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AS29073 Quasi Networks LTD.
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inetnum: -
netname:        NET-3-93
descr:          IPV NETBLOCK
country:        NL
geoloc:         52.370216 4.895168
org:            ORG-IVI1-RIPE
admin-c:        IVI24-RIPE
tech-c:         IVI24-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:         IPV
mnt-lower:      IPV
mnt-routes:     IPV
created:        2008-06-29T21:36:16Z
last-modified:  2019-02-04T13:12:31Z
source:         RIPE

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origin:         AS202425
remarks:        +-----------------------------------------------
remarks:        | For abuse e-mail [email protected]
remarks:        | We do not always reply to abuse.
remarks:        | But we do take care your report is dealt with!
remarks:        +-----------------------------------------------
mnt-by:         IPV
created:        2019-02-08T16:07:14Z
last-modified:  2019-02-08T16:07:14Z
source:         RIPE

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User comments

7 security incident(s) reported by users

BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 424 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 5036/tcp, 65179/tcp, 33716/tcp, 64216/tcp, 61483/tcp, 4271/tcp, 56147/tcp, 7700/tcp (EM7 Secure Communications), 54898/tcp, 6453/tcp, 54255/tcp, 4979/tcp, 55003/tcp, 3123/tcp (EDI Translation Protocol), 58151/tcp, 63598/tcp, 54471/tcp, 54340/tcp, 62556/tcp, 33765/tcp, 55608/tcp, 62939/tcp, 8664/tcp, 33606/tcp, 62272/tcp, 58059/tcp, 2117/tcp (MENTACLIENT), 9331/tcp, 6357/tcp, 4689/tcp (Altova DatabaseCentral), 63489/tcp, 33589/tcp, 54075/tcp, 63174/tcp, 64942/tcp, 3410/tcp (NetworkLens SSL Event), 63798/tcp, 33522/tcp, 8936/tcp, 65148/tcp, 6800/tcp, 54272/tcp, 8699/tcp (VNYX Primary Port), 65491/tcp, 60091/tcp, 64562/tcp, 57033/tcp, 65068/tcp, 55419/tcp, 9440/tcp, 9735/tcp, 63991/tcp, 8168/tcp, 10166/tcp, 60801/tcp, 54877/tcp, 5822/tcp, 7885/tcp, 55774/tcp, 33798/tcp, 33948/tcp, 7003/tcp (volume location database), 9239/tcp, 59120/tcp, 6549/tcp (APC 6549), 54628/tcp, 8809/tcp, 871/tcp, 54168/tcp, 11790/tcp, 33795/tcp, 33885/tcp, 33841/tcp, 62313/tcp, 5756/tcp, 63779/tcp, 8852/tcp, 11857/tcp, 8687/tcp, 8619/tcp, 7491/tcp (telops-lmd), 4336/tcp, 62422/tcp, 8275/tcp, 55799/tcp, 55049/tcp, 11443/tcp, 61955/tcp, 5605/tcp (A4-SDUNode), 55050/tcp, 54072/tcp, 54727/tcp, 3503/tcp (MPLS LSP-echo Port), 57433/tcp, 63079/tcp, 58742/tcp, 61981/tcp, 33191/tcp, 4790/tcp, 8276/tcp (Pando Media Controlled Distribution), 6940/tcp, 10305/tcp, 9478/tcp, 61088/tcp, 10067/tcp, 33076/tcp, 58785/tcp, 6502/tcp (BoKS Servm), 5803/tcp, 61420/tcp, 10854/tcp, 1450/tcp (Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility), 4049/tcp (Wide Area File Services), 54793/tcp, 11827/tcp, 62916/tcp, 5916/tcp, 932/tcp, 57318/tcp, 10439/tcp, 33337/tcp, 3060/tcp (interserver), 62774/tcp, 804/tcp, 5924/tcp, 54439/tcp, 5505/tcp (Checkout Database), 63443/tcp, 54008/tcp, 54866/tcp, 63039/tcp, 3098/tcp (Universal Message Manager), 9207/tcp (WAP vCal Secure), 10235/tcp, 9823/tcp, 759/tcp (con), 60982/tcp, 8075/tcp, 5521/tcp, 2653/tcp (Sonus), 54518/tcp, 55079/tcp, 6546/tcp, 61214/tcp, 54046/tcp, 60403/tcp, 54314/tcp, 33652/tcp, 6332/tcp, 65069/tcp, 6923/tcp, 55602/tcp, 55115/tcp, 33174/tcp, 62585/tcp, 6771/tcp (PolyServe https), 54260/tcp, 4921/tcp, 9413/tcp, 63294/tcp, 5379/tcp, 58453/tcp, 3742/tcp (CST - Configuration & Service Tracker), 6467/tcp, 55972/tcp, 57570/tcp, 6264/tcp, 63552/tcp, 2935/tcp (QTP), 63934/tcp, 10762/tcp, 7599/tcp, 33715/tcp, 8826/tcp, 11684/tcp, 61201/tcp, 63331/tcp, 10880/tcp, 33118/tcp, 63026/tcp, 8179/tcp, 65404/tcp, 11413/tcp, 10200/tcp (Trigence AE Soap Service), 63396/tcp, 5145/tcp (RMONITOR SECURE), 4306/tcp (Hellgate London), 55782/tcp, 8388/tcp, 9851/tcp, 1596/tcp (radio-sm), 8951/tcp, 7566/tcp (VSI Omega), 9398/tcp, 8435/tcp, 54461/tcp, 6605/tcp, 55551/tcp, 1308/tcp (Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)), 6276/tcp, 64043/tcp, 8966/tcp, 6654/tcp, 33639/tcp, 56131/tcp, 57898/tcp, 64438/tcp, 55413/tcp, 33354/tcp, 8003/tcp (Mulberry Connect Reporting Service), 60873/tcp, 61070/tcp, 9872/tcp, 33820/tcp, 63194/tcp, 56237/tcp, 9970/tcp, 33392/tcp, 6768/tcp (BMC PERFORM MGRD), 5945/tcp, 56748/tcp, 55087/tcp, 8789/tcp, 57332/tcp, 10274/tcp, 11830/tcp, 11558/tcp, 64060/tcp, 55026/tcp, 10892/tcp, 6973/tcp, 63871/tcp, 3725/tcp (Netia NA-ER Port), 54538/tcp, 63207/tcp, 63737/tcp, 10548/tcp, 33165/tcp, 9186/tcp, 1337/tcp (menandmice DNS), 59819/tcp, 60760/tcp, 60028/tcp, 60915/tcp, 62793/tcp, 54388/tcp, 54115/tcp, 1064/tcp (JSTEL), 54786/tcp, 5256/tcp, 54598/tcp, 6061/tcp, 7876/tcp, 56118/tcp, 54308/tcp, 7881/tcp, 9835/tcp, 54357/tcp, 1001/tcp, 6982/tcp, 55812/tcp, 7776/tcp, 54085/tcp, 55326/tcp, 5963/tcp (Indy Application Server), 56920/tcp, 5046/tcp, 9224/tcp, 63488/tcp, 7275/tcp (OMA UserPlane Location), 5302/tcp (HA cluster configuration), 54001/tcp, 64262/tcp, 3478/tcp (STUN Behavior Discovery over TCP), 64501/tcp, 6491/tcp, 4742/tcp (SICCT), 936/tcp, 3633/tcp (Wyrnix AIS port), 9045/tcp, 54109/tcp, 7792/tcp, 11747/tcp, 5757/tcp (OpenMail X.500 Directory Server), 5412/tcp (Continuus), 7297/tcp, 10632/tcp, 7570/tcp (Aries Kfinder), 58424/tcp, 3894/tcp (SyAM Agent Port), 9032/tcp, 4020/tcp (TRAP Port), 56937/tcp, 7302/tcp, 6037/tcp, 33989/tcp, 62918/tcp, 10584/tcp, 6246/tcp, 54818/tcp, 54268/tcp, 8239/tcp, 54342/tcp, 9302/tcp, 10218/tcp, 56718/tcp, 10812/tcp, 54894/tcp, 8368/tcp, 58423/tcp, 7225/tcp, 55150/tcp, 56688/tcp, 775/tcp (entomb), 54850/tcp, 63274/tcp, 10687/tcp, 54816/tcp, 10302/tcp, 33577/tcp, 60856/tcp, 3472/tcp (JAUGS N-G Remotec 1), 865/tcp, 33112/tcp, 1182/tcp (AcceleNet Control), 58616/tcp, 5092/tcp, 65387/tcp, 6420/tcp (NIM_VDRShell), 9107/tcp (AstergateFax Control Service), 58457/tcp, 60634/tcp, 4536/tcp (Event Heap Server SSL), 8909/tcp, 64625/tcp, 8955/tcp, 6242/tcp (JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 2), 1056/tcp (VFO), 3893/tcp (CGI StarAPI Server), 63287/tcp, 65117/tcp, 65467/tcp, 4179/tcp (Maxum Services), 57458/tcp, 6297/tcp, 5689/tcp (QM video network management protocol), 54010/tcp, 62363/tcp, 55556/tcp, 60217/tcp, 6184/tcp, 56509/tcp, 9881/tcp, 7149/tcp, 33874/tcp, 9270/tcp, 9961/tcp, 64940/tcp, 56459/tcp, 11716/tcp, 945/tcp, 10317/tcp, 55438/tcp, 8286/tcp, 65451/tcp, 60323/tcp, 64323/tcp, 64035/tcp, 5809/tcp, 8497/tcp, 7520/tcp, 54282/tcp, 57948/tcp, 56658/tcp, 9964/tcp, 10242/tcp, 6483/tcp (SunVTS RMI), 54226/tcp, 33325/tcp, 33661/tcp, 10148/tcp, 56218/tcp, 9125/tcp, 984/tcp, 58075/tcp, 6352/tcp, 55654/tcp, 62044/tcp, 57146/tcp, 8531/tcp, 54466/tcp, 10557/tcp, 55682/tcp, 57335/tcp, 7457/tcp, 4066/tcp (Performance Measurement and Analysis), 33623/tcp, 7554/tcp, 8759/tcp, 10229/tcp, 6658/tcp, 56395/tcp, 3495/tcp (securitylayer over tcp), 6247/tcp, 62020/tcp, 33919/tcp, 59928/tcp, 33858/tcp, 33379/tcp, 11668/tcp, 5382/tcp, 54405/tcp, 64106/tcp, 58696/tcp, 8475/tcp, 6529/tcp, 54097/tcp, 33620/tcp, 55501/tcp, 11808/tcp, 5547/tcp, 54694/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 2853 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 63320/tcp, 3465/tcp (EDM MGR Cntrl), 56828/tcp, 5387/tcp, 570/tcp (demon), 1336/tcp (Instant Service Chat), 11539/tcp, 55628/tcp, 7901/tcp (TNOS Service Protocol), 62855/tcp, 54134/tcp, 64517/tcp, 7254/tcp, 65178/tcp, 56353/tcp, 11301/tcp, 2720/tcp (wkars), 59190/tcp, 11814/tcp, 33225/tcp, 62123/tcp, 8074/tcp (Gadu-Gadu), 54310/tcp, 3574/tcp (DMAF Server), 54635/tcp, 33834/tcp, 5798/tcp, 56624/tcp, 8763/tcp (MC-APPSERVER), 62512/tcp, 6802/tcp, 7914/tcp, 54900/tcp, 62812/tcp, 9364/tcp, 10855/tcp, 6187/tcp, 58612/tcp, 8214/tcp, 10926/tcp, 10539/tcp, 8538/tcp, 11258/tcp, 54881/tcp, 62558/tcp, 7255/tcp, 6655/tcp (PC SOFT - Software factory UI/manager), 8012/tcp, 65291/tcp, 9268/tcp, 9050/tcp (Versiera Agent Listener), 33825/tcp, 33083/tcp, 56262/tcp, 59177/tcp, 54637/tcp, 33686/tcp, 9523/tcp, 6667/tcp, 11264/tcp, 11456/tcp, 55657/tcp, 9654/tcp, 9940/tcp, 58049/tcp, 56244/tcp, 54241/tcp, 54835/tcp, 58856/tcp, 9990/tcp (OSM Applet Server), 64010/tcp, 2901/tcp (ALLSTORCNS), 5852/tcp, 5899/tcp, 56470/tcp, 33164/tcp, 56397/tcp, 55691/tcp, 2703/tcp (SMS CHAT), 11653/tcp, 3831/tcp (Docsvault Application Service), 54422/tcp, 62453/tcp, 9869/tcp, 62426/tcp, 62977/tcp, 65022/tcp, 33780/tcp, 6500/tcp (BoKS Master), 5215/tcp, 6466/tcp, 10664/tcp, 33095/tcp, 58673/tcp, 7935/tcp, 9978/tcp, 54523/tcp, 54614/tcp, 3081/tcp (TL1-LV), 8705/tcp, 11590/tcp, 62818/tcp, 65113/tcp, 63712/tcp, 55216/tcp, 5406/tcp (Systemics Sox), 11486/tcp, 5828/tcp, 9238/tcp, 62938/tcp, 54170/tcp, 33942/tcp, 63434/tcp, 11734/tcp, 4397/tcp, 2790/tcp (PLG Proxy), 64959/tcp, 55035/tcp, 54044/tcp, 3123/tcp (EDI Translation Protocol), 54331/tcp, 60452/tcp, 11015/tcp, 62434/tcp, 55011/tcp, 2871/tcp (MSI Select Play), 54125/tcp, 65241/tcp, 65478/tcp, 4620/tcp, 6977/tcp, 33904/tcp, 61897/tcp, 55817/tcp, 8503/tcp, 4117/tcp (Hillr Connection Manager), 3885/tcp (TopFlow SSL), 56092/tcp, 55560/tcp, 2540/tcp (LonWorks), 8739/tcp, 8032/tcp (ProEd), 55224/tcp, 5879/tcp, 33388/tcp, 10545/tcp, 9788/tcp, 7872/tcp, 54470/tcp, 10574/tcp, 58086/tcp, 58025/tcp, 62440/tcp, 33039/tcp, 6286/tcp, 8558/tcp, 63010/tcp, 54208/tcp, 8855/tcp, 2951/tcp (OTTP), 56479/tcp, 11208/tcp (WiFree Service), 9499/tcp, 5402/tcp (OmniCast MFTP), 54768/tcp, 63981/tcp, 8873/tcp (dxspider linking protocol), 5891/tcp, 55973/tcp, 54800/tcp, 11069/tcp, 2960/tcp (DFOXSERVER), 5912/tcp (Flight Information Services), 65255/tcp, 33938/tcp, 57835/tcp, 55388/tcp, 33599/tcp, 54209/tcp, 6277/tcp, 3204/tcp (Network Watcher DB Access), 11271/tcp, 65289/tcp, 11762/tcp, 9374/tcp (fjdmimgr), 54610/tcp, 54415/tcp, 6671/tcp (P4P Portal Service), 8777/tcp, 63480/tcp, 6730/tcp, 59141/tcp, 350/tcp (MATIP Type A), 56581/tcp, 54987/tcp, 58486/tcp, 11076/tcp, 5233/tcp, 4981/tcp, 33427/tcp, 9511/tcp, 54723/tcp, 4492/tcp, 63132/tcp, 6456/tcp, 7696/tcp, 63670/tcp, 5567/tcp (Multicast Object Access Protocol), 63334/tcp, 9866/tcp, 5470/tcp, 10452/tcp, 58435/tcp, 9158/tcp, 55783/tcp, 65434/tcp, 7734/tcp (Smith Protocol over IP), 1408/tcp (Sophia License Manager), 3856/tcp (INFORMER), 54913/tcp, 5273/tcp, 10450/tcp, 6687/tcp (CleverView for cTrace Message Service), 62177/tcp, 8703/tcp, 54581/tcp, 2123/tcp (GTP-Control Plane (3GPP)), 6877/tcp, 680/tcp (entrust-aaas), 62838/tcp, 7956/tcp, 11308/tcp, 55380/tcp, 63426/tcp, 55197/tcp, 62326/tcp, 6163/tcp (Precision Scribe Cnx Port), 54713/tcp, 56216/tcp, 55410/tcp, 4145/tcp (VVR Control), 7940/tcp, 4129/tcp (NuFW authentication protocol), 2245/tcp (HaO), 56426/tcp, 65367/tcp, 7173/tcp (zSecure Server), 33347/tcp, 9482/tcp, 5884/tcp, 9746/tcp, 5969/tcp (mppolicy-mgr), 54148/tcp, 54216/tcp, 54595/tcp, 64089/tcp, 9759/tcp, 4207/tcp, 58624/tcp, 63606/tcp, 9617/tcp (eRunbook Server), 1508/tcp (diagmond), 58566/tcp, 55347/tcp, 33580/tcp, 55929/tcp, 63431/tcp, 9776/tcp, 63149/tcp, 65285/tcp, 58142/tcp, 54759/tcp, 10011/tcp, 58968/tcp, 4605/tcp, 7540/tcp, 6781/tcp, 54144/tcp, 33324/tcp, 64306/tcp, 5235/tcp (Galaxy Network Service), 57348/tcp, 5057/tcp (Intecom Pointspan 2), 7899/tcp, 56310/tcp, 58749/tcp, 63583/tcp, 5911/tcp (Controller Pilot Data Link Communication), 9982/tcp, 56338/tcp, 54778/tcp, 11775/tcp, 62544/tcp, 54165/tcp, 59936/tcp, 54502/tcp, 8197/tcp, 1044/tcp (Dev Consortium Utility), 9927/tcp, 10423/tcp, 6289/tcp, 302/tcp, 54098/tcp, 54247/tcp, 60625/tcp, 63413/tcp, 8617/tcp, 9297/tcp, 61949/tcp, 3708/tcp (Sun App Svr - Naming), 33326/tcp, 56441/tcp, 64852/tcp, 54631/tcp, 6113/tcp (Daylite Server), 400/tcp (Oracle Secure Backup), 6167/tcp, 7427/tcp (OpenView DM Event Agent Manager), 6914/tcp, 11195/tcp, 10514/tcp, 59999/tcp, 63728/tcp, 33037/tcp, 33682/tcp, 33745/tcp, 54879/tcp, 56991/tcp, 59253/tcp, 5859/tcp (WHEREHOO), 56551/tcp, 54546/tcp, 10863/tcp, 8011/tcp, 10601/tcp, 2678/tcp (Gadget Gate 2 Way), 62592/tcp, 54801/tcp, 55132/tcp, 4912/tcp (Technicolor LUT Access Protocol), 7288/tcp, 56010/tcp, 5237/tcp (m-net discovery), 7666/tcp, 10070/tcp, 6373/tcp, 59330/tcp, 6629/tcp, 33189/tcp, 4416/tcp, 10473/tcp, 55462/tcp, 62800/tcp, 54457/tcp, 56140/tcp, 11646/tcp, 11825/tcp, 54568/tcp, 55660/tcp, 934/tcp, 57684/tcp, 63190/tcp, 33667/tcp, 59658/tcp, 4948/tcp, 5576/tcp, 33793/tcp, 1938/tcp (JetVWay Client Port), 6847/tcp, 9843/tcp, 9520/tcp, 6910/tcp, 1471/tcp (csdmbase), 60537/tcp, 58235/tcp, 55041/tcp, 6986/tcp, 11649/tcp, 58719/tcp, 63451/tcp, 59621/tcp, 8326/tcp, 8522/tcp, 63346/tcp, 3570/tcp (MCC Web Server Port), 317/tcp (Zannet), 58089/tcp, 58961/tcp, 7905/tcp, 61938/tcp, 62985/tcp, 56983/tcp, 9113/tcp, 8906/tcp, 62611/tcp, 9587/tcp, 63218/tcp, 11993/tcp, 5072/tcp (Anything In Anything), 58281/tcp, 33757/tcp, 33346/tcp, 57643/tcp, 65212/tcp, 58841/tcp, 55415/tcp, 63417/tcp, 10842/tcp, 62963/tcp, 62649/tcp, 9524/tcp, 3023/tcp (magicnotes), 8604/tcp, 62267/tcp, 55345/tcp, 2812/tcp (atmtcp), 56151/tcp, 63947/tcp, 54674/tcp, 5059/tcp (SIP Directory Services), 11002/tcp, 8608/tcp, 55274/tcp, 33186/tcp, 10024/tcp, 65530/tcp, 56199/tcp, 33805/tcp, 10935/tcp, 57174/tcp, 4318/tcp, 62675/tcp, 62299/tcp, 33912/tcp, 10737/tcp, 65009/tcp, 55384/tcp, 65508/tcp, 7003/tcp (volume location database), 58344/tcp, 5902/tcp, 57226/tcp, 10125/tcp, 59551/tcp, 65419/tcp, 64376/tcp, 1379/tcp (Integrity Solutions), 65319/tcp, 3455/tcp (RSVP Port), 54724/tcp, 5878/tcp, 65484/tcp, 1525/tcp (Prospero Directory Service non-priv), 63909/tcp, 10264/tcp, 57585/tcp, 33618/tcp, 54611/tcp, 5659/tcp, 9176/tcp, 7112/tcp, 9289/tcp, 6773/tcp, 56350/tcp, 380/tcp (TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server), 64769/tcp, 57285/tcp, 63237/tcp, 4744/tcp (Internet File Synchronization Protocol), 54151/tcp, 9146/tcp, 55236/tcp, 54520/tcp, 33536/tcp, 5815/tcp, 780/tcp (wpgs), 10846/tcp, 56018/tcp, 58789/tcp, 62481/tcp, 7159/tcp, 5023/tcp (Htuil Server for PLD2), 63397/tcp, 9826/tcp, 62464/tcp, 745/tcp, 11619/tcp, 11831/tcp, 59160/tcp, 315/tcp (DPSI), 3107/tcp (Business protocol), 55701/tcp, 33157/tcp, 61340/tcp, 54859/tcp, 9445/tcp, 60836/tcp, 5359/tcp (Microsoft Alerter), 9088/tcp (IBM Informix SQL Interface), 33585/tcp, 65182/tcp, 6582/tcp (Parsec Gameserver), 9356/tcp, 1424/tcp (Hybrid Encryption Protocol), 33732/tcp, 7549/tcp (Network Layer Signaling Transport Layer), 806/tcp, 54667/tcp, 5286/tcp, 54569/tcp, 56672/tcp, 9792/tcp, 57545/tcp, 56173/tcp, 33358/tcp, 5857/tcp, 7952/tcp, 57050/tcp, 63401/tcp, 3582/tcp (PEG PRESS Server), 33434/tcp (traceroute use), 7659/tcp, 54982/tcp, 57719/tcp, 3140/tcp (Arilia Multiplexor), 3845/tcp (V-ONE Single Port Proxy), 55047/tcp, 7292/tcp, 62071/tcp, 8732/tcp, 6907/tcp, 9540/tcp, 6006/tcp, 8419/tcp, 55090/tcp, 63321/tcp, 8818/tcp, 8932/tcp, 65274/tcp, 56073/tcp, 4922/tcp, 7840/tcp, 2447/tcp (OpenView NNM daemon), 63494/tcp, 3245/tcp (VIEO Fabric Executive), 65041/tcp, 7103/tcp, 3141/tcp (VMODEM), 9062/tcp, 6104/tcp (DBDB), 10791/tcp, 6486/tcp (Service Registry Default IIOPS Domain), 54648/tcp, 4727/tcp (F-Link Client Information Service), 11947/tcp, 5790/tcp, 9059/tcp, 57046/tcp, 11678/tcp, 58144/tcp, 4578/tcp, 54817/tcp, 62422/tcp, 55006/tcp, 8448/tcp, 33855/tcp, 4851/tcp (Apache Derby Replication), 8915/tcp, 33300/tcp, 65306/tcp, 56097/tcp, 64231/tcp, 54539/tcp, 62334/tcp, 9024/tcp (Secure Web Access - 2), 9402/tcp (Samsung PC2FAX for Network Server), 11397/tcp, 8973/tcp, 63272/tcp, 3597/tcp (A14 (AN-to-SC/MM)), 65133/tcp, 6701/tcp (KTI/ICAD Nameserver), 58314/tcp, 62930/tcp, 9201/tcp (WAP session service), 33261/tcp, 33753/tcp, 57697/tcp, 11321/tcp (Arena Server Listen), 9038/tcp, 65213/tcp, 9365/tcp, 11332/tcp, 5565/tcp, 63135/tcp, 11954/tcp, 10754/tcp, 1729/tcp, 60474/tcp, 11541/tcp, 5281/tcp (Undo License Manager), 60033/tcp, 59507/tcp, 57831/tcp, 7730/tcp, 6561/tcp, 991/tcp (Netnews Administration System), 56814/tcp, 2321/tcp (RDLAP), 33946/tcp, 54106/tcp, 7414/tcp, 60025/tcp, 9590/tcp, 9401/tcp (Samsung Twain for Network Client), 33662/tcp, 3144/tcp (Tarantella), 58297/tcp, 56303/tcp, 54761/tcp, 64357/tcp, 65430/tcp, 6208/tcp, 1045/tcp (Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol), 5357/tcp (Web Services for Devices), 33370/tcp, 33574/tcp, 7420/tcp, 6047/tcp, 54262/tcp, 4998/tcp, 10468/tcp, 56705/tcp, 63065/tcp, 8343/tcp, 65339/tcp, 5727/tcp (ASG Event Notification Framework), 11460/tcp, 56366/tcp, 63225/tcp, 62853/tcp, 63603/tcp, 11875/tcp, 8213/tcp, 9432/tcp, 8726/tcp, 63778/tcp, 10800/tcp (Gestor de Acaparamiento para Pocket PCs), 10120/tcp, 62875/tcp, 8860/tcp, 58590/tcp, 3676/tcp (VisualAge Pacbase server), 11990/tcp, 10761/tcp, 54841/tcp, 1823/tcp (Unisys Natural Language License Manager), 9095/tcp, 4316/tcp, 33433/tcp, 9646/tcp, 6751/tcp, 54055/tcp, 8276/tcp (Pando Media Controlled Distribution), 63388/tcp, 9574/tcp, 55350/tcp, 55279/tcp, 2729/tcp (TCIM Control), 63569/tcp, 55234/tcp, 61825/tcp, 65324/tcp, 65050/tcp, 6940/tcp, 5371/tcp, 58527/tcp, 7922/tcp, 54589/tcp, 5225/tcp (HP Server), 33937/tcp, 61168/tcp, 60499/tcp, 9898/tcp (MonkeyCom), 62330/tcp, 9108/tcp, 57109/tcp, 54300/tcp, 5866/tcp, 63175/tcp, 60349/tcp, 63115/tcp, 3330/tcp (MCS Calypso ICF), 56011/tcp, 58809/tcp, 62755/tcp, 1803/tcp (HP-HCIP-GWY), 58759/tcp, 33454/tcp, 56874/tcp, 8309/tcp, 63361/tcp, 63107/tcp, 62273/tcp, 8831/tcp, 63121/tcp, 56933/tcp, 8730/tcp, 58226/tcp, 55531/tcp, 57239/tcp, 10150/tcp, 54509/tcp, 9671/tcp, 10067/tcp, 9884/tcp, 63189/tcp, 64844/tcp, 3991/tcp (BindView-SMCServer), 11569/tcp, 10611/tcp, 11970/tcp, 33822/tcp, 9995/tcp (Palace-4), 56655/tcp, 1614/tcp (NetBill Credential Server), 63818/tcp, 55325/tcp, 2938/tcp (SM-PAS-1), 63170/tcp, 5601/tcp (Enterprise Security Agent), 10073/tcp, 7903/tcp (TNOS Secure DiaguardProtocol), 9208/tcp (rjcdb vCard), 2686/tcp (mpnjsomg), 33748/tcp, 4725/tcp (TruckStar Service), 58352/tcp, 9491/tcp, 54261/tcp, 62586/tcp, 11965/tcp, 63905/tcp, 9450/tcp (Sentinel Keys Server), 54887/tcp, 11577/tcp, 55278/tcp, 54136/tcp, 63640/tcp, 7132/tcp, 33345/tcp, 55490/tcp, 62624/tcp, 54506/tcp, 62523/tcp, 11363/tcp, 64073/tcp, 5800/tcp, 3800/tcp (Print Services Interface), 63259/tcp, 10133/tcp, 58334/tcp, 5407/tcp (Foresyte-Clear), 54997/tcp, 3927/tcp (ScsTsr), 60773/tcp, 33244/tcp, 10674/tcp, 5524/tcp, 57063/tcp, 63355/tcp, 11982/tcp, 54236/tcp, 55866/tcp, 11267/tcp, 63036/tcp, 11490/tcp, 2205/tcp (Java Presentation Server), 56331/tcp, 5590/tcp, 11323/tcp, 9142/tcp, 57133/tcp, 64832/tcp, 8474/tcp (AquaMinds NoteShare), 65510/tcp, 4925/tcp, 57169/tcp, 10515/tcp, 58919/tcp, 57227/tcp, 63917/tcp, 62518/tcp, 9690/tcp, 59204/tcp, 5916/tcp, 8637/tcp, 10410/tcp, 8252/tcp, 428/tcp (OCS_CMU), 55069/tcp, 1219/tcp (AeroFlight-Ret), 3224/tcp (AES Discovery Port), 63796/tcp, 4603/tcp (Men & Mice Upgrade Agent), 3267/tcp (IBM Dial Out), 4572/tcp, 33209/tcp, 3379/tcp (SOCORFS), 10355/tcp, 54455/tcp, 65401/tcp, 8941/tcp, 11662/tcp, 55922/tcp, 54201/tcp, 61327/tcp, 64459/tcp, 33375/tcp, 6180/tcp, 65417/tcp, 4826/tcp, 11410/tcp, 9717/tcp, 5245/tcp (DownTools Control Protocol), 5735/tcp, 9998/tcp (Distinct32), 6403/tcp (boe-cachesvr), 7481/tcp, 63136/tcp, 58778/tcp, 63073/tcp, 10044/tcp, 54178/tcp, 65259/tcp, 58994/tcp, 7192/tcp, 749/tcp (kerberos administration), 55207/tcp, 58653/tcp, 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(gnutella-rtr), 54056/tcp, 62595/tcp, 63192/tcp, 11132/tcp, 11811/tcp, 55296/tcp, 8183/tcp (ProRemote), 33294/tcp, 5452/tcp, 3532/tcp (Raven Remote Management Control), 7652/tcp, 3613/tcp (Alaris Device Discovery), 65354/tcp, 33729/tcp, 61370/tcp, 55118/tcp, 7982/tcp (Spotlight on SQL Server Desktop Agent), 7557/tcp, 543/tcp (klogin), 55280/tcp, 6436/tcp, 63133/tcp, 57806/tcp, 8557/tcp, 55323/tcp, 9689/tcp, 6503/tcp (BoKS Clntd), 7023/tcp (Comtech T2 NMCS), 7251/tcp, 58755/tcp, 58163/tcp, 9276/tcp, 54745/tcp, 57172/tcp, 33516/tcp, 6708/tcp, 1119/tcp (Battle.net Chat/Game Protocol), 64944/tcp, 5769/tcp (x509solutions Internal CA), 9147/tcp, 54846/tcp, 9650/tcp, 10950/tcp, 33274/tcp, 56287/tcp, 56446/tcp, 3052/tcp (APC 3052), 838/tcp, 6313/tcp, 58275/tcp, 9605/tcp, 1332/tcp (PCIA RXP-B), 11638/tcp, 33546/tcp, 61719/tcp, 64220/tcp, 58848/tcp, 11184/tcp, 7314/tcp, 2683/tcp (NCDLoadBalance), 33166/tcp, 3212/tcp (Survey Instrument), 6625/tcp (DataScaler control), 8355/tcp, 489/tcp (nest-protocol), 5696/tcp, 65302/tcp, 64268/tcp, 55271/tcp, 5048/tcp (Texai Message Service), 63490/tcp, 11013/tcp, 62286/tcp, 60310/tcp, 11980/tcp, 59423/tcp, 58289/tcp, 9091/tcp (xmltec-xmlmail), 33813/tcp, 5628/tcp (HTrust API), 5777/tcp (DALI Port), 11238/tcp, 54556/tcp, 9897/tcp, 5504/tcp (fcp-cics-gw1), 2783/tcp (AISES), 33081/tcp, 63694/tcp, 11621/tcp, 56685/tcp, 4334/tcp, 10923/tcp, 7869/tcp (MobileAnalyzer& MobileMonitor), 54250/tcp, 11077/tcp, 56220/tcp, 8886/tcp, 58549/tcp, 57150/tcp, 64308/tcp, 6823/tcp, 6406/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 8532/tcp, 65365/tcp, 63281/tcp, 54295/tcp, 384/tcp (A Remote Network Server System), 33376/tcp, 54013/tcp, 9649/tcp, 3490/tcp (Colubris Management Port), 54140/tcp, 33565/tcp, 56596/tcp, 54940/tcp, 55594/tcp, 58404/tcp, 58604/tcp, 5508/tcp, 8516/tcp, 2064/tcp (ICG IP Relay Port), 63928/tcp, 56870/tcp, 10465/tcp, 8721/tcp, 8755/tcp, 6515/tcp (Elipse RPC Protocol), 64047/tcp, 65400/tcp, 54728/tcp, 7271/tcp, 55634/tcp, 9209/tcp (ALMobile System Service), 5424/tcp (Beyond Remote), 57361/tcp, 5296/tcp, 56292/tcp, 6613/tcp, 3519/tcp (Netvion Messenger Port), 9196/tcp, 58603/tcp, 58172/tcp, 2368/tcp (OpenTable), 5111/tcp (TAEP AS service), 33481/tcp, 55364/tcp, 3818/tcp (Crinis Heartbeat), 59209/tcp, 9322/tcp, 4412/tcp, 33735/tcp, 54646/tcp, 11804/tcp, 3456/tcp (VAT default data), 6617/tcp, 9821/tcp, 378/tcp (NEC Corporation), 58593/tcp, 1964/tcp (SOLID E ENGINE), 54896/tcp, 3960/tcp (Bess Peer Assessment), 63422/tcp, 5378/tcp, 33517/tcp, 55091/tcp, 62833/tcp, 7844/tcp, 33909/tcp, 8167/tcp, 60045/tcp, 62741/tcp, 5420/tcp (Cylink-C), 9464/tcp, 65176/tcp, 8349/tcp, 6304/tcp, 63522/tcp, 56183/tcp, 59776/tcp, 57930/tcp, 54346/tcp, 6591/tcp, 10402/tcp, 57789/tcp, 64987/tcp, 11835/tcp, 11052/tcp, 3910/tcp (Printer Request Port), 54596/tcp, 61993/tcp, 8480/tcp, 54755/tcp, 11464/tcp, 9486/tcp, 3329/tcp (HP Device Disc), 61529/tcp, 33418/tcp, 65226/tcp, 11772/tcp, 9419/tcp, 9433/tcp, 6662/tcp, 33250/tcp, 55265/tcp, 11510/tcp, 65295/tcp, 33123/tcp (Aurora (Balaena Ltd)), 11815/tcp, 55425/tcp, 54672/tcp, 5624/tcp, 6840/tcp, 9285/tcp (N2H2 Filter Service Port), 4054/tcp (CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 2), 55404/tcp, 8772/tcp, 4903/tcp, 61482/tcp, 59432/tcp, 59558/tcp, 4883/tcp (Meier-Phelps License Server), 11049/tcp, 61914/tcp, 10704/tcp, 6919/tcp, 58905/tcp, 59157/tcp, 62497/tcp, 4141/tcp (Workflow Server), 9774/tcp, 62827/tcp, 10797/tcp, 63882/tcp, 57852/tcp, 7036/tcp, 56953/tcp, 63056/tcp, 63112/tcp, 9760/tcp, 10087/tcp, 8919/tcp, 3253/tcp (PDA Data), 54163/tcp, 54233/tcp, 7403/tcp, 4916/tcp, 54480/tcp, 4486/tcp (Integrated Client Message Service), 33627/tcp, 63877/tcp, 4330/tcp, 9541/tcp, 65385/tcp, 62162/tcp, 10813/tcp, 64706/tcp, 8734/tcp, 10178/tcp, 54572/tcp, 57416/tcp, 5731/tcp, 58868/tcp, 33268/tcp, 4668/tcp (MMA EDS Service), 3755/tcp (SAS Remote Help Server), 2186/tcp (Guy-Tek Automated Update Applications), 10431/tcp, 54092/tcp, 5299/tcp (NLG Data Service), 54042/tcp, 55545/tcp, 33643/tcp, 61782/tcp, 9116/tcp, 64752/tcp, 6895/tcp, 33720/tcp, 1156/tcp (iasControl OMS), 62005/tcp, 11760/tcp, 6223/tcp, 11844/tcp, 33984/tcp, 6293/tcp, 10700/tcp, 9135/tcp, 7779/tcp (VSTAT), 33496/tcp, 65163/tcp, 56811/tcp, 58561/tcp, 58971/tcp, 33524/tcp, 2305/tcp (MT ScaleServer), 6612/tcp, 55656/tcp, 56661/tcp, 9536/tcp (Surveillance buffering function), 10876/tcp, 61025/tcp, 33152/tcp, 57847/tcp, 5315/tcp (HA Cluster UDP Polling), 9130/tcp, 3035/tcp (FJSV gssagt), 4423/tcp, 11953/tcp, 61467/tcp, 56533/tcp, 64709/tcp, 62566/tcp, 6410/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 55382/tcp, 11934/tcp, 2892/tcp (SNIFFERDATA), 63233/tcp, 54548/tcp, 8692/tcp, 5465/tcp (NETOPS-BROKER), 54143/tcp, 9036/tcp, 5000/tcp (commplex-main), 62619/tcp, 6158/tcp, 8424/tcp, 33284/tcp, 348/tcp (Cabletron Management Protocol), 9411/tcp, 59810/tcp, 667/tcp (campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies), 11223/tcp, 61806/tcp, 54963/tcp, 55992/tcp, 33975/tcp, 55640/tcp, 3952/tcp (I3 Session Manager), 33961/tcp, 5892/tcp, 63367/tcp, 5861/tcp, 63018/tcp, 56532/tcp, 819/tcp, 8352/tcp, 11889/tcp, 62281/tcp, 9162/tcp (apani3), 56288/tcp, 54632/tcp, 3956/tcp (GigE Vision Control), 63304/tcp, 56768/tcp, 6562/tcp, 56740/tcp, 6482/tcp (Logical Domains Management Interface), 33321/tcp, 63262/tcp, 33220/tcp, 33461/tcp, 4225/tcp, 9428/tcp, 5479/tcp, 8793/tcp, 58606/tcp, 33761/tcp, 54909/tcp, 59114/tcp, 10034/tcp, 33665/tcp, 60604/tcp, 54205/tcp, 9952/tcp (APC 9952), 11788/tcp, 64835/tcp, 10167/tcp, 756/tcp, 59393/tcp, 62498/tcp, 4525/tcp, 3900/tcp (Unidata UDT OS), 11712/tcp, 33409/tcp, 56527/tcp, 11553/tcp, 57726/tcp, 11404/tcp, 5885/tcp, 57759/tcp, 3275/tcp (SAMD), 58288/tcp, 58192/tcp, 62692/tcp, 9806/tcp, 54119/tcp, 33401/tcp, 60436/tcp, 5153/tcp (ToruX Game Server), 5541/tcp, 11742/tcp, 33016/tcp, 59015/tcp, 7670/tcp, 56203/tcp, 54499/tcp, 2846/tcp (AIMPP Hello), 59077/tcp, 8238/tcp, 9082/tcp, 6179/tcp, 928/tcp, 11877/tcp, 54139/tcp, 10578/tcp, 56751/tcp, 8894/tcp (Desktop Data TCP 6: COAL application), 3086/tcp (JDL-DBKitchen), 62740/tcp, 8987/tcp, 60508/tcp, 6575/tcp, 8872/tcp, 56326/tcp, 11494/tcp, 7751/tcp, 6475/tcp, 11440/tcp, 4798/tcp, 6647/tcp, 55975/tcp, 60256/tcp, 5930/tcp, 33762/tcp, 10980/tcp, 10830/tcp, 8580/tcp, 54265/tcp, 6496/tcp, 8603/tcp, 3220/tcp (XML NM over SSL), 8113/tcp, 9629/tcp (UniPort SSO Controller), 3316/tcp (AICC/CMI), 4351/tcp (PLCY Net Services), 55851/tcp, 9477/tcp, 665/tcp (Sun DR), 11987/tcp, 10246/tcp, 63678/tcp, 930/tcp, 5639/tcp, 7999/tcp (iRDMI2), 4789/tcp, 10364/tcp, 59263/tcp, 33530/tcp, 58652/tcp, 7025/tcp (Vormetric Service II), 33702/tcp, 54440/tcp, 33397/tcp, 7677/tcp (Sun App Server - HTTPS), 4859/tcp, 57298/tcp, 10275/tcp, 9549/tcp, 8494/tcp, 7904/tcp, 6071/tcp (SSDTP), 8667/tcp, 3645/tcp (Cyc), 63048/tcp, 54735/tcp, 3642/tcp (Juxml Replication port), 55299/tcp, 7978/tcp, 9339/tcp, 9780/tcp, 9782/tcp, 300/tcp, 54420/tcp, 54657/tcp, 54783/tcp, 5298/tcp (XMPP Link-Local Messaging), 10475/tcp, 7024/tcp (Vormetric service), 64373/tcp, 63526/tcp, 2762/tcp (DICOM TLS), 59880/tcp, 9794/tcp, 33560/tcp, 64642/tcp, 59064/tcp, 9600/tcp (MICROMUSE-NCPW), 59415/tcp, 3579/tcp (Tarantella Load Balancing), 58000/tcp, 7667/tcp, 9683/tcp, 54522/tcp, 55912/tcp, 8561/tcp, 6519/tcp, 6478/tcp, 5986/tcp (WBEM WS-Management HTTP over TLS/SSL), 8134/tcp, 9680/tcp, 6899/tcp, 11890/tcp, 10608/tcp, 55872/tcp, 4223/tcp, 64078/tcp, 8226/tcp, 60978/tcp, 33408/tcp, 6684/tcp, 33330/tcp, 56728/tcp, 426/tcp (smartsdp), 57903/tcp, 10107/tcp (VERITAS BCTP, server), 62890/tcp, 64234/tcp, 4101/tcp (Braille protocol), 33513/tcp, 55732/tcp, 2879/tcp (ucentric-ds), 6178/tcp, 33670/tcp, 604/tcp (TUNNEL), 3986/tcp (MAPPER workstation server), 4127/tcp (NetUniKeyServer), 8621/tcp, 9423/tcp, 63317/tcp, 55734/tcp, 65526/tcp, 9527/tcp, 4965/tcp, 9739/tcp, 4946/tcp, 65398/tcp, 10989/tcp, 1712/tcp (resource monitoring service), 6818/tcp, 65462/tcp, 3346/tcp (Trnsprnt Proxy), 7321/tcp, 8415/tcp, 4920/tcp, 63085/tcp, 11386/tcp, 7301/tcp, 55633/tcp, 55008/tcp, 58951/tcp, 33698/tcp, 59317/tcp, 63126/tcp, 808/tcp, 63567/tcp, 56225/tcp, 56214/tcp, 54715/tcp, 6814/tcp, 55022/tcp, 54741/tcp, 64878/tcp, 33009/tcp, 58981/tcp, 10750/tcp, 54711/tcp, 59014/tcp, 5849/tcp, 8322/tcp, 10464/tcp, 60285/tcp, 33420/tcp, 5278/tcp, 7776/tcp, 33153/tcp, 65073/tcp, 4815/tcp, 1438/tcp (Eicon Security Agent/Server), 5542/tcp, 33543/tcp, 9902/tcp, 7348/tcp, 55301/tcp, 3473/tcp (JAUGS N-G Remotec 2), 4885/tcp (ABBS), 9932/tcp, 8109/tcp, 54325/tcp, 57890/tcp, 60143/tcp, 4142/tcp (Document Server), 54993/tcp, 56376/tcp, 10100/tcp (VERITAS ITAP DDTP), 58464/tcp, 11082/tcp, 54211/tcp, 54730/tcp, 54507/tcp, 54772/tcp, 7709/tcp, 54451/tcp, 57919/tcp, 55614/tcp, 8511/tcp, 7716/tcp, 4746/tcp, 3300/tcp, 63523/tcp, 11523/tcp, 58467/tcp, 5603/tcp (A1-BS), 7664/tcp, 10175/tcp, 54483/tcp, 9431/tcp, 10080/tcp (Amanda), 58205/tcp, 7002/tcp (users & groups database), 3064/tcp (Remote Port Redirector), 57126/tcp, 64138/tcp, 6672/tcp (vision_server), 11074/tcp, 8963/tcp, 5609/tcp, 9167/tcp, 715/tcp (IRIS-LWZ), 630/tcp (RDA), 9336/tcp, 11073/tcp, 5366/tcp, 10986/tcp, 57484/tcp, 6609/tcp, 56644/tcp, 62503/tcp, 62926/tcp, 55393/tcp, 33238/tcp, 444/tcp (Simple Network Paging Protocol), 56047/tcp, 60821/tcp, 778/tcp, 7536/tcp, 1047/tcp (Sun's NEO Object Request Broker), 56542/tcp, 56579/tcp, 33573/tcp, 1170/tcp (AT+C License Manager), 56458/tcp, 6927/tcp, 10401/tcp, 56956/tcp, 2741/tcp (TSB), 54362/tcp, 57777/tcp, 62959/tcp, 58583/tcp, 64327/tcp, 2998/tcp (Real Secure), 5313/tcp (Real-time & Reliable Data), 54129/tcp, 9839/tcp, 33492/tcp, 63228/tcp, 3566/tcp (Quest Data Hub), 54774/tcp, 9347/tcp, 8840/tcp, 8700/tcp, 10653/tcp, 5709/tcp, 65415/tcp, 33441/tcp, 9233/tcp, 9885/tcp, 8982/tcp, 57000/tcp, 3957/tcp (MQEnterprise Broker), 9404/tcp, 55888/tcp, 56489/tcp, 33506/tcp, 55169/tcp, 2355/tcp (psdbserver), 55319/tcp, 5065/tcp (Channel Access 2), 11927/tcp, 411/tcp (Remote MT Protocol), 57159/tcp, 5596/tcp, 5865/tcp, 58270/tcp, 54691/tcp, 33149/tcp, 65195/tcp, 7836/tcp, 33450/tcp, 55740/tcp, 63271/tcp, 33447/tcp, 2842/tcp (l3-hawk), 6844/tcp, 7351/tcp, 65448/tcp, 33794/tcp, 54375/tcp, 10482/tcp, 65304/tcp, 9294/tcp (ARMCenter http Service), 65037/tcp, 62738/tcp, 56567/tcp, 904/tcp, 55272/tcp, 56405/tcp, 54838/tcp, 59034/tcp, 54232/tcp, 9588/tcp, 33809/tcp, 4307/tcp (Visicron Videoconference Service), 7570/tcp (Aries Kfinder), 6645/tcp, 33187/tcp, 65239/tcp, 54627/tcp, 65272/tcp, 56279/tcp, 5248/tcp (CA Access Control Web Service), 63904/tcp, 63359/tcp, 33527/tcp, 56021/tcp, 33124/tcp, 33364/tcp, 33215/tcp, 10041/tcp, 33020/tcp, 54565/tcp, 65308/tcp, 8969/tcp, 62628/tcp, 33775/tcp, 11618/tcp, 9656/tcp, 9528/tcp, 62750/tcp, 55478/tcp, 1210/tcp (EOSS), 11294/tcp, 4656/tcp, 56081/tcp, 56937/tcp, 7968/tcp, 6788/tcp (SMC-HTTP), 5051/tcp (ITA Agent), 33089/tcp, 6566/tcp (SANE Control Port), 33837/tcp, 5870/tcp, 56389/tcp, 59127/tcp, 61419/tcp, 62614/tcp, 64898/tcp, 5836/tcp, 9427/tcp, 6115/tcp (Xic IPC Service), 9752/tcp, 63812/tcp, 713/tcp (IRIS over XPC), 62729/tcp, 54988/tcp, 62712/tcp, 57243/tcp, 62886/tcp, 62701/tcp, 5990/tcp (WBEM Export HTTPS), 62612/tcp, 55541/tcp, 9852/tcp, 7759/tcp, 8847/tcp, 1342/tcp (ESBroker), 3190/tcp (ConServR Proxy), 306/tcp, 3793/tcp (DataCore Software), 55540/tcp, 33430/tcp, 4368/tcp (WeatherBrief Direct), 11260/tcp, 3338/tcp (OMF data b), 11499/tcp, 11060/tcp, 5750/tcp (Bladelogic Agent Service), 59861/tcp, 8468/tcp, 693/tcp (almanid Connection Endpoint), 10187/tcp, 1062/tcp (Veracity), 65406/tcp, 58063/tcp, 54862/tcp, 59398/tcp, 56246/tcp, 33415/tcp, 2090/tcp (Load Report Protocol), 54313/tcp, 54214/tcp, 2253/tcp (DTV Channel Request), 55339/tcp, 63270/tcp, 9729/tcp, 63631/tcp, 10871/tcp, 57289/tcp, 8751/tcp, 11873/tcp, 55337/tcp, 33015/tcp, 964/tcp, 65004/tcp, 6004/tcp, 57507/tcp, 5155/tcp (Oracle asControl Agent), 62038/tcp, 6624/tcp (DataScaler database), 56659/tcp, 7544/tcp (FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer), 9171/tcp, 6327/tcp, 2157/tcp (Xerox Network Document Scan Protocol), 11599/tcp, 65273/tcp, 7083/tcp, 59754/tcp, 8368/tcp, 5658/tcp, 8916/tcp, 60584/tcp, 4651/tcp, 11612/tcp, 8120/tcp, 8892/tcp (Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product), 64546/tcp, 57885/tcp, 2058/tcp (NewWaveSearchables RMI), 8798/tcp, 62771/tcp, 59535/tcp, 54855/tcp, 63875/tcp, 65245/tcp, 54186/tcp, 4984/tcp (WebYast), 9663/tcp, 62942/tcp, 7095/tcp, 5694/tcp, 5218/tcp, 11204/tcp, 11103/tcp, 3078/tcp (Orbix 2000 Locator SSL), 54128/tcp, 4840/tcp (OPC UA TCP Protocol), 55716/tcp, 63196/tcp, 56035/tcp, 62989/tcp, 55549/tcp, 9972/tcp, 2867/tcp (esps-portal), 5246/tcp, 9397/tcp (MpIdcAgt), 8591/tcp, 63808/tcp, 4786/tcp (Smart Install Service), 55822/tcp, 33557/tcp, 57521/tcp, 56890/tcp, 8774/tcp, 7334/tcp, 2749/tcp (fjippol-cnsl), 64474/tcp, 11549/tcp, 63145/tcp, 63127/tcp, 5487/tcp, 58650/tcp, 63166/tcp, 55482/tcp, 6628/tcp (AFE Stock Channel M/C), 62552/tcp, 58679/tcp, 33204/tcp, 54692/tcp, 9713/tcp, 33055/tcp, 60919/tcp, 4983/tcp, 5668/tcp, 63229/tcp, 7058/tcp, 62653/tcp, 4500/tcp (IPsec NAT-Traversal), 57424/tcp, 10180/tcp, 3810/tcp (WLAN AS server), 10671/tcp, 61058/tcp, 64865/tcp, 5045/tcp (Open Settlement Protocol), 33933/tcp, 63557/tcp, 59065/tcp, 54766/tcp, 8132/tcp (dbabble), 2825/tcp, 9053/tcp, 2371/tcp (Compaq WorldWire Port), 56468/tcp, 8541/tcp, 10097/tcp, 10318/tcp, 57561/tcp, 54531/tcp, 33878/tcp, 7062/tcp, 56362/tcp, 56498/tcp, 11728/tcp, 58982/tcp, 54396/tcp, 56422/tcp, 57517/tcp, 5028/tcp (Quiqum Virtual Relais), 5826/tcp, 54172/tcp, 55076/tcp, 11220/tcp, 11897/tcp, 6595/tcp, 58908/tcp, 8812/tcp, 10925/tcp, 63514/tcp, 4698/tcp, 54060/tcp, 60319/tcp, 62927/tcp, 3203/tcp (Network Watcher Monitor), 9394/tcp, 55988/tcp, 8129/tcp (PayCash Wallet-Browser), 1682/tcp (lanyon-lantern), 64027/tcp, 54543/tcp, 7208/tcp, 61294/tcp, 56038/tcp, 10096/tcp, 54985/tcp, 2826/tcp (slc systemlog), 57532/tcp, 33202/tcp, 56451/tcp, 7985/tcp, 5867/tcp, 57378/tcp, 59721/tcp, 5267/tcp, 5029/tcp (Infobright Database Server), 57648/tcp, 59191/tcp, 9789/tcp, 9838/tcp, 5177/tcp, 5128/tcp, 57066/tcp, 54426/tcp, 33328/tcp, 56887/tcp, 1282/tcp (Emperion), 5475/tcp, 63255/tcp, 63380/tcp, 569/tcp (microsoft rome), 62349/tcp, 9188/tcp, 33211/tcp, 8020/tcp (Intuit Entitlement Service and Discovery), 57961/tcp, 62140/tcp, 62549/tcp, 4410/tcp (RIB iTWO Application Server), 62881/tcp, 62893/tcp, 55060/tcp, 55869/tcp, 8893/tcp (Desktop Data TCP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application), 6015/tcp, 55525/tcp, 58337/tcp, 64396/tcp, 4355/tcp (QSNet Workstation), 33835/tcp, 55902/tcp, 33119/tcp, 10451/tcp, 9763/tcp, 10860/tcp (Helix Client/Server), 33872/tcp, 10977/tcp, 10521/tcp, 6584/tcp, 60100/tcp, 7049/tcp, 63695/tcp, 63103/tcp, 59474/tcp, 9084/tcp (IBM AURORA Performance Visualizer), 11212/tcp, 9818/tcp, 3923/tcp (Symbian Service Broker), 55215/tcp, 62976/tcp, 55753/tcp, 2433/tcp (codasrv-se), 2207/tcp (HP Status and Services), 4701/tcp (NetXMS Management), 54695/tcp, 33921/tcp, 54922/tcp, 55749/tcp, 4919/tcp, 11483/tcp, 59486/tcp, 63322/tcp, 7796/tcp, 58041/tcp, 33208/tcp, 9620/tcp, 4902/tcp (magicCONROL RF and Data Interface), 6310/tcp, 11708/tcp, 59549/tcp, 865/tcp, 54316/tcp, 9637/tcp, 10276/tcp, 33140/tcp, 11637/tcp, 6200/tcp (LM-X License Manager by X-Formation), 5746/tcp (fcopys-server), 54135/tcp, 2934/tcp (4-TIER OPM CLI), 10136/tcp, 58736/tcp, 59735/tcp, 63761/tcp, 57235/tcp, 6404/tcp (Business Objects Enterprise internal server), 2942/tcp (SM-PAS-5), 9901/tcp, 6797/tcp, 3233/tcp (WhiskerControl main port), 55514/tcp, 8843/tcp, 9566/tcp, 4015/tcp (Talarian Mcast), 33891/tcp, 63430/tcp, 11380/tcp, 7020/tcp (DP Serve), 10261/tcp, 60445/tcp, 64420/tcp, 11768/tcp, 4966/tcp, 56241/tcp, 58182/tcp, 59008/tcp, 61922/tcp, 33607/tcp, 10552/tcp, 58501/tcp, 55951/tcp, 6717/tcp, 8328/tcp, 63854/tcp, 5483/tcp, 56794/tcp, 62397/tcp, 5024/tcp (SCPI-TELNET), 55564/tcp, 11977/tcp, 9583/tcp, 65020/tcp, 2275/tcp (iBridge Conferencing), 552/tcp (DeviceShare), 11699/tcp, 9335/tcp, 8743/tcp, 56954/tcp, 55085/tcp, 57129/tcp, 5779/tcp, 6230/tcp, 62563/tcp, 7750/tcp, 61356/tcp, 63385/tcp, 6420/tcp (NIM_VDRShell), 33181/tcp, 33313/tcp, 55942/tcp, 55612/tcp, 5303/tcp (HA cluster probing), 3822/tcp (Compute Pool Discovery), 63938/tcp, 10301/tcp, 58171/tcp, 6611/tcp, 8683/tcp, 54468/tcp, 10289/tcp, 9077/tcp, 57306/tcp, 11556/tcp, 56333/tcp, 5935/tcp, 8676/tcp, 55262/tcp, 2742/tcp (TSB2), 54486/tcp, 9414/tcp, 3370/tcp, 3558/tcp (MCP user port), 9633/tcp, 7859/tcp, 65447/tcp, 10052/tcp, 5484/tcp, 4631/tcp, 10952/tcp, 7335/tcp, 3812/tcp (netO WOL Server), 64993/tcp, 62121/tcp, 64799/tcp, 10213/tcp, 3541/tcp (VoiSpeed Port), 8666/tcp, 11616/tcp, 5987/tcp (WBEM RMI), 33329/tcp, 8711/tcp, 59747/tcp, 11838/tcp, 1312/tcp (STI Envision), 62551/tcp, 8212/tcp, 64928/tcp, 55175/tcp, 55260/tcp, 58264/tcp, 3595/tcp (ShareApp), 417/tcp (Onmux), 59899/tcp, 6558/tcp (xdsxdm), 7694/tcp, 63764/tcp, 712/tcp (TBRPF), 8178/tcp, 65482/tcp, 10327/tcp, 8704/tcp, 11426/tcp, 57659/tcp, 33923/tcp, 33518/tcp, 10292/tcp, 4108/tcp (ACCEL), 11367/tcp (ATM UHAS), 5687/tcp, 2897/tcp (Citrix RTMP), 54277/tcp, 33255/tcp, 59672/tcp, 1866/tcp (swrmi), 4574/tcp, 5191/tcp (AmericaOnline1), 8398/tcp, 62012/tcp, 54798/tcp, 54077/tcp, 56894/tcp, 7381/tcp, 7733/tcp, 63586/tcp, 4849/tcp (App Server - Admin HTTPS), 33964/tcp, 58338/tcp, 55171/tcp, 4694/tcp, 59691/tcp, 6860/tcp, 10905/tcp, 11430/tcp, 11536/tcp, 3442/tcp (OC Connect Server), 55467/tcp, 54705/tcp, 9771/tcp, 33391/tcp, 11682/tcp, 58026/tcp, 5979/tcp, 7814/tcp, 56924/tcp, 2872/tcp (RADIX), 4288/tcp, 54934/tcp, 8952/tcp, 58129/tcp, 10086/tcp, 6218/tcp, 54348/tcp, 6271/tcp, 63257/tcp, 54924/tcp, 898/tcp, 33717/tcp, 11870/tcp, 54976/tcp, 8890/tcp (Desktop Data TCP 2), 55073/tcp, 993/tcp (imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL), 4112/tcp (Apple VPN Server Reporting Protocol), 7195/tcp, 11304/tcp, 64247/tcp, 11048/tcp, 63291/tcp, 58722/tcp, 11884/tcp, 9743/tcp, 6021/tcp, 33544/tcp, 54417/tcp, 54929/tcp, 56090/tcp, 55892/tcp, 7981/tcp (Spotlight on SQL Server Desktop Collect), 55947/tcp, 58822/tcp, 8540/tcp, 8684/tcp, 4858/tcp, 11128/tcp, 8062/tcp, 3182/tcp (BMC Patrol Rendezvous), 62514/tcp, 64940/tcp, 10422/tcp, 6423/tcp, 10250/tcp, 58066/tcp, 65321/tcp, 7671/tcp, 62234/tcp, 56055/tcp, 2619/tcp (bruce), 54254/tcp, 8306/tcp, 9473/tcp, 63715/tcp, 8999/tcp (Brodos Crypto Trade Protocol), 54989/tcp, 65146/tcp, 8827/tcp, 54852/tcp, 11207/tcp, 56154/tcp, 55703/tcp, 6554/tcp, 9490/tcp, 10347/tcp, 9321/tcp (guibase), 55720/tcp, 58480/tcp, 55186/tcp, 7191/tcp, 33308/tcp, 9994/tcp (OnLive-3), 1412/tcp (InnoSys), 8105/tcp, 11961/tcp, 64705/tcp, 63253/tcp, 5626/tcp, 9814/tcp, 54675/tcp, 8768/tcp, 951/tcp, 63669/tcp, 5389/tcp, 64331/tcp, 9465/tcp, 9969/tcp, 57747/tcp, 62485/tcp, 5171/tcp, 63984/tcp, 4227/tcp, 62054/tcp, 65322/tcp, 2677/tcp (Gadget Gate 1 Way), 65445/tcp, 8209/tcp, 33170/tcp, 5280/tcp (Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH)), 58984/tcp, 7998/tcp, 8406/tcp, 8574/tcp, 9344/tcp (Mphlpdmc), 56824/tcp, 59128/tcp, 9616/tcp (eRunbook Agent), 33569/tcp, 6984/tcp, 6369/tcp, 6041/tcp, 8642/tcp, 4082/tcp (Lorica outside facing), 10843/tcp, 2997/tcp (REBOL), 57945/tcp, 56162/tcp, 6283/tcp, 59962/tcp, 33778/tcp, 55375/tcp, 58246/tcp, 60663/tcp, 5441/tcp, 33666/tcp, 58646/tcp, 59804/tcp, 7495/tcp, 54661/tcp, 10339/tcp, 62064/tcp, 57500/tcp, 63005/tcp, 33830/tcp, 11789/tcp, 33939/tcp, 5456/tcp (APC 5456), 10565/tcp, 6356/tcp, 8325/tcp, 62388/tcp, 8670/tcp, 57810/tcp, 54992/tcp, 5716/tcp (proshare conf request), 6483/tcp (SunVTS RMI), 54279/tcp, 57209/tcp, 59709/tcp, 6032/tcp, 3684/tcp (FAXstfX), 5450/tcp, 5947/tcp, 33699/tcp, 59051/tcp, 2657/tcp (SNS Dispatcher), 58881/tcp, 9231/tcp, 9121/tcp, 62166/tcp, 10993/tcp, 58119/tcp, 6784/tcp, 6810/tcp, 57415/tcp, 54110/tcp, 33182/tcp, 9259/tcp, 3982/tcp (ESRI Image Server), 7379/tcp, 56837/tcp, 6295/tcp, 63002/tcp, 8293/tcp (Hiperscan Identification Service), 2292/tcp (Sonus Element Management Services), 6393/tcp, 8924/tcp, 9948/tcp, 62561/tcp, 65180/tcp, 7045/tcp, 11467/tcp, 54035/tcp, 10356/tcp, 57959/tcp, 10779/tcp, 54012/tcp, 8230/tcp (RexecJ Server), 54585/tcp, 63441/tcp, 62216/tcp, 60482/tcp, 8242/tcp, 64941/tcp, 55571/tcp, 61184/tcp, 6957/tcp, 65474/tcp, 10691/tcp, 33042/tcp, 1171/tcp (AT+C FmiApplicationServer), 11780/tcp, 7813/tcp, 33609/tcp, 9361/tcp, 6688/tcp (CleverView for TCP/IP Message Service), 33611/tcp, 7699/tcp, 11957/tcp, 63208/tcp, 11327/tcp, 33393/tcp, 5105/tcp, 9666/tcp, 58543/tcp, 773/tcp (submit), 63493/tcp, 33198/tcp, 5773/tcp, 10510/tcp, 63884/tcp, 58301/tcp, 1584/tcp (tn-tl-fd2), 5863/tcp (PlanetPress Suite Messeng), 54478/tcp, 9822/tcp, 33139/tcp, 55293/tcp, 33828/tcp, 4638/tcp, 10594/tcp, 58801/tcp, 8613/tcp (Canon BJNP Port 3), 58234/tcp, 33676/tcp, 6433/tcp, 3881/tcp (Data Acquisition and Control), 55447/tcp, 33185/tcp, 58574/tcp, 6675/tcp, 59360/tcp, 5135/tcp (ERP-Scale), 63070/tcp, 8469/tcp, 54123/tcp, 60286/tcp, 64182/tcp, 33742/tcp, 9387/tcp (D2D Configuration Service), 62519/tcp, 33077/tcp, 62181/tcp, 6499/tcp, 2325/tcp (ANSYS Licensing Interconnect), 8498/tcp, 7432/tcp, 63007/tcp, 6661/tcp, 11259/tcp, 7317/tcp, 63292/tcp, 33623/tcp, 11851/tcp, 64655/tcp, 54446/tcp, 9991/tcp (OSM Event Server), 6578/tcp, 54121/tcp, 55356/tcp, 54157/tcp, 7838/tcp, 33359/tcp, 57529/tcp, 10176/tcp, 55342/tcp, 3499/tcp (SccIP Media), 8786/tcp (Message Client), 7399/tcp, 2745/tcp (URBISNET), 5807/tcp, 57083/tcp, 10293/tcp, 59343/tcp, 10508/tcp, 56361/tcp, 5109/tcp, 9159/tcp, 56413/tcp, 58115/tcp, 55108/tcp, 63459/tcp, 10405/tcp, 33935/tcp, 33563/tcp, 10841/tcp, 8577/tcp, 821/tcp, 62629/tcp, 55072/tcp, 1362/tcp (TimeFlies), 8099/tcp, 54791/tcp, 62807/tcp, 6856/tcp, 11650/tcp, 6247/tcp, 57036/tcp, 62830/tcp, 11751/tcp (Intrepid SSL), 54228/tcp, 59094/tcp, 54619/tcp, 62905/tcp, 8302/tcp, 54333/tcp, 9992/tcp (OnLive-1), 7703/tcp, 11764/tcp, 61847/tcp, 65211/tcp, 5380/tcp, 6340/tcp, 57962/tcp, 55723/tcp, 64768/tcp, 54299/tcp, 5647/tcp, 62527/tcp, 6608/tcp, 58497/tcp, 5667/tcp, 61188/tcp, 5974/tcp, 9191/tcp (Sun AppSvr JPDA), 7286/tcp, 55270/tcp, 9784/tcp, 8166/tcp, 8709/tcp, 8061/tcp, 33387/tcp, 6415/tcp, 2623/tcp (LMDP), 6359/tcp, 63080/tcp, 8764/tcp (OPENQUEUE), 55333/tcp, 63652/tcp, 10662/tcp, 9185/tcp, 54606/tcp, 63162/tcp, 57537/tcp, 3149/tcp (NetMike Game Server), 11170/tcp, 33380/tcp, 33593/tcp, 62325/tcp, 57856/tcp, 54197/tcp, 11960/tcp, 5261/tcp, 4637/tcp, 33619/tcp, 8903/tcp, 11888/tcp, 6294/tcp, 33331/tcp (DiamondCentral Interface), 61403/tcp, 59254/tcp, 63972/tcp, 54837/tcp, 60193/tcp, 33443/tcp, 5332/tcp, 11821/tcp, 7486/tcp, 54090/tcp, 58669/tcp, 60065/tcp, 7006/tcp (error interpretation service), 62960/tcp, 33417/tcp, 9348/tcp, 54544/tcp, 59057/tcp, 6108/tcp (Sercomm-SCAdmin), 7234/tcp, 58484/tcp, 57857/tcp, 6921/tcp, 9487/tcp, 5702/tcp, 55484/tcp, 64798/tcp, 9659/tcp, 5300/tcp (HA cluster heartbeat), 9855/tcp, 4549/tcp (Aegate PMR Service), 4557/tcp, 6976/tcp, 304/tcp, 59183/tcp, 54880/tcp, 7229/tcp, 57832/tcp, 8654/tcp, 60130/tcp, 62640/tcp, 11881/tcp, 4807/tcp, 8832/tcp, 5978/tcp, 3266/tcp (NS CFG Server), 55156/tcp, 54058/tcp, 60614/tcp, 8766/tcp, 11860/tcp, 10388/tcp, 9981/tcp, 55678/tcp, 9104/tcp (PeerWire), 5533/tcp, 58927/tcp, 54819/tcp, 55738/tcp, 57487/tcp, 10385/tcp, 354/tcp (bh611), 62834/tcp, 33128/tcp, 62903/tcp, 65165/tcp, 10908/tcp, 6449/tcp, 3249/tcp (State Sync Protocol), 11141/tcp, 54253/tcp, 64090/tcp, 54107/tcp, 63653/tcp, 57007/tcp, 5174/tcp, 5532/tcp, 33404/tcp, 8641/tcp, 63602/tcp, 6718/tcp, 3591/tcp (LOCANIS G-TRACK Server), 63153/tcp, 10267/tcp, 57533/tcp, 33078/tcp, 5330/tcp, 10435/tcp, 62418/tcp, 57217/tcp, 63049/tcp, 9305/tcp, 869/tcp, 63732/tcp, 480/tcp (iafdbase), 54918/tcp, 61593/tcp, 11810/tcp, 61357/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 574 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 2848/tcp (AMT-BLC-PORT), 54621/tcp, 61439/tcp, 10256/tcp, 63534/tcp, 1713/tcp (ConferenceTalk), 11738/tcp, 61679/tcp, 63428/tcp, 62782/tcp, 9944/tcp, 65522/tcp, 60520/tcp, 1152/tcp (Winpopup LAN Messenger), 11009/tcp, 63375/tcp, 59177/tcp, 56686/tcp, 55645/tcp, 56147/tcp, 64600/tcp, 11800/tcp, 802/tcp, 56642/tcp, 55843/tcp, 1230/tcp (Periscope), 2671/tcp (newlixreg), 347/tcp (Fatmen Server), 56997/tcp, 55730/tcp, 54956/tcp, 4703/tcp (Network Performance Quality Evaluation System Test Service), 7976/tcp, 2871/tcp (MSI Select Play), 10104/tcp (Systemwalker Desktop Patrol), 1154/tcp (Community Service), 3829/tcp (Netadmin Systems Event Handler External), 8785/tcp, 8558/tcp, 4745/tcp (Funambol Mobile Push), 61726/tcp, 1627/tcp (T.128 Gateway), 7787/tcp (Popup Reminders Receive), 61084/tcp, 60368/tcp, 55898/tcp, 11076/tcp, 64356/tcp, 7734/tcp (Smith Protocol over IP), 9154/tcp, 61374/tcp, 58799/tcp, 59331/tcp, 2560/tcp (labrat), 57683/tcp, 2530/tcp (VR Commerce), 3216/tcp (Ferrari electronic FOAM), 59988/tcp, 56337/tcp, 59404/tcp, 10991/tcp, 63179/tcp, 57952/tcp, 10534/tcp, 8699/tcp (VNYX Primary Port), 3324/tcp, 54409/tcp, 5491/tcp, 56550/tcp, 59655/tcp, 9751/tcp, 10730/tcp, 57557/tcp, 10380/tcp, 63657/tcp, 1444/tcp (Marcam  License Management), 58996/tcp, 7614/tcp, 56919/tcp, 63991/tcp, 33790/tcp, 3699/tcp (Internet Call Waiting), 64513/tcp, 54367/tcp, 9476/tcp, 5927/tcp, 3792/tcp (e-Watch Corporation SiteWatch), 61840/tcp, 7781/tcp (accu-lmgr), 5670/tcp, 55885/tcp, 7531/tcp, 63638/tcp, 54192/tcp, 33416/tcp, 65002/tcp, 54770/tcp, 54611/tcp, 1881/tcp (IBM WebSphere MQ Everyplace), 59895/tcp, 54859/tcp, 33014/tcp, 56078/tcp, 59271/tcp, 2255/tcp (VRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol), 9792/tcp, 2853/tcp (ISPipes), 10257/tcp, 56626/tcp, 9161/tcp (apani2), 62155/tcp, 4014/tcp (TAICLOCK), 63494/tcp, 3540/tcp (PNRP User Port), 57918/tcp, 8993/tcp, 8123/tcp, 61348/tcp, 3494/tcp (IBM 3494), 10081/tcp (FAM Archive Server), 7126/tcp, 59391/tcp, 59151/tcp, 61955/tcp, 59948/tcp, 2791/tcp (MT Port Registrator), 56303/tcp, 59194/tcp, 59294/tcp, 65362/tcp, 33572/tcp, 60488/tcp, 63571/tcp, 1378/tcp (Elan License Manager), 57004/tcp, 54671/tcp, 5003/tcp (FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport), 2493/tcp (Talarian MQS), 3643/tcp (AudioJuggler), 6093/tcp, 8175/tcp, 63878/tcp, 60313/tcp, 3719/tcp (iTel Server Port), 7891/tcp, 55338/tcp, 5104/tcp, 61108/tcp, 61859/tcp, 8320/tcp (Thin(ium) Network Protocol), 2610/tcp (VersaTek), 1371/tcp (Fujitsu Config Protocol), 4884/tcp (HiveStor Distributed File System), 56175/tcp, 8546/tcp, 33445/tcp, 3539/tcp (IBM Directory Server SSL), 60548/tcp, 7791/tcp, 9119/tcp (MXit Instant Messaging), 3315/tcp (CDID), 10064/tcp, 8380/tcp (Cruise UPDATE), 63195/tcp, 10262/tcp, 55883/tcp, 65461/tcp, 1198/tcp (cajo reference discovery), 33614/tcp, 9753/tcp (rasadv), 62973/tcp, 7481/tcp, 4059/tcp (DLMS/COSEM), 10121/tcp, 3596/tcp (Illusion Wireless MMOG), 7359/tcp, 4074/tcp (Cequint City ID UI trigger), 63516/tcp, 5061/tcp (SIP-TLS), 9847/tcp, 2921/tcp (CESD Contents Delivery Management), 63506/tcp, 55481/tcp, 55136/tcp, 9918/tcp, 1474/tcp (Telefinder), 61092/tcp, 9447/tcp, 63083/tcp, 33910/tcp, 5063/tcp (centrify secure RPC), 62238/tcp, 2142/tcp (TDM OVER IP), 3581/tcp (Ascent Capture Licensing), 60266/tcp, 33870/tcp, 8716/tcp, 62328/tcp, 935/tcp, 3542/tcp (HA cluster monitor), 3502/tcp (Avocent Install Discovery), 63419/tcp, 60338/tcp, 4896/tcp, 57672/tcp, 55099/tcp, 54919/tcp, 59232/tcp, 4805/tcp, 64409/tcp, 61457/tcp, 3717/tcp (WV CSP UDP/IP CIR Channel), 61817/tcp, 54484/tcp, 2881/tcp (NDSP), 58152/tcp, 3373/tcp (Lavenir License Manager), 4077/tcp, 9672/tcp, 59292/tcp, 55769/tcp, 9058/tcp, 9141/tcp, 9352/tcp, 54964/tcp, 2631/tcp (Sitara Dir), 61152/tcp, 62801/tcp, 61642/tcp, 10829/tcp, 1971/tcp (NetOp School), 3896/tcp (Simple Distributed Objects over TLS), 54489/tcp, 54663/tcp, 55363/tcp, 1323/tcp (brcd), 7324/tcp, 4016/tcp (Talarian Mcast), 55271/tcp, 2477/tcp (SecurSight Certificate Valifation Service), 10001/tcp (SCP Configuration), 2603/tcp (Service Meter), 33081/tcp, 8188/tcp, 63576/tcp, 61452/tcp, 5179/tcp, 57783/tcp, 62681/tcp, 54184/tcp, 3680/tcp (NPDS Tracker), 9322/tcp, 1454/tcp (interHDL License Manager), 3200/tcp (Press-sense Tick Port), 4707/tcp, 2829/tcp (silkp1), 55452/tcp, 33517/tcp, 60460/tcp, 11955/tcp, 4985/tcp (GER HC Standard), 65379/tcp, 2844/tcp (BPCP POLL), 61991/tcp, 54593/tcp, 8218/tcp, 5447/tcp, 8956/tcp, 58434/tcp, 9285/tcp (N2H2 Filter Service Port), 56123/tcp, 57803/tcp, 1311/tcp (RxMon), 9774/tcp, 10956/tcp, 57282/tcp, 57974/tcp, 5299/tcp (NLG Data Service), 8052/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Server), 8719/tcp, 3600/tcp (text relay-answer), 10116/tcp (NetIQ VoIP Assessor), 63596/tcp, 56889/tcp, 8403/tcp (admind), 2751/tcp (fjippol-port2), 54664/tcp, 64709/tcp, 10437/tcp, 8481/tcp, 10949/tcp, 56192/tcp, 54699/tcp, 54909/tcp, 2380/tcp, 65145/tcp, 55218/tcp, 60929/tcp, 54609/tcp, 9124/tcp, 2723/tcp (WatchDog NT Protocol), 1092/tcp (Open Business Reporting Protocol), 4314/tcp, 59061/tcp, 63560/tcp, 61499/tcp, 3725/tcp (Netia NA-ER Port), 8776/tcp, 3255/tcp (Semaphore Connection Port), 4550/tcp (Perman I Interbase Server), 4452/tcp (CTI Program Load), 61360/tcp, 60060/tcp, 60507/tcp, 7999/tcp (iRDMI2), 1384/tcp (Objective Solutions License Manager), 2347/tcp (Game Announcement and Location), 54851/tcp, 55116/tcp, 8440/tcp, 1671/tcp (netview-aix-11), 11011/tcp, 9014/tcp, 55269/tcp, 10082/tcp, 54005/tcp, 11028/tcp, 54522/tcp, 9854/tcp, 10898/tcp, 2357/tcp (UniHub Server), 58154/tcp, 33670/tcp, 56363/tcp, 4929/tcp, 9214/tcp (IPDC ESG BootstrapService), 63551/tcp, 8285/tcp, 55008/tcp, 5257/tcp, 11067/tcp, 5435/tcp (SCEANICS situation and action notification), 10795/tcp, 60811/tcp, 64707/tcp, 8578/tcp, 5278/tcp, 55301/tcp, 8372/tcp, 9101/tcp (Bacula Director), 63479/tcp, 57124/tcp, 10658/tcp, 64548/tcp, 55719/tcp, 2724/tcp (qotps), 54602/tcp, 56675/tcp, 33247/tcp, 2283/tcp (LNVSTATUS), 11074/tcp, 64492/tcp, 58978/tcp, 1953/tcp (Rapid Base), 57460/tcp, 55094/tcp, 4396/tcp (Fly Object Space), 3509/tcp (Virtual Token SSL Port), 9165/tcp, 56377/tcp, 411/tcp (Remote MT Protocol), 1731/tcp (MSICCP), 6665/tcp (-6669/udp  IRCU), 33773/tcp, 1669/tcp (netview-aix-9), 63421/tcp, 55272/tcp, 60248/tcp, 4880/tcp (IVI High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol), 7641/tcp, 56081/tcp, 64310/tcp, 57983/tcp, 5649/tcp, 4219/tcp, 57047/tcp, 33990/tcp, 55659/tcp, 54818/tcp, 63592/tcp, 4669/tcp (E-Port Data Service), 55039/tcp, 2597/tcp (Homestead Glory), 2906/tcp (CALLER9), 9852/tcp, 55219/tcp, 54932/tcp, 55652/tcp, 54342/tcp, 55977/tcp, 2061/tcp (NetMount), 3981/tcp (Starfish System Admin), 8200/tcp (TRIVNET), 10442/tcp, 64764/tcp, 4666/tcp (E-Port Message Service), 4299/tcp, 56165/tcp, 2895/tcp (NATUS LINK), 62532/tcp, 9502/tcp, 5218/tcp, 63276/tcp, 2717/tcp (PN REQUESTER), 8774/tcp, 55714/tcp, 61542/tcp, 2115/tcp (Key Distribution Manager), 11900/tcp, 62621/tcp, 60120/tcp, 5045/tcp (Open Settlement Protocol), 55154/tcp, 55578/tcp, 57743/tcp, 60258/tcp, 54485/tcp, 8463/tcp, 61682/tcp, 1251/tcp (servergraph), 62075/tcp, 56193/tcp, 60570/tcp, 4809/tcp, 1506/tcp (Universal Time daemon (utcd)), 54402/tcp, 64824/tcp, 10302/tcp, 65062/tcp, 5475/tcp, 3732/tcp (Mobile Wnn), 5139/tcp, 2675/tcp (TTC ETAP), 7202/tcp, 63772/tcp, 3073/tcp (Very simple chatroom prot), 60271/tcp, 10652/tcp, 9954/tcp, 4650/tcp, 57102/tcp, 60008/tcp, 6200/tcp (LM-X License Manager by X-Formation), 59742/tcp, 56253/tcp, 63486/tcp, 61384/tcp, 4966/tcp, 56045/tcp, 1389/tcp (Document Manager), 4906/tcp, 61564/tcp, 58630/tcp, 2811/tcp (GSI FTP), 59724/tcp, 5137/tcp (MyCTS server port), 63476/tcp, 8870/tcp, 9173/tcp, 58433/tcp, 10952/tcp, 3440/tcp (Net Steward Mgmt Console), 10004/tcp (EMC Replication Manager Client), 57422/tcp, 5742/tcp (IDA Discover Port 2), 56454/tcp, 61945/tcp, 3133/tcp (Prism Deploy User Port), 59454/tcp, 9840/tcp, 8807/tcp, 8811/tcp, 33079/tcp, 8486/tcp, 8318/tcp, 55308/tcp, 10753/tcp, 8877/tcp, 1191/tcp (General Parallel File System), 33752/tcp, 55797/tcp, 8405/tcp (SuperVault Backup), 8421/tcp, 59174/tcp, 9087/tcp (Classic Data Server), 64884/tcp, 56055/tcp, 60924/tcp, 3237/tcp (appareNet Test Packet Sequencer), 54196/tcp, 8672/tcp, 57144/tcp, 57099/tcp, 59407/tcp, 58564/tcp, 10947/tcp, 2537/tcp (Upgrade Protocol), 1951/tcp (bcs-lmserver), 54992/tcp, 6257/tcp, 3992/tcp (BindView-DirectoryServer), 54226/tcp, 2657/tcp (SNS Dispatcher), 7831/tcp, 4083/tcp (Lorica outside facing (SSL)), 5338/tcp, 8110/tcp, 2710/tcp (SSO Service), 56419/tcp, 63119/tcp, 7226/tcp, 2423/tcp (RNRP), 8059/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]), 54438/tcp, 882/tcp, 8518/tcp, 55294/tcp, 3189/tcp (Pinnacle Sys InfEx Port), 3554/tcp (Quest Notification Server), 58098/tcp, 60686/tcp, 586/tcp (Password Change), 1288/tcp (NavBuddy), 8498/tcp, 3703/tcp (Adobe Server 3), 58661/tcp, 64637/tcp, 10176/tcp, 64176/tcp, 8601/tcp, 55405/tcp, 2149/tcp (ACPTSYS), 5284/tcp, 59914/tcp, 2006/tcp (invokator), 9722/tcp, 8543/tcp, 64527/tcp, 59254/tcp, 59236/tcp, 8361/tcp, 55174/tcp, 3657/tcp (ImmediaNet Beacon), 9202/tcp (WAP secure connectionless session service), 5615/tcp, 59614/tcp, 54844/tcp, 3461/tcp (EDM Stager), 5507/tcp, 55952/tcp, 60384/tcp, 56168/tcp, 1214/tcp (KAZAA), 7239/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 452 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 63460/tcp, 1336/tcp (Instant Service Chat), 63492/tcp, 1886/tcp (Leonardo over IP), 1006/tcp, 58214/tcp, 700/tcp (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), 62782/tcp, 10539/tcp, 3019/tcp (Resource Manager), 58139/tcp, 11140/tcp, 54861/tcp, 1022/tcp (RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*)    [RFC4727]), 61828/tcp, 2370/tcp (L3-HBMon), 6453/tcp, 2376/tcp, 8896/tcp, 57182/tcp, 2146/tcp (Live Vault Admin Event Notification), 1654/tcp (stargatealerts), 11657/tcp, 62360/tcp, 60960/tcp, 55488/tcp, 4978/tcp, 5406/tcp (Systemics Sox), 9238/tcp, 55173/tcp, 62516/tcp, 9248/tcp, 2787/tcp (piccolo - Cornerstone Software), 57564/tcp, 65452/tcp, 57168/tcp, 10866/tcp, 56148/tcp, 7676/tcp (iMQ Broker Rendezvous), 56526/tcp, 1108/tcp (ratio-adp), 5282/tcp (Marimba Transmitter Port), 10054/tcp, 64320/tcp, 58313/tcp, 1276/tcp (ivmanager), 9438/tcp, 5915/tcp, 55968/tcp, 33074/tcp, 63431/tcp, 63101/tcp, 57492/tcp, 60091/tcp, 10390/tcp, 64333/tcp, 55023/tcp, 10987/tcp, 4438/tcp, 62650/tcp, 1431/tcp (Reverse Gossip Transport), 59328/tcp, 8354/tcp, 61938/tcp, 56043/tcp, 62611/tcp, 54921/tcp, 10567/tcp, 7781/tcp (accu-lmgr), 5059/tcp (SIP Directory Services), 64204/tcp, 59274/tcp, 4392/tcp (American Printware RXServer Protocol), 55329/tcp, 9011/tcp, 5613/tcp, 10236/tcp, 8458/tcp, 8757/tcp, 57441/tcp, 58032/tcp, 4323/tcp (TRIM ICE Service), 11746/tcp, 33795/tcp, 57623/tcp, 58490/tcp, 33344/tcp, 10345/tcp, 11869/tcp, 7336/tcp, 7952/tcp, 453/tcp (CreativeServer), 7612/tcp, 56947/tcp, 6052/tcp, 414/tcp (InfoSeek), 766/tcp, 63220/tcp, 11397/tcp, 1902/tcp (Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B), 57316/tcp, 55179/tcp, 4846/tcp (Contamac ICM Service), 54974/tcp, 8054/tcp (Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]), 54761/tcp, 62490/tcp, 7497/tcp, 7606/tcp, 7061/tcp, 10708/tcp, 54841/tcp, 9871/tcp, 54055/tcp, 10286/tcp, 62356/tcp, 63478/tcp, 55991/tcp, 60544/tcp, 56289/tcp, 2952/tcp (MPFWSAS), 33510/tcp, 33822/tcp, 60756/tcp, 33710/tcp, 62626/tcp, 55163/tcp, 63099/tcp, 62000/tcp, 10133/tcp, 3075/tcp (Orbix 2000 Locator), 5590/tcp, 63922/tcp, 4925/tcp, 57427/tcp, 33103/tcp, 4527/tcp, 8921/tcp, 60150/tcp, 8253/tcp, 60786/tcp, 3604/tcp (BMC JMX Port), 33069/tcp, 61081/tcp, 5735/tcp, 10044/tcp, 55119/tcp, 9073/tcp, 4478/tcp, 10168/tcp, 2098/tcp (Dialog Port), 10995/tcp, 9207/tcp (WAP vCal Secure), 2448/tcp (hpppsvr), 9102/tcp (Bacula File Daemon), 5664/tcp, 61619/tcp, 57207/tcp, 592/tcp (Eudora Set), 3931/tcp (MSR Plugin Port), 7304/tcp, 62307/tcp, 759/tcp (con), 56336/tcp, 7783/tcp, 33533/tcp, 58888/tcp, 63083/tcp, 55010/tcp, 65069/tcp, 63541/tcp, 54360/tcp, 62208/tcp, 3405/tcp (Nokia Announcement ch 1), 61040/tcp, 9057/tcp, 56160/tcp, 10885/tcp, 61194/tcp, 1601/tcp (aas), 55596/tcp, 7176/tcp, 9352/tcp, 57895/tcp, 8154/tcp, 57314/tcp, 11132/tcp, 1630/tcp (Oracle Net8 Cman), 60864/tcp, 3979/tcp (Smith Micro Wide Area Network Service), 1634/tcp (Log On America Probe), 9276/tcp, 56265/tcp, 63006/tcp, 33826/tcp, 7324/tcp, 33981/tcp, 7435/tcp, 57167/tcp, 63281/tcp, 57685/tcp, 5164/tcp (Virtual Protocol Adapter), 7863/tcp, 60752/tcp, 9217/tcp (FSC Communication Port), 4072/tcp (Zieto Socket Communications), 7431/tcp (OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe), 9218/tcp, 8076/tcp, 9703/tcp, 10528/tcp, 61157/tcp, 1965/tcp (Tivoli NPM), 55332/tcp, 5001/tcp (commplex-link), 9451/tcp, 62052/tcp, 4755/tcp, 7446/tcp, 2310/tcp (SD Client), 10304/tcp, 33627/tcp, 63816/tcp, 62767/tcp, 9732/tcp, 6390/tcp (MetaEdit+ WebService API), 57132/tcp, 2094/tcp (NBX AU), 792/tcp, 9536/tcp (Surveillance buffering function), 7244/tcp, 60957/tcp, 59606/tcp, 11994/tcp, 60405/tcp, 60322/tcp, 2604/tcp (NSC CCS), 58997/tcp, 60486/tcp, 55702/tcp, 55316/tcp, 59114/tcp, 64585/tcp, 63279/tcp, 55430/tcp, 9529/tcp, 641/tcp (repcmd), 61390/tcp, 57612/tcp, 4351/tcp (PLCY Net Services), 33997/tcp, 3070/tcp (MGXSWITCH), 65496/tcp, 5197/tcp, 7564/tcp, 8284/tcp, 55454/tcp, 57485/tcp, 61362/tcp, 57197/tcp, 61643/tcp, 1055/tcp (ANSYS - License Manager), 59880/tcp, 56102/tcp, 1911/tcp (Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol), 54524/tcp, 901/tcp (SMPNAMERES), 1626/tcp (Shockwave), 741/tcp (netGW), 61510/tcp, 63754/tcp, 7267/tcp, 59014/tcp, 54626/tcp, 11400/tcp, 1438/tcp (Eicon Security Agent/Server), 6040/tcp, 7812/tcp, 9758/tcp, 61408/tcp, 33021/tcp, 63301/tcp, 59179/tcp, 57089/tcp, 65246/tcp, 7472/tcp, 61906/tcp, 1047/tcp (Sun's NEO Object Request Broker), 10493/tcp, 57002/tcp, 33046/tcp, 616/tcp (SCO System Administration Server), 57976/tcp, 54109/tcp, 33126/tcp, 9035/tcp, 8523/tcp, 5938/tcp, 8984/tcp, 10063/tcp, 11652/tcp, 56599/tcp, 2615/tcp (firepower), 54232/tcp, 3664/tcp (UPS Engine Port), 7570/tcp (Aries Kfinder), 33685/tcp, 33775/tcp, 3751/tcp (CommLinx GPRS Cube), 57580/tcp, 58965/tcp, 64589/tcp, 64408/tcp, 54342/tcp, 55532/tcp, 62284/tcp, 9510/tcp, 2501/tcp (Resource Tracking system client), 62389/tcp, 55603/tcp, 62139/tcp, 58423/tcp, 958/tcp, 2681/tcp (mpnjsomb), 59193/tcp, 9424/tcp, 4942/tcp (Equitrac Office), 7334/tcp, 56882/tcp, 11164/tcp (sun cacao command-streaming access point), 58645/tcp, 64467/tcp, 1817/tcp (RKB-OSCS), 1917/tcp (nOAgent), 1658/tcp (sixnetudr), 5339/tcp, 58982/tcp, 54892/tcp, 2969/tcp (ESSP), 11424/tcp, 58099/tcp, 853/tcp, 33312/tcp, 64686/tcp, 59117/tcp, 6197/tcp, 60753/tcp, 10302/tcp, 3418/tcp (Remote nmap), 8413/tcp, 10193/tcp, 62803/tcp, 2668/tcp (Alarm Clock Client), 62988/tcp, 60047/tcp, 62010/tcp, 9637/tcp, 54652/tcp, 3899/tcp (ITV Port), 11907/tcp, 3233/tcp (WhiskerControl main port), 55735/tcp, 55543/tcp, 9107/tcp (AstergateFax Control Service), 58070/tcp, 9362/tcp, 57396/tcp, 65224/tcp, 59482/tcp, 3739/tcp (Launchbird LicenseManager), 57422/tcp, 776/tcp (wpages), 529/tcp (IRC-SERV), 6568/tcp (CanIt Storage Manager), 10292/tcp, 3402/tcp (FXa Engine Network Port), 7376/tcp, 60865/tcp, 33964/tcp, 11430/tcp, 5078/tcp, 1915/tcp (FACELINK), 57886/tcp, 1334/tcp (writesrv), 59862/tcp, 9075/tcp, 993/tcp (imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL), 60218/tcp, 55302/tcp, 7671/tcp, 10138/tcp, 8308/tcp, 58990/tcp, 9495/tcp, 1797/tcp (UMA), 61158/tcp, 824/tcp, 5280/tcp (Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH)), 57716/tcp, 9344/tcp (Mphlpdmc), 10074/tcp, 10314/tcp, 64018/tcp, 1951/tcp (bcs-lmserver), 1367/tcp (DCS), 56583/tcp, 818/tcp, 55954/tcp, 57975/tcp, 5361/tcp (Secure Protocol for Windows SideShow), 7724/tcp (Novell Snap-in Deep Freeze Control), 55082/tcp, 6957/tcp, 58543/tcp, 61650/tcp, 9418/tcp (git pack transfer service), 6219/tcp, 1094/tcp (ROOTD), 10557/tcp, 6433/tcp, 1224/tcp (VPNz), 8927/tcp, 63336/tcp, 62350/tcp, 56194/tcp, 64092/tcp, 60308/tcp, 7554/tcp, 3499/tcp (SccIP Media), 60806/tcp, 2231/tcp (WiMAX ASN Control Plane Protocol), 55038/tcp, 55392/tcp, 7286/tcp, 61709/tcp, 57385/tcp, 33303/tcp, 55959/tcp, 3416/tcp (AirMobile IS Command Port), 7235/tcp, 33620/tcp, 7640/tcp, 471/tcp (Mondex), 1212/tcp (lupa), 59992/tcp, 2162/tcp (Navisphere), 7644/tcp, 1193/tcp (Five Across Server), 3646/tcp (XSS Server Port).
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

In the last 24h, the attacker ( attempted to scan 442 ports.
The following ports have been scanned: 10321/tcp (Computer Op System Information Report), 33716/tcp, 10559/tcp, 6763/tcp, 9944/tcp, 7165/tcp (Document WCF Server), 54876/tcp, 11456/tcp, 7753/tcp, 55645/tcp, 60327/tcp, 56147/tcp, 1223/tcp (TrulyGlobal Protocol), 2781/tcp (whosells), 55128/tcp, 794/tcp, 364/tcp (Aurora CMGR), 62161/tcp, 3728/tcp (Ericsson Web on Air), 10581/tcp, 65429/tcp, 10186/tcp, 1764/tcp (cft-3), 54685/tcp, 2254/tcp (Seismic P.O.C. Port), 9900/tcp (IUA), 9480/tcp, 4365/tcp, 9143/tcp, 63446/tcp, 4098/tcp (drmsfsd), 59788/tcp, 55672/tcp, 55237/tcp, 10358/tcp, 62297/tcp, 7643/tcp, 7608/tcp, 1788/tcp (psmond), 7265/tcp, 59971/tcp, 56159/tcp, 10638/tcp, 9019/tcp, 10498/tcp, 934/tcp, 61248/tcp, 62486/tcp, 57334/tcp, 61392/tcp, 54960/tcp, 8522/tcp, 57910/tcp, 6166/tcp, 61273/tcp, 59882/tcp, 61737/tcp, 63409/tcp, 33885/tcp, 59906/tcp, 2332/tcp (RCC Host), 11869/tcp, 7549/tcp (Network Layer Signaling Transport Layer), 6706/tcp, 10257/tcp, 11339/tcp, 7533/tcp, 985/tcp, 10059/tcp, 56171/tcp, 54575/tcp, 5599/tcp (Enterprise Security Remote Install), 58836/tcp, 5058/tcp, 11598/tcp, 11508/tcp, 6934/tcp, 61947/tcp, 9625/tcp, 7053/tcp, 7673/tcp (iMQ STOMP Server over SSL), 58865/tcp, 57647/tcp, 10667/tcp, 10670/tcp, 61886/tcp, 401/tcp (Uninterruptible Power Supply), 59230/tcp, 57433/tcp, 57579/tcp, 3100/tcp (OpCon/xps), 4594/tcp (IAS-Session (ANRI-ANRI)), 33488/tcp, 3693/tcp, 7525/tcp, 63038/tcp, 57573/tcp, 11199/tcp, 7187/tcp, 57284/tcp, 56099/tcp, 5967/tcp, 1163/tcp (SmartDialer Data Protocol), 1622/tcp (ontime), 63189/tcp, 11253/tcp, 11024/tcp, 6728/tcp, 9106/tcp (Astergate Control Service), 7839/tcp, 60523/tcp, 64840/tcp, 8839/tcp, 3151/tcp (NetMike Assessor), 56219/tcp, 428/tcp (OCS_CMU), 11480/tcp, 10439/tcp, 1598/tcp (picknfs), 9306/tcp (Sphinx search server (MySQL listener)), 3604/tcp (BMC JMX Port), 8008/tcp (HTTP Alternate), 804/tcp, 5735/tcp, 54079/tcp, 62400/tcp, 7481/tcp, 63136/tcp, 58778/tcp, 58653/tcp, 722/tcp, 33768/tcp, 62395/tcp, 58004/tcp, 11451/tcp, 8172/tcp, 58283/tcp, 875/tcp, 61477/tcp, 55074/tcp, 59635/tcp, 1240/tcp (Instantia), 56336/tcp, 55444/tcp, 63231/tcp, 60196/tcp, 33881/tcp, 3033/tcp (PDB), 56351/tcp, 56302/tcp, 55099/tcp, 60531/tcp, 59466/tcp, 1192/tcp (caids sensors channel), 4047/tcp (Context Transfer Protocol), 6278/tcp, 7312/tcp, 60697/tcp, 59223/tcp, 62122/tcp, 502/tcp (asa-appl-proto), 651/tcp (IEEE MMS), 9996/tcp (Palace-5), 64062/tcp, 63647/tcp, 54353/tcp, 54846/tcp, 11893/tcp, 56530/tcp, 838/tcp, 6313/tcp, 11014/tcp, 54059/tcp, 64268/tcp, 5090/tcp, 10469/tcp, 33081/tcp, 4441/tcp, 6022/tcp, 55268/tcp, 63694/tcp, 10923/tcp, 7842/tcp, 8721/tcp, 54463/tcp, 11280/tcp, 6792/tcp, 11968/tcp, 63366/tcp, 61507/tcp, 9218/tcp, 57419/tcp, 639/tcp (MSDP), 62741/tcp, 11955/tcp, 11837/tcp, 63930/tcp, 62427/tcp, 58771/tcp, 10882/tcp, 4883/tcp (Meier-Phelps License Server), 3328/tcp (Eaglepoint License Manager), 64550/tcp, 706/tcp (SILC), 7260/tcp, 54701/tcp, 710/tcp (Entrust Administration Service Handler), 10563/tcp, 3959/tcp (Tree Hopper Networking), 9953/tcp (9953), 9153/tcp, 62575/tcp, 2305/tcp (MT ScaleServer), 64825/tcp, 588/tcp (CAL), 5465/tcp (NETOPS-BROKER), 1959/tcp (SIMP Channel), 33392/tcp, 33480/tcp, 63018/tcp, 8647/tcp, 8352/tcp, 9673/tcp, 997/tcp (maitrd), 56768/tcp, 1717/tcp (fj-hdnet), 3681/tcp (BTS X73 Port), 11776/tcp, 63649/tcp, 8496/tcp, 5755/tcp (OpenMail Desk Gateway server), 474/tcp (tn-tl-w1), 3445/tcp (Media Object Network), 1365/tcp (Network Software Associates), 8550/tcp, 5648/tcp, 33024/tcp, 62797/tcp, 61161/tcp, 8603/tcp, 10622/tcp, 62752/tcp, 10128/tcp (BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON), 617/tcp (SCO Desktop Administration Server), 8440/tcp, 10275/tcp, 3642/tcp (Juxml Replication port), 57384/tcp, 10898/tcp, 62425/tcp, 7383/tcp, 3016/tcp (Notify Server), 1894/tcp (O2Server Port), 9694/tcp (T-Mobile Client Wakeup Message), 7321/tcp, 59142/tcp, 56088/tcp, 808/tcp, 57505/tcp, 8848/tcp, 62784/tcp, 58203/tcp, 1393/tcp (Network Log Server), 58747/tcp, 64432/tcp, 11515/tcp, 60022/tcp, 7471/tcp, 8582/tcp, 4907/tcp, 1082/tcp (AMT-ESD-PROT), 9968/tcp, 56458/tcp, 60780/tcp, 58224/tcp, 1518/tcp (Virtual Places Video data), 63338/tcp, 2139/tcp (IAS-AUTH), 33450/tcp, 10039/tcp, 55327/tcp, 9622/tcp, 7523/tcp, 64151/tcp, 8520/tcp, 5419/tcp (DJ-ICE), 5649/tcp, 63812/tcp, 62729/tcp, 57243/tcp, 2128/tcp (Net Steward Control), 9041/tcp, 9804/tcp, 10157/tcp, 1980/tcp (PearlDoc XACT), 56662/tcp, 11031/tcp, 10834/tcp, 8949/tcp, 10759/tcp, 11612/tcp, 60083/tcp, 11244/tcp, 60059/tcp, 57836/tcp, 56316/tcp, 1597/tcp (orbplus-iiop), 54128/tcp, 1874/tcp (Fjswapsnp), 58511/tcp, 10697/tcp, 54935/tcp, 62653/tcp, 3810/tcp (WLAN AS server), 56977/tcp, 54870/tcp, 2181/tcp (eforward), 894/tcp, 7407/tcp, 60381/tcp, 60319/tcp, 4623/tcp, 8695/tcp, 11250/tcp, 10316/tcp, 7253/tcp, 3614/tcp (Invensys Sigma Port), 33280/tcp, 11212/tcp, 60496/tcp, 329/tcp, 4240/tcp, 64156/tcp, 61536/tcp, 9190/tcp, 57443/tcp, 57402/tcp, 62046/tcp, 11805/tcp, 9915/tcp, 4151/tcp (Men & Mice Remote Control), 4069/tcp (Minger Email Address Validation Service), 59823/tcp, 11102/tcp, 11274/tcp, 10069/tcp, 65040/tcp, 3547/tcp (Symantec SIM), 63476/tcp, 8870/tcp, 9362/tcp, 4157/tcp (STAT Scanner Control), 60056/tcp, 64497/tcp, 61038/tcp, 4765/tcp, 61945/tcp, 7694/tcp, 7185/tcp, 64671/tcp, 1870/tcp (SunSCALAR DNS Service), 54897/tcp, 1483/tcp (AFS License Manager), 33421/tcp, 61324/tcp, 33913/tcp, 64180/tcp, 7326/tcp, 60411/tcp, 1510/tcp (Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.), 54929/tcp, 8454/tcp, 7981/tcp (Spotlight on SQL Server Desktop Collect), 5310/tcp (Outlaws), 63020/tcp, 6423/tcp, 58248/tcp, 3835/tcp (Spectar Database Rights Service), 4073/tcp (iRAPP Server Protocol), 2311/tcp (Message Service), 6077/tcp, 4301/tcp (Diagnostic Data), 6109/tcp (GLOBECAST-ID), 57500/tcp, 64381/tcp, 4995/tcp, 10643/tcp, 7665/tcp, 902/tcp (self documenting Telnet Door), 55251/tcp, 61546/tcp, 7045/tcp, 9525/tcp, 6160/tcp, 7724/tcp (Novell Snap-in Deep Freeze Control), 33333/tcp (Digital Gaslight Service), 9048/tcp, 10520/tcp, 7501/tcp (HP OpenView Bus Daemon), 61185/tcp, 64496/tcp, 8290/tcp, 5143/tcp, 7581/tcp, 8425/tcp, 8469/tcp, 61941/tcp, 3117/tcp (MCTET Jserv), 9377/tcp, 58600/tcp, 11601/tcp, 10508/tcp, 56361/tcp, 4065/tcp (Avanti Common Data), 64730/tcp, 61847/tcp, 1394/tcp (Network Log Client), 56059/tcp, 10122/tcp, 7378/tcp, 755/tcp, 1947/tcp (SentinelSRM), 926/tcp, 769/tcp (vid), 478/tcp (spsc), 58484/tcp, 62670/tcp, 59678/tcp, 59853/tcp, 9202/tcp (WAP secure connectionless session service), 60614/tcp, 64158/tcp, 65165/tcp, 63753/tcp, 33478/tcp.
BHD Honeypot
Port scan

Port scan from IP: detected by psad.


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Black hat directory contains this IP address, because Internet users reported it as an address making unsolicited, nagging requests. We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Black hat directory are correct and up to date. The database is developed and updated by Internet users and moderators.

If you have any reliable information regarding malicious activity originating from this IP address, please share it with others and fill in the 'Report breach' form. It is prohibited from adding personally identifiable information.

Below breach categories are used in the database:

  • Denial of service attack - this attack is accomplished by flooding the target with massive amount of requests in order to overload the targeted system
  • Brute force attack - this category encompasses attempts to login to machine by trying many passwords and usernames
  • Backdoor attack - this category represents bypassing authentication by hidden programs or services to obtain remote access to a computer or trojan activity
  • Port scan - represents attackers identifying running services on the targeted machine by probing a server for open ports
  • Malicious bot - this category encompasses all bots performing unsolicited requests or ignoring robots.txt file
  • Anonymous proxy - public proxies like Tor, I2P relays or anonymous VPNs are often used by attacker to hide his identity
  • Web attack - attempts to exploit web application security flaws
  • CMS attack - attempts to exploit CMS vulnerability
  • App vulnerability attack - attempts to exploit other applications vulnerability
  • Web spam - encompasses all kind of HTTP spamming
  • Email spam - encompasses all kind of E-mail spamming
  • Dodgy activity - this category encompasses superfluous, dodgy requests

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