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Last update: 2020-03-26

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AS50360 Tamatiya EOOD
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inetnum: -
netname:        CLOUDVPS-NET
descr:          CLOUDVPS-NET
country:        EU
admin-c:        NOC299-RIPE
org:            ORG-ISI14-RIPE
tech-c:         NOC299-RIPE
abuse-c:        NOC299-RIPE
mnt-routes:     TAMATYA-MNT
mnt-domains:    TAMATYA-MNT
status:         ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:         AZ39139-MNT
mnt-by:         MNT-LIR-BG
mnt-by:         TAMATYA-MNT
mnt-by:         ISI1
created:        2019-11-08T10:06:48Z
last-modified:  2019-11-20T20:57:41Z
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin:         AS207812
mnt-by:         Tamatiya
mnt-by:         TAMATYA-MNT
created:        2019-11-20T19:53:42Z
last-modified:  2019-11-20T19:53:42Z
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin:         AS50360
mnt-by:         Tamatiya
mnt-by:         TAMATYA-MNT
created:        2019-11-04T19:13:06Z
last-modified:  2019-11-04T19:13:06Z
source:         RIPE

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3 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 944 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 9097/tcp, 7254/tcp, 3118/tcp (PKAgent), 42000/tcp, 50117/tcp, 2185/tcp (OnBase Distributed Disk Services), 5318/tcp, 7633/tcp (PMDF Management), 4172/tcp (PC over IP), 6655/tcp (PC SOFT - Software factory UI/manager), 7848/tcp, 9906/tcp, 19199/tcp, 8502/tcp, 3589/tcp (isomair), 2488/tcp (Moy Corporation), 9371/tcp, 4311/tcp (P6R Secure Server Management Console), 4532/tcp, 5060/tcp (SIP), 986/tcp, 6202/tcp, 5711/tcp, 5852/tcp, 3531/tcp (Joltid), 4464/tcp, 5314/tcp (opalis-rbt-ipc), 7004/tcp (AFS/Kerberos authentication service), 8408/tcp, 32060/tcp, 214/tcp (VM PWSCS), 8088/tcp (Radan HTTP), 3651/tcp (XRPC Registry), 530/tcp (rpc), 5188/tcp, 11147/tcp, 60/tcp, 9292/tcp (ArmTech Daemon), 4703/tcp (Network Performance Quality Evaluation System Test Service), 5828/tcp, 6395/tcp, 62161/tcp, 4178/tcp (StorMan), 405/tcp (ncld), 6144/tcp (StatSci License Manager - 1), 190/tcp (Gateway Access Control Protocol), 2904/tcp (M2UA), 8558/tcp, 2787/tcp (piccolo - Cornerstone Software), 1000/tcp (cadlock2), 4461/tcp, 9499/tcp, 3787/tcp (Fintrx), 200/tcp (IBM System Resource Controller), 1520/tcp (atm zip office), 5100/tcp (Socalia service mux), 2067/tcp (Data Link Switch Write Port Number), 8500/tcp (Flight Message Transfer Protocol), 3396/tcp (Printer Agent), 20202/tcp (IPD Tunneling Port), 5858/tcp, 2794/tcp, 6233/tcp, 7370/tcp, 5567/tcp (Multicast Object Access Protocol), 9876/tcp (Session Director), 6636/tcp, 3856/tcp (INFORMER), 6206/tcp, 2875/tcp (DX Message Base Transport Protocol), 2123/tcp (GTP-Control Plane (3GPP)), 10054/tcp, 6960/tcp, 565/tcp (whoami), 4667/tcp (MMA Comm Services), 3625/tcp (Volley), 2338/tcp (Norton Lambert), 8668/tcp, 7289/tcp, 3323/tcp, 9090/tcp (WebSM), 3783/tcp (Impact Mgr./PEM Gateway), 611/tcp (npmp-gui), 9759/tcp, 30300/tcp, 37178/tcp, 4400/tcp (ASIGRA Services), 27108/tcp, 3778/tcp (Cutler-Hammer IT Port), 57952/tcp, 3727/tcp (Ericsson Mobile Data Unit), 3390/tcp (Distributed Service Coordinator), 30832/tcp, 2682/tcp, 5860/tcp, 3364/tcp (Creative Server), 9927/tcp, 196/tcp (DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir), 8187/tcp, 241/tcp, 61511/tcp, 6545/tcp, 13004/tcp, 8662/tcp, 6193/tcp, 9378/tcp, 3836/tcp (MARKEM NEXTGEN DCP), 9578/tcp, 34344/tcp, 5390/tcp, 6169/tcp, 1956/tcp (Vertel VMF DS), 4629/tcp, 7817/tcp, 7032/tcp, 6986/tcp, 6029/tcp, 7046/tcp, 3699/tcp (Internet Call Waiting), 2648/tcp (Upsnotifyprot), 2509/tcp (fjmpss), 5745/tcp (fcopy-server), 5321/tcp (Webservices-based Zn interface of BSF over SSL), 9409/tcp, 3109/tcp (Personnel protocol), 2914/tcp (Game Lobby), 9422/tcp, 23026/tcp, 4852/tcp, 4221/tcp, 18648/tcp, 3023/tcp (magicnotes), 51450/tcp, 4610/tcp, 14144/tcp, 2013/tcp (raid-am), 20200/tcp, 13289/tcp, 46458/tcp, 27356/tcp, 5902/tcp, 24822/tcp, 6549/tcp (APC 6549), 5167/tcp (SCTE104 Connection), 2999/tcp (RemoteWare Unassigned), 16001/tcp (Administration Server Connector), 5525/tcp, 6627/tcp (Allied Electronics NeXGen), 3213/tcp (NEON 24X7 Mission Control), 20539/tcp, 3892/tcp (PCC-image-port), 10152/tcp, 3403/tcp, 5133/tcp (Policy Commander), 61441/tcp, 4160/tcp (Jini Discovery), 4008/tcp (NetCheque accounting), 31239/tcp, 9695/tcp (Content Centric Networking), 6322/tcp (Empress Software Connectivity Server 2), 6126/tcp, 4955/tcp, 6912/tcp, 6354/tcp, 4067/tcp (Information Distribution Protocol), 51481/tcp, 51071/tcp, 3833/tcp (AIPN LS Authentication), 9001/tcp (ETL Service Manager), 1136/tcp (HHB Gateway Control), 3245/tcp (VIEO Fabric Executive), 37777/tcp, 58011/tcp, 36074/tcp, 6531/tcp, 10919/tcp, 5020/tcp (zenginkyo-1), 7144/tcp, 3898/tcp (IAS, Inc. SmartEye NET Internet Protocol), 1617/tcp (Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication), 7126/tcp, 1382/tcp (udt_os), 4405/tcp (ASIGRA Televaulting Message Level Restore service), 5565/tcp, 5540/tcp, 10806/tcp, 5281/tcp (Undo License Manager), 3877/tcp (XMPCR Interface Port), 7980/tcp (Quest Vista), 6884/tcp, 9625/tcp, 38406/tcp, 7719/tcp, 10568/tcp, 7366/tcp, 5754/tcp, 7272/tcp (WatchMe Monitoring 7272), 54421/tcp, 3861/tcp (winShadow Host Discovery), 1045/tcp (Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol), 5152/tcp (ESRI SDE Instance Discovery), 6778/tcp, 18682/tcp, 143/tcp (Internet Message Access Protocol), 3320/tcp (Office Link 2000), 10533/tcp, 4647/tcp, 6507/tcp (BoKS Dir Server, Private Port), 9432/tcp, 12113/tcp, 4237/tcp, 1488/tcp (DocStor), 7061/tcp, 1040/tcp (Netarx Netcare), 6660/tcp, 1823/tcp (Unisys Natural Language License Manager), 1118/tcp (SACRED), 8267/tcp, 3557/tcp (PersonalOS Comm Port), 4488/tcp (Apple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap), 8878/tcp, 1859/tcp (Gamma Fetcher Server), 3387/tcp (Back Room Net), 8095/tcp, 6093/tcp, 7574/tcp, 3210/tcp (Flamenco Networks Proxy), 6425/tcp, 3330/tcp (MCS Calypso ICF), 5831/tcp, 53925/tcp, 13781/tcp, 31729/tcp, 1803/tcp (HP-HCIP-GWY), 385/tcp (IBM Application), 4523/tcp, 57725/tcp, 6750/tcp, 1163/tcp (SmartDialer Data Protocol), 2813/tcp (llm-pass), 4253/tcp, 5266/tcp, 2515/tcp (Facsys Router), 3412/tcp (xmlBlaster), 7087/tcp, 8907/tcp, 3369/tcp, 9995/tcp (Palace-4), 3807/tcp (SpuGNA Communication Port), 8513/tcp, 7903/tcp (TNOS Secure DiaguardProtocol), 5159/tcp, 6068/tcp (GSMP), 4711/tcp, 9450/tcp (Sentinel Keys Server), 4884/tcp (HiveStor Distributed File System), 4708/tcp, 5254/tcp, 5800/tcp, 4088/tcp (Noah Printing Service Protocol), 2715/tcp (HPSTGMGR2), 3008/tcp (Midnight Technologies), 1514/tcp (Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc), 520/tcp (extended file name server), 52567/tcp, 2063/tcp (ICG Bridge Port), 922/tcp, 7373/tcp, 4359/tcp (OMA BCAST Long-Term Key Messages), 8685/tcp, 4864/tcp, 9309/tcp, 1284/tcp (IEE-QFX), 8821/tcp, 6138/tcp, 4372/tcp (LAN2CAN Data), 4001/tcp (NewOak), 915/tcp, 62973/tcp, 7222/tcp, 2928/tcp (REDSTONE-CPSS), 8521/tcp, 1982/tcp (Evidentiary Timestamp), 1997/tcp (cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol), 4478/tcp, 3882/tcp (DTS Service Port), 7847/tcp, 3098/tcp (Universal Message Manager), 9301/tcp, 16239/tcp, 8013/tcp, 5722/tcp (Microsoft DFS Replication Service), 8443/tcp (PCsync HTTPS), 6543/tcp (lds_distrib), 4504/tcp, 3169/tcp (SERVERVIEW-AS), 60000/tcp, 2211/tcp (EMWIN), 5489/tcp, 8312/tcp, 32555/tcp, 17465/tcp, 5561/tcp, 606/tcp (Cray Unified Resource Manager), 4266/tcp, 5161/tcp (SNMP over SSH Transport Model), 4675/tcp (BIAP Device Status), 2053/tcp (Lot105 DSuper Updates), 8261/tcp, 5138/tcp, 8478/tcp, 1091/tcp (FF System Management), 5946/tcp, 8155/tcp, 4044/tcp (Location Tracking Protocol), 63668/tcp, 4075/tcp (ISC Alarm Message Service), 13900/tcp, 9129/tcp, 7884/tcp, 3121/tcp, 19864/tcp, 2365/tcp (dbref), 4491/tcp, 5439/tcp, 8389/tcp, 1744/tcp (ncpm-ft), 4096/tcp (BRE (Bridge Relay Element)), 3251/tcp (Sys Scanner), 9561/tcp, 5011/tcp (TelepathAttack), 64477/tcp, 8112/tcp, 50751/tcp, 4567/tcp (TRAM), 3452/tcp (SABP-Signalling Protocol), 4155/tcp (Bazaar version control system), 7982/tcp (Spotlight on SQL Server Desktop Agent), 22174/tcp, 6889/tcp, 35547/tcp, 63006/tcp, 7247/tcp, 12965/tcp, 3052/tcp (APC 3052), 1080/tcp (Socks), 5823/tcp, 39841/tcp, 8598/tcp, 1358/tcp (CONNLCLI), 6100/tcp (SynchroNet-db), 5048/tcp (Texai Message Service), 5384/tcp, 2600/tcp (HPSTGMGR), 24219/tcp, 7706/tcp, 8834/tcp, 5207/tcp, 4334/tcp, 7391/tcp (mind-file system server), 4435/tcp, 5764/tcp, 8837/tcp, 1072/tcp (CARDAX), 4428/tcp (OMV-Investigation Server-Client), 8287/tcp, 5394/tcp, 5296/tcp, 338/tcp, 3192/tcp (FireMon Revision Control), 4977/tcp, 3998/tcp (Distributed Nagios Executor Service), 4905/tcp, 5961/tcp, 1539/tcp (Intellistor License Manager), 9007/tcp, 7992/tcp, 3456/tcp (VAT default data), 11413/tcp, 53390/tcp, 3960/tcp (Bess Peer Assessment), 3916/tcp (WysDM Controller), 57760/tcp, 3384/tcp (Cluster Management Services), 6696/tcp, 9464/tcp, 3310/tcp (Dyna Access), 1887/tcp (FileX Listening Port), 8829/tcp, 1197/tcp (Carrius Remote Access), 3936/tcp (Mailprox), 6898/tcp, 57399/tcp, 3939/tcp (Anti-virus Application Management Port), 9851/tcp, 6212/tcp, 5511/tcp, 10101/tcp (eZmeeting), 6069/tcp (TRIP), 3666/tcp (IBM eServer PAP), 3675/tcp (CallTrax Data Port), 4755/tcp, 38383/tcp, 3241/tcp (SysOrb Monitoring Server), 1241/tcp (nessus), 2250/tcp (remote-collab), 1757/tcp (cnhrp), 7036/tcp, 6442/tcp, 20222/tcp (iPulse-ICS), 1313/tcp (BMC_PATROLDB), 10030/tcp, 4486/tcp (Integrated Client Message Service), 1500/tcp (VLSI License Manager), 8572/tcp, 5449/tcp, 53391/tcp, 287/tcp (K-BLOCK), 9829/tcp, 860/tcp (iSCSI), 4817/tcp, 8128/tcp (PayCash Online Protocol), 50488/tcp, 7919/tcp, 3600/tcp (text relay-answer), 266/tcp (SCSI on ST), 7779/tcp (VSTAT), 14537/tcp, 9454/tcp, 12617/tcp, 9012/tcp, 5801/tcp, 4779/tcp, 5966/tcp, 5743/tcp (Watchdoc NetPOD Protocol), 4291/tcp, 4058/tcp (Kingfisher protocol), 4413/tcp, 3055/tcp (Policy Server), 5251/tcp (CA eTrust VM Service), 5752/tcp, 3951/tcp (PWG IPP Facsimile), 6631/tcp, 9548/tcp, 6738/tcp, 7743/tcp (Sakura Script Transfer Protocol), 2426/tcp, 8080/tcp (HTTP Alternate (see port 80)), 20/tcp (File Transfer [Default Data]), 4736/tcp, 6881/tcp, 9910/tcp, 14619/tcp, 1717/tcp (fj-hdnet), 2470/tcp (taskman port), 3689/tcp (Digital Audio Access Protocol), 8437/tcp, 5479/tcp, 5055/tcp (UNOT), 159/tcp (NSS-Routing), 7065/tcp, 51484/tcp, 3427/tcp (WebSphere SNMP), 7961/tcp, 7504/tcp, 2930/tcp (AMX-WEBLINX), 2100/tcp (Amiga Network Filesystem), 7790/tcp, 1606/tcp (Salutation Manager (SLM-API)), 2736/tcp (RADWIZ NMS SRV), 2329/tcp (NVD), 2533/tcp (SnifferServer), 2235/tcp (Sercomm-WLink), 4235/tcp, 41446/tcp, 5717/tcp (proshare conf notify), 7005/tcp (volume managment server), 6575/tcp, 6133/tcp (New Boundary Tech WOL), 8995/tcp, 9716/tcp, 5793/tcp (XtreamX Supervised Peer message), 3220/tcp (XML NM over SSL), 4822/tcp, 8113/tcp, 3062/tcp (ncacn-ip-tcp), 7076/tcp, 5396/tcp, 1661/tcp (netview-aix-1), 30827/tcp, 7999/tcp (iRDMI2), 5467/tcp, 403/tcp (decap), 2347/tcp (Game Announcement and Location), 7772/tcp, 2455/tcp (WAGO-IO-SYSTEM), 38907/tcp, 3645/tcp (Cyc), 3642/tcp (Juxml Replication port), 161/tcp (SNMP), 21389/tcp, 1232/tcp, 6638/tcp, 1055/tcp (ANSYS - License Manager), 33789/tcp, 13926/tcp, 7892/tcp, 37284/tcp, 7972/tcp, 6684/tcp, 33330/tcp, 4445/tcp (UPNOTIFYP), 4101/tcp (Braille protocol), 2886/tcp (RESPONSELOGIC), 4127/tcp (NetUniKeyServer), 9527/tcp, 11802/tcp, 30137/tcp, 3987/tcp (Centerline), 1880/tcp (Gilat VSAT Control), 4256/tcp, 31263/tcp, 9835/tcp, 1327/tcp (Ultrex), 7267/tcp, 8583/tcp, 4815/tcp, 4380/tcp, 5089/tcp, 6014/tcp, 7812/tcp, 3473/tcp (JAUGS N-G Remotec 2), 28059/tcp, 45964/tcp, 3353/tcp (FATPIPE), 7902/tcp (TNOS shell Protocol), 4558/tcp, 9889/tcp (Port for Cable network related data proxy or repeater), 55014/tcp, 1189/tcp (Unet Connection), 36704/tcp, 2203/tcp (b2 Runtime Protocol), 6842/tcp (Netmo HTTP), 4080/tcp (Lorica inside facing), 3300/tcp, 2126/tcp (PktCable-COPS), 6900/tcp, 4569/tcp (Inter-Asterisk eXchange), 9013/tcp, 6417/tcp (Faxcom Message Service), 3682/tcp (EMC SmartPackets-MAPI), 9867/tcp, 10080/tcp (Amanda), 30400/tcp, 3036/tcp (Hagel DUMP), 9596/tcp (Mercury Discovery), 3568/tcp (Object Access Protocol over SSL), 7853/tcp, 9105/tcp (Xadmin Control Service), 13421/tcp, 44000/tcp, 2405/tcp (TRC Netpoll), 5959/tcp, 7196/tcp, 4418/tcp, 848/tcp (GDOI), 2759/tcp (APOLLO GMS), 6872/tcp, 9347/tcp, 5566/tcp (Westec Connect), 3114/tcp (CCM AutoDiscover), 4061/tcp (Ice Location Service (TCP)), 6121/tcp (SPDY for a faster web), 3957/tcp (MQEnterprise Broker), 8904/tcp, 8244/tcp, 5485/tcp, 6465/tcp, 5705/tcp, 5757/tcp (OpenMail X.500 Directory Server), 1669/tcp (netview-aix-9), 8523/tcp, 8240/tcp, 5115/tcp (Symantec Autobuild Service), 17156/tcp, 8898/tcp, 5920/tcp, 9474/tcp, 8294/tcp (Bloomberg intelligent client), 3034/tcp (Osmosis / Helix (R) AEEA Port), 2173/tcp (MS Firewall Replication), 6248/tcp, 33386/tcp, 1800/tcp (ANSYS-License manager), 11700/tcp, 2730/tcp (NEC RaidPlus), 3894/tcp (SyAM Agent Port), 2209/tcp (HP RIM for Files Portal Service), 9669/tcp, 6527/tcp, 8016/tcp, 8571/tcp, 8748/tcp, 427/tcp (Server Location), 40/tcp, 9920/tcp, 2238/tcp (AVIVA SNA SERVER), 6452/tcp, 1380/tcp (Telesis Network License Manager), 1428/tcp (Informatik License Manager), 5992/tcp (Consul InSight Security), 5870/tcp, 11904/tcp, 5874/tcp, 5737/tcp, 1707/tcp (vdmplay), 4669/tcp (E-Port Data Service), 2388/tcp (MYNAH AutoStart), 10555/tcp, 9852/tcp, 8111/tcp, 30799/tcp, 3326/tcp (SFTU), 3338/tcp (OMF data b), 2689/tcp (FastLynx), 299/tcp, 3350/tcp (FINDVIATV), 21416/tcp, 6789/tcp (SMC-HTTPS), 3354/tcp (SUITJD), 8324/tcp, 8036/tcp, 7308/tcp, 6996/tcp, 3003/tcp (CGMS), 63389/tcp, 49996/tcp, 7453/tcp, 21193/tcp, 5718/tcp (DPM Communication Server), 7083/tcp, 4651/tcp, 2429/tcp (FT-ROLE), 5948/tcp, 465/tcp (URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM), 12850/tcp, 6301/tcp (BMC CONTROL-D LDAP SERVER), 9502/tcp, 62288/tcp, 5975/tcp, 6813/tcp, 6816/tcp, 50745/tcp, 52539/tcp, 7609/tcp, 7488/tcp, 1469/tcp (Active Analysis Limited License Manager), 7012/tcp (Talon Engine), 1683/tcp (ncpm-hip), 64952/tcp, 495/tcp (intecourier), 29790/tcp, 5480/tcp, 2825/tcp, 2507/tcp (spock), 2112/tcp (Idonix MetaNet), 43210/tcp, 18267/tcp, 2714/tcp (Raven Trinity Data Mover), 6783/tcp, 59977/tcp, 3907/tcp (Imoguia Port), 8812/tcp, 9891/tcp, 3102/tcp (SoftlinK Slave Mon Port), 17777/tcp (SolarWinds Orion), 5108/tcp, 32323/tcp, 4099/tcp (DPCP), 4341/tcp (LISP Data Packets), 12913/tcp, 10917/tcp, 4828/tcp, 839/tcp, 2500/tcp (Resource Tracking system server), 7022/tcp (CT Discovery Protocol), 1287/tcp (RouteMatch Com), 8725/tcp, 2907/tcp (WEBMETHODS B2B), 4118/tcp (Netadmin Systems NETscript service), 9188/tcp, 6851/tcp, 12989/tcp, 5882/tcp, 5704/tcp, 2008/tcp (conf), 3089/tcp (ParaTek Agent Linking), 15760/tcp, 38393/tcp, 4125/tcp (Opsview Envoy), 9399/tcp, 33897/tcp, 2626/tcp (gbjd816), 21027/tcp, 27777/tcp, 6170/tcp, 8118/tcp (Privoxy HTTP proxy), 123/tcp (Network Time Protocol), 6200/tcp (LM-X License Manager by X-Formation), 5746/tcp (fcopys-server), 3244/tcp (OneSAF), 9901/tcp, 1019/tcp, 5253/tcp (Kohler Power Device Protocol), 9070/tcp, 3993/tcp (BindView-Agent), 5483/tcp, 2099/tcp (H.225.0 Annex G), 5092/tcp, 4248/tcp, 6682/tcp, 4926/tcp, 6389/tcp (clariion-evr01), 7769/tcp, 63209/tcp, 6420/tcp (NIM_VDRShell), 2278/tcp (Simple Stacked Sequences Database), 11526/tcp, 4536/tcp (Event Heap Server SSL), 6088/tcp, 3930/tcp (Syam Web Server Port), 2065/tcp (Data Link Switch Read Port Number), 3370/tcp, 4263/tcp, 7353/tcp, 18201/tcp, 19800/tcp, 9778/tcp, 4517/tcp, 6156/tcp, 9350/tcp, 5052/tcp (ITA Manager), 2528/tcp (NCR CCL), 6008/tcp, 8489/tcp, 30157/tcp, 10937/tcp, 3268/tcp (Microsoft Global Catalog), 2897/tcp (Citrix RTMP), 9850/tcp, 4574/tcp, 142/tcp (Britton-Lee IDM), 3543/tcp (qftest Lookup Port), 34773/tcp, 6859/tcp, 29292/tcp, 9278/tcp (Pegasus GPS Platform), 13395/tcp, 5222/tcp (XMPP Client Connection), 2991/tcp (WKSTN-MON), 8888/tcp (NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1)), 4927/tcp, 3779/tcp (Cognima Replication), 1701/tcp (l2tp), 8655/tcp, 8405/tcp (SuperVault Backup), 2018/tcp (terminaldb), 4388/tcp, 6702/tcp (e-Design network), 734/tcp, 2269/tcp (MIKEY), 8632/tcp, 6553/tcp, 4218/tcp, 8306/tcp, 11186/tcp, 6554/tcp, 8923/tcp, 8697/tcp, 752/tcp (qrh), 9251/tcp, 3971/tcp (LANrev Server), 6379/tcp, 8209/tcp, 3550/tcp (Secure SMPP), 7520/tcp, 5681/tcp (Net-coneX Control Protocol), 8301/tcp (Amberon PPC/PPS), 1148/tcp (Elfiq Replication Service), 5132/tcp, 3999/tcp (Norman distributes scanning service), 5671/tcp (amqp protocol over TLS/SSL), 3967/tcp (PPS Message Service), 41464/tcp, 5022/tcp (mice server), 3508/tcp (Interaction Web), 7665/tcp, 47537/tcp, 9730/tcp, 2088/tcp (IP Busy Lamp Field), 3560/tcp (INIServe port), 26676/tcp, 37771/tcp, 5500/tcp (fcp-addr-srvr1), 9737/tcp, 7878/tcp, 768/tcp, 7548/tcp (Threat Information Distribution Protocol), 30303/tcp, 6663/tcp, 5633/tcp (BE Operations Request Listener), 4879/tcp, 19001/tcp, 54545/tcp, 33393/tcp, 8610/tcp (Canon MFNP Service), 773/tcp (submit), 9003/tcp, 3189/tcp (Pinnacle Sys InfEx Port), 52522/tcp, 4911/tcp, 514/tcp (cmd), 5837/tcp, 1094/tcp (ROOTD), 1900/tcp (SSDP), 7936/tcp, 5112/tcp (PeerMe Msg Cmd Service), 10433/tcp, 2220/tcp (NetIQ End2End), 24922/tcp (Find Identification of Network Devices), 2270/tcp (starSchool), 4835/tcp, 21589/tcp, 3399/tcp (CSMS), 6946/tcp (Biometrics Server), 41166/tcp, 1952/tcp (mpnjsc), 54404/tcp, 5468/tcp, 4197/tcp, 44604/tcp, 8117/tcp, 5228/tcp (HP Virtual Room Service), 21210/tcp, 5807/tcp, 24656/tcp, 4761/tcp, 3272/tcp (Fujitsu User Manager), 4375/tcp (Toltec EasyShare), 1436/tcp (Satellite-data Acquisition System 2), 207/tcp (AppleTalk Unused), 63627/tcp, 6116/tcp (XicTools License Manager Service), 21344/tcp, 4134/tcp (NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol), 21611/tcp, 500/tcp (isakmp), 12000/tcp (IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange), 821/tcp, 2103/tcp (Zephyr serv-hm connection), 54791/tcp, 7374/tcp, 4243/tcp, 1406/tcp (NetLabs License Manager), 4065/tcp (Avanti Common Data), 7233/tcp, 4490/tcp, 9931/tcp, 3150/tcp (NetMike Assessor Administrator), 2102/tcp (Zephyr server), 5165/tcp (ife_1corp), 8471/tcp (PIM over Reliable Transport), 1700/tcp (mps-raft), 4566/tcp (Kids Watch Time Control Service), 9100/tcp (Printer PDL Data Stream), 9191/tcp (Sun AppSvr JPDA), 9286/tcp, 3500/tcp (RTMP Port), 3319/tcp (SDT License Manager), 18754/tcp, 7868/tcp, 7303/tcp, 14638/tcp, 4908/tcp, 8273/tcp, 2244/tcp (NMS Server), 3805/tcp (ThorGuard Server Port), 1983/tcp (Loophole Test Protocol), 3485/tcp (CelaTalk), 7486/tcp, 229/tcp, 5382/tcp, 456/tcp (macon-tcp), 172/tcp (Network Innovations CL/1), 6108/tcp (Sercomm-SCAdmin), 5702/tcp, 7237/tcp, 8475/tcp, 4818/tcp, 4541/tcp, 7542/tcp (Saratoga Transfer Protocol), 1113/tcp (Licklider Transmission Protocol), 2706/tcp (NCD Mirroring), 9865/tcp, 1955/tcp (ABR-Secure Data (diskbridge)), 3461/tcp (EDM Stager), 6048/tcp, 9981/tcp, 10942/tcp, 5586/tcp, 3207/tcp (Veritas Authentication Port), 8163/tcp, 4170/tcp (SMPTE Content Synchonization Protocol), 6449/tcp, 3249/tcp (State Sync Protocol), 10702/tcp, 7589/tcp, 3656/tcp (ActiveBatch Job Scheduler), 63653/tcp, 473/tcp (hybrid-pop), 6812/tcp, 10699/tcp, 9242/tcp, 9955/tcp, 1295/tcp (End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol), 7802/tcp, 3646/tcp (XSS Server Port).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 1626 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 2848/tcp (AMT-BLC-PORT), 23045/tcp, 7636/tcp, 53565/tcp, 6381/tcp, 2266/tcp (M-Files Server), 7879/tcp, 4265/tcp, 51790/tcp, 5672/tcp (AMQP), 8005/tcp (MXI Generation II for z/OS), 4010/tcp (Samsung Unidex), 3799/tcp (RADIUS Dynamic Authorization), 1713/tcp (ConferenceTalk), 5798/tcp, 995/tcp (pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)), 6689/tcp (Tofino Security Appliance), 6766/tcp, 1886/tcp (Leonardo over IP), 54070/tcp, 2852/tcp (bears-01), 3718/tcp (OPUS Server Port), 31933/tcp, 7679/tcp, 8012/tcp, 9870/tcp, 9268/tcp, 53298/tcp, 6495/tcp, 7502/tcp, 19833/tcp, 55589/tcp, 20678/tcp, 943/tcp, 5368/tcp, 1822/tcp (es-elmd), 8929/tcp, 10005/tcp (EMC Replication Manager Server), 8634/tcp, 9384/tcp, 3282/tcp (Datusorb), 320/tcp (PTP General), 11500/tcp, 33395/tcp, 6576/tcp, 10147/tcp, 3136/tcp (Grub Server Port), 5102/tcp (Oracle OMS non-secure), 12322/tcp (Warehouse Monitoring Syst), 6018/tcp, 22707/tcp, 6826/tcp, 4876/tcp, 8595/tcp, 56565/tcp, 4018/tcp (Talarian Mcast), 4385/tcp, 4394/tcp, 293/tcp, 45779/tcp, 8740/tcp, 3453/tcp (PSC Update Port), 3398/tcp (Mercantile), 11133/tcp, 8461/tcp, 61537/tcp, 7860/tcp, 8310/tcp, 555/tcp (dsf), 35000/tcp, 4103/tcp (Braille protocol), 1932/tcp (CTT Broker), 13770/tcp, 7125/tcp, 1991/tcp (cisco STUN Priority 2 port), 8018/tcp, 4304/tcp (One-Wire Filesystem Server), 9110/tcp, 33388/tcp, 4617/tcp, 5329/tcp, 3219/tcp (WMS Messenger), 2012/tcp (ttyinfo), 6368/tcp, 5733/tcp, 1357/tcp (Electronic PegBoard), 2260/tcp (APC 2260), 63651/tcp, 5912/tcp (Flight Information Services), 5490/tcp, 3700/tcp (LRS NetPage), 7678/tcp, 36366/tcp, 5778/tcp, 3204/tcp (Network Watcher DB Access), 1933/tcp (IBM LM MT Agent), 9374/tcp (fjdmimgr), 13876/tcp, 9000/tcp (CSlistener), 5933/tcp, 7277/tcp (OMA Internal Location Secure Protocol), 4365/tcp, 38912/tcp, 8366/tcp, 18194/tcp, 6456/tcp, 4689/tcp (Altova DatabaseCentral), 9619/tcp, 7834/tcp, 9662/tcp, 3859/tcp (Navini Port), 8193/tcp, 8335/tcp, 332/tcp, 4156/tcp (STAT Results), 7197/tcp, 7295/tcp, 8707/tcp, 7553/tcp, 3551/tcp (Apcupsd Information Port), 9150/tcp, 9089/tcp (IBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted), 7956/tcp, 660/tcp (MacOS Server Admin), 53861/tcp, 4551/tcp (MIH Services), 63798/tcp, 54038/tcp, 16869/tcp, 39616/tcp, 4501/tcp, 9482/tcp, 8701/tcp, 5884/tcp, 1328/tcp (EWALL), 5934/tcp, 526/tcp (newdate), 4497/tcp, 5220/tcp, 5545/tcp, 6800/tcp, 1414/tcp (IBM MQSeries), 4123/tcp (Zensys Z-Wave Control Protocol), 14813/tcp, 31762/tcp, 9853/tcp, 3321/tcp (VNSSTR), 36363/tcp, 42544/tcp, 711/tcp (Cisco TDP), 4183/tcp (General Metaverse Messaging Protocol), 2236/tcp (Nani), 2593/tcp (MNS Mail Notice Service), 7862/tcp, 800/tcp (mdbs_daemon), 12694/tcp, 1343/tcp (re101), 28343/tcp, 682/tcp (XFR), 4090/tcp (OMA BCAST Service Guide), 11017/tcp, 4051/tcp (Cisco Peer to Peer Distribution Protocol), 15226/tcp, 63391/tcp, 2036/tcp (Ethernet WS DP network), 7200/tcp (FODMS FLIP), 3686/tcp (Trivial Network Management), 4447/tcp (N1-RMGMT), 400/tcp (Oracle Secure Backup), 3808/tcp (Sun App Svr-IIOPClntAuth), 4119/tcp (Assuria Log Manager), 59999/tcp, 56054/tcp, 47793/tcp, 117/tcp (UUCP Path Service), 5784/tcp, 3409/tcp (NetworkLens Event Port), 1202/tcp (caiccipc), 8011/tcp, 4729/tcp, 3421/tcp (Bull Apprise portmapper), 3127/tcp (CTX Bridge Port), 50015/tcp, 11629/tcp, 3901/tcp (NIM Service Handler), 7661/tcp, 9132/tcp, 4775/tcp, 5698/tcp, 8412/tcp, 9630/tcp (Peovica Controller), 4201/tcp, 2773/tcp (RBackup Remote Backup), 8744/tcp, 38875/tcp, 8087/tcp (Simplify Media SPP Protocol), 22222/tcp, 3208/tcp (PFU PR Callback), 56983/tcp, 13679/tcp, 8519/tcp, 4848/tcp (App Server - Admin HTTP), 9587/tcp, 8148/tcp (i-SDD file transfer), 4770/tcp, 7835/tcp, 31631/tcp, 2350/tcp (Pharos Booking Server), 10050/tcp (Zabbix Agent), 7858/tcp, 8980/tcp, 3848/tcp (IT Environmental Monitor), 3444/tcp (Denali Server), 55288/tcp, 23120/tcp, 2700/tcp (tqdata), 10024/tcp, 9635/tcp, 10513/tcp, 3487/tcp (LISA TCP Transfer Channel), 7003/tcp (volume location database), 1475/tcp (Taligent License Manager), 2995/tcp (IDRS), 7705/tcp, 692/tcp (Hyperwave-ISP), 5040/tcp, 7647/tcp, 5659/tcp, 6988/tcp, 38576/tcp, 4600/tcp (Piranha1), 8606/tcp, 5575/tcp (Oracle Access Protocol), 2083/tcp (Secure Radius Service), 9189/tcp, 48068/tcp, 3492/tcp (TVDUM Tray Port), 5910/tcp (Context Management), 50208/tcp, 2281/tcp (LNVCONSOLE), 7595/tcp, 9606/tcp, 28061/tcp, 1498/tcp (Sybase SQL Any), 12111/tcp, 4317/tcp, 3663/tcp (DIRECWAY Tunnel Protocol), 3161/tcp (DOC1 License Manager), 2674/tcp (ewnn), 1024/tcp (Reserved), 26897/tcp, 8205/tcp (LM Instmgr), 4333/tcp, 3263/tcp (E-Color Enterprise Imager), 7937/tcp, 7281/tcp (ITACTIONSERVER 2), 2574/tcp (Blockade BPSP), 10257/tcp, 42424/tcp, 8348/tcp, 7352/tcp, 6111/tcp (HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control), 62313/tcp, 7659/tcp, 6508/tcp (BoKS Dir Server, Public Port), 32767/tcp (FileNet BPM WS-ReliableMessaging Client), 11154/tcp, 8732/tcp, 9540/tcp, 12576/tcp, 8845/tcp, 9667/tcp (Cross-platform Music Multiplexing System), 10412/tcp, 6329/tcp, 4420/tcp, 6030/tcp, 621/tcp (ESCP), 30506/tcp, 23/tcp (Telnet), 2197/tcp (MNP data exchange), 5790/tcp, 10354/tcp, 6619/tcp (ODETTE-FTP over TLS/SSL), 3494/tcp (IBM 3494), 9210/tcp (OMA Mobile Location Protocol), 1994/tcp (cisco serial tunnel port), 9024/tcp (Secure Web Access - 2), 4244/tcp, 7319/tcp, 8536/tcp, 10081/tcp (FAM Archive Server), 6701/tcp (KTI/ICAD Nameserver), 6119/tcp, 11863/tcp, 1411/tcp (AudioFile), 9820/tcp, 9201/tcp (WAP session service), 4702/tcp (NetXMS Server Synchronization), 7474/tcp, 2748/tcp (fjippol-polsvr), 7575/tcp, 34239/tcp, 3622/tcp (FF LAN Redundancy Port), 7773/tcp, 2835/tcp (EVTP-DATA), 83/tcp (MIT ML Device), 7877/tcp, 50050/tcp, 8663/tcp, 2538/tcp (vnwk-prapi), 11389/tcp, 50076/tcp, 22279/tcp, 7610/tcp, 4846/tcp (Contamac ICM Service), 82/tcp (XFER Utility), 44003/tcp, 2580/tcp (Tributary), 8669/tcp, 1058/tcp (nim), 3044/tcp (EndPoint Protocol), 9873/tcp, 9796/tcp, 2698/tcp (MCK-IVPIP), 3202/tcp (IntraIntra), 8912/tcp (Windows Client Backup), 7420/tcp, 7440/tcp, 3820/tcp (Siemens AuD SCP), 34343/tcp, 8090/tcp, 14258/tcp, 4888/tcp, 33902/tcp, 5727/tcp (ASG Event Notification Framework), 22446/tcp, 3949/tcp (Dynamic Routing Information Protocol), 7090/tcp, 8726/tcp, 4030/tcp (Accell/JSP Daemon Port), 2628/tcp (DICT), 6729/tcp, 9685/tcp, 43066/tcp, 8820/tcp, 101/tcp (NIC Host Name Server), 4395/tcp (OmniVision communication for Virtual environments), 3630/tcp (C&S Remote Database Port), 11596/tcp, 8860/tcp, 62609/tcp, 857/tcp, 1096/tcp (Common Name Resolution Protocol), 9646/tcp, 6751/tcp, 45455/tcp, 63388/tcp, 38510/tcp, 3061/tcp (cautcpd), 51070/tcp, 5371/tcp, 7922/tcp, 4035/tcp (WAP Push OTA-HTTP port), 6911/tcp, 3565/tcp (M2PA), 461/tcp (DataRampSrv), 5866/tcp, 2435/tcp (OptiLogic), 1004/tcp, 4222/tcp, 33911/tcp, 56444/tcp, 53203/tcp, 8765/tcp (Ultraseek HTTP), 7891/tcp, 33033/tcp, 2659/tcp (SNS Query), 5323/tcp, 7680/tcp (Pando Media Public Distribution), 26654/tcp, 3615/tcp (Start Messaging Network), 1387/tcp (Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM), 2919/tcp (roboER), 3991/tcp (BindView-SMCServer), 10003/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 30257/tcp, 14209/tcp, 6396/tcp, 5792/tcp, 8866/tcp, 6680/tcp, 2031/tcp (mobrien-chat), 9081/tcp, 26368/tcp, 14115/tcp, 13390/tcp, 16599/tcp, 4079/tcp (SANtools Diagnostic Server), 519/tcp (unixtime), 2868/tcp (NPEP Messaging), 8411/tcp, 7132/tcp, 4331/tcp, 5309/tcp (J Printer), 1364/tcp (Network DataMover Server), 6967/tcp, 5621/tcp, 4163/tcp (Silver Peak Peer Protocol), 3424/tcp (xTrade over TLS/SSL), 2684/tcp (mpnjsosv), 3159/tcp (NavegaWeb Tarification), 3800/tcp (Print Services Interface), 6444/tcp (Grid Engine Qmaster Service), 4881/tcp, 832/tcp (NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS), 1050/tcp (CORBA Management Agent), 45821/tcp, 13899/tcp, 3077/tcp (Orbix 2000 Locator SSL), 4049/tcp (Wide Area File Services), 3746/tcp (LXPRO.COM LinkTest), 10346/tcp, 9607/tcp, 4426/tcp (SMARTS Beacon Port), 5844/tcp, 3214/tcp (JMQ Daemon Port 1), 222/tcp (Berkeley rshd with SPX auth), 77/tcp (any private RJE service), 104/tcp (ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300), 4367/tcp, 999/tcp (puprouter), 3876/tcp (DirectoryLockdown Agent), 5560/tcp, 5916/tcp, 4562/tcp, 27475/tcp, 9119/tcp (MXit Instant Messaging), 671/tcp (VACDSM-APP), 65535/tcp, 2225/tcp (Resource Connection Initiation Protocol), 20184/tcp, 5210/tcp, 16016/tcp, 40803/tcp, 7310/tcp, 3379/tcp (SOCORFS), 4295/tcp, 3544/tcp (Teredo Port), 464/tcp (kpasswd), 8380/tcp (Cruise UPDATE), 7630/tcp (HA Web Konsole), 13715/tcp, 9114/tcp, 15784/tcp, 6755/tcp, 3314/tcp (Unify Object Host), 9717/tcp, 54920/tcp, 6370/tcp (MetaEdit+ Server Administration), 23455/tcp, 6786/tcp (Sun Java Web Console JMX), 5924/tcp, 9998/tcp (Distinct32), 5505/tcp (Checkout Database), 62116/tcp, 389/tcp (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), 30556/tcp, 1452/tcp (GTE Government Systems License Man), 1090/tcp (FF Fieldbus Message Specification), 6282/tcp, 5853/tcp, 4013/tcp (ACL Manager), 1591/tcp (ncpm-pm), 5657/tcp, 627/tcp (PassGo Tivoli), 41606/tcp, 1453/tcp (Genie License Manager), 5895/tcp, 2425/tcp (Fujitsu App Manager), 2098/tcp (Dialog Port), 9367/tcp, 9847/tcp, 956/tcp, 33598/tcp, 9332/tcp, 2389/tcp (OpenView Session Mgr), 27347/tcp, 5604/tcp (A3-SDUNode), 3408/tcp (BES Api Port), 7298/tcp, 3428/tcp (2Wire CSS), 52534/tcp, 5917/tcp, 994/tcp (irc protocol over TLS/SSL), 8370/tcp, 2133/tcp (ZYMED-ZPP), 62329/tcp, 2936/tcp (OTPatch), 2080/tcp (Autodesk NLM (FLEXlm)), 4153/tcp (MBL Remote Battery Monitoring), 7547/tcp (DSL Forum CWMP), 47009/tcp, 49903/tcp, 947/tcp, 5527/tcp, 3768/tcp (rblcheckd server daemon), 1589/tcp (VQP), 7494/tcp, 1718/tcp (h323gatedisc), 9989/tcp, 9391/tcp, 4588/tcp, 8150/tcp, 31496/tcp, 3348/tcp (Pangolin Laser), 6555/tcp, 57542/tcp, 33910/tcp, 3065/tcp (slinterbase), 2531/tcp (ITO-E GUI), 5415/tcp (NS Server), 1770/tcp (bmc-net-svc), 46951/tcp, 12356/tcp, 4970/tcp (CCSS QSystemMonitor), 2142/tcp (TDM OVER IP), 4060/tcp (DSMETER Inter-Agent Transfer Channel), 7511/tcp (pafec-lm), 22251/tcp, 9155/tcp, 933/tcp, 4150/tcp (PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent), 3302/tcp (MCS Fastmail), 8716/tcp, 8304/tcp, 33993/tcp, 6325/tcp, 59440/tcp, 4599/tcp (A17 (AN-AN)), 8387/tcp, 5301/tcp (HA cluster general services), 43101/tcp, 26972/tcp, 5825/tcp, 13144/tcp, 46635/tcp, 3405/tcp (Nokia Announcement ch 1), 1020/tcp, 2859/tcp (Active Memory), 3174/tcp (ARMI Server), 5554/tcp (SGI ESP HTTP), 14730/tcp, 3535/tcp (MS-LA), 8060/tcp, 7820/tcp, 9709/tcp, 9225/tcp, 4793/tcp, 10015/tcp, 45113/tcp, 1021/tcp (RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*)    [RFC4727]), 1250/tcp (swldy-sias), 4047/tcp (Context Transfer Protocol), 5404/tcp (HPOMS-DPS-LSTN), 2912/tcp (Epicon), 7019/tcp, 9733/tcp, 1307/tcp (Pacmand), 11000/tcp (IRISA), 15629/tcp, 1029/tcp (Solid Mux Server), 9946/tcp, 53535/tcp, 13391/tcp, 2810/tcp (Active Net Steward), 6704/tcp, 50505/tcp, 5221/tcp (3eTI Extensible Management Protocol for OAMP), 9080/tcp (Groove GLRPC), 1166/tcp (QSM RemoteExec), 8856/tcp, 10137/tcp, 7654/tcp, 8586/tcp, 8989/tcp (Sun Web Server SSL Admin Service), 54529/tcp, 3742/tcp (CST - Configuration & Service Tracker), 223/tcp (Certificate Distribution Center), 9141/tcp, 46866/tcp, 7154/tcp, 318/tcp (PKIX TimeStamp), 9962/tcp, 502/tcp (asa-appl-proto), 107/tcp (Remote Telnet Service), 9960/tcp, 1249/tcp (Mesa Vista Co), 1271/tcp (eXcW), 7915/tcp, 35043/tcp, 5452/tcp, 2777/tcp (Ridgeway Systems & Software), 3532/tcp (Raven Remote Management Control), 3613/tcp (Alaris Device Discovery), 3979/tcp (Smith Micro Wide Area Network Service), 19210/tcp, 1060/tcp (POLESTAR), 4321/tcp (Remote Who Is), 1105/tcp (FTRANHC), 52643/tcp, 8121/tcp (Apollo Data Port), 4860/tcp, 6524/tcp, 8083/tcp (Utilistor (Server)), 889/tcp, 6503/tcp (BoKS Clntd), 11110/tcp, 4440/tcp, 7761/tcp, 36549/tcp, 10243/tcp, 8876/tcp, 9728/tcp, 5688/tcp (GGZ Gaming Zone), 1852/tcp (Virtual Time), 4814/tcp, 9539/tcp, 3080/tcp (stm_pproc), 37215/tcp, 11184/tcp, 1805/tcp (ENL-Name), 3516/tcp (Smartcard Port), 19924/tcp, 451/tcp (Cray Network Semaphore server), 2865/tcp (pit-vpn), 3448/tcp (Discovery and Net Config), 10106/tcp, 30007/tcp, 4102/tcp (Braille protocol), 2252/tcp (NJENET using SSL), 507/tcp (crs), 2344/tcp (fcmsys), 100/tcp ([unauthorized use]), 8728/tcp, 7951/tcp, 4417/tcp, 14001/tcp (SUA), 8886/tcp, 60606/tcp, 61221/tcp, 8532/tcp, 1839/tcp (netopia-vo1), 3490/tcp (Colubris Management Port), 3386/tcp (GPRS Data), 5875/tcp, 23456/tcp (Aequus Service), 5508/tcp, 7596/tcp, 2064/tcp (ICG IP Relay Port), 9535/tcp (Management Suite Remote Control), 21078/tcp, 817/tcp, 22000/tcp (SNAPenetIO), 15280/tcp, 7158/tcp, 39218/tcp, 3897/tcp (Simple Distributed Objects over SSH), 5341/tcp, 4072/tcp (Zieto Socket Communications), 5995/tcp, 6464/tcp, 25596/tcp, 210/tcp (ANSI Z39.50), 34265/tcp, 4302/tcp (Diagnostic Data Control), 4412/tcp, 5454/tcp (APC 5454), 2199/tcp (OneHome Service Port), 7987/tcp, 2472/tcp (C3), 3200/tcp (Press-sense Tick Port), 6634/tcp, 3311/tcp (MCNS Tel Ret), 43159/tcp, 12205/tcp, 4539/tcp, 2829/tcp (silkp1), 8076/tcp, 52145/tcp, 7503/tcp, 5050/tcp (multimedia conference control tool), 9183/tcp, 7130/tcp, 39155/tcp, 488/tcp (gss-http), 31197/tcp, 337/tcp, 9444/tcp (WSO2 ESB Administration Console HTTPS), 9795/tcp, 4338/tcp, 7147/tcp, 9131/tcp (Dynamic Device Discovery), 9580/tcp, 5208/tcp, 8394/tcp, 10014/tcp, 33390/tcp, 5001/tcp (commplex-link), 5157/tcp (Mediat Remote Object Exchange), 4627/tcp, 62021/tcp, 13001/tcp, 62052/tcp, 8218/tcp, 50491/tcp, 3414/tcp (BroadCloud WIP Port), 63912/tcp, 7015/tcp (Talon Webserver), 8772/tcp, 4903/tcp, 5839/tcp, 4649/tcp, 1311/tcp (RxMon), 56892/tcp, 6724/tcp, 9083/tcp (EMC PowerPath Mgmt Service), 9777/tcp, 56943/tcp, 9913/tcp, 22950/tcp, 3328/tcp (Eaglepoint License Manager), 4752/tcp (Simple Network Audio Protocol), 9103/tcp (Bacula Storage Daemon), 609/tcp (npmp-trap), 6129/tcp, 7785/tcp, 3401/tcp (filecast), 6454/tcp, 33895/tcp, 3028/tcp (LiebDevMgmt_DM), 36001/tcp (AllPeers Network), 5713/tcp (proshare conf audio), 33389/tcp, 4373/tcp (Remote Authenticated Command Service), 33000/tcp, 2054/tcp (Weblogin Port), 3294/tcp (fg-gip), 1681/tcp (sd-elmd), 5804/tcp, 3968/tcp (iAnywhere DBNS), 1101/tcp (PT2-DISCOVER), 7217/tcp, 54042/tcp, 9979/tcp, 5531/tcp, 3337/tcp (Direct TV Data Catalog), 5370/tcp, 9016/tcp, 34589/tcp, 1156/tcp (iasControl OMS), 50221/tcp, 17909/tcp, 9135/tcp, 841/tcp, 5903/tcp, 57414/tcp, 84/tcp (Common Trace Facility), 12911/tcp, 8003/tcp (Mulberry Connect Reporting Service), 9055/tcp, 5315/tcp (HA Cluster UDP Polling), 5026/tcp (Storix I/O daemon (data)), 944/tcp, 5098/tcp, 3131/tcp (Net Book Mark), 8258/tcp, 6888/tcp (MUSE), 64646/tcp, 10782/tcp, 5785/tcp (3PAR Inform Remote Copy), 5465/tcp (NETOPS-BROKER), 9429/tcp, 8817/tcp, 12122/tcp, 7389/tcp, 5000/tcp (commplex-main), 5099/tcp (SentLM Srv2Srv), 8787/tcp (Message Server), 6782/tcp, 34945/tcp, 31195/tcp, 4493/tcp, 11144/tcp, 33392/tcp, 4350/tcp (Net Device), 34168/tcp, 24607/tcp, 12166/tcp, 1686/tcp (cvmon), 3153/tcp (S8Cargo Client Port), 1647/tcp (rsap), 3001/tcp, 1286/tcp (netuitive), 9079/tcp, 4433/tcp, 8042/tcp (FireScope Agent), 8137/tcp, 8793/tcp, 2569/tcp (Sonus Call Signal), 2390/tcp (RSMTP), 9888/tcp (CYBORG Systems), 2380/tcp, 3196/tcp (Network Control Unit), 1128/tcp (SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP), 2915/tcp (TK Socket), 1243/tcp (SerialGateway), 8940/tcp, 9938/tcp, 28382/tcp, 2233/tcp (INFOCRYPT), 8858/tcp, 1604/tcp (icabrowser), 3053/tcp (dsom-server), 5236/tcp (padl2sim), 7388/tcp, 2923/tcp (WTA-WSP-WTP-S), 5270/tcp (Cartographer XMP), 6958/tcp, 2701/tcp (SMS RCINFO), 4421/tcp, 8201/tcp (TRIVNET), 63411/tcp, 2846/tcp (AIMPP Hello), 5325/tcp, 3702/tcp (Web Service Discovery), 2016/tcp (bootserver), 9575/tcp, 3074/tcp (Xbox game port), 641/tcp (repcmd), 3445/tcp (Media Object Network), 508/tcp (xvttp), 9922/tcp, 9288/tcp, 928/tcp, 33012/tcp, 8336/tcp, 959/tcp, 1092/tcp (Open Business Reporting Protocol), 2407/tcp (Orion), 5648/tcp, 89/tcp (SU/MIT Telnet Gateway), 8141/tcp, 55340/tcp, 3218/tcp (EMC SmartPackets), 2412/tcp (CDN), 4798/tcp, 2514/tcp (Facsys NTP), 4960/tcp, 1876/tcp (ewcappsrv), 57134/tcp, 3316/tcp (AICC/CMI), 9008/tcp (Open Grid Services Server), 3650/tcp (PRISMIQ VOD plug-in), 9030/tcp, 10848/tcp, 9043/tcp, 5293/tcp, 6592/tcp, 7677/tcp (Sun App Server - HTTPS), 9140/tcp, 45000/tcp, 1815/tcp (MMPFT), 8284/tcp, 8440/tcp, 6232/tcp, 4673/tcp (CXWS Operations), 6632/tcp (eGenix mxODBC Connect), 8565/tcp, 6994/tcp, 8667/tcp, 9475/tcp, 1374/tcp (EPI Software Systems), 300/tcp, 5811/tcp, 7050/tcp, 17001/tcp, 8369/tcp, 7024/tcp (Vormetric service), 4526/tcp, 9794/tcp, 7156/tcp, 4803/tcp (Notateit Messaging), 2627/tcp (Moshe Beeri), 20862/tcp, 4093/tcp (Pvx Plus CS Host), 9187/tcp, 4462/tcp, 19389/tcp, 47673/tcp, 19721/tcp, 3817/tcp (Yosemite Tech Tapeware), 5256/tcp, 20389/tcp, 18001/tcp, 3611/tcp (Six Degrees Port), 6178/tcp, 3009/tcp (PXC-NTFY), 1427/tcp (mloadd monitoring tool), 4929/tcp, 8514/tcp, 9739/tcp, 2038/tcp (objectmanager), 3306/tcp (MySQL), 53688/tcp, 6214/tcp, 1894/tcp (O2Server Port), 277/tcp, 8300/tcp (Transport Management Interface), 20003/tcp (Commtact HTTPS), 5498/tcp, 3834/tcp (Spectar Data Stream Service), 7442/tcp, 2888/tcp (SPCSDLOBBY), 1638/tcp (ISP shared management control), 7995/tcp, 1001/tcp, 33884/tcp, 6060/tcp, 2554/tcp (VCnet-Link v10), 5021/tcp (zenginkyo-2), 1981/tcp (p2pQ), 9758/tcp, 4885/tcp (ABBS), 6834/tcp, 1247/tcp (VisionPyramid), 8109/tcp, 10707/tcp, 6063/tcp, 12727/tcp, 5053/tcp (RLM License Server), 11484/tcp, 3391/tcp (SAVANT), 3278/tcp (LKCM Server), 2077/tcp (Old Tivoli Storage Manager), 13259/tcp, 5654/tcp, 6135/tcp, 1901/tcp (Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A), 3194/tcp (Rockstorm MAG protocol), 4999/tcp (HyperFileSQL Client/Server Database Engine Manager), 7051/tcp, 8582/tcp, 8002/tcp (Teradata ORDBMS), 6002/tcp, 1676/tcp (netcomm1), 2724/tcp (qotps), 10134/tcp, 7002/tcp (users & groups database), 6656/tcp (Emergency Message Control Service), 7157/tcp, 7085/tcp, 743/tcp, 8963/tcp, 2249/tcp (RISO File Manager Protocol), 4138/tcp (nettest), 3464/tcp (EDM MGR Sync), 42142/tcp, 3478/tcp (STUN Behavior Discovery over TCP), 1026/tcp (Calendar Access Protocol), 57484/tcp, 5110/tcp, 1144/tcp (Fusion Script), 63636/tcp, 1521/tcp (nCube License Manager), 14134/tcp, 1573/tcp (itscomm-ns), 2299/tcp (PC Telecommute), 3491/tcp (SWR Port), 778/tcp, 7536/tcp, 1599/tcp (simbaservices), 3593/tcp (BP Model Debugger), 1170/tcp (AT+C License Manager), 6013/tcp, 4349/tcp (File System Port Map), 7994/tcp, 5243/tcp, 2770/tcp (Veronica), 5564/tcp, 5558/tcp, 30003/tcp, 10609/tcp, 3308/tcp (TNS Server), 2741/tcp (TSB), 4396/tcp (Fly Object Space), 5817/tcp, 7558/tcp, 6918/tcp, 4865/tcp, 9839/tcp, 9165/tcp, 8700/tcp, 3291/tcp (S A Holditch & Associates - LM), 5180/tcp, 6050/tcp, 8819/tcp, 24193/tcp, 3313/tcp (Unify Object Broker), 9063/tcp, 40001/tcp, 7792/tcp, 4573/tcp, 9035/tcp, 5434/tcp (SGI Array Services Daemon), 2965/tcp (BULLANT RAP), 11988/tcp, 9755/tcp, 5666/tcp, 3497/tcp (ipEther232Port), 5763/tcp, 18899/tcp, 7351/tcp, 32062/tcp, 9614/tcp (iADT Protocol over TLS), 2459/tcp (Community), 9015/tcp, 9298/tcp, 10392/tcp, 114/tcp, 4665/tcp (Container Client Message Service), 1809/tcp (Oracle-VP1), 6676/tcp, 4135/tcp (Classic Line Database Server Attach), 8395/tcp, 4307/tcp (Visicron Videoconference Service), 8342/tcp, 1972/tcp (Cache), 6644/tcp, 2667/tcp (Alarm Clock Server), 2323/tcp (3d-nfsd), 6236/tcp, 7672/tcp (iMQ STOMP Server), 4580/tcp, 913/tcp (APEX endpoint-relay service), 9831/tcp, 60088/tcp, 9656/tcp, 4020/tcp (TRAP Port), 2104/tcp (Zephyr hostmanager), 9390/tcp (OpenVAS Transfer Protocol), 32000/tcp, 8520/tcp, 6650/tcp, 62483/tcp, 4656/tcp, 1207/tcp (MetaSage), 63050/tcp, 5051/tcp (ITA Agent), 7300/tcp (-7359   The Swiss Exchange), 1775/tcp, 1739/tcp (webaccess), 4219/tcp, 32916/tcp, 33099/tcp, 4763/tcp, 4579/tcp, 9472/tcp, 23976/tcp, 10500/tcp, 5335/tcp, 7721/tcp, 9804/tcp, 55445/tcp, 1980/tcp (PearlDoc XACT), 6777/tcp, 4893/tcp, 23232/tcp, 3439/tcp (HRI Interface Port), 1512/tcp (Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service), 9302/tcp, 9395/tcp, 1921/tcp (NoAdmin), 1339/tcp (kjtsiteserver), 11338/tcp, 5141/tcp, 3110/tcp (simulator control port), 6835/tcp, 964/tcp, 3523/tcp (Odeum Serverlink), 2424/tcp (KOFAX-SVR), 8200/tcp (TRIVNET), 141/tcp (EMFIS Control Service), 11599/tcp, 47693/tcp, 4666/tcp (E-Port Message Service), 2662/tcp (BinTec-CAPI), 3145/tcp (CSI-LFAP), 10408/tcp, 5658/tcp, 418/tcp (Hyper-G), 7846/tcp (APC 7846), 1059/tcp (nimreg), 22396/tcp, 2895/tcp (NATUS LINK), 4984/tcp (WebYast), 8926/tcp, 9956/tcp, 33210/tcp, 790/tcp, 1120/tcp (Battle.net File Transfer Protocol), 5813/tcp (ICMPD), 2749/tcp (fjippol-cnsl), 2004/tcp (mailbox), 5227/tcp (HP System Performance Metric Service), 3325/tcp, 29110/tcp, 7758/tcp, 6302/tcp, 8771/tcp, 3679/tcp (Newton Dock), 4568/tcp (BMC Reporting), 32326/tcp, 1613/tcp (NetBill Key Repository), 7811/tcp, 6035/tcp, 4614/tcp, 12345/tcp (Italk Chat System), 9410/tcp, 10/tcp, 5045/tcp (Open Settlement Protocol), 204/tcp (AppleTalk Echo), 2218/tcp (Bounzza IRC Proxy), 1289/tcp (JWalkServer), 1817/tcp (RKB-OSCS), 3690/tcp (Subversion), 11026/tcp, 3006/tcp (Instant Internet Admin), 57619/tcp, 1013/tcp, 10097/tcp, 2933/tcp (4-TIER OPM GW), 4040/tcp (Yo.net main service), 7243/tcp, 2793/tcp (initlsmsad), 1616/tcp (NetBill Product Server), 3966/tcp (BuildForge Lock Manager), 10374/tcp, 39564/tcp, 1116/tcp (ARDUS Control), 11220/tcp, 41229/tcp, 2827/tcp (slc ctrlrloops), 11196/tcp, 17934/tcp, 7850/tcp, 6752/tcp, 3203/tcp (Network Watcher Monitor), 7064/tcp, 322/tcp (RTSPS), 8057/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]), 5641/tcp, 4802/tcp (Icona License System Server), 53934/tcp, 2551/tcp (ISG UDA Server), 41114/tcp, 1234/tcp (Infoseek Search Agent), 1233/tcp (Universal App Server), 62896/tcp, 3924/tcp (MPL_GPRS_PORT), 9212/tcp (Server View dbms access [January 2005]), 13844/tcp, 5128/tcp, 40000/tcp (SafetyNET p), 50000/tcp, 23748/tcp, 4487/tcp (Protocol for Remote Execution over TCP), 6758/tcp, 6775/tcp, 3474/tcp (TSP Automation), 5806/tcp, 14804/tcp, 668/tcp (MeComm), 8020/tcp (Intuit Entitlement Service and Discovery), 4389/tcp (Xandros Community Management Service), 10495/tcp, 260/tcp (Openport), 6015/tcp, 6736/tcp, 1111/tcp (LM Social Server), 4009/tcp (Chimera HWM), 916/tcp, 5913/tcp (Automatic Dependent Surveillance), 2675/tcp (TTC ETAP), 10860/tcp (Helix Client/Server), 8070/tcp, 7049/tcp, 33399/tcp, 3166/tcp (Quest Spotlight Out-Of-Process Collector), 6258/tcp, 3090/tcp (Senforce Session Services), 27808/tcp, 2735/tcp (NetIQ Monitor Console), 88/tcp (Kerberos), 3786/tcp (VSW Upstrigger port), 16391/tcp, 4902/tcp (magicCONROL RF and Data Interface), 3672/tcp (LispWorks ORB), 11003/tcp, 1182/tcp (AcceleNet Control), 5319/tcp, 505/tcp (mailbox-lm), 6743/tcp, 33891/tcp, 6130/tcp, 1677/tcp (groupwise), 3734/tcp (Synel Data Collection Port), 1747/tcp (ftrapid-2), 3459/tcp (TIP Integral), 21481/tcp, 33306/tcp, 7561/tcp, 28878/tcp, 1025/tcp (network blackjack), 9915/tcp, 51525/tcp, 3201/tcp (CPQ-TaskSmart), 9246/tcp, 25555/tcp, 3763/tcp (XO Wave Control Port), 5024/tcp (SCPI-TELNET), 53388/tcp, 6493/tcp, 2639/tcp (AMInet), 2358/tcp (Futrix), 5044/tcp (LXI Event Service), 2121/tcp (SCIENTIA-SSDB), 4473/tcp, 9912/tcp, 9107/tcp (AstergateFax Control Service), 65000/tcp, 5303/tcp (HA cluster probing), 9281/tcp (SofaWare transport port 1), 2713/tcp (Raven Trinity Broker Service), 5250/tcp (soaGateway), 6611/tcp, 6659/tcp, 6127/tcp, 6132/tcp, 2742/tcp (TSB2), 12210/tcp, 1366/tcp (Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform), 23399/tcp, 8870/tcp, 9173/tcp, 893/tcp, 8955/tcp, 4434/tcp, 568/tcp (microsoft shuttle), 9343/tcp (MpIdcMgr), 4376/tcp (BioAPI Interworking), 6242/tcp (JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 2), 1164/tcp (QSM Proxy Service), 7335/tcp, 16161/tcp (Solaris SEA Port), 1211/tcp (Groove DPP), 3814/tcp (netO DCS), 44918/tcp, 557/tcp (openvms-sysipc), 13301/tcp, 3812/tcp (netO WOL Server), 3893/tcp (CGI StarAPI Server), 23879/tcp, 10102/tcp (eZproxy), 13355/tcp, 5987/tcp (WBEM RMI), 3745/tcp (GWRTC Call Port), 14487/tcp, 9809/tcp, 5635/tcp (SFM Authentication Subsystem), 9496/tcp, 2392/tcp (Tactical Auth), 9004/tcp, 7476/tcp, 9641/tcp, 113/tcp (Authentication Service), 52074/tcp, 5004/tcp (RTP media data [RFC 3551][RFC 4571]), 1801/tcp (Microsoft Message Que), 9338/tcp, 9393/tcp, 30120/tcp, 4108/tcp (ACCEL), 3515/tcp (MUST Backplane), 5851/tcp, 5279/tcp, 5904/tcp, 15001/tcp, 3116/tcp (MCTET Gateway), 5337/tcp, 28481/tcp, 5675/tcp (V5UA application port), 1908/tcp (Dawn), 5453/tcp (SureBox), 8398/tcp, 46273/tcp, 3341/tcp (OMF data h), 61512/tcp, 5581/tcp (T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 1), 4590/tcp (RID over HTTP/TLS), 24705/tcp, 5025/tcp (SCPI-RAW), 5901/tcp, 55667/tcp, 5577/tcp, 4849/tcp (App Server - Admin HTTPS), 8000/tcp (iRDMI), 30707/tcp, 54423/tcp, 8318/tcp, 108/tcp (SNA Gateway Access Server), 5078/tcp, 19191/tcp (OPSEC UAA), 9771/tcp, 2822/tcp (ka0wuc), 10322/tcp, 2872/tcp (RADIX), 6184/tcp, 44444/tcp, 5760/tcp, 2613/tcp (SMNTUBootstrap), 8952/tcp, 1916/tcp (Persoft Persona), 60411/tcp, 2709/tcp (Supermon), 1175/tcp (Dossier Server), 43539/tcp, 7041/tcp, 7349/tcp, 3027/tcp (LiebDevMgmt_C), 34862/tcp, 2308/tcp (sdhelp), 3312/tcp (Application Management Server), 57340/tcp, 1759/tcp (SPSS License Manager), 47777/tcp, 33874/tcp, 20737/tcp, 39815/tcp, 4868/tcp (Photon Relay), 5192/tcp (AmericaOnline2), 8850/tcp, 546/tcp (DHCPv6 Client), 8454/tcp, 7981/tcp (Spotlight on SQL Server Desktop Collect), 5955/tcp, 423/tcp (IBM Operations Planning and Control Start), 6338/tcp, 5310/tcp (Outlaws), 8323/tcp, 3435/tcp (Pacom Security User Port), 8788/tcp, 4816/tcp, 53471/tcp, 8182/tcp (VMware Fault Domain Manager), 1928/tcp (Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr), 23885/tcp, 9490/tcp, 9321/tcp (guibase), 4092/tcp (EminentWare DGS), 1412/tcp (InnoSys), 6055/tcp, 5081/tcp (SDL - Ent Trans Server), 3119/tcp (D2000 Kernel Port), 61901/tcp, 40009/tcp, 4792/tcp, 8289/tcp, 5389/tcp, 594/tcp (TPIP), 6183/tcp, 57747/tcp, 4126/tcp (Data Domain Replication Service), 40404/tcp, 4430/tcp (REAL SQL Server), 3941/tcp (Home Portal Web Server), 11505/tcp, 6363/tcp, 25347/tcp, 7845/tcp (APC 7845), 4565/tcp, 2311/tcp (Message Service), 4082/tcp (Lorica outside facing), 32480/tcp, 3737/tcp (XPanel Daemon), 2020/tcp (xinupageserver), 42536/tcp, 3996/tcp (abcsoftware-01), 1554/tcp (CACI Products Company License Manager), 924/tcp, 9842/tcp, 5833/tcp, 6067/tcp, 279/tcp, 5456/tcp (APC 5456), 30927/tcp, 2929/tcp (AMX-WEBADMIN), 4152/tcp (iDigTech Multiplex), 4690/tcp (Prelude IDS message proto), 9310/tcp, 7900/tcp (Multicast Event), 8169/tcp, 10736/tcp, 9591/tcp, 2537/tcp (Upgrade Protocol), 880/tcp, 1975/tcp (TCO Flash Agent), 63324/tcp, 5679/tcp (Direct Cable Connect Manager), 3512/tcp (Aztec Distribution Port), 31428/tcp, 7714/tcp, 7499/tcp, 9231/tcp, 33899/tcp, 6810/tcp, 54110/tcp, 5064/tcp (Channel Access 1), 8184/tcp (Remote iTach Connection), 5413/tcp (WWIOTALK), 23421/tcp, 5338/tcp, 5926/tcp, 6393/tcp, 8924/tcp, 51807/tcp, 2850/tcp (MetaConsole), 9400/tcp (Samsung Twain for Network Server), 13688/tcp, 7649/tcp, 7109/tcp, 56974/tcp, 4241/tcp, 8248/tcp, 4107/tcp (JDL Accounting LAN Service), 2837/tcp (Repliweb), 8004/tcp, 47402/tcp, 43307/tcp, 7866/tcp, 33333/tcp (Digital Gaslight Service), 5186/tcp, 3380/tcp (SNS Channels), 1220/tcp (QT SERVER ADMIN), 9241/tcp, 6427/tcp, 7501/tcp (HP OpenView Bus Daemon), 8059/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]), 2483/tcp (Oracle TTC), 1771/tcp (vaultbase), 2228/tcp (eHome Message Server), 4236/tcp, 2359/tcp (FlukeServer), 1381/tcp (Apple Network License Manager), 9800/tcp (WebDav Source Port), 15728/tcp, 9980/tcp, 3417/tcp (ConServR file translation), 33889/tcp, 3441/tcp (OC Connect Client), 3505/tcp (CCM communications port), 4638/tcp, 8613/tcp (Canon BJNP Port 3), 2874/tcp (DX Message Base Transport Protocol), 27097/tcp, 13183/tcp, 12620/tcp, 579/tcp (decbsrv), 3881/tcp (Data Acquisition and Control), 40400/tcp, 43610/tcp, 9500/tcp (ismserver), 3911/tcp (Printer Status Port), 11174/tcp (OEM cacao rmi registry access point), 46388/tcp, 38516/tcp, 34016/tcp, 9002/tcp (DynamID authentication), 8469/tcp, 6161/tcp (PATROL Internet Srv Mgr), 8594/tcp, 5124/tcp, 9899/tcp (SCTP TUNNELING), 63839/tcp, 4066/tcp (Performance Measurement and Analysis), 9613/tcp, 11173/tcp, 6661/tcp, 2210/tcp (NOAAPORT Broadcast Network), 3707/tcp (Real-Time Event Secure Port), 9991/tcp (OSM Event Server), 55/tcp (ISI Graphics Language), 1063/tcp (KyoceraNetDev), 6523/tcp, 36420/tcp, 3945/tcp (EMCADS Server Port), 1854/tcp (Buddy Draw), 7399/tcp, 10603/tcp, 3139/tcp (Incognito Rendez-Vous), 4945/tcp, 2231/tcp (WiMAX ASN Control Plane Protocol), 6384/tcp, 415/tcp (BNet), 5921/tcp, 3714/tcp (DELOS Direct Messaging), 883/tcp, 7113/tcp, 6856/tcp, 9228/tcp, 6247/tcp, 51633/tcp, 3826/tcp (Wormux server), 9992/tcp (OnLive-1), 16076/tcp, 2226/tcp (Digital Instinct DRM), 50091/tcp, 4131/tcp (Global Maintech Stars), 750/tcp (rfile), 308/tcp (Novastor Backup), 8426/tcp, 7027/tcp, 3419/tcp (Isogon SoftAudit), 5667/tcp, 7823/tcp, 3108/tcp (Geolocate protocol), 1516/tcp (Virtual Places Audio data), 44397/tcp, 8061/tcp, 9334/tcp, 8189/tcp, 9559/tcp, 8764/tcp (OPENQUEUE), 33380/tcp, 8836/tcp, 33004/tcp, 61054/tcp, 4812/tcp, 3388/tcp (CB Server), 1794/tcp (cera-bcm), 7908/tcp, 1445/tcp (Proxima License Manager), 30010/tcp, 7010/tcp (onlinet uninterruptable power supplies), 9099/tcp, 122/tcp (SMAKYNET), 1115/tcp (ARDUS Transfer), 35282/tcp, 3825/tcp (Antera FlowFusion Process Simulation), 769/tcp (vid), 2010/tcp (search), 17332/tcp, 5471/tcp, 8361/tcp, 9498/tcp, 5311/tcp, 6780/tcp, 10002/tcp (EMC-Documentum Content Server Product), 4063/tcp (Ice Firewall Traversal Service (TCP)), 9659/tcp, 5300/tcp (HA cluster heartbeat), 3416/tcp (AirMobile IS Command Port), 2911/tcp (Blockade), 5033/tcp, 2171/tcp (MS Firewall Storage), 8119/tcp, 33894/tcp, 4534/tcp, 10151/tcp, 812/tcp, 30908/tcp, 39833/tcp, 897/tcp, 2191/tcp (TvBus Messaging), 2240/tcp (RECIPe), 13054/tcp, 9893/tcp, 1960/tcp (Merit DAC NASmanager), 11808/tcp, 2330/tcp (TSCCHAT), 8382/tcp, 2178/tcp (Peer Services for BITS), 4250/tcp, 5285/tcp, 2084/tcp (SunCluster Geographic), 3928/tcp (PXE NetBoot Manager), 2757/tcp (CNRP), 13165/tcp, 1065/tcp (SYSCOMLAN), 60061/tcp, 1112/tcp (Intelligent Communication Protocol), 48990/tcp, 359/tcp (Network Security Risk Management Protocol), 5644/tcp, 5937/tcp, 3654/tcp (VAP RealTime Messenger), 3322/tcp (-3325  Active Networks).
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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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