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Last update: 2019-10-13

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AS47346 Elecom-NT LLC
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inetnum: -
netname:        SELECTEL-NET
descr:          Selectel Network
status:         ASSIGNED PA
country:        RU
admin-c:        TL5407-RIPE
admin-c:        KS9134-RIPE
admin-c:        CMH-RIPE
tech-c:         SA32710-RIPE
mnt-by:         MNT-SELECTEL
created:        2019-05-13T16:47:32Z
last-modified:  2019-05-13T16:47:32Z
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

descr:          Selectel Route Object
origin:         AS49505
mnt-by:         MNT-SELECTEL
created:        2018-10-08T12:40:40Z
last-modified:  2018-10-08T12:40:40Z
source:         RIPE

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15 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1978 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 7344/tcp, 19233/tcp, 50831/tcp, 30017/tcp, 8646/tcp, 55427/tcp, 6381/tcp, 38983/tcp, 2153/tcp (Control Protocol), 49680/tcp, 7686/tcp, 56255/tcp, 3846/tcp (Astare Network PCP), 27184/tcp, 2444/tcp (BT PP2 Sectrans), 59693/tcp, 26474/tcp, 24926/tcp, 26994/tcp, 61483/tcp, 6873/tcp, 27327/tcp, 43846/tcp, 8566/tcp, 24528/tcp, 10855/tcp, 16525/tcp, 36357/tcp, 60826/tcp, 3575/tcp (Coalsere CCM Port), 50698/tcp, 60974/tcp, 47636/tcp, 27989/tcp, 56084/tcp, 30374/tcp, 7210/tcp, 2035/tcp (imsldoc), 19694/tcp, 8235/tcp, 48733/tcp, 7848/tcp, 19954/tcp, 44499/tcp, 14728/tcp, 16795/tcp, 3175/tcp (T1_E1_Over_IP), 28207/tcp, 11543/tcp, 1704/tcp (bcs-broker), 1863/tcp (MSNP), 2815/tcp (LBC Measurement), 38927/tcp, 56087/tcp, 11264/tcp, 10972/tcp, 25822/tcp, 387/tcp (Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.), 39057/tcp, 55657/tcp, 16743/tcp, 56982/tcp, 1822/tcp (es-elmd), 58049/tcp, 54241/tcp, 27714/tcp, 32550/tcp, 7270/tcp, 3031/tcp (Remote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox), 22920/tcp, 29036/tcp, 19286/tcp, 35210/tcp, 16048/tcp, 29608/tcp, 60802/tcp, 10531/tcp, 718/tcp, 25588/tcp, 43288/tcp, 64290/tcp, 27798/tcp, 16541/tcp, 45858/tcp, 16130/tcp, 19742/tcp, 45728/tcp, 48602/tcp, 10619/tcp, 56291/tcp, 2146/tcp (Live Vault Admin Event Notification), 40459/tcp, 18824/tcp, 50598/tcp, 6176/tcp, 28324/tcp, 27353/tcp, 10624/tcp, 15949/tcp, 25666/tcp, 293/tcp, 35924/tcp, 50882/tcp, 20515/tcp, 54062/tcp, 57147/tcp, 28911/tcp, 50193/tcp, 26842/tcp, 20405/tcp, 16732/tcp, 18909/tcp, 42890/tcp, 26588/tcp, 44560/tcp, 14494/tcp, 45758/tcp, 59386/tcp, 58388/tcp, 26623/tcp, 45549/tcp, 834/tcp, 27668/tcp, 18746/tcp, 1154/tcp (Community Service), 62029/tcp, 19051/tcp, 46293/tcp, 8032/tcp (ProEd), 57954/tcp, 37960/tcp, 46163/tcp, 19710/tcp, 54471/tcp, 19369/tcp, 1764/tcp (cft-3), 56677/tcp, 6368/tcp, 49884/tcp, 20513/tcp, 64910/tcp, 28348/tcp, 16223/tcp, 56479/tcp, 407/tcp (Timbuktu), 60653/tcp, 46138/tcp, 17571/tcp, 12153/tcp, 61594/tcp, 636/tcp (ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)), 35009/tcp, 25718/tcp, 10946/tcp, 39560/tcp, 51169/tcp, 51161/tcp, 7081/tcp, 47814/tcp, 55898/tcp, 52228/tcp, 14595/tcp, 16558/tcp, 10742/tcp, 50556/tcp, 2043/tcp (isis-bcast), 56547/tcp, 17621/tcp, 58658/tcp, 26506/tcp, 18642/tcp, 47007/tcp, 38687/tcp, 10933/tcp, 61052/tcp, 37830/tcp, 10054/tcp, 64678/tcp, 51544/tcp, 42217/tcp, 64806/tcp, 63280/tcp, 40355/tcp, 16165/tcp, 26432/tcp, 15717/tcp, 42280/tcp, 1663/tcp (netview-aix-3), 60169/tcp, 28612/tcp, 49090/tcp, 24396/tcp, 55080/tcp, 64091/tcp, 2530/tcp (VR Commerce), 21106/tcp, 9090/tcp (WebSM), 1042/tcp (Subnet Roaming), 25815/tcp, 18866/tcp, 1328/tcp (EWALL), 10060/tcp, 17477/tcp, 19604/tcp, 36543/tcp, 7643/tcp, 46925/tcp, 17141/tcp, 50215/tcp, 37940/tcp, 25465/tcp, 17281/tcp, 16373/tcp, 27616/tcp, 19959/tcp, 54650/tcp, 9853/tcp, 59883/tcp, 54424/tcp, 3324/tcp, 58732/tcp, 1425/tcp (Zion Software License Manager), 49096/tcp, 31275/tcp, 50953/tcp, 63936/tcp, 2204/tcp (b2 License Server), 56580/tcp, 820/tcp, 45177/tcp, 28913/tcp, 37300/tcp, 35238/tcp, 36680/tcp, 56829/tcp, 36309/tcp, 44223/tcp, 400/tcp (Oracle Secure Backup), 49219/tcp, 10803/tcp, 9019/tcp, 14561/tcp, 19853/tcp, 58131/tcp, 12461/tcp, 53862/tcp, 8871/tcp, 37380/tcp, 17753/tcp, 18960/tcp, 8044/tcp (FireScope Management Interface), 35491/tcp, 62592/tcp, 3127/tcp (CTX Bridge Port), 57222/tcp, 6171/tcp, 60212/tcp, 28145/tcp, 6193/tcp, 50979/tcp, 59330/tcp, 18055/tcp, 6629/tcp, 265/tcp (X-Bone CTL), 24803/tcp, 6838/tcp, 26564/tcp, 10288/tcp (Blocks), 53222/tcp, 57842/tcp, 28195/tcp, 52285/tcp, 28837/tcp, 59455/tcp, 10647/tcp, 60537/tcp, 2279/tcp (xmquery), 37460/tcp, 7046/tcp, 32426/tcp, 14402/tcp, 27182/tcp, 10310/tcp, 2648/tcp (Upsnotifyprot), 9392/tcp, 29634/tcp, 20026/tcp, 9446/tcp, 50804/tcp, 16885/tcp, 3109/tcp (Personnel protocol), 17115/tcp, 36538/tcp, 20454/tcp, 24978/tcp, 63305/tcp, 17664/tcp, 18338/tcp, 52889/tcp, 51132/tcp, 3830/tcp (Cerner System Management Agent), 44814/tcp, 58258/tcp, 59786/tcp, 61840/tcp, 10567/tcp, 50774/tcp, 39619/tcp, 15466/tcp, 64455/tcp, 60417/tcp, 8990/tcp (webmail HTTP service), 55885/tcp, 47450/tcp, 18272/tcp, 58001/tcp, 26004/tcp, 31185/tcp, 61841/tcp, 62695/tcp, 15905/tcp, 23556/tcp, 16061/tcp, 39511/tcp, 57627/tcp, 36203/tcp, 48659/tcp, 37982/tcp, 59003/tcp, 14726/tcp, 1075/tcp (RDRMSHC), 51691/tcp, 16549/tcp, 2752/tcp (RSISYS ACCESS), 22119/tcp, 37613/tcp, 15454/tcp, 39254/tcp, 17715/tcp, 692/tcp (Hyperwave-ISP), 10970/tcp, 60489/tcp, 37081/tcp, 14851/tcp, 50448/tcp, 4938/tcp, 10825/tcp, 19207/tcp, 61740/tcp, 41748/tcp, 8400/tcp (cvd), 27712/tcp, 56350/tcp, 62376/tcp, 56774/tcp, 16552/tcp, 42953/tcp, 16750/tcp, 2147/tcp (Live Vault Authentication), 55638/tcp, 6965/tcp (swistrap), 14087/tcp, 745/tcp, 40657/tcp, 15984/tcp, 4659/tcp (PlayStation2 Lobby Port), 28485/tcp, 19344/tcp, 5359/tcp (Microsoft Alerter), 2262/tcp (CoMotion Backup Server), 27324/tcp, 61798/tcp, 15174/tcp, 55697/tcp, 6798/tcp, 7552/tcp, 1633/tcp (PAMMRPC), 7190/tcp, 21368/tcp, 61263/tcp, 38749/tcp, 2853/tcp (ISPipes), 57545/tcp, 42778/tcp, 41696/tcp, 56554/tcp, 51010/tcp, 56077/tcp, 46087/tcp, 55126/tcp, 37588/tcp, 39637/tcp, 46594/tcp, 6329/tcp, 12919/tcp, 58668/tcp, 28559/tcp, 31483/tcp, 60419/tcp, 8431/tcp, 60307/tcp, 6649/tcp, 28733/tcp, 7757/tcp, 41704/tcp, 44158/tcp, 52872/tcp, 39742/tcp, 9516/tcp, 53761/tcp, 10684/tcp, 64785/tcp, 6686/tcp, 19690/tcp, 183/tcp (OCBinder), 7575/tcp, 37709/tcp, 83/tcp (MIT ML Device), 17779/tcp, 17506/tcp, 25647/tcp, 2268/tcp (AMT), 17840/tcp, 39567/tcp, 29407/tcp, 39816/tcp, 7673/tcp (iMQ STOMP Server over SSL), 7958/tcp, 10499/tcp, 17807/tcp, 55379/tcp, 56430/tcp, 58802/tcp, 57647/tcp, 55810/tcp, 17032/tcp, 46320/tcp, 31301/tcp, 59294/tcp, 21428/tcp, 53988/tcp, 1045/tcp (Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol), 60958/tcp, 1790/tcp (Narrative Media Streaming Protocol), 56962/tcp, 3820/tcp (Siemens AuD SCP), 60599/tcp, 10440/tcp, 16302/tcp, 15561/tcp, 2113/tcp (HSL StoRM), 17772/tcp, 18597/tcp, 32859/tcp, 59885/tcp, 30527/tcp, 19574/tcp, 23374/tcp, 39457/tcp, 16613/tcp, 30095/tcp, 6729/tcp, 18808/tcp, 35796/tcp, 56807/tcp, 57482/tcp, 15390/tcp, 46341/tcp, 18729/tcp, 1209/tcp (IPCD3), 1507/tcp (symplex), 55143/tcp, 1481/tcp (AIRS), 59849/tcp, 20372/tcp, 60649/tcp, 49018/tcp, 2374/tcp (Hydra RPC), 35032/tcp, 53872/tcp, 63637/tcp, 57242/tcp, 7623/tcp, 39184/tcp, 53561/tcp, 56787/tcp, 12179/tcp, 55891/tcp, 3210/tcp (Flamenco Networks Proxy), 29377/tcp, 18344/tcp, 55460/tcp, 42570/tcp, 49085/tcp, 41551/tcp, 16606/tcp, 62230/tcp, 51344/tcp, 25234/tcp, 3013/tcp (Gilat Sky Surfer), 57239/tcp, 63000/tcp, 44639/tcp, 394/tcp (EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer), 64961/tcp, 53152/tcp, 18691/tcp, 35746/tcp, 56655/tcp, 2610/tcp (VersaTek), 9973/tcp, 24108/tcp, 23225/tcp, 8588/tcp, 18290/tcp, 5792/tcp, 2866/tcp (iwlistener), 38457/tcp, 50116/tcp, 650/tcp (OBEX), 59625/tcp, 59420/tcp, 16431/tcp, 61672/tcp, 28221/tcp, 2868/tcp (NPEP Messaging), 56242/tcp, 11640/tcp, 38905/tcp, 54944/tcp, 4331/tcp, 1364/tcp (Network DataMover Server), 61032/tcp, 7569/tcp (Dell EqualLogic Host Group Management), 979/tcp, 19229/tcp, 45371/tcp, 3424/tcp (xTrade over TLS/SSL), 2684/tcp (mpnjsosv), 60883/tcp, 39358/tcp, 24572/tcp, 6999/tcp (IATP-normalPri), 28448/tcp, 54236/tcp, 55866/tcp, 7521/tcp, 2205/tcp (Java Presentation Server), 7273/tcp (OMA Roaming Location), 10483/tcp, 59515/tcp, 38486/tcp, 17396/tcp, 21294/tcp, 14503/tcp, 50700/tcp, 19887/tcp, 9119/tcp (MXit Instant Messaging), 659/tcp, 57194/tcp, 16528/tcp, 10064/tcp, 23654/tcp, 19119/tcp, 54824/tcp, 56245/tcp, 34211/tcp, 8008/tcp (HTTP Alternate), 19597/tcp, 19234/tcp, 24981/tcp, 45784/tcp, 18768/tcp, 6755/tcp, 29273/tcp, 3314/tcp (Unify Object Host), 1838/tcp (TALNET), 24270/tcp, 6073/tcp (DirectPlay8), 54714/tcp, 57549/tcp, 915/tcp, 16227/tcp, 18324/tcp, 54178/tcp, 13501/tcp, 53665/tcp, 39963/tcp, 20524/tcp, 19801/tcp, 27892/tcp, 51114/tcp, 16024/tcp, 1395/tcp (PC Workstation Manager software), 57765/tcp, 19970/tcp, 42896/tcp, 39280/tcp, 32703/tcp, 1277/tcp (mqs), 57261/tcp, 7852/tcp, 50504/tcp, 54550/tcp, 43414/tcp, 47507/tcp, 19539/tcp (FXUPTP), 14584/tcp, 56456/tcp, 6894/tcp, 35699/tcp, 1177/tcp (DKMessenger Protocol), 9207/tcp (WAP vCal Secure), 28434/tcp, 28937/tcp, 50775/tcp, 49527/tcp, 46721/tcp, 53653/tcp, 14129/tcp, 56473/tcp, 17117/tcp, 57501/tcp, 10907/tcp, 59892/tcp, 30552/tcp, 31784/tcp, 36658/tcp, 29835/tcp, 9570/tcp, 1943/tcp (Beeyond Media), 56342/tcp, 18998/tcp, 9067/tcp, 8027/tcp, 61149/tcp, 19865/tcp, 56359/tcp, 45222/tcp, 56063/tcp, 27953/tcp, 5489/tcp, 17604/tcp, 26175/tcp, 17820/tcp, 2161/tcp (APC 2161), 20781/tcp, 47342/tcp, 36055/tcp, 58888/tcp, 39580/tcp, 18843/tcp, 29575/tcp, 47792/tcp, 43615/tcp, 27902/tcp, 55694/tcp, 2101/tcp (rtcm-sc104), 26998/tcp, 19087/tcp, 20035/tcp, 42338/tcp, 61389/tcp, 56804/tcp, 8724/tcp, 60848/tcp, 59541/tcp, 4262/tcp, 1037/tcp (AMS), 56398/tcp, 60206/tcp, 18708/tcp, 25160/tcp, 20684/tcp, 47635/tcp, 7291/tcp, 56065/tcp, 2927/tcp (UNIMOBILECTRL), 61632/tcp, 50348/tcp, 5845/tcp, 16752/tcp, 38386/tcp, 44503/tcp, 62328/tcp, 42421/tcp, 26972/tcp, 17294/tcp, 40203/tcp, 26821/tcp, 10826/tcp, 63968/tcp, 28255/tcp, 46159/tcp, 9518/tcp, 60166/tcp, 1896/tcp (b-novative license server), 14295/tcp, 61006/tcp, 1641/tcp (InVision), 2461/tcp (qadmifoper), 38375/tcp, 55736/tcp, 45918/tcp, 29393/tcp, 1864/tcp (Paradym 31 Port), 1250/tcp (swldy-sias), 56531/tcp, 24977/tcp, 30779/tcp, 56878/tcp, 36257/tcp, 7188/tcp, 59106/tcp, 39232/tcp, 37304/tcp, 2536/tcp (btpp2audctr1), 37278/tcp, 39976/tcp, 43262/tcp, 51083/tcp, 36486/tcp, 55985/tcp, 57400/tcp, 62157/tcp, 10204/tcp, 18859/tcp, 25227/tcp, 27337/tcp, 44690/tcp, 3905/tcp (Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) protocol), 2387/tcp (VSAM Redirector), 31535/tcp, 61999/tcp, 55895/tcp, 46650/tcp, 17240/tcp, 59734/tcp, 30497/tcp, 42957/tcp, 57073/tcp, 24312/tcp, 36720/tcp, 62986/tcp, 863/tcp, 3452/tcp (SABP-Signalling Protocol), 28857/tcp, 36048/tcp, 64782/tcp, 4176/tcp (Translattice Cluster IPC Proxy), 31211/tcp, 11083/tcp, 18902/tcp, 58105/tcp, 56764/tcp, 64674/tcp, 9960/tcp, 1421/tcp (Gandalf License Manager), 27607/tcp, 8183/tcp (ProRemote), 23530/tcp, 59756/tcp, 17855/tcp, 55684/tcp, 12361/tcp, 15104/tcp, 25844/tcp, 1634/tcp (Log On America Probe), 55921/tcp, 57681/tcp, 9728/tcp, 57317/tcp, 63402/tcp, 29599/tcp, 35687/tcp, 62724/tcp, 15640/tcp, 62717/tcp, 18486/tcp, 57809/tcp, 27993/tcp, 16301/tcp, 49324/tcp, 18520/tcp, 50991/tcp, 5797/tcp, 44477/tcp, 36815/tcp, 1689/tcp (firefox), 59665/tcp, 49212/tcp, 451/tcp (Cray Network Semaphore server), 36717/tcp, 45885/tcp, 17080/tcp, 22589/tcp, 10106/tcp, 45446/tcp, 3043/tcp (Broadcast Routing Protocol), 20022/tcp, 64399/tcp, 11238/tcp, 50036/tcp, 24394/tcp, 37431/tcp, 24253/tcp, 13955/tcp, 8188/tcp, 696/tcp (RUSHD), 15741/tcp, 57287/tcp, 7869/tcp (MobileAnalyzer& MobileMonitor), 20430/tcp, 19857/tcp, 57167/tcp, 41908/tcp, 62691/tcp, 3154/tcp (ON RMI Registry), 28715/tcp, 8001/tcp (VCOM Tunnel), 60824/tcp, 11197/tcp, 194/tcp (Internet Relay Chat Protocol), 57783/tcp, 134/tcp (INGRES-NET Service), 7996/tcp, 10141/tcp, 43659/tcp, 9217/tcp (FSC Communication Port), 11491/tcp, 20701/tcp, 3998/tcp (Distributed Nagios Executor Service), 29541/tcp, 26561/tcp, 56051/tcp, 38823/tcp, 14995/tcp, 368/tcp (QbikGDP), 48673/tcp, 48907/tcp, 20493/tcp, 2518/tcp (Willy), 60379/tcp, 36999/tcp, 18184/tcp (OPSEC LEA), 29339/tcp, 12205/tcp, 60543/tcp, 36078/tcp, 64630/tcp, 49350/tcp, 38327/tcp, 31315/tcp, 55091/tcp, 6559/tcp, 54828/tcp, 38444/tcp, 64394/tcp, 9464/tcp, 39820/tcp, 5782/tcp (3PAR Management Service), 63522/tcp, 35394/tcp, 56128/tcp, 6591/tcp, 9795/tcp, 1965/tcp (Tivoli NPM), 55332/tcp, 11690/tcp, 9486/tcp, 1544/tcp (aspeclmd), 13858/tcp, 51571/tcp, 8218/tcp, 36333/tcp, 39310/tcp, 49115/tcp, 9285/tcp (N2H2 Filter Service Port), 19308/tcp, 28480/tcp, 7954/tcp, 9398/tcp, 57934/tcp, 27911/tcp, 58905/tcp, 28833/tcp, 52467/tcp, 2596/tcp (World Fusion 2), 1306/tcp (RE-Conn-Proto), 10956/tcp, 26571/tcp, 33122/tcp, 63357/tcp, 20222/tcp (iPulse-ICS), 38670/tcp, 53229/tcp, 50018/tcp, 41293/tcp, 23024/tcp, 60334/tcp, 57297/tcp, 57333/tcp, 8071/tcp, 44459/tcp, 21115/tcp, 7035/tcp, 61646/tcp, 7260/tcp, 40858/tcp, 21183/tcp, 27376/tcp, 3281/tcp (SYSOPT), 17742/tcp, 60791/tcp, 28679/tcp, 39381/tcp, 49241/tcp, 38119/tcp, 17768/tcp, 27991/tcp, 10563/tcp, 24004/tcp (med-ovw), 54092/tcp, 8966/tcp, 19961/tcp, 42027/tcp, 6654/tcp, 36516/tcp, 9116/tcp, 9895/tcp, 52746/tcp, 38853/tcp, 27172/tcp, 52925/tcp, 37073/tcp, 23803/tcp, 35906/tcp, 9454/tcp, 11721/tcp, 5149/tcp, 60024/tcp, 48947/tcp, 57069/tcp, 2094/tcp (NBX AU), 5984/tcp (CouchDB), 9055/tcp, 14469/tcp, 28615/tcp, 4161/tcp (OMS Contact), 1726/tcp (IBERIAGAMES), 2179/tcp (Microsoft RDP for virtual machines), 19325/tcp, 61467/tcp, 55385/tcp, 1730/tcp (roketz), 55178/tcp, 30679/tcp, 58057/tcp, 920/tcp, 10437/tcp, 37119/tcp, 54289/tcp, 588/tcp (CAL), 18838/tcp, 35163/tcp, 18455/tcp, 14279/tcp, 2187/tcp (Sepehr System Management Control), 48554/tcp, 28460/tcp, 819/tcp, 56742/tcp, 10788/tcp, 1686/tcp (cvmon), 997/tcp (maitrd), 37990/tcp, 3153/tcp (S8Cargo Client Port), 56768/tcp, 18645/tcp, 52965/tcp, 3681/tcp (BTS X73 Port), 1643/tcp (isis-ambc), 9079/tcp, 60486/tcp, 35595/tcp, 56443/tcp, 38360/tcp, 56625/tcp, 60932/tcp, 6913/tcp, 28278/tcp, 7065/tcp, 26817/tcp, 57112/tcp, 19292/tcp, 36843/tcp, 27758/tcp, 1128/tcp (SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP), 63432/tcp, 55758/tcp, 18604/tcp, 59530/tcp, 13606/tcp, 1562/tcp (pconnectmgr), 24792/tcp, 3411/tcp (BioLink Authenteon server), 50494/tcp, 20136/tcp, 63733/tcp, 6552/tcp, 6599/tcp, 57313/tcp, 56281/tcp, 58746/tcp, 15450/tcp, 16812/tcp, 9785/tcp, 43515/tcp, 15061/tcp, 154/tcp (NETSC), 7539/tcp, 26354/tcp, 25824/tcp, 36692/tcp, 28498/tcp, 32582/tcp, 64619/tcp, 7926/tcp, 57696/tcp, 55390/tcp, 19556/tcp, 37677/tcp, 2556/tcp (nicetec-nmsvc), 9245/tcp, 30136/tcp, 59729/tcp, 59956/tcp, 8353/tcp, 17999/tcp, 4544/tcp, 10635/tcp, 27999/tcp (TW Authentication/Key Distribution and), 8542/tcp, 44756/tcp, 13267/tcp, 58447/tcp, 16872/tcp, 55340/tcp, 45884/tcp, 34034/tcp, 28155/tcp, 51618/tcp, 14904/tcp, 10294/tcp, 53910/tcp, 24707/tcp, 36716/tcp, 10929/tcp, 16457/tcp, 1856/tcp (Fiorano MsgSvc), 17792/tcp, 20357/tcp, 16427/tcp, 56708/tcp, 15071/tcp, 60564/tcp, 50492/tcp, 20404/tcp, 5944/tcp, 61736/tcp, 17024/tcp, 63315/tcp, 1061/tcp (KIOSK), 62003/tcp, 11978/tcp, 21307/tcp, 1264/tcp (PRAT), 28093/tcp, 49796/tcp, 36568/tcp, 21402/tcp, 3580/tcp (NATI-ServiceLocator), 54676/tcp, 6994/tcp, 55454/tcp, 12021/tcp, 19390/tcp, 16639/tcp, 54319/tcp, 51422/tcp, 58217/tcp, 803/tcp, 50626/tcp, 19552/tcp, 923/tcp, 27940/tcp, 16169/tcp, 50062/tcp, 13903/tcp, 7913/tcp (QuickObjects secure port), 17460/tcp, 7512/tcp, 51596/tcp, 9600/tcp (MICROMUSE-NCPW), 49070/tcp, 27554/tcp, 26867/tcp, 10602/tcp, 3606/tcp (Splitlock Server), 36925/tcp, 3422/tcp (Remote USB System Port), 38570/tcp, 44914/tcp, 60675/tcp, 11044/tcp, 2357/tcp (UniHub Server), 57393/tcp, 18812/tcp, 2175/tcp (Microsoft Desktop AirSync Protocol), 36389/tcp, 37097/tcp, 53307/tcp, 44921/tcp, 55732/tcp, 18785/tcp, 14977/tcp, 1626/tcp (Shockwave), 17320/tcp, 19028/tcp, 55248/tcp, 2038/tcp (objectmanager), 7876/tcp, 9265/tcp, 59221/tcp, 55483/tcp, 29478/tcp, 36766/tcp, 38012/tcp, 64808/tcp, 18772/tcp, 36841/tcp, 58951/tcp, 18473/tcp, 28400/tcp, 43470/tcp, 36002/tcp, 38566/tcp, 64561/tcp, 8140/tcp, 28909/tcp, 24446/tcp, 25974/tcp, 2399/tcp (FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer), 6060/tcp, 19944/tcp, 16433/tcp, 43811/tcp, 26892/tcp, 40303/tcp, 27028/tcp, 35108/tcp, 26779/tcp, 7348/tcp, 44184/tcp, 2097/tcp (Jet Form Preview), 51561/tcp, 12253/tcp, 8722/tcp, 14816/tcp, 5954/tcp, 36283/tcp, 6145/tcp (StatSci License Manager - 2), 5963/tcp (Indy Application Server), 18190/tcp, 61902/tcp, 59025/tcp, 19682/tcp, 57508/tcp, 2339/tcp (3Com WebView), 17942/tcp, 20214/tcp, 267/tcp (Tobit David Service Layer), 38879/tcp, 26749/tcp, 50697/tcp, 1201/tcp (Nucleus Sand Database Server), 45553/tcp, 57452/tcp, 30348/tcp, 64548/tcp, 55249/tcp, 949/tcp, 11669/tcp, 7051/tcp, 31304/tcp, 1482/tcp (Miteksys License Manager), 29600/tcp, 10080/tcp (Amanda), 54541/tcp, 36973/tcp, 19117/tcp, 19969/tcp, 48635/tcp, 39690/tcp, 18084/tcp, 10999/tcp, 57631/tcp, 55554/tcp, 30705/tcp, 2299/tcp (PC Telecommute), 18236/tcp, 36349/tcp, 16935/tcp, 50682/tcp, 50601/tcp, 36207/tcp, 45957/tcp, 33212/tcp, 7264/tcp, 56839/tcp, 38745/tcp, 60828/tcp, 38979/tcp, 64476/tcp, 15130/tcp, 3093/tcp (Jiiva RapidMQ Center), 49351/tcp, 44735/tcp, 38392/tcp, 31431/tcp, 56050/tcp, 9165/tcp, 31592/tcp, 8840/tcp, 45859/tcp, 33441/tcp, 56025/tcp, 5180/tcp, 52850/tcp, 56631/tcp, 25439/tcp, 56167/tcp, 3957/tcp (MQEnterprise Broker), 61505/tcp, 10037/tcp, 56577/tcp, 9035/tcp, 16623/tcp, 61361/tcp, 31114/tcp, 45148/tcp, 60947/tcp, 3601/tcp (Visinet Gui), 5288/tcp, 10457/tcp, 52995/tcp, 19560/tcp, 6372/tcp, 24900/tcp, 59661/tcp, 48301/tcp, 58090/tcp, 19937/tcp, 11160/tcp, 5783/tcp (3PAR Management Service with SSL), 881/tcp, 10158/tcp, 666/tcp (doom Id Software), 54668/tcp, 9294/tcp (ARMCenter http Service), 9015/tcp, 7211/tcp, 41419/tcp, 35545/tcp, 13980/tcp, 37495/tcp, 1302/tcp (CI3-Software-2), 8445/tcp, 45687/tcp, 27810/tcp, 2173/tcp (MS Firewall Replication), 20467/tcp, 59634/tcp, 14191/tcp, 1972/tcp (Cache), 21216/tcp, 38706/tcp, 64448/tcp, 11255/tcp, 17646/tcp, 8056/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]), 56304/tcp, 62282/tcp, 29426/tcp, 31944/tcp, 38086/tcp, 28881/tcp, 32275/tcp, 28252/tcp, 55862/tcp, 45018/tcp, 42574/tcp, 59282/tcp, 24439/tcp, 36077/tcp, 19713/tcp, 61661/tcp, 49573/tcp, 17130/tcp, 1428/tcp (Informatik License Manager), 29218/tcp, 59414/tcp, 40020/tcp, 61970/tcp, 44076/tcp, 64894/tcp, 16942/tcp, 27896/tcp, 2388/tcp (MYNAH AutoStart), 18668/tcp, 13480/tcp, 1342/tcp (ESBroker), 19590/tcp, 3181/tcp (BMC Patrol Agent), 19444/tcp, 58776/tcp, 11260/tcp, 56115/tcp, 11060/tcp, 45801/tcp, 59861/tcp, 27937/tcp, 61720/tcp, 48863/tcp, 7461/tcp, 16294/tcp, 20178/tcp, 56246/tcp, 1830/tcp (Oracle Net8 CMan Admin), 48349/tcp, 16866/tcp, 2253/tcp (DTV Channel Request), 16730/tcp, 50377/tcp, 20645/tcp, 55713/tcp, 2061/tcp (NetMount), 8036/tcp, 4522/tcp, 35489/tcp, 50241/tcp, 7308/tcp, 62892/tcp, 16476/tcp, 17431/tcp, 3704/tcp (Adobe Server 4), 29351/tcp, 9171/tcp, 1149/tcp (BVT Sonar Service), 27487/tcp, 25796/tcp, 17698/tcp, 36848/tcp, 28147/tcp, 42369/tcp, 49242/tcp, 11018/tcp, 1151/tcp (Unizensus Login Server), 9064/tcp, 50374/tcp, 18210/tcp, 55943/tcp, 57675/tcp, 47383/tcp, 28998/tcp, 26328/tcp, 15948/tcp, 17035/tcp, 52052/tcp, 61951/tcp, 40222/tcp, 18351/tcp, 22585/tcp, 10132/tcp, 6010/tcp, 10733/tcp, 20249/tcp, 21677/tcp, 790/tcp, 6703/tcp (e-Design web), 7225/tcp, 2004/tcp (mailbox), 25692/tcp, 20784/tcp, 38161/tcp, 55526/tcp, 18542/tcp, 63127/tcp, 39005/tcp, 3336/tcp (Direct TV Tickers), 25922/tcp, 28143/tcp, 22864/tcp, 37992/tcp, 50722/tcp, 34227/tcp, 52441/tcp, 14365/tcp, 11900/tcp, 9959/tcp, 27352/tcp, 26231/tcp, 20714/tcp, 59604/tcp, 26458/tcp, 61126/tcp, 54943/tcp, 1258/tcp (Open Network Library), 27887/tcp, 18942/tcp, 485/tcp (Air Soft Power Burst), 27608/tcp, 37762/tcp, 39593/tcp, 45702/tcp, 50702/tcp, 20366/tcp, 1254/tcp (de-noc), 27557/tcp, 15769/tcp, 4305/tcp (better approach to mobile ad-hoc networking), 7597/tcp, 15182/tcp, 14646/tcp, 24879/tcp, 2827/tcp (slc ctrlrloops), 46035/tcp, 19039/tcp, 1529/tcp (oracle), 43158/tcp, 1251/tcp (servergraph), 62075/tcp, 7064/tcp, 63691/tcp, 48889/tcp, 15613/tcp, 56352/tcp, 56608/tcp, 61659/tcp, 7873/tcp, 17993/tcp, 10872/tcp, 7230/tcp, 32450/tcp, 6720/tcp, 49216/tcp, 17169/tcp, 20148/tcp, 64119/tcp, 10418/tcp, 35898/tcp, 733/tcp, 49501/tcp, 38502/tcp, 8554/tcp (RTSP Alternate (see port 554)), 19496/tcp, 56174/tcp, 5553/tcp (SGI Eventmond Port), 20188/tcp, 55788/tcp, 54393/tcp, 16254/tcp, 24759/tcp, 18220/tcp, 20420/tcp, 52946/tcp, 20813/tcp, 45330/tcp, 39531/tcp, 20058/tcp, 43972/tcp, 971/tcp, 44813/tcp, 56664/tcp, 2626/tcp (gbjd816), 19844/tcp, 60355/tcp, 60496/tcp, 29441/tcp, 17015/tcp, 50161/tcp, 7417/tcp, 1763/tcp (cft-2), 40047/tcp, 49297/tcp, 59549/tcp, 7029/tcp, 26996/tcp, 15759/tcp, 10778/tcp, 6807/tcp, 18525/tcp, 62944/tcp, 49930/tcp, 1019/tcp, 42354/tcp, 27461/tcp, 31036/tcp, 1743/tcp (Cinema Graphics License Manager), 19195/tcp, 58616/tcp, 14955/tcp, 25108/tcp, 205/tcp (AppleTalk Unused), 56794/tcp, 17515/tcp, 38185/tcp, 18086/tcp, 29247/tcp, 8743/tcp, 19791/tcp, 55085/tcp, 2696/tcp (Unify Admin), 50279/tcp, 48606/tcp, 25342/tcp, 7769/tcp, 49472/tcp, 2121/tcp (SCIENTIA-SSDB), 61523/tcp, 48482/tcp, 45698/tcp, 9107/tcp (AstergateFax Control Service), 42994/tcp, 53430/tcp, 27493/tcp, 35290/tcp, 19526/tcp, 3307/tcp (OP Session Proxy), 55561/tcp, 59463/tcp, 16298/tcp, 45397/tcp, 3731/tcp (Service Manager), 16715/tcp, 1551/tcp (HECMTL-DB), 21119/tcp, 13912/tcp, 50622/tcp, 46424/tcp, 58070/tcp, 29750/tcp, 37788/tcp, 845/tcp, 10952/tcp, 51540/tcp, 1477/tcp (ms-sna-server), 17052/tcp, 31058/tcp, 52611/tcp, 58341/tcp, 44321/tcp (PCP server (pmcd)), 60229/tcp, 51566/tcp, 38674/tcp, 16784/tcp, 55908/tcp, 39917/tcp, 45093/tcp, 25987/tcp, 36606/tcp, 2392/tcp (Tactical Auth), 16279/tcp, 21450/tcp, 30906/tcp, 26717/tcp, 8178/tcp, 17593/tcp, 49507/tcp, 59904/tcp, 52992/tcp, 25812/tcp, 58165/tcp, 47487/tcp, 8807/tcp, 26896/tcp, 3402/tcp (FXa Engine Network Port), 15109/tcp, 11544/tcp, 2830/tcp (silkp2), 19421/tcp, 54897/tcp, 6651/tcp, 28175/tcp, 5901/tcp, 24863/tcp, 3466/tcp (WORKFLOW), 58931/tcp, 8318/tcp, 24524/tcp, 15695/tcp, 108/tcp (SNA Gateway Access Server), 1360/tcp (MIMER), 1915/tcp (FACELINK), 32606/tcp, 37651/tcp, 7108/tcp, 57495/tcp, 57923/tcp, 7814/tcp, 16317/tcp, 57886/tcp, 16405/tcp, 55358/tcp, 45379/tcp, 64704/tcp, 59561/tcp, 1175/tcp (Dossier Server), 3071/tcp (ContinuStor Manager Port), 15234/tcp, 27046/tcp, 2353/tcp (pspserver), 20758/tcp, 6868/tcp (Acctopus Command Channel), 62996/tcp, 36341/tcp, 37596/tcp, 8784/tcp, 44609/tcp, 19895/tcp, 32141/tcp, 37354/tcp, 975/tcp, 59171/tcp, 28995/tcp, 9743/tcp, 51693/tcp, 20876/tcp, 9639/tcp, 62722/tcp, 1600/tcp (issd), 38388/tcp, 60768/tcp, 8323/tcp, 1465/tcp (Pipes Platform), 17268/tcp, 38145/tcp, 51059/tcp, 19177/tcp, 53795/tcp, 32580/tcp, 38797/tcp, 4801/tcp (Icona Web Embedded Chat), 27555/tcp, 56294/tcp, 2619/tcp (bruce), 37346/tcp, 50951/tcp, 15457/tcp, 17062/tcp, 17221/tcp, 20052/tcp, 6554/tcp, 10317/tcp, 35952/tcp, 24543/tcp, 59639/tcp, 2487/tcp (Policy Notice Service), 7731/tcp, 8289/tcp, 8315/tcp, 11007/tcp, 6864/tcp, 2138/tcp (UNBIND-CLUSTER), 1041/tcp (AK2 Product), 19356/tcp, 27148/tcp, 42101/tcp, 16617/tcp, 64298/tcp, 51980/tcp, 35822/tcp, 59671/tcp, 2997/tcp (REBOL), 51234/tcp, 50214/tcp, 6067/tcp, 21346/tcp, 32320/tcp, 7495/tcp, 55642/tcp, 29660/tcp, 19948/tcp, 15945/tcp, 37587/tcp, 39028/tcp, 37756/tcp, 52764/tcp, 439/tcp (dasp      Thomas Obermair), 2608/tcp (Wag Service), 7665/tcp, 11513/tcp, 20100/tcp, 27032/tcp, 40089/tcp, 20658/tcp, 37834/tcp, 3437/tcp (Autocue Directory Service), 46335/tcp, 11995/tcp, 15591/tcp, 53538/tcp, 25695/tcp, 52637/tcp, 62561/tcp, 4113/tcp (AIPN LS Registration), 38187/tcp, 55292/tcp, 13598/tcp, 57651/tcp, 36359/tcp, 15256/tcp, 7649/tcp, 42425/tcp, 19691/tcp, 16655/tcp, 2889/tcp (RSOM), 44999/tcp, 2920/tcp (roboEDA), 19256/tcp, 61004/tcp, 56251/tcp, 57465/tcp, 27363/tcp, 25896/tcp, 2430/tcp (venus), 11595/tcp, 44451/tcp, 10547/tcp, 24779/tcp, 1095/tcp (NICELink), 19125/tcp, 688/tcp (ApplianceWare managment protocol), 30296/tcp, 54840/tcp, 10520/tcp, 58075/tcp, 19203/tcp, 43578/tcp, 917/tcp, 8610/tcp (Canon MFNP Service), 64838/tcp, 1771/tcp (vaultbase), 17625/tcp, 10985/tcp, 58795/tcp, 51747/tcp, 52412/tcp, 19474/tcp, 361/tcp (Semantix), 44960/tcp, 64853/tcp, 35675/tcp, 32502/tcp, 18912/tcp, 2874/tcp (DX Message Base Transport Protocol), 8531/tcp, 7142/tcp, 59492/tcp, 59360/tcp, 58999/tcp, 59472/tcp, 19512/tcp, 30173/tcp, 27871/tcp, 1224/tcp (VPNz), 2213/tcp (Kali), 51849/tcp, 28835/tcp, 26889/tcp, 34011/tcp, 11290/tcp, 3703/tcp (Adobe Server 3), 10572/tcp, 56194/tcp, 64092/tcp, 796/tcp, 60113/tcp, 55356/tcp, 11692/tcp, 19134/tcp, 38165/tcp, 2605/tcp (NSC POSA), 4645/tcp, 8759/tcp, 9765/tcp, 10282/tcp, 29244/tcp, 35483/tcp, 49064/tcp, 52794/tcp, 1436/tcp (Satellite-data Acquisition System 2), 436/tcp (DNA-CML), 40002/tcp, 56856/tcp, 2823/tcp (CQG Net/LAN), 55434/tcp, 257/tcp (Secure Electronic Transaction), 8880/tcp (CDDBP), 60309/tcp, 59451/tcp, 43950/tcp, 31230/tcp, 38645/tcp, 12101/tcp, 7374/tcp, 1497/tcp (rfx-lm), 50452/tcp, 52493/tcp, 25626/tcp, 58237/tcp, 64730/tcp, 18363/tcp, 8908/tcp, 50351/tcp, 16076/tcp, 58336/tcp, 36179/tcp, 64386/tcp, 7330/tcp, 1700/tcp (mps-raft), 46807/tcp, 1280/tcp (Pictrography), 6340/tcp, 51896/tcp, 29251/tcp, 3419/tcp (Isogon SoftAudit), 29173/tcp, 26633/tcp, 53018/tcp, 49194/tcp, 6608/tcp, 38622/tcp, 54561/tcp, 19739/tcp, 35011/tcp, 15308/tcp, 2458/tcp (griffin), 60842/tcp, 17393/tcp, 56602/tcp, 55217/tcp, 50546/tcp, 43057/tcp, 52405/tcp, 33549/tcp, 14490/tcp, 3149/tcp (NetMike Game Server), 20175/tcp, 816/tcp, 1847/tcp (SLP Notification), 17363/tcp, 1808/tcp (Oracle-VP2), 10206/tcp, 17526/tcp, 60831/tcp, 26645/tcp, 17668/tcp, 15593/tcp, 43823/tcp, 59236/tcp, 61075/tcp, 3239/tcp (appareNet User Interface), 51844/tcp, 51617/tcp, 64106/tcp, 51875/tcp, 7234/tcp, 17093/tcp, 45475/tcp, 25973/tcp, 1673/tcp (Intel Proshare Multicast), 16808/tcp, 57244/tcp, 51286/tcp, 2809/tcp (CORBA LOC), 59678/tcp, 53754/tcp, 48480/tcp, 58726/tcp, 61562/tcp, 4190/tcp (ManageSieve Protocol), 57391/tcp, 10210/tcp, 12893/tcp, 1113/tcp (Licklider Transmission Protocol), 19334/tcp, 56381/tcp, 20502/tcp, 2191/tcp (TvBus Messaging), 33620/tcp, 2021/tcp (servexec), 60776/tcp, 53121/tcp, 48761/tcp, 26840/tcp, 373/tcp (Legent Corporation), 27846/tcp, 51975/tcp, 26737/tcp, 15958/tcp, 15918/tcp, 11781/tcp, 10343/tcp, 1212/tcp (lupa), 23539/tcp, 283/tcp (rescap), 54558/tcp, 38070/tcp, 48175/tcp, 29034/tcp, 7644/tcp, 47617/tcp, 18656/tcp, 15713/tcp, 25286/tcp, 16128/tcp, 1295/tcp (End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol), 5937/tcp, 28887/tcp, 7802/tcp, 24744/tcp, 13245/tcp, 18429/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1966 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 131/tcp (cisco TNATIVE), 19534/tcp, 6185/tcp, 15360/tcp, 37555/tcp, 10771/tcp, 2697/tcp (Oce SNMP Trap Port), 14367/tcp, 24985/tcp, 6057/tcp, 64604/tcp, 58711/tcp, 63159/tcp, 10920/tcp, 6802/tcp, 36536/tcp, 25004/tcp (icl-twobase5), 10855/tcp, 59268/tcp, 1905/tcp (Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol), 8214/tcp, 56076/tcp, 45963/tcp, 38859/tcp, 45061/tcp, 27996/tcp, 15204/tcp, 17011/tcp, 9268/tcp, 19630/tcp, 50447/tcp, 15412/tcp, 19833/tcp, 38927/tcp, 56686/tcp, 26899/tcp, 1504/tcp (EVB Software Engineering License Manager), 14319/tcp, 25822/tcp, 48293/tcp, 58522/tcp, 1954/tcp (ABR-API (diskbridge)), 56064/tcp, 2896/tcp (ECOVISIONG6-1), 57938/tcp, 54898/tcp, 14971/tcp, 36101/tcp, 45989/tcp, 718/tcp, 2598/tcp (Citrix MA Client), 59093/tcp, 15156/tcp, 50856/tcp, 52251/tcp, 58689/tcp, 6733/tcp, 4399/tcp, 1473/tcp (OpenMath), 11591/tcp, 49189/tcp, 17253/tcp, 37778/tcp, 19564/tcp, 55641/tcp, 13954/tcp, 64693/tcp, 8088/tcp (Radan HTTP), 748/tcp (Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager), 51362/tcp, 54255/tcp, 44762/tcp, 21794/tcp, 39200/tcp, 39206/tcp, 56997/tcp, 3368/tcp, 19135/tcp, 28268/tcp, 52917/tcp, 60465/tcp, 2457/tcp (Rapido_IP), 7966/tcp, 34297/tcp, 18581/tcp, 58406/tcp, 36145/tcp, 53478/tcp, 27642/tcp, 28809/tcp, 1451/tcp (IBM Information Management), 55044/tcp, 45509/tcp, 50948/tcp, 18667/tcp, 57653/tcp, 48680/tcp, 21058/tcp, 8854/tcp, 62845/tcp, 2788/tcp (NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software), 59939/tcp, 26639/tcp, 49116/tcp, 52586/tcp, 54340/tcp, 13506/tcp, 15150/tcp, 28306/tcp, 37416/tcp, 30653/tcp, 32124/tcp, 2951/tcp (OTTP), 11208/tcp (WiFree Service), 57603/tcp, 18717/tcp, 60653/tcp, 12967/tcp, 5201/tcp (TARGUS GetData 1), 47456/tcp, 18732/tcp, 48148/tcp, 27427/tcp, 64019/tcp, 20558/tcp, 17279/tcp, 45953/tcp, 45531/tcp, 2034/tcp (scoremgr), 47740/tcp, 56272/tcp, 58853/tcp, 14547/tcp, 60318/tcp, 1637/tcp (ISP shared local data control), 33134/tcp, 26532/tcp, 14572/tcp, 43489/tcp, 1756/tcp (capfast-lmd), 37830/tcp, 31949/tcp (Embedded Device Configuration Protocol RX), 8185/tcp, 55593/tcp, 3410/tcp (NetworkLens SSL Event), 18132/tcp, 28528/tcp, 874/tcp, 17524/tcp, 35342/tcp, 64858/tcp, 1663/tcp (netview-aix-3), 19100/tcp, 60597/tcp, 55080/tcp, 25798/tcp, 26827/tcp, 5539/tcp, 17498/tcp, 27409/tcp, 22304/tcp, 15990/tcp, 1569/tcp (ets), 32218/tcp, 22209/tcp, 63606/tcp, 1508/tcp (diagmond), 24550/tcp, 64117/tcp, 43541/tcp, 55924/tcp, 35575/tcp, 63431/tcp, 16717/tcp, 3778/tcp (Cutler-Hammer IT Port), 44022/tcp, 25465/tcp, 32968/tcp, 20044/tcp, 14813/tcp, 6781/tcp, 45087/tcp, 14946/tcp, 59743/tcp, 26775/tcp, 17568/tcp, 711/tcp (Cisco TDP), 30066/tcp, 1373/tcp (Chromagrafx), 36134/tcp, 2593/tcp (MNS Mail Notice Service), 52188/tcp, 16388/tcp, 34040/tcp, 9751/tcp, 62544/tcp, 59985/tcp, 432/tcp (IASD), 64830/tcp, 1343/tcp (re101), 37116/tcp, 9927/tcp, 12078/tcp, 38609/tcp, 18450/tcp, 6289/tcp, 17801/tcp, 43899/tcp, 16421/tcp, 40011/tcp, 17469/tcp, 61249/tcp, 4797/tcp, 60035/tcp, 43310/tcp, 1372/tcp (Fujitsu Config Protocol), 10803/tcp, 30675/tcp, 14275/tcp, 61252/tcp, 18641/tcp, 42254/tcp, 20061/tcp, 21164/tcp, 13993/tcp, 20619/tcp, 1667/tcp (netview-aix-7), 27541/tcp, 44963/tcp, 2156/tcp (Talari Reliable Protocol), 8662/tcp, 6303/tcp, 19538/tcp, 19142/tcp, 47486/tcp, 64905/tcp, 19164/tcp, 28145/tcp, 16010/tcp, 43428/tcp, 27975/tcp, 58672/tcp, 27850/tcp, 7207/tcp, 16210/tcp, 2417/tcp (Composit Server), 10288/tcp (Blocks), 25617/tcp, 50908/tcp, 57228/tcp, 28837/tcp, 21277/tcp, 29329/tcp, 6847/tcp, 10334/tcp, 58847/tcp, 55133/tcp, 19535/tcp, 49141/tcp, 48855/tcp, 37460/tcp, 38265/tcp, 62723/tcp, 42905/tcp, 53580/tcp, 48532/tcp, 2509/tcp (fjmpss), 29381/tcp, 29325/tcp, 16245/tcp, 27048/tcp, 50526/tcp, 28165/tcp, 469/tcp (Radio Control Protocol), 16444/tcp, 8148/tcp (i-SDD file transfer), 2165/tcp (X-Bone API), 52865/tcp, 62507/tcp, 27044/tcp, 39641/tcp, 38278/tcp, 52940/tcp, 8249/tcp, 58001/tcp, 60112/tcp, 49576/tcp, 20766/tcp, 20323/tcp, 15332/tcp, 39210/tcp, 37591/tcp, 26971/tcp, 35158/tcp, 51183/tcp, 14877/tcp, 57613/tcp, 18951/tcp, 34628/tcp, 44334/tcp, 21145/tcp, 63542/tcp, 47104/tcp, 27515/tcp, 27866/tcp, 2999/tcp (RemoteWare Unassigned), 57689/tcp, 50749/tcp, 1525/tcp (Prospero Directory Service non-priv), 7647/tcp, 10264/tcp, 10236/tcp, 7112/tcp, 43481/tcp, 54953/tcp, 20204/tcp, 2083/tcp (Secure Radius Service), 38667/tcp, 17580/tcp, 21495/tcp, 17450/tcp, 17635/tcp, 52973/tcp, 2147/tcp (Live Vault Authentication), 9826/tcp, 1575/tcp (oraclenames), 14289/tcp, 58032/tcp, 6036/tcp, 10576/tcp, 27375/tcp, 46137/tcp, 38996/tcp, 14229/tcp, 18320/tcp, 48089/tcp, 6759/tcp, 31557/tcp, 7795/tcp, 20592/tcp, 744/tcp (Flexible License Manager), 2674/tcp (ewnn), 7800/tcp (Apple Software Restore), 35561/tcp, 94/tcp (Tivoli Object Dispatcher), 1186/tcp (MySQL Cluster Manager), 14241/tcp, 1024/tcp (Reserved), 26980/tcp, 7190/tcp, 38749/tcp, 53431/tcp, 19143/tcp, 17941/tcp, 16515/tcp, 1906/tcp (TPortMapperReq), 51105/tcp, 26380/tcp, 45372/tcp, 985/tcp, 37094/tcp, 1430/tcp (Hypercom TPDU), 59115/tcp, 6907/tcp, 36390/tcp, 53095/tcp, 32611/tcp, 36959/tcp, 55057/tcp, 56073/tcp, 55259/tcp, 39563/tcp, 35439/tcp, 8687/tcp, 8431/tcp, 56112/tcp, 64716/tcp, 50801/tcp, 31989/tcp, 22154/tcp, 53757/tcp, 15587/tcp, 60159/tcp, 20162/tcp, 54294/tcp, 49041/tcp, 57679/tcp, 19675/tcp, 4851/tcp (Apache Derby Replication), 56097/tcp, 27630/tcp, 15000/tcp (Hypack Data Aquisition), 30530/tcp, 2694/tcp (pwrsevent), 130/tcp (cisco FNATIVE), 6119/tcp, 64983/tcp, 1617/tcp (Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication), 7126/tcp, 7469/tcp, 15793/tcp, 7571/tcp, 37256/tcp, 34985/tcp, 30504/tcp, 1729/tcp, 11594/tcp, 17755/tcp (ZigBee IP Transport Service), 19409/tcp, 45576/tcp, 524/tcp (NCP), 55658/tcp, 57406/tcp, 30043/tcp, 7091/tcp, 38639/tcp, 47818/tcp, 40054/tcp, 16801/tcp, 63584/tcp, 14103/tcp, 58091/tcp, 34472/tcp, 5409/tcp (Salient Data Server), 60958/tcp, 43094/tcp, 20331/tcp, 49778/tcp, 29709/tcp, 16954/tcp, 15157/tcp, 28167/tcp, 19940/tcp, 6419/tcp (Simple VDR Protocol), 19065/tcp, 46729/tcp, 16667/tcp, 59418/tcp, 56790/tcp, 59723/tcp, 54671/tcp, 55122/tcp, 16052/tcp, 61981/tcp, 6194/tcp, 18424/tcp, 15299/tcp, 26113/tcp, 15055/tcp, 7117/tcp, 21972/tcp, 18425/tcp, 49193/tcp, 16620/tcp, 17957/tcp, 53717/tcp, 46372/tcp, 7826/tcp, 55234/tcp, 789/tcp, 17427/tcp, 9521/tcp, 31991/tcp, 12801/tcp, 9554/tcp, 5343/tcp (Sculptor Database Server), 6911/tcp, 57003/tcp, 40223/tcp, 1690/tcp (ng-umds), 20571/tcp, 56891/tcp, 461/tcp (DataRampSrv), 55155/tcp, 5866/tcp, 11119/tcp, 157/tcp (KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol), 57622/tcp, 15376/tcp, 13337/tcp, 19269/tcp, 2160/tcp (APC 2160), 55338/tcp, 21362/tcp, 13066/tcp, 16649/tcp, 36781/tcp, 12075/tcp, 23578/tcp, 15330/tcp, 1603/tcp (pickodbc), 36642/tcp, 35541/tcp, 50799/tcp, 56278/tcp, 58752/tcp, 59783/tcp, 11569/tcp, 7365/tcp (LifeKeeper Communications), 36281/tcp, 10232/tcp, 36873/tcp, 16419/tcp, 28641/tcp, 18290/tcp, 34474/tcp, 63689/tcp, 25744/tcp, 16896/tcp, 51514/tcp, 18281/tcp, 51653/tcp, 58311/tcp, 44892/tcp, 44424/tcp, 12126/tcp, 38408/tcp, 16431/tcp, 61672/tcp, 35420/tcp, 19151/tcp, 17691/tcp, 55407/tcp, 16507/tcp, 36594/tcp, 58964/tcp, 56320/tcp, 17158/tcp, 15966/tcp, 15785/tcp, 19753/tcp, 36776/tcp, 53523/tcp, 37368/tcp, 13772/tcp, 61405/tcp, 7854/tcp, 22183/tcp, 33445/tcp, 55509/tcp, 11874/tcp, 20379/tcp, 39340/tcp, 57426/tcp, 43184/tcp, 28472/tcp, 54780/tcp, 9691/tcp, 7086/tcp, 15487/tcp, 32398/tcp, 3103/tcp (Autocue SMI Protocol), 61863/tcp, 46249/tcp, 15003/tcp, 7791/tcp, 38291/tcp, 59204/tcp, 4562/tcp, 50700/tcp, 49433/tcp, 36744/tcp, 38340/tcp, 20383/tcp, 21372/tcp, 7739/tcp, 38587/tcp, 49024/tcp, 29712/tcp, 58349/tcp, 59374/tcp, 36419/tcp, 27816/tcp, 45239/tcp, 50883/tcp, 3045/tcp (ResponseNet), 56752/tcp, 46362/tcp, 19147/tcp, 27967/tcp, 53631/tcp, 61159/tcp, 55922/tcp, 36082/tcp, 18798/tcp, 48331/tcp, 59426/tcp, 1942/tcp (Real Enterprise Service), 59717/tcp, 17954/tcp, 61327/tcp, 50095/tcp, 15871/tcp, 27836/tcp, 5463/tcp (TTL Price Proxy), 26764/tcp, 34931/tcp, 53444/tcp, 6786/tcp (Sun Java Web Console JMX), 28191/tcp, 37904/tcp, 50604/tcp, 58994/tcp, 28989/tcp, 39384/tcp, 56586/tcp, 16771/tcp, 28166/tcp, 56934/tcp, 38924/tcp, 17408/tcp, 16928/tcp, 64046/tcp, 11647/tcp, 17496/tcp, 1591/tcp (ncpm-pm), 7925/tcp, 64786/tcp, 48832/tcp, 27694/tcp, 46989/tcp, 36289/tcp, 19602/tcp, 20349/tcp, 37472/tcp, 61192/tcp, 25870/tcp, 18694/tcp, 5607/tcp, 59719/tcp, 2921/tcp (CESD Contents Delivery Management), 18367/tcp, 2798/tcp (TMESIS-UPShot), 44226/tcp, 56473/tcp, 38414/tcp, 39385/tcp, 20963/tcp, 42343/tcp, 31566/tcp, 1867/tcp (UDRIVE), 36658/tcp, 7653/tcp, 45911/tcp, 18693/tcp, 29708/tcp, 59887/tcp, 2133/tcp (ZYMED-ZPP), 18964/tcp, 759/tcp (con), 16323/tcp, 39178/tcp, 19482/tcp, 34929/tcp, 47186/tcp, 18900/tcp, 7547/tcp (DSL Forum CWMP), 2211/tcp (EMWIN), 1183/tcp (LL Surfup HTTP), 30981/tcp, 1016/tcp, 7783/tcp, 2925/tcp, 49948/tcp, 6693/tcp, 1194/tcp (OpenVPN), 53475/tcp, 49734/tcp, 30835/tcp, 3348/tcp (Pangolin Laser), 2130/tcp (XDS), 55746/tcp, 61724/tcp, 54869/tcp, 48702/tcp, 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4655/tcp, 808/tcp, 36510/tcp, 35517/tcp, 1638/tcp (ISP shared management control), 30702/tcp, 45782/tcp, 58185/tcp, 16325/tcp, 28426/tcp, 3635/tcp (Simple Distributed Objects), 51009/tcp, 15195/tcp, 39715/tcp, 58441/tcp, 27188/tcp, 37055/tcp, 7415/tcp, 61480/tcp, 40456/tcp, 31174/tcp, 18976/tcp, 28043/tcp, 37286/tcp, 27100/tcp, 7348/tcp, 21149/tcp, 55301/tcp, 17028/tcp, 28625/tcp, 4234/tcp, 20688/tcp, 16031/tcp, 56376/tcp, 7902/tcp (TNOS shell Protocol), 10100/tcp (VERITAS ITAP DDTP), 38966/tcp, 64626/tcp, 9889/tcp (Port for Cable network related data proxy or repeater), 28050/tcp, 22534/tcp, 53162/tcp, 31010/tcp, 14721/tcp, 7038/tcp, 46885/tcp, 19727/tcp, 56508/tcp, 21651/tcp, 44970/tcp, 21641/tcp, 38365/tcp, 55249/tcp, 8977/tcp, 15584/tcp, 62766/tcp, 1482/tcp (Miteksys License Manager), 25543/tcp, 57371/tcp, 20566/tcp, 1487/tcp (LocalInfoSrvr), 57665/tcp, 2544/tcp (Management Daemon Refresh), 39690/tcp, 9596/tcp (Mercury Discovery), 51592/tcp, 14698/tcp, 16081/tcp, 62503/tcp, 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8271/tcp, 44944/tcp, 57648/tcp, 33457/tcp, 53196/tcp, 566/tcp (streettalk), 53728/tcp, 17229/tcp, 17967/tcp, 8107/tcp, 4487/tcp (Protocol for Remote Execution over TCP), 63122/tcp, 55506/tcp, 46340/tcp, 53876/tcp, 40631/tcp, 64723/tcp, 3538/tcp (IBM Directory Server), 14650/tcp, 16195/tcp, 54754/tcp, 6015/tcp, 57064/tcp, 17883/tcp, 16734/tcp, 5704/tcp, 35234/tcp, 46568/tcp, 2856/tcp (cesdinv), 51753/tcp, 19825/tcp, 29787/tcp, 13379/tcp, 18346/tcp, 8136/tcp, 9399/tcp, 15861/tcp, 41754/tcp, 39939/tcp, 52282/tcp, 10955/tcp, 53427/tcp, 1763/tcp (cft-2), 21833/tcp, 46067/tcp, 37573/tcp, 60008/tcp, 54799/tcp, 32171/tcp, 52002/tcp, 9901/tcp, 16107/tcp, 17091/tcp, 10525/tcp, 38723/tcp, 60445/tcp, 24217/tcp, 6141/tcp (Meta Corporation License Manager), 537/tcp (Networked Media Streaming Protocol), 36896/tcp, 19195/tcp, 27710/tcp, 1462/tcp (World License Manager), 29214/tcp, 56765/tcp, 57674/tcp, 59823/tcp, 11642/tcp, 18795/tcp, 44178/tcp, 15743/tcp, 27662/tcp, 27277/tcp, 6389/tcp (clariion-evr01), 54315/tcp, 7769/tcp, 63811/tcp, 335/tcp, 2539/tcp (VSI Admin), 6045/tcp, 51315/tcp, 49451/tcp, 1550/tcp (Image Storage license manager 3M Company), 29734/tcp, 13811/tcp, 19526/tcp, 5385/tcp, 46528/tcp, 16171/tcp, 1011/tcp, 6088/tcp, 15757/tcp, 37174/tcp, 55262/tcp, 16088/tcp, 41871/tcp, 893/tcp, 41655/tcp, 36181/tcp, 45524/tcp, 1385/tcp (Atex Publishing License Manager), 845/tcp, 60470/tcp, 16773/tcp, 36602/tcp, 7601/tcp, 44977/tcp, 16322/tcp, 2242/tcp (Folio Remote Server), 29604/tcp, 27233/tcp, 16272/tcp, 51031/tcp, 12127/tcp, 16854/tcp, 18326/tcp, 10773/tcp, 53155/tcp, 19634/tcp, 39917/tcp, 16645/tcp, 15971/tcp, 28173/tcp, 35089/tcp, 50366/tcp, 37324/tcp, 52608/tcp, 56071/tcp, 58505/tcp, 63827/tcp, 16828/tcp, 61568/tcp, 59961/tcp, 55457/tcp, 47993/tcp, 46859/tcp, 32459/tcp, 6558/tcp (xdsxdm), 35136/tcp, 2679/tcp (Sync Server SSL), 7616/tcp, 2343/tcp (nati logos), 17359/tcp, 12156/tcp, 34181/tcp, 5453/tcp (SureBox), 56560/tcp, 35723/tcp, 54798/tcp, 58607/tcp, 2273/tcp (MySQL Instance Manager), 33479/tcp, 39323/tcp, 27481/tcp, 26661/tcp, 15269/tcp, 2331/tcp (AGENTVIEW), 18214/tcp, 19191/tcp (OPSEC UAA), 35900/tcp, 56703/tcp, 44736/tcp, 8331/tcp, 37651/tcp, 38626/tcp, 60160/tcp, 43998/tcp, 56727/tcp, 63580/tcp, 11818/tcp, 2705/tcp (SDS Admin), 1225/tcp (SLINKYSEARCH), 64704/tcp, 1916/tcp (Persoft Persona), 38918/tcp, 54924/tcp, 53884/tcp, 50851/tcp, 58379/tcp, 13427/tcp, 27431/tcp, 43797/tcp, 2977/tcp (TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS), 36341/tcp, 6764/tcp, 60538/tcp, 16096/tcp, 18552/tcp, 20032/tcp, 19561/tcp, 54976/tcp, 1926/tcp (Evolution Game Server), 48636/tcp, 975/tcp, 46851/tcp, 50426/tcp, 1510/tcp (Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.), 31810/tcp, 56093/tcp, 54929/tcp, 56090/tcp, 47948/tcp, 55947/tcp, 51213/tcp, 16833/tcp, 31490/tcp, 26841/tcp, 8062/tcp, 1260/tcp (ibm-ssd), 2636/tcp (Solve), 40988/tcp, 19177/tcp, 49268/tcp, 38135/tcp, 6024/tcp, 45479/tcp, 15483/tcp, 39667/tcp, 1255/tcp (de-cache-query), 14202/tcp, 56797/tcp, 58990/tcp, 57916/tcp, 49705/tcp, 38035/tcp, 18794/tcp, 7731/tcp, 26920/tcp, 59037/tcp, 38923/tcp, 46899/tcp, 15685/tcp, 42763/tcp, 11359/tcp, 17165/tcp, 18063/tcp, 44399/tcp, 8114/tcp, 30936/tcp, 2311/tcp (Message Service), 9616/tcp (eRunbook Agent), 6041/tcp, 19486/tcp, 16022/tcp, 20297/tcp, 924/tcp, 7883/tcp, 25770/tcp, 55642/tcp, 11973/tcp, 44002/tcp, 44687/tcp, 40028/tcp, 61227/tcp, 58972/tcp, 44992/tcp, 59775/tcp, 245/tcp (LINK), 7900/tcp (Multicast Event), 51492/tcp, 5022/tcp (mice server), 19490/tcp, 54419/tcp, 16191/tcp, 7259/tcp, 31157/tcp, 20100/tcp, 10242/tcp, 26332/tcp, 52332/tcp, 51284/tcp, 27944/tcp, 46606/tcp, 30731/tcp, 7831/tcp, 62055/tcp, 13632/tcp, 16974/tcp, 60270/tcp, 19321/tcp, 333/tcp (Texar Security Port), 10959/tcp, 28071/tcp, 2480/tcp (Informatica PowerExchange Listener), 43898/tcp, 15678/tcp, 58177/tcp, 17159/tcp, 36817/tcp, 31351/tcp, 38187/tcp, 45776/tcp, 27459/tcp, 35855/tcp, 16679/tcp, 13688/tcp, 8230/tcp (RexecJ Server), 58013/tcp, 45940/tcp, 19047/tcp, 1842/tcp (netopia-vo4), 30627/tcp, 56251/tcp, 7866/tcp, 59046/tcp, 2792/tcp (f5-globalsite), 990/tcp (ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL), 16892/tcp, 15481/tcp, 8551/tcp, 9048/tcp, 1352/tcp (Lotus Note), 8535/tcp, 15043/tcp, 36211/tcp, 30296/tcp, 20623/tcp, 57854/tcp, 54263/tcp, 603/tcp (IDXP), 18392/tcp, 37404/tcp, 30676/tcp, 14825/tcp, 28428/tcp, 6850/tcp (ICCRUSHMORE), 50987/tcp, 13045/tcp, 2483/tcp (Oracle TTC), 17636/tcp, 27561/tcp, 59366/tcp, 58176/tcp, 49076/tcp, 63884/tcp, 1584/tcp (tn-tl-fd2), 57717/tcp, 33114/tcp, 47156/tcp, 57146/tcp, 21093/tcp, 47508/tcp, 14665/tcp, 1094/tcp (ROOTD), 37268/tcp, 50757/tcp, 15941/tcp, 58574/tcp, 27058/tcp, 52686/tcp, 596/tcp (SMSD), 16591/tcp, 26460/tcp, 20410/tcp, 1228/tcp (FLORENCE), 36919/tcp, 29828/tcp, 46749/tcp, 45756/tcp, 44998/tcp, 2170/tcp (EyeTV Server Port), 2325/tcp (ANSYS Licensing Interconnect), 45453/tcp, 25766/tcp, 11851/tcp, 6245/tcp, 24877/tcp, 14625/tcp, 7460/tcp, 1629/tcp (LonTalk urgent), 37648/tcp, 17724/tcp, 49546/tcp, 14598/tcp, 6523/tcp, 56012/tcp, 53070/tcp, 53832/tcp, 56369/tcp, 26340/tcp, 1948/tcp (eye2eye), 499/tcp (ISO ILL Protocol), 61431/tcp, 16401/tcp, 53099/tcp, 2107/tcp (BinTec Admin), 14894/tcp, 49447/tcp, 4823/tcp, 607/tcp (nqs), 39388/tcp, 46197/tcp, 26162/tcp, 61036/tcp, 1406/tcp (NetLabs License Manager), 2006/tcp (invokator), 42600/tcp, 9931/tcp, 31530/tcp, 61353/tcp, 17292/tcp, 59750/tcp, 37395/tcp, 44327/tcp, 4026/tcp (Graphical Debug Server), 51901/tcp, 15957/tcp, 17379/tcp, 64343/tcp, 8937/tcp (Transaction Warehouse Data Service), 22705/tcp, 27355/tcp, 19612/tcp, 55950/tcp, 17152/tcp, 1346/tcp (Alta Analytics License Manager), 36640/tcp, 61852/tcp, 49499/tcp, 19805/tcp, 59129/tcp, 8166/tcp, 59568/tcp, 16347/tcp, 54114/tcp, 12691/tcp, 57220/tcp, 1238/tcp (hacl-qs), 3149/tcp (NetMike Game Server), 17464/tcp, 36951/tcp, 39894/tcp, 19983/tcp, 39154/tcp, 18085/tcp, 53218/tcp, 12387/tcp, 54197/tcp, 28370/tcp, 18734/tcp, 5906/tcp, 46080/tcp, 34498/tcp, 28031/tcp, 2244/tcp (NMS Server), 15444/tcp, 49407/tcp, 57339/tcp, 21097/tcp, 61610/tcp, 16379/tcp, 15656/tcp, 59057/tcp, 56842/tcp, 55174/tcp, 61776/tcp, 2809/tcp (CORBA LOC), 15027/tcp, 19914/tcp, 57592/tcp, 7237/tcp, 49238/tcp, 5662/tcp, 4593/tcp (IPT (ANRI-ANRI)), 7098/tcp, 15398/tcp, 307/tcp, 8654/tcp, 1986/tcp (cisco license management), 36062/tcp, 4639/tcp, 54058/tcp, 2478/tcp (SecurSight Authentication Server (SSL)), 897/tcp, 49387/tcp, 18288/tcp, 10388/tcp, 54645/tcp, 49991/tcp, 60138/tcp, 52304/tcp, 27150/tcp, 23833/tcp, 2718/tcp (PN REQUESTER 2), 43466/tcp, 50244/tcp, 39074/tcp, 36564/tcp, 44938/tcp, 29277/tcp, 20648/tcp, 56830/tcp, 13322/tcp, 15669/tcp, 19318/tcp, 38849/tcp, 57049/tcp, 25595/tcp, 8833/tcp, 54917/tcp, 42585/tcp, 50265/tcp, 54694/tcp, 1107/tcp (ISOIPSIGPORT-2), 2802/tcp (Veritas TCP1).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1934 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 51563/tcp, 28506/tcp, 53954/tcp, 206/tcp (AppleTalk Zone Information), 19016/tcp, 25290/tcp, 2444/tcp (BT PP2 Sectrans), 16788/tcp, 60207/tcp, 995/tcp (pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)), 16846/tcp, 1886/tcp (Leonardo over IP), 1934/tcp (IBM LM Appl Agent), 27965/tcp, 23020/tcp, 52329/tcp, 36963/tcp, 15637/tcp, 14708/tcp, 54876/tcp, 35825/tcp, 17597/tcp, 17398/tcp, 20654/tcp, 45963/tcp, 4033/tcp (SANavigator Peer Port), 61402/tcp, 54498/tcp, 7679/tcp, 27325/tcp, 47252/tcp, 6655/tcp (PC SOFT - Software factory UI/manager), 17844/tcp, 18895/tcp, 44966/tcp, 13662/tcp, 36118/tcp, 15412/tcp, 27020/tcp, 51601/tcp, 16310/tcp (Policy Distribute, Update Notification), 16418/tcp, 387/tcp (Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.), 9940/tcp, 39346/tcp, 22433/tcp, 47691/tcp, 19743/tcp, 2159/tcp (GDB Remote Debug Port), 7270/tcp, 18620/tcp, 20840/tcp, 15452/tcp, 45012/tcp, 45989/tcp, 718/tcp, 43126/tcp, 29757/tcp, 54223/tcp, 1804/tcp (ENL), 45317/tcp, 7691/tcp, 16375/tcp, 18123/tcp, 17253/tcp, 36111/tcp, 49303/tcp, 1168/tcp (VChat Conference Service), 7296/tcp, 1172/tcp (DNA Protocol), 8750/tcp, 50965/tcp, 52280/tcp, 43359/tcp, 57451/tcp, 57982/tcp, 11133/tcp, 50400/tcp, 26032/tcp, 56793/tcp, 555/tcp (dsf), 29839/tcp, 26153/tcp, 60244/tcp, 20902/tcp, 48680/tcp, 9009/tcp (Pichat Server), 59545/tcp, 8503/tcp, 38057/tcp, 47190/tcp, 54185/tcp, 4740/tcp (ipfix protocol over TLS), 8018/tcp, 57611/tcp, 20450/tcp, 11565/tcp, 14345/tcp, 2787/tcp (piccolo - Cornerstone Software), 32374/tcp, 64597/tcp, 53349/tcp, 52840/tcp, 46327/tcp, 16223/tcp, 14538/tcp, 22690/tcp, 53788/tcp, 56148/tcp, 48719/tcp, 49751/tcp, 20457/tcp, 64922/tcp, 38440/tcp, 14025/tcp, 15097/tcp, 61084/tcp, 48148/tcp, 54229/tcp, 49781/tcp, 17279/tcp, 62272/tcp, 51589/tcp, 28958/tcp, 14611/tcp, 57845/tcp, 13880/tcp, 38258/tcp, 51496/tcp, 13998/tcp, 56272/tcp, 50090/tcp, 49355/tcp, 35557/tcp, 53762/tcp, 53249/tcp, 31163/tcp, 50043/tcp, 27303/tcp, 52408/tcp, 28017/tcp, 52381/tcp, 6642/tcp, 15733/tcp, 37700/tcp, 2875/tcp (DX Message Base Transport Protocol), 17175/tcp, 53951/tcp, 1560/tcp (ASCI-RemoteSHADOW), 20123/tcp, 27897/tcp, 39943/tcp, 7088/tcp, 38087/tcp, 60013/tcp, 56248/tcp, 20093/tcp, 52861/tcp, 15935/tcp, 2495/tcp (Fast Remote Services), 15717/tcp, 21265/tcp, 55071/tcp, 49890/tcp, 34955/tcp, 44199/tcp, 15286/tcp, 45788/tcp, 47590/tcp, 20706/tcp, 63453/tcp, 18216/tcp, 51001/tcp, 13579/tcp, 59578/tcp, 7658/tcp, 6374/tcp, 48193/tcp, 49050/tcp, 43996/tcp, 6809/tcp, 55362/tcp, 49860/tcp, 56067/tcp, 57250/tcp, 1586/tcp (ibm-abtact), 42447/tcp, 737/tcp, 38083/tcp, 3321/tcp (VNSSTR), 18541/tcp, 1435/tcp (IBM CICS), 16074/tcp, 16252/tcp, 9022/tcp (PrivateArk Remote Agent), 44198/tcp, 54036/tcp, 820/tcp, 54502/tcp, 8197/tcp, 24777/tcp, 59470/tcp, 62522/tcp, 42970/tcp, 16567/tcp, 45606/tcp, 15226/tcp, 35238/tcp, 49219/tcp, 6167/tcp, 20288/tcp, 59630/tcp, 7984/tcp, 37074/tcp, 17867/tcp, 39431/tcp, 50570/tcp, 22284/tcp, 55132/tcp, 51088/tcp, 7661/tcp, 11997/tcp, 57469/tcp, 58813/tcp, 43691/tcp, 52664/tcp, 34564/tcp, 18360/tcp, 4416/tcp, 54457/tcp, 47583/tcp, 52081/tcp, 48454/tcp, 62093/tcp, 26693/tcp, 16870/tcp, 30683/tcp, 5305/tcp (HA Cluster Test), 44080/tcp, 38269/tcp, 27351/tcp, 17149/tcp, 56614/tcp, 20602/tcp, 64856/tcp, 32653/tcp, 2648/tcp (Upsnotifyprot), 49833/tcp, 17392/tcp, 60086/tcp, 19129/tcp, 43165/tcp, 52456/tcp, 61992/tcp, 13679/tcp, 59299/tcp, 8680/tcp, 37964/tcp, 45041/tcp, 9904/tcp, 34037/tcp, 6516/tcp, 62340/tcp, 45626/tcp, 7835/tcp, 57866/tcp, 19126/tcp, 51646/tcp, 12331/tcp, 14067/tcp, 39054/tcp, 54527/tcp, 17139/tcp, 7478/tcp, 18951/tcp, 55781/tcp, 36376/tcp, 7003/tcp (volume location database), 40757/tcp, 15454/tcp, 44126/tcp, 7705/tcp, 24088/tcp, 19814/tcp, 39612/tcp, 9011/tcp, 14381/tcp, 63909/tcp, 53084/tcp, 34524/tcp, 19700/tcp, 17736/tcp, 380/tcp (TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server), 62376/tcp, 17054/tcp, 26918/tcp, 43486/tcp, 16802/tcp, 17450/tcp, 36010/tcp, 59991/tcp, 28450/tcp, 12721/tcp, 44996/tcp, 13296/tcp, 7159/tcp, 21376/tcp, 19277/tcp, 57904/tcp, 33836/tcp, 45710/tcp, 50392/tcp, 44479/tcp, 35587/tcp, 61879/tcp, 48350/tcp, 55409/tcp, 466/tcp (digital-vrc), 64794/tcp, 49066/tcp, 55837/tcp, 33732/tcp, 53017/tcp, 55610/tcp, 28296/tcp, 46450/tcp, 46015/tcp, 48174/tcp, 38644/tcp, 4130/tcp (FRONET message protocol), 20628/tcp, 2263/tcp (ECweb Configuration Service), 49555/tcp, 31468/tcp, 46106/tcp, 14130/tcp, 62183/tcp, 60542/tcp, 21655/tcp, 21781/tcp, 7840/tcp, 64515/tcp, 1046/tcp (WebFilter Remote Monitor), 36825/tcp, 58169/tcp, 32069/tcp, 49842/tcp, 45353/tcp, 16353/tcp, 57057/tcp, 39262/tcp, 15587/tcp, 6649/tcp, 54294/tcp, 45213/tcp, 20245/tcp, 48252/tcp, 39035/tcp, 18730/tcp, 50878/tcp, 21005/tcp, 30039/tcp, 52099/tcp, 60077/tcp, 16876/tcp, 19226/tcp, 64983/tcp, 48810/tcp, 8048/tcp, 6934/tcp, 57804/tcp, 6476/tcp, 17755/tcp (ZigBee IP Transport Service), 2538/tcp (vnwk-prapi), 45469/tcp, 9522/tcp, 38794/tcp, 17331/tcp, 39567/tcp, 2321/tcp (RDLAP), 58005/tcp, 9590/tcp, 15700/tcp, 58297/tcp, 53043/tcp, 30984/tcp, 29095/tcp, 30869/tcp, 19024/tcp, 18401/tcp, 7497/tcp, 16109/tcp, 58772/tcp, 54281/tcp, 18872/tcp, 57280/tcp, 25848/tcp, 55811/tcp, 16706/tcp, 40394/tcp, 64851/tcp, 18878/tcp, 19065/tcp, 17123/tcp, 7646/tcp, 44282/tcp, 35932/tcp, 57176/tcp, 30527/tcp, 38998/tcp, 21024/tcp, 43853/tcp, 20065/tcp, 2738/tcp (NDL TCP-OSI Gateway), 18564/tcp, 57840/tcp, 36259/tcp, 3630/tcp (C&S Remote Database Port), 23805/tcp, 59348/tcp, 26075/tcp, 18498/tcp, 3676/tcp (VisualAge Pacbase server), 861/tcp (OWAMP-Control), 36528/tcp, 15539/tcp, 48323/tcp, 52076/tcp, 1755/tcp (ms-streaming), 59325/tcp, 37568/tcp, 15887/tcp, 30118/tcp, 8297/tcp, 11743/tcp, 20807/tcp, 44982/tcp, 43207/tcp, 20005/tcp (OpenWebNet protocol for electric network), 17367/tcp, 17065/tcp, 42685/tcp, 49416/tcp, 822/tcp, 20836/tcp, 50039/tcp, 48023/tcp, 47513/tcp, 8730/tcp, 61592/tcp, 55531/tcp, 57239/tcp, 46314/tcp, 5758/tcp, 9884/tcp, 59783/tcp, 20375/tcp, 59809/tcp, 38334/tcp, 19548/tcp, 36873/tcp, 49537/tcp, 7828/tcp, 36438/tcp, 8866/tcp, 17662/tcp, 53783/tcp, 19013/tcp, 9081/tcp, 22429/tcp, 2722/tcp (Proactive Server), 61008/tcp, 30665/tcp, 53240/tcp, 8509/tcp, 55255/tcp, 44048/tcp, 56437/tcp, 9977/tcp, 48489/tcp, 58724/tcp, 17126/tcp, 19213/tcp, 1664/tcp (netview-aix-4), 61405/tcp, 17901/tcp, 21599/tcp, 11922/tcp, 11490/tcp, 37912/tcp, 18999/tcp, 15095/tcp, 56324/tcp, 59477/tcp, 14442/tcp, 26009/tcp, 35840/tcp, 12386/tcp, 64524/tcp, 62916/tcp, 3621/tcp (EPSON Network Screen Port), 15582/tcp, 8549/tcp, 37668/tcp, 62041/tcp, 53999/tcp, 32861/tcp, 19041/tcp, 46083/tcp, 29452/tcp, 58685/tcp, 39225/tcp, 60246/tcp, 18798/tcp, 33251/tcp, 50551/tcp, 51358/tcp, 4372/tcp (LAN2CAN Data), 6616/tcp, 23069/tcp, 13084/tcp, 2241/tcp (IVS Daemon), 1982/tcp (Evidentiary Timestamp), 12003/tcp (IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority), 27425/tcp, 57690/tcp, 13018/tcp, 44840/tcp, 60844/tcp, 1591/tcp (ncpm-pm), 7925/tcp, 58481/tcp, 47670/tcp, 7568/tcp, 48362/tcp, 18067/tcp, 17448/tcp, 47382/tcp, 58425/tcp, 28656/tcp, 60874/tcp, 13645/tcp, 17979/tcp, 58072/tcp, 39385/tcp, 19273/tcp, 45447/tcp, 46379/tcp, 52534/tcp, 21911/tcp, 48297/tcp, 16168/tcp, 31137/tcp, 6455/tcp (SKIP Certificate Receive), 44583/tcp, 48915/tcp, 50674/tcp, 10799/tcp, 28585/tcp, 14206/tcp, 15045/tcp, 18515/tcp, 61149/tcp, 48633/tcp, 39872/tcp, 49186/tcp, 53199/tcp, 49678/tcp, 1016/tcp, 7639/tcp, 45375/tcp, 58663/tcp, 48997/tcp, 7355/tcp, 16453/tcp, 20395/tcp, 34907/tcp, 16769/tcp, 49368/tcp, 48075/tcp, 16005/tcp, 6939/tcp, 23443/tcp, 5724/tcp (Operations Manager - SDK Service), 24952/tcp, 6402/tcp (boe-eventsrv), 49102/tcp, 33962/tcp, 20819/tcp, 13824/tcp, 1318/tcp (krb5gatekeeper), 17063/tcp, 36921/tcp, 37295/tcp, 27455/tcp, 44743/tcp, 32563/tcp, 33493/tcp, 23296/tcp, 7590/tcp, 63708/tcp, 58694/tcp, 16820/tcp, 53554/tcp, 37730/tcp, 52407/tcp, 26025/tcp, 35992/tcp, 7069/tcp, 15944/tcp, 3033/tcp (PDB), 16438/tcp, 14333/tcp, 53048/tcp, 38892/tcp, 16619/tcp (X509 Objects Management Service), 57788/tcp, 1020/tcp, 18368/tcp, 44733/tcp, 20453/tcp, 15225/tcp, 54003/tcp, 49782/tcp, 27632/tcp, 19583/tcp, 7843/tcp, 15408/tcp, 49926/tcp, 26169/tcp, 14921/tcp, 20213/tcp, 46839/tcp, 55253/tcp, 6311/tcp, 1347/tcp (multi media conferencing), 1416/tcp (Novell LU6.2), 1864/tcp (Paradym 31 Port), 17266/tcp, 17058/tcp, 35371/tcp, 45178/tcp, 25338/tcp, 54338/tcp, 950/tcp, 15197/tcp, 49098/tcp, 3717/tcp (WV CSP UDP/IP CIR Channel), 21953/tcp, 23173/tcp, 51083/tcp, 8100/tcp (Xprint Server), 11335/tcp, 16187/tcp, 39969/tcp, 1125/tcp (HP VMM Agent), 7360/tcp, 61999/tcp, 57814/tcp, 17009/tcp, 29809/tcp, 19557/tcp, 9141/tcp, 48910/tcp, 17487/tcp, 15395/tcp, 50470/tcp, 2055/tcp (Iliad-Odyssey Protocol), 43875/tcp, 58187/tcp, 15715/tcp, 58395/tcp, 37471/tcp, 36108/tcp, 43538/tcp, 53605/tcp, 48284/tcp, 18181/tcp (OPSEC CVP), 48920/tcp, 38619/tcp, 47356/tcp, 16090/tcp, 63834/tcp, 60117/tcp, 15121/tcp, 56941/tcp, 30222/tcp, 12422/tcp, 55684/tcp, 38820/tcp, 28245/tcp, 61436/tcp, 27910/tcp, 14315/tcp, 55917/tcp, 4860/tcp, 889/tcp, 49068/tcp, 64344/tcp, 17600/tcp, 53274/tcp, 58012/tcp, 40015/tcp, 48498/tcp, 14359/tcp, 1818/tcp (Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol), 26030/tcp, 37438/tcp, 58275/tcp, 13528/tcp, 44860/tcp, 58942/tcp, 1499/tcp (Federico Heinz Consultora), 64907/tcp, 59277/tcp, 7906/tcp, 44704/tcp, 36684/tcp, 8152/tcp, 489/tcp (nest-protocol), 51162/tcp, 32297/tcp, 49212/tcp, 53814/tcp, 7322/tcp, 58289/tcp, 38257/tcp, 62130/tcp, 36989/tcp, 20022/tcp, 33824/tcp, 58399/tcp, 40320/tcp, 51187/tcp, 18103/tcp, 17620/tcp, 1922/tcp (Tapestry), 41373/tcp, 38544/tcp, 48224/tcp, 16208/tcp, 14975/tcp, 29683/tcp, 61373/tcp, 13605/tcp, 43136/tcp, 29151/tcp, 4986/tcp (Model Railway Interface Program), 21725/tcp, 52151/tcp, 903/tcp (self documenting Telnet Panic Door), 3490/tcp (Colubris Management Port), 3386/tcp (GPRS Data), 28693/tcp, 39281/tcp, 44152/tcp, 63810/tcp, 25901/tcp (NIObserver), 32615/tcp, 44074/tcp, 49269/tcp, 27660/tcp, 57361/tcp, 32526/tcp, 60681/tcp, 16078/tcp, 36361/tcp, 48737/tcp, 21336/tcp, 58042/tcp, 17889/tcp, 35926/tcp, 62310/tcp, 4771/tcp, 36762/tcp, 4302/tcp (Diagnostic Data Control), 16571/tcp, 17763/tcp, 13901/tcp, 18752/tcp, 18317/tcp, 59351/tcp, 49673/tcp, 16675/tcp, 14991/tcp, 45652/tcp, 2947/tcp (GPS Daemon request/response protocol), 1964/tcp (SOLID E ENGINE), 43159/tcp, 12305/tcp, 19169/tcp, 12143/tcp, 11130/tcp, 51745/tcp, 47505/tcp, 28560/tcp, 57214/tcp, 29032/tcp, 9985/tcp, 11104/tcp (NetApp Intercluster Management), 20972/tcp, 38444/tcp, 18195/tcp, 9464/tcp, 14462/tcp, 16950/tcp (Simple Generic Client Interface Protocol), 48871/tcp, 52765/tcp, 46829/tcp, 53602/tcp, 44629/tcp, 51925/tcp, 7147/tcp, 60795/tcp, 64653/tcp, 43292/tcp, 6606/tcp, 39684/tcp, 52918/tcp, 2576/tcp (TCL Pro Debugger), 15422/tcp, 58678/tcp, 2092/tcp (Descent 3), 38944/tcp, 57265/tcp, 37252/tcp, 63024/tcp, 4346/tcp (ELAN LM), 2415/tcp (Codima Remote Transaction Protocol), 48279/tcp, 59247/tcp, 39171/tcp, 5636/tcp (SFMdb - SFM DB server), 23984/tcp, 45427/tcp, 53980/tcp, 38846/tcp, 17483/tcp, 42987/tcp, 58827/tcp, 37473/tcp, 63112/tcp, 58545/tcp, 10087/tcp, 2527/tcp (IQ Server), 1308/tcp (Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)), 52839/tcp, 13422/tcp, 2289/tcp (Lookup dict server), 38113/tcp, 57308/tcp, 60925/tcp, 26866/tcp, 55528/tcp, 50521/tcp, 15548/tcp, 44405/tcp, 43002/tcp, 8635/tcp, 42559/tcp, 2060/tcp (Telenium Daemon IF), 15350/tcp, 18599/tcp, 13623/tcp, 30601/tcp, 287/tcp (K-BLOCK), 17424/tcp, 38191/tcp, 860/tcp (iSCSI), 14391/tcp, 8658/tcp, 37250/tcp, 44224/tcp, 9953/tcp (9953), 19448/tcp, 37294/tcp, 47587/tcp, 25015/tcp, 44200/tcp, 17890/tcp, 60386/tcp, 7779/tcp (VSTAT), 19370/tcp, 52203/tcp, 44886/tcp, 58963/tcp, 59119/tcp, 12366/tcp, 16318/tcp, 18847/tcp, 61885/tcp, 31256/tcp, 26585/tcp, 44563/tcp, 927/tcp, 48894/tcp, 57661/tcp, 37343/tcp, 2892/tcp (SNIFFERDATA), 14467/tcp, 43791/tcp, 21976/tcp, 9875/tcp (Session Announcement v1), 17409/tcp, 55791/tcp, 5327/tcp, 5000/tcp (commplex-main), 6951/tcp (OTLP), 16783/tcp, 30953/tcp, 22820/tcp, 43764/tcp, 18838/tcp, 40452/tcp, 30248/tcp, 48859/tcp, 667/tcp (campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies), 57010/tcp, 22939/tcp, 9930/tcp, 59859/tcp, 63018/tcp, 55534/tcp, 57637/tcp, 55051/tcp, 45399/tcp, 819/tcp, 18284/tcp, 20492/tcp, 1350/tcp (Registration Network Protocol), 14690/tcp, 11108/tcp, 16687/tcp, 55535/tcp, 6881/tcp, 46057/tcp, 17000/tcp, 46690/tcp, 3425/tcp (AGPS Access Port), 17802/tcp, 1286/tcp (netuitive), 8327/tcp, 39126/tcp, 32731/tcp, 39437/tcp, 45966/tcp (SSRServerMgr), 1753/tcp, 56863/tcp, 16100/tcp, 57112/tcp, 7580/tcp, 59167/tcp, 18840/tcp, 19019/tcp, 2516/tcp (Main Control), 14207/tcp, 61139/tcp, 53936/tcp, 53126/tcp, 8639/tcp, 17275/tcp, 18590/tcp, 25945/tcp, 48994/tcp, 8174/tcp, 18568/tcp, 811/tcp, 17444/tcp, 57332/tcp, 58474/tcp, 9806/tcp, 18119/tcp, 2646/tcp (AND License Manager), 18846/tcp, 34515/tcp, 20096/tcp, 5741/tcp (IDA Discover Port 1), 16312/tcp, 31903/tcp, 49503/tcp, 59812/tcp, 42370/tcp, 641/tcp (repcmd), 1623/tcp (jaleosnd), 18611/tcp, 18333/tcp, 959/tcp, 21642/tcp, 56499/tcp, 46794/tcp, 16580/tcp, 43622/tcp, 17610/tcp, 55512/tcp, 54538/tcp, 6133/tcp (New Boundary Tech WOL), 13758/tcp, 5730/tcp (Steltor's calendar access), 52047/tcp, 35744/tcp, 64423/tcp, 54159/tcp, 62278/tcp, 15883/tcp, 20083/tcp, 17654/tcp, 16584/tcp, 3316/tcp (AICC/CMI), 38366/tcp, 8476/tcp, 7970/tcp, 7821/tcp, 62003/tcp, 19022/tcp, 21307/tcp, 1485/tcp (LANSource), 1787/tcp (funk-license), 23065/tcp, 21742/tcp, 54356/tcp, 18769/tcp (IQue Protocol), 45395/tcp, 16906/tcp, 34699/tcp, 40245/tcp, 39732/tcp, 18115/tcp, 14530/tcp, 42886/tcp, 16996/tcp, 57001/tcp, 48937/tcp, 62761/tcp, 40832/tcp, 40573/tcp, 6299/tcp, 16240/tcp, 40326/tcp, 109/tcp (Post Office Protocol - Version 2), 58821/tcp, 55145/tcp, 48128/tcp (Image Systems Network Services), 59415/tcp, 26895/tcp, 9263/tcp, 2522/tcp (WinDb), 6478/tcp, 54512/tcp, 18042/tcp, 40544/tcp, 49551/tcp, 45165/tcp, 64234/tcp, 29553/tcp, 19386/tcp, 20271/tcp, 54534/tcp, 8698/tcp, 46823/tcp, 7412/tcp, 53100/tcp, 9219/tcp, 61119/tcp, 34003/tcp, 46642/tcp, 48693/tcp, 8133/tcp, 741/tcp (netGW), 1712/tcp (resource monitoring service), 62839/tcp, 16519/tcp, 16875/tcp, 17567/tcp, 728/tcp, 20275/tcp, 61889/tcp, 7301/tcp, 15496/tcp, 57038/tcp, 35698/tcp, 16340/tcp, 15627/tcp, 43485/tcp, 56785/tcp, 31022/tcp, 63697/tcp, 7526/tcp, 41702/tcp, 33936/tcp, 51053/tcp, 1001/tcp, 22629/tcp, 45505/tcp, 38953/tcp, 663/tcp (PureNoise), 46346/tcp, 19944/tcp, 10209/tcp, 43135/tcp, 35647/tcp, 16931/tcp, 37055/tcp, 61048/tcp, 48929/tcp, 8379/tcp (Cruise DIAGS), 54368/tcp, 16601/tcp, 39411/tcp, 2672/tcp (nhserver), 44528/tcp, 14468/tcp, 26081/tcp, 14694/tcp, 14260/tcp, 17028/tcp, 3260/tcp (iSCSI port), 15626/tcp, 16719/tcp, 58285/tcp, 3353/tcp (FATPIPE), 15779/tcp, 58464/tcp, 64269/tcp, 2774/tcp (RBackup Remote Backup), 57932/tcp, 14868/tcp, 36297/tcp, 16479/tcp, 59450/tcp, 28552/tcp, 43022/tcp, 47008/tcp, 51206/tcp, 50061/tcp, 13449/tcp, 20509/tcp, 47806/tcp (ALC Protocol), 6263/tcp, 7471/tcp, 53476/tcp, 52913/tcp, 61053/tcp, 949/tcp, 52077/tcp, 1860/tcp (SunSCALAR Services), 17006/tcp, 17586/tcp, 48985/tcp, 61662/tcp, 3011/tcp (Trusted Web), 2521/tcp (Adaptec Manager), 64501/tcp, 8015/tcp, 56450/tcp, 64191/tcp, 11572/tcp, 56644/tcp, 13493/tcp, 38314/tcp, 49856/tcp, 16958/tcp, 36360/tcp, 56047/tcp, 17463/tcp, 18236/tcp, 6925/tcp, 46171/tcp, 61142/tcp, 60757/tcp, 36207/tcp, 36934/tcp, 56458/tcp, 18950/tcp, 50634/tcp, 28660/tcp, 5558/tcp, 55411/tcp, 3308/tcp (TNS Server), 16425/tcp, 64682/tcp, 38745/tcp, 38593/tcp, 20239/tcp, 19194/tcp (UserAuthority SecureAgent), 3634/tcp (hNTSP Library Manager), 10284/tcp, 49146/tcp, 38310/tcp, 47051/tcp, 16392/tcp, 38392/tcp, 8840/tcp, 38613/tcp, 1369/tcp (GlobalView to Unix Shell), 42641/tcp, 47138/tcp, 56577/tcp, 63144/tcp, 45810/tcp, 17497/tcp, 18058/tcp, 50069/tcp, 7107/tcp, 39509/tcp, 40219/tcp, 18899/tcp, 44230/tcp, 21135/tcp, 55327/tcp, 58916/tcp, 53118/tcp, 5783/tcp (3PAR Management Service with SSL), 53735/tcp, 2821/tcp (VERITAS Authentication Service), 5038/tcp, 52690/tcp, 60208/tcp, 62119/tcp, 35545/tcp, 34167/tcp, 16122/tcp, 51847/tcp, 4312/tcp (Parascale Membership Manager), 48581/tcp, 45498/tcp, 37617/tcp, 7672/tcp (iMQ STOMP Server), 42053/tcp, 913/tcp (APEX endpoint-relay service), 7523/tcp, 18970/tcp, 2377/tcp, 56304/tcp, 53404/tcp, 518/tcp (ntalk), 19165/tcp, 129/tcp (Password Generator Protocol), 38567/tcp, 51154/tcp, 17500/tcp (Dropbox LanSync Protocol), 18706/tcp, 60081/tcp, 9966/tcp (OKI Data Network Setting Protocol), 55505/tcp, 52857/tcp, 42574/tcp, 59135/tcp, 22336/tcp, 22786/tcp, 14891/tcp, 49563/tcp, 54497/tcp, 43944/tcp, 38589/tcp, 20327/tcp, 16697/tcp, 54818/tcp, 6679/tcp, 36981/tcp, 27814/tcp, 55541/tcp, 19355/tcp, 18469/tcp, 20741/tcp, 10420/tcp, 15622/tcp, 51486/tcp, 58548/tcp, 11617/tcp, 42489/tcp, 18185/tcp (OPSEC OMI), 58727/tcp, 22359/tcp, 45840/tcp, 15996/tcp, 1969/tcp (LIPSinc 1), 28689/tcp, 16739/tcp, 11055/tcp, 35413/tcp, 38652/tcp, 36319/tcp, 17573/tcp, 35627/tcp, 60691/tcp, 31544/tcp, 17422/tcp, 43510/tcp, 5788/tcp, 43438/tcp, 36807/tcp, 16988/tcp, 1321/tcp (PIP), 22485/tcp, 58656/tcp, 10628/tcp, 42299/tcp, 3003/tcp (CGMS), 8200/tcp (TRIVNET), 12334/tcp, 29936/tcp, 22713/tcp, 59556/tcp, 19696/tcp, 9133/tcp, 12948/tcp, 52225/tcp, 8346/tcp, 17775/tcp, 60584/tcp, 25104/tcp, 53301/tcp, 51797/tcp, 48332/tcp, 965/tcp, 46554/tcp, 2895/tcp (NATUS LINK), 57778/tcp, 14895/tcp, 64880/tcp, 62174/tcp, 45931/tcp, 62288/tcp, 20370/tcp, 37469/tcp, 28201/tcp, 23507/tcp, 35316/tcp, 31866/tcp, 56486/tcp, 49686/tcp, 44089/tcp, 44055/tcp, 2295/tcp (Advant License Manager), 7698/tcp, 37464/tcp, 21677/tcp, 15809/tcp, 7334/tcp, 39100/tcp, 48144/tcp, 1913/tcp (armadp), 36311/tcp, 54560/tcp, 36895/tcp, 13602/tcp, 37873/tcp, 18463/tcp (AC Cluster), 61058/tcp, 19373/tcp, 12591/tcp, 62540/tcp, 54850/tcp, 894/tcp, 61183/tcp, 18519/tcp, 18671/tcp, 14461/tcp, 18342/tcp, 37908/tcp, 54088/tcp, 64850/tcp, 50830/tcp, 1355/tcp (Intuitive Edge), 2933/tcp (4-TIER OPM GW), 18162/tcp, 39593/tcp, 6668/tcp, 11744/tcp, 16009/tcp, 2239/tcp (Image Query), 19422/tcp, 15769/tcp, 1116/tcp (ARDUS Control), 62202/tcp, 54006/tcp, 52107/tcp, 53606/tcp, 35188/tcp, 16292/tcp, 55097/tcp, 771/tcp (rtip), 42694/tcp, 56038/tcp, 12357/tcp, 21693/tcp, 59876/tcp, 44944/tcp, 54872/tcp, 58247/tcp, 59067/tcp, 42719/tcp, 51140/tcp, 17967/tcp, 39333/tcp, 62019/tcp, 44464/tcp, 60954/tcp, 8010/tcp, 18016/tcp, 17509/tcp, 36899/tcp, 57064/tcp, 18220/tcp, 48959/tcp, 7918/tcp, 8441/tcp, 29787/tcp, 8126/tcp, 6803/tcp, 8122/tcp (Apollo Admin Port), 17522/tcp, 60062/tcp, 48171/tcp, 44067/tcp, 3587/tcp (Peer to Peer Grouping), 61237/tcp, 2301/tcp (Compaq HTTP), 49260/tcp, 16810/tcp, 46632/tcp, 7417/tcp, 9620/tcp, 57021/tcp, 28033/tcp, 61752/tcp, 21664/tcp, 27531/tcp, 45074/tcp, 19431/tcp, 46067/tcp, 59704/tcp, 17827/tcp, 27228/tcp, 9879/tcp, 38970/tcp, 59005/tcp, 47181/tcp, 7809/tcp, 21197/tcp, 7516/tcp, 25030/tcp, 34872/tcp, 61384/tcp, 51195/tcp, 27461/tcp, 18665/tcp, 52716/tcp, 1459/tcp (Proshare Notebook Application), 33876/tcp, 27710/tcp, 15572/tcp, 34803/tcp, 41540/tcp, 29214/tcp, 35416/tcp, 37259/tcp, 56447/tcp, 50417/tcp, 47962/tcp, 57023/tcp, 25565/tcp, 48149/tcp, 44178/tcp, 18412/tcp, 51641/tcp, 19883/tcp, 40450/tcp, 14104/tcp, 49439/tcp, 23300/tcp, 51894/tcp, 45632/tcp, 22965/tcp, 44278/tcp, 48631/tcp, 15386/tcp, 25321/tcp, 7861/tcp, 59724/tcp, 55032/tcp, 43191/tcp (Reconnoiter Agent Data Transport), 46398/tcp, 42593/tcp, 48358/tcp, 45680/tcp, 56333/tcp, 62781/tcp, 2840/tcp (l3-exprt), 35661/tcp, 44940/tcp, 43704/tcp, 43999/tcp, 23117/tcp, 17511/tcp, 17894/tcp, 24037/tcp, 21342/tcp, 61087/tcp, 35226/tcp, 49946/tcp, 18201/tcp, 48558/tcp, 60607/tcp, 51031/tcp, 2144/tcp (Live Vault Fast Object Transfer), 18106/tcp, 51414/tcp, 29140/tcp, 53456/tcp, 14076/tcp, 50273/tcp, 34899/tcp, 57994/tcp, 52608/tcp, 28667/tcp, 13558/tcp, 30906/tcp, 55463/tcp, 13292/tcp, 8178/tcp, 25883/tcp, 46187/tcp, 24264/tcp, 7185/tcp, 52478/tcp, 56729/tcp, 40067/tcp, 2616/tcp (appswitch-emp), 26026/tcp, 59242/tcp, 38418/tcp, 17359/tcp, 12208/tcp, 49931/tcp, 8807/tcp, 39203/tcp, 5074/tcp (ALES Query), 19230/tcp, 57724/tcp, 17100/tcp, 49703/tcp, 209/tcp (The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol), 34292/tcp, 472/tcp (ljk-login), 24466/tcp, 44308/tcp, 39482/tcp, 48226/tcp, 36397/tcp, 37629/tcp, 868/tcp, 42419/tcp, 39349/tcp, 61337/tcp, 5078/tcp, 33162/tcp, 44736/tcp, 18237/tcp, 45914/tcp, 52360/tcp, 18938/tcp, 38074/tcp, 21158/tcp, 49277/tcp, 18528/tcp, 16416/tcp, 53884/tcp, 31786/tcp, 36912/tcp, 16658/tcp, 18242/tcp, 14244/tcp, 28995/tcp, 51772/tcp, 539/tcp (Apertus Technologies Load Determination), 18307/tcp, 49217/tcp, 1217/tcp (HPSS NonDCE Gateway), 8684/tcp, 15604/tcp, 7434/tcp, 1260/tcp (ibm-ssd), 18389/tcp, 2636/tcp (Solve), 36163/tcp, 46472/tcp, 8632/tcp, 36003/tcp, 37198/tcp, 45927/tcp, 37044/tcp, 49738/tcp, 18232/tcp, 52939/tcp, 57417/tcp, 37905/tcp, 38213/tcp, 37927/tcp, 48829/tcp, 52385/tcp, 37204/tcp, 44866/tcp, 10022/tcp, 44899/tcp, 57369/tcp, 11186/tcp, 64009/tcp, 54996/tcp, 1412/tcp (InnoSys), 38035/tcp, 4792/tcp, 14138/tcp, 64872/tcp, 22298/tcp, 2337/tcp (ideesrv), 2438/tcp (MSP), 60192/tcp, 45658/tcp, 8497/tcp, 17165/tcp, 7140/tcp, 8301/tcp (Amberon PPC/PPS), 57575/tcp, 48302/tcp, 55437/tcp, 20039/tcp, 313/tcp (Magenta Logic), 62775/tcp, 7096/tcp, 7055/tcp, 20310/tcp, 21346/tcp, 365/tcp (DTK), 17109/tcp, 20632/tcp, 279/tcp, 53210/tcp, 14686/tcp, 8602/tcp, 15879/tcp, 22856/tcp, 14990/tcp, 2929/tcp (AMX-WEBADMIN), 37756/tcp, 52764/tcp, 17545/tcp, 32076/tcp, 9368/tcp, 17184/tcp, 42079/tcp, 62388/tcp, 19779/tcp, 63942/tcp, 62226/tcp, 2537/tcp (Upgrade Protocol), 16404/tcp, 50395/tcp, 57601/tcp, 8620/tcp, 4990/tcp (BusySync Calendar Synch. Protocol), 58269/tcp, 44782/tcp, 29961/tcp, 26615/tcp, 29887/tcp, 64212/tcp, 47791/tcp, 36494/tcp, 42243/tcp, 31479/tcp, 38771/tcp, 48557/tcp, 37224/tcp, 56096/tcp, 51924/tcp, 12775/tcp, 47765/tcp, 46564/tcp, 25361/tcp, 18198/tcp, 44581/tcp, 56346/tcp, 14642/tcp, 18925/tcp, 26230/tcp, 52739/tcp, 46963/tcp, 7221/tcp, 44535/tcp, 36662/tcp, 14111/tcp, 62677/tcp, 22031/tcp, 32500/tcp, 19256/tcp, 36267/tcp, 2166/tcp (iwserver), 48834/tcp, 7866/tcp, 39080/tcp, 56820/tcp, 990/tcp (ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL), 48037/tcp, 53846/tcp, 23627/tcp, 797/tcp, 14520/tcp, 58321/tcp, 57774/tcp, 48118/tcp, 49234/tcp, 14589/tcp, 38719/tcp, 49076/tcp, 52412/tcp, 17590/tcp, 5863/tcp (PlanetPress Suite Messeng), 24569/tcp, 57717/tcp, 55538/tcp, 14471/tcp, 17977/tcp, 46687/tcp, 46323/tcp, 43259/tcp, 58801/tcp, 53389/tcp, 61824/tcp, 8613/tcp (Canon BJNP Port 3), 62583/tcp, 45596/tcp, 43107/tcp, 6031/tcp, 1094/tcp (ROOTD), 43263/tcp, 440/tcp (sgcp), 58574/tcp, 14483/tcp, 50237/tcp, 60948/tcp, 35725/tcp, 8594/tcp, 34725/tcp, 41670/tcp, 9899/tcp (SCTP TUNNELING), 61941/tcp, 38239/tcp, 16544/tcp, 27076/tcp, 61490/tcp, 51895/tcp, 2170/tcp (EyeTV Server Port), 18834/tcp, 22966/tcp, 45171/tcp, 62410/tcp, 49939/tcp, 50396/tcp, 38317/tcp, 54266/tcp, 31594/tcp, 22943/tcp, 49654/tcp, 42470/tcp, 32883/tcp, 54155/tcp, 17534/tcp, 57330/tcp, 28433/tcp, 36830/tcp, 19609/tcp, 56395/tcp, 607/tcp (nqs), 46197/tcp, 43444/tcp, 38645/tcp, 54791/tcp, 44834/tcp, 10981/tcp, 9769/tcp, 16853/tcp, 7233/tcp, 17118/tcp, 58237/tcp, 23779/tcp, 35364/tcp, 6937/tcp, 37577/tcp, 37395/tcp, 25673/tcp, 35063/tcp, 27415/tcp, 37860/tcp, 20740/tcp, 41056/tcp, 15295/tcp, 62077/tcp, 13402/tcp, 38622/tcp, 9191/tcp (Sun AppSvr JPDA), 2564/tcp (HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet), 9784/tcp, 24368/tcp, 21002/tcp, 19739/tcp, 7594/tcp, 12866/tcp, 46115/tcp, 30947/tcp, 55217/tcp, 9185/tcp, 52405/tcp, 48479/tcp, 51750/tcp, 28582/tcp, 9412/tcp, 52943/tcp, 8836/tcp, 11668/tcp, 64527/tcp, 1067/tcp (Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.), 7152/tcp, 49608/tcp, 45164/tcp, 2766/tcp (Compaq SCP), 16850/tcp, 45252/tcp, 53457/tcp, 11821/tcp, 36754/tcp, 56573/tcp, 48785/tcp, 62960/tcp, 16671/tcp, 61688/tcp, 15317/tcp, 43990/tcp, 52787/tcp, 55174/tcp, 56603/tcp, 53553/tcp, 35669/tcp, 16792/tcp, 19652/tcp, 14371/tcp, 7237/tcp, 52761/tcp, 8192/tcp (SpyTech Phone Service), 49320/tcp, 60374/tcp, 8119/tcp, 61562/tcp, 39459/tcp, 30370/tcp, 16275/tcp, 17271/tcp, 175/tcp (VMNET), 17986/tcp, 27741/tcp, 11342/tcp, 49816/tcp, 62220/tcp, 19004/tcp, 36415/tcp, 18081/tcp, 6594/tcp, 40073/tcp, 27587/tcp, 30218/tcp, 60776/tcp, 13187/tcp, 18285/tcp, 53705/tcp, 48767/tcp, 8450/tcp (npmp), 976/tcp, 41927/tcp, 8162/tcp, 39096/tcp, 27050/tcp, 50466/tcp, 42548/tcp, 47339/tcp, 2348/tcp (Information to query for game status), 48711/tcp, 41391/tcp, 18447/tcp, 47865/tcp, 9112/tcp, 13736/tcp, 2237/tcp (Optech Port1 License Manager), 480/tcp (iafdbase), 12970/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1376 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 3465/tcp (EDM MGR Cntrl), 1336/tcp (Instant Service Chat), 44460/tcp, 38183/tcp, 2650/tcp (eristwoguns), 60182/tcp, 62433/tcp, 16857/tcp, 27860/tcp, 6873/tcp, 21898/tcp, 50269/tcp, 64902/tcp, 15637/tcp, 20548/tcp, 9944/tcp, 44730/tcp, 22147/tcp, 20294/tcp, 2035/tcp (imsldoc), 619/tcp (Compaq EVM), 15204/tcp, 27663/tcp, 33083/tcp, 18972/tcp, 63040/tcp, 46550/tcp, 61606/tcp, 48097/tcp, 1440/tcp (Eicon Service Location Protocol), 37451/tcp, 49859/tcp, 22637/tcp, 45726/tcp, 32779/tcp, 45392/tcp, 43479/tcp, 32734/tcp, 1206/tcp (Anthony Data), 43737/tcp, 24271/tcp, 794/tcp, 48972/tcp, 30728/tcp, 53850/tcp, 55605/tcp, 7691/tcp, 47642/tcp, 27949/tcp, 45067/tcp, 16765/tcp, 36859/tcp, 8256/tcp, 56755/tcp, 37931/tcp, 49072/tcp, 11590/tcp, 17096/tcp, 7263/tcp, 48196/tcp, 59121/tcp, 5828/tcp, 38003/tcp, 45836/tcp, 61279/tcp, 15526/tcp, 64689/tcp, 36964/tcp, 46132/tcp, 58325/tcp, 48018/tcp, 6977/tcp, 1678/tcp (prolink), 55817/tcp, 1991/tcp (cisco STUN Priority 2 port), 44659/tcp, 61261/tcp, 64410/tcp, 5879/tcp, 58405/tcp, 12736/tcp, 18150/tcp, 57564/tcp, 53831/tcp, 11390/tcp, 62352/tcp, 55973/tcp, 53813/tcp, 39229/tcp, 22991/tcp, 6277/tcp, 51496/tcp, 48328/tcp, 47740/tcp, 61558/tcp, 18194/tcp, 33088/tcp, 15661/tcp, 51973/tcp, 2300/tcp (CVMMON), 28017/tcp, 15961/tcp, 46245/tcp, 31504/tcp, 15991/tcp, 32932/tcp, 37700/tcp, 1958/tcp (CA Administration Daemon), 39050/tcp, 19048/tcp, 37626/tcp, 51544/tcp, 38025/tcp, 48327/tcp, 8528/tcp, 34096/tcp, 26432/tcp, 7940/tcp, 53400/tcp, 48506/tcp, 14965/tcp, 22384/tcp, 38470/tcp, 9438/tcp, 47073/tcp, 17498/tcp, 6712/tcp, 37957/tcp, 7100/tcp (X Font Service), 16344/tcp, 59779/tcp, 39737/tcp, 1099/tcp (RMI Registry), 51920/tcp, 23474/tcp, 12204/tcp, 53405/tcp, 13668/tcp, 49990/tcp, 47839/tcp, 22816/tcp, 44717/tcp, 27842/tcp, 42555/tcp, 27146/tcp, 51821/tcp, 52713/tcp, 56580/tcp, 36651/tcp, 7788/tcp, 60091/tcp, 20544/tcp, 56510/tcp, 44129/tcp, 38713/tcp, 11137/tcp, 59630/tcp, 38204/tcp, 37853/tcp, 18960/tcp, 64105/tcp, 51337/tcp, 64846/tcp, 44697/tcp, 37015/tcp, 47945/tcp, 48454/tcp, 4948/tcp, 3673/tcp (Openview Media Vault GUI), 50783/tcp, 64775/tcp, 4629/tcp, 19324/tcp, 19535/tcp, 21324/tcp, 20985/tcp, 14981/tcp, 18551/tcp, 5321/tcp (Webservices-based Zn interface of BSF over SSL), 27483/tcp, 19992/tcp, 27762/tcp, 14834/tcp, 716/tcp, 47959/tcp, 13679/tcp, 15812/tcp, 62611/tcp, 8519/tcp, 15303/tcp, 44814/tcp, 16174/tcp, 56767/tcp, 49712/tcp, 49124/tcp, 47130/tcp, 4782/tcp, 12831/tcp, 589/tcp (EyeLink), 45327/tcp, 8249/tcp, 23549/tcp, 47832/tcp, 46603/tcp, 41319/tcp, 49934/tcp, 37982/tcp, 12130/tcp, 17372/tcp, 43406/tcp, 42561/tcp, 5902/tcp, 55997/tcp, 49629/tcp, 15981/tcp, 20495/tcp, 7408/tcp, 12308/tcp, 50448/tcp, 57585/tcp, 13545/tcp, 8606/tcp, 12561/tcp, 38436/tcp, 48063/tcp, 47570/tcp, 40099/tcp, 13227/tcp, 18987/tcp, 4328/tcp (Jaxer Manager Command Protocol), 47910/tcp, 12526/tcp, 7795/tcp, 53784/tcp, 1882/tcp (CA eTrust Common Services), 17784/tcp, 59906/tcp, 39359/tcp, 28452/tcp, 45762/tcp, 17106/tcp, 57711/tcp, 15658/tcp, 28199/tcp, 8434/tcp, 1709/tcp (centra), 16627/tcp, 2447/tcp (OpenView NNM daemon), 43433/tcp, 35974/tcp, 12853/tcp, 12548/tcp, 13214/tcp, 34751/tcp, 37190/tcp, 46294/tcp, 9290/tcp, 55025/tcp, 8093/tcp, 47538/tcp, 57142/tcp, 57046/tcp, 12844/tcp, 21846/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services), 39456/tcp, 21223/tcp, 13897/tcp, 60535/tcp, 9037/tcp, 15939/tcp, 12940/tcp, 15393/tcp, 45119/tcp, 16445/tcp, 62734/tcp, 61937/tcp, 7474/tcp, 7575/tcp, 52556/tcp, 43554/tcp, 8275/tcp, 15635/tcp, 17506/tcp, 5663/tcp, 37934/tcp, 22355/tcp, 1995/tcp (cisco perf port), 20949/tcp, 22381/tcp, 45070/tcp, 15546/tcp, 37499/tcp, 17807/tcp, 19788/tcp, 17859/tcp, 60075/tcp, 30802/tcp, 2602/tcp (discp server), 16962/tcp, 12613/tcp, 19882/tcp, 54262/tcp, 50678/tcp, 48725/tcp, 20131/tcp, 20833/tcp, 7646/tcp, 58068/tcp, 56871/tcp, 38775/tcp, 61175/tcp, 44094/tcp, 21849/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System), 49652/tcp, 16762/tcp, 27128/tcp, 38496/tcp, 56514/tcp, 58373/tcp, 35803/tcp, 63809/tcp, 54055/tcp, 44797/tcp, 58150/tcp, 18310/tcp, 50879/tcp, 32455/tcp, 13963/tcp, 55181/tcp, 17385/tcp, 53326/tcp, 30118/tcp, 12634/tcp, 60521/tcp, 47512/tcp, 37487/tcp, 30910/tcp, 62262/tcp, 22358/tcp, 38184/tcp, 45068/tcp, 38356/tcp, 22080/tcp, 157/tcp (KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol), 7282/tcp (eventACTION/ussACTION (MZCA) server), 45191/tcp, 385/tcp (IBM Application), 48868/tcp, 39804/tcp, 13066/tcp, 24573/tcp, 18869/tcp, 7464/tcp, 3412/tcp (xmlBlaster), 52054/tcp, 44633/tcp, 21674/tcp, 13962/tcp, 51667/tcp, 23422/tcp, 9386/tcp, 23622/tcp, 4607/tcp, 1530/tcp (rap-service), 46145/tcp, 63706/tcp, 45649/tcp, 37879/tcp, 48466/tcp, 49960/tcp, 37951/tcp, 12618/tcp, 59032/tcp, 54334/tcp, 37051/tcp, 14842/tcp, 52613/tcp, 18316/tcp, 51131/tcp, 17833/tcp, 53632/tcp, 11364/tcp, 51671/tcp, 22203/tcp, 44431/tcp, 15633/tcp, 56324/tcp, 61689/tcp, 45580/tcp, 21546/tcp, 303/tcp, 36811/tcp, 49433/tcp, 32095/tcp, 12565/tcp, 30719/tcp, 45405/tcp, 29631/tcp, 36915/tcp, 34877/tcp, 62314/tcp, 39736/tcp, 39830/tcp, 47787/tcp, 48706/tcp, 53631/tcp, 1998/tcp (cisco X.25 service (XOT)), 32400/tcp, 14182/tcp, 31887/tcp, 48550/tcp, 37899/tcp, 64815/tcp, 50551/tcp, 13353/tcp, 14459/tcp, 16192/tcp, 18619/tcp, 7192/tcp, 52055/tcp, 16914/tcp, 40346/tcp, 38330/tcp, 64066/tcp, 20745/tcp, 10903/tcp, 22047/tcp, 14081/tcp, 56462/tcp, 48200/tcp, 57027/tcp, 39001/tcp, 15091/tcp, 14155/tcp, 1177/tcp (DKMessenger Protocol), 14181/tcp, 49938/tcp, 9725/tcp, 1344/tcp (ICAP), 24011/tcp, 55565/tcp, 18759/tcp, 54434/tcp, 62045/tcp, 62246/tcp, 64984/tcp, 6337/tcp, 180/tcp (Intergraph), 106/tcp (3COM-TSMUX), 13706/tcp, 19865/tcp, 60694/tcp, 49225/tcp, 46677/tcp, 46768/tcp, 64471/tcp, 14712/tcp, 28795/tcp, 16289/tcp, 32448/tcp, 2955/tcp (CSNOTIFY), 20989/tcp, 11664/tcp, 11059/tcp, 22883/tcp, 59136/tcp, 15296/tcp, 41339/tcp, 62025/tcp, 23270/tcp, 4970/tcp (CCSS QSystemMonitor), 50218/tcp, 34645/tcp, 1292/tcp (dsdn), 35442/tcp, 52814/tcp, 39070/tcp, 38592/tcp, 64841/tcp, 6367/tcp, 39197/tcp, 22687/tcp, 61000/tcp, 19599/tcp, 34650/tcp, 17832/tcp, 13022/tcp, 39680/tcp, 64153/tcp, 62332/tcp, 49569/tcp, 36773/tcp, 12892/tcp, 12029/tcp, 18908/tcp, 376/tcp (Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto), 30449/tcp, 18343/tcp, 2542/tcp (uDraw(Graph)), 42168/tcp, 21567/tcp, 45113/tcp, 23445/tcp, 20144/tcp, 17435/tcp, 60311/tcp, 17798/tcp, 57536/tcp, 5922/tcp, 44438/tcp, 15903/tcp, 8100/tcp (Xprint Server), 19639/tcp, 2795/tcp (LiveStats), 37167/tcp, 18032/tcp, 48901/tcp, 3862/tcp (GIGA-POCKET), 52256/tcp, 64854/tcp, 43947/tcp, 17411/tcp, 49220/tcp, 52050/tcp, 51490/tcp, 17397/tcp, 22128/tcp (GSI dCache Access Protocol), 14594/tcp, 18158/tcp, 6467/tcp, 13026/tcp, 16489/tcp, 50962/tcp, 53605/tcp, 58195/tcp, 17202/tcp, 30780/tcp, 16188/tcp, 2903/tcp (SUITCASE), 40378/tcp, 43255/tcp, 57172/tcp, 16898/tcp, 59829/tcp, 64572/tcp, 13528/tcp, 44665/tcp, 46882/tcp, 60984/tcp, 18520/tcp, 48053/tcp, 37068/tcp, 48326/tcp, 10290/tcp, 22350/tcp (CodeMeter Standard), 62733/tcp, 5347/tcp, 1745/tcp (remote-winsock), 31237/tcp, 45373/tcp, 12260/tcp, 63576/tcp, 33983/tcp, 50469/tcp, 13936/tcp, 39002/tcp, 45249/tcp, 51488/tcp, 13849/tcp, 26382/tcp, 10746/tcp, 43743/tcp, 29386/tcp, 44934/tcp, 36788/tcp, 30092/tcp, 44964/tcp, 23192/tcp, 23575/tcp, 7992/tcp, 56681/tcp, 6634/tcp, 19661/tcp, 55688/tcp, 23648/tcp, 31537/tcp, 19573/tcp, 2824/tcp (CQG Net/LAN 1), 56402/tcp, 27429/tcp, 34881/tcp, 16236/tcp, 50250/tcp, 29861/tcp, 22012/tcp, 31194/tcp, 58859/tcp, 43674/tcp, 28315/tcp, 53736/tcp, 18743/tcp, 47985/tcp, 50932/tcp, 50913/tcp, 56019/tcp, 31929/tcp, 51575/tcp, 43619/tcp, 1088/tcp (CPL Scrambler Alarm Log), 61993/tcp, 11464/tcp, 43718/tcp, 55149/tcp, 52009/tcp, 13001/tcp, 35289/tcp, 37038/tcp, 59247/tcp, 62463/tcp, 9346/tcp (C Tech Licensing), 11299/tcp, 31277/tcp, 53980/tcp, 21350/tcp, 56822/tcp, 7036/tcp, 13221/tcp, 64493/tcp, 42388/tcp, 49120/tcp, 11799/tcp, 29274/tcp, 57282/tcp, 19499/tcp, 49176/tcp, 52791/tcp, 2040/tcp (lam), 50038/tcp, 52738/tcp, 17959/tcp, 61710/tcp, 14285/tcp, 44224/tcp, 20401/tcp, 18663/tcp, 62460/tcp, 13649/tcp, 54014/tcp, 35906/tcp, 19521/tcp, 53363/tcp, 49957/tcp, 49600/tcp, 640/tcp (entrust-sps), 8081/tcp (Sun Proxy Admin Service), 55382/tcp, 38288/tcp, 36399/tcp, 30988/tcp, 61971/tcp, 13031/tcp, 13110/tcp, 35115/tcp, 1542/tcp (gridgen-elmd), 64214/tcp, 36833/tcp, 2322/tcp (ofsd), 36736/tcp, 19178/tcp, 15890/tcp, 38866/tcp, 12660/tcp, 49199/tcp, 16383/tcp, 16827/tcp, 8327/tcp, 13275/tcp, 35679/tcp, 38256/tcp, 19272/tcp, 19635/tcp, 63219/tcp, 19223/tcp, 61411/tcp, 16218/tcp, 61426/tcp, 48163/tcp, 16745/tcp, 57514/tcp, 60854/tcp, 31939/tcp, 2750/tcp (fjippol-port1), 14203/tcp, 1540/tcp (rds), 13211/tcp, 2646/tcp (AND License Manager), 62559/tcp, 56971/tcp, 45483/tcp, 3024/tcp (NDS_SSO), 38666/tcp, 18820/tcp, 42262/tcp, 3074/tcp (Xbox game port), 52152/tcp, 62113/tcp, 44603/tcp, 38661/tcp, 57826/tcp, 16033/tcp, 17637/tcp, 19204/tcp, 437/tcp (comscm), 27963/tcp, 46084/tcp, 2624/tcp (Aria), 25058/tcp, 39508/tcp, 41189/tcp, 52980/tcp, 47914/tcp, 45457/tcp, 57473/tcp, 20927/tcp, 15705/tcp, 54662/tcp, 48815/tcp, 19587/tcp, 18154/tcp, 59041/tcp, 36379/tcp, 17185/tcp (Sounds Virtual), 36628/tcp, 26535/tcp, 19982/tcp, 49886/tcp, 47404/tcp, 21402/tcp, 56307/tcp, 43665/tcp, 35792/tcp, 29352/tcp, 53178/tcp, 17882/tcp, 161/tcp (SNMP), 53378/tcp, 49530/tcp, 61335/tcp, 51951/tcp, 32552/tcp, 52482/tcp, 63526/tcp, 44989/tcp, 12152/tcp, 32641/tcp, 17102/tcp, 37599/tcp, 7892/tcp, 16932/tcp, 37847/tcp, 54522/tcp, 57395/tcp, 47843/tcp, 56384/tcp, 6899/tcp, 2553/tcp (efidiningport), 4223/tcp, 13984/tcp, 49551/tcp, 7155/tcp, 17419/tcp, 17445/tcp, 16957/tcp, 60029/tcp, 43076/tcp, 14977/tcp, 63548/tcp, 58887/tcp, 28537/tcp, 45044/tcp, 938/tcp, 58885/tcp, 33810/tcp, 50409/tcp, 54181/tcp, 21314/tcp, 64054/tcp, 44888/tcp, 1880/tcp (Gilat VSAT Control), 33698/tcp, 41702/tcp, 56424/tcp, 42678/tcp, 37678/tcp, 28426/tcp, 44272/tcp, 51009/tcp, 37317/tcp, 324/tcp, 61048/tcp, 48005/tcp, 1393/tcp (Network Log Server), 8372/tcp, 56629/tcp, 21518/tcp, 36283/tcp, 61305/tcp, 509/tcp (snare), 1850/tcp (GSI), 19544/tcp, 45544/tcp, 18190/tcp, 12727/tcp, 46434/tcp, 64936/tcp, 35605/tcp, 63479/tcp, 60312/tcp, 46580/tcp, 59705/tcp, 11669/tcp, 53450/tcp, 42247/tcp, 13305/tcp, 64079/tcp, 9320/tcp, 57633/tcp, 16070/tcp, 48462/tcp, 36059/tcp, 14764/tcp, 50473/tcp, 6672/tcp (vision_server), 38009/tcp, 44009/tcp, 41640/tcp, 47687/tcp, 17985/tcp, 43646/tcp, 52821/tcp, 35022/tcp, 43925/tcp, 44428/tcp, 15877/tcp, 57540/tcp, 52691/tcp, 48607/tcp, 36755/tcp, 20859/tcp, 48634/tcp, 44301/tcp, 30998/tcp, 61648/tcp, 38979/tcp, 1322/tcp (Novation), 20210/tcp, 48524/tcp, 19986/tcp, 49351/tcp, 48811/tcp, 17258/tcp, 16392/tcp, 19784/tcp, 38109/tcp, 20248/tcp, 15530/tcp, 13475/tcp, 15426/tcp, 51233/tcp, 47034/tcp, 23854/tcp, 23705/tcp, 7133/tcp, 39852/tcp, 26719/tcp, 37827/tcp, 11747/tcp, 51392/tcp, 44457/tcp, 21554/tcp (MineScape Design File Server), 48842/tcp, 19447/tcp, 18606/tcp, 18899/tcp, 972/tcp, 30423/tcp, 16219/tcp, 2459/tcp (Community), 8983/tcp, 55668/tcp, 45126/tcp, 15451/tcp, 18928/tcp, 32065/tcp, 15726/tcp, 44577/tcp, 51079/tcp, 12818/tcp, 16723/tcp, 22868/tcp, 19428/tcp, 35978/tcp, 46720/tcp, 53106/tcp, 12282/tcp, 44661/tcp, 12643/tcp, 846/tcp, 39122/tcp, 56923/tcp, 6081/tcp, 13641/tcp, 47182/tcp, 42655/tcp, 52065/tcp, 12509/tcp, 458/tcp (apple quick time), 52842/tcp, 45678/tcp (EBA PRISE), 19417/tcp, 48066/tcp, 1980/tcp (PearlDoc XACT), 5331/tcp, 21414/tcp, 998/tcp (busboy), 20171/tcp, 63959/tcp, 35754/tcp, 1062/tcp (Veracity), 61720/tcp, 36220/tcp, 46498/tcp, 13019/tcp, 36807/tcp, 22996/tcp, 62787/tcp, 35390/tcp, 58020/tcp, 48352/tcp, 27784/tcp, 8828/tcp, 44862/tcp, 18804/tcp, 19831/tcp, 17902/tcp, 13593/tcp, 34288/tcp, 7218/tcp, 34215/tcp, 18756/tcp, 38004/tcp, 63875/tcp, 18337/tcp, 2014/tcp (troff), 46158/tcp, 2029/tcp (Hot Standby Router Protocol IPv6), 47144/tcp, 27686/tcp, 32091/tcp, 18351/tcp, 6010/tcp, 45142/tcp, 35705/tcp, 34255/tcp, 12178/tcp, 35178/tcp, 48459/tcp, 28563/tcp, 44710/tcp, 36499/tcp, 16818/tcp, 12840/tcp, 19508/tcp, 64297/tcp, 38336/tcp, 23478/tcp, 16374/tcp, 44382/tcp, 18006/tcp, 62577/tcp, 8084/tcp, 1652/tcp (xnmp), 49525/tcp, 48580/tcp, 12522/tcp, 44172/tcp, 16727/tcp, 30858/tcp, 14916/tcp, 60493/tcp, 12230/tcp, 42938/tcp, 61269/tcp, 14646/tcp, 18503/tcp, 53937/tcp, 15556/tcp, 57034/tcp, 43158/tcp, 48889/tcp, 35922/tcp, 52460/tcp, 7873/tcp, 6197/tcp, 31293/tcp, 58358/tcp, 59341/tcp, 49744/tcp, 12913/tcp, 49913/tcp, 20879/tcp, 23748/tcp, 59072/tcp, 64723/tcp, 23802/tcp, 28839/tcp, 55203/tcp, 33645/tcp, 37915/tcp, 59346/tcp, 15731/tcp, 27786/tcp, 39502/tcp, 32041/tcp, 60990/tcp, 11483/tcp, 11708/tcp, 38178/tcp, 23218/tcp, 6646/tcp, 18594/tcp, 49246/tcp, 58736/tcp, 13350/tcp, 31764/tcp, 15835/tcp, 16166/tcp, 56908/tcp, 51593/tcp, 7516/tcp, 15634/tcp, 38462/tcp, 9190/tcp, 57443/tcp, 19252/tcp, 62046/tcp, 7561/tcp, 16662/tcp, 8029/tcp, 60818/tcp, 27176/tcp, 50347/tcp, 56911/tcp, 44619/tcp, 20209/tcp, 39336/tcp, 57581/tcp, 16403/tcp, 34981/tcp, 1984/tcp (BB), 58171/tcp, 16883/tcp, 4536/tcp (Event Heap Server SSL), 50321/tcp, 39353/tcp, 49730/tcp, 58708/tcp, 20856/tcp, 42593/tcp, 57306/tcp, 50191/tcp, 12352/tcp, 21863/tcp, 18110/tcp, 44068/tcp, 58433/tcp, 2900/tcp (QUICKSUITE), 37011/tcp, 15704/tcp, 11929/tcp, 16497/tcp, 1456/tcp (DCA), 53746/tcp, 1303/tcp (sftsrv), 216/tcp (Computer Associates Int'l License Server), 44236/tcp, 52712/tcp, 7601/tcp, 14128/tcp, 49679/tcp, 37801/tcp, 63436/tcp, 19800/tcp, 34520/tcp, 16273/tcp, 49302/tcp, 56157/tcp, 59747/tcp, 62306/tcp, 61640/tcp, 55941/tcp, 43847/tcp, 21689/tcp, 47706/tcp, 712/tcp (TBRPF), 50887/tcp, 12208/tcp, 51133/tcp, 38194/tcp, 28608/tcp, 55671/tcp, 22667/tcp, 61512/tcp, 1738/tcp (GameGen1), 1017/tcp, 21644/tcp, 37399/tcp, 19379/tcp, 15221/tcp, 22388/tcp, 1404/tcp (Infinite Graphics License Manager), 2743/tcp (murx), 34014/tcp, 36977/tcp, 37596/tcp, 49511/tcp, 19561/tcp, 38814/tcp, 21872/tcp, 18262/tcp (GV NetConfig Service), 47323/tcp, 13863/tcp, 64884/tcp, 7386/tcp, 57639/tcp, 21994/tcp, 29967/tcp, 36301/tcp, 43518/tcp, 43652/tcp, 38492/tcp, 57224/tcp, 32757/tcp, 63273/tcp, 19664/tcp, 50627/tcp, 22913/tcp, 35952/tcp, 54441/tcp, 55220/tcp, 39599/tcp, 9164/tcp (apani5), 8207/tcp (LM SServer), 50165/tcp, 44210/tcp, 11925/tcp, 20317/tcp, 27457/tcp, 46119/tcp, 39719/tcp, 18786/tcp, 22076/tcp, 55437/tcp, 48394/tcp, 28067/tcp, 10074/tcp, 20904/tcp, 48687/tcp, 21979/tcp, 17584/tcp, 2020/tcp (xinupageserver), 62255/tcp, 43915/tcp, 57299/tcp, 37901/tcp, 17019/tcp, 48771/tcp, 19320/tcp, 43713/tcp, 13223/tcp (PowWow Client), 45255/tcp, 6980/tcp, 43963/tcp, 37265/tcp, 43542/tcp, 36584/tcp, 6032/tcp, 46219/tcp, 3684/tcp (FAXstfX), 29281/tcp, 37834/tcp, 44551/tcp, 19892/tcp, 49655/tcp, 60944/tcp, 36015/tcp, 43690/tcp, 56837/tcp, 12623/tcp, 63351/tcp, 63836/tcp, 5559/tcp, 29504/tcp, 19807/tcp, 52485/tcp, 57663/tcp, 64567/tcp, 50544/tcp, 34446/tcp, 48681/tcp, 63604/tcp, 18097/tcp, 44451/tcp, 19665/tcp, 17806/tcp, 48884/tcp, 36211/tcp, 6441/tcp, 62358/tcp, 49173/tcp, 18124/tcp, 3007/tcp (Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol), 16440/tcp, 58291/tcp, 20305/tcp, 39960/tcp, 20034/tcp (NetBurner ID Port), 62035/tcp, 34463/tcp, 22738/tcp, 64727/tcp, 22351/tcp, 45145/tcp, 1583/tcp (simbaexpress), 16747/tcp, 35549/tcp, 20057/tcp, 16412/tcp, 48641/tcp, 21585/tcp, 16782/tcp, 57213/tcp, 39132/tcp, 61584/tcp, 16296/tcp, 51289/tcp, 36572/tcp, 42741/tcp, 15925/tcp, 62181/tcp, 22807/tcp, 37856/tcp, 53348/tcp, 42282/tcp, 51523/tcp, 60259/tcp, 20346/tcp, 35330/tcp, 50404/tcp, 44330/tcp, 32608/tcp, 22655/tcp, 12330/tcp, 1854/tcp (Buddy Draw), 35497/tcp, 58274/tcp, 30293/tcp, 20561/tcp, 19073/tcp, 48044/tcp, 22177/tcp, 12688/tcp, 1447/tcp (Applied Parallel Research LM), 55986/tcp, 17548/tcp, 15969/tcp, 34534/tcp, 36724/tcp, 54619/tcp, 5165/tcp (ife_1corp), 50035/tcp, 764/tcp (omserv), 13441/tcp, 60156/tcp, 34576/tcp, 19703/tcp, 31455/tcp, 52639/tcp, 37213/tcp, 35196/tcp, 35802/tcp, 16924/tcp, 12691/tcp, 15282/tcp, 38261/tcp, 47739/tcp, 23476/tcp, 18850/tcp, 1808/tcp (Oracle-VP2), 1891/tcp (ChildKey Notification), 21915/tcp, 30170/tcp, 48271/tcp, 20392/tcp, 5471/tcp, 16671/tcp, 61639/tcp, 13370/tcp, 40601/tcp, 17093/tcp, 12539/tcp, 15716/tcp, 50552/tcp, 18334/tcp, 47365/tcp, 53963/tcp, 18973/tcp, 43161/tcp, 7542/tcp (Saratoga Transfer Protocol), 47680/tcp, 17433/tcp, 49063/tcp, 16275/tcp, 18081/tcp, 12234/tcp, 58906/tcp, 30218/tcp, 44567/tcp, 47177/tcp, 20722/tcp, 45983/tcp, 19299/tcp, 26793/tcp, 45112/tcp, 37062/tcp, 49381/tcp, 10702/tcp, 43110/tcp, 689/tcp (NMAP), 20814/tcp, 45347/tcp, 19304/tcp, 19468/tcp, 51594/tcp, 38849/tcp, 18571/tcp, 57533/tcp, 56759/tcp, 59805/tcp, 62418/tcp, 53905/tcp, 15568/tcp, 63566/tcp, 44990/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1812 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 6954/tcp, 17262/tcp, 49853/tcp, 52176/tcp, 6381/tcp, 62407/tcp, 58860/tcp, 51113/tcp, 60904/tcp, 43918/tcp, 36149/tcp, 37164/tcp, 16788/tcp, 29073/tcp, 19239/tcp, 12861/tcp, 60162/tcp, 22072/tcp, 21898/tcp, 22324/tcp, 13745/tcp, 21454/tcp, 43846/tcp, 60202/tcp, 16408/tcp, 34668/tcp, 58734/tcp, 60826/tcp, 18437/tcp, 20261/tcp, 20797/tcp, 21157/tcp, 50988/tcp, 22168/tcp, 56075/tcp, 59143/tcp, 8502/tcp, 1440/tcp (Eicon Service Location Protocol), 37774/tcp, 56588/tcp, 24165/tcp, 56244/tcp, 29608/tcp, 47461/tcp, 55305/tcp, 3282/tcp (Datusorb), 49168/tcp, 18580/tcp, 17998/tcp, 18428/tcp, 56618/tcp, 44204/tcp, 6453/tcp, 37778/tcp, 1296/tcp (dproxy), 27764/tcp, 51239/tcp, 748/tcp (Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager), 20365/tcp, 53132/tcp, 57455/tcp, 530/tcp (rpc), 59825/tcp, 50902/tcp, 48537/tcp, 44561/tcp, 11486/tcp, 16244/tcp, 59121/tcp, 13519/tcp, 22004/tcp (Opto Host Port 4), 10928/tcp, 20719/tcp, 36145/tcp, 60688/tcp, 62745/tcp, 62101/tcp, 58325/tcp, 48797/tcp, 35000/tcp, 1932/tcp (CTT Broker), 47460/tcp, 61897/tcp, 64340/tcp, 62521/tcp, 45096/tcp, 52048/tcp, 46583/tcp, 64137/tcp, 58025/tcp, 52914/tcp, 21254/tcp, 18994/tcp, 9828/tcp, 45038/tcp, 28028/tcp, 50834/tcp, 60214/tcp, 44220/tcp, 38440/tcp, 23685/tcp, 3204/tcp (Network Watcher DB Access), 19174/tcp, 19960/tcp, 46735/tcp, 51645/tcp, 49355/tcp, 51567/tcp, 6456/tcp, 14415/tcp, 12556/tcp, 12894/tcp, 60318/tcp, 50043/tcp, 55949/tcp, 56679/tcp, 60441/tcp, 47516/tcp, 55748/tcp, 37700/tcp, 2855/tcp (MSRP over TCP), 1560/tcp (ASCI-RemoteSHADOW), 37626/tcp, 20287/tcp, 14228/tcp, 51953/tcp, 5482/tcp, 17781/tcp, 5431/tcp (PARK AGENT), 9089/tcp (IBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted), 30884/tcp, 13767/tcp, 49908/tcp, 31429/tcp, 38488/tcp, 42652/tcp, 35185/tcp, 15578/tcp, 45788/tcp, 9438/tcp, 64091/tcp, 37607/tcp, 21106/tcp, 31319/tcp, 7289/tcp, 2341/tcp (XIO Status), 17969/tcp, 31646/tcp, 62023/tcp, 55689/tcp, 50826/tcp, 49348/tcp, 12204/tcp, 20967/tcp, 18468/tcp, 51846/tcp, 13132/tcp, 23318/tcp, 61905/tcp, 1414/tcp (IBM MQSeries), 42552/tcp, 58968/tcp, 10241/tcp, 49338/tcp, 737/tcp, 38083/tcp, 7899/tcp, 17690/tcp, 21927/tcp, 58991/tcp, 19457/tcp, 61207/tcp, 432/tcp (IASD), 37116/tcp, 22019/tcp, 22411/tcp, 1466/tcp (Ocean Software License Manager), 10423/tcp, 43295/tcp, 17197/tcp, 18080/tcp, 63413/tcp, 59971/tcp, 45700/tcp, 22180/tcp, 4768/tcp, 15474/tcp, 49808/tcp, 16939/tcp, 30972/tcp, 37496/tcp, 44912/tcp, 30140/tcp, 1333/tcp (Password Policy), 62080/tcp, 22586/tcp, 36476/tcp, 16327/tcp, 18003/tcp, 47155/tcp, 12496/tcp, 5353/tcp (Multicast DNS), 1519/tcp (Virtual Places Video control), 47998/tcp, 48563/tcp, 39625/tcp, 35668/tcp, 31686/tcp, 19591/tcp, 27916/tcp, 5549/tcp, 17041/tcp, 61626/tcp, 43580/tcp, 38554/tcp, 48780/tcp, 14254/tcp, 42767/tcp, 11646/tcp, 12104/tcp, 11825/tcp, 19235/tcp, 26518/tcp, 36632/tcp, 10270/tcp, 22169/tcp, 23689/tcp, 12635/tcp, 34865/tcp, 55539/tcp, 50783/tcp, 60952/tcp, 43697/tcp, 22911/tcp, 46937/tcp, 20116/tcp, 33790/tcp, 48855/tcp, 14059/tcp, 60019/tcp, 18551/tcp, 13823/tcp, 42905/tcp, 21931/tcp, 29634/tcp, 43165/tcp, 14934/tcp, 43020/tcp, 12578/tcp, 31407/tcp, 43795/tcp, 3694/tcp, 28846/tcp, 36189/tcp, 18291/tcp, 20090/tcp, 16643/tcp, 43607/tcp, 43642/tcp, 18920/tcp, 31377/tcp, 46804/tcp, 10610/tcp, 38428/tcp, 63680/tcp, 63987/tcp, 374/tcp (Legent Corporation), 57291/tcp, 42756/tcp, 36707/tcp, 59656/tcp, 43496/tcp, 34256/tcp, 1379/tcp (Integrity Solutions), 13950/tcp, 48414/tcp, 45269/tcp, 11921/tcp, 6627/tcp (Allied Electronics NeXGen), 6988/tcp, 37216/tcp, 20539/tcp, 43919/tcp, 21102/tcp, 53148/tcp, 64769/tcp, 61061/tcp, 34582/tcp, 48715/tcp, 44996/tcp, 41548/tcp, 13296/tcp, 7159/tcp, 37886/tcp, 58790/tcp, 1575/tcp (oraclenames), 13227/tcp, 28128/tcp, 41734/tcp, 31472/tcp, 23942/tcp, 13271/tcp, 48071/tcp, 14166/tcp, 61819/tcp, 60636/tcp, 7074/tcp, 1024/tcp (Reserved), 28634/tcp, 23369/tcp, 6706/tcp, 64436/tcp, 59500/tcp, 23432/tcp, 35331/tcp, 16378/tcp, 6947/tcp, 37340/tcp, 2263/tcp (ECweb Configuration Service), 11492/tcp, 19956/tcp, 36886/tcp, 48579/tcp, 32601/tcp, 48877/tcp, 64514/tcp, 56041/tcp, 35543/tcp, 48178/tcp, 43187/tcp, 53095/tcp, 28924/tcp, 19707/tcp, 28429/tcp, 27232/tcp, 7103/tcp, 1479/tcp (dberegister), 29586/tcp, 45353/tcp, 16077/tcp, 44194/tcp, 53073/tcp, 13388/tcp, 1253/tcp (q55-pcc), 19669/tcp, 22308/tcp, 33626/tcp, 51620/tcp, 62454/tcp, 42396/tcp, 7757/tcp, 52905/tcp, 51746/tcp, 55443/tcp, 29255/tcp, 56231/tcp, 42039/tcp, 51719/tcp, 27630/tcp, 39102/tcp, 6694/tcp, 7144/tcp, 20031/tcp, 31072/tcp, 36276/tcp, 59548/tcp, 50560/tcp, 61973/tcp, 52392/tcp, 42667/tcp, 22355/tcp, 21209/tcp, 17475/tcp, 15974/tcp, 45321/tcp, 49198/tcp, 50575/tcp, 22381/tcp, 1203/tcp (License Validation), 23838/tcp, 17066/tcp, 57708/tcp, 43815/tcp, 23410/tcp, 3426/tcp (Arkivio Storage Protocol), 55058/tcp, 2765/tcp (qip-audup), 21428/tcp, 46954/tcp, 33574/tcp, 64776/tcp, 12613/tcp, 19882/tcp, 50678/tcp, 49707/tcp, 63065/tcp, 15561/tcp, 43084/tcp, 49453/tcp, 21080/tcp, 1388/tcp (Objective Solutions DataBase Cache), 57769/tcp, 38775/tcp, 2738/tcp (NDL TCP-OSI Gateway), 22882/tcp, 36425/tcp, 35988/tcp, 62875/tcp, 62609/tcp, 15608/tcp, 50168/tcp, 861/tcp (OWAMP-Control), 40783/tcp, 21213/tcp, 51853/tcp, 49095/tcp, 60237/tcp, 20651/tcp, 46856/tcp, 44146/tcp, 43213/tcp, 50730/tcp, 1341/tcp (QuBES), 49664/tcp, 47052/tcp, 51341/tcp, 55814/tcp, 13937/tcp, 59243/tcp, 18107/tcp, 61804/tcp, 28351/tcp, 38031/tcp, 7424/tcp, 45191/tcp, 42944/tcp, 36424/tcp, 42797/tcp, 36781/tcp, 6750/tcp, 32287/tcp, 12351/tcp, 13459/tcp, 12332/tcp, 7464/tcp, 12887/tcp, 44304/tcp, 17260/tcp, 61331/tcp, 20599/tcp, 10003/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 53642/tcp, 18691/tcp, 42412/tcp, 56655/tcp, 42180/tcp, 40458/tcp, 16814/tcp, 47683/tcp, 5601/tcp (Enterprise Security Agent), 49011/tcp, 52455/tcp, 46145/tcp, 32927/tcp, 19655/tcp, 44424/tcp, 49046/tcp, 47662/tcp, 63644/tcp, 61260/tcp, 30929/tcp, 43484/tcp, 48170/tcp, 11695/tcp, 24216/tcp, 51005/tcp, 1053/tcp (Remote Assistant (RA)), 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export of backup images), 59244/tcp, 11111/tcp (Viral Computing Environment (VCE)), 11563/tcp, 48306/tcp, 22407/tcp, 60740/tcp, 19990/tcp, 18305/tcp, 59377/tcp, 1828/tcp (itm-mcell-u), 10204/tcp, 37412/tcp, 50421/tcp, 11442/tcp, 18251/tcp, 52334/tcp, 57925/tcp, 6360/tcp (MetaEdit+ Multi-User), 40365/tcp, 38079/tcp, 42656/tcp, 17575/tcp, 30497/tcp, 42529/tcp, 42957/tcp, 29147/tcp, 45152/tcp, 18554/tcp, 47953/tcp, 47427/tcp, 50399/tcp, 52665/tcp, 18386/tcp, 52788/tcp, 31211/tcp, 12338/tcp, 24124/tcp, 38197/tcp, 6274/tcp, 21816/tcp, 22532/tcp, 62555/tcp, 61243/tcp, 42918/tcp, 17558/tcp, 49347/tcp, 43814/tcp, 49020/tcp, 14782/tcp, 35118/tcp, 64344/tcp, 55921/tcp, 17600/tcp, 36477/tcp, 33206/tcp, 16483/tcp, 51605/tcp, 16428/tcp, 20974/tcp, 56372/tcp, 19443/tcp, 57812/tcp, 1229/tcp (ZENworks Tiered Electronic Distribution), 52422/tcp, 58942/tcp, 41533/tcp, 59315/tcp, 36860/tcp, 60847/tcp, 10851/tcp, 36406/tcp, 49324/tcp, 48529/tcp, 51412/tcp, 21128/tcp, 36990/tcp, 44477/tcp, 59322/tcp, 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(corerjd), 1523/tcp (cichild), 64170/tcp, 49882/tcp, 41101/tcp, 37246/tcp, 49042/tcp, 47917/tcp, 6114/tcp (WRspice IPC Service), 36090/tcp, 22190/tcp, 49716/tcp, 49019/tcp, 53022/tcp, 54493/tcp, 6225/tcp, 38113/tcp, 42771/tcp, 43249/tcp, 22841/tcp, 18278/tcp, 58767/tcp, 13753/tcp, 44707/tcp, 49455/tcp, 11516/tcp, 52386/tcp, 14036/tcp, 2040/tcp (lam), 38402/tcp, 32343/tcp, 17785/tcp, 52738/tcp, 7311/tcp, 21949/tcp, 17424/tcp, 61782/tcp, 22729/tcp, 58526/tcp, 51109/tcp, 1156/tcp (iasControl OMS), 60665/tcp, 33898/tcp, 43201/tcp, 62366/tcp, 32443/tcp, 52203/tcp, 38615/tcp, 12617/tcp, 27575/tcp, 28069/tcp, 47823/tcp, 34672/tcp, 18847/tcp, 43867/tcp, 37421/tcp, 2467/tcp (High Criteria), 45125/tcp, 43087/tcp, 38288/tcp, 16531/tcp, 60052/tcp, 47713/tcp, 21696/tcp, 17409/tcp, 22715/tcp, 9036/tcp, 62619/tcp, 52801/tcp, 43764/tcp, 51336/tcp, 35163/tcp, 21161/tcp, 43666/tcp, 13110/tcp, 36250/tcp, 14433/tcp, 56841/tcp, 21894/tcp, 5892/tcp, 49560/tcp, 22333/tcp, 43257/tcp, 34563/tcp, 19353/tcp, 36398/tcp, 1686/tcp (cvmon), 29969/tcp, 16522/tcp, 50752/tcp, 18645/tcp, 18584/tcp, 21596/tcp, 60539/tcp, 29556/tcp, 50243/tcp, 35166/tcp, 2230/tcp (MetaSoft Job Queue Administration Service), 14329/tcp, 38350/tcp, 34974/tcp, 50518/tcp, 52418/tcp, 27728/tcp, 59114/tcp, 19272/tcp, 13071/tcp, 50726/tcp, 20563/tcp, 34951/tcp, 42746/tcp, 38827/tcp, 12922/tcp, 22639/tcp, 37391/tcp, 62492/tcp, 61042/tcp, 35642/tcp, 59468/tcp, 17349/tcp, 20953/tcp, 51185/tcp, 22028/tcp, 37752/tcp, 29735/tcp, 60363/tcp, 19525/tcp, 57060/tcp, 26452/tcp, 51771/tcp, 11877/tcp, 36532/tcp, 53758/tcp, 60912/tcp, 21201/tcp, 7367/tcp, 57999/tcp, 23140/tcp, 18506/tcp, 44691/tcp, 36759/tcp, 2412/tcp (CDN), 34839/tcp, 41811/tcp, 13819/tcp (DSMCC Session Messages), 45808/tcp, 17654/tcp, 22686/tcp, 60639/tcp, 39168/tcp, 63092/tcp, 7382/tcp, 56585/tcp, 21076/tcp, 60211/tcp, 63748/tcp, 45048/tcp, 38366/tcp, 21811/tcp, 63678/tcp, 19587/tcp, 2145/tcp (Live Vault Remote Diagnostic Console Support), 1140/tcp (AutoNOC Network Operations Protocol), 60487/tcp, 23196/tcp, 50478/tcp, 35241/tcp, 37551/tcp, 61834/tcp, 18046/tcp, 4111/tcp (Xgrid), 37447/tcp, 16840/tcp, 20901/tcp, 5608/tcp, 10211/tcp, 29530/tcp, 42054/tcp, 12370/tcp, 38610/tcp, 60852/tcp, 13571/tcp, 3617/tcp (ATI SHARP Logic Engine), 20161/tcp, 1374/tcp (EPI Software Systems), 50626/tcp, 49377/tcp, 57384/tcp, 57912/tcp, 31403/tcp, 51951/tcp, 51466/tcp, 29991/tcp, 12152/tcp, 30475/tcp, 30681/tcp, 17645/tcp, 59727/tcp, 64202/tcp, 43375/tcp, 14655/tcp, 1762/tcp (cft-1), 40426/tcp, 31907/tcp, 51032/tcp, 22377/tcp, 43106/tcp, 19839/tcp, 61090/tcp, 56240/tcp, 59831/tcp, 22150/tcp, 52303/tcp, 55993/tcp, 20190/tcp, 11407/tcp, 52996/tcp, 20747/tcp, 13161/tcp, 17445/tcp, 50652/tcp, 51243/tcp, 60029/tcp, 34693/tcp, 43931/tcp, 50876/tcp, 37782/tcp, 60110/tcp, 59935/tcp, 19028/tcp, 61473/tcp, 30466/tcp, 1776/tcp (Federal Emergency Management Information System), 2550/tcp (ADS), 44057/tcp, 60469/tcp, 38911/tcp, 6222/tcp (Radmind Access Protocol), 12993/tcp, 63822/tcp, 50187/tcp, 36841/tcp, 1802/tcp (ConComp1), 1534/tcp (micromuse-lm), 64141/tcp, 16340/tcp, 29657/tcp, 28764/tcp, 60590/tcp, 31563/tcp, 11951/tcp, 32575/tcp, 50225/tcp, 59014/tcp, 31473/tcp, 63068/tcp, 47930/tcp, 46668/tcp, 61316/tcp, 1834/tcp (ARDUS Unicast), 18915/tcp, 59815/tcp, 27410/tcp, 33056/tcp, 21083/tcp, 31424/tcp, 20688/tcp, 6709/tcp, 56629/tcp, 57890/tcp, 8115/tcp (MTL8000 Matrix), 13000/tcp, 20320/tcp, 64432/tcp, 22255/tcp, 60126/tcp, 6854/tcp, 48384/tcp, 37882/tcp, 37090/tcp, 19804/tcp, 38879/tcp, 14351/tcp, 15630/tcp, 6623/tcp (Kerberos V5 Telnet), 47153/tcp, 18417/tcp, 24596/tcp, 45278/tcp, 11773/tcp, 38097/tcp, 45291/tcp, 35509/tcp, 56254/tcp, 38632/tcp, 15979/tcp, 14764/tcp, 39407/tcp, 58838/tcp, 43973/tcp, 61155/tcp, 43464/tcp, 21388/tcp, 41889/tcp, 61120/tcp, 12766/tcp, 64101/tcp, 7490/tcp, 1693/tcp (rrirtr), 35523/tcp, 61808/tcp, 64717/tcp, 64222/tcp, 1724/tcp (csbphonemaster), 35279/tcp, 35683/tcp, 43675/tcp, 11189/tcp, 20239/tcp, 60003/tcp, 17854/tcp, 19986/tcp, 26131/tcp, 34478/tcp, 59753/tcp, 52434/tcp, 9063/tcp, 25065/tcp, 2355/tcp (psdbserver), 34144/tcp, 19987/tcp, 6017/tcp, 30040/tcp, 59452/tcp, 20398/tcp, 11643/tcp, 55740/tcp, 47103/tcp, 49809/tcp, 2970/tcp (INDEX-NET), 16487/tcp, 44230/tcp, 53236/tcp, 45684/tcp, 12587/tcp, 45879/tcp, 33927/tcp, 12957/tcp, 45022/tcp, 38061/tcp, 4665/tcp (Container Client Message Service), 36954/tcp, 60646/tcp, 12586/tcp, 19364/tcp, 19911/tcp, 48728/tcp, 36581/tcp, 28991/tcp, 53327/tcp, 1972/tcp (Cache), 23168/tcp, 43943/tcp, 60618/tcp, 33527/tcp, 6236/tcp, 21541/tcp, 51827/tcp, 14688/tcp, 32783/tcp, 19506/tcp, 61678/tcp, 29813/tcp, 2568/tcp (SPAM TRAP), 17293/tcp, 21593/tcp, 27258/tcp, 26800/tcp, 33540/tcp, 17471/tcp, 23607/tcp, 5992/tcp (Consul InSight Security), 63935/tcp, 34735/tcp, 60087/tcp, 6445/tcp (Grid Engine Execution Service), 38155/tcp, 43717/tcp, 62729/tcp, 35144/tcp, 13041/tcp, 63592/tcp, 50343/tcp, 60707/tcp, 4669/tcp (E-Port Data Service), 1680/tcp (microcom-sbp), 64649/tcp, 33188/tcp, 2128/tcp (Net Steward Control), 61347/tcp, 48615/tcp, 18668/tcp, 14311/tcp, 13039/tcp, 51834/tcp, 10240/tcp, 19600/tcp, 31401/tcp, 38871/tcp, 3338/tcp (OMF data b), 42288/tcp, 5750/tcp (Bladelogic Agent Service), 2689/tcp (FastLynx), 47122/tcp, 36908/tcp, 693/tcp (almanid Connection Endpoint), 12287/tcp, 48076/tcp, 59296/tcp, 18593/tcp, 19282/tcp, 33471/tcp, 50291/tcp, 54214/tcp, 48349/tcp, 2271/tcp (Secure Meeting Maker Scheduling), 1615/tcp (NetBill Authorization Server), 11873/tcp, 41973/tcp, 47479/tcp, 57507/tcp, 38210/tcp, 49477/tcp, 47614/tcp, 49504/tcp, 21463/tcp, 7573/tcp, 16740/tcp, 45418/tcp, 59270/tcp, 60670/tcp, 49783/tcp, 19831/tcp, 45139/tcp, 34073/tcp, 37979/tcp, 59974/tcp, 1151/tcp (Unizensus Login Server), 60613/tcp, 51899/tcp, 44054/tcp, 16905/tcp, 28790/tcp, 37469/tcp, 59445/tcp, 46337/tcp, 33537/tcp, 51217/tcp, 14176/tcp, 158/tcp (PCMail Server), 55716/tcp, 60262/tcp, 50927/tcp, 20347/tcp, 6816/tcp, 13405/tcp, 20249/tcp, 42823/tcp, 13523/tcp, 36201/tcp, 17892/tcp, 13554/tcp, 1165/tcp (QSM GUI Service), 5813/tcp (ICMPD), 50064/tcp, 43873/tcp, 20522/tcp, 23639/tcp, 51501/tcp, 1305/tcp (pe-mike), 51741/tcp, 29047/tcp, 50274/tcp, 18395/tcp, 34869/tcp, 51139/tcp, 27946/tcp, 27794/tcp, 44256/tcp, 16818/tcp, 16735/tcp, 19347/tcp, 63377/tcp, 20714/tcp, 62577/tcp, 32958/tcp, 16399/tcp, 42795/tcp, 18882/tcp, 51017/tcp, 48789/tcp, 47784/tcp, 37386/tcp, 1258/tcp (Open Network Library), 14533/tcp, 34196/tcp, 50830/tcp, 2785/tcp (aic-np), 6110/tcp (HP SoftBench CM), 38600/tcp, 38901/tcp, 14559/tcp, 46226/tcp, 5028/tcp (Quiqum Virtual Relais), 17934/tcp, 3926/tcp (WINPort), 48699/tcp, 28946/tcp, 64001/tcp, 35454/tcp, 10776/tcp, 50574/tcp, 16965/tcp, 510/tcp (FirstClass Protocol), 47858/tcp, 705/tcp (AgentX), 19722/tcp, 48388/tcp, 7230/tcp, 6776/tcp, 9212/tcp (Server View dbms access [January 2005]), 37544/tcp, 36808/tcp, 62660/tcp, 62888/tcp, 64916/tcp, 481/tcp (Ph service), 24347/tcp, 20879/tcp, 42541/tcp, 56859/tcp, 57072/tcp, 36882/tcp, 24674/tcp, 51873/tcp, 21287/tcp, 59594/tcp, 12753/tcp (tsaf port), 18211/tcp, 18742/tcp, 2668/tcp (Alarm Clock Client), 52377/tcp, 36442/tcp, 5913/tcp (Automatic Dependent Surveillance), 41522/tcp, 38665/tcp, 10977/tcp, 37769/tcp, 63845/tcp, 43535/tcp, 18133/tcp, 56257/tcp, 50198/tcp, 21027/tcp, 22086/tcp, 51159/tcp, 55796/tcp, 53285/tcp, 63860/tcp, 35702/tcp, 28225/tcp, 19866/tcp, 51410/tcp, 37875/tcp, 17669/tcp, 42998/tcp, 16993/tcp (Intel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS), 1182/tcp (AcceleNet Control), 43548/tcp, 21197/tcp, 43379/tcp, 47745/tcp, 18525/tcp, 51950/tcp, 51642/tcp, 30806/tcp, 6961/tcp (JMACT3), 63060/tcp, 6272/tcp, 33917/tcp, 48356/tcp, 46006/tcp, 28935/tcp, 48149/tcp, 20827/tcp, 1235/tcp (mosaicsyssvc1), 9033/tcp, 51548/tcp, 6019/tcp, 51894/tcp, 29913/tcp, 44246/tcp, 35359/tcp, 20183/tcp, 10832/tcp, 55612/tcp, 52129/tcp, 37078/tcp, 3822/tcp (Compute Pool Discovery), 35074/tcp, 16999/tcp, 56819/tcp, 48745/tcp, 664/tcp (DMTF out-of-band secure web services management protocol), 18265/tcp, 57694/tcp, 39685/tcp, 21001/tcp, 593/tcp (HTTP RPC Ep Map), 13746/tcp, 48888/tcp, 11285/tcp, 6769/tcp (ADInstruments GxP Server), 37120/tcp, 61684/tcp, 24146/tcp, 50622/tcp, 50496/tcp, 23789/tcp, 23235/tcp, 17110/tcp, 30828/tcp, 55919/tcp, 28511/tcp, 47826/tcp, 52712/tcp, 63365/tcp, 18064/tcp, 21515/tcp, 36120/tcp, 48558/tcp, 51898/tcp, 63287/tcp, 62015/tcp, 33034/tcp, 56507/tcp, 11838/tcp, 13667/tcp, 55941/tcp, 34962/tcp (PROFInet RT Unicast), 19268/tcp, 15069/tcp, 6568/tcp (CanIt Storage Manager), 45814/tcp, 63662/tcp, 33518/tcp, 20216/tcp, 44924/tcp, 63618/tcp, 13262/tcp, 44509/tcp, 60114/tcp, 49485/tcp, 1493/tcp (netmap_lm), 24466/tcp, 64397/tcp, 27641/tcp, 20105/tcp, 47661/tcp, 57143/tcp, 37418/tcp, 45970/tcp, 51715/tcp, 29482/tcp, 62176/tcp, 51118/tcp, 49760/tcp, 20726/tcp, 13532/tcp, 38464/tcp, 6757/tcp, 61428/tcp, 16305/tcp, 15234/tcp, 17653/tcp, 20853/tcp, 63257/tcp, 38287/tcp, 12870/tcp, 2977/tcp (TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS), 47596/tcp, 12504/tcp, 46761/tcp, 12687/tcp, 17476/tcp, 36655/tcp, 30280/tcp, 48955/tcp, 2419/tcp (Attachmate S2S), 28995/tcp, 2702/tcp (SMS XFER), 2454/tcp (IndX-DDS), 42704/tcp, 17922/tcp, 64519/tcp, 18376/tcp, 48858/tcp, 36960/tcp, 52587/tcp, 36003/tcp, 35536/tcp, 64884/tcp, 39076/tcp, 48624/tcp, 48683/tcp, 49738/tcp, 15552/tcp, 52939/tcp, 38213/tcp, 37112/tcp, 24202/tcp, 64458/tcp, 38793/tcp, 30213/tcp, 48667/tcp, 12879/tcp, 13476/tcp, 13109/tcp, 11568/tcp, 19074/tcp, 42727/tcp, 3971/tcp (LANrev Server), 60192/tcp, 63086/tcp, 16631/tcp, 27192/tcp, 55573/tcp, 17245/tcp, 16617/tcp, 24313/tcp, 17925/tcp, 35788/tcp, 17727/tcp, 42551/tcp, 49016/tcp, 46908/tcp, 37723/tcp, 47988/tcp, 12609/tcp, 14308/tcp, 14062/tcp, 20983/tcp, 17750/tcp, 48355/tcp, 37542/tcp, 2634/tcp (PK Electronics), 14686/tcp, 18155/tcp, 42366/tcp, 18411/tcp, 5022/tcp (mice server), 19490/tcp, 51921/tcp, 38100/tcp, 2537/tcp (Upgrade Protocol), 51756/tcp, 49421/tcp, 38295/tcp, 20193/tcp, 58582/tcp, 27180/tcp, 17672/tcp, 61231/tcp, 44023/tcp, 41879/tcp, 62716/tcp, 55967/tcp, 38463/tcp, 43128/tcp, 52511/tcp, 38236/tcp, 26492/tcp, 20704/tcp, 6732/tcp, 43561/tcp, 768/tcp, 13701/tcp, 50339/tcp, 64741/tcp, 39080/tcp, 64696/tcp, 63604/tcp, 51570/tcp, 18814/tcp, 7226/tcp, 49173/tcp, 12409/tcp, 9883/tcp, 53223/tcp, 37619/tcp, 62994/tcp, 64838/tcp, 17625/tcp, 21331/tcp, 22558/tcp, 6352/tcp, 50735/tcp, 22764/tcp, 17613/tcp, 35918/tcp, 39651/tcp, 52743/tcp, 22986/tcp, 44252/tcp, 35264/tcp, 50891/tcp, 52769/tcp, 48319/tcp, 6188/tcp, 22738/tcp, 34471/tcp, 44625/tcp, 50757/tcp, 20168/tcp, 48472/tcp, 36633/tcp, 49165/tcp, 48492/tcp, 42801/tcp, 20778/tcp, 23934/tcp, 51849/tcp, 13065/tcp, 63780/tcp, 3059/tcp (qsoft), 7509/tcp (ACPLT - process automation service), 49452/tcp, 36609/tcp, 38239/tcp, 62097/tcp, 51600/tcp, 32956/tcp, 43401/tcp, 23756/tcp, 11851/tcp, 62607/tcp, 60188/tcp, 36652/tcp, 64637/tcp, 22225/tcp, 62443/tcp, 60698/tcp, 16314/tcp, 21303/tcp, 53483/tcp, 9698/tcp, 48141/tcp, 22655/tcp, 41863/tcp, 26726/tcp, 1854/tcp (Buddy Draw), 62228/tcp, 51090/tcp, 61484/tcp, 54155/tcp, 40570/tcp, 18700/tcp, 34326/tcp, 22887/tcp, 34248/tcp, 35867/tcp, 5506/tcp (Amcom Mobile Connect), 12000/tcp (IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange), 35501/tcp, 21901/tcp, 883/tcp, 1497/tcp (rfx-lm), 38584/tcp, 2102/tcp (Zephyr server), 22677/tcp, 28247/tcp, 15251/tcp, 36782/tcp, 20740/tcp, 23016/tcp, 12701/tcp, 4007/tcp (pxc-splr), 16908/tcp, 55357/tcp, 59795/tcp, 20540/tcp, 914/tcp, 47125/tcp, 12866/tcp, 53479/tcp, 64701/tcp, 6713/tcp, 12905/tcp, 63080/tcp, 63652/tcp, 61395/tcp, 42645/tcp, 30274/tcp, 2037/tcp (APplus Application Server), 1698/tcp (RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1), 35520/tcp, 2180/tcp (Millicent Vendor Gateway Server), 30785/tcp, 17628/tcp, 20368/tcp, 22995/tcp, 20362/tcp, 51385/tcp, 35282/tcp, 32809/tcp, 2010/tcp (search), 11821/tcp, 62960/tcp, 41798/tcp, 172/tcp (Network Innovations CL/1), 55710/tcp, 8501/tcp, 42503/tcp, 128/tcp (GSS X License Verification), 49552/tcp, 16792/tcp, 59344/tcp, 48480/tcp, 2171/tcp (MS Firewall Storage), 60545/tcp, 15804/tcp, 33827/tcp, 8086/tcp (Distributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port), 55762/tcp, 52355/tcp, 13567/tcp, 17986/tcp, 19878/tcp, 4924/tcp, 21820/tcp, 57630/tcp, 15363/tcp (3Link Negotiation), 16018/tcp, 38691/tcp, 31556/tcp, 49398/tcp, 22712/tcp, 55952/tcp, 48536/tcp, 8382/tcp, 59367/tcp, 36033/tcp, 2084/tcp (SunCluster Geographic), 48001/tcp (Nimbus Spooler), 46343/tcp, 48485/tcp, 56168/tcp, 42646/tcp, 20284/tcp, 48987/tcp, 27615/tcp, 55408/tcp, 48175/tcp, 1214/tcp (KAZAA), 56197/tcp, 31502/tcp, 36503/tcp, 51689/tcp, 38801/tcp, 6906/tcp, 41087/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1751 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 34820/tcp, 59835/tcp, 44093/tcp, 64517/tcp, 10256/tcp, 14367/tcp, 51113/tcp, 16941/tcp, 60904/tcp, 45863/tcp, 43918/tcp, 36149/tcp, 50016/tcp, 29073/tcp, 60162/tcp, 57237/tcp, 6928/tcp, 13745/tcp, 52329/tcp, 38761/tcp, 2420/tcp (DSL Remote Management), 700/tcp (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), 51793/tcp, 20548/tcp, 60826/tcp, 13224/tcp (PowWow Server), 29800/tcp, 51704/tcp, 31554/tcp, 20797/tcp, 60829/tcp, 27589/tcp, 50447/tcp, 757/tcp, 1440/tcp (Eicon Service Location Protocol), 37774/tcp, 35694/tcp, 56588/tcp, 32251/tcp, 56244/tcp, 61012/tcp, 55930/tcp, 17741/tcp, 43308/tcp, 55718/tcp, 62099/tcp, 17528/tcp, 47461/tcp, 55305/tcp, 22126/tcp, 17214/tcp, 18713/tcp, 22459/tcp, 6453/tcp, 1296/tcp (dproxy), 42577/tcp, 51393/tcp, 51362/tcp, 57455/tcp, 530/tcp (rpc), 20470/tcp, 60241/tcp, 58812/tcp, 20269/tcp, 37931/tcp, 8145/tcp, 47417/tcp, 61460/tcp, 44561/tcp, 62938/tcp, 17918/tcp, 36145/tcp, 60688/tcp, 17846/tcp, 8780/tcp, 62161/tcp, 26774/tcp, 50519/tcp, 47460/tcp, 38057/tcp, 47625/tcp, 43640/tcp, 43574/tcp, 62521/tcp, 23260/tcp, 13143/tcp, 51036/tcp, 8018/tcp, 20450/tcp, 1057/tcp (STARTRON), 37139/tcp, 52914/tcp, 50849/tcp, 24503/tcp, 48819/tcp, 20113/tcp, 23752/tcp, 17480/tcp, 17571/tcp, 19889/tcp, 2254/tcp (Seismic P.O.C. Port), 36175/tcp, 11639/tcp, 12792/tcp, 59552/tcp, 43632/tcp, 19395/tcp, 36346/tcp, 27471/tcp, 22003/tcp (Opto Host Port 3), 35487/tcp, 26845/tcp, 19960/tcp, 20554/tcp, 21615/tcp, 63446/tcp, 6456/tcp, 20279/tcp, 52340/tcp, 1610/tcp (taurus-wh), 50043/tcp, 52236/tcp, 30346/tcp, 55949/tcp, 56679/tcp, 36529/tcp, 60441/tcp, 47516/tcp, 49208/tcp, 12943/tcp, 12383/tcp, 56812/tcp, 60354/tcp, 32265/tcp, 2284/tcp (LNVMAPS), 17781/tcp, 30884/tcp, 55547/tcp, 29424/tcp, 42440/tcp, 52230/tcp, 38488/tcp, 42652/tcp, 56692/tcp, 7940/tcp, 2245/tcp (HaO), 64988/tcp, 64703/tcp, 7289/tcp, 1936/tcp (JetCmeServer Server Port), 48546/tcp, 6590/tcp, 62023/tcp, 35716/tcp, 55689/tcp, 50826/tcp, 28664/tcp, 43775/tcp, 59779/tcp, 37748/tcp, 42872/tcp, 6374/tcp, 40156/tcp, 20967/tcp, 23469/tcp, 49785/tcp, 48723/tcp, 60010/tcp, 58968/tcp, 51399/tcp, 10241/tcp, 64306/tcp, 61258/tcp, 27968/tcp, 58991/tcp, 21989/tcp, 22302/tcp, 19457/tcp, 22019/tcp, 12078/tcp, 682/tcp (XFR), 22411/tcp, 45606/tcp, 43295/tcp, 61016/tcp, 17197/tcp, 11129/tcp, 40011/tcp, 63413/tcp, 2036/tcp (Ethernet WS DP network), 4768/tcp, 44151/tcp, 49808/tcp, 16939/tcp, 48734/tcp, 44912/tcp, 56724/tcp, 30140/tcp, 12461/tcp, 12622/tcp, 7204/tcp, 46110/tcp, 20061/tcp, 62080/tcp, 1310/tcp (Husky), 58278/tcp, 47155/tcp, 48276/tcp, 47208/tcp, 47998/tcp, 48563/tcp, 43205/tcp, 1979/tcp (UniSQL Java), 62968/tcp, 50905/tcp, 31686/tcp, 19591/tcp, 62198/tcp, 5549/tcp, 20858/tcp, 18055/tcp, 55462/tcp, 34344/tcp, 21277/tcp, 6910/tcp, 58251/tcp, 31680/tcp, 35052/tcp, 5305/tcp (HA Cluster Test), 5437/tcp, 23246/tcp, 27144/tcp, 22404/tcp, 49625/tcp, 23782/tcp, 1157/tcp (Oracle iASControl), 21931/tcp, 43200/tcp, 2394/tcp (MS OLAP 2), 43165/tcp, 22664/tcp, 45308/tcp, 18256/tcp, 13679/tcp, 20801/tcp, 3694/tcp, 16444/tcp, 8148/tcp (i-SDD file transfer), 36189/tcp, 47130/tcp, 36676/tcp, 20090/tcp, 20262/tcp, 63540/tcp, 64566/tcp, 7598/tcp, 6300/tcp (BMC GRX), 16061/tcp, 19246/tcp, 10610/tcp, 38428/tcp, 20483/tcp, 58146/tcp, 374/tcp (Legent Corporation), 47209/tcp, 37187/tcp, 42360/tcp, 16549/tcp, 59656/tcp, 20570/tcp, 34359/tcp, 48414/tcp, 18464/tcp, 6988/tcp, 60772/tcp, 62303/tcp, 59526/tcp, 21102/tcp, 53148/tcp, 18159/tcp, 62250/tcp, 61061/tcp, 23172/tcp, 59857/tcp, 48715/tcp, 17142/tcp, 40958/tcp, 13296/tcp, 7159/tcp, 1575/tcp (oraclenames), 6036/tcp, 10386/tcp, 41734/tcp, 31472/tcp, 35405/tcp, 39956/tcp, 23942/tcp, 32753/tcp, 30166/tcp, 51209/tcp, 38996/tcp, 19067/tcp, 49343/tcp, 21230/tcp, 51360/tcp, 58300/tcp, 20421/tcp, 50841/tcp, 26897/tcp, 38051/tcp, 28634/tcp, 22595/tcp, 2332/tcp (RCC Host), 18946/tcp, 63243/tcp, 7320/tcp, 64436/tcp, 59500/tcp, 36889/tcp, 62212/tcp, 62294/tcp, 48406/tcp, 12683/tcp, 59464/tcp, 35331/tcp, 6947/tcp, 13105/tcp, 2263/tcp (ECweb Configuration Service), 64332/tcp, 64514/tcp, 12835/tcp, 6405/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 13526/tcp, 856/tcp, 24548/tcp, 46752/tcp, 40384/tcp, 39449/tcp, 29586/tcp, 45353/tcp, 53073/tcp, 13388/tcp, 62952/tcp, 31254/tcp, 395/tcp (NetScout Control Protocol), 60328/tcp, 51620/tcp, 5790/tcp, 42396/tcp, 28567/tcp, 5761/tcp, 52905/tcp, 35944/tcp, 55443/tcp, 21005/tcp, 33300/tcp, 51719/tcp, 29326/tcp, 13650/tcp, 34928/tcp, 47664/tcp, 23451/tcp, 44193/tcp, 31072/tcp, 35274/tcp, 59548/tcp, 41335/tcp, 19450/tcp, 51522/tcp, 37934/tcp, 34612/tcp, 22355/tcp, 25700/tcp, 17066/tcp, 52813/tcp, 59984/tcp, 7673/tcp (iMQ STOMP Server over SSL), 20152/tcp, 32199/tcp, 3426/tcp (Arkivio Storage Protocol), 46320/tcp, 2698/tcp (MCK-IVPIP), 16831/tcp, 43035/tcp, 21946/tcp, 60393/tcp, 38902/tcp, 44288/tcp, 28273/tcp, 63269/tcp, 22708/tcp, 46729/tcp, 61175/tcp, 51373/tcp, 56807/tcp, 20644/tcp, 60468/tcp, 18659/tcp, 50168/tcp, 861/tcp (OWAMP-Control), 21213/tcp, 20922/tcp, 21855/tcp, 49295/tcp, 34319/tcp, 24239/tcp, 60380/tcp, 10717/tcp, 46856/tcp, 50730/tcp, 47025/tcp, 3643/tcp (AudioJuggler), 43863/tcp, 35486/tcp, 60822/tcp, 38514/tcp, 13937/tcp, 62547/tcp, 948/tcp, 60152/tcp, 38356/tcp, 7891/tcp, 43841/tcp, 36781/tcp, 6750/tcp, 49399/tcp, 24820/tcp, 12332/tcp, 1622/tcp (ontime), 46571/tcp, 17260/tcp, 61331/tcp, 20599/tcp, 48371/tcp, 10003/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 22510/tcp, 20852/tcp, 6995/tcp, 12278/tcp, 36071/tcp, 50246/tcp, 55852/tcp, 36941/tcp, 20440/tcp, 23053/tcp, 35818/tcp, 38759/tcp, 17691/tcp, 18398/tcp, 6438/tcp, 63640/tcp, 63644/tcp, 27579/tcp, 30657/tcp, 43484/tcp, 59016/tcp, 30811/tcp, 51005/tcp, 17863/tcp, 8360/tcp, 52139/tcp, 22785/tcp, 35475/tcp, 34468/tcp, 11922/tcp, 46298/tcp, 34643/tcp, 54025/tcp, 56637/tcp, 57133/tcp, 26287/tcp, 38920/tcp, 62689/tcp, 10769/tcp, 61863/tcp, 46389/tcp, 20775/tcp, 36620/tcp, 49433/tcp, 43425/tcp, 17837/tcp, 58003/tcp, 36915/tcp, 48280/tcp, 56696/tcp, 41574/tcp, 48031/tcp, 22693/tcp, 11899/tcp, 48706/tcp, 29452/tcp, 64650/tcp, 6326/tcp, 22556/tcp, 58065/tcp, 32400/tcp, 59426/tcp, 17954/tcp, 37896/tcp, 56101/tcp, 18911/tcp, 19145/tcp, 20923/tcp, 61853/tcp, 30088/tcp, 12430/tcp, 5333/tcp, 23069/tcp, 50440/tcp, 37142/tcp, 17449/tcp, 64131/tcp, 52029/tcp, 62116/tcp, 23633/tcp, 13410/tcp, 12689/tcp, 43459/tcp, 41925/tcp, 17577/tcp, 60844/tcp, 13300/tcp, 18282/tcp, 7847/tcp, 20745/tcp, 39525/tcp, 37363/tcp, 60546/tcp, 56202/tcp, 61179/tcp, 59893/tcp, 35789/tcp, 6753/tcp, 50957/tcp, 55722/tcp, 41722/tcp, 34162/tcp, 12221/tcp, 64873/tcp, 5604/tcp (A3-SDUNode), 22517/tcp, 35007/tcp, 37547/tcp, 47164/tcp, 60717/tcp, 58556/tcp, 62307/tcp, 56481/tcp, 18197/tcp, 46233/tcp, 50220/tcp, 6062/tcp, 52560/tcp, 19752/tcp, 56611/tcp, 33657/tcp, 18336/tcp, 59919/tcp, 34334/tcp, 52025/tcp, 47309/tcp, 33965/tcp, 35397/tcp, 59042/tcp, 6579/tcp (Affiliate), 47792/tcp, 49403/tcp, 16303/tcp, 51184/tcp, 26592/tcp, 44769/tcp, 21154/tcp, 35884/tcp, 18177/tcp, 44743/tcp, 5794/tcp, 37017/tcp, 835/tcp, 47466/tcp, 59653/tcp, 48676/tcp, 22205/tcp, 56335/tcp, 463/tcp (alpes), 37730/tcp, 51340/tcp, 6367/tcp, 5147/tcp, 61632/tcp, 57341/tcp, 14802/tcp, 55112/tcp, 60623/tcp, 51615/tcp, 34537/tcp, 42042/tcp, 22608/tcp, 59789/tcp, 52333/tcp, 63008/tcp, 13144/tcp, 18438/tcp, 2558/tcp (PCLE Multi Media), 61369/tcp, 39680/tcp, 39469/tcp, 52853/tcp, 44142/tcp, 25707/tcp, 60338/tcp, 18026/tcp, 22560/tcp, 35993/tcp, 36416/tcp, 34649/tcp, 20849/tcp, 22060/tcp, 20213/tcp, 1641/tcp (InVision), 21567/tcp, 42061/tcp, 43980/tcp, 50391/tcp, 60058/tcp, 11111/tcp (Viral Computing Environment (VCE)), 10393/tcp, 27667/tcp, 1192/tcp (caids sensors channel), 11756/tcp, 11563/tcp, 5404/tcp (HPOMS-DPS-LSTN), 1307/tcp (Pacmand), 60438/tcp, 30631/tcp, 1828/tcp (itm-mcell-u), 10204/tcp, 18490/tcp, 52256/tcp, 62525/tcp, 61205/tcp, 35322/tcp, 61488/tcp, 50073/tcp, 38079/tcp, 42656/tcp, 63235/tcp, 35203/tcp, 43995/tcp, 32086/tcp, 47427/tcp, 50399/tcp, 37242/tcp, 59631/tcp, 35854/tcp, 47495/tcp, 62595/tcp, 59611/tcp, 2024/tcp (xinuexpansion4), 38197/tcp, 61975/tcp, 1213/tcp (MPC LIFENET), 58308/tcp, 20662/tcp, 5457/tcp, 35043/tcp, 20444/tcp, 32313/tcp, 61243/tcp, 30244/tcp, 5883/tcp, 63957/tcp, 19012/tcp, 40012/tcp, 60383/tcp, 64344/tcp, 51262/tcp, 21176/tcp, 50369/tcp, 16483/tcp, 21488/tcp, 47135/tcp, 16428/tcp, 56372/tcp, 22173/tcp, 49887/tcp, 8598/tcp, 59315/tcp, 13471/tcp, 42146/tcp, 49324/tcp, 50823/tcp, 47609/tcp, 35880/tcp, 47482/tcp, 21128/tcp, 54382/tcp, 3043/tcp (Broadcast Routing Protocol), 45574/tcp, 52548/tcp, 5381/tcp, 21745/tcp, 2408/tcp (OptimaNet), 38544/tcp, 34066/tcp, 35963/tcp, 36626/tcp, 21258/tcp, 48131/tcp, 42176/tcp, 59523/tcp, 26745/tcp, 57685/tcp, 45249/tcp, 44318/tcp, 23499/tcp, 5508/tcp, 64292/tcp, 47648/tcp, 10880/tcp, 50422/tcp, 52213/tcp, 483/tcp (ulpnet), 59245/tcp, 35229/tcp, 22537/tcp, 11280/tcp, 49964/tcp, 34913/tcp, 49804/tcp, 34345/tcp, 36123/tcp, 17502/tcp, 24421/tcp, 18538/tcp, 52330/tcp, 779/tcp, 16478/tcp, 46476/tcp, 9821/tcp, 22329/tcp, 20870/tcp, 39959/tcp, 19169/tcp, 11263/tcp, 47505/tcp, 63422/tcp, 20700/tcp, 57419/tcp, 3919/tcp (HyperIP), 8167/tcp, 31232/tcp, 8349/tcp, 61157/tcp, 35296/tcp, 17097/tcp, 59217/tcp, 59982/tcp, 7620/tcp, 56183/tcp, 52645/tcp, 8067/tcp, 22227/tcp, 62428/tcp, 51295/tcp, 9851/tcp, 42808/tcp, 63930/tcp, 34996/tcp, 16937/tcp, 6069/tcp (TRIP), 47999/tcp, 50704/tcp, 13158/tcp, 59247/tcp, 41139/tcp, 27024/tcp, 41101/tcp, 12286/tcp, 8375/tcp, 6114/tcp (WRspice IPC Service), 15513/tcp, 14137/tcp, 62455/tcp, 49716/tcp, 17318/tcp, 10906/tcp, 17847/tcp, 50681/tcp, 42771/tcp, 43249/tcp, 26183/tcp, 24756/tcp, 60250/tcp, 13753/tcp, 10178/tcp, 11516/tcp, 19885/tcp, 49586/tcp, 52386/tcp, 2707/tcp (EMCSYMAPIPORT), 14036/tcp, 47187/tcp, 58299/tcp, 38574/tcp, 40491/tcp, 8219/tcp, 62072/tcp, 21949/tcp, 43223/tcp, 38479/tcp, 56131/tcp, 7405/tcp, 32443/tcp, 31507/tcp, 56476/tcp, 11721/tcp, 21923/tcp, 47849/tcp, 27575/tcp, 28069/tcp, 10876/tcp, 12199/tcp, 2467/tcp (High Criteria), 35345/tcp, 29192/tcp, 41354/tcp, 21667/tcp, 61785/tcp, 34976/tcp, 37343/tcp, 60052/tcp, 23146/tcp, 47713/tcp, 21696/tcp, 17409/tcp, 34312/tcp, 47368/tcp, 9036/tcp, 62619/tcp, 21412/tcp, 6426/tcp, 7356/tcp, 32725/tcp, 52801/tcp, 7888/tcp, 29199/tcp, 11994/tcp, 64946/tcp, 43764/tcp, 38005/tcp, 51336/tcp, 21823/tcp, 667/tcp (campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies), 43666/tcp, 22939/tcp, 34825/tcp, 29378/tcp, 35099/tcp, 44356/tcp, 12891/tcp, 28842/tcp, 43243/tcp, 43257/tcp, 25147/tcp, 17815/tcp, 19178/tcp, 29969/tcp, 50752/tcp, 51388/tcp, 44095/tcp, 49894/tcp, 51002/tcp, 17437/tcp, 19908/tcp, 33761/tcp, 34974/tcp, 50518/tcp, 52418/tcp, 47654/tcp, 19019/tcp, 21556/tcp, 18378/tcp, 35097/tcp, 42746/tcp, 61972/tcp, 12665/tcp, 3152/tcp (FeiTian Port), 36542/tcp, 48860/tcp, 39446/tcp, 21998/tcp, 59468/tcp, 37652/tcp, 43515/tcp, 30993/tcp, 22682/tcp, 29735/tcp, 48924/tcp, 47893/tcp, 51771/tcp, 44603/tcp, 258/tcp, 55026/tcp, 47771/tcp, 61514/tcp, 17013/tcp, 23704/tcp, 60912/tcp, 17466/tcp, 61946/tcp, 12025/tcp, 5461/tcp (SILKMETER), 61499/tcp, 12535/tcp, 437/tcp (comscm), 32422/tcp, 56280/tcp, 60256/tcp, 17792/tcp, 36834/tcp, 20083/tcp, 16584/tcp, 63092/tcp, 44446/tcp, 57995/tcp, 10319/tcp, 60487/tcp, 7970/tcp, 64663/tcp, 11286/tcp, 23763/tcp, 50478/tcp, 43177/tcp, 17563/tcp, 16840/tcp, 23292/tcp, 20901/tcp, 46220/tcp, 38610/tcp, 51537/tcp, 1374/tcp (EPI Software Systems), 35713/tcp, 57912/tcp, 63309/tcp, 61362/tcp, 13046/tcp, 58659/tcp, 49659/tcp, 18833/tcp, 35917/tcp, 35062/tcp, 12152/tcp, 30681/tcp, 39521/tcp, 2660/tcp (GC Monitor), 31907/tcp, 47057/tcp, 19839/tcp, 61090/tcp, 11890/tcp, 22150/tcp, 15217/tcp, 13984/tcp, 7155/tcp, 62890/tcp, 2175/tcp (Microsoft Desktop AirSync Protocol), 59718/tcp, 17230/tcp, 20747/tcp, 60964/tcp, 13161/tcp, 36019/tcp, 51243/tcp, 41458/tcp, 37622/tcp, 17210/tcp, 61473/tcp, 30466/tcp, 21180/tcp, 55662/tcp, 20742/tcp, 47235/tcp, 10828/tcp, 36223/tcp, 61064/tcp, 17239/tcp, 63754/tcp, 48484/tcp, 2725/tcp (MSOLAP PTP2), 17776/tcp, 28764/tcp, 57380/tcp, 10795/tcp, 11951/tcp, 32575/tcp, 47430/tcp, 37317/tcp, 50225/tcp, 42750/tcp, 30371/tcp, 8583/tcp, 48913/tcp, 18325/tcp, 5278/tcp, 63068/tcp, 19747/tcp, 22688/tcp, 59403/tcp, 27410/tcp, 34386/tcp, 27206/tcp, 21083/tcp, 61600/tcp, 57254/tcp, 20688/tcp, 6709/tcp, 21518/tcp, 21054/tcp, 48402/tcp, 11082/tcp, 12727/tcp, 42143/tcp, 28050/tcp, 30880/tcp, 22255/tcp, 7709/tcp, 1100/tcp (MCTP), 36730/tcp, 18499/tcp, 19327/tcp, 21641/tcp, 32595/tcp, 30348/tcp, 63578/tcp, 38097/tcp, 41682/tcp, 30875/tcp, 49329/tcp, 50203/tcp, 56675/tcp, 48197/tcp, 23573/tcp, 58838/tcp, 37749/tcp, 28085/tcp, 43973/tcp, 61155/tcp, 21775/tcp, 51679/tcp, 30911/tcp, 62926/tcp, 1693/tcp (rrirtr), 20461/tcp, 35022/tcp, 42362/tcp, 13297/tcp, 1724/tcp (csbphonemaster), 55939/tcp, 35279/tcp, 21920/tcp, 26161/tcp, 51236/tcp, 21206/tcp, 23808/tcp, 35380/tcp, 50875/tcp, 10802/tcp, 47457/tcp, 17854/tcp, 48524/tcp, 33492/tcp, 19778/tcp, 41600/tcp, 46601/tcp, 24860/tcp, 59753/tcp, 42641/tcp, 60529/tcp, 9063/tcp, 49898/tcp, 2355/tcp (psdbserver), 19554/tcp, 43942/tcp, 63373/tcp, 6017/tcp, 411/tcp (Remote MT Protocol), 51332/tcp, 57159/tcp, 23678/tcp, 33027/tcp, 7252/tcp, 55740/tcp, 47103/tcp, 2842/tcp (l3-hawk), 37470/tcp, 55327/tcp, 17156/tcp, 45879/tcp, 13374/tcp, 20048/tcp (NFS mount protocol), 38061/tcp, 18314/tcp, 52100/tcp, 36954/tcp, 29456/tcp, 19375/tcp, 62852/tcp, 48728/tcp, 17976/tcp, 38997/tcp, 48189/tcp, 23168/tcp, 43943/tcp, 47923/tcp, 46778/tcp, 63533/tcp, 51529/tcp, 32783/tcp, 48418/tcp, 47966/tcp, 23871/tcp, 29813/tcp, 55478/tcp, 37347/tcp, 60595/tcp, 21593/tcp, 60081/tcp, 36077/tcp, 4769/tcp, 21436/tcp, 34735/tcp, 18918/tcp, 60087/tcp, 53122/tcp, 42665/tcp, 56670/tcp, 35144/tcp, 13041/tcp, 9750/tcp (Board M.I.T. Synchronous Collaboration), 60707/tcp, 39551/tcp, 47817/tcp, 18507/tcp, 37289/tcp, 40882/tcp, 49982/tcp, 32569/tcp, 19600/tcp, 29761/tcp, 13719/tcp, 13288/tcp, 17870/tcp, 42288/tcp, 43536/tcp, 34493/tcp, 23778/tcp, 15996/tcp, 49790/tcp, 18989/tcp, 59296/tcp, 48863/tcp, 36220/tcp, 56246/tcp, 47797/tcp, 51518/tcp, 23774/tcp, 23019/tcp, 63299/tcp, 51415/tcp, 1173/tcp (D-Cinema Request-Response), 48102/tcp, 1615/tcp (NetBill Authorization Server), 27585/tcp, 36430/tcp, 10155/tcp, 64165/tcp, 47479/tcp, 4120/tcp, 57946/tcp, 11152/tcp, 21463/tcp, 45418/tcp, 19831/tcp, 39022/tcp, 10408/tcp, 39343/tcp, 17689/tcp, 15435/tcp, 2445/tcp (DTN1), 1151/tcp (Unizensus Login Server), 60613/tcp, 51899/tcp, 19216/tcp, 36450/tcp, 10434/tcp, 49589/tcp, 48303/tcp, 33537/tcp, 64462/tcp, 63053/tcp, 49686/tcp, 13809/tcp, 24172/tcp, 15860/tcp, 55666/tcp, 47618/tcp, 51782/tcp, 36201/tcp, 55290/tcp, 22216/tcp, 41622/tcp, 50064/tcp, 43873/tcp, 5227/tcp (HP System Performance Metric Service), 42158/tcp, 29596/tcp, 23639/tcp, 20693/tcp, 12304/tcp, 51139/tcp, 61690/tcp, 7170/tcp (Adaptive Name/Service Resolution), 18655/tcp, 43758/tcp, 16818/tcp, 19347/tcp, 60406/tcp, 52109/tcp, 38700/tcp, 48685/tcp, 30462/tcp, 31582/tcp, 18882/tcp, 31119/tcp, 2112/tcp (Idonix MetaNet), 34196/tcp, 43329/tcp, 2933/tcp (4-TIER OPM GW), 49612/tcp, 12230/tcp, 5028/tcp (Quiqum Virtual Relais), 22123/tcp, 49206/tcp, 43648/tcp, 41421/tcp, 60866/tcp, 62202/tcp, 49633/tcp, 14010/tcp, 23536/tcp, 21890/tcp, 57065/tcp, 5712/tcp, 50287/tcp, 34575/tcp, 51440/tcp, 17589/tcp, 59721/tcp, 37544/tcp, 36808/tcp, 59020/tcp, 62888/tcp, 38123/tcp, 39443/tcp, 36045/tcp, 42541/tcp, 56859/tcp, 21845/tcp (webphone), 63380/tcp, 47294/tcp, 21287/tcp, 59873/tcp, 18563/tcp, 59594/tcp, 1558/tcp (xingmpeg), 18211/tcp, 49142/tcp, 51694/tcp, 35837/tcp, 45217/tcp, 17136/tcp, 43418/tcp, 10036/tcp, 61849/tcp, 43843/tcp, 22235/tcp, 18889/tcp, 20187/tcp, 35357/tcp, 18544/tcp, 10977/tcp, 41149/tcp, 5660/tcp, 8122/tcp (Apollo Admin Port), 50808/tcp, 563/tcp (nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)), 7684/tcp, 21027/tcp, 22086/tcp, 34843/tcp, 56270/tcp, 47414/tcp, 10739/tcp, 31459/tcp, 17015/tcp, 16682/tcp, 63793/tcp, 10955/tcp, 11081/tcp, 18516/tcp, 24020/tcp, 19431/tcp, 64366/tcp, 33456/tcp, 32414/tcp, 59269/tcp, 505/tcp (mailbox-lm), 37365/tcp, 42120/tcp, 43548/tcp, 6743/tcp, 43379/tcp, 38580/tcp, 20435/tcp, 29099/tcp, 18665/tcp, 61236/tcp, 63060/tcp, 24217/tcp, 36324/tcp, 18377/tcp, 51720/tcp, 36986/tcp, 1845/tcp (altalink), 11977/tcp, 40257/tcp, 27280/tcp, 1235/tcp (mosaicsyssvc1), 9033/tcp, 63209/tcp, 64748/tcp, 35359/tcp, 35074/tcp, 7114/tcp, 31329/tcp, 48745/tcp, 42804/tcp, 51248/tcp, 24927/tcp, 56663/tcp, 31708/tcp, 34545/tcp, 41503/tcp, 48971/tcp, 57306/tcp, 50191/tcp, 18356/tcp, 34605/tcp, 21863/tcp, 61684/tcp, 21480/tcp, 50622/tcp, 16518/tcp, 17454/tcp, 21840/tcp, 57574/tcp, 19622/tcp, 56741/tcp, 59266/tcp, 35633/tcp, 60084/tcp, 55863/tcp, 61667/tcp, 11616/tcp, 61038/tcp, 1270/tcp (Microsoft Operations Manager), 17539/tcp, 22121/tcp, 32556/tcp, 11838/tcp, 63682/tcp, 33508/tcp, 19268/tcp, 7185/tcp, 63662/tcp, 36014/tcp, 31911/tcp, 64671/tcp, 63066/tcp, 63618/tcp, 448/tcp (DDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets), 19769/tcp, 60114/tcp, 18045/tcp, 353/tcp (NDSAUTH), 1870/tcp (SunSCALAR DNS Service), 35542/tcp, 48816/tcp, 50854/tcp, 19756/tcp, 51969/tcp, 47661/tcp, 1483/tcp (AFS License Manager), 45970/tcp, 28533/tcp, 60082/tcp, 6297/tcp, 37417/tcp, 18967/tcp, 20726/tcp, 33913/tcp, 44207/tcp, 49277/tcp, 6218/tcp, 48127/tcp, 15234/tcp, 50802/tcp, 63257/tcp, 46921/tcp, 36912/tcp, 62276/tcp, 26849/tcp, 60814/tcp, 52753/tcp, 16096/tcp, 22525/tcp, 6497/tcp, 64124/tcp, 46602/tcp, 31859/tcp, 36655/tcp, 18372/tcp, 26865/tcp, 50426/tcp, 48841/tcp, 35636/tcp, 48823/tcp, 60324/tcp, 63020/tcp, 52587/tcp, 35536/tcp, 50901/tcp, 46959/tcp, 21131/tcp, 64884/tcp, 37165/tcp, 60491/tcp, 12838/tcp, 48624/tcp, 34675/tcp, 52970/tcp, 49738/tcp, 64876/tcp, 55861/tcp, 37112/tcp, 37927/tcp, 24202/tcp, 17062/tcp, 38793/tcp, 55793/tcp, 11207/tcp, 2201/tcp (Advanced Training System Program), 1797/tcp (UMA), 16430/tcp, 56332/tcp, 23908/tcp, 21950/tcp, 52561/tcp, 49656/tcp, 11007/tcp, 22298/tcp, 59981/tcp, 35788/tcp, 51999/tcp, 49016/tcp, 6984/tcp, 34475/tcp, 19473/tcp, 4791/tcp, 6571/tcp, 59962/tcp, 16022/tcp, 17750/tcp, 23652/tcp, 20310/tcp, 656/tcp (SPMP), 56864/tcp, 14903/tcp, 11769/tcp, 46674/tcp, 45304/tcp, 18411/tcp, 22102/tcp, 51027/tcp, 5022/tcp (mice server), 31064/tcp, 2608/tcp (Wag Service), 61106/tcp, 59957/tcp, 42473/tcp, 2537/tcp (Upgrade Protocol), 51756/tcp, 36802/tcp, 46385/tcp, 49421/tcp, 58582/tcp, 19502/tcp, 5679/tcp (Direct Cable Connect Manager), 22439/tcp, 35149/tcp, 17672/tcp, 43606/tcp, 47047/tcp, 62242/tcp, 64326/tcp, 35759/tcp, 48397/tcp, 16610/tcp, 9948/tcp, 61425/tcp, 26492/tcp, 1648/tcp (concurrent-lm), 18331/tcp, 5459/tcp, 19295/tcp, 6207/tcp, 28072/tcp, 44535/tcp, 1888/tcp (NC Config Port), 22941/tcp, 50339/tcp, 58886/tcp, 64741/tcp, 39080/tcp, 18814/tcp, 7813/tcp, 9883/tcp, 50860/tcp, 13910/tcp, 37619/tcp, 64507/tcp, 62994/tcp, 6244/tcp (JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 4), 1771/tcp (vaultbase), 50042/tcp, 46499/tcp, 33749/tcp, 22891/tcp, 28894/tcp, 10025/tcp, 62051/tcp, 17824/tcp, 36856/tcp, 35635/tcp, 22889/tcp, 44856/tcp, 31450/tcp, 36428/tcp, 20778/tcp, 60789/tcp, 47901/tcp, 38239/tcp, 37947/tcp, 21589/tcp, 1535/tcp (ampr-info), 64049/tcp, 43889/tcp, 56306/tcp, 58661/tcp, 60188/tcp, 23376/tcp, 29943/tcp, 62443/tcp, 13147/tcp, 45892/tcp, 9698/tcp, 17263/tcp, 49325/tcp, 48141/tcp, 63403/tcp, 27884/tcp, 12052/tcp, 11412/tcp, 47566/tcp, 61658/tcp, 62228/tcp, 51090/tcp, 21210/tcp, 21235/tcp, 62495/tcp, 56562/tcp, 7181/tcp, 50605/tcp, 22887/tcp, 22915/tcp, 49395/tcp, 64042/tcp, 37483/tcp, 44347/tcp, 47840/tcp, 56540/tcp, 4490/tcp, 51633/tcp, 7713/tcp, 50008/tcp, 44794/tcp, 22677/tcp, 28247/tcp, 4477/tcp, 8471/tcp (PIM over Reliable Transport), 37087/tcp, 22046/tcp, 23016/tcp, 12701/tcp, 20625/tcp, 20596/tcp, 60204/tcp, 22733/tcp, 32296/tcp, 14032/tcp, 37213/tcp, 21558/tcp, 64701/tcp, 6713/tcp, 42971/tcp, 43080/tcp, 38472/tcp, 51511/tcp, 10467/tcp, 49607/tcp, 37009/tcp, 47739/tcp, 39116/tcp, 33004/tcp, 43434/tcp, 32596/tcp, 45270/tcp, 14464/tcp, 38863/tcp, 42336/tcp, 30785/tcp, 24664/tcp, 39294/tcp, 38284/tcp, 62751/tcp, 51385/tcp, 38836/tcp, 23013/tcp, 45275/tcp, 30209/tcp, 35282/tcp, 49437/tcp, 11821/tcp, 43511/tcp, 45035/tcp, 229/tcp, 48785/tcp, 511/tcp (PassGo), 478/tcp (spsc), 19632/tcp, 13854/tcp, 56519/tcp, 6780/tcp, 15247/tcp, 9772/tcp, 60545/tcp, 15804/tcp, 20804/tcp, 28076/tcp, 13567/tcp, 19878/tcp, 47473/tcp, 4924/tcp, 22403/tcp, 29203/tcp, 17376/tcp, 58155/tcp, 50813/tcp, 33846/tcp, 22380/tcp, 57247/tcp, 29674/tcp, 47335/tcp, 5586/tcp, 50596/tcp, 18022/tcp, 43835/tcp, 31861/tcp, 44938/tcp, 20648/tcp, 1065/tcp (SYSCOMLAN), 14163/tcp, 30892/tcp, 39096/tcp, 30856/tcp, 46742/tcp, 48175/tcp, 48990/tcp, 60236/tcp, 31502/tcp, 22826/tcp, 35590/tcp, 8833/tcp, 35964/tcp, 2237/tcp (Optech Port1 License Manager), 61593/tcp, 26135/tcp, 7423/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1911 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 58355/tcp, 12969/tcp, 40611/tcp, 27533/tcp, 39676/tcp, 35728/tcp, 16857/tcp, 53054/tcp, 63247/tcp, 64322/tcp, 61005/tcp, 17541/tcp, 50269/tcp, 36577/tcp, 17119/tcp, 62151/tcp, 48838/tcp, 38528/tcp, 17398/tcp, 50698/tcp, 22147/tcp, 24682/tcp, 21648/tcp, 31554/tcp, 38885/tcp, 38859/tcp, 52125/tcp, 60829/tcp, 43354/tcp, 1863/tcp (MSNP), 33534/tcp, 30866/tcp, 18482/tcp, 37766/tcp, 49660/tcp, 1206/tcp (Anthony Data), 35945/tcp, 22030/tcp, 59993/tcp, 48079/tcp, 22082/tcp, 47185/tcp, 37012/tcp, 28307/tcp, 1109/tcp, 48972/tcp, 42931/tcp, 11591/tcp, 29141/tcp, 34293/tcp, 49610/tcp, 15016/tcp, 58403/tcp, 64712/tcp, 38241/tcp, 49380/tcp, 21692/tcp, 14288/tcp, 49303/tcp, 50600/tcp, 19168/tcp, 18658/tcp, 4664/tcp (Rimage Messaging Server), 52024/tcp, 55792/tcp, 48537/tcp, 50882/tcp, 33154/tcp, 17132/tcp, 49872/tcp, 35248/tcp, 35379/tcp, 18993/tcp, 59448/tcp, 27344/tcp, 35051/tcp, 44117/tcp, 35301/tcp, 39371/tcp, 37321/tcp, 3616/tcp (cd3o Control Protocol), 18577/tcp, 2280/tcp (LNVPOLLER), 43574/tcp, 16461/tcp, 61127/tcp, 49116/tcp, 22904/tcp, 22354/tcp, 46163/tcp, 54470/tcp, 61297/tcp, 52470/tcp, 22231/tcp, 41165/tcp, 35681/tcp, 3795/tcp (myBLAST Mekentosj port), 32374/tcp, 13414/tcp, 10613/tcp, 1000/tcp (cadlock2), 14085/tcp, 23860/tcp, 12202/tcp, 59222/tcp, 10866/tcp, 19275/tcp, 39364/tcp, 64209/tcp, 50834/tcp, 57670/tcp, 50127/tcp, 12306/tcp, 11431/tcp, 51589/tcp, 57438/tcp, 51161/tcp, 57795/tcp, 12686/tcp, 21615/tcp, 43957/tcp, 42057/tcp, 60036/tcp, 63670/tcp, 51142/tcp, 20924/tcp, 62160/tcp, 413/tcp (Storage Management Services Protocol), 20447/tcp, 57436/tcp, 54931/tcp, 62177/tcp, 55469/tcp, 61749/tcp, 1958/tcp (CA Administration Daemon), 49028/tcp, 61052/tcp, 5430/tcp (RADEC CORP), 36119/tcp, 37625/tcp, 41990/tcp, 54748/tcp, 11308/tcp, 21310/tcp, 59909/tcp, 20268/tcp, 52057/tcp, 50365/tcp, 4204/tcp, 11176/tcp, 19018/tcp, 63157/tcp, 8530/tcp, 48976/tcp, 34140/tcp, 59877/tcp, 60314/tcp, 42912/tcp, 32212/tcp, 45655/tcp, 35458/tcp, 12026/tcp, 32586/tcp, 1819/tcp (Plato License Manager), 26566/tcp, 54823/tcp, 23116/tcp, 35104/tcp, 17141/tcp, 49860/tcp, 49990/tcp, 57202/tcp, 9776/tcp, 59347/tcp, 41061/tcp, 21461/tcp, 47265/tcp, 3069/tcp (ls3), 16934/tcp, 63212/tcp, 22097/tcp, 39412/tcp, 37736/tcp, 21715/tcp, 51220/tcp, 34040/tcp, 63105/tcp, 21822/tcp, 60711/tcp, 10703/tcp, 3389/tcp (MS WBT Server), 37300/tcp, 40413/tcp, 57191/tcp, 47644/tcp, 63391/tcp, 58250/tcp, 24087/tcp, 11233/tcp, 22180/tcp, 57370/tcp, 13136/tcp, 32466/tcp, 50430/tcp, 23950/tcp, 34177/tcp, 12303/tcp, 25326/tcp, 58816/tcp, 47183/tcp, 19853/tcp, 55664/tcp, 42437/tcp, 28215/tcp, 61288/tcp, 56023/tcp, 25582/tcp, 20673/tcp, 50570/tcp, 1031/tcp (BBN IAD), 11916/tcp, 26648/tcp, 50905/tcp, 13983/tcp, 51616/tcp, 7661/tcp, 41297/tcp, 1605/tcp (Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)), 19038/tcp, 30575/tcp, 42775/tcp, 50151/tcp, 6323/tcp, 22387/tcp, 22734/tcp, 12104/tcp, 63991/tcp, 35941/tcp, 61409/tcp, 49459/tcp, 44106/tcp, 4386/tcp, 10334/tcp, 60801/tcp, 39721/tcp, 7817/tcp, 57084/tcp, 50068/tcp, 23782/tcp, 61967/tcp, 22543/tcp, 36272/tcp, 12277/tcp, 37870/tcp, 28746/tcp, 60357/tcp, 51411/tcp, 62703/tcp, 46706/tcp, 1871/tcp (Cano Central 0), 64314/tcp, 49712/tcp, 2460/tcp (ms-theater), 40607/tcp, 36676/tcp, 20768/tcp, 10665/tcp, 55774/tcp, 23994/tcp, 34676/tcp, 10561/tcp, 61841/tcp, 56380/tcp, 60112/tcp, 20418/tcp, 3848/tcp (IT Environmental Monitor), 56945/tcp, 51462/tcp, 49934/tcp, 41064/tcp, 19246/tcp, 39874/tcp, 31953/tcp, 35126/tcp, 1131/tcp (CAC App Service Protocol Encripted), 16213/tcp, 9011/tcp, 6549/tcp (APC 6549), 20897/tcp, 1114/tcp (Mini SQL), 12308/tcp, 45992/tcp, 35639/tcp, 10821/tcp, 37415/tcp, 52021/tcp, 21102/tcp, 16750/tcp, 51438/tcp, 47129/tcp, 2045/tcp (cdfunc), 11211/tcp (Memory cache service), 13121/tcp, 4515/tcp, 19736/tcp, 39138/tcp, 1549/tcp (Shiva Hose), 61340/tcp, 24690/tcp, 20067/tcp, 8910/tcp (manyone-http), 35844/tcp, 44660/tcp, 14166/tcp, 24161/tcp, 55819/tcp, 36298/tcp, 63961/tcp, 18019/tcp, 29965/tcp, 47256/tcp, 18610/tcp, 62002/tcp, 35224/tcp, 28452/tcp, 12683/tcp, 19301/tcp, 63401/tcp, 35331/tcp, 17106/tcp, 61313/tcp, 43318/tcp, 49555/tcp, 24712/tcp, 36197/tcp, 64358/tcp, 28199/tcp, 63779/tcp, 59068/tcp, 53002/tcp, 34980/tcp (EtherCAT Port), 57183/tcp, 45785/tcp, 18992/tcp, 63321/tcp, 58062/tcp, 48368/tcp, 16627/tcp, 47997/tcp, 33995/tcp, 35468/tcp, 64540/tcp, 1161/tcp (Health Polling), 41518/tcp, 10791/tcp, 58836/tcp, 21975/tcp, 31829/tcp, 49541/tcp, 395/tcp (NetScout Control Protocol), 34702/tcp, 46900/tcp, 32738/tcp, 23384/tcp, 22024/tcp, 21846/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services), 34253/tcp, 60643/tcp, 35002/tcp, 19836/tcp, 1410/tcp (HiQ License Manager), 13832/tcp, 51719/tcp, 60785/tcp, 27559/tcp, 31421/tcp, 64629/tcp, 42946/tcp, 35302/tcp, 1902/tcp (Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B), 61379/tcp, 6701/tcp (KTI/ICAD Nameserver), 13091/tcp, 48827/tcp, 52161/tcp, 49870/tcp, 35962/tcp, 17324/tcp, 64675/tcp, 31124/tcp, 5281/tcp (Undo License Manager), 468/tcp (proturis), 61947/tcp, 21228/tcp, 57831/tcp, 49198/tcp, 38813/tcp, 62964/tcp, 57708/tcp, 4846/tcp (Contamac ICM Service), 49534/tcp, 12987/tcp, 37371/tcp, 18327/tcp, 42563/tcp, 33047/tcp, 22566/tcp, 44529/tcp, 10728/tcp, 18509/tcp, 7115/tcp, 2580/tcp (Tributary), 44195/tcp, 41905/tcp, 18430/tcp, 60198/tcp, 60749/tcp, 13440/tcp, 57559/tcp, 49250/tcp, 64065/tcp, 22506/tcp, 49707/tcp, 16901/tcp, 42298/tcp, 40394/tcp, 1949/tcp (ISMA Easdaq Live), 37806/tcp, 41141/tcp, 61829/tcp, 23447/tcp, 60224/tcp, 62368/tcp, 45497/tcp, 27128/tcp, 60922/tcp, 22075/tcp, 31280/tcp, 7163/tcp (CA Connection Broker), 13169/tcp, 35204/tcp, 1823/tcp (Unisys Natural Language License Manager), 12478/tcp, 36367/tcp, 9646/tcp, 21972/tcp, 29953/tcp, 56682/tcp, 20372/tcp, 46353/tcp, 10717/tcp, 43426/tcp, 18788/tcp, 29605/tcp, 2572/tcp (IBP), 21719/tcp, 16661/tcp, 38454/tcp, 57894/tcp, 45341/tcp, 64986/tcp, 5225/tcp (HP Server), 34997/tcp, 19090/tcp, 39934/tcp, 31102/tcp, 7505/tcp, 41239/tcp, 62194/tcp, 18107/tcp, 61332/tcp, 34796/tcp, 21261/tcp, 62755/tcp, 35584/tcp, 48336/tcp, 2922/tcp (CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer), 232/tcp, 58834/tcp, 47719/tcp, 49195/tcp, 63201/tcp, 12887/tcp, 48593/tcp, 31228/tcp, 1420/tcp (Timbuktu Service 4 Port), 10766/tcp, 30793/tcp, 39699/tcp, 59013/tcp, 50607/tcp, 43012/tcp, 6680/tcp, 61165/tcp, 55916/tcp, 38442/tcp, 35211/tcp, 46765/tcp, 38456/tcp, 50116/tcp, 49960/tcp, 58715/tcp, 21284/tcp, 23190/tcp, 35895/tcp, 21671/tcp, 47979/tcp, 9721/tcp, 21716/tcp, 18074/tcp, 48407/tcp, 21081/tcp, 9977/tcp, 21645/tcp, 56429/tcp, 10415/tcp, 9360/tcp, 3159/tcp (NavegaWeb Tarification), 10133/tcp, 2715/tcp (HPSTGMGR2), 8650/tcp, 9342/tcp, 1793/tcp (rsc-robot), 59679/tcp, 47090/tcp, 38817/tcp, 51671/tcp, 19298/tcp, 26109/tcp, 59396/tcp, 47112/tcp, 1514/tcp (Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc), 20749/tcp, 9691/tcp, 20875/tcp, 49993/tcp, 50707/tcp, 7791/tcp, 62150/tcp, 8549/tcp, 14124/tcp, 671/tcp (VACDSM-APP), 27816/tcp, 28453/tcp, 43660/tcp, 46625/tcp, 64749/tcp, 51477/tcp, 62856/tcp, 10818/tcp, 41574/tcp, 34662/tcp, 47931/tcp, 16889/tcp, 17002/tcp, 52438/tcp, 64254/tcp, 51347/tcp, 63195/tcp, 1284/tcp (IEE-QFX), 57589/tcp, 2428/tcp (One Way Trip Time), 35659/tcp, 33251/tcp, 36246/tcp, 43269/tcp, 29917/tcp, 42258/tcp, 13140/tcp, 6430/tcp, 60261/tcp, 18765/tcp, 5735/tcp, 6073/tcp (DirectPlay8), 59951/tcp, 29778/tcp, 1982/tcp (Evidentiary Timestamp), 42619/tcp, 62417/tcp, 35432/tcp, 2577/tcp (Scriptics Lsrvr), 60870/tcp, 36300/tcp, 29089/tcp, 35308/tcp, 38330/tcp, 42790/tcp, 18282/tcp, 64046/tcp, 58124/tcp, 47026/tcp, 38450/tcp, 31265/tcp, 20551/tcp, 58481/tcp, 25553/tcp, 36482/tcp, 61963/tcp, 38781/tcp, 12708/tcp, 32543/tcp, 1453/tcp (Genie License Manager), 5203/tcp (TARGUS GetData 3), 23645/tcp, 41979/tcp, 63335/tcp, 60800/tcp, 49179/tcp, 35233/tcp, 13906/tcp, 61976/tcp, 48637/tcp, 63709/tcp, 42284/tcp, 59234/tcp, 63117/tcp, 14024/tcp, 12991/tcp, 36551/tcp, 22604/tcp, 47927/tcp, 9497/tcp, 51310/tcp, 50307/tcp, 52534/tcp, 14883/tcp, 18233/tcp, 16705/tcp, 62246/tcp, 26667/tcp, 36785/tcp, 29835/tcp, 22385/tcp, 56949/tcp, 52535/tcp, 40078/tcp, 63098/tcp, 43901/tcp, 61149/tcp, 48919/tcp, 19752/tcp, 1589/tcp (VQP), 5887/tcp, 60391/tcp, 57972/tcp, 57032/tcp, 46055/tcp, 20622/tcp, 33750/tcp, 5661/tcp, 62768/tcp, 49102/tcp, 6550/tcp (fg-sysupdate), 7755/tcp, 60622/tcp, 18054/tcp, 63692/tcp, 35889/tcp, 60026/tcp, 55868/tcp, 42919/tcp, 21777/tcp, 30658/tcp, 2902/tcp (NET ASPI), 56545/tcp, 59273/tcp, 49768/tcp, 39862/tcp, 31498/tcp, 56351/tcp, 55004/tcp, 44503/tcp, 59886/tcp, 52252/tcp, 36067/tcp, 30402/tcp, 60290/tcp, 31219/tcp, 37113/tcp, 47949/tcp, 3564/tcp (Electromed SIM port), 22975/tcp, 59964/tcp, 12327/tcp, 20868/tcp, 10546/tcp, 28390/tcp, 7843/tcp, 41778/tcp, 60104/tcp, 17944/tcp, 60879/tcp, 3121/tcp, 57091/tcp, 20213/tcp, 42358/tcp, 20314/tcp, 19483/tcp, 37548/tcp, 50827/tcp, 42154/tcp, 35527/tcp, 36729/tcp, 19464/tcp, 48867/tcp, 47971/tcp, 60886/tcp, 57947/tcp, 18639/tcp, 58266/tcp, 36215/tcp, 17435/tcp, 40056/tcp, 3821/tcp (ATSC PMCP Standard), 18305/tcp, 17596/tcp, 51168/tcp, 22912/tcp, 1781/tcp (answersoft-lm), 33135/tcp, 1166/tcp (QSM RemoteExec), 2565/tcp (Coordinator Server), 58757/tcp, 63462/tcp, 39272/tcp, 1553/tcp (sna-cs), 61488/tcp, 22703/tcp, 29979/tcp, 20894/tcp, 42773/tcp, 38129/tcp, 61707/tcp, 41250/tcp, 57968/tcp, 57895/tcp, 36580/tcp, 49581/tcp, 62651/tcp, 27336/tcp, 57302/tcp, 64782/tcp, 18175/tcp, 61045/tcp, 26975/tcp, 11592/tcp, 10471/tcp, 46855/tcp, 47330/tcp, 16466/tcp, 2511/tcp (Metastorm), 61567/tcp, 2777/tcp (Ridgeway Systems & Software), 40083/tcp, 58306/tcp, 34199/tcp, 30797/tcp, 15202/tcp, 9568/tcp, 51261/tcp, 12256/tcp, 37378/tcp, 13845/tcp, 14315/tcp, 11589/tcp, 50711/tcp, 34501/tcp, 58380/tcp, 12988/tcp, 35328/tcp, 50369/tcp, 51668/tcp, 48498/tcp, 5556/tcp (Freeciv gameplay), 37492/tcp, 10950/tcp, 56287/tcp, 43682/tcp, 41999/tcp, 35687/tcp, 35766/tcp, 22127/tcp, 8628/tcp, 48217/tcp, 26374/tcp, 42462/tcp, 46164/tcp, 56656/tcp, 13013/tcp, 1566/tcp (CORELVIDEO), 17080/tcp, 48663/tcp, 12682/tcp, 1745/tcp (remote-winsock), 6824/tcp, 50125/tcp, 22305/tcp (CompactIS Tunnel), 12435/tcp, 58938/tcp, 22603/tcp, 48520/tcp, 56685/tcp, 21745/tcp, 8728/tcp, 22176/tcp, 64157/tcp, 23205/tcp, 58835/tcp, 24612/tcp, 21508/tcp, 24433/tcp, 20167/tcp (TOLfab Data Change), 20291/tcp, 49794/tcp, 9163/tcp (apani4), 55417/tcp, 24522/tcp, 18476/tcp, 58382/tcp, 20112/tcp, 34740/tcp, 1563/tcp (Cadabra License Manager), 45296/tcp, 43061/tcp, 55634/tcp, 19055/tcp, 26043/tcp, 1705/tcp (slingshot), 57410/tcp, 16078/tcp, 22361/tcp, 64280/tcp, 49964/tcp, 39134/tcp, 29197/tcp, 38915/tcp, 17823/tcp, 11968/tcp, 1539/tcp (Intellistor License Manager), 21699/tcp, 17071/tcp, 35737/tcp, 20960/tcp, 27611/tcp, 11413/tcp, 30781/tcp, 34208/tcp, 247/tcp (SUBNTBCST_TFTP), 20905/tcp, 9085/tcp (IBM Remote System Console), 51317/tcp, 38223/tcp, 26936/tcp, 62721/tcp, 37584/tcp, 1279/tcp (Dell Web Admin 2), 18941/tcp, 22718/tcp, 5050/tcp (multimedia conference control tool), 18743/tcp, 1887/tcp (FileX Listening Port), 35048/tcp, 45811/tcp, 11955/tcp, 58280/tcp, 22491/tcp, 20258/tcp, 17111/tcp, 61421/tcp, 35021/tcp, 17166/tcp, 2336/tcp (Apple UG Control), 41607/tcp, 56555/tcp, 41406/tcp, 17350/tcp, 38768/tcp, 2381/tcp (Compaq HTTPS), 30535/tcp, 33987/tcp, 30123/tcp, 60461/tcp, 1757/tcp (cnhrp), 58211/tcp, 56815/tcp, 55027/tcp, 56198/tcp, 43723/tcp, 13236/tcp, 20106/tcp, 2310/tcp (SD Client), 38575/tcp, 14629/tcp, 19476/tcp, 891/tcp, 23034/tcp, 47387/tcp, 47446/tcp, 36758/tcp, 57526/tcp, 60269/tcp, 11799/tcp, 23142/tcp, 2140/tcp (IAS-REG), 46193/tcp, 14088/tcp, 29177/tcp, 37291/tcp, 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25473/tcp, 6962/tcp (jmevt2), 58581/tcp, 55848/tcp, 11215/tcp, 22406/tcp, 62554/tcp, 51596/tcp, 50451/tcp, 59499/tcp, 3895/tcp (SyAm SMC Service Port), 6107/tcp (ETC Control), 63893/tcp, 38349/tcp, 59831/tcp, 3099/tcp (CHIPSY Machine Daemon), 49551/tcp, 57393/tcp, 10107/tcp (VERITAS BCTP, server), 54622/tcp, 43369/tcp, 59600/tcp, 17984/tcp, 22644/tcp, 36019/tcp, 7014/tcp (Microtalon Communications), 10230/tcp, 62534/tcp, 21864/tcp, 61284/tcp, 60513/tcp, 39498/tcp, 33646/tcp, 4946/tcp, 17675/tcp, 23094/tcp, 62839/tcp, 31923/tcp, 21031/tcp, 62186/tcp, 9694/tcp (T-Mobile Client Wakeup Message), 46521/tcp, 31398/tcp, 15968/tcp, 1880/tcp (Gilat VSAT Control), 23250/tcp, 61856/tcp, 36402/tcp, 34809/tcp, 58764/tcp, 43470/tcp, 2367/tcp (Service Control), 19171/tcp, 34553/tcp, 22629/tcp, 32599/tcp, 64707/tcp, 6794/tcp, 16505/tcp, 19116/tcp, 21768/tcp, 46799/tcp, 17899/tcp, 36861/tcp, 61316/tcp, 49759/tcp, 36484/tcp, 57185/tcp, 23086/tcp, 32043/tcp, 31521/tcp, 44184/tcp, 43251/tcp, 33816/tcp, 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Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium), 63227/tcp, 20670/tcp (Track), 30144/tcp, 32647/tcp, 62224/tcp, 12740/tcp, 17236/tcp, 43407/tcp, 37636/tcp, 58916/tcp, 5783/tcp (3PAR Management Service with SSL), 49603/tcp, 11249/tcp, 15843/tcp, 35892/tcp, 34902/tcp, 47161/tcp, 62852/tcp, 23198/tcp, 35967/tcp, 17549/tcp, 47741/tcp, 35914/tcp, 46643/tcp, 51827/tcp, 24905/tcp, 20525/tcp, 34787/tcp, 16736/tcp, 6690/tcp, 23358/tcp, 35033/tcp, 6527/tcp, 60595/tcp, 49229/tcp, 32303/tcp, 43638/tcp, 846/tcp, 61336/tcp, 26310/tcp, 6452/tcp, 37921/tcp, 32826/tcp, 825/tcp, 46758/tcp, 46948/tcp, 62729/tcp, 16697/tcp, 56897/tcp, 18480/tcp, 35535/tcp, 55663/tcp, 2128/tcp (Net Steward Control), 52051/tcp, 54669/tcp, 30667/tcp, 16548/tcp, 42691/tcp, 46541/tcp, 42314/tcp, 11221/tcp, 22199/tcp, 29761/tcp, 64843/tcp, 51158/tcp, 42293/tcp, 62655/tcp, 21414/tcp, 36908/tcp, 2471/tcp (SeaODBC), 8453/tcp, 51976/tcp, 2150/tcp (DYNAMIC3D), 51816/tcp, 59398/tcp, 63299/tcp, 11338/tcp, 2154/tcp (Standard Protocol), 16991/tcp (INTEL-RCI-MP), 22685/tcp, 21697/tcp, 38210/tcp, 63021/tcp, 23503/tcp, 61768/tcp, 56659/tcp, 1005/tcp, 8200/tcp (TRIVNET), 615/tcp (Internet Configuration Manager), 26722/tcp, 43046/tcp, 46489/tcp, 42459/tcp, 59572/tcp, 24096/tcp, 34288/tcp, 28147/tcp, 56250/tcp, 6344/tcp, 20011/tcp, 1719/tcp (h323gatestat), 43212/tcp, 2429/tcp (FT-ROLE), 2058/tcp (NewWaveSearchables RMI), 46554/tcp, 51899/tcp, 50302/tcp, 27170/tcp, 31327/tcp, 42499/tcp, 32109/tcp, 438/tcp (dsfgw), 1703/tcp, 20135/tcp, 18944/tcp, 42063/tcp, 28762/tcp, 49686/tcp, 37220/tcp, 36525/tcp, 26362/tcp, 52370/tcp, 46914/tcp, 61376/tcp, 12639/tcp, 19294/tcp, 47983/tcp, 48459/tcp, 60993/tcp, 18885/tcp, 2115/tcp (Key Distribution Manager), 37840/tcp, 36025/tcp, 50853/tcp, 22376/tcp, 38279/tcp, 32900/tcp, 22281/tcp, 852/tcp, 21968/tcp, 36198/tcp, 22659/tcp, 61759/tcp, 56549/tcp, 47408/tcp, 12243/tcp, 35860/tcp, 30655/tcp, 1013/tcp, 747/tcp (Fujitsu Device Control), 5356/tcp (Microsoft Small Business), 46288/tcp, 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34854/tcp, 4992/tcp, 23194/tcp, 41726/tcp, 38036/tcp, 62033/tcp, 31038/tcp, 13146/tcp, 63186/tcp, 44608/tcp, 50912/tcp, 47291/tcp, 5222/tcp (XMPP Client Connection), 60217/tcp, 32518/tcp, 6092/tcp, 56727/tcp, 44444/tcp, 47337/tcp, 12196/tcp, 31833/tcp, 61714/tcp, 64906/tcp, 21489/tcp, 1701/tcp (l2tp), 60737/tcp, 49763/tcp, 49328/tcp, 27537/tcp, 49406/tcp, 46985/tcp, 4388/tcp, 36655/tcp, 10587/tcp, 21057/tcp, 55147/tcp, 9743/tcp, 6021/tcp, 539/tcp (Apertus Technologies Load Determination), 16879/tcp, 7037/tcp, 10650/tcp, 38388/tcp, 20593/tcp, 49562/tcp, 18662/tcp, 22956/tcp, 18431/tcp, 18126/tcp, 60097/tcp, 6553/tcp, 23998/tcp, 12279/tcp, 35212/tcp, 57233/tcp, 587/tcp (Submission), 34188/tcp, 47509/tcp, 30937/tcp, 27637/tcp, 48533/tcp, 38925/tcp, 44373/tcp, 35664/tcp, 8605/tcp, 51619/tcp, 61158/tcp, 63600/tcp, 60788/tcp, 38811/tcp, 60988/tcp, 56607/tcp, 5171/tcp, 34490/tcp, 43596/tcp, 37844/tcp, 32015/tcp, 50986/tcp, 62125/tcp, 59169/tcp, 41328/tcp, 56750/tcp, 52634/tcp, 18457/tcp, 36703/tcp, 6099/tcp (RAXA Management), 50298/tcp, 50886/tcp, 10843/tcp, 10397/tcp, 56760/tcp, 59069/tcp, 42094/tcp, 365/tcp (DTK), 37542/tcp, 32320/tcp, 11973/tcp, 35181/tcp, 1844/tcp (DirecPC-DLL), 5456/tcp (APC 5456), 26235/tcp, 57299/tcp, 60596/tcp, 17019/tcp, 48381/tcp, 49154/tcp, 11920/tcp, 22005/tcp (Opto Host Port 5), 50395/tcp, 58864/tcp, 55686/tcp, 41243/tcp, 45759/tcp, 18029/tcp, 39066/tcp, 24340/tcp, 43234/tcp, 4042/tcp (LDXP), 51284/tcp, 62912/tcp, 12809/tcp, 52570/tcp, 43253/tcp, 58559/tcp, 38236/tcp, 34847/tcp, 54035/tcp, 56127/tcp, 34546/tcp, 61830/tcp, 35123/tcp, 44478/tcp, 22229/tcp, 23425/tcp, 42425/tcp, 34017/tcp, 57663/tcp, 51087/tcp, 47557/tcp (Databeam Corporation), 55082/tcp, 61184/tcp, 2637/tcp (Import Document Service), 15485/tcp, 1171/tcp (AT+C FmiApplicationServer), 18097/tcp, 59085/tcp, 55632/tcp, 7226/tcp, 49986/tcp, 48154/tcp, 42109/tcp, 16731/tcp, 42194/tcp, 20469/tcp, 50860/tcp, 18289/tcp, 2228/tcp (eHome Message Server), 34081/tcp, 43663/tcp, 55900/tcp, 22175/tcp, 50042/tcp, 41957/tcp, 49076/tcp, 17977/tcp, 63553/tcp, 50548/tcp, 10438/tcp, 33676/tcp, 50272/tcp, 48764/tcp, 48492/tcp, 20778/tcp, 10918/tcp, 3610/tcp (ECHONET), 34415/tcp, 7479/tcp, 58050/tcp, 42741/tcp, 50217/tcp, 27795/tcp, 47434/tcp, 10572/tcp, 58384/tcp, 60308/tcp, 6245/tcp, 47031/tcp, 11507/tcp, 4589/tcp, 22225/tcp, 61515/tcp, 1767/tcp (cft-6), 45892/tcp, 28150/tcp, 18301/tcp, 35742/tcp, 10282/tcp, 60439/tcp, 46107/tcp, 35201/tcp, 42470/tcp, 22045/tcp, 59799/tcp, 17442/tcp, 42830/tcp, 60108/tcp, 62495/tcp, 11819/tcp, 36830/tcp, 56623/tcp, 61068/tcp, 1362/tcp (TimeFlies), 19152/tcp, 4081/tcp (Lorica inside facing (SSL)), 26797/tcp, 11748/tcp, 23726/tcp, 21868/tcp, 42600/tcp, 5612/tcp, 6937/tcp, 50555/tcp, 15712/tcp, 7713/tcp, 1736/tcp (street-stream), 45356/tcp, 19859/tcp, 63718/tcp, 64484/tcp, 31942/tcp, 42414/tcp, 2586/tcp (NETX Agent), 30532/tcp, 19425/tcp, 42451/tcp, 13400/tcp, 19886/tcp, 556/tcp (rfs server), 58633/tcp, 46878/tcp, 11289/tcp, 49128/tcp, 21002/tcp, 11459/tcp, 59568/tcp, 35196/tcp, 62359/tcp, 12157/tcp, 39298/tcp, 21190/tcp, 52609/tcp, 35574/tcp, 42645/tcp, 46911/tcp, 19983/tcp, 21997/tcp, 50456/tcp, 34943/tcp, 2180/tcp (Millicent Vendor Gateway Server), 30785/tcp, 37674/tcp, 46520/tcp, 30306/tcp, 63283/tcp, 49407/tcp, 43096/tcp, 21097/tcp, 769/tcp (vid), 49558/tcp, 7486/tcp, 4561/tcp, 51418/tcp, 37002/tcp, 7006/tcp (error interpretation service), 63108/tcp, 49943/tcp, 36093/tcp, 54544/tcp, 15908/tcp, 62053/tcp, 23596/tcp, 49838/tcp, 6657/tcp, 16496/tcp, 726/tcp, 31682/tcp, 54744/tcp, 56179/tcp, 1141/tcp (User Message Service), 12582/tcp, 22050/tcp, 58737/tcp, 17716/tcp, 21662/tcp, 51042/tcp, 47875/tcp, 6048/tcp, 1457/tcp (Valisys License Manager), 48790/tcp, 22380/tcp, 35045/tcp, 23017/tcp, 59039/tcp, 31599/tcp, 11770/tcp, 29277/tcp, 42866/tcp, 50839/tcp, 37443/tcp, 55254/tcp, 63153/tcp, 48711/tcp, 16331/tcp, 16728/tcp, 35590/tcp, 49307/tcp, 24373/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1976 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 56828/tcp, 54621/tcp, 48210/tcp, 8646/tcp, 55131/tcp, 11301/tcp, 15067/tcp, 43098/tcp, 13685/tcp, 50016/tcp, 49369/tcp, 51843/tcp, 55387/tcp, 15511/tcp, 38680/tcp, 2185/tcp (OnBase Distributed Disk Services), 48714/tcp, 62580/tcp, 57325/tcp, 17948/tcp, 16861/tcp, 62812/tcp, 59479/tcp, 58734/tcp, 62647/tcp, 37208/tcp, 35382/tcp, 49593/tcp, 50763/tcp, 14110/tcp, 51054/tcp, 22275/tcp, 38787/tcp, 60974/tcp, 2393/tcp (MS OLAP 1), 30122/tcp, 44185/tcp, 42569/tcp, 29012/tcp, 50224/tcp, 24672/tcp, 24032/tcp, 31800/tcp, 23912/tcp, 35841/tcp, 42799/tcp, 21684/tcp, 21305/tcp, 29534/tcp, 58713/tcp, 60931/tcp, 49867/tcp, 51946/tcp, 56072/tcp, 47461/tcp, 21109/tcp, 26673/tcp, 53220/tcp, 9720/tcp, 19520/tcp, 23091/tcp, 41550/tcp, 58529/tcp, 63848/tcp, 18123/tcp, 21048/tcp, 31041/tcp, 58282/tcp, 52887/tcp, 15417/tcp, 27202/tcp, 51934/tcp, 32060/tcp, 55857/tcp, 8088/tcp (Radan HTTP), 6731/tcp, 44762/tcp, 3081/tcp (TL1-LV), 57510/tcp, 61978/tcp, 42894/tcp, 23488/tcp, 30885/tcp, 4356/tcp (QSNet Assistant), 20803/tcp, 58386/tcp, 34435/tcp, 48101/tcp, 8750/tcp, 45691/tcp, 55153/tcp, 8196/tcp, 12072/tcp, 35379/tcp, 17594/tcp, 1932/tcp (CTT Broker), 42001/tcp, 9426/tcp, 22277/tcp, 190/tcp (Gateway Access Control Protocol), 41745/tcp, 22737/tcp, 22339/tcp, 62643/tcp, 35319/tcp, 19710/tcp, 5329/tcp, 50849/tcp, 45665/tcp, 42868/tcp, 36607/tcp, 39316/tcp, 43861/tcp, 40531/tcp, 25021/tcp, 25729/tcp, 19113/tcp, 54259/tcp, 28028/tcp, 40595/tcp, 24158/tcp, 31142/tcp, 60214/tcp, 48305/tcp, 59552/tcp, 61723/tcp, 24660/tcp, 61563/tcp, 47092/tcp, 14857/tcp, 28541/tcp, 7277/tcp (OMA Internal Location Secure Protocol), 28811/tcp, 34461/tcp, 56581/tcp, 51645/tcp, 11974/tcp, 31045/tcp, 12556/tcp, 41618/tcp, 48749/tcp, 13953/tcp, 59166/tcp, 6642/tcp, 49510/tcp, 11843/tcp, 32932/tcp, 34579/tcp, 39137/tcp, 12292/tcp, 20944/tcp, 29521/tcp, 49028/tcp, 5430/tcp (RADEC CORP), 21640/tcp, 60013/tcp, 11717/tcp, 565/tcp (whoami), 42440/tcp, 49908/tcp, 33053/tcp, 34266/tcp, 56503/tcp, 32773/tcp (FileNET Component Manager), 13381/tcp, 38506/tcp, 26838/tcp, 795/tcp, 5939/tcp, 48976/tcp, 51700/tcp, 51778/tcp, 15555/tcp (Cisco Stateful NAT), 38352/tcp, 39063/tcp, 19827/tcp, 8427/tcp, 57006/tcp, 60421/tcp, 49050/tcp, 51920/tcp, 18837/tcp, 1927/tcp (Videte CIPC Port), 21619/tcp, 48610/tcp, 48723/tcp, 63101/tcp, 1414/tcp (IBM MQSeries), 38201/tcp (Galaxy7 Data Tunnel), 59883/tcp, 51314/tcp, 44717/tcp, 49677/tcp, 22253/tcp, 22017/tcp, 21030/tcp, 56757/tcp, 40583/tcp, 38423/tcp, 63599/tcp, 60603/tcp, 54165/tcp, 31651/tcp, 37627/tcp, 416/tcp (Silverplatter), 12735/tcp, 43827/tcp, 17067/tcp, 24846/tcp, 18821/tcp, 55491/tcp, 40011/tcp, 28240/tcp (Siemens GSM), 63391/tcp, 41471/tcp, 6167/tcp, 23797/tcp, 60035/tcp, 11865/tcp, 10460/tcp, 20288/tcp, 34331/tcp, 34314/tcp, 6512/tcp, 34059/tcp, 11520/tcp, 20619/tcp, 63614/tcp, 6501/tcp (BoKS Servc), 53356/tcp, 19142/tcp, 6171/tcp, 63469/tcp, 43478/tcp, 35407/tcp, 50979/tcp, 3809/tcp (Java Desktop System Configuration Agent), 30629/tcp, 19038/tcp, 61867/tcp, 34185/tcp, 25631/tcp, 6323/tcp, 16087/tcp, 56013/tcp, 51343/tcp, 36632/tcp, 34865/tcp, 45866/tcp, 38855/tcp, 17374/tcp, 58251/tcp, 7534/tcp, 30031/tcp, 2534/tcp (Combox Web Access), 63451/tcp, 57641/tcp, 33980/tcp, 63346/tcp, 28058/tcp, 43530/tcp, 47011/tcp, 50804/tcp, 63923/tcp, 57055/tcp, 46773/tcp, 52456/tcp, 15812/tcp, 61007/tcp, 12507/tcp, 19771/tcp, 469/tcp (Radio Control Protocol), 24125/tcp, 63417/tcp, 62190/tcp, 36943/tcp, 20090/tcp, 22990/tcp, 1226/tcp (STGXFWS), 35658/tcp, 19126/tcp, 28044/tcp, 33754/tcp, 36686/tcp, 13176/tcp, 15905/tcp, 60910/tcp, 7858/tcp, 43913/tcp, 23120/tcp, 4362/tcp, 23954/tcp, 55504/tcp, 4392/tcp (American Printware RXServer Protocol), 25859/tcp, 1923/tcp (SPICE), 48544/tcp, 26261/tcp (eZmeeting), 55384/tcp, 33248/tcp, 30745/tcp, 35376/tcp, 33416/tcp, 47104/tcp, 10970/tcp, 34623/tcp, 31447/tcp, 54724/tcp, 58410/tcp, 21398/tcp, 5638/tcp, 55277/tcp, 62663/tcp, 1531/tcp (rap-listen), 59526/tcp, 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57971/tcp, 37783/tcp, 13942/tcp, 58254/tcp, 37709/tcp, 12875/tcp, 11594/tcp, 6884/tcp, 53170/tcp, 62502/tcp, 27485/tcp, 3363/tcp (NATI Vi Server), 28100/tcp, 31313/tcp, 22428/tcp, 7958/tcp, 21236/tcp, 8274/tcp, 58865/tcp, 31916/tcp, 7047/tcp, 21011/tcp, 23261/tcp, 20369/tcp, 35763/tcp, 4950/tcp (Sybase Server Monitor), 41490/tcp, 43321/tcp, 61580/tcp, 50121/tcp, 50983/tcp, 6047/tcp, 23075/tcp, 41395/tcp, 50525/tcp, 56705/tcp, 20412/tcp, 40394/tcp, 37549/tcp, 34692/tcp, 24171/tcp, 12787/tcp, 13076/tcp, 61446/tcp, 25155/tcp, 46018/tcp, 53304/tcp, 59348/tcp, 43455/tcp, 1488/tcp (DocStor), 22247/tcp, 23244/tcp, 35685/tcp, 15206/tcp, 50142/tcp, 13270/tcp, 63852/tcp, 45653/tcp, 34631/tcp, 1338/tcp (WMC-log-svr), 16927/tcp, 15826/tcp, 18636/tcp, 47521/tcp, 30677/tcp, 18963/tcp, 2932/tcp (INCP), 24738/tcp, 27852/tcp, 2493/tcp (Talarian MQS), 38454/tcp, 51210/tcp, 55127/tcp, 61498/tcp, 48619/tcp (iqobject), 42215/tcp, 37487/tcp, 63175/tcp, 33515/tcp, 19269/tcp, 18223/tcp, 40756/tcp, 21362/tcp, 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License Manager), 50291/tcp, 45535/tcp, 50723/tcp, 13403/tcp, 44348/tcp, 58020/tcp, 56296/tcp, 25803/tcp, 58656/tcp, 24560/tcp, 1005/tcp, 11949/tcp, 56114/tcp, 45877/tcp, 13601/tcp, 2190/tcp (TiVoConnect Beacon), 58585/tcp, 25141/tcp, 24463/tcp, 15038/tcp, 33951/tcp, 18104/tcp (RAD PDF Service), 59754/tcp, 32336/tcp, 25333/tcp, 42592/tcp, 38914/tcp, 16955/tcp, 50147/tcp, 18888/tcp (APCNECMP), 5125/tcp, 22760/tcp, 23287/tcp, 50302/tcp, 49733/tcp, 29584/tcp, 63588/tcp, 16905/tcp, 3076/tcp (Orbix 2000 Config), 57113/tcp, 32109/tcp, 47268/tcp, 5694/tcp, 38862/tcp, 63621/tcp, 3879/tcp (appss license manager), 13816/tcp, 57367/tcp, 55716/tcp, 60262/tcp, 50927/tcp, 63656/tcp, 18025/tcp, 7609/tcp, 30019/tcp, 11644/tcp, 12890/tcp, 13277/tcp, 61881/tcp, 15433/tcp, 35178/tcp, 27436/tcp, 5002/tcp (radio free ethernet), 46929/tcp, 6628/tcp (AFE Stock Channel M/C), 46546/tcp, 34075/tcp, 10126/tcp, 10573/tcp, 50120/tcp, 29430/tcp, 50645/tcp, 56150/tcp, 19347/tcp, 14463/tcp, 9211/tcp (OMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure), 27920/tcp, 2218/tcp (Bounzza IRC Proxy), 56549/tcp, 55578/tcp, 37800/tcp, 22584/tcp, 2606/tcp (Dell Netmon), 31119/tcp, 16265/tcp, 20366/tcp, 15355/tcp, 42184/tcp, 15128/tcp, 22774/tcp, 64068/tcp, 38941/tcp, 63514/tcp, 35454/tcp, 38476/tcp, 61366/tcp, 64094/tcp, 1083/tcp (Anasoft License Manager), 51250/tcp, 61080/tcp, 42572/tcp, 64686/tcp, 23130/tcp, 62365/tcp, 32183/tcp, 23477/tcp, 554/tcp (Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)), 42842/tcp, 59117/tcp, 21693/tcp, 56451/tcp, 56958/tcp, 60067/tcp, 48388/tcp, 62896/tcp, 54217/tcp, 23834/tcp, 2980/tcp (Instant Messaging Service), 47178/tcp, 42719/tcp, 6720/tcp, 40852/tcp, 15024/tcp, 11438/tcp, 47674/tcp, 13780/tcp, 35898/tcp, 12173/tcp, 1287/tcp (RouteMatch Com), 62803/tcp, 61009/tcp, 26479/tcp, 63941/tcp, 9188/tcp, 48845/tcp, 29714/tcp, 51135/tcp, 47105/tcp, 22967/tcp, 351/tcp (bhoetty (added 5/21/97)), 35357/tcp, 37906/tcp, 22569/tcp, 513/tcp (remote login a la telnet;), 57195/tcp, 60420/tcp, 36097/tcp, 18817/tcp, 60100/tcp, 45330/tcp, 30005/tcp, 44634/tcp, 11206/tcp, 39531/tcp, 61209/tcp, 57568/tcp, 51473/tcp, 12099/tcp, 52466/tcp, 39144/tcp, 46710/tcp, 8118/tcp (Privoxy HTTP proxy), 57693/tcp, 61295/tcp, 33504/tcp, 51726/tcp, 60914/tcp, 54135/tcp, 19267/tcp, 47157/tcp, 58913/tcp, 57235/tcp, 20674/tcp, 46700/tcp, 59401/tcp, 29099/tcp, 12001/tcp (IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority), 50295/tcp, 48589/tcp, 63900/tcp, 58381/tcp, 15447/tcp, 5355/tcp (LLMNR), 30882/tcp, 31012/tcp, 577/tcp (vnas), 38371/tcp, 46044/tcp, 60275/tcp, 36749/tcp, 11175/tcp (OEM cacao web service access point), 43239/tcp, 61747/tcp, 53830/tcp, 51180/tcp, 29201/tcp, 13776/tcp, 31466/tcp, 60140/tcp, 60063/tcp, 63805/tcp, 42994/tcp, 32755/tcp, 5303/tcp (HA cluster probing), 30457/tcp, 35074/tcp, 19754/tcp, 59248/tcp, 45832/tcp, 5534/tcp, 61321/tcp, 7969/tcp, 22748/tcp, 11796/tcp, 27950/tcp, 7307/tcp, 22811/tcp, 48433/tcp, 48744/tcp, 1714/tcp (sesi-lm), 50622/tcp, 8955/tcp, 41271/tcp, 34772/tcp, 38319/tcp, 50496/tcp, 19677/tcp, 19905/tcp, 4535/tcp (Event Heap Server), 60470/tcp, 64960/tcp, 12790/tcp, 57871/tcp, 35227/tcp, 34390/tcp, 58202/tcp, 34811/tcp, 17821/tcp, 34971/tcp, 12127/tcp, 59758/tcp, 27254/tcp, 14913/tcp, 14705/tcp, 41345/tcp, 31206/tcp, 13324/tcp, 15154/tcp, 56436/tcp, 49302/tcp, 55043/tcp, 5635/tcp (SFM Authentication Subsystem), 22587/tcp, 29492/tcp, 34300/tcp, 21942/tcp, 45814/tcp, 39118/tcp, 21867/tcp, 13533/tcp, 38249/tcp, 10713/tcp, 44426/tcp, 60565/tcp, 42059/tcp, 35353/tcp, 34292/tcp, 63829/tcp, 23525/tcp, 6431/tcp, 29291/tcp, 62469/tcp, 38733/tcp, 39323/tcp, 31038/tcp, 13433/tcp, 31168/tcp, 3466/tcp (WORKFLOW), 36635/tcp, 28819/tcp, 54335/tcp, 60881/tcp, 13395/tcp, 58555/tcp, 2523/tcp (Qke LLC V.3), 6505/tcp (BoKS Admin Private Port), 4414/tcp, 63429/tcp, 56783/tcp, 18402/tcp, 19265/tcp, 31856/tcp, 47337/tcp, 36352/tcp, 3058/tcp (videobeans), 31833/tcp, 23077/tcp, 34257/tcp, 20903/tcp, 30398/tcp, 21489/tcp, 1175/tcp (Dossier Server), 41706/tcp, 30194/tcp, 60550/tcp, 23302/tcp, 59862/tcp, 23693/tcp, 53908/tcp, 35071/tcp, 12024/tcp, 14541/tcp, 16262/tcp, 42392/tcp, 46747/tcp, 39524/tcp, 31898/tcp, 49406/tcp, 8784/tcp, 57249/tcp, 12764/tcp, 31859/tcp, 36655/tcp, 62446/tcp, 24736/tcp, 22964/tcp, 46851/tcp, 51541/tcp, 38323/tcp, 18454/tcp, 18986/tcp, 7489/tcp, 34728/tcp, 32702/tcp, 7538/tcp, 60967/tcp, 643/tcp (SANity), 18126/tcp, 50901/tcp, 43400/tcp, 46263/tcp, 23529/tcp, 52121/tcp, 3590/tcp (WV CSP SMS Binding), 57998/tcp, 6418/tcp (SYserver remote commands), 10138/tcp, 42102/tcp, 55920/tcp, 6723/tcp, 60700/tcp, 599/tcp (Aeolon Core Protocol), 33630/tcp, 9490/tcp, 29570/tcp, 61582/tcp, 63313/tcp, 1078/tcp (Avocent Proxy Protocol), 48667/tcp, 43225/tcp, 11336/tcp, 39423/tcp, 13911/tcp, 4126/tcp (Data Domain Replication Service), 60239/tcp, 62125/tcp, 8672/tcp, 7520/tcp, 55537/tcp, 22398/tcp, 39479/tcp, 47305/tcp, 19473/tcp, 12939/tcp, 20158/tcp, 57873/tcp, 61557/tcp, 17296/tcp, 28573/tcp, 17750/tcp, 15589/tcp, 64555/tcp, 23236/tcp, 39475/tcp, 37587/tcp, 40581/tcp, 4995/tcp, 46986/tcp, 48771/tcp, 20295/tcp, 13397/tcp, 61154/tcp, 48559/tcp, 49276/tcp, 64407/tcp, 12657/tcp, 35938/tcp, 55604/tcp, 11995/tcp, 20721/tcp, 41336/tcp, 22934/tcp, 62242/tcp, 39085/tcp, 49169/tcp, 12612/tcp, 47015/tcp, 63351/tcp, 57263/tcp, 35023/tcp, 57114/tcp, 5500/tcp (fcp-addr-srvr1), 23009/tcp, 30109/tcp, 5940/tcp, 34847/tcp, 8047/tcp, 29700/tcp, 35123/tcp, 36677/tcp, 18755/tcp, 62677/tcp, 38992/tcp, 7725/tcp (Nitrogen Service), 30759/tcp, 59836/tcp, 50737/tcp, 16147/tcp, 49986/tcp, 20464/tcp, 38981/tcp, 64013/tcp, 42109/tcp, 24790/tcp, 47622/tcp, 50633/tcp, 35662/tcp, 33393/tcp, 17211/tcp, 234/tcp, 30967/tcp, 41957/tcp, 31246/tcp, 882/tcp, 46956/tcp, 49919/tcp, 45639/tcp, 17423/tcp, 31067/tcp, 36347/tcp, 18912/tcp, 36856/tcp, 8531/tcp, 55945/tcp, 58460/tcp, 46442/tcp, 29064/tcp, 36451/tcp, 56266/tcp, 64939/tcp, 20057/tcp, 596/tcp (SMSD), 22835/tcp, 2816/tcp (LBC Watchdog), 30388/tcp, 62011/tcp, 37966/tcp, 28629/tcp, 47901/tcp, 5928/tcp, 41670/tcp, 27076/tcp, 39216/tcp, 50217/tcp, 64049/tcp, 49939/tcp, 30897/tcp, 7460/tcp, 35480/tcp, 17538/tcp, 9698/tcp, 13043/tcp, 41793/tcp, 27460/tcp, 49272/tcp, 35483/tcp, 22045/tcp, 49359/tcp, 46977/tcp, 14314/tcp, 34571/tcp, 41492/tcp, 61388/tcp, 13017/tcp, 22915/tcp, 61706/tcp, 50354/tcp, 13705/tcp, 12101/tcp, 48357/tcp, 32547/tcp, 60754/tcp, 47038/tcp, 47109/tcp, 18249/tcp, 22711/tcp, 59094/tcp, 39527/tcp, 3743/tcp (IP Control Systems Ltd.), 36733/tcp, 46525/tcp, 43790/tcp, 2076/tcp (Newlix JSPConfig), 39033/tcp, 12105/tcp, 38263/tcp, 38085/tcp, 49411/tcp, 49247/tcp, 15254/tcp, 46974/tcp, 27355/tcp, 40290/tcp, 49685/tcp, 29251/tcp, 20596/tcp, 22781/tcp, 63819/tcp, 58478/tcp, 38933/tcp, 50593/tcp, 42747/tcp, 23362/tcp, 2623/tcp (LMDP), 49912/tcp, 35919/tcp, 9185/tcp, 50146/tcp, 39900/tcp, 56313/tcp, 31778/tcp, 64370/tcp, 40030/tcp, 50456/tcp, 7193/tcp, 43405/tcp, 38245/tcp, 61801/tcp, 59505/tcp, 57273/tcp, 22633/tcp, 31577/tcp, 62777/tcp, 45200/tcp, 19577/tcp, 49506/tcp, 35006/tcp, 37839/tcp, 2010/tcp (search), 42693/tcp, 28535/tcp, 57850/tcp, 18178/tcp, 23603/tcp, 20388/tcp, 63975/tcp, 21281/tcp, 6780/tcp, 12637/tcp, 46833/tcp, 23064/tcp, 41797/tcp, 41174/tcp, 38382/tcp, 26891/tcp, 12404/tcp, 55484/tcp, 42446/tcp, 58103/tcp, 5300/tcp (HA cluster heartbeat), 31885/tcp, 11261/tcp, 42968/tcp, 8192/tcp (SpyTech Phone Service), 13481/tcp, 4593/tcp (IPT (ANRI-ANRI)), 4541/tcp, 42330/tcp, 4534/tcp, 33367/tcp, 8086/tcp (Distributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port), 30015/tcp, 7229/tcp, 12582/tcp, 50931/tcp, 52355/tcp, 35276/tcp, 62640/tcp, 2229/tcp (DataLens Service), 57615/tcp, 20629/tcp, 27152/tcp, 26516/tcp, 21387/tcp, 17416/tcp, 16452/tcp, 52891/tcp, 6449/tcp, 41927/tcp, 46416/tcp, 49381/tcp, 34870/tcp, 58890/tcp, 16435/tcp, 32497/tcp, 45376/tcp, 41005/tcp, 39420/tcp, 37565/tcp, 53931/tcp, 12027/tcp, 40361/tcp, 48562/tcp, 57217/tcp, 51232/tcp, 63566/tcp, 18204/tcp, 61593/tcp, 2802/tcp (Veritas TCP1).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1853 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 2266/tcp (M-Files Server), 39810/tcp, 42769/tcp, 30480/tcp, 32089/tcp, 2697/tcp (Oce SNMP Trap Port), 60245/tcp, 13244/tcp, 13202/tcp, 15511/tcp, 46194/tcp, 30324/tcp, 42089/tcp, 6087/tcp (Local Download Sharing Service), 37348/tcp, 28893/tcp, 22565/tcp, 7128/tcp (intelligent data manager), 23131/tcp, 36577/tcp, 9364/tcp, 62647/tcp, 35382/tcp, 13150/tcp, 35347/tcp, 19009/tcp, 62569/tcp, 17412/tcp, 50655/tcp, 7712/tcp, 23280/tcp, 24275/tcp, 62796/tcp, 7255/tcp, 50224/tcp, 64224/tcp, 37780/tcp, 33825/tcp, 45903/tcp, 13139/tcp, 13062/tcp, 20340/tcp, 23392/tcp, 2972/tcp (PMSM Webrctl), 56471/tcp, 26899/tcp, 15611/tcp, 60375/tcp, 55489/tcp, 58713/tcp, 41959/tcp, 57802/tcp, 16823/tcp, 26297/tcp, 51577/tcp, 60610/tcp, 6843/tcp, 8634/tcp, 41042/tcp, 25521/tcp, 21109/tcp, 11800/tcp, 59834/tcp, 62167/tcp, 61056/tcp, 60230/tcp, 13868/tcp, 2671/tcp (newlixreg), 12934/tcp, 6453/tcp, 22707/tcp, 36827/tcp, 30606/tcp, 58403/tcp, 11660/tcp, 64480/tcp, 58812/tcp, 25430/tcp, 43351/tcp, 21357/tcp, 41549/tcp, 19626/tcp, 54956/tcp, 669/tcp (MeRegister), 60609/tcp, 38293/tcp, 52917/tcp, 19392/tcp, 57147/tcp, 20719/tcp, 55003/tcp, 54873/tcp, 59370/tcp, 42637/tcp, 1052/tcp (Dynamic DNS Tools), 45509/tcp, 10154/tcp, 59725/tcp, 25705/tcp, 6144/tcp (StatSci License Manager - 1), 47280/tcp, 21639/tcp, 21138/tcp, 34234/tcp, 10620/tcp, 54516/tcp, 35588/tcp, 54471/tcp, 54340/tcp, 13506/tcp, 33857/tcp, 38062/tcp, 39647/tcp, 46349/tcp, 30450/tcp, 42295/tcp, 8069/tcp, 23860/tcp, 37014/tcp, 18717/tcp, 61855/tcp, 63651/tcp, 57153/tcp, 19275/tcp, 36210/tcp, 55712/tcp, 23347/tcp, 8170/tcp, 36366/tcp, 21052/tcp, 60368/tcp, 2649/tcp (VPSIPPORT), 9374/tcp (fjdmimgr), 5858/tcp, 58533/tcp, 6174/tcp, 23626/tcp, 63160/tcp, 8825/tcp, 7816/tcp, 61011/tcp, 61558/tcp, 974/tcp, 11488/tcp, 47126/tcp, 38122/tcp, 34640/tcp, 1610/tcp (taurus-wh), 18966/tcp, 60293/tcp, 55949/tcp, 3359/tcp (WG NetForce), 56918/tcp, 57157/tcp, 33905/tcp, 54084/tcp, 41700/tcp, 15124/tcp, 34244/tcp, 40653/tcp, 5482/tcp, 41728/tcp, 7433/tcp, 62874/tcp, 36392/tcp, 52426/tcp, 55410/tcp, 42280/tcp, 19100/tcp, 49742/tcp, 16754/tcp, 9746/tcp, 61167/tcp, 54148/tcp, 35893/tcp, 43180/tcp, 55968/tcp, 37590/tcp, 37178/tcp, 41616/tcp, 5597/tcp (inin secure messaging), 14604/tcp, 57202/tcp, 24511/tcp, 33945/tcp, 30736/tcp, 36288/tcp, 37307/tcp, 34465/tcp, 29506/tcp, 36064/tcp, 23750/tcp, 38420/tcp, 1435/tcp (IBM CICS), 53549/tcp, 35690/tcp, 50953/tcp, 7862/tcp, 17490/tcp, 63983/tcp, 41323/tcp, 38609/tcp, 32192/tcp, 45123/tcp, 23588/tcp, 37300/tcp, 37739/tcp, 59680/tcp, 22400/tcp, 61252/tcp, 56984/tcp, 23619/tcp, 23830/tcp, 30960/tcp, 11663/tcp, 5784/tcp, 46267/tcp, 20619/tcp, 6501/tcp (BoKS Servc), 32880/tcp, 39706/tcp, 55132/tcp, 18360/tcp, 28122/tcp, 63383/tcp, 11096/tcp, 57842/tcp, 50908/tcp, 63190/tcp, 59732/tcp, 17947/tcp, 35350/tcp, 62093/tcp, 58683/tcp, 22867/tcp, 30357/tcp, 49459/tcp, 8653/tcp, 33007/tcp, 46826/tcp, 12912/tcp, 45227/tcp, 42819/tcp, 41070/tcp, 22739/tcp, 9724/tcp, 12693/tcp, 35700/tcp, 46082/tcp, 22796/tcp, 30518/tcp, 18129/tcp, 5927/tcp, 18256/tcp, 34821/tcp, 9113/tcp, 20801/tcp, 35804/tcp, 6362/tcp, 61301/tcp, 63707/tcp, 62090/tcp, 15738/tcp, 35969/tcp, 62963/tcp, 14749/tcp, 36943/tcp, 48967/tcp, 13176/tcp, 15477/tcp, 62695/tcp, 57236/tcp, 49666/tcp, 7054/tcp, 54674/tcp, 55998/tcp, 55028/tcp, 36203/tcp, 41527/tcp, 33435/tcp, 33805/tcp, 59274/tcp, 35600/tcp, 15132/tcp, 33110/tcp, 25249/tcp, 27356/tcp, 44334/tcp, 8802/tcp, 61102/tcp, 47334/tcp, 59551/tcp, 27866/tcp, 16572/tcp, 48414/tcp, 54770/tcp, 60178/tcp, 22919/tcp, 6349/tcp, 9289/tcp, 29224/tcp, 52270/tcp, 14447/tcp, 60687/tcp, 44821/tcp, 28466/tcp, 41873/tcp, 39747/tcp, 59925/tcp, 46599/tcp, 56276/tcp, 44299/tcp, 24690/tcp, 28485/tcp, 9695/tcp (Content Centric Networking), 17180/tcp, 50541/tcp, 34383/tcp, 41397/tcp, 9088/tcp (IBM Informix SQL Interface), 1565/tcp (WinDD), 55221/tcp, 55821/tcp, 3263/tcp (E-Color Enterprise Imager), 29071/tcp, 46648/tcp, 38430/tcp, 33929/tcp, 62599/tcp, 12683/tcp, 59464/tcp, 1043/tcp (BOINC Client Control), 8459/tcp, 6947/tcp, 53244/tcp, 13014/tcp, 29811/tcp, 61524/tcp, 41646/tcp, 25223/tcp, 57719/tcp, 41440/tcp, 7167/tcp (CA SRM Agent), 32601/tcp, 32605/tcp, 42507/tcp, 44452/tcp, 42589/tcp, 57183/tcp, 59422/tcp, 8932/tcp, 64868/tcp, 17743/tcp, 27822/tcp, 7103/tcp, 44731/tcp, 34806/tcp, 52229/tcp, 64556/tcp, 32156/tcp, 30506/tcp, 58836/tcp, 42232/tcp, 34084/tcp, 44225/tcp, 8575/tcp, 878/tcp, 12563/tcp, 25542/tcp, 27548/tcp, 59044/tcp, 21534/tcp, 18730/tcp, 21257/tcp, 36619/tcp, 42525/tcp, 13832/tcp, 30428/tcp, 48666/tcp, 31421/tcp, 30298/tcp, 42111/tcp, 35733/tcp, 33266/tcp, 61520/tcp, 57924/tcp, 17896/tcp, 4184/tcp (UNIVERSE SUITE MESSAGE SERVICE), 58437/tcp, 14641/tcp, 30767/tcp, 24050/tcp, 34004/tcp, 28580/tcp, 9802/tcp (WebDAV Source TLS/SSL), 13175/tcp, 30145/tcp, 15249/tcp, 33662/tcp, 13915/tcp, 57815/tcp, 16596/tcp, 40862/tcp, 60631/tcp, 32190/tcp, 25041/tcp, 5605/tcp (A4-SDUNode), 36404/tcp, 46405/tcp, 33776/tcp, 25203/tcp, 7047/tcp, 4612/tcp, 33040/tcp, 61509/tcp, 25534/tcp, 4537/tcp (WSS Security Service), 2698/tcp (MCK-IVPIP), 21203/tcp, 17017/tcp, 59652/tcp, 57515/tcp, 33370/tcp, 492/tcp (Transport Independent Convergence for FNA), 58228/tcp, 60161/tcp, 24303/tcp, 8731/tcp, 18710/tcp, 40707/tcp, 41819/tcp, 23719/tcp, 6829/tcp, 45609/tcp, 61446/tcp, 28496/tcp, 21852/tcp, 35811/tcp, 13522/tcp, 49425/tcp, 1209/tcp (IPCD3), 57110/tcp, 55143/tcp, 24642/tcp, 15206/tcp, 15946/tcp, 55158/tcp, 62699/tcp, 7151/tcp, 33383/tcp, 40625/tcp, 55705/tcp, 61498/tcp, 34997/tcp, 12179/tcp, 60544/tcp, 62194/tcp, 62547/tcp, 12053/tcp, 62755/tcp, 41316/tcp, 31729/tcp, 7891/tcp, 60572/tcp, 63993/tcp, 23593/tcp, 8730/tcp, 38806/tcp, 51359/tcp, 57259/tcp, 42972/tcp, 10996/tcp, 10003/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 60219/tcp, 15228/tcp, 31541/tcp, 26604/tcp, 9386/tcp, 44630/tcp, 847/tcp (dhcp-failover 2), 1530/tcp (rap-service), 58514/tcp, 12845/tcp, 49971/tcp, 34718/tcp, 28459/tcp, 31339/tcp, 46004/tcp, 62342/tcp, 35895/tcp, 6920/tcp, 1618/tcp (skytelnet), 30665/tcp, 53240/tcp, 44048/tcp, 721/tcp, 35281/tcp, 27205/tcp, 30811/tcp, 5407/tcp (Foresyte-Clear), 3927/tcp (ScsTsr), 13295/tcp, 60706/tcp, 59576/tcp, 55637/tcp, 33289/tcp, 61405/tcp, 33445/tcp, 19217/tcp, 41190/tcp, 6589/tcp, 33085/tcp, 22951/tcp (Telerate Information Platform WAN), 22034/tcp, 47112/tcp, 2958/tcp (JAMCT6), 520/tcp (extended file name server), 38019/tcp, 4560/tcp, 49224/tcp, 39855/tcp, 50685/tcp, 31648/tcp, 13653/tcp, 38486/tcp, 48923/tcp, 27407/tcp, 33315/tcp, 14551/tcp, 36142/tcp, 20184/tcp, 35866/tcp, 41467/tcp, 33125/tcp, 27496/tcp, 60305/tcp, 19343/tcp, 62956/tcp, 40561/tcp, 20805/tcp, 48031/tcp, 56497/tcp, 56752/tcp, 56762/tcp, 27857/tcp, 58207/tcp, 31937/tcp, 41780/tcp, 62774/tcp, 64380/tcp, 56172/tcp, 32307/tcp, 25887/tcp, 61851/tcp, 35717/tcp, 32264/tcp, 58653/tcp, 54187/tcp, 48157/tcp, 6710/tcp, 3496/tcp (securitylayer over tls), 31141/tcp, 62395/tcp, 1591/tcp (ncpm-pm), 6414/tcp, 5657/tcp, 36482/tcp, 9237/tcp, 2776/tcp (Ridgeway Systems & Software), 34519/tcp, 41979/tcp, 21770/tcp, 13678/tcp, 4278/tcp, 22744/tcp, 21153/tcp, 5843/tcp, 13958/tcp, 57337/tcp, 49938/tcp, 38460/tcp, 57107/tcp, 18357/tcp, 14129/tcp, 47927/tcp, 28027/tcp, 12610/tcp, 5664/tcp, 46591/tcp, 61619/tcp, 33431/tcp, 9463/tcp, 37910/tcp, 39673/tcp, 16705/tcp, 34538/tcp, 34517/tcp, 32676/tcp, 30454/tcp, 58158/tcp, 59544/tcp, 47667/tcp, 35671/tcp, 23272/tcp, 1592/tcp (commonspace), 47079/tcp, 2653/tcp (Sonus), 57552/tcp, 40726/tcp, 54518/tcp, 16289/tcp, 33361/tcp, 1857/tcp (DataCaptor), 28586/tcp, 45557/tcp, 13827/tcp, 24798/tcp, 30986/tcp, 27878/tcp, 41167/tcp, 36928/tcp, 33241/tcp, 49385/tcp, 22346/tcp, 23515/tcp, 40966/tcp, 22971/tcp, 57763/tcp, 23296/tcp, 60165/tcp, 15838/tcp, 35406/tcp, 8597/tcp, 32364/tcp, 41602/tcp, 8478/tcp, 21870/tcp, 50581/tcp, 44642/tcp, 33993/tcp, 53422/tcp, 39271/tcp, 35607/tcp, 35463/tcp, 51615/tcp, 26455/tcp, 3542/tcp (HA cluster monitor), 42011/tcp, 58861/tcp, 15856/tcp, 25372/tcp, 60905/tcp, 31372/tcp, 7735/tcp, 15943/tcp, 86/tcp (Micro Focus Cobol), 5888/tcp, 24064/tcp, 6771/tcp (PolyServe https), 32300/tcp, 46614/tcp, 18626/tcp, 36073/tcp, 1368/tcp (ScreenCast), 57672/tcp, 56400/tcp, 18908/tcp, 38047/tcp, 63406/tcp, 63915/tcp, 9311/tcp, 62335/tcp, 25856/tcp, 7884/tcp, 50990/tcp, 57127/tcp, 56880/tcp, 54853/tcp, 19674/tcp, 34156/tcp, 38375/tcp, 61450/tcp, 38174/tcp, 34279/tcp, 31677/tcp, 13728/tcp, 30710/tcp, 54698/tcp, 35385/tcp, 19263/tcp, 20208/tcp, 22765/tcp, 6043/tcp, 37278/tcp, 27494/tcp, 13170/tcp, 64551/tcp, 28666/tcp, 22869/tcp, 13570/tcp, 42952/tcp, 54620/tcp, 35116/tcp, 62525/tcp, 33650/tcp, 56120/tcp, 46275/tcp, 9672/tcp, 57437/tcp, 24353/tcp, 50444/tcp, 9058/tcp, 31207/tcp, 32086/tcp, 57968/tcp, 6467/tcp, 18471/tcp, 18386/tcp, 37244/tcp, 22923/tcp, 23723/tcp, 46881/tcp, 29164/tcp, 21816/tcp, 60941/tcp, 25248/tcp, 14341/tcp, 22607/tcp, 24281/tcp, 51262/tcp, 35295/tcp, 22201/tcp, 7761/tcp, 49402/tcp, 36477/tcp, 32839/tcp, 29817/tcp, 57094/tcp, 33494/tcp, 1818/tcp (Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol), 26030/tcp, 48098/tcp, 53810/tcp, 33546/tcp, 39312/tcp, 45936/tcp, 39973/tcp, 38453/tcp, 37754/tcp, 38226/tcp, 24277/tcp, 6044/tcp, 60524/tcp, 390/tcp (UIS), 39416/tcp, 13749/tcp, 14009/tcp, 42462/tcp, 14861/tcp, 31674/tcp, 29124/tcp, 60714/tcp, 36717/tcp, 33813/tcp, 50125/tcp, 13376/tcp, 49251/tcp, 19505/tcp, 6022/tcp, 37553/tcp, 28379/tcp, 54339/tcp, 41532/tcp, 1922/tcp (Tapestry), 32330/tcp, 7869/tcp (MobileAnalyzer& MobileMonitor), 24794/tcp, 59922/tcp, 33983/tcp, 15864/tcp, 24459/tcp, 28411/tcp, 9416/tcp, 49737/tcp, 33565/tcp, 3386/tcp (GPRS Data), 28715/tcp, 55867/tcp, 42416/tcp, 47648/tcp, 33952/tcp, 7271/tcp, 57410/tcp, 35269/tcp, 8627/tcp, 39695/tcp, 30272/tcp, 61319/tcp, 57942/tcp, 30083/tcp, 60226/tcp, 33269/tcp, 30845/tcp, 18752/tcp, 31317/tcp, 33010/tcp, 49865/tcp, 47873/tcp, 59633/tcp, 11485/tcp, 38040/tcp, 35581/tcp, 5378/tcp, 45345/tcp, 4210/tcp, 52947/tcp, 2223/tcp (Rockwell CSP2), 47879/tcp, 61454/tcp, 59501/tcp, 37687/tcp, 5739/tcp, 52765/tcp, 4029/tcp (IP Q signaling protocol), 14014/tcp, 31220/tcp, 51860/tcp, 2017/tcp (cypress-stat), 31197/tcp, 6898/tcp, 60810/tcp, 35402/tcp, 48135/tcp, 56060/tcp, 33883/tcp, 59196/tcp, 46410/tcp, 29410/tcp, 48697/tcp, 12884/tcp, 20414/tcp, 7186/tcp, 7015/tcp (Talon Webserver), 20823/tcp, 5839/tcp, 47778/tcp, 31528/tcp, 61914/tcp, 5411/tcp (ActNet), 52503/tcp, 55611/tcp, 56932/tcp, 20541/tcp, 57490/tcp, 62878/tcp, 49863/tcp, 42008/tcp, 57362/tcp, 4486/tcp (Integrated Client Message Service), 3028/tcp (LiebDevMgmt_DM), 16060/tcp, 58611/tcp, 40487/tcp, 13802/tcp, 16775/tcp, 42388/tcp, 22841/tcp, 49120/tcp, 23142/tcp, 35626/tcp, 30715/tcp, 2054/tcp (Weblogin Port), 42559/tcp, 51820/tcp, 58375/tcp, 56597/tcp, 7404/tcp, 10431/tcp, 14121/tcp, 52262/tcp, 38505/tcp, 37884/tcp, 11075/tcp, 28632/tcp, 61676/tcp, 19161/tcp, 35428/tcp, 60382/tcp, 33338/tcp, 360/tcp (scoi2odialog), 14168/tcp, 23563/tcp, 41438/tcp, 47849/tcp, 5966/tcp, 52187/tcp, 36746/tcp, 51447/tcp, 58739/tcp, 24742/tcp, 18500/tcp, 16835/tcp, 41647/tcp, 3925/tcp (Zoran Media Port), 10437/tcp, 20577/tcp, 38044/tcp, 18483/tcp, 7356/tcp, 52538/tcp, 8957/tcp, 25995/tcp, 4281/tcp, 6158/tcp, 23324/tcp, 1104/tcp (XRL), 42715/tcp, 62439/tcp, 40990/tcp, 45806/tcp, 55640/tcp, 22939/tcp, 19139/tcp, 57637/tcp, 55051/tcp, 58046/tcp, 8352/tcp, 5226/tcp (HP Status), 15411/tcp, 26952/tcp, 41573/tcp, 42721/tcp, 13511/tcp, 42007/tcp, 42533/tcp, 38758/tcp, 60933/tcp, 4563/tcp, 14515/tcp, 36530/tcp, 53854/tcp, 34413/tcp, 33761/tcp, 5962/tcp, 26342/tcp, 38468/tcp, 36388/tcp, 14284/tcp, 60962/tcp, 47213/tcp, 10029/tcp, 14207/tcp, 29119/tcp, 40713/tcp, 50726/tcp, 60331/tcp, 61550/tcp, 36612/tcp, 19953/tcp, 18156/tcp, 7790/tcp, 63279/tcp, 29225/tcp, 38785/tcp, 58359/tcp, 8174/tcp, 44584/tcp, 41462/tcp, 23258/tcp, 57332/tcp, 41862/tcp, 42334/tcp, 7582/tcp, 2701/tcp (SMS RCINFO), 60940/tcp, 3775/tcp (ISPM Manager Port), 15301/tcp, 40932/tcp, 38482/tcp, 32717/tcp, 60853/tcp, 40623/tcp, 56343/tcp, 13218/tcp (EMC Virtual CAS Service), 25063/tcp, 58902/tcp, 7459/tcp, 56474/tcp, 39375/tcp, 59624/tcp, 60583/tcp, 34159/tcp, 16492/tcp, 16471/tcp, 45431/tcp, 55975/tcp, 34402/tcp, 1875/tcp (westell stats), 23898/tcp, 33199/tcp, 60639/tcp, 37232/tcp, 1461/tcp (IBM Wireless LAN), 59107/tcp, 21076/tcp, 33799/tcp, 15705/tcp, 7076/tcp, 33523/tcp, 48310/tcp, 22694/tcp, 33955/tcp, 24106/tcp, 63558/tcp, 25421/tcp, 18048/tcp, 17438/tcp, 18583/tcp, 39732/tcp, 38907/tcp, 7904/tcp, 48257/tcp, 12938/tcp, 51080/tcp, 8034/tcp (.vantronix Management), 48228/tcp, 35713/tcp, 34834/tcp, 3872/tcp (OEM Agent), 46183/tcp, 47261/tcp, 60591/tcp, 18704/tcp, 7050/tcp, 64837/tcp, 12069/tcp, 63874/tcp, 6638/tcp, 7024/tcp (Vormetric service), 62134/tcp, 47131/tcp, 7913/tcp (QuickObjects secure port), 24048/tcp, 55230/tcp, 7512/tcp, 2627/tcp (Moshe Beeri), 23308/tcp, 58992/tcp, 46825/tcp, 39237/tcp, 3099/tcp (CHIPSY Machine Daemon), 45731/tcp, 21632/tcp, 35360/tcp, 33622/tcp, 6096/tcp, 901/tcp (SMPNAMERES), 19522/tcp, 37973/tcp, 19901/tcp, 5307/tcp (SCO AIP), 13232/tcp, 34003/tcp, 48693/tcp, 15243/tcp, 48897/tcp, 33727/tcp, 2984/tcp (HPIDSADMIN), 25417/tcp, 45624/tcp, 6222/tcp (Radmind Access Protocol), 48187/tcp, 7141/tcp, 27765/tcp, 24482/tcp, 38683/tcp, 8746/tcp, 2106/tcp (MZAP), 19915/tcp, 53051/tcp, 56088/tcp, 48484/tcp, 4003/tcp (pxc-splr-ft), 56225/tcp, 6814/tcp, 42085/tcp, 42055/tcp, 64377/tcp, 23101/tcp, 59583/tcp, 45878/tcp, 18227/tcp, 7199/tcp, 17899/tcp, 2672/tcp (nhserver), 6148/tcp (Ricardo North America License Manager), 27103/tcp, 18996/tcp, 24885/tcp, 21149/tcp, 15626/tcp, 2097/tcp (Jet Form Preview), 3917/tcp (AFT multiplex port), 49636/tcp, 5054/tcp (RLM administrative interface), 36340/tcp, 42261/tcp, 26823/tcp, 32242/tcp, 33021/tcp, 10100/tcp (VERITAS ITAP DDTP), 14504/tcp, 38966/tcp, 22255/tcp, 60126/tcp, 39595/tcp, 23158/tcp, 41423/tcp, 4080/tcp (Lorica inside facing), 35484/tcp, 14322/tcp, 23788/tcp, 55322/tcp, 14190/tcp, 21967/tcp, 20132/tcp, 53932/tcp, 57973/tcp, 2724/tcp (qotps), 48057/tcp, 28257/tcp, 31589/tcp, 50477/tcp, 64120/tcp, 21838/tcp, 57745/tcp, 5609/tcp, 39442/tcp, 3478/tcp (STUN Behavior Discovery over TCP), 1026/tcp (Calendar Access Protocol), 40063/tcp, 61745/tcp, 3568/tcp (Object Access Protocol over SSL), 57746/tcp, 778/tcp, 52324/tcp, 35532/tcp, 47462/tcp, 23090/tcp, 45828/tcp, 3973/tcp (ConnectShip Progistics), 13217/tcp (R&S Proxy Installation Assistant Service), 57315/tcp, 1135/tcp (OmniVision Communication Service), 42920/tcp, 60137/tcp, 25968/tcp, 25077/tcp, 54775/tcp, 5817/tcp, 25047/tcp, 38628/tcp, 62384/tcp, 6918/tcp, 30041/tcp, 50194/tcp, 5709/tcp, 17181/tcp, 2768/tcp (UACS), 30833/tcp, 5865/tcp, 51392/tcp, 5787/tcp, 15531/tcp, 4672/tcp (remote file access server), 37486/tcp, 21537/tcp, 58429/tcp, 52028/tcp, 53675/tcp, 26083/tcp, 22179/tcp, 31551/tcp, 61437/tcp, 21714/tcp, 59926/tcp, 8445/tcp, 19364/tcp, 33906/tcp, 2667/tcp (Alarm Clock Server), 31908/tcp, 4255/tcp, 2192/tcp (ASDIS software management), 22759/tcp, 23419/tcp, 42687/tcp, 42228/tcp, 33215/tcp, 16723/tcp, 19165/tcp, 6690/tcp, 38125/tcp, 14298/tcp, 57262/tcp, 58482/tcp, 46629/tcp, 42206/tcp, 5255/tcp, 36068/tcp, 5051/tcp (ITA Agent), 4872/tcp, 3849/tcp (SPACEWAY DNS Preload), 26022/tcp, 57211/tcp, 49841/tcp, 52191/tcp, 57698/tcp, 48686/tcp, 19059/tcp, 5548/tcp, 20799/tcp, 60009/tcp, 632/tcp (bmpp), 355/tcp (DATEX-ASN), 8958/tcp, 15550/tcp, 59643/tcp, 28897/tcp, 47100/tcp, 28070/tcp, 46670/tcp, 37832/tcp, 27618/tcp, 60832/tcp, 22359/tcp, 59626/tcp, 2471/tcp (SeaODBC), 38397/tcp, 53574/tcp, 20723/tcp, 26812/tcp, 4635/tcp, 33471/tcp, 30840/tcp, 46795/tcp, 47797/tcp, 15244/tcp, 45535/tcp, 23739/tcp, 12709/tcp, 20645/tcp, 38531/tcp, 24301/tcp, 35390/tcp, 33173/tcp, 61050/tcp, 57289/tcp, 21000/tcp (IRTrans Control), 56571/tcp, 63034/tcp, 43403/tcp, 41259/tcp, 53601/tcp, 15722/tcp, 63685/tcp, 57841/tcp, 34822/tcp, 63261/tcp, 34743/tcp, 19197/tcp, 57634/tcp, 34747/tcp, 51905/tcp, 52255/tcp, 41337/tcp, 33293/tcp, 32521/tcp, 929/tcp, 51281/tcp, 35321/tcp, 29610/tcp, 29078/tcp, 36525/tcp, 34993/tcp, 24658/tcp, 41622/tcp, 63703/tcp, 5813/tcp (ICMPD), 7225/tcp, 3620/tcp (EPSON Projector Control Port), 42005/tcp, 31167/tcp, 896/tcp, 64577/tcp, 32906/tcp, 28563/tcp, 1913/tcp (armadp), 14843/tcp, 41417/tcp, 42997/tcp, 4951/tcp (PWG WIMS), 36797/tcp, 37772/tcp, 50853/tcp, 22861/tcp, 56852/tcp, 36660/tcp, 46053/tcp, 50120/tcp, 6746/tcp, 9959/tcp, 62621/tcp, 59208/tcp, 57158/tcp, 41367/tcp, 16660/tcp, 33591/tcp, 32958/tcp, 450/tcp (Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications), 56715/tcp, 59065/tcp, 8371/tcp, 13842/tcp, 33121/tcp, 1779/tcp (pharmasoft), 8541/tcp, 21457/tcp, 61502/tcp, 54531/tcp, 11235/tcp, 6668/tcp, 33977/tcp, 16009/tcp, 32334/tcp, 20366/tcp, 35028/tcp, 52510/tcp, 14293/tcp, 15355/tcp, 13988/tcp, 51626/tcp, 26977/tcp, 24437/tcp, 34276/tcp, 54006/tcp, 58132/tcp, 36567/tcp, 61989/tcp, 33137/tcp, 23892/tcp, 48998/tcp, 61869/tcp, 63510/tcp, 34309/tcp, 34371/tcp, 1506/tcp (Universal Time daemon (utcd)), 12049/tcp, 52779/tcp, 12631/tcp, 47663/tcp, 40791/tcp, 12913/tcp, 35395/tcp, 46628/tcp, 58966/tcp, 37527/tcp, 47674/tcp, 6775/tcp, 19496/tcp, 62424/tcp, 49559/tcp, 54754/tcp, 54949/tcp, 38297/tcp, 38099/tcp, 29812/tcp, 51028/tcp, 42246/tcp, 7777/tcp (cbt), 8070/tcp, 54392/tcp, 11686/tcp, 22101/tcp, 22909/tcp, 38219/tcp, 22086/tcp, 50047/tcp, 41375/tcp, 54570/tcp, 63004/tcp, 59486/tcp, 17276/tcp, 47678/tcp, 1492/tcp (stone-design-1), 3367/tcp (-3371  Satellite Video Data Link), 43024/tcp, 39007/tcp, 16608/tcp, 60914/tcp, 41401/tcp, 5103/tcp (Actifio C2C), 45888/tcp, 30956/tcp, 31395/tcp, 51288/tcp, 22365/tcp, 25216/tcp, 45100/tcp, 46700/tcp, 12023/tcp, 28082/tcp, 50648/tcp, 38148/tcp, 6054/tcp, 61275/tcp, 31618/tcp, 34464/tcp, 62397/tcp, 23823/tcp, 32104/tcp, 1556/tcp (VERITAS Private Branch Exchange), 4697/tcp, 5024/tcp (SCPI-TELNET), 18795/tcp, 28153/tcp, 56954/tcp, 59910/tcp, 31216/tcp, 51548/tcp, 61187/tcp, 15534/tcp, 18501/tcp, 24307/tcp, 59827/tcp, 60503/tcp, 13559/tcp, 18529/tcp, 60264/tcp, 24724/tcp, 14908/tcp, 22008/tcp, 5385/tcp, 57388/tcp, 21878/tcp, 37475/tcp (science + computing's Venus Administration Port), 61097/tcp, 58708/tcp, 7969/tcp, 17107/tcp, 22748/tcp, 613/tcp (HMMP Operation), 31700/tcp, 63216/tcp, 2742/tcp (TSB2), 62781/tcp, 12352/tcp, 12378/tcp, 6866/tcp, 1697/tcp (rrisat), 45736/tcp, 2601/tcp (discp client), 60888/tcp, 19905/tcp, 42051/tcp, 4772/tcp, 39553/tcp, 38167/tcp, 45713/tcp, 61641/tcp, 51258/tcp, 13355/tcp, 12251/tcp, 25115/tcp, 57616/tcp, 34591/tcp, 32748/tcp, 8816/tcp, 51648/tcp, 24042/tcp, 58505/tcp, 24606/tcp, 54040/tcp, 19372/tcp, 50380/tcp, 9338/tcp, 60758/tcp, 57646/tcp, 9393/tcp, 18460/tcp, 48019/tcp, 24355/tcp, 37106/tcp, 42460/tcp, 61314/tcp, 56024/tcp, 36801/tcp, 14745/tcp, 1866/tcp (swrmi), 49463/tcp, 61394/tcp, 46875/tcp, 45926/tcp, 62012/tcp, 48875/tcp, 34773/tcp, 50889/tcp, 49232/tcp, 37791/tcp, 14444/tcp, 32910/tcp, 30580/tcp, 4694/tcp, 35152/tcp, 55313/tcp, 133/tcp (Statistics Service), 42566/tcp, 58962/tcp, 62420/tcp, 28157/tcp, 28644/tcp, 2705/tcp (SDS Admin), 42712/tcp, 21158/tcp, 33991/tcp, 39160/tcp, 59148/tcp, 48770/tcp, 48183/tcp, 58209/tcp, 37086/tcp, 27227/tcp, 35198/tcp, 27769/tcp, 6271/tcp, 20853/tcp, 35539/tcp, 10693/tcp, 34014/tcp, 19776/tcp, 47596/tcp, 21026/tcp, 12504/tcp, 41759/tcp, 57493/tcp, 51485/tcp, 6702/tcp (e-Design network), 22249/tcp, 30097/tcp, 60057/tcp, 2419/tcp (Attachmate S2S), 51693/tcp, 2645/tcp (Novell IPX CMD), 20217/tcp, 2108/tcp (Comcam), 48518/tcp, 40427/tcp, 6423/tcp, 38650/tcp, 59066/tcp, 59399/tcp, 34423/tcp, 39725/tcp, 22077/tcp, 53116/tcp, 56689/tcp, 830/tcp (NETCONF over SSH), 32135/tcp, 2071/tcp (Axon Control Protocol), 8605/tcp, 3594/tcp (MediaSpace), 57620/tcp, 23894/tcp, 50165/tcp, 14299/tcp, 34610/tcp, 27101/tcp, 46297/tcp, 25171/tcp, 42310/tcp, 22454/tcp, 41475/tcp, 59280/tcp, 50886/tcp, 59579/tcp, 42745/tcp, 10360/tcp, 31546/tcp, 7794/tcp (Q3ADE Cluster Service), 33844/tcp, 56864/tcp, 60827/tcp, 50733/tcp, 61227/tcp, 3185/tcp (SuSE Meta PPPD), 4690/tcp (Prelude IDS message proto), 34497/tcp, 48381/tcp, 21571/tcp, 42079/tcp, 56627/tcp, 38598/tcp, 22469/tcp, 58864/tcp, 49893/tcp, 29161/tcp, 40089/tcp, 208/tcp (AppleTalk Unused), 37662/tcp, 42777/tcp, 9121/tcp, 6784/tcp, 2088/tcp (IP Busy Lamp Field), 19321/tcp, 12809/tcp, 61624/tcp, 9925/tcp, 51924/tcp, 43128/tcp, 14069/tcp, 412/tcp (Trap Convention Port), 35461/tcp, 34847/tcp, 19367/tcp, 33104/tcp, 2850/tcp (MetaConsole), 60985/tcp, 31190/tcp, 42568/tcp, 60505/tcp, 8248/tcp, 7498/tcp, 22941/tcp, 56419/tcp, 22069/tcp, 41263/tcp, 59896/tcp, 12608/tcp, 30788/tcp, 7813/tcp, 22961/tcp, 26011/tcp, 45929/tcp, 48514/tcp, 54263/tcp, 48154/tcp, 36947/tcp, 37690/tcp, 47622/tcp, 50633/tcp, 41977/tcp, 34536/tcp, 17085/tcp, 17211/tcp, 9003/tcp, 34081/tcp, 33889/tcp, 61836/tcp, 15261/tcp, 34841/tcp, 58098/tcp, 34925/tcp, 34409/tcp, 13626/tcp, 33828/tcp, 4638/tcp, 14667/tcp, 41910/tcp, 13496/tcp, 38275/tcp, 30376/tcp, 49333/tcp, 33185/tcp, 55682/tcp, 8425/tcp, 9500/tcp (ismserver), 40309/tcp, 7936/tcp, 48641/tcp, 60392/tcp, 11008/tcp, 36217/tcp, 27691/tcp, 41829/tcp, 58050/tcp, 33848/tcp, 18834/tcp, 15882/tcp, 13407/tcp, 60113/tcp, 26756/tcp, 34487/tcp, 33359/tcp, 37631/tcp, 22893/tcp, 6371/tcp, 60806/tcp, 4899/tcp (RAdmin Port), 56012/tcp, 41576/tcp, 8601/tcp, 57009/tcp, 13180/tcp, 54983/tcp, 9999/tcp (distinct), 499/tcp (ISO ILL Protocol), 30178/tcp, 49064/tcp, 4761/tcp, 36629/tcp, 23958/tcp, 41492/tcp, 59586/tcp, 49281/tcp, 42037/tcp, 29748/tcp, 49395/tcp, 6658/tcp, 43377/tcp, 59914/tcp, 62807/tcp, 58053/tcp, 55835/tcp, 22630/tcp, 44740/tcp, 12131/tcp, 33709/tcp, 60191/tcp, 11764/tcp, 53752/tcp, 35101/tcp, 46897/tcp, 55231/tcp, 30532/tcp, 36560/tcp, 10755/tcp, 32296/tcp, 14312/tcp, 60674/tcp, 37203/tcp, 59847/tcp, 42283/tcp, 10599/tcp, 33379/tcp, 59449/tcp, 54939/tcp, 30837/tcp, 58843/tcp, 55715/tcp, 57537/tcp, 33636/tcp, 52943/tcp, 55029/tcp, 7865/tcp, 17542/tcp, 49692/tcp, 23795/tcp, 64329/tcp, 20362/tcp, 1983/tcp (Loophole Test Protocol), 25037/tcp, 49437/tcp, 30703/tcp, 59706/tcp, 15317/tcp, 59905/tcp, 19652/tcp, 58230/tcp, 12404/tcp, 8475/tcp, 6976/tcp, 59286/tcp, 23010/tcp, 49816/tcp, 5047/tcp, 15172/tcp, 11385/tcp, 22712/tcp, 312/tcp (VSLMP), 15524/tcp, 29585/tcp, 33777/tcp, 39654/tcp, 3207/tcp (Veritas Authentication Port), 37170/tcp, 19397/tcp, 13575/tcp, 28148/tcp, 60061/tcp, 32820/tcp, 34614/tcp, 33404/tcp, 58890/tcp, 50466/tcp, 22897/tcp, 13222/tcp, 5252/tcp (Movaz SSC), 31502/tcp, 5330/tcp, 63049/tcp, 47343/tcp, 33605/tcp, 19061/tcp, 3921/tcp (Herodotus Net), 19317/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1945 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 62364/tcp, 34950/tcp, 27466/tcp, 570/tcp (demon), 54951/tcp, 13192/tcp, 33796/tcp, 26702/tcp, 21686/tcp, 39628/tcp, 29612/tcp, 43102/tcp, 9593/tcp (LANDesk Management Agent (cba8)), 21286/tcp, 3574/tcp (DMAF Server), 38404/tcp, 21511/tcp, 31151/tcp, 51265/tcp, 45003/tcp, 42738/tcp, 38680/tcp, 57237/tcp, 56853/tcp, 51395/tcp, 7914/tcp, 42287/tcp, 54070/tcp, 27075/tcp, 24528/tcp, 52783/tcp, 37066/tcp, 34720/tcp, 30362/tcp, 60680/tcp, 50763/tcp, 59891/tcp, 57987/tcp, 61929/tcp, 56731/tcp, 31337/tcp, 7255/tcp, 1513/tcp (Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc), 21818/tcp, 2589/tcp (quartus tcl), 36787/tcp, 42485/tcp, 13563/tcp, 58540/tcp, 28236/tcp, 39926/tcp, 7729/tcp, 29890/tcp, 38702/tcp, 41975/tcp, 20678/tcp, 50402/tcp, 33926/tcp, 41414/tcp, 57824/tcp, 56244/tcp, 32734/tcp, 36508/tcp, 41800/tcp, 25929/tcp, 53704/tcp, 37423/tcp, 55909/tcp, 14022/tcp, 18369/tcp, 21441/tcp, 60230/tcp, 21507/tcp, 21162/tcp, 57138/tcp, 6018/tcp, 21610/tcp, 22837/tcp, 34938/tcp, 45339/tcp, 23463/tcp, 14489/tcp, 50600/tcp, 46097/tcp, 17452/tcp, 27701/tcp, 23944/tcp, 215/tcp (Insignia Solutions), 34435/tcp, 55488/tcp, 44486/tcp, 35924/tcp, 54062/tcp, 47852/tcp, 4397/tcp, 61537/tcp, 8196/tcp, 1052/tcp (Dynamic DNS Tools), 1470/tcp (Universal Analytics), 24847/tcp, 26830/tcp, 9442/tcp, 19646/tcp, 59018/tcp, 56367/tcp, 57843/tcp, 35655/tcp, 19546/tcp, 27055/tcp, 20825/tcp, 1057/tcp (STARTRON), 42178/tcp, 41371/tcp, 21459/tcp, 4745/tcp (Funambol Mobile Push), 23567/tcp, 44103/tcp, 32230/tcp, 6314/tcp, 3853/tcp (SONY scanning protocol), 60174/tcp, 48719/tcp, 53813/tcp, 52043/tcp, 33896/tcp, 23266/tcp, 29290/tcp, 7787/tcp (Popup Reminders Receive), 36761/tcp, 41875/tcp, 53635/tcp, 24776/tcp, 4203/tcp, 39324/tcp, 56905/tcp, 29100/tcp, 34000/tcp, 33286/tcp, 6125/tcp, 60070/tcp, 14547/tcp, 27506/tcp, 38122/tcp, 39115/tcp, 37746/tcp, 56269/tcp, 9619/tcp, 55783/tcp, 55298/tcp, 20950/tcp, 13574/tcp, 13920/tcp, 15265/tcp, 18114/tcp, 39517/tcp, 37397/tcp, 11433/tcp, 23535/tcp, 52132/tcp, 17386/tcp, 55380/tcp, 5980/tcp, 25687/tcp, 12793/tcp, 10076/tcp, 1574/tcp (mvel-lm), 53190/tcp, 14251/tcp, 32386/tcp, 53400/tcp, 1931/tcp (AMD SCHED), 56426/tcp, 28975/tcp, 10849/tcp, 15148/tcp, 42509/tcp (CA discovery response), 35005/tcp, 62606/tcp, 14756/tcp, 29740/tcp, 62037/tcp, 32218/tcp, 55935/tcp, 56606/tcp, 27823/tcp, 33074/tcp, 25538/tcp, 63179/tcp, 54018/tcp, 39817/tcp, 6275/tcp, 33402/tcp, 30149/tcp, 58732/tcp, 19802/tcp, 24237/tcp, 16772/tcp, 35690/tcp, 41881/tcp, 38423/tcp, 58958/tcp, 34770/tcp, 17559/tcp, 800/tcp (mdbs_daemon), 44803/tcp, 59985/tcp, 59936/tcp, 24203/tcp, 35995/tcp, 58706/tcp, 60885/tcp, 57088/tcp, 56979/tcp, 60846/tcp, 13237/tcp, 31518/tcp, 56575/tcp, 33877/tcp, 15615/tcp, 14055/tcp, 32355/tcp, 38713/tcp, 2136/tcp (APPWORXSRV), 50919/tcp, 23619/tcp, 43122/tcp, 42254/tcp, 56054/tcp, 58709/tcp, 8044/tcp (FireScope Management Interface), 38739/tcp, 56801/tcp, 37274/tcp, 56879/tcp, 14388/tcp, 27739/tcp, 46655/tcp, 54801/tcp, 42308/tcp, 56010/tcp, 33353/tcp, 57469/tcp, 23675/tcp, 56036/tcp, 3303/tcp (OP Session Client), 14697/tcp, 55745/tcp, 16087/tcp, 29464/tcp, 62093/tcp, 48161/tcp, 27546/tcp, 42436/tcp, 45866/tcp, 36534/tcp, 38000/tcp, 45393/tcp, 26776/tcp, 34714/tcp, 35012/tcp, 37460/tcp, 4177/tcp (Wello P2P pubsub service), 38092/tcp, 32653/tcp, 13889/tcp, 45506/tcp, 44355/tcp, 317/tcp (Zannet), 63037/tcp, 4973/tcp, 13098/tcp, 22578/tcp, 16880/tcp, 57869/tcp, 33439/tcp, 64660/tcp, 47440/tcp, 42907/tcp, 37095/tcp, 22328/tcp, 27087/tcp, 1386/tcp (CheckSum License Manager), 57236/tcp, 28439/tcp, 25777/tcp, 59855/tcp, 60401/tcp, 56224/tcp, 2069/tcp (HTTP Event Port), 31138/tcp, 52207/tcp, 12508/tcp, 6567/tcp (eSilo Storage Protocol), 46603/tcp, 49934/tcp, 57649/tcp, 33948/tcp, 12986/tcp, 59003/tcp, 52733/tcp, 51016/tcp, 61654/tcp, 17665/tcp, 41810/tcp, 27472/tcp, 55384/tcp, 21764/tcp, 41317/tcp, 20883/tcp, 7408/tcp, 54926/tcp, 60489/tcp, 36355/tcp, 61333/tcp, 52500/tcp, 5040/tcp, 2431/tcp (venus-se), 6392/tcp, 59908/tcp, 57593/tcp, 59200/tcp, 38576/tcp, 30249/tcp, 7203/tcp, 13890/tcp, 23256/tcp, 47570/tcp, 54628/tcp, 50392/tcp, 54337/tcp, 33701/tcp, 60907/tcp, 57772/tcp, 63409/tcp, 1565/tcp (WinDD), 14684/tcp, 59271/tcp, 3050/tcp (gds_db), 38051/tcp, 29342/tcp, 54696/tcp, 22634/tcp, 5631/tcp (pcANYWHEREdata), 7281/tcp (ITACTIONSERVER 2), 6706/tcp, 26260/tcp (eZproxy), 53834/tcp, 64781/tcp, 56626/tcp, 7352/tcp, 22757/tcp, 41646/tcp, 25067/tcp, 30963/tcp, 18397/tcp, 6405/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 4820/tcp, 3902/tcp (NIMsh Auxiliary Port), 54977/tcp, 59115/tcp, 14531/tcp, 22460/tcp, 59726/tcp, 37583/tcp, 41200/tcp, 58148/tcp, 253/tcp, 29989/tcp, 9062/tcp, 39111/tcp, 35184/tcp, 34308/tcp, 18077/tcp, 56295/tcp, 56753/tcp, 61267/tcp, 28567/tcp, 5761/tcp, 21188/tcp, 12761/tcp, 54469/tcp, 4336/tcp, 61799/tcp, 39742/tcp, 58687/tcp, 26435/tcp, 29223/tcp, 9516/tcp, 30298/tcp, 25557/tcp, 34406/tcp, 46984/tcp, 56810/tcp, 90/tcp (DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map), 15983/tcp, 57697/tcp, 183/tcp (OCBinder), 19570/tcp, 20821/tcp, 42667/tcp, 12823/tcp, 3668/tcp (Dell Remote Management), 62502/tcp, 61071/tcp, 56457/tcp, 41628/tcp, 6561/tcp, 56814/tcp, 15653/tcp, 21896/tcp, 60031/tcp, 40859/tcp, 58817/tcp, 57093/tcp, 15002/tcp, 25041/tcp, 53214/tcp, 4612/tcp, 23924/tcp, 10667/tcp, 48946/tcp, 46930/tcp, 63584/tcp, 46133/tcp, 57515/tcp, 5152/tcp (ESRI SDE Instance Discovery), 58772/tcp, 33548/tcp, 16436/tcp, 41395/tcp, 54262/tcp, 58023/tcp, 5727/tcp (ASG Event Notification Framework), 44282/tcp, 23100/tcp, 23374/tcp, 17605/tcp, 38475/tcp, 13507/tcp, 33243/tcp, 7099/tcp (lazy-ptop), 60710/tcp, 61981/tcp, 51954/tcp, 32527/tcp, 1823/tcp (Unisys Natural Language License Manager), 16620/tcp, 26338/tcp, 58150/tcp, 14836/tcp, 1679/tcp (darcorp-lm), 32627/tcp, 22095/tcp, 59983/tcp, 55181/tcp, 2932/tcp (INCP), 53623/tcp, 15278/tcp, 334/tcp, 17895/tcp, 433/tcp (NNSP), 14346/tcp, 31102/tcp, 63142/tcp, 14366/tcp, 46438/tcp, 58110/tcp, 55360/tcp, 60771/tcp, 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Control), 22648/tcp, 40635/tcp, 41369/tcp, 336/tcp, 30928/tcp, 5021/tcp (zenginkyo-2), 40880/tcp, 38434/tcp, 490/tcp (micom-pfs), 46799/tcp, 22688/tcp, 24145/tcp, 16510/tcp, 8319/tcp, 12858/tcp, 20873/tcp, 35363/tcp, 23210/tcp, 27314/tcp, 12783/tcp, 18856/tcp, 64859/tcp, 22478/tcp, 21916/tcp, 54776/tcp, 15544/tcp, 59767/tcp, 59739/tcp, 4746/tcp, 53603/tcp, 4999/tcp (HyperFileSQL Client/Server Database Engine Manager), 14106/tcp, 10078/tcp, 21978/tcp, 29431/tcp, 6998/tcp (IATP-highPri), 19704/tcp, 29227/tcp, 33111/tcp, 17049/tcp, 60509/tcp, 58871/tcp, 41008/tcp, 2943/tcp (TTNRepository), 53039/tcp, 64109/tcp, 5366/tcp, 11822/tcp, 26271/tcp, 30152/tcp, 53399/tcp, 58244/tcp, 12440/tcp, 46131/tcp, 45092/tcp, 55939/tcp, 13217/tcp (R&S Proxy Installation Assistant Service), 12172/tcp (HiveP), 57951/tcp, 33212/tcp, 13421/tcp, 2405/tcp (TRC Netpoll), 25928/tcp, 18778/tcp, 24002/tcp (med-fsp-tx), 15503/tcp, 4865/tcp, 42410/tcp, 28359/tcp, 33621/tcp, 58361/tcp, 9314/tcp, 55225/tcp, 59628/tcp, 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InSight Security), 39122/tcp, 49563/tcp, 58055/tcp, 60087/tcp, 33099/tcp, 53122/tcp, 34797/tcp, 56670/tcp, 27334/tcp, 34792/tcp, 6641/tcp, 60282/tcp, 60823/tcp, 33419/tcp, 14412/tcp, 22322/tcp, 37345/tcp, 61401/tcp, 55219/tcp, 5726/tcp (Microsoft Lifecycle Manager Secure Token Service), 1239/tcp (NMSD), 33880/tcp, 59207/tcp, 39175/tcp, 14178/tcp, 22199/tcp, 13916/tcp, 42309/tcp, 28514/tcp, 60005/tcp, 64889/tcp, 25613/tcp, 64774/tcp, 14914/tcp, 5304/tcp (HA Cluster Commands), 56296/tcp, 53992/tcp, 59352/tcp, 35489/tcp, 36430/tcp, 22645/tcp, 58656/tcp, 47360/tcp, 34298/tcp, 21697/tcp, 49477/tcp, 41212/tcp, 64275/tcp, 2612/tcp (Qpasa Agent), 25398/tcp, 55381/tcp, 14348/tcp, 7917/tcp, 6437/tcp, 34155/tcp, 53601/tcp, 9133/tcp, 60083/tcp, 28923/tcp, 13241/tcp, 60613/tcp, 5814/tcp (Support Automation), 25892/tcp, 29710/tcp, 25933/tcp, 31171/tcp, 33227/tcp, 5218/tcp, 63241/tcp, 56217/tcp, 60554/tcp, 26930/tcp, 56452/tcp, 54971/tcp, 24658/tcp, 54594/tcp, 39220/tcp, 47983/tcp, 24010/tcp, 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64679/tcp, 38955/tcp, 5791/tcp, 54710/tcp, 33545/tcp, 30379/tcp, 30609/tcp, 56074/tcp, 16384/tcp (Connected Corp), 45069/tcp, 260/tcp (Openport), 6736/tcp, 23414/tcp, 56653/tcp, 35473/tcp, 41012/tcp, 18983/tcp, 55961/tcp, 22399/tcp, 39620/tcp, 39193/tcp, 53966/tcp, 52969/tcp, 36839/tcp, 27670/tcp, 18423/tcp, 56270/tcp, 41375/tcp, 42394/tcp, 12099/tcp, 49243/tcp, 27777/tcp, 62413/tcp, 36995/tcp, 60983/tcp, 13191/tcp, 45190/tcp, 42998/tcp, 23218/tcp, 15601/tcp, 43024/tcp, 41933/tcp, 41401/tcp, 63245/tcp, 22391/tcp, 5401/tcp (Excerpt Search Secure), 51950/tcp, 45572/tcp, 22574/tcp, 45848/tcp, 6388/tcp, 24947/tcp, 59401/tcp, 32513/tcp, 58869/tcp, 29567/tcp, 62625/tcp, 7920/tcp, 48050/tcp, 24535/tcp, 41540/tcp, 37259/tcp, 38018/tcp, 56314/tcp, 56374/tcp, 29942/tcp, 37408/tcp, 61189/tcp, 20827/tcp, 22568/tcp, 18412/tcp, 42540/tcp, 51641/tcp, 16367/tcp (Network Serial Extension Ports Three), 29002/tcp, 57767/tcp, 54315/tcp, 59564/tcp, 25944/tcp, 55477/tcp, 24307/tcp, 35359/tcp, 40130/tcp, 53430/tcp, 13393/tcp, 1984/tcp (BB), 7122/tcp, 34043/tcp, 48745/tcp, 50659/tcp, 21301/tcp, 27722/tcp, 61762/tcp, 55887/tcp, 61097/tcp, 17059/tcp, 7638/tcp, 15757/tcp, 31835/tcp, 58553/tcp, 41285/tcp, 43585/tcp, 54670/tcp, 4434/tcp, 11622/tcp, 52612/tcp, 28048/tcp, 55199/tcp, 57035/tcp, 47826/tcp, 19693/tcp, 50087/tcp, 26401/tcp, 19903/tcp, 17811/tcp, 36865/tcp (KastenX Pipe), 40661/tcp, 56574/tcp, 55908/tcp, 13931/tcp, 41134/tcp, 1392/tcp (Print Manager), 29868/tcp, 27869/tcp, 7001/tcp (callbacks to cache managers), 31956/tcp, 40804/tcp, 36251/tcp, 13558/tcp, 7398/tcp, 55386/tcp, 42881/tcp, 56749/tcp, 41514/tcp, 30157/tcp, 29017/tcp, 50123/tcp, 31911/tcp, 47897/tcp, 57106/tcp, 30729/tcp, 26896/tcp, 27420/tcp, 29455/tcp, 23872/tcp, 10796/tcp, 12151/tcp, 23906/tcp, 3341/tcp (OMF data h), 58607/tcp, 7381/tcp, 38553/tcp, 55667/tcp, 52005/tcp, 53140/tcp, 59691/tcp, 6297/tcp, 54423/tcp, 46234/tcp, 27392/tcp, 12336/tcp, 6846/tcp, 50864/tcp, 22747/tcp, 41949/tcp, 52921/tcp, 32391/tcp, 32014/tcp, 34542/tcp, 54083/tcp, 36352/tcp, 55358/tcp, 18304/tcp, 34588/tcp, 34257/tcp, 1996/tcp (cisco Remote SRB port), 42975/tcp, 32475/tcp, 62067/tcp, 40599/tcp, 22106/tcp, 6271/tcp, 24489/tcp, 20853/tcp, 46793/tcp, 14237/tcp, 35071/tcp, 15881/tcp, 5535/tcp, 33273/tcp, 39524/tcp, 57493/tcp, 41952/tcp, 24999/tcp, 36042/tcp, 48820/tcp, 33874/tcp, 34850/tcp, 41698/tcp, 4868/tcp (Photon Relay), 59023/tcp, 3638/tcp (EHP Backup Protocol), 54417/tcp, 61073/tcp, 27008/tcp, 35175/tcp, 35842/tcp, 18986/tcp, 48518/tcp, 11716/tcp, 39829/tcp, 14535/tcp, 53723/tcp, 23980/tcp, 43533/tcp, 40171/tcp, 39725/tcp, 21788/tcp, 39543/tcp, 38367/tcp, 17351/tcp, 54852/tcp, 55793/tcp, 57103/tcp, 1835/tcp (ARDUS Multicast), 39491/tcp, 38193/tcp, 52325/tcp, 37040/tcp, 8315/tcp, 54444/tcp, 40729/tcp, 20266/tcp, 594/tcp (TPIP), 25412/tcp, 34490/tcp, 33669/tcp, 23043/tcp, 42464/tcp, 46119/tcp, 25985/tcp, 14139/tcp, 44104/tcp, 62320/tcp, 6401/tcp (boe-was), 25360/tcp, 25765/tcp, 33839/tcp, 40039/tcp, 53505/tcp, 10618/tcp, 32345/tcp, 27052/tcp, 31546/tcp, 30807/tcp, 29112/tcp, 61171/tcp, 21718/tcp, 4152/tcp (iDigTech Multiplex), 57299/tcp, 14769/tcp, 64440/tcp, 15665/tcp, 41806/tcp, 35182/tcp, 4887/tcp, 41018/tcp, 24341/tcp, 53888/tcp, 32617/tcp, 36965/tcp, 58458/tcp, 5077/tcp, 33699/tcp, 59051/tcp, 42777/tcp, 33899/tcp, 25450/tcp, 36887/tcp, 36823/tcp, 52708/tcp, 27827/tcp, 32449/tcp, 56401/tcp, 2292/tcp (Sonus Element Management Services), 55530/tcp, 30142/tcp, 18198/tcp, 18094/tcp, 49592/tcp, 19295/tcp, 26230/tcp, 62216/tcp, 7498/tcp, 30752/tcp, 50671/tcp, 29840/tcp, 4482/tcp, 56218/tcp, 41543/tcp, 21694/tcp, 16215/tcp, 14520/tcp, 50782/tcp, 25464/tcp, 63537/tcp, 27187/tcp, 47470/tcp, 55157/tcp, 58845/tcp, 1381/tcp (Apple Network License Manager), 2575/tcp (HL7), 27310/tcp, 5129/tcp, 9467/tcp, 24668/tcp, 1584/tcp (tn-tl-fd2), 50075/tcp, 3698/tcp (SAGECTLPANEL), 49919/tcp, 60297/tcp, 7560/tcp (Sniffer Command Protocol), 6219/tcp, 58303/tcp, 28327/tcp, 36891/tcp, 13428/tcp, 33779/tcp, 30476/tcp, 61145/tcp, 34260/tcp, 39937/tcp, 1228/tcp (FLORENCE), 37947/tcp, 51600/tcp, 35555/tcp, 17795/tcp, 14033/tcp (sage Best! Config Server 1), 43204/tcp, 4031/tcp (UUCP over SSL), 10077/tcp, 42492/tcp, 60200/tcp, 23697/tcp, 56523/tcp, 51038/tcp, 22225/tcp, 28871/tcp, 41183/tcp, 34133/tcp, 8039/tcp, 56369/tcp, 21509/tcp, 55515/tcp, 32553/tcp, 52843/tcp, 21041/tcp, 59529/tcp, 58839/tcp, 42037/tcp, 33935/tcp, 5921/tcp, 60453/tcp, 56395/tcp, 55434/tcp, 46718/tcp, 56445/tcp, 14599/tcp, 54864/tcp, 59787/tcp, 60972/tcp, 63867/tcp, 47696/tcp, 6858/tcp, 48232/tcp, 7330/tcp, 33296/tcp, 5765/tcp, 5277/tcp, 60156/tcp, 15295/tcp, 23776/tcp, 58497/tcp, 38933/tcp, 46544/tcp, 8709/tcp, 9286/tcp, 33520/tcp, 1674/tcp (Intel Proshare Multicast), 55860/tcp, 32857/tcp, 59931/tcp, 24323/tcp, 12348/tcp, 7303/tcp, 13527/tcp, 7865/tcp, 27522/tcp, 17542/tcp, 27872/tcp, 2180/tcp (Millicent Vendor Gateway Server), 61807/tcp, 35337/tcp, 60457/tcp, 9061/tcp, 20159/tcp, 45200/tcp, 52149/tcp, 29769/tcp, 34118/tcp, 59905/tcp, 18178/tcp, 37021/tcp, 22438/tcp, 57757/tcp, 45174/tcp, 57166/tcp, 41213/tcp, 15716/tcp, 5408/tcp (Foresyte-Sec), 38449/tcp, 51286/tcp, 49834/tcp, 1048/tcp (Sun's NEO Object Request Broker), 4541/tcp, 6976/tcp, 20984/tcp, 28820/tcp, 51697/tcp, 61645/tcp, 58508/tcp, 63768/tcp, 57058/tcp, 64478/tcp, 51822/tcp, 25282/tcp, 34510/tcp, 36638/tcp, 53705/tcp, 55738/tcp, 17231/tcp, 50596/tcp, 41927/tcp, 22722/tcp, 40372/tcp, 18854/tcp, 36564/tcp, 27179/tcp, 34231/tcp, 27212/tcp, 27647/tcp, 62732/tcp, 15560/tcp, 38635/tcp, 13648/tcp, 18300/tcp, 61891/tcp, 63153/tcp, 24973/tcp, 30093/tcp, 5330/tcp, 28210/tcp, 47589/tcp, 1295/tcp (End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol), 6593/tcp, 56299/tcp, 36522/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1717 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 41951/tcp, 27466/tcp, 32033/tcp, 13192/tcp, 26702/tcp, 21286/tcp, 3574/tcp (DMAF Server), 38404/tcp, 31151/tcp, 42738/tcp, 57237/tcp, 56853/tcp, 37348/tcp, 54070/tcp, 27075/tcp, 24528/tcp, 34720/tcp, 50763/tcp, 57987/tcp, 61929/tcp, 56731/tcp, 28232/tcp, 1513/tcp (Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc), 36787/tcp, 58540/tcp, 7729/tcp, 29890/tcp, 38702/tcp, 20678/tcp, 50402/tcp, 33926/tcp, 32734/tcp, 41800/tcp, 53704/tcp, 37423/tcp, 55909/tcp, 6924/tcp, 18369/tcp, 21441/tcp, 60230/tcp, 21507/tcp, 51942/tcp, 21162/tcp, 57138/tcp, 62327/tcp, 6018/tcp, 21610/tcp, 46097/tcp, 27701/tcp, 56317/tcp, 34435/tcp, 55488/tcp, 42698/tcp, 44486/tcp, 35924/tcp, 47852/tcp, 1470/tcp (Universal Analytics), 24847/tcp, 26830/tcp, 19646/tcp, 59018/tcp, 57843/tcp, 53531/tcp, 27055/tcp, 20825/tcp, 42178/tcp, 60662/tcp, 32230/tcp, 14085/tcp, 28540/tcp, 3853/tcp (SONY scanning protocol), 60174/tcp, 48719/tcp, 53813/tcp, 33896/tcp, 23266/tcp, 29290/tcp, 7787/tcp (Popup Reminders Receive), 13166/tcp, 41875/tcp, 53635/tcp, 4646/tcp, 24776/tcp, 4203/tcp, 39324/tcp, 56905/tcp, 29100/tcp, 33286/tcp, 11287/tcp, 40725/tcp, 60070/tcp, 11488/tcp, 14547/tcp, 34640/tcp, 37746/tcp, 41222/tcp, 56269/tcp, 9619/tcp, 55298/tcp, 13574/tcp, 15265/tcp, 18114/tcp, 39517/tcp, 11433/tcp, 23535/tcp, 52132/tcp, 25687/tcp, 53373/tcp, 22749/tcp, 10076/tcp, 58313/tcp, 53190/tcp, 32386/tcp, 53400/tcp, 56426/tcp, 28975/tcp, 15148/tcp, 42509/tcp (CA discovery response), 29740/tcp, 22809/tcp, 3612/tcp (HP Data Protector), 25538/tcp, 63179/tcp, 39817/tcp, 6275/tcp, 54144/tcp, 13795/tcp, 24237/tcp, 30832/tcp, 58958/tcp, 44803/tcp, 59985/tcp, 10307/tcp, 24203/tcp, 35995/tcp, 60885/tcp, 60846/tcp, 21720/tcp, 13237/tcp, 56575/tcp, 4154/tcp (atlinks device discovery), 2136/tcp (APPWORXSRV), 50919/tcp, 56801/tcp, 37274/tcp, 56879/tcp, 14388/tcp, 46655/tcp, 42308/tcp, 42514/tcp, 56010/tcp, 57469/tcp, 56036/tcp, 3303/tcp (OP Session Client), 58462/tcp, 59070/tcp, 55745/tcp, 16087/tcp, 29464/tcp, 63190/tcp, 62093/tcp, 27546/tcp, 34714/tcp, 37460/tcp, 38092/tcp, 13889/tcp, 45506/tcp, 44355/tcp, 317/tcp (Zannet), 13098/tcp, 22578/tcp, 62703/tcp, 40457/tcp, 17555/tcp, 64660/tcp, 37095/tcp, 27087/tcp, 38278/tcp, 28439/tcp, 25777/tcp, 55944/tcp, 52207/tcp, 12508/tcp, 10024/tcp, 57649/tcp, 33948/tcp, 52733/tcp, 39646/tcp, 61654/tcp, 17665/tcp, 41810/tcp, 55384/tcp, 21764/tcp, 41317/tcp, 20883/tcp, 59120/tcp, 34808/tcp, 40430/tcp, 36355/tcp, 52500/tcp, 58014/tcp, 59908/tcp, 57593/tcp, 41748/tcp, 25751/tcp, 38576/tcp, 30249/tcp, 7203/tcp, 17250/tcp, 13890/tcp, 23256/tcp, 10394/tcp, 33701/tcp, 22500/tcp, 60907/tcp, 54521/tcp, 59306/tcp, 60836/tcp, 41342/tcp, 14684/tcp, 27317/tcp, 59271/tcp, 38051/tcp, 41720/tcp, 29342/tcp, 22634/tcp, 26260/tcp (eZproxy), 27165/tcp, 22757/tcp, 25067/tcp, 30963/tcp, 56347/tcp, 12835/tcp, 6405/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 3902/tcp (NIMsh Auxiliary Port), 34503/tcp, 54977/tcp, 58183/tcp, 14531/tcp, 22460/tcp, 59726/tcp, 37583/tcp, 58148/tcp, 39705/tcp, 29989/tcp, 57057/tcp, 18077/tcp, 42232/tcp, 56753/tcp, 61267/tcp, 18296/tcp, 28006/tcp, 35697/tcp, 21188/tcp, 12761/tcp, 54469/tcp, 4336/tcp, 63220/tcp, 61799/tcp, 39742/tcp, 58687/tcp, 26435/tcp, 7411/tcp, 54999/tcp, 25557/tcp, 34406/tcp, 42438/tcp, 183/tcp (OCBinder), 15602/tcp, 11541/tcp, 62502/tcp, 61071/tcp, 57471/tcp, 15653/tcp, 21896/tcp, 60031/tcp, 40859/tcp, 22428/tcp, 29469/tcp, 53065/tcp, 7372/tcp, 64771/tcp, 4612/tcp, 23924/tcp, 29892/tcp, 10667/tcp, 46930/tcp, 46133/tcp, 57515/tcp, 5152/tcp (ESRI SDE Instance Discovery), 58772/tcp, 16436/tcp, 41395/tcp, 54262/tcp, 23366/tcp, 5727/tcp (ASG Event Notification Framework), 44282/tcp, 19574/tcp, 23374/tcp, 17605/tcp, 63603/tcp, 7219/tcp, 33243/tcp, 51555/tcp, 7099/tcp (lazy-ptop), 60710/tcp, 51954/tcp, 32527/tcp, 29632/tcp, 16620/tcp, 26338/tcp, 14836/tcp, 7151/tcp, 59276/tcp, 22095/tcp, 59983/tcp, 6940/tcp, 55181/tcp, 334/tcp, 42181/tcp, 17895/tcp, 433/tcp (NNSP), 47447/tcp, 14346/tcp, 61368/tcp, 58110/tcp, 60771/tcp, 58759/tcp, 63589/tcp, 37166/tcp, 50934/tcp, 58785/tcp, 26278/tcp, 62219/tcp, 3749/tcp (CimTrak), 38427/tcp, 39699/tcp, 16419/tcp, 55729/tcp, 60132/tcp, 2214/tcp (RDQ Protocol Interface), 18013/tcp, 49971/tcp, 47722/tcp, 54261/tcp, 27470/tcp, 38408/tcp, 6541/tcp, 14272/tcp, 47979/tcp, 25093/tcp, 23036/tcp, 18782/tcp, 62108/tcp, 58964/tcp, 40062/tcp, 13256/tcp, 63677/tcp, 53200/tcp, 26048/tcp, 33452/tcp, 17863/tcp, 2340/tcp (WRS Registry), 18526/tcp, 13899/tcp, 7803/tcp, 54066/tcp, 13327/tcp, 28260/tcp, 3875/tcp (PNBSCADA), 6509/tcp (MGCS-MFP Port), 23571/tcp, 64454/tcp, 24405/tcp, 34848/tcp, 17916/tcp, 55685/tcp, 53058/tcp, 59356/tcp, 32721/tcp, 33315/tcp, 41201/tcp, 49254/tcp, 1526/tcp (Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv), 28106/tcp, 29921/tcp, 25954/tcp, 38780/tcp, 64239/tcp, 54824/tcp, 34873/tcp, 36456/tcp, 55883/tcp, 13140/tcp, 14453/tcp, 50440/tcp, 46767/tcp, 799/tcp, 22221/tcp, 38732/tcp, 46471/tcp, 33783/tcp, 52607/tcp, 60870/tcp, 34539/tcp, 6710/tcp, 52147/tcp, 35510/tcp, 26465/tcp, 20669/tcp, 29332/tcp, 13704/tcp, 6544/tcp (LDS Dump Service), 13906/tcp, 58283/tcp, 5738/tcp, 24865/tcp, 59851/tcp, 5342/tcp, 33598/tcp, 21439/tcp, 41722/tcp, 25438/tcp, 55913/tcp, 43695/tcp, 4327/tcp (Jaxer Web Protocol), 53653/tcp, 55287/tcp, 56392/tcp, 61141/tcp, 20980/tcp, 29358/tcp, 56188/tcp, 25159/tcp, 23126/tcp, 54191/tcp, 7555/tcp, 1183/tcp (LL Surfup HTTP), 30561/tcp, 56671/tcp, 1016/tcp, 40727/tcp, 14871/tcp, 12452/tcp, 40580/tcp, 34259/tcp, 33632/tcp, 9723/tcp, 41074/tcp, 59943/tcp, 35146/tcp, 18932/tcp, 34666/tcp, 37969/tcp, 51968/tcp, 55970/tcp, 27526/tcp, 38735/tcp, 27382/tcp, 40244/tcp, 64989/tcp, 31187/tcp, 43101/tcp, 53683/tcp, 59557/tcp, 58601/tcp, 30402/tcp, 29795/tcp, 49782/tcp, 62156/tcp, 26758/tcp, 36466/tcp, 64225/tcp, 63924/tcp, 41648/tcp, 62922/tcp, 56880/tcp, 60531/tcp, 59881/tcp, 38174/tcp, 25055/tcp, 41196/tcp, 63752/tcp, 31553/tcp, 2440/tcp (Spearway Lockers), 5404/tcp (HPOMS-DPS-LSTN), 42696/tcp, 61817/tcp, 37229/tcp, 5850/tcp, 59297/tcp, 33394/tcp, 59308/tcp, 60278/tcp, 39059/tcp, 29175/tcp, 32794/tcp, 20946/tcp, 28332/tcp, 30405/tcp, 26290/tcp, 58453/tcp, 19572/tcp, 62997/tcp, 27336/tcp, 26286/tcp, 25432/tcp, 58542/tcp, 21796/tcp, 14830/tcp, 37233/tcp, 43048/tcp, 18269/tcp, 63298/tcp, 41776/tcp, 19012/tcp, 36913/tcp, 40378/tcp, 50711/tcp, 38888/tcp, 41815/tcp, 60732/tcp, 59063/tcp, 28609/tcp, 60074/tcp, 4709/tcp, 33136/tcp, 45978/tcp, 63934/tcp, 48463/tcp, 21128/tcp, 35262/tcp, 56213/tcp, 59665/tcp, 5433/tcp (Pyrrho DBMS), 42713/tcp, 26405/tcp, 52626/tcp, 59782/tcp, 62130/tcp, 22522/tcp, 43902/tcp, 16764/tcp, 36917/tcp, 54624/tcp, 19698/tcp, 41341/tcp, 27881/tcp, 17233/tcp, 60288/tcp, 384/tcp (A Remote Network Server System), 903/tcp (self documenting Telnet Panic Door), 61271/tcp, 3385/tcp (qnxnetman), 23868/tcp, 58257/tcp, 60602/tcp, 54749/tcp, 56816/tcp, 21078/tcp, 6515/tcp (Elipse RPC Protocol), 21637/tcp, 45754/tcp, 16724/tcp, 59245/tcp, 34205/tcp, 17237/tcp, 29280/tcp, 42024/tcp, 12224/tcp, 30272/tcp, 30440/tcp, 26182/tcp, 23192/tcp, 21792/tcp, 36229/tcp, 13196/tcp, 11303/tcp, 51191/tcp, 38063/tcp, 58107/tcp, 35194/tcp, 13622/tcp, 29859/tcp, 5502/tcp (fcp-srvr-inst1), 35581/tcp, 55452/tcp, 23653/tcp, 58365/tcp, 26543/tcp, 59290/tcp, 25661/tcp, 1570/tcp (orbixd), 59933/tcp, 21084/tcp, 53600/tcp, 51165/tcp, 34695/tcp, 59116/tcp, 59493/tcp, 55782/tcp, 32437/tcp, 48135/tcp, 54760/tcp, 33390/tcp, 18477/tcp, 47860/tcp, 27924/tcp, 52000/tcp, 52153/tcp, 57467/tcp, 20823/tcp, 59358/tcp, 61482/tcp, 6745/tcp, 50184/tcp, 27465/tcp, 55027/tcp, 25476/tcp, 60766/tcp, 63882/tcp, 22444/tcp, 13253/tcp, 18170/tcp, 18886/tcp, 46692/tcp, 40330/tcp, 39394/tcp, 27775/tcp, 44884/tcp, 61534/tcp, 12513/tcp, 7119/tcp, 42029/tcp, 28716/tcp, 60139/tcp, 53557/tcp, 29611/tcp, 6122/tcp (Backup Express Web Server), 4817/tcp, 2950/tcp (ESIP), 14194/tcp, 39824/tcp, 31047/tcp, 58367/tcp, 38524/tcp, 42999/tcp, 41849/tcp, 9135/tcp, 53839/tcp, 7602/tcp, 35946/tcp, 5743/tcp (Watchdoc NetPOD Protocol), 53256/tcp, 58739/tcp, 56453/tcp, 6563/tcp, 59921/tcp, 21667/tcp, 20303/tcp, 54289/tcp, 32854/tcp, 23996/tcp, 47544/tcp, 10827/tcp, 31442/tcp, 62145/tcp, 7833/tcp, 22530/tcp, 42743/tcp, 51336/tcp, 41579/tcp, 57010/tcp, 59856/tcp, 60405/tcp, 31813/tcp, 20033/tcp, 27288/tcp, 23523/tcp, 21948/tcp, 32397/tcp, 25215/tcp, 64317/tcp, 50243/tcp, 8040/tcp (Ampify Messaging Protocol), 7745/tcp, 51794/tcp, 59167/tcp, 42644/tcp, 15313/tcp, 40700/tcp, 41878/tcp, 20779/tcp, 46934/tcp, 36969/tcp, 2329/tcp (NVD), 11742/tcp, 42235/tcp, 41795/tcp (Crestron Terminal Port), 3024/tcp (NDS_SSO), 60853/tcp, 33608/tcp, 59812/tcp, 25063/tcp, 56396/tcp, 23348/tcp, 40802/tcp, 23753/tcp, 31672/tcp, 59553/tcp, 17562/tcp, 16471/tcp, 53910/tcp, 3255/tcp (Semaphore Connection Port), 905/tcp, 28717/tcp, 2288/tcp (NETML), 49331/tcp, 64303/tcp, 33530/tcp, 58127/tcp, 10128/tcp (BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON), 32106/tcp, 59081/tcp, 33442/tcp, 64861/tcp, 17438/tcp, 22412/tcp, 12021/tcp, 63309/tcp, 24438/tcp, 52740/tcp, 18704/tcp, 14262/tcp, 35042/tcp, 60840/tcp, 41365/tcp, 34030/tcp, 24892/tcp, 33873/tcp, 37735/tcp, 32933/tcp, 54453/tcp, 25446/tcp, 58992/tcp, 31757/tcp, 18169/tcp, 34340/tcp, 36939/tcp, 11407/tcp, 14132/tcp, 42237/tcp, 41458/tcp, 28949/tcp, 901/tcp (SMPNAMERES), 38304/tcp, 25145/tcp, 13329/tcp, 40523/tcp, 7177/tcp, 37192/tcp, 61382/tcp, 54576/tcp, 31586/tcp, 23094/tcp, 24698/tcp, 21314/tcp, 14327/tcp, 33263/tcp, 33698/tcp, 35411/tcp, 7995/tcp, 2367/tcp (Service Control), 36002/tcp, 22648/tcp, 7482/tcp, 45505/tcp, 40635/tcp, 3010/tcp (Telerate Workstation), 5021/tcp (zenginkyo-2), 40880/tcp, 38434/tcp, 22688/tcp, 24145/tcp, 16510/tcp, 60784/tcp, 20873/tcp, 35230/tcp, 34721/tcp, 23210/tcp, 27314/tcp, 18856/tcp, 50459/tcp, 54776/tcp, 59767/tcp, 59739/tcp, 59444/tcp, 29431/tcp, 6998/tcp (IATP-highPri), 36813/tcp, 58205/tcp, 58871/tcp, 41008/tcp, 53039/tcp, 34328/tcp, 64109/tcp, 26271/tcp, 30152/tcp, 58244/tcp, 7472/tcp, 52821/tcp, 51444/tcp, 55939/tcp, 12172/tcp (HiveP), 33212/tcp, 15503/tcp, 58793/tcp, 4865/tcp, 28359/tcp, 33621/tcp, 14148/tcp, 9314/tcp, 55225/tcp, 44925/tcp, 58051/tcp, 41109/tcp, 46048/tcp, 57976/tcp, 19834/tcp, 57893/tcp, 13837/tcp, 4337/tcp, 36634/tcp, 23055/tcp, 23545/tcp, 40242/tcp, 42209/tcp, 44279/tcp, 5115/tcp (Symantec Autobuild Service), 20325/tcp, 32222/tcp, 50071/tcp, 43293/tcp, 59226/tcp, 1809/tcp (Oracle-VP1), 2615/tcp (firepower), 19981/tcp, 5248/tcp (CA Access Control Web Service), 42845/tcp, 63359/tcp, 31245/tcp, 36173/tcp, 14336/tcp, 42053/tcp, 17964/tcp, 3894/tcp (SyAM Agent Port), 18146/tcp, 57262/tcp, 46375/tcp, 42206/tcp, 8571/tcp, 52857/tcp, 62475/tcp, 34357/tcp, 1775/tcp, 28316/tcp, 39122/tcp, 49563/tcp, 60087/tcp, 53983/tcp, 53122/tcp, 34797/tcp, 52682/tcp, 27334/tcp, 60823/tcp, 33419/tcp, 61401/tcp, 55219/tcp, 1239/tcp (NMSD), 59207/tcp, 39175/tcp, 14178/tcp, 22199/tcp, 42309/tcp, 51768/tcp, 28514/tcp, 60005/tcp, 64889/tcp, 25613/tcp, 14914/tcp, 5304/tcp (HA Cluster Commands), 55713/tcp, 14434/tcp, 22103/tcp, 59352/tcp, 35489/tcp, 36430/tcp, 29111/tcp, 34298/tcp, 49477/tcp, 64275/tcp, 2612/tcp (Qpasa Agent), 55381/tcp, 31761/tcp, 6437/tcp, 37538/tcp, 53601/tcp, 9133/tcp, 40141/tcp, 13241/tcp, 12225/tcp, 29584/tcp, 33227/tcp, 63241/tcp, 52530/tcp, 56217/tcp, 22484/tcp, 59193/tcp, 60554/tcp, 41086/tcp, 16698/tcp, 54971/tcp, 54594/tcp, 15433/tcp, 52869/tcp, 37992/tcp, 51517/tcp, 61456/tcp, 60158/tcp, 6035/tcp, 33066/tcp, 41144/tcp, 59858/tcp, 14577/tcp, 22927/tcp, 41148/tcp, 27141/tcp, 47421/tcp, 21266/tcp, 32322/tcp, 41599/tcp, 18140/tcp, 38073/tcp, 58512/tcp, 41349/tcp, 46540/tcp, 3177/tcp (Phonex Protocol), 26977/tcp, 37944/tcp, 56431/tcp, 55106/tcp, 12451/tcp, 56095/tcp, 50574/tcp, 34769/tcp, 54543/tcp, 6950/tcp, 60570/tcp, 61028/tcp, 23477/tcp, 54239/tcp, 40777/tcp, 42025/tcp, 22418/tcp, 22590/tcp, 59191/tcp, 21455/tcp, 7907/tcp, 13319/tcp, 63941/tcp, 33211/tcp, 3732/tcp (Mobile Wnn), 64679/tcp, 38955/tcp, 33545/tcp, 30379/tcp, 16384/tcp (Connected Corp), 56653/tcp, 35473/tcp, 41012/tcp, 18983/tcp, 22399/tcp, 40843/tcp (CSCCFIREWALL), 36385/tcp, 39193/tcp, 56039/tcp, 41092/tcp, 53966/tcp, 41754/tcp, 36839/tcp, 27670/tcp, 18423/tcp, 42394/tcp, 12099/tcp, 27777/tcp, 36995/tcp, 5262/tcp, 45190/tcp, 57200/tcp, 33140/tcp, 15601/tcp, 43024/tcp, 57817/tcp, 41933/tcp, 17962/tcp, 59590/tcp, 16166/tcp, 51950/tcp, 45848/tcp, 32513/tcp, 58869/tcp, 48589/tcp, 12350/tcp, 62625/tcp, 7920/tcp, 48050/tcp, 41540/tcp, 56314/tcp, 61189/tcp, 16367/tcp (Network Serial Extension Ports Three), 29002/tcp, 59564/tcp, 55477/tcp, 40130/tcp, 53430/tcp, 13393/tcp, 58456/tcp, 1984/tcp (BB), 48745/tcp, 27722/tcp, 29731/tcp, 55887/tcp, 61097/tcp, 54491/tcp, 2091/tcp (PRP), 31835/tcp, 41285/tcp, 18676/tcp, 43585/tcp, 4434/tcp, 17415/tcp, 11622/tcp, 57035/tcp, 47826/tcp, 50087/tcp, 26401/tcp, 19903/tcp, 17811/tcp, 36865/tcp (KastenX Pipe), 3541/tcp (VoiSpeed Port), 61264/tcp, 52568/tcp, 52687/tcp, 55613/tcp, 40661/tcp, 55908/tcp, 27869/tcp, 7001/tcp (callbacks to cache managers), 40804/tcp, 13558/tcp, 7398/tcp, 59899/tcp, 56749/tcp, 41514/tcp, 25167/tcp, 29017/tcp, 30729/tcp, 26896/tcp, 27420/tcp, 23872/tcp, 23906/tcp, 3341/tcp (OMF data h), 5901/tcp, 58607/tcp, 7381/tcp, 59691/tcp, 27654/tcp, 6297/tcp, 54423/tcp, 46234/tcp, 27392/tcp, 61324/tcp, 38736/tcp, 12336/tcp, 59053/tcp, 36352/tcp, 18304/tcp, 34588/tcp, 59713/tcp, 32475/tcp, 62067/tcp, 22106/tcp, 24489/tcp, 20853/tcp, 15881/tcp, 5535/tcp, 16406/tcp, 57493/tcp, 24999/tcp, 33874/tcp, 34850/tcp, 41698/tcp, 54417/tcp, 61073/tcp, 17922/tcp, 27008/tcp, 35842/tcp, 18986/tcp, 48518/tcp, 9087/tcp (Classic Data Server), 14535/tcp, 60427/tcp, 53723/tcp, 45532/tcp, 23980/tcp, 40171/tcp, 39543/tcp, 17351/tcp, 58248/tcp, 52385/tcp, 35362/tcp, 1078/tcp (Avocent Proxy Protocol), 54441/tcp, 40940/tcp, 52325/tcp, 40729/tcp, 20266/tcp, 25412/tcp, 6379/tcp, 23043/tcp, 42464/tcp, 11359/tcp, 46119/tcp, 14139/tcp, 29935/tcp, 44104/tcp, 9616/tcp (eRunbook Agent), 6401/tcp (boe-was), 40039/tcp, 57945/tcp, 32345/tcp, 27052/tcp, 31546/tcp, 29112/tcp, 5456/tcp (APC 5456), 57299/tcp, 15665/tcp, 42079/tcp, 56627/tcp, 11920/tcp, 58477/tcp, 24341/tcp, 27051/tcp, 45008/tcp, 16718/tcp, 36965/tcp, 51284/tcp, 58458/tcp, 5077/tcp, 35704/tcp, 59051/tcp, 64937/tcp, 25450/tcp, 42183/tcp, 55530/tcp, 30142/tcp, 17159/tcp, 18094/tcp, 49592/tcp, 26230/tcp, 21136/tcp, 27366/tcp, 56483/tcp, 17735/tcp, 50671/tcp, 56218/tcp, 6259/tcp, 20384/tcp, 16215/tcp, 33426/tcp, 50782/tcp, 18988/tcp, 63537/tcp, 55157/tcp, 27561/tcp, 22175/tcp, 1381/tcp (Apple Network License Manager), 5129/tcp, 9467/tcp, 21986/tcp, 27874/tcp, 41427/tcp, 7560/tcp (Sniffer Command Protocol), 36891/tcp, 13428/tcp, 25665/tcp, 61145/tcp, 39937/tcp, 47856/tcp, 1228/tcp (FLORENCE), 14033/tcp (sage Best! Config Server 1), 13407/tcp, 42492/tcp, 23697/tcp, 51038/tcp, 28871/tcp, 41183/tcp, 21509/tcp, 55515/tcp, 851/tcp, 32553/tcp, 52843/tcp, 59529/tcp, 33935/tcp, 5921/tcp, 60453/tcp, 56395/tcp, 56445/tcp, 38271/tcp, 59914/tcp, 53226/tcp, 63867/tcp, 23003/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 4), 54619/tcp, 47696/tcp, 32891/tcp, 6858/tcp, 59509/tcp, 48232/tcp, 5765/tcp, 5277/tcp, 60156/tcp, 58497/tcp, 38933/tcp, 1674/tcp (Intel Proshare Multicast), 27826/tcp, 32857/tcp, 59931/tcp, 24323/tcp, 39465/tcp, 13527/tcp, 7865/tcp, 17542/tcp, 2180/tcp (Millicent Vendor Gateway Server), 60457/tcp, 42336/tcp, 32003/tcp, 45200/tcp, 52149/tcp, 34118/tcp, 22438/tcp, 57757/tcp, 41040/tcp, 5408/tcp (Foresyte-Sec), 18334/tcp, 10002/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 38449/tcp, 60654/tcp, 51286/tcp, 49834/tcp, 59853/tcp, 20984/tcp, 7528/tcp, 58508/tcp, 28063/tcp, 64478/tcp, 51822/tcp, 34510/tcp, 1721/tcp (caicci), 36638/tcp, 50596/tcp, 40372/tcp, 18854/tcp, 36564/tcp, 27179/tcp, 27212/tcp, 27647/tcp, 17893/tcp, 15560/tcp, 38635/tcp, 32248/tcp, 13648/tcp, 18300/tcp, 24973/tcp, 18447/tcp, 25126/tcp, 47589/tcp, 56779/tcp, 6593/tcp, 34711/tcp, 64350/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1323 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 1827/tcp (ASI), 15848/tcp, 55897/tcp, 51718/tcp, 45863/tcp, 59103/tcp, 19239/tcp, 52159/tcp, 35894/tcp, 52329/tcp, 48180/tcp, 15813/tcp, 2854/tcp (InfoMover), 32055/tcp, 26770/tcp, 57750/tcp, 34744/tcp, 62796/tcp, 26752/tcp, 19916/tcp, 52701/tcp, 55310/tcp, 58540/tcp, 26780/tcp, 42155/tcp, 33926/tcp, 28515/tcp, 29202/tcp, 48882/tcp, 24311/tcp, 55691/tcp, 18828/tcp, 40226/tcp, 40739/tcp, 27978/tcp, 57087/tcp, 52251/tcp, 33780/tcp, 27175/tcp, 1846/tcp (Tunstall PNC), 53019/tcp, 23356/tcp, 40651/tcp, 20871/tcp, 15949/tcp, 23340/tcp, 34026/tcp, 34818/tcp, 33342/tcp, 16315/tcp, 22873/tcp, 17594/tcp, 17456/tcp, 289/tcp, 31917/tcp, 44765/tcp, 16461/tcp, 47197/tcp, 25866/tcp, 8032/tcp (ProEd), 64997/tcp, 58850/tcp, 7463/tcp, 12559/tcp, 56479/tcp, 53071/tcp, 63651/tcp, 34958/tcp, 5517/tcp, 52720/tcp, 36608/tcp, 25817/tcp, 3816/tcp (Sun Local Patch Server), 49358/tcp, 39733/tcp, 50756/tcp, 40750/tcp, 34458/tcp, 6671/tcp (P4P Portal Service), 59141/tcp, 13880/tcp, 45904/tcp, 33088/tcp, 64813/tcp, 29365/tcp, 50556/tcp, 51567/tcp, 31163/tcp, 9619/tcp, 54475/tcp, 17761/tcp, 23109/tcp, 52133/tcp, 61554/tcp, 59233/tcp, 40677/tcp, 18858/tcp, 58895/tcp, 35905/tcp, 13383/tcp, 20675/tcp, 28612/tcp, 41238/tcp, 22973/tcp, 59877/tcp, 60314/tcp, 2362/tcp (digiman), 27409/tcp, 17607/tcp, 12971/tcp, 7658/tcp, 1208/tcp (SEAGULL AIS), 6106/tcp (MPS Server), 26959/tcp, 3612/tcp (HP Data Protector), 53252/tcp, 26948/tcp, 26775/tcp, 17568/tcp, 40583/tcp, 54811/tcp, 416/tcp (Silverplatter), 14211/tcp, 4051/tcp (Cisco Peer to Peer Distribution Protocol), 3639/tcp (Extensible Automation), 40675/tcp, 64270/tcp, 19033/tcp, 59176/tcp, 25103/tcp, 62844/tcp, 6914/tcp, 33900/tcp, 18633/tcp, 17887/tcp, 14821/tcp, 14340/tcp, 49094/tcp, 1310/tcp (Husky), 8801/tcp, 39625/tcp, 64135/tcp, 42308/tcp, 24502/tcp, 25903/tcp (NIProbe), 41297/tcp, 3866/tcp (Sun SDViz DZDAEMON Port), 59330/tcp, 58672/tcp, 20887/tcp, 6323/tcp, 54568/tcp, 34593/tcp, 5326/tcp, 64580/tcp, 35459/tcp, 27063/tcp, 19442/tcp, 21738/tcp, 53486/tcp, 38331/tcp, 25829/tcp, 18116/tcp, 27489/tcp, 52452/tcp, 37870/tcp, 53583/tcp, 38104/tcp, 41888/tcp, 41824/tcp, 29098/tcp, 26804/tcp, 54407/tcp, 29555/tcp, 29957/tcp, 64482/tcp, 15170/tcp, 16566/tcp, 12182/tcp, 36203/tcp, 35158/tcp, 47317/tcp, 23360/tcp, 14998/tcp, 23483/tcp, 57366/tcp, 20712/tcp, 5878/tcp, 24542/tcp, 6349/tcp, 25751/tcp, 544/tcp (krcmd), 3892/tcp (PCC-image-port), 26985/tcp, 53148/tcp, 17250/tcp, 16802/tcp, 52973/tcp, 18191/tcp, 40099/tcp, 24605/tcp, 16672/tcp, 63943/tcp, 22660/tcp, 60872/tcp, 24285/tcp, 30733/tcp, 11666/tcp, 23880/tcp, 31456/tcp, 3158/tcp (SmashTV Protocol), 466/tcp (digital-vrc), 17303/tcp, 32498/tcp, 59271/tcp, 620/tcp (SCO WebServer Manager), 12679/tcp, 27335/tcp, 30649/tcp, 33929/tcp, 7336/tcp, 17941/tcp, 53464/tcp, 30963/tcp, 11872/tcp, 26345/tcp, 25394/tcp, 33562/tcp, 35120/tcp, 42589/tcp, 5573/tcp (SAS Domain Management Messaging Protocol), 42899/tcp, 1046/tcp (WebFilter Remote Monitor), 4420/tcp, 58133/tcp, 7346/tcp, 53609/tcp, 16488/tcp, 45662/tcp, 31781/tcp, 25451/tcp, 16493/tcp, 27491/tcp, 2411/tcp (Netwave AP Management), 53911/tcp, 56522/tcp, 21846/tcp (NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services), 6619/tcp (ODETTE-FTP over TLS/SSL), 25717/tcp, 13681/tcp, 28565/tcp, 61223/tcp, 48540/tcp, 63272/tcp, 35302/tcp, 64402/tcp, 20031/tcp, 45365/tcp, 24453/tcp, 15691/tcp, 9820/tcp, 52556/tcp, 4538/tcp (Software Data Exchange Gateway), 12085/tcp, 13050/tcp, 468/tcp (proturis), 17685/tcp, 22348/tcp, 59146/tcp, 6869/tcp, 29150/tcp, 57093/tcp, 60617/tcp, 53043/tcp, 29711/tcp, 7719/tcp, 1035/tcp (MX-XR RPC), 18065/tcp, 64357/tcp, 5316/tcp (HP Device Monitor Service), 39843/tcp, 28331/tcp, 60749/tcp, 6366/tcp, 1496/tcp (liberty-lm), 38881/tcp, 33572/tcp, 18629/tcp, 17055/tcp, 17150/tcp, 1400/tcp (Cadkey Tablet Daemon), 39765/tcp, 33539/tcp, 40632/tcp, 27761/tcp, 41819/tcp, 40784/tcp, 23240/tcp, 61829/tcp, 3976/tcp (Opsware Agent), 53304/tcp, 46893/tcp, 57482/tcp, 20081/tcp, 23282/tcp, 50239/tcp, 40914/tcp, 61019/tcp, 54904/tcp, 55350/tcp, 32627/tcp, 13963/tcp, 53326/tcp, 57713/tcp, 20005/tcp (OpenWebNet protocol for electric network), 57878/tcp, 57284/tcp, 56444/tcp, 55460/tcp, 55360/tcp, 48336/tcp, 26451/tcp, 6479/tcp, 33033/tcp, 23593/tcp, 59229/tcp, 6333/tcp, 15936/tcp, 16395/tcp, 44602/tcp, 26498/tcp, 28755/tcp, 6502/tcp (BoKS Servm), 41332/tcp, 14115/tcp, 34350/tcp, 1371/tcp (Fujitsu Config Protocol), 17478/tcp, 19481/tcp, 33465/tcp, 24102/tcp, 29347/tcp, 41836/tcp, 21645/tcp, 13317/tcp, 23073/tcp, 19213/tcp, 53523/tcp, 57061/tcp, 40278/tcp, 873/tcp (rsync), 22203/tcp, 16650/tcp, 34439/tcp, 1651/tcp (shiva_confsrvr), 4359/tcp (OMA BCAST Long-Term Key Messages), 41261/tcp, 55580/tcp, 2917/tcp (Elvin Client), 37479/tcp, 59027/tcp, 45405/tcp, 1219/tcp (AeroFlight-Ret), 40654/tcp, 57891/tcp, 31703/tcp, 22556/tcp, 28827/tcp, 59717/tcp, 53447/tcp, 27933/tcp, 5735/tcp, 799/tcp, 2928/tcp (REDSTONE-CPSS), 52029/tcp, 36121/tcp, 42163/tcp, 11329/tcp, 36646/tcp, 1452/tcp (GTE Government Systems License Man), 56548/tcp, 37609/tcp, 29094/tcp, 8600/tcp (Surveillance Data), 217/tcp (dBASE Unix), 11417/tcp, 26045/tcp, 591/tcp (FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)), 52396/tcp, 23645/tcp, 57005/tcp, 52526/tcp, 21283/tcp, 57723/tcp, 36504/tcp, 51673/tcp, 40549/tcp, 7450/tcp, 45740/tcp, 50775/tcp, 5622/tcp, 1898/tcp (Cymtec secure management), 49711/tcp, 63625/tcp, 3428/tcp (2Wire CSS), 20783/tcp, 26044/tcp, 9823/tcp, 23801/tcp, 25293/tcp, 13902/tcp, 33747/tcp, 59354/tcp, 592/tcp (Eudora Set), 45423/tcp, 5722/tcp (Microsoft DFS Replication Service), 56601/tcp, 64779/tcp, 62118/tcp, 29222/tcp, 32196/tcp, 18964/tcp, 18998/tcp, 31657/tcp, 41368/tcp, 17938/tcp, 57909/tcp, 51766/tcp, 59791/tcp, 46923/tcp, 53395/tcp, 41226/tcp, 27878/tcp, 36921/tcp, 23270/tcp, 40966/tcp, 49235/tcp, 27037/tcp, 41852/tcp, 26576/tcp, 19641/tcp, 13927/tcp, 19007/tcp, 27797/tcp, 51615/tcp, 15780/tcp, 14333/tcp, 15933/tcp, 48440/tcp, 10489/tcp, 29125/tcp, 33542/tcp, 5170/tcp, 37482/tcp, 34052/tcp, 5185/tcp, 51990/tcp, 22656/tcp, 23396/tcp, 26238/tcp, 58114/tcp, 60792/tcp, 56531/tcp, 35385/tcp, 4047/tcp (Context Transfer Protocol), 56980/tcp, 60311/tcp, 25881/tcp, 38777/tcp, 4021/tcp (Nexus Portal), 35931/tcp, 14671/tcp, 49458/tcp, 61903/tcp, 51640/tcp, 28205/tcp, 18613/tcp, 26960/tcp, 28183/tcp, 55856/tcp, 17308/tcp, 47953/tcp, 36720/tcp, 51035/tcp, 50470/tcp, 28510/tcp, 17198/tcp, 19120/tcp, 53739/tcp, 57797/tcp, 61293/tcp, 17507/tcp, 1213/tcp (MPC LIFENET), 39538/tcp, 57926/tcp, 28768/tcp, 7946/tcp, 35511/tcp, 15478/tcp, 32828/tcp, 58594/tcp, 53928/tcp, 31969/tcp, 26703/tcp, 46577/tcp, 38066/tcp, 53731/tcp, 28462/tcp, 40497/tcp, 6100/tcp (SynchroNet-db), 14204/tcp, 63760/tcp, 28206/tcp, 13477/tcp, 53068/tcp, 1143/tcp (Infomatryx Exchange), 8165/tcp, 41112/tcp, 12374/tcp, 21251/tcp, 32996/tcp, 28008/tcp, 32844/tcp, 56596/tcp, 3385/tcp (qnxnetman), 60824/tcp, 58862/tcp, 53880/tcp, 17124/tcp, 53174/tcp, 30278/tcp, 44052/tcp, 12274/tcp, 58897/tcp, 56292/tcp, 11280/tcp, 43091/tcp, 6613/tcp, 23623/tcp, 41568/tcp, 58603/tcp, 2876/tcp (SPS Tunnel), 22470/tcp, 38915/tcp, 3998/tcp (Distributed Nagios Executor Service), 23575/tcp, 17510/tcp, 13785/tcp (NetBackup Database), 26957/tcp, 62780/tcp, 2313/tcp (IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)), 33010/tcp, 14991/tcp, 26122/tcp, 20139/tcp, 18298/tcp, 61803/tcp, 61595/tcp, 56895/tcp, 60810/tcp, 39247/tcp, 61788/tcp, 17659/tcp, 32922/tcp, 38843/tcp, 54511/tcp, 33123/tcp (Aurora (Balaena Ltd)), 36333/tcp, 29359/tcp, 55425/tcp, 54672/tcp, 58434/tcp, 7015/tcp (Talon Webserver), 7171/tcp (Discovery and Retention Mgt Production), 21429/tcp, 41219/tcp, 23984/tcp, 24006/tcp (med-net-svc), 57583/tcp, 42739/tcp, 12785/tcp, 39041/tcp, 56953/tcp, 22921/tcp, 2310/tcp (SD Client), 18170/tcp, 63369/tcp, 24791/tcp, 27262/tcp, 32959/tcp, 35421/tcp, 52839/tcp, 53096/tcp, 28288/tcp, 34886/tcp, 7119/tcp, 8734/tcp, 25420/tcp, 3281/tcp (SYSOPT), 17207/tcp, 2054/tcp (Weblogin Port), 4668/tcp (MMA EDS Service), 45547/tcp, 38803/tcp, 41569/tcp, 9340/tcp, 20494/tcp, 6749/tcp, 25197/tcp, 7073/tcp, 28105/tcp, 30846/tcp, 10108/tcp, 2898/tcp (APPLIANCE-CFG), 9135/tcp, 4437/tcp, 53047/tcp, 26669/tcp, 52203/tcp, 13730/tcp, 2206/tcp (HP OpenCall bus), 57290/tcp, 4058/tcp (Kingfisher protocol), 53256/tcp, 27013/tcp, 35638/tcp, 11953/tcp, 3055/tcp (Policy Server), 17783/tcp, 57661/tcp, 60249/tcp, 23996/tcp, 17769/tcp, 6353/tcp, 59810/tcp, 58519/tcp, 9930/tcp, 47492/tcp, 42031/tcp, 5892/tcp, 60579/tcp, 61532/tcp, 31813/tcp, 26082/tcp, 49388/tcp, 54349/tcp, 38710/tcp, 27268/tcp, 26108/tcp, 17708/tcp, 47518/tcp, 17354/tcp, 30220/tcp, 40713/tcp, 22726/tcp, 54245/tcp, 64265/tcp, 49897/tcp, 21485/tcp, 1139/tcp (Enterprise Virtual Manager), 25330/tcp, 46934/tcp, 35726/tcp, 41676/tcp, 42334/tcp, 23497/tcp, 50258/tcp, 2497/tcp (Quad DB), 15099/tcp, 41044/tcp, 13778/tcp, 18144/tcp, 14362/tcp, 41544/tcp, 32695/tcp, 29206/tcp, 60619/tcp, 13040/tcp, 61868/tcp, 44691/tcp, 5204/tcp, 4025/tcp (Partition Image Port), 55764/tcp, 25178/tcp, 47975/tcp, 17865/tcp, 27440/tcp, 16084/tcp, 64251/tcp, 60487/tcp, 26602/tcp, 28410/tcp, 2693/tcp, 40034/tcp, 35016/tcp, 33442/tcp, 37922/tcp, 1559/tcp (web2host), 6632/tcp (eGenix mxODBC Connect), 51537/tcp, 23370/tcp, 17179/tcp, 21389/tcp, 41306/tcp, 18345/tcp, 64430/tcp, 13989/tcp, 59064/tcp, 40274/tcp, 41294/tcp, 19782/tcp, 57748/tcp, 26427/tcp, 7972/tcp, 54288/tcp, 8134/tcp, 55046/tcp, 185/tcp (Remote-KIS), 33467/tcp, 55886/tcp, 54592/tcp, 38684/tcp, 59029/tcp, 6096/tcp, 50652/tcp, 6178/tcp, 32572/tcp, 54722/tcp, 35217/tcp, 52289/tcp, 25406/tcp, 21575/tcp, 6061/tcp, 52967/tcp, 41620/tcp, 20637/tcp, 23509/tcp, 20236/tcp, 24315/tcp, 550/tcp (new-who), 24698/tcp, 3211/tcp (Avocent Secure Management), 12426/tcp, 54547/tcp, 23466/tcp, 27547/tcp, 23393/tcp, 59317/tcp, 8678/tcp, 33893/tcp, 18473/tcp, 60044/tcp, 808/tcp, 19437/tcp, 40476/tcp, 46346/tcp, 32144/tcp, 336/tcp, 64274/tcp, 26810/tcp, 44554/tcp, 5542/tcp, 26068/tcp, 5669/tcp, 23031/tcp, 17631/tcp, 33056/tcp, 18038/tcp, 12783/tcp, 6288/tcp, 6145/tcp (StatSci License Manager - 2), 41724/tcp, 26375/tcp, 5862/tcp, 32438/tcp, 54893/tcp, 16943/tcp, 57872/tcp, 25761/tcp, 23771/tcp, 56243/tcp, 17428/tcp, 53296/tcp, 58914/tcp, 41096/tcp, 53476/tcp, 28257/tcp, 52847/tcp, 63846/tcp, 58871/tcp, 41008/tcp, 32204/tcp, 57820/tcp, 27979/tcp, 41536/tcp, 38532/tcp, 56649/tcp, 1047/tcp (Sun's NEO Object Request Broker), 60976/tcp, 5322/tcp, 25089/tcp, 22668/tcp, 57315/tcp, 55303/tcp, 12906/tcp, 3950/tcp (Name Munging), 24028/tcp, 46257/tcp, 7912/tcp, 33621/tcp, 23002/tcp (Inova LightLink Server Type 3), 35563/tcp, 26152/tcp, 8700/tcp, 27743/tcp, 28696/tcp, 1731/tcp (MSICCP), 59124/tcp, 20857/tcp, 40393/tcp, 5583/tcp (T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 2), 53730/tcp, 20016/tcp, 32368/tcp, 17147/tcp, 7771/tcp, 2459/tcp (Community), 23185/tcp, 64391/tcp, 8294/tcp (Bloomberg intelligent client), 8395/tcp, 55987/tcp, 42535/tcp, 27673/tcp, 64448/tcp, 57958/tcp, 913/tcp (APEX endpoint-relay service), 47369/tcp, 56091/tcp, 26910/tcp, 59490/tcp, 53404/tcp, 16845/tcp, 21860/tcp, 13269/tcp, 54391/tcp, 7550/tcp, 24255/tcp, 27009/tcp, 50838/tcp, 45852/tcp, 52191/tcp, 17286/tcp, 14226/tcp, 54268/tcp, 29232/tcp, 25334/tcp, 8111/tcp, 40882/tcp, 49997/tcp, 12047/tcp, 27031/tcp, 60817/tcp, 22552/tcp, 21608/tcp, 12964/tcp, 26371/tcp, 20078/tcp, 24505/tcp, 51816/tcp, 5304/tcp (HA Cluster Commands), 35102/tcp, 3995/tcp (ISS Management Svcs SSL), 37401/tcp, 44383/tcp, 22879/tcp, 21634/tcp, 57946/tcp, 7216/tcp, 19678/tcp, 6327/tcp, 27875/tcp, 16041/tcp, 28923/tcp, 33688/tcp, 18756/tcp, 1147/tcp (CAPIoverLAN), 60613/tcp, 58791/tcp, 14895/tcp, 64880/tcp, 28280/tcp, 41161/tcp, 39814/tcp, 4840/tcp (OPC UA TCP Protocol), 35615/tcp, 42063/tcp, 42356/tcp, 59473/tcp, 51607/tcp, 4839/tcp (Varadero-2), 38279/tcp, 12840/tcp, 20117/tcp, 10443/tcp, 23099/tcp, 1652/tcp (xnmp), 53025/tcp, 37784/tcp, 3006/tcp (Instant Internet Admin), 21266/tcp, 41453/tcp, 4381/tcp, 38014/tcp, 3966/tcp (BuildForge Lock Manager), 61215/tcp, 5826/tcp, 40770/tcp, 4326/tcp (Cadcorp GeognoSIS Service), 55172/tcp, 36567/tcp, 33137/tcp, 27926/tcp, 47276/tcp, 47249/tcp, 41114/tcp, 20312/tcp, 42381/tcp, 56958/tcp, 58880/tcp, 19124/tcp, 32923/tcp, 18880/tcp, 40445/tcp, 49213/tcp, 52359/tcp, 56022/tcp, 12714/tcp, 18605/tcp, 17229/tcp, 13470/tcp, 46088/tcp, 17169/tcp, 38959/tcp, 56931/tcp, 6758/tcp, 22504/tcp, 41465/tcp, 56174/tcp, 14438/tcp, 28461/tcp, 40631/tcp, 51694/tcp, 5139/tcp, 45019/tcp, 13979/tcp, 53198/tcp, 12487/tcp, 40114/tcp, 4355/tcp (QSNet Workstation), 40528/tcp, 32338/tcp, 19088/tcp, 57418/tcp, 23457/tcp (Aequus Service Mgmt), 40505/tcp, 38219/tcp, 36839/tcp, 26369/tcp, 53701/tcp, 60496/tcp, 36835/tcp, 63004/tcp, 32511/tcp, 50161/tcp, 57693/tcp, 56418/tcp, 14029/tcp, 16993/tcp (Intel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS), 21292/tcp, 27443/tcp, 9515/tcp, 52103/tcp, 19909/tcp, 59456/tcp, 3233/tcp (WhiskerControl main port), 47239/tcp, 61275/tcp, 57621/tcp, 41138/tcp, 32092/tcp, 3840/tcp (www.FlirtMitMir.de), 14862/tcp, 29247/tcp, 20468/tcp, 59605/tcp, 64748/tcp, 21050/tcp, 53133/tcp, 14947/tcp, 21013/tcp, 22965/tcp, 45401/tcp, 946/tcp, 56632/tcp, 50712/tcp, 34642/tcp, 37513/tcp, 6132/tcp, 23866/tcp, 16715/tcp, 9414/tcp, 12258/tcp, 52004/tcp, 43468/tcp, 7989/tcp, 17579/tcp, 47086/tcp, 30319/tcp, 25238/tcp, 17821/tcp, 55328/tcp, 36444/tcp, 1426/tcp (Satellite-data Acquisition System 1), 45256/tcp, 98/tcp (TAC News), 19634/tcp, 29074/tcp, 38301/tcp, 13931/tcp, 1312/tcp (STI Envision), 7067/tcp, 60148/tcp, 31956/tcp, 16534/tcp, 35288/tcp, 16828/tcp, 14632/tcp, 25709/tcp, 13321/tcp, 51331/tcp, 24684/tcp, 4582/tcp, 8704/tcp, 27665/tcp, 13423/tcp, 54347/tcp, 26574/tcp, 50945/tcp, 23460/tcp, 14256/tcp, 5687/tcp, 21623/tcp, 3969/tcp (Landmark Messages), 57724/tcp, 41118/tcp, 209/tcp (The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol), 60444/tcp, 5453/tcp (SureBox), 5025/tcp (SCPI-RAW), 7733/tcp, 42537/tcp, 28283/tcp, 19650/tcp, 15502/tcp, 53678/tcp, 6846/tcp, 47291/tcp, 52915/tcp, 5222/tcp (XMPP Client Connection), 37047/tcp, 32665/tcp, 41011/tcp, 39586/tcp, 6092/tcp, 28157/tcp, 18938/tcp, 18321/tcp, 38074/tcp, 58419/tcp, 21158/tcp, 52789/tcp, 58129/tcp, 37086/tcp, 31203/tcp, 14237/tcp, 20530/tcp, 11105/tcp (NetApp Intercluster Data), 39148/tcp, 38814/tcp, 47443/tcp, 59174/tcp, 14710/tcp, 59598/tcp, 45495/tcp, 49283/tcp, 41107/tcp, 53661/tcp, 11128/tcp, 7434/tcp, 55302/tcp, 11716/tcp, 18431/tcp, 12910/tcp, 29554/tcp, 24379/tcp, 38754/tcp, 52939/tcp, 4794/tcp, 59494/tcp, 55438/tcp, 2541/tcp (LonWorks2), 54978/tcp, 7028/tcp, 53673/tcp, 54444/tcp, 52181/tcp, 56678/tcp, 64331/tcp, 34198/tcp, 4126/tcp (Data Domain Replication Service), 60340/tcp, 35920/tcp, 15897/tcp, 8574/tcp, 29935/tcp, 16150/tcp, 46908/tcp, 27000/tcp (-27009 FLEX LM (1-10)), 33569/tcp, 6892/tcp, 40955/tcp, 47700/tcp, 1256/tcp (de-server), 24899/tcp, 44833/tcp, 37798/tcp, 44687/tcp, 16824/tcp, 4690/tcp (Prelude IDS message proto), 55373/tcp, 6557/tcp, 21571/tcp, 62806/tcp, 17481/tcp, 43920/tcp, 60918/tcp, 36556/tcp, 4048/tcp, 5821/tcp, 5450/tcp, 19712/tcp, 6784/tcp, 19319/tcp, 18650/tcp, 12731/tcp, 5691/tcp, 14775/tcp, 13869/tcp, 27444/tcp, 5486/tcp, 26389/tcp, 28401/tcp, 44535/tcp, 2920/tcp (roboEDA), 61184/tcp, 30627/tcp, 10547/tcp, 27778/tcp, 29241/tcp, 54263/tcp, 27129/tcp, 6427/tcp, 26836/tcp, 18444/tcp, 32029/tcp, 33393/tcp, 40214/tcp, 4749/tcp (Profile for Mac), 58845/tcp, 56348/tcp, 50738/tcp, 16270/tcp, 16263/tcp, 40935/tcp, 33978/tcp, 57794/tcp, 877/tcp, 4658/tcp (PlayStation2 App Port), 4229/tcp, 28313/tcp, 22835/tcp, 8927/tcp, 16798/tcp, 12170/tcp, 58384/tcp, 6005/tcp, 37296/tcp, 27438/tcp, 17486/tcp, 7554/tcp, 37155/tcp, 25739/tcp, 24720/tcp, 62040/tcp, 54301/tcp, 56963/tcp, 58873/tcp, 41179/tcp, 21467/tcp, 16415/tcp, 61229/tcp, 22452/tcp, 7681/tcp, 59319/tcp, 53099/tcp, 28433/tcp, 33267/tcp, 16162/tcp (Solaris Audit - secure remote audit log), 6658/tcp, 14159/tcp, 47774/tcp, 17155/tcp, 3002/tcp (RemoteWare Server), 53226/tcp, 19994/tcp, 31530/tcp, 12131/tcp, 25564/tcp, 24401/tcp, 2184/tcp (NVD User), 54874/tcp, 35343/tcp, 33919/tcp, 7027/tcp, 40398/tcp, 59568/tcp, 13864/tcp, 54114/tcp, 49150/tcp, 40460/tcp, 60304/tcp, 17464/tcp, 20286/tcp, 37970/tcp, 26782/tcp, 7193/tcp, 45011/tcp, 33925/tcp, 60431/tcp, 38728/tcp, 21262/tcp, 56048/tcp, 40954/tcp, 60193/tcp, 24490/tcp, 52253/tcp, 61940/tcp, 34179/tcp, 14939/tcp, 63577/tcp, 14925/tcp, 28154/tcp, 31728/tcp, 27023/tcp, 59678/tcp, 41115/tcp, 43537/tcp, 13925/tcp, 60849/tcp, 37765/tcp, 23661/tcp, 26425/tcp, 54645/tcp, 24951/tcp, 19299/tcp, 29863/tcp, 34231/tcp, 34614/tcp, 54107/tcp, 26874/tcp, 34870/tcp, 36151/tcp, 38070/tcp, 26316/tcp, 36991/tcp, 43624/tcp, 47395/tcp, 13265/tcp, 30603/tcp, 39476/tcp, 41391/tcp, 18230/tcp, 57768/tcp, 53905/tcp, 33725/tcp, 60222/tcp, 50265/tcp, 19061/tcp, 50228/tcp, 54694/tcp, 60762/tcp, 27473/tcp.
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Port scan from IP: detected by psad.


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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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