785/tcp, 19044/tcp, 53940/tcp, 15595/tcp, 36132/tcp, 41749/tcp, 20410/tcp, 54301/tcp, 57258/tcp, 60716/tcp, 16908/tcp, 2623/tcp (LMDP), 55948/tcp, 4661/tcp (Kar2ouche Peer location service), 45162/tcp, 41798/tcp, 34942/tcp, 16564/tcp, 13234/tcp, 14163/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 854 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 14331/tcp, 23319/tcp, 37533/tcp, 11301/tcp, 23986/tcp, 8005/tcp (MXI Generation II for z/OS), 29598/tcp, 26616/tcp, 16525/tcp, 24880/tcp, 43446/tcp, 357/tcp (bhevent), 50683/tcp, 21143/tcp, 10680/tcp, 8235/tcp, 20597/tcp, 47728/tcp, 58540/tcp, 60994/tcp, 46174/tcp, 62811/tcp, 39404/tcp, 30560/tcp, 50474/tcp, 55103/tcp, 54241/tcp, 16154/tcp, 49449/tcp, 40233/tcp, 55180/tcp, 30008/tcp, 20871/tcp, 55730/tcp, 56773/tcp, 48015/tcp, 25023/tcp, 65139/tcp, 34818/tcp, 43052/tcp, 38306/tcp, 58391/tcp, 40797/tcp, 11292/tcp, 62434/tcp, 63671/tcp, 65056/tcp, 50115/tcp, 735/tcp, 2904/tcp (M2UA), 35588/tcp, 42965/tcp, 17046/tcp, 36681/tcp, 34897/tcp, 53831/tcp, 51276/tcp, 32797/tcp, 3700/tcp (LRS NetPage), 8170/tcp, 32201/tcp, 55388/tcp, 21052/tcp, 26993/tcp, 28541/tcp, 31699/tcp, 30919/tcp, 5233/tcp, 1637/tcp (ISP shared local data control), 2300/tcp (CVMMON), 17621/tcp, 24917/tcp, 59233/tcp, 52668/tcp, 37234/tcp, 38896/tcp, 24678/tcp (Turbopower Proactivate), 55962/tcp, 49349/tcp, 15717/tcp, 7173/tcp (zSecure Server), 33522/tcp, 8936/tcp, 46330/tcp, 15977/tcp, 24493/tcp, 30822/tcp, 35091/tcp, 6849/tcp, 25538/tcp, 37940/tcp, 62070/tcp, 45087/tcp, 35320/tcp, 13249/tcp, 12699/tcp, 50371/tcp, 416/tcp (Silverplatter), 37842/tcp, 302/tcp, 54131/tcp, 61407/tcp, 17469/tcp, 33326/tcp, 22787/tcp, 15615/tcp, 34664/tcp, 19142/tcp, 24921/tcp, 28145/tcp, 14254/tcp, 26632/tcp, 9653/tcp, 30760/tcp, 34621/tcp, 54030/tcp, 46952/tcp, 58235/tcp, 48532/tcp, 19129/tcp, 35700/tcp, 21427/tcp, 59696/tcp, 3208/tcp (PFU PR Callback), 32609/tcp, 40659/tcp, 39561/tcp, 46516/tcp, 62090/tcp, 29555/tcp, 4422/tcp, 12441/tcp, 22314/tcp, 22611/tcp, 22215/tcp, 48836/tcp, 21904/tcp, 33912/tcp, 57118/tcp, 55159/tcp, 40829/tcp, 20570/tcp, 35014/tcp, 65002/tcp, 18566/tcp, 31322/tcp, 45269/tcp, 49203/tcp, 29898/tcp, 20992/tcp, 31422/tcp, 315/tcp (DPSI), 56952/tcp, 6640/tcp, 44086/tcp, 21179/tcp, 50661/tcp, 57377/tcp, 43178/tcp, 17420/tcp, 59618/tcp, 22757/tcp, 16630/tcp, 31404/tcp, 34149/tcp, 7612/tcp, 36194/tcp, 17686/tcp, 64868/tcp, 27992/tcp, 61415/tcp, 13857/tcp, 52971/tcp, 40513/tcp, 8846/tcp, 414/tcp (InfoSeek), 51817/tcp, 3257/tcp (Compaq RPM Server Port), 15434/tcp, 12940/tcp, 38671/tcp, 6119/tcp, 11508/tcp, 53465/tcp, 19307/tcp, 30301/tcp, 39516/tcp, 6884/tcp, 46950/tcp, 8564/tcp, 5605/tcp (A4-SDUNode), 39822/tcp, 9640/tcp (ProQueSys Flows Service), 13122/tcp, 8263/tcp, 31906/tcp, 43094/tcp, 18682/tcp, 7440/tcp, 36448/tcp, 34638/tcp, 63197/tcp, 18130/tcp, 8726/tcp, 25155/tcp, 16762/tcp, 36842/tcp, 38400/tcp, 22635/tcp, 31538/tcp, 26243/tcp, 14670/tcp, 53772/tcp, 16011/tcp, 27552/tcp, 58809/tcp, 53925/tcp, 6479/tcp, 62273/tcp, 16836/tcp, 5101/tcp (Talarian_TCP), 35929/tcp, 62219/tcp, 20852/tcp, 18686/tcp, 24365/tcp, 8513/tcp, 12845/tcp, 50116/tcp, 48205/tcp, 40511/tcp, 10854/tcp, 38928/tcp, 32176/tcp, 8360/tcp, 33289/tcp, 19217/tcp, 16903/tcp, 8455/tcp, 2066/tcp (AVM USB Remote Architecture), 7373/tcp, 41351/tcp, 42301/tcp, 25455/tcp, 49163/tcp, 10818/tcp, 8965/tcp, 61200/tcp, 55765/tcp, 270/tcp, 28014/tcp, 42258/tcp, 4602/tcp (EAX MTS Server), 11971/tcp, 13231/tcp, 62400/tcp, 23621/tcp, 33535/tcp, 49522/tcp, 53671/tcp, 8172/tcp, 16097/tcp, 60451/tcp, 15878/tcp, 5706/tcp, 30468/tcp, 6681/tcp, 62788/tcp, 35809/tcp, 43695/tcp, 6053/tcp, 49909/tcp, 64412/tcp, 35243/tcp, 62045/tcp, 40824/tcp, 5376/tcp, 6543/tcp (lds_distrib), 43439/tcp, 35671/tcp, 23272/tcp, 10048/tcp, 52209/tcp, 32063/tcp, 43160/tcp, 17418/tcp, 61724/tcp, 34005/tcp, 35173/tcp, 11047/tcp, 23296/tcp, 15440/tcp, 16268/tcp, 9155/tcp, 3581/tcp (Ascent Capture Licensing), 421/tcp (Ariel 2), 16072/tcp, 18128/tcp, 54360/tcp, 17191/tcp, 567/tcp (banyan-rpc), 47141/tcp, 30422/tcp, 53491/tcp, 56564/tcp, 25620/tcp, 57880/tcp, 41648/tcp, 12453/tcp, 13693/tcp, 47467/tcp, 42193/tcp, 26238/tcp, 27209/tcp, 37212/tcp, 4257/tcp, 25338/tcp, 31980/tcp, 17187/tcp, 2298/tcp (D2K DataMover 2), 3376/tcp (CD Broker), 30404/tcp, 14007/tcp, 56014/tcp, 28205/tcp, 4556/tcp (DTN Bundle TCP CL Protocol), 60769/tcp, 31660/tcp, 39114/tcp, 53289/tcp, 55893/tcp, 17045/tcp, 55956/tcp, 63235/tcp, 17598/tcp, 14620/tcp, 38129/tcp, 6727/tcp, 58639/tcp, 34363/tcp, 22157/tcp, 50470/tcp, 35714/tcp, 57797/tcp, 22923/tcp, 23670/tcp, 28812/tcp, 55296/tcp, 45604/tcp, 45517/tcp, 59275/tcp, 37851/tcp, 53930/tcp, 43162/tcp, 46868/tcp, 11893/tcp, 57094/tcp, 21133/tcp, 7314/tcp, 64264/tcp, 28149/tcp, 16553/tcp, 47779/tcp, 54556/tcp, 22522/tcp, 16900/tcp (Newbay Mobile Client Update Service), 64594/tcp, 38082/tcp, 4435/tcp, 1883/tcp (IBM MQSeries SCADA), 52911/tcp, 36627/tcp, 9649/tcp, 21244/tcp, 11333/tcp, 3385/tcp (qnxnetman), 23499/tcp, 58257/tcp, 54100/tcp, 36569/tcp, 65400/tcp, 55634/tcp, 134/tcp (INGRES-NET Service), 44385/tcp, 23310/tcp, 52026/tcp, 40252/tcp, 40987/tcp, 20895/tcp, 12789/tcp, 3480/tcp (Secure Virtual Workspace), 23413/tcp, 29523/tcp, 28738/tcp, 54828/tcp, 61432/tcp, 43674/tcp, 23585/tcp, 28315/tcp, 24896/tcp, 56885/tcp, 55354/tcp, 59437/tcp, 14286/tcp, 14090/tcp, 12393/tcp, 44606/tcp, 62661/tcp, 9419/tcp, 40969/tcp, 62021/tcp, 62391/tcp, 14042/tcp, 22740/tcp, 6268/tcp (Grid Authentication), 55650/tcp, 51630/tcp, 42959/tcp, 2141/tcp (IAS-ADMIND), 43430/tcp, 33122/tcp, 58953/tcp, 192/tcp (OSU Network Monitoring System), 55598/tcp, 62094/tcp, 56132/tcp, 4200/tcp (-4299  VRML Multi User Systems), 22841/tcp, 50521/tcp, 41393/tcp, 58955/tcp, 44099/tcp, 305/tcp, 9195/tcp, 64697/tcp, 54014/tcp, 4739/tcp (IP Flow Info Export), 26844/tcp, 10718/tcp, 53691/tcp, 35877/tcp, 40498/tcp, 46203/tcp, 56942/tcp, 50770/tcp, 927/tcp, 31435/tcp, 16531/tcp, 14122/tcp, 54143/tcp, 9025/tcp (Secure Web Access - 3), 6198/tcp, 2322/tcp (ofsd), 28652/tcp, 9162/tcp (apani3), 6670/tcp (Vocaltec Global Online Directory), 15970/tcp, 26098/tcp, 51002/tcp, 5479/tcp, 30391/tcp, 53936/tcp, 8639/tcp, 56951/tcp, 14606/tcp, 15758/tcp, 52988/tcp, 43360/tcp, 20096/tcp, 12004/tcp (IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority), 22762/tcp, 40157/tcp, 53/tcp (Domain Name Server), 17466/tcp, 39207/tcp, 13250/tcp, 63560/tcp, 17284/tcp, 10268/tcp, 11440/tcp, 1919/tcp (IBM Tivoli Directory Service - DCH), 35744/tcp, 58218/tcp, 35985/tcp, 50330/tcp, 42967/tcp, 50216/tcp, 49858/tcp, 30827/tcp, 48422/tcp, 40691/tcp, 23196/tcp, 26535/tcp, 41808/tcp, 53533/tcp, 43883/tcp, 31249/tcp, 57569/tcp, 52895/tcp, 46713/tcp, 50129/tcp, 2627/tcp (Moshe Beeri), 9263/tcp, 47568/tcp, 4753/tcp, 27484/tcp, 41994/tcp, 48999/tcp, 16002/tcp (GoodSync Mediation Service), 51914/tcp, 63358/tcp, 56946/tcp, 34340/tcp, 4445/tcp (UPNOTIFYP), 25145/tcp, 58714/tcp, 29996/tcp, 6936/tcp (XenSource Management Service), 9160/tcp (apani1), 23582/tcp, 31326/tcp, 18227/tcp, 47071/tcp, 28899/tcp, 17301/tcp, 58249/tcp, 60143/tcp, 22935/tcp, 64285/tcp, 20115/tcp, 5603/tcp (A1-BS), 16963/tcp, 58205/tcp, 10787/tcp, 21775/tcp, 45833/tcp, 16253/tcp, 38342/tcp, 61206/tcp, 45199/tcp, 56458/tcp, 65454/tcp, 15414/tcp, 31325/tcp, 7994/tcp, 50794/tcp, 29318/tcp, 2594/tcp (Data Base Server), 51840/tcp, 54955/tcp, 61648/tcp, 11676/tcp, 30842/tcp, 3957/tcp (MQEnterprise Broker), 40001/tcp, 1417/tcp (Timbuktu Service 1 Port), 22422/tcp, 35324/tcp, 29832/tcp, 18358/tcp, 52100/tcp, 32065/tcp, 15726/tcp, 18969/tcp, 36144/tcp, 34395/tcp, 23871/tcp, 51900/tcp, 30839/tcp, 55505/tcp, 15370/tcp, 64698/tcp, 6883/tcp, 43717/tcp, 33151/tcp, 34689/tcp, 34039/tcp, 32139/tcp, 40845/tcp, 27031/tcp, 57043/tcp, 10157/tcp, 42489/tcp, 29761/tcp, 58776/tcp, 43757/tcp, 60968/tcp, 11885/tcp, 28605/tcp, 46795/tcp, 22996/tcp, 39514/tcp, 53416/tcp, 14227/tcp, 62038/tcp, 51150/tcp, 46380/tcp, 45727/tcp, 54716/tcp, 13601/tcp, 28275/tcp, 3273/tcp (Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol), 41993/tcp, 52822/tcp, 45007/tcp, 33227/tcp, 29968/tcp, 29078/tcp, 16390/tcp, 59071/tcp, 50970/tcp, 61182/tcp, 44729/tcp, 29285/tcp, 10927/tcp, 24725/tcp, 51805/tcp, 31005/tcp, 14463/tcp, 32347/tcp, 37386/tcp, 8417/tcp (eSpeech RTP Protocol), 10097/tcp, 57743/tcp, 52650/tcp, 30081/tcp, 24437/tcp, 25727/tcp, 11538/tcp, 64001/tcp, 61366/tcp, 24498/tcp, 15613/tcp, 14267/tcp, 42381/tcp, 44624/tcp, 19351/tcp, 23628/tcp, 5272/tcp (PK), 12335/tcp, 48250/tcp, 50226/tcp, 6775/tcp, 61009/tcp, 4118/tcp (Netadmin Systems NETscript service), 6038/tcp, 17218/tcp, 17108/tcp, 9078/tcp, 3760/tcp (adTempus Client), 10672/tcp, 2008/tcp (conf), 57511/tcp, 971/tcp, 56124/tcp, 40288/tcp, 51730/tcp, 52544/tcp, 33504/tcp, 59593/tcp, 64064/tcp, 61024/tcp, 38148/tcp, 58501/tcp, 42274/tcp, 42521/tcp, 6639/tcp, 51902/tcp, 36124/tcp, 20872/tcp, 2696/tcp (Unify Admin), 16367/tcp (Network Serial Extension Ports Three), 6682/tcp, 32403/tcp, 57767/tcp, 49439/tcp, 32710/tcp, 45084/tcp, 48064/tcp, 31409/tcp, 23663/tcp, 40120/tcp, 30349/tcp, 39722/tcp, 55262/tcp, 46296/tcp, 3370/tcp, 33760/tcp, 64960/tcp, 216/tcp (Computer Associates Int'l License Server), 17926/tcp, 66/tcp (Oracle SQL*NET), 16281/tcp, 43319/tcp, 21519/tcp, 39436/tcp, 33034/tcp, 4506/tcp, 17652/tcp, 54193/tcp, 9809/tcp, 58505/tcp, 58878/tcp, 62068/tcp, 9448/tcp, 62794/tcp, 59904/tcp, 35904/tcp, 26578/tcp, 2760/tcp (Saba MS), 27889/tcp, 52271/tcp, 46864/tcp, 42419/tcp, 3443/tcp (OpenView Network Node Manager WEB Server), 21187/tcp, 7108/tcp, 32391/tcp, 12176/tcp, 21438/tcp, 8952/tcp, 64114/tcp, 47596/tcp, 52007/tcp, 45847/tcp, 51742/tcp, 49217/tcp, 53955/tcp, 47812/tcp, 15612/tcp, 27422/tcp, 25000/tcp (icl-twobase1), 53471/tcp, 45902/tcp, 14379/tcp, 64458/tcp, 38793/tcp, 36814/tcp, 12312/tcp, 44060/tcp, 30622/tcp, 56678/tcp, 60571/tcp, 63530/tcp, 6369/tcp, 32501/tcp, 63449/tcp, 53809/tcp, 33451/tcp, 22102/tcp, 26809/tcp, 52299/tcp, 29858/tcp, 38390/tcp, 27309/tcp, 36965/tcp, 60434/tcp, 7283/tcp, 30772/tcp, 26398/tcp, 7878/tcp, 14355/tcp, 64567/tcp, 330/tcp, 39604/tcp, 53361/tcp, 29296/tcp, 53272/tcp, 203/tcp (AppleTalk Unused), 27614/tcp, 65344/tcp, 17138/tcp, 56846/tcp, 6793/tcp, 48521/tcp, 45232/tcp, 64563/tcp, 34816/tcp, 14419/tcp, 54578/tcp, 8469/tcp, 39149/tcp, 55210/tcp, 24431/tcp, 16314/tcp, 13219/tcp, 21771/tcp, 47566/tcp, 9999/tcp (distinct), 26253/tcp, 59319/tcp, 17288/tcp, 22177/tcp, 40472/tcp, 23845/tcp, 59451/tcp, 8609/tcp, 19994/tcp, 55453/tcp, 59429/tcp, 47014/tcp, 34080/tcp, 36724/tcp, 59750/tcp, 3826/tcp (Wormux server), 6966/tcp (swispol), 12105/tcp, 58618/tcp, 24357/tcp, 11932/tcp, 20051/tcp, 58879/tcp, 40697/tcp, 59898/tcp, 23952/tcp, 28977/tcp, 35574/tcp, 61395/tcp, 14673/tcp, 63713/tcp, 926/tcp, 20362/tcp, 16850/tcp, 60899/tcp, 43096/tcp, 769/tcp (vid), 40917/tcp, 47669/tcp, 20812/tcp, 12259/tcp, 48225/tcp, 63151/tcp, 41519/tcp, 28104/tcp, 44811/tcp, 286/tcp (FXP Communication), 60998/tcp, 2330/tcp (TSCCHAT), 49114/tcp, 41882/tcp, 41927/tcp, 59318/tcp, 15669/tcp, 47339/tcp, 30347/tcp, 45765/tcp, 34708/tcp, 54694/tcp, 51193/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 445 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 19897/tcp, 25660/tcp, 60399/tcp, 63247/tcp, 41528/tcp, 40305/tcp, 15637/tcp, 30740/tcp, 20261/tcp, 19630/tcp, 29036/tcp, 51946/tcp, 31828/tcp, 23091/tcp, 19672/tcp, 49380/tcp, 37866/tcp, 19196/tcp, 61952/tcp, 33812/tcp, 31917/tcp, 14647/tcp, 50053/tcp, 54615/tcp, 55618/tcp, 44527/tcp, 57137/tcp, 22003/tcp (Opto Host Port 3), 7277/tcp (OMA Internal Location Secure Protocol), 54415/tcp, 11305/tcp, 6456/tcp, 25810/tcp, 6820/tcp, 1560/tcp (ASCI-RemoteSHADOW), 18737/tcp, 25335/tcp, 37280/tcp, 64036/tcp, 1208/tcp (SEAGULL AIS), 37987/tcp, 55362/tcp, 53130/tcp, 28675/tcp, 16581/tcp, 27609/tcp, 43568/tcp, 54269/tcp, 820/tcp, 432/tcp (IASD), 3708/tcp (Sun App Svr - Naming), 48272/tcp, 34940/tcp, 58788/tcp, 20858/tcp, 34268/tcp, 12104/tcp, 36962/tcp, 16516/tcp, 14542/tcp, 53583/tcp, 28441/tcp, 40227/tcp, 48534/tcp, 15335/tcp, 51119/tcp, 31739/tcp, 61453/tcp, 25857/tcp, 12182/tcp, 49901/tcp, 64204/tcp, 55781/tcp, 65009/tcp, 23360/tcp, 8802/tcp, 12308/tcp, 60364/tcp, 49086/tcp, 19489/tcp, 42838/tcp, 14130/tcp, 18182/tcp (OPSEC UFP), 7579/tcp, 18078/tcp, 52292/tcp, 54575/tcp, 5599/tcp (Enterprise Security Remote Install), 37792/tcp, 30506/tcp, 44614/tcp, 24057/tcp, 47954/tcp, 60713/tcp, 18614/tcp, 638/tcp (mcns-sec), 56522/tcp, 37680/tcp, 24618/tcp, 25557/tcp, 58314/tcp, 33266/tcp, 13091/tcp, 29106/tcp, 62502/tcp, 7730/tcp, 45855/tcp, 58817/tcp, 31013/tcp, 9254/tcp, 1045/tcp (Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol), 17055/tcp, 37698/tcp, 59130/tcp, 45527/tcp, 57110/tcp, 57044/tcp, 51559/tcp, 49697/tcp, 45341/tcp, 47442/tcp, 52795/tcp, 17814/tcp, 53541/tcp, 3215/tcp (JMQ Daemon Port 2), 64506/tcp, 59056/tcp, 58499/tcp, 40021/tcp, 63911/tcp, 39699/tcp, 33282/tcp, 25744/tcp, 31339/tcp, 44424/tcp, 40503/tcp, 49393/tcp, 33675/tcp, 17901/tcp, 44273/tcp, 62991/tcp, 20689/tcp, 13447/tcp, 38340/tcp, 15010/tcp, 50337/tcp, 30774/tcp, 35077/tcp, 52607/tcp, 1591/tcp (ncpm-pm), 52811/tcp, 41890/tcp, 34686/tcp, 46574/tcp, 32027/tcp, 4504/tcp, 43370/tcp, 16622/tcp, 5956/tcp, 58360/tcp, 52447/tcp, 26887/tcp, 25949/tcp, 18168/tcp, 9129/tcp, 30077/tcp, 51324/tcp, 1098/tcp (RMI Activation), 34586/tcp, 5379/tcp, 61488/tcp, 11602/tcp, 62615/tcp, 17397/tcp, 12256/tcp, 29876/tcp, 62083/tcp, 50711/tcp, 57570/tcp, 61694/tcp, 25497/tcp, 25109/tcp, 8058/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]), 40884/tcp, 28206/tcp, 49212/tcp, 54382/tcp, 36616/tcp, 3146/tcp (bears-02), 146/tcp (ISO-IP0), 58516/tcp, 38296/tcp, 52151/tcp, 21078/tcp, 33118/tcp, 42266/tcp, 37156/tcp, 32835/tcp, 42808/tcp, 32922/tcp, 34996/tcp, 47238/tcp, 31198/tcp, 21755/tcp, 31536/tcp, 63687/tcp, 10304/tcp, 47216/tcp, 2054/tcp (Weblogin Port), 49586/tcp, 39582/tcp, 38523/tcp, 18831/tcp, 19412/tcp (HP-SESSMON), 54089/tcp, 13330/tcp, 56237/tcp, 49770/tcp, 25163/tcp, 14731/tcp, 17302/tcp, 30484/tcp, 62513/tcp, 32670/tcp, 55426/tcp, 17437/tcp, 31603/tcp, 62862/tcp, 33063/tcp, 4525/tcp, 29176/tcp, 15140/tcp, 33401/tcp, 33678/tcp, 25824/tcp, 40827/tcp, 26514/tcp, 62112/tcp, 8934/tcp, 48104/tcp, 52912/tcp, 9762/tcp (WSO2 Tungsten HTTP), 10381/tcp, 40113/tcp, 8284/tcp, 19390/tcp, 34713/tcp, 52247/tcp, 30673/tcp, 51651/tcp, 19782/tcp, 5799/tcp, 15058/tcp, 918/tcp, 38904/tcp, 39806/tcp, 17404/tcp, 14791/tcp, 63739/tcp, 7893/tcp, 28830/tcp, 1393/tcp (Network Log Server), 41398/tcp, 40963/tcp, 47388/tcp, 1201/tcp (Nucleus Sand Database Server), 50493/tcp, 11177/tcp, 25543/tcp, 16003/tcp, 2172/tcp (MS Firewall SecureStorage), 22395/tcp, 29893/tcp, 26412/tcp, 7490/tcp, 57472/tcp, 39565/tcp, 2547/tcp (vytalvaultvsmp), 39614/tcp, 20248/tcp, 25439/tcp, 783/tcp, 27017/tcp, 28786/tcp, 62658/tcp, 46505/tcp, 41688/tcp, 36597/tcp, 44644/tcp, 48527/tcp, 16739/tcp, 17573/tcp, 40686/tcp, 36807/tcp, 54459/tcp, 11152/tcp, 57178/tcp, 23569/tcp, 3145/tcp (CSI-LFAP), 7846/tcp (APC 7846), 12763/tcp, 12280/tcp, 28922/tcp, 12607/tcp, 42823/tcp, 3690/tcp (Subversion), 27901/tcp, 10097/tcp, 24126/tcp, 10177/tcp, 59045/tcp, 10118/tcp, 48374/tcp, 25639/tcp, 19722/tcp, 3068/tcp (ls3 Broadcast), 18299/tcp, 57440/tcp, 50000/tcp, 48011/tcp, 55506/tcp, 33448/tcp, 43134/tcp, 62988/tcp, 13994/tcp, 18133/tcp, 36794/tcp, 26020/tcp, 54922/tcp, 37875/tcp, 64694/tcp, 12232/tcp, 16414/tcp, 63900/tcp, 31475/tcp, 34701/tcp, 25555/tcp, 56447/tcp, 39311/tcp, 4926/tcp, 51643/tcp, 12379/tcp, 45832/tcp, 15025/tcp, 55068/tcp, 4157/tcp (STAT Scanner Control), 6588/tcp, 59482/tcp, 22121/tcp, 59747/tcp, 28173/tcp, 43427/tcp, 38870/tcp, 46319/tcp, 13395/tcp, 527/tcp (Stock IXChange), 42508/tcp (Computer Associates network discovery protocol), 1225/tcp (SLINKYSEARCH), 37076/tcp, 61896/tcp, 65207/tcp, 41432/tcp, 49441/tcp, 36081/tcp, 48818/tcp, 35842/tcp, 43448/tcp, 11716/tcp, 7671/tcp, 54435/tcp, 39679/tcp, 3873/tcp (fagordnc), 27000/tcp (-27009 FLEX LM (1-10)), 6853/tcp, 38922/tcp, 22493/tcp, 53892/tcp, 2248/tcp (User Management Service), 57931/tcp, 29258/tcp, 25011/tcp, 16974/tcp, 1987/tcp (cisco RSRB Priority 1 port), 48557/tcp, 63002/tcp, 61425/tcp, 14565/tcp, 7866/tcp, 3380/tcp (SNS Channels), 61540/tcp, 56009/tcp, 58735/tcp, 18988/tcp, 21241/tcp, 60733/tcp, 16635/tcp, 17729/tcp (Eclipse Aviation), 25453/tcp, 61824/tcp, 59472/tcp, 36428/tcp, 31427/tcp, 4835/tcp, 20385/tcp, 32367/tcp, 31788/tcp, 23376/tcp, 17421/tcp, 44812/tcp, 64460/tcp, 20062/tcp, 50605/tcp, 33252/tcp, 257/tcp (Secure Electronic Transaction), 49362/tcp, 2006/tcp (invokator), 8302/tcp, 54032/tcp, 54395/tcp, 18877/tcp, 27042/tcp, 6678/tcp, 3149/tcp (NetMike Game Server), 63958/tcp, 3504/tcp (IronStorm game server), 17668/tcp, 62484/tcp, 59683/tcp, 15027/tcp, 36589/tcp, 47987/tcp, 50931/tcp, 47308/tcp, 911/tcp (xact-backup), 51731/tcp, 57722/tcp, 5252/tcp (Movaz SSC), 59805/tcp, 1295/tcp (End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol), 64350/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.


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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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